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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  November 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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guerilla family with ultimately arrests. wednesday's 48 arrests was one step in making that happen. >> for us, within our organization, they are our target. this is where we start destabilizing them, cutting the head off this organized group and bringing them to justice. >> reporter: they gathered at the exact park the group held meetings. tonight it sat quiet. >> i thought it was important. where we had blood on our streets, we're sending back a message that we're taking back these locations. >> reporter: she has lived in this hear her life and has literally watched gangs take over. >> going down the street, you hear gunshots. you zoo know which way to go
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because you don't want to get hurt. then, yeah, that's concerning. >> reporter: many of those arrested face gang charges. seven are charged with first- degree murder for killing eight people. you might remember the story of 358 carlos williams, a comcast employee who was shot in his fan. at the time of his 2010 murder, the police would not confirm this was gang related. members of the black guerilla family killed him for hoping a drug rehab facility. >> the gang operates in various sects and groups around the city. this is a major piece of this in the greenmont corridor. we're hoping it will completely dis mantle them. >> reporter: law enforcement is sending a message and won't stop until the streets are
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safe. >> there are still 15 still wanted. >> officials said they're confident they will make the arrests in the next two days. if you follow amy on twitter, then you knew the information. follow her at amy, abc2. all right. maryland's most powerful radar shows the last of the showers. we're set for a dry evening. the wind speed will be gusty out of the northwest 5 to 15. still a breezy night, dragging in chilly air. the lake-effect snows to the north. the bottom line into the 30s by first thing in the morning. we'll talk about how things will change by your tailgate sunday for the raves. that's coming up. we've seen how far metal thieves will go but stealing ac units, and others, but a pair
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of guys stole four soccer goals from mountain road in fallston. someone spotted them cutting up the goals and called 911. the goals, valued at $1400 a piece would only bring $100. >> we are seeing an increase throughout the county of metals being taken, new homes, older homes. in many cases drug use is fueling it. in many cases it's taken days or weeks before people discover it. >> paul ground and clarence cole, jr. are facing charges of threat of and malicious destruction. the county is plofg goals from other fields to the other one
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so the game can go on. organizers of the be a -- bea gaddy has a short time to get everything together. we have more on where they get some of that help. >> reporter: these are some of the men who will be preparing hundreds of turkeys to feed thousands come thanksgiving day. >> reporter: bea gaddy's grandson and others will send out the meals. >> all we have to do is take them out of the boxes, heat them up and serve them. >> reporter: that's because from start to finish all the work is done here inside this meat plant. it's part of maryland's correctional enterprises, one of the top prison industries in
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the country. tyrone arringtons had been behind bars for 14 yores and working in the mc plant for two. he's not the only one, cited. >> i know how it is. if i can help out, i like to help out. >> a lot of us have done things to take away from society. this gives us a chance to give back. >> reporter: there's no doubt it will be gone in a matter of hours but still make halassing impact. in hagerstown, katrina bush. >> the plant produces oned a half million pounds of meat and it has brought in five million in profits. the plant sells only to government ajen sis and nonprofits. >> you want to keep your pressureious car gee safe.
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>> a ranging to help you make that decision. >> on the court she might spike the volleyball. we'll introduce you to rebecca miller, our student athlete of the week. >> 61. normal is 60. so we were there, just about a 20th of an inch of rain. our weather winner mark from college park, got a big football game. what will the tailgate weather be. we got the answer straight ahead.
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have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster.
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breaking news tonight. more than a week coming clean about if you like your health
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plan you can keep it promise, president obama is apologizing. in an interview with nbc news he said he is sorry americans are losing their health plans, that the administration is doing everything they can to help. they had been amending it saying they could keep it as long as insurance companies haven't changed the plan. you worry about every decision you make involving your child's safety. some newly released rankings can help choose flag booster seat easier. the booster seats are getting better. more than half earned a top rating. the institute consider as booster seat one of the best bets if shoulders and lap belts fit correctly, no matter what model. >> while there are many booster seats out there that are top
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rated, there are many that aren't. you have to look at the rating of the booster seat that you're going to buy. >> the top rated seats cost $18 on the low end and up to $33 on the high and. experts say to try them out before making a time decision. the maryland food banks are struggling but they're taking things to another level. 12,000 holiday meals were at the -- were packed. all the food packed today will be prepared with turkeys and distributed to families in need. jamie? >> stacy keebler, move over. senior rebecca miller is out to make a mark. she's got the spike dunn as she is the bel air honda student athlete of the week. rebecca miller's picture is as
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clear has this shiny volleyball. >> i'm so proud of everything my girls have done this year. it's amazing. >> her girls led by the girl. >> i want to make shower the girls are motivated. we have as much fun as possible. >> reporter: it could be rebecca miller high where she is everything this school stands for. >> it has lped me prepare for kg and beyond college. >> when she's not swatting, she is in programs like this one from nasa. >> deep space aircraft. i had modules every week. that was an interesting experience. >> is she goes back to her elementary school as a math tutor. wheres did she get this drive
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from? my parents taught meet value of hard work and the value of passion in everything you do. >> for what she does on the court others notice the highest accomplishments. >> she never gets down on herself. she's always encouraging her teammate. >> it's more than that to rebecca. >> i've been encouraged to participate in the baltimore community and the global community and really strive for social justice. >> rebecca honors miller is the bel air-da student athlete of the week. yeah, way to go, rebecca. if you they an outstanding student who deserves to be recognized. submit it it to
6:14 pm >> we'll start off with a lock the maryland's radar. could see a couple of isolated flurries out toward garrett county. moss of the rain has cleared off. we didn't pick up a whole lot of rain, maybe a 0th -- 20th to a 10th of an inch. the cool air will continue to three in in behind that front and bring the chill it maryland. you'll feel the difference. it's chilly tonight at rb better w coleman. through the day we had that rain on and off and clear skies to finish things out. a chilly and dark evening on the susquehanna. 5 at the airport. the pressure is rising. sunset was early 4:59.
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had a school visit at appleton in columbia. boy, the kids had great questions. they were cracking me up. we talked a lot about superstorm sandy and a big weather unit. they had all these weather projects. a great time at appleton. the runners forecast tomorrow. if you're going to be out and about sunny through midday and chilly finish but crisp and dry and bright that would be a description for your friday, not a bad november day. it will be breezy and chillier. cold air on a steady northwesterly wind, which is 10 to 15 and gusting higher. breezy conditions. some of the gusts up to 17 to 230. they will diminish overnight. most mr. struggle to get out of the low 50s. at least we do stay nice and
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dry into the rest of the weekend a couple of isolated mix showers. that will be it. looks dry right into your saturday clear and bright. again, with that will come the chill and the fresh shot of cooler canadian air. the front continues to move further and further offshore. a big high pressure clel, a big -- cell, a big bubble have you sinking air. tonight down to 35. we stay clear, breezy and cold. expect the breeze to get windier through the day. 52 will be it for your two- degree guarantee. we started cold on sunday and monday. tonight -- or rather tomorrow night 32 as we get frosty. we see bright sunny weather, classic fall conditions. it looks great. sunday looks good for the
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ravens tailgate. the coastal system problem tuesday into wednesday. looks like wind and rain, maybe mixed precipitation. president the high terrain. we'll keep an eye on it. in the meantime getting set for a chilly start and a nice golden autumn weekend. how's that? like that? >> a perfect weekend for football. >> it will be feeling like football. >> that holiday shopping. >> okay. stick around tonight. i hard you. >> here's a sneak peek at tonight's show. >> the beatles and irish music, a combination upwouldn't expect but we've got this. that's coming up tonight on the list at 7.
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want to say hi to my friends at appleton. what do you think, guys. maybe i could have in another lifetime. shaping young minds. that probably concerns you, doesn't it? here's the outlook for the weekend, clearing out. i had a great time in columbia. if you have a school visit you'd like us to come do, just
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shoot us an email. >> sounds good. we'll see you back tonight after scandal. ready?
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welcome to "world news." tonight monster storm, one of the largest storms in history. winds nearly 200 miles per hour and growing. 10 million people caught in its path trying to outrun the danger. major health alert, the government saying an ingredient that can be found in treats from pizza to popcorn is unsafe. and hashtag big day. twitter soars in its debut on wall street. will this american invention change the american economy? and good evening to all of you. as we come on the air tonight
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there is a storm so big, so explosive experts are watching and waiting with concern. look at the map with us. a category five super storm. here's the frightening part, winds up to 195 miles per hour and still growing which means it could become the strongest storm ever to hit land on record. the islands of the philippines in its path, millions of people and officials there are telling them to pray and pray hard. abc's neal karlinsky has the late right now. >> reporter: tonight shelters are filling up as the philippines braces for disaster on a scale not seen in recent history. super typhoon haiyan has left meteorologists sounding the alarm calling it one of the strongest storms ever recorded. local broadcasters are warning the estimated 10 million people to prepare almost as if they are preparing for war. the super typhoon is blowing in at an unheard of 195 miles per
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hour with gusts 235 miles per hour. it's an astronishing 300 miles wide, the distance between boston and philadelphia. >> this is by all effects a monster storm. >> reporter: the storm is coming ashore what would be greater than a category five hurricane which such a thing existed. hurricane katrina the worst in history hit louisiana with 120 miles per hour winds and super storm sandy which tore up so much of the eastern seaboard carried 80 miles per hour gusts, both pale in comparison. only hurricane andrew in 1982 comes close. this one is expected tore greater than 150 miles per hour as it crosses over land and millions of people. >> along the path of this storm expect complete devastation. it's going to act like a razor blade along the path of its eye. >> reporter: a year ago a weaker typhoon there left 19 people
6:28 pm
dead. tonight there are fears this super typhoon will be worse. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. and we're going to be receiving pictures and tracking this storm throughout the night. so check in with us at abcnews.c right back here at home a dramatic warning about an ingredient still present in so many favorite americans foods. transfats. you've heard the term and probably know you should be careful. today the fda issueed a stark warning. no amount of transfat, no matter how small is safe. they say banning it all together will save lives. how many? dr. richard besser tells us. >> reporter: 7,000 lives a year, that's how many people the fda estimates will be saved if they do it. banned from america's food all transfats and other partially hydrogenated oils. it would mean many of the foods america loves would have to
6:29 pm
change. from this frozen marie calendar pie to pop secret butter popcorn to frozen pizza and white castle frozen sliders. >> this is a dangerous substance that people shouldn't be consuming. >> they have long been used to keep processed foods fresher longer. that is correct dama they can damage your heart. causing heart attacks. a lot of food makers have reduced these oils over the years. until the ban takes place how can you stop it? remember transfats are a type of pho. the label, like this chris co, says zero transfat. look closely. there is still partially hydrogenated oil in there. chris co told abc news today they're phasing that out, too. food makers are allowed to say zero transfat if there is less than half a gram per serving. right now there is no regulations on phos.
6:30 pm
they're saying these aren't just unhealthy. they're unsafe at any level. >> so watch for hydrogenated or partial lie high draj natd in the label. >> that's what you have to look for. >> thanks so much, rich. a giant milestone for an american company today, that little blue bird, the mascot of twitter soaring one the first day of trading as a public company. we've seen it topple governments and galvanize voters. >> anyone before today, diane, could send out one of those 140 character tweets. i've just sent one out right now on the air. you can actually own a piece of twitter right now. tonight we ask who has won the lottery already. >> reporter: wall street all atwitter today, more than 74
6:31 pm
million shares exchanging. >> this stock price surpassed almost everybody's expectations. >> reporter: like facebook before it, twitter now part of the way this country communicates, every day americans sending those lightning fast messages. the most retweeted message ever? from president obama the night he won re-election, that image, a hug from the first lady, more than 810,000 people retweeting it. much of twitter also celebrity driven, the first member to hit 1 million followers, ashton kutcher. dropping my first tweet. remember tom hanks in cast away? >> hello, anybody? >> reporter: isolated from the world then and in real life his first tweet, not that different. testing, testing, is this thing on? tonight it's the average american investor asking the questions, will it help your retireme retirement portfolio.
6:32 pm
ten shares of amazon when it went public? $180 worth $41,000 today. group groupon, ten shares at $200 when it went public worth $95 today. >> it definitely is a gamble. nobody is going to be making money if they buy twitter today the next day. this is going to be a long term play for any investor. >> reporter: tonight there are already those who essentially won the lottery. workers on twitter sitting on stock and the founders, jack dorsey, the founder. we asked him about the power of twitter, proof he says that movements are fueled by twitter. >> some grow very large and groebal and some stay small. >> this is not a small one. >> no. >> reporter: you might be wondering how will twitter make money for investors? they point to the companies buying ads on twitter. >> i'm on my twitter page and i
6:33 pm
decided to search starbucks. i just want to show you what afternoon happens. the first tweet that comes up is promoted by duncan doughnuts. companies actually paying for placement. i searched starbucks there. diane, these are the tweets coming into us tonight. i searched our names, too. the other brand names don't come up. we're safe. >> tweet us hello, everybody. thanks, david. and now we move on to a candid admission from a living legend. it has parents and fans asking a whole new set of questions about the possibility punishing consequences of football for children and for their heros. tony dorsett, football icon, seemly invincible has come forward to describe a brutal diagnosis. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: the breezy charisma and movie star smile of hall of famer tony dorsett, literally knocked from his face by hit after hit in the nfl.
6:34 pm
>> they call that a knockout. >> reporter: this is the bruising, head-on tackle he remembers most. watch again. it knocks his chin strap into the air and left dorsett sprawled on the turf for 15 minutes. >> i mean he just blew me up. it was like a freight train hitting a volkswagen. >> reporter: but minutes later dorsett was back in the game, one of the countless concussions he suffered. today at age 59 he's clinically depressed, short tempered and even suicidal. >> i'm too smart of a person to take my life but it's crossed my mind. >> reporter: so worried dorsett and 8 other former nfl players volunteered for a break through study at ucla which this week said what he feared most, he has the signs of cte from hits that carry the power of a sledge
6:35 pm
hammer. until how doctors have only seen damage of this after death in the autopsy of football's most famous. it has the living like jim mcmahon and even brett favre suffering symptoms as a newly diagnosed tony dorsett. >> who are you? who are you becoming. >> reporter: finally he has that diagnosis and while still alive. >> for us to be able to diagnose it in the living, that's the only hope we have of possibly helping them and treating them. >> reporter: a first step to replacing what so many heros of the game have lost. jim avila, abc news, washington. and tonight there is a kind of pilgrimage under way, politicians, mowingals, true believes flocking to north carolina to honor a towering figure in american faith, the reverend billy graham. he turns 95 today. so he gave his followers a kind of birthday gift. here's abc's dan harris.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: the preacher seems a little heavier and a little slower, but his final message to america, still clear as a bell. >> our country is in great need of a spiritual awakening. as i've gone from city to city i've seen how far people wandered from god. this final sermon was shot over the past year in billy graham's mountaintop home in north carolina, a place he rarely leaves these days. here he is, in his favorite chair, with is dog by his side, and images of his long, storied career up there on the shelf. th son of dairy farmers ministered to every president since truman. and brought the gospel directly into america's living room. in private he's a surprisingly humble man, married to the same woman, ruth, for more than 60ar. she died in 2007. the grahams spoke with diane in 1992 >> you know what his favorite meal is?
6:37 pm
a can of vienna sausages, a can of cold tomatoes and a can of baked beans. all cold, dumped on a plate. his favorite meal. a man like that, you know -- >> reporter: throughout his life it's been the gospel that has sustained him. >> reporter: is there one passage in the scripture or one part of a hymn that never fails to make you feel great? >> what a friend we have in jesus. it's my favorite hymn. >> reporter: today on this video, what may be billy graham's final public prepare. >> i invite you to come into my heart and life. i want to trust and follow you. as my lord and savior. in jesus name, amen. >> reporter: he is very direct in this final message, arguing that america is in spiritual
6:38 pm
pearl ill. here's a man who has seen so many change but his core message has not changed one bit. >> his family is calling it the final sermon? >> yes. >> thanks, dan. tonight keep your eye on the sky, the fire ball that lit up the sky and 911. why scientists are saying we have underestimated the threat from above. and the american soldier and the daughter he's about to meet. we're back in two minutes. rol. i get out a lot... except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life.
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6:41 pm
>> reporter: the shooting star lit up 911 call centers across the southwest. >> boom it was across the sky. >> reporter: we all saw the movie "armageddon" right? just how worried should we all be? how big does it need to be before we put bruce willis on a spaceship? >> so, uh, i presume it has to be big enough to walk around on. your average meteor streak is left by something no larger than half the size of a pea. >> reporter: fiery rocks from space are a big enough concern the u.n. has just started considering a plan to create an international asteroid warning network. astronomers are not too worried about the big stuff, like the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs. that one was the size of mount everest. no, what scares them more, are meteors like the one that hit chelyabinsk, russia earlier this year. that one was about as big as a house. releasing energy equivalent to a modern day nuclear warhead.
6:42 pm
90% are not on the radar screens. astronomers thought it was likely to happen once every 100 years. now it's like more than once a decade. >> most of the earth surface is water. >> reporter: so the next time you see a shooting star, make a wish that we'll all be okay. david wright, abc news, los angeles. and in our "instant index" tonight two tiger bs, one of them a two-year-old toddler, the play date you cannot miss next. she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications,
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of fame. judges cited the bright color and our sense of childhood wonder. not to mention helping parents face bathtub. and today the other induckty, the game of chess which beat out pacman and clue. watch what happens when two tiger cubs meet for the first time. they were separated by a pane of glass at the zoo in washington state but sharing a sense of sense. marshal, the two-year-old still in his halloween costume. their play date lasted more than two minutes. when marshal takes a spill, halle waits to make sure he's okay. to the world she's came judy dench. she was killed off in the blockbuster sky fall. tonight she's back. >> just when you thought i was
6:47 pm
dead. i have an important mission for you. >> her mission? the true story of a mother searching for her son is in danger of getting an r rating for language so she and the producers are fighting. by warning the ratings board that the lady who played bond's boss is not to be trifled with. next here tonight a father serving thousands of miles from home and the daughter he's about to meet. >> i'm t mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation
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6:51 pm
>> reporter: they're the reunions that capture our hearts. soldiers returning home to their loved ones. and for the lotts family, their own homecoming just days away. >> i have a little countdown and every day i mark down one day closer. >> reporter: her husband, on a nine month deploit, separated by over 6500 miles. it's a trip i would also make. this is captain lotts' second deployment. brittney gave birth to their first child, daughter finley three months ago. >> it's one of those things that you always think about that person is going to be there for, you know, but it's okay but it makes it a little bit -- just scary to do it alone. >> you only have the birth of your first child once, but america says that i need to be
6:52 pm
over here. so you know, they wouldn't call it service if it was easy. >> reporter: captain lots' job of clearing road side bombs is exceedingly dangerous work and a reminder of just how far away home truly is. >> i tell him, she's grown that much. i quit telling him because it kind of bums him out because he just feels like he's missing. >> reporter: so we decided to bring a small piece of home to captain lotts here on the front lines. >> hi, sweet heart, we're so excited to get you home. we're counting down the hours. >> reporter: this, a first glimpse of a daughter her daddy has yet to meet. >> how is that?
6:53 pm
>> it's good. i can't wait to get home. >> reporter: he and the rest of his division ready themselves for the final days in afghanistan and board their flight home, the realization just what is waiting for them on the other end of this journey. a reunion that cannot come fast enough. josh elliott, abc news, afghanistan. >> josh will be back with that reunion for us tomorrow night. also because this veteran's day is this monday, please send us photos of the service members in your life by going to our flicker page. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow.  
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6:55 pm
nchtsd on "the list" one song lit up the internet last night. we've got the owed to obama care. beware, the dark side. plus, moms still have to do everything you want. but, now, they have a good reason. today, hash tag instant billionaire. here are the top five stories you need to know right now. i'm matt gallant with number one, this could be incurably viral. >> hey, do you have that obama care? obama care, what's that? >> every awards show has that one-talked about moment. it was then.night's cma awards,
6:56 pm
carrie underwood bragging on uu)u$ obama care by morning. it's already gone epidemic on the internet. of course, it wasn't the only thing on the list of great cma moments. our own shackleford was there. >> at number two, flat busted. >> did you have that one with that guy that was in that movie that was out last year? >> tearful act three. today, we did a fond farewell to video rental giant block buster as it officially shut down all of its remaining u.s. stores. this made our list because on the upside, your late fees are forgiven. you can keep that overdue vhs tape and you can finally remove that grimy little blue tag hanging on your key chain.
6:57 pm
sure we can watch on demand, but movies aren't the same without an over-priced bucket of popcorn. at number three, we do have a table ready if you don't mind sitting in the unattractive section? >> do restaurants seat their guests based on their looks? there's another claim that good-looking guests are seated at the front to look more attractive. >> the solids are fine. it's just that we'd like to move to another table. away from those two gentlemen. >> reportedly, the only kpengs to the rule is celebrity guests. we often follow french trends.
6:58 pm
this could one day happen at chile's. >> oh, god, that's funny. if you or a loved one have been presented with an ugly child, you may be eligible for a cash settlement. we chose this story because it's so unbelievable, we don't even foe if it's real. a chinese man has reportedly sued his wife and won $120,000 because she gave birth to ugly children. >> vntd you heard the phrase the beauty is in the eye of the beholder? >> have you heard the song who let the dogs out? >> the wife had plastic surgery, so the husband was deceived in thinking her good looks were natural and would be passed down. some are questioning if this story is real. let us know on the facebook
6:59 pm
page. >> when it comes to staying happily married, women set the emotional tonal. men tend to follow their leads. >> if you are an ugly couple. >> another marital tidbit you really hear from experts? go to bed mad. chances are you'll have a saner approach to the problem after a good night's sleep. >> why do we fight? >> i don't know, it makes no sense at all. >> and now you're caught up and clued in on the top of the list. >> now, are you playing good-bye kati perry's new album? you may want to put on a hasmat suit first. it's crazy, but it's true.ku"h


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