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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  November 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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has been labeled a biohazard because it contains a packet of flower seeds. buyers were encouraged to plant them and spread the light, but they're not native to the country. in 1977, the series roots became a classic. if history's recent success like the bible and hatfields and mccoys is any indication, this series could be history making.
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say my name. >> the boss that everyone hates. >> he's breaking bad. he's breaking heads. >> ill will live on your facebook wall. >> we're not facebook friends. >> yeah, what's going on with that? >> catch the episode this coming monday on the hot list. >> the hot ticket in country music? last night in nashville at the cma awards. >> thanks, theresa, a fantastic show last night. it was the show that gave us the memorable moment. at number one, george named entertainer of the year for the first time since 1990. a bit of a surprise. >> i'm just glad that i could
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still come to these things. >>. >> knocki ining entertainer of year. number two, blake getting two cma awards. swrer t entertainer of the year is wond ereful. >> winning female vocal igs of the year for a fourt time. our list of top red carpet moments, number one, charles easton has a dople ganger. >> i completely see it. really? >> go for it. >> he maintained that sense of who he was. a man who was self effacing. >> reporting for the cma awards. >> he thanks, sck.
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>> from down home to this statistic that hits home. women still make over 93% of food purchases in the home. guy, come on. we need to switch it upright now. today is actually let men make dinner day. 78% of dinners are made by women. >> i love toe cook in the kitchen. it's a lot of fun. seasoning the meat, rubbing the meat, seasoning all of the vegetables. >> greg is the kitchen con no soir. >> e eve got bad form over here. >> first, greg says keep your seasonings simple. just kind of keep it simple and stick to the bagsices. that's part of the whole excitement. secondly, don't get fancy with
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the sauces. >> don't get too fancy with the sauces. let the flavor of the meat come out. >> you see these males and you think they belong in a museum. >> we probably should leave them in the museum. >> and we'll make a good,tasty meal. >> yeah. >> lastly, finish with chocolate. >> if you really want to make her happy, get down there with the deserts and the chocolate. let them relax. they'll love you forever. serving up simple. let matt do it. >> it's anyone's guest as to who's cooking for the holiday pot list that you feel on your calendar. honestly, who knows where that food has been or even what it is. ariel wexler shows how to avoid the sight. >> there's nothing like a good old fashioned pot luck to start the season.
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just be sure that the food isn't as old as the tradition or it could spoil your celebration. >> do you know what was done to the food before it arrived? >> if anyone knows how you can protect yourself, it's environmental health exz perts. >> the same would apply as they do in restaurants. >> that's a former health inspector. >> we read stories all of the time about events, whether a church or a private event, where multiple people get sick. >> rekrently, more than 100 people got sick during a pot luck at a church in nevada. most of us know about proper hand washing and how to avoid cross contamination. but how do health experts know when to pass on a pot luck. >> i don't see tongs, food, things to dispense the food with, i would avoid those foods. >> next, you don't need to bring along a food thermometer. >> food can last about four hours and then replenish that
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food. >> last, but not least, if the food doesn't look right or you just have a bad feeling, go with your gut. >> when in doubt, throw it out. >> did you just double dip that chip? >> a few simple ways to avoid pot luck poisoning. >> okay. mom, you're busy dropping off their lives in the birt day parties. relax. we've got shortcuts that the mom can use.
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last week, if you didn't see every list, here's what you might have missed. giraffe avatars are everywhere. it's time to turn their shame into your amusement.
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the list. you keep watching, we'll keep making more. >> hi, i'm treep sa strosser and you're on the list. before you start your holiday travel, let's answer a question. are tablets still taboo? connor knight looks at the deal. >> last week, the faa's announcemented that they were lifting restrictions using personal electronic dwieg ii iih one word. it's not quite final yet. the faa is requesting to get eechl type of its aircraft safety tested. you can euse your device on som planes, but not others.
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delta approved on main line flights. its just on a u.s. airways flight this week in which a flight attendant had to tell a cabin of passengers something to the effect of we knee the faa said you can use this stuff because you can't use it here yet. hopefully you can soon. a few days before the faa announceme announcement, southwest announced it was allowing customers to borrow ipads. and, yes, as of thursday morning, southwest still wasn't allowing customers to use those ipads during take off and landing. you're still not going to be able to use a cellular connection. big picture? we've all waited this long, i don't mind waiting a few weeks longer for the finally to be finalized. >> thank you, connor. matt, you know how you're always talking about being a busy, working mom of two kids?
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>> um, that's you. >> oh, right, yeah. i need sochl help. >> we went to some experts to make life a lit 8 easier. >> what do you need help with? >> my producer, jodi, is a typical working mom. hek, just listening to her day can wipe me t experts to help busy parents like her find some time. >> it can get really hectic. you're always under a time crunch. >> first, since a lot of your time is going to be spent in the car, use car time as me time. >> next, clutter at home can be a big time waster. and while the kiddos artwork is adorabl
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adorable, it does pile up. >> you load it into your phone and what it does is it tags it with their name, their age, their grade. >> the app is free but you can also buy arinted scrapbook to mark each school year. finally, dinner? rotisserie chicken can be a lifesaver. let's hope these time savers help mom enjoy her most important job a little bit more. >> but there are no shortcuts for thi the hours we spend watching the late-night talk shows so we can select the day's very best punch lines in the news. >> justin bieber was caught spray painting fw ining graffit buildings in brazil. >> yeah, they could tell it was bieber because it was only three feet high. >> call of duty ghosts came out
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this week. it's already on track to be the best-selling video game in history. yeah, mom is like you're not getting it. it's too vie lebt. and then dad's like but i really want it. a food that might have a lot of ingredients, sduz it need to be label labeled? that that would cost money and we would see more expensive foods. >> yes, america's food man ewe fact curers can't take the time and expense to find out if there's genetically mods fied ingredients in their food? they don't even know if there's foods in their food. >> he's going to run for reelection next year. i flow. that we'll just keep on voting for him.
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take a taste of ireland without leaving town. nikki mayo is sharing the luck of the irish around baltimore. >> at number one, everyone is talking about the 40th annual maryland irish festival at the state fairgrounds. >> the irish culture in america is very strong. everybody has irish in them somewhere. >> at the festival, there's dancing, music, fun, food, and, of course, not just any food and drink. get inspired dishes. >> roast boof '50s sandwiches marinated marinated marinated in guinness. we have guinness wings. >> at number two, people are reliving the 45th anniversary of the beatles yellow submarine at the 100.7 art show.
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that was really all we needed. >> and along with animating john, paul, reingo and george, ron is the man behind many saturday morning cartoons. george of the jungle, the flintstones and smurfs. >> the art show runs through sunday. at number thre-- be prepared for more drunk history on comedy central, the cable network just renewed the sketch show for a second season. the show, which began on -- is produced by will ferrell. new episodes will begin airing next year. >> there's no way the mexican army is coming until spring. >> now you're caught up and clued in to what's happening around baltimore. i'm nikki mayo.
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♪ i'm matt gal lant and this is theresa strosser. >> we all know lying is bad, but what about paying someone else to lie for you? >> believe it or not, it's a wiz. we check out a liar for hire on the break down. >> what are you doing with -- >> bueller. ferris bueller. >> if you thought they were
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masters of deception. get ready for private investigator tim greene under deception services. the four-year-old business is completely legit. he performs between 200 and 300 professional lies per month at $54 per lie. >> we do a lot of alibis, but i would say that the majority of our calls are for professional references or ploimts. >> i need some time off. would you help me lie to my boss? >> it would certainly be my pleasure. >> hi, this is dr. breene. i have some bad news to share with you. >> what? is everything okay? >> there is a cat goir of ailments that has been emerging and beth seems matt has the most severe. unless he gets three weeks of rest, he could permanently lose his voice.
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most important, you and his colleague should be on the complimentary nature. >> whatever i can do to help, doctor, i'm happy to do. >> yeah, matt, oh my god, yourp hair, immaterial's amazing. it's shiny. it looks like repunzel. oh, my god, you're the best. >> liar for hire on the break down. >> oh, he's for real. your hair is splendid. >> you're just saying that, i know you are. >> yeah, i am. do you care? >> no. >> thanks for watching "the list." here's what we're already working on for tomorrow. >> i did mess it up. >> clear up your sinuses. get ridover your headache. improve your hearing without going do a doctor. heal yourself with your own body. no dieting or exercise. really. tomorrow on "the list."
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hey, everybody. this is "let's ask america," the show where you don't even have to comb your hair to win $50,000! let's see who we've got today. she's from cincinnati, ohio, it's mark! she's from cannes cikansas city missouri. she's from st. petersburg, florida. it's sharon! and he's from surprise, arizona, it's robert! welcome to the show, everybody. it's good to see your smiling faces. this is how it works. you know the deal. all you do is figure out america's opinion on all kind of crazy topics and win 50 grand. the first question is worth $100. here are the two possible
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answers. tell him about it or tell everyone else about it. the question is, what did office workers say they would do if they noticed their male boss' fly was open. would they tell him about it or tell everyone else about it. everybody has their answers down. go ahead and flip those cards. let's see what you picked. everybody says tell everyone else about it. the correct answer with 86% of the vote, they said tell him about it. nobody gets the 100 bucks. come on, guys! tell him first, then tell everybody else. this next question is worth $200, anybody's game, of course. here we go, the two possible answers are fair or foul. the question is, which phrase did married men in their 30s best describes their sex life. fair or foul? start with our resident rocker, mark. what's going on? >> what's up, kevin?
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just here in cincinnati, ohio, with my bandmates. >> i love it. what kind of music do you guys play? >> we take pop music and put like a rock spin on it. it's a lot of fun. >> i feel like you've got band there, you should have to work harder for your money. mind playing something for us? >> i wrote something just for you, kevin. >> please, let's hear it. >> one, two, three! ♪ i just want your money whoa ♪ ain't nothing funny about how much i would like your money whoa ♪ i want it on your game show kevin periera ♪ >> thank you. thank you to the bandmates as well. jesse and the rip-offs! let's get you guys some money. let's get on with the madness. is it fair or foul? let's see what you picked. which phrase did married men in
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their 30s say best described their sex lives. for $200, the correct answer is fair. you got it. everybody said fair. now we're on the board. the next question is worth $300. here are the two possible answers. we've got dress like a teenager or kiss them. the question is, what did teenage boys say they'd be more embarrassed for their mom to do in public. is it dress like a teenager or kiss them. everybody's got their it answan down. kate, i'm dying to know your story. tell me about yourself. >> i'm a first grade teacher in kansas city, missouri. i'm so excited to be here with you. >> we're excited to have you. what's your favorite thing about being a first gra teach sner. >> oh, my gosh, the crazy things my kids say. you never know what's coming next. >> do you think you have the finger on the pulse of america or you only understand the first graders at this point? >> oh, no. i've got it. i deal with parents. i know what's going on in
7:29 pm
america. >> i like the confidence. let's see what everybody picked. reveal your answers. is it dress like a teenager or kiss them. all right, we've got a split decision. mark and sharon say kiss, robert and kate dress like a teenager. the correct answer with 55% of the vote, it was close, but it's dress like a teenager. kate and robert got it! they're now tied for first place with 500 apiece. mark's not worried at all. the final question of the round is worth $400. more importantly, this will decide who stays and plays and who gets eliminated. good luck. two possible answers here are, an adult who's blind or an adult who's drunk. question is, who would americans rather get a tattoo from? is it an adult who's blind or an adult who's drunk? we've got our answers down. robert in the martini lounge, we'll go to you. what's your story? 'm


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