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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 7, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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jersey's garden state plaza mall. >> 911. >> someone's shooting. >> someone is shooting at the garden state plaza. >> i'm scared. the cops -- i can see the cops from the door. they can come did -- in and get me. >> police said richard schuet fired. arm major nad hall has san -- the area was fenced off and considered an act stiff crime scene until august when hassan was convicted. today's eighth graders are doing better than they are predecessors in math and
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english. just about 40% of fourth and about a third of eighth grader showed some solid academic performance in math. students showed no gains in test -- on tests. all right. for thanksgiving, you got your turkey, stuffing, graving -- gravy, cranberry sauce. >> what if you combine them and then deep fry them. the latest food craze. >> and it is valued at $18 billion and twitter stock just went crazy today, but can the hype keep it going all day? >> weather wise a cloudy scenario with rain on and off and then some late day clearing. the question is how mr. things society up as we go through the holiday weekend. we've got those answers straight ahead in your forecast.
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twitter went public today.
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it closed at $44.90 a share. trading under the symbol twtr. it rocketed out of the gates. it's original -- its original offering price, $26. it has yet to turn a profit. they haven't turned a profit on twitter yet. if you're in the market for a brand-new car, the motor trend car of the year is the 2014 cadillac ct sedan. it's been named the car of the year since the magazine was first published. motor trend also went to cadillac in 1979 for the va p- -- v8 models. the mystery behind the google barge has been solved. they call it an inp-intraactive
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space where people can learn about technology. does that mean a showroom for google class? new induct es are part of the -- inductees are part of the museum. they include chess and the rubber duck. no one knows exactly who hatched the rubber ducky. the squeaky toy has been around since the 1800's. it includes the green army men, bubbles, clue and my little pony. all right. maryland's most powerful radar clearing out. we're dislon with the rain for the rest of the evening. you have a dry thursday night to enjoy. however, there will be a chill. some 2 degrees below in morgantown and buffalo. that much cooler pocket of air
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will continue to slide down into maryland as we go into the overnight hours. you'll feel the difference. today was all about the rain and the winds picking up. we did get some nice clearing. the harford zone just before that sun set. it's been a nice sunset on the bay bridge, a nice picturesque end of the day. the winds are west, northwest at nine. the sunset is 4:59 today. runners, it will be a cold start. you'll battle the winds. the wind is gusting 10 to 20, very breezy and chilly day. the low 50s, it may not feel quite that warm. right now 40s in the hagerstown way. the northwesterly winds will continue to go to work on dropping the temperatures through the overnight hours.
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the gusty winds can prevents a dramatic cooldown. still, it's a chilly hair mass settling in. overnight into the morning wide spret spread 30s -- widespread 30s a good bet. most of the day in the 40s. saturday moderating a little bit, mid-50s without the wind. the sunshine should dominate tomorrow. it could be a few snow showers as we have lingering moisture in the mountains. other than that things look clear and dry and into the day on vat day. if yawing a brighter day. looks like a great day for the terrapins and as we look at the navy hawaii game, tailgating there, great in annapolis, feeling like football. to the north and west we see snow showers over the great lakes indicating how chilly that hair last is coming in behind hour come front.
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it will move out to sea. the colder air will settle in nice and dry and big high pressure settling in south of chicago. it will slide east over the next three days and continue to keep us in a fair weather setup, a classic setup that looks quiet at least through veteran's day. there are some indications of a storm the middle of next week. tonight down to 35. we stay breezy and cold. tomorrow 52. tomorrow we're talking 32 by night. take a look at the setup the next several days. a little bit of temperature mod range, not quite getting to 60. on veteran's day upper 50s. the new front with the potential low as we go late tuesday into wednesday. we think that's a rain and wind event with the potential for winter weather in the higher elevations west of hagerstown. we'll see. in the meantime it's all about a classic fall weekend.
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this will be breezy and chilly in the morning. all right. people looking up at the sky last night. it was quite a light show. many thought it was a fireball, but it was actually a meteor. this is video from a car's dash cam. you can see the plight in the distance. >> i'm just watching it. it was coming in slow motion about as big as a cantaloupe. it was perfectly round, all blue and the tip of it was humongous. the tip was just orange. >> for rad which patrols the sky -- norad said it was part of a meteor shower. a new york city bakery debuted a treat to celebrate a rare collision of thanksgiving
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and hanukkah. this is a pumpkin spice dloa nut. it's filled with things like turkey, grave vip and cranberry sauce. the createtor said it's like having -- creator said it's like having all the side dishes at once. it's at zucker bakery. lexington market makes that. that is great. that's good stuff. >> you buy it and i'll taste yours. >> coming up how to keep those shiny appliances bright and new and not waste your money. >> a special event, all to praise money for firefighters.
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most homeowners want stainless steel appliance. a year later they start to rust. john matarese vasts this -- investigate. >> reporter: remember when stainless steel started showing up. but now more are complaining about rusting stainless finishes. mary rust is used to seeing the word rust as it's her last name but not used to seeing it on her almost new refrigerator. >> a little here and some here and some down here. >> reporter: months after
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buying the $1200 fridge, mary found core progs spots eye said it's 10 months old and it's stainless steel. >> reporter: turns out rust and corrosion are excluded under warranty. so we contacted may tag. they promised to look into the complaint. many appliance brands, not just may tag, are facing rust complaints. why? engineering professors said some of today's stainless steel has less nickel in it due to reising prices. >> the past three, four years, the price is going up. >> reporter: that's why magnets now stick to a lot of nur stainless appliances unlike the older pot lid where it won't stick. less nickel and less chrome yum means less protection. >> then it could become susceptible. >> reporter: the professors
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suggest use only stainless steel cleaners, never abrasive and keep bleach and acid cleaners far away. mary is just hoping for a new door. if you have an older bulletproof one you're okay. >> did it shrink? now i got everybody's lay tension. that's the question surveyors are asking as they measure the washington moniments. it's supposed to stand 555 feet but it's undergoing repairs after sols staining damage in 2011. the survey conducted last year found at the base of the monument it had not sunk. the goal is to establish a definitive height that could be used as a reference point in the future. all right. more than 500 runners have
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already signed up to participate in a 5 ask. race to honor a troop -- state trooper hit on the job. troop are jacqueline kline was hit last month. the race is sunday at 10ham. for more information, go to hey, you scan also get a meal at the mt. washington tavern. the restaurant is holding a fund-raiser and will donate 20bilities of the sales to the baltimore fire foundation. two years ago the restaurant was destroyed in a fire. the owners rebuilt and now they want to give back. the fund-raiser kicked off at 5:00 and goes until closing time tonight. that's a great one. women, pushing to have a popular birth control method pulled from the market. why are so many complaining
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about it. >> you want to keep your precious cargo safe while you're driving. here's diane sawyer to tell us what's coming up on world news at 6:30. >> so many people think did you see that. we have reports of the fi ball streaking across the sky and news that meteors are not as rare as we thought.
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you did it, you son of the gun. unfortunately, it was the wrong son of a gun. vice-president joe biden set out to call marty walsh after his victory on tuesday night.
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instead of reaching future above the mayor marty walsh, he called the former aid to senator kennedy marty walsh. it's that time of the year, christmas item the are on the store shelves. >> you might want to start thinking about where you get your christmas tree. the world's famous is heading to new york city. we're talking about the rockefeller christmas tree. it's coming from shelton, connecticut. >> i think it's great that it's going to rockefeller center for millions to see and share hoot tree is making its way to ?ork right now. this will be decorated and lit on december 4th and stay lit until january 7th. >> marty, you son of a gun. i love this. thousands of marylanders
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will be fed by the be a gaddy foundation. >> we'll explain on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. detectives are vasting the 200th murder of the city. police have not identified the victim. investigators did make an arrest in two double murders in upper fells point. police arrested davon ferguson for the double shooting. two brothers, curt and carl bahrain were killed. police said surveillance video helped them make the arrest. a retired firefighter helping to direct traffic died from being hit by a car. he volunteered for the fire
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department and was working as a cap ten, managing traffic when he was hit. he passed away at a delaware hospital. he was 65 years old. they say it's safer, less expensive, less invasive than having your tubes tied. >> why are women complaining about a certain type of birth control. joce sterman has more. >> reporter: women across the country want this product pulled off the market saying it caused them pain after putting it inside their body. complications range from belly pain to cysts. the coils tie the tubes without surgery. women said they had a medical nightmare, one they're sharing by the thousands on facebook eye went in -- >> i went. i felt validated that it wasn't just me that this wasn't
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psychological, that there were thousands of women going through this. >> reporter: tonight at 11 we dig into the fda reports and we'll let you know what one factor may put a lot of women for complications if they get it. deciding on birth cell is a very personal decision. that's why we brought in a doctor. you have to have a lot of conversation with your doctor before you choose birth control. >> i really think you do. you have to talk to them about the array of options and they have to ask questions. they have to feel comfortable doing independent research. the internet is a great resource. they have to come back to the doctor, fda sites to look at different complications, different procedures. there's the tubal ligation,
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essure. there's iud's. we want them to get a lot of information. >> reporter: what factors go into choosing the right one? >> you have to look at risk factor. things as simple as the pill have the risk of stroke, deep venus thrombosis. it seems benign but not so much. tell them about the risk. let them know the permanent nature like the essure, understand the idea of a device in the arm or uterus. it's in the going to work for every person. they need to know if there are reversible side effects or things that might bother them. >> reporter: in the course of dloog the story we looked at the reports from maude and got
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a lot of information that way. even as a woman and a patient, i never looked there before. would you advise your patients to do that scribed of research on the fda before they talk to you? >> i think it's a great idea. information will always be power. there will always be things that's a personal decision. everything has a health risk, including pregnancy. >> reporter: so when choosing this, you have a bunch of products. nuva ring. >> the ring has's trough gin and progesterone. there are iud's. there's also an iud which is hormone free. this is an example of a small little prod that's implanted in their arms, sort of like the depo. some people are really interested in the hormone free. some people are interested in
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the reversible, the permanent, but they have to know that everything as its pluses and negatives. >> reporter: they have to do their research and have honest thought provoking conversations before deciding. >> they may go in with one idea and come out with another idea. >> reporter: doctor, thanks so much for joining us. you can read more about choosing birth control on our website, web web -- almost 50 gang members and associates are behind bars. there were raids, undercover techniques and just about every resource able. >> amy aubert has more. >> reporter: atf agents targeted the notorious


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