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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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association are trying to raise money to help out people abroad. >> anything you can do now is very needed and anything you do in the future can go a long way, so let's not give up hope and think there'sing in that can be do or enough has been done because something of this magnitude is so hard to imagine so we just have to have faith. >> the group is working together to put together a dinner of hope. for more information, visit our website at you can find the full story plus, links on how to help out. travel in groups when walking around 57bd's -- and especially at night. this happened on a if the path between the campus and the apartment complex the students who received the email alert are worried about their sense
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of security. >> i mean, regardless of -- it's like the police blue light. if something happens, i don't know what i would do. >> i get so scared that i run. >> police have not made any arrests. a new housing policy lets students at st. mary's kg live with whoever they want. they will not be randomly be assigned an opposite section roommate without their con isn't -- consent. coming up, you better check the food before you pack your lunch. >> plus, black friday is becoming obsolete. target is announcing when they will open for the holiday
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season. >> weather wise, some high thin clouds later in the day but the sky is starting to get that winter look out there. it's going to be dark and cold around here soon. we'll talk about how things shape up into the tuesday, wednesday time frame. you'll want to stay tuned for this. complicated as it is.
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our consumer alert, 90 tons of chicken salad has been recalled, made by glass onion kateering and include brands such as trader joe's and delish. at least 6 people have gotten sick in three states. we have posted all the affected items on our website under the recall section. you can now get packages from seven day has week.
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it will start coming this weekend in new york and los angeles. amazon announced the deal with the u.s. postal service today. it includes expanding to dallas, houston and gnarl-- new orleans. well, could black friday soon be obsolete? argument -- target is the latest retailer announcing they will open earlier. it's one hour earlier than last year. many are pushing their in-store sales to thanksgiving day rather than waiting until friday. right now kmart is opening 6:00 in the morning on thanksgiving day. ?ie want to start off with a lock at maryland's most
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powerful radar. things are clear but that's getting ready to change and change in big way. you can see what happens basically as we go through the overnight hours still relatively dry but changes as we go through the mid-morning hours. rain showers with snow showers on the back side. flipping over quickly through that morning commute, we don't anticipate real accumulations here because ground temps should be above 40 degrees. the air temp in the upper 30s but wintry showers. it's going to make for a tough morning commute. rain showers make for a tough commute when you have flakes flying. obviously, things get trickier. you will be on the brakes more. give yourself extra time in the morning. after that the hit and miss snow shower type of weather, we'll be sitting pretty. the area is confined to the west. basically down through west
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virginia, southern ohio, northern kentucky. that's where we anticipate more significant accumulations. otherwise, cold numbers will be the story. cold air plunging south. 20s and 30s toward the canadian border toward michigan, all headed our way. look at chicago. you see what happens. you go from rain to snow. this gives you an idea of the boundary headed in our direction. do we expect accumulating snow, no but we anticipate it to come am our direction. it was all good news for veteran's day, calm before the storm larks clear and mild finish to the day. winds are light from the south and west. gusty breezy conditions and a day will be shifting tomorrow big time. look for a hard turn to the northwest, gusty northwest winds dominating into tomorrow
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afternoon. it's going to take a whroil to recover. we're talking thursday and friday. a brief window into the early morning. on and off snow showers that may stick to the grass, light coating, more toward westminster, frederick. i anticipate driving headaches because of snow shower activity. take a look at the bigger picture. you is that large frontal boundary. we call it an arctic front. this will be certainly a prenounsed killed blast. we don't want to minimize it. it won't be that cold but it will put us down into the 20s for several nights tomorrow night and that chill overspreading the area, especially as we go into overnight tomorrow night and a struggle to get out of the 30s. 38 degrees. showers toward dawn, turning to snow showers. mixed showers through the mid-
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morning tomorrow and then windy with falling temps mental will fall through the 30s quickly in the afternoon, in the 20s. could be some icy spots. you see the setup. we do begin to bounce back but quite a cold blast to say the least. even though we indicate 42 and 44 for high temperatures i don't want those to mislead you because those would be like one or two hours. it happened at midnight going in tuesday. >> okay. >> this is true. you might want to check out the reviews. gun violence has trippled since 195. with this increase big budget hollywood movies may be adding fuel to it. research suggests this is more evidence that the rating system
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has failed its mission to warn parents and protect children. you can steal a pen from work for free. >> if you work in an office, paying for pens probably seems like a foreign concept. health insurance, 401(k) and all the pens you can steal are the best perks. even if you buy them for yourself, the average one costs about 20 cents. i might splurge on a $3 uniball but i have spent the last week using a $150 pen. it's a super high tech pen that utilizes your smartphone or tablet to digitize your analog notes. it actually looks and feels like a pen.
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you start taking notes and it will appear. it turns those scribbles into searchable texts. while you're writing you may also include audio. you can go back later and play your pen cast ad hear what is being said as you wrote. >> 252 california street. >> live scribe can share your notes and you hit tag notes by tapping a certain part of the page. it's cool but there are definitely some drawbacks. you probably aren't in the habit of charging your pen. it has a battery life but needs to be regularly charged. you also have to use live scribe's special paper for it to work. that's enough to put off the casual scribe but if you're a student or attend law presentations or conference calls as part of your job, then this might be worth this.
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would you ever drop $150 on a writing utensil? write us. >> i like that. >> to see more stories like that, watch "the list" followed by "let's ask america" right here on abc2. >> the dolphins are getting ready to take on tampa bay. now the player accused of bullying speaks out. >> and applause, applause. lady gaga debut has new dress and the design is more jane jetson than christian dior.
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for those who put coffee first. the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency om recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped.
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another twist in the miami dolphins bullying story.
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we heard from richie incognito for the first time. >> he said he did not mean to hurt his friend jonathan martin. karen travers has more. >> reporter: miami dolphins player richie incognito said he never intended to hurt his teammate jonathan martin despite repeated hazings and bullying. >> no matter how bad or vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate. >> reporter: the nine-year veteran told fox the vulgarity went both ways. >> the week before it went down jonathan martin texted me, i will murder your whole "fing" family. >> reporter: but when he said it to martin, the player took
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it seriously, checking into a hospital for emotional disstressments the nfl said incognito left racial slurs, but incognito said people who don't note two linemen wouldn't get it. >> when the words are put in the context, i understand. but people don't know how jon and i communicate to one another. >> reporter: martin's attorney would not comment on the interview. the nfl has hired an outside attorney to find out what happened in the dolphins locker room. >> was there a code red. were the dolphin players ordered to toughen up jonathan martin. >> reporter: jonathan martin said he wants to play football again but he can't do it in miami, so he's likely done for the season. karen travers. her album sales are serving
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-- soaring, so why not her fashions. she stepped in with a gown called volantis. she describes this as the youth of the mind -- minds of the youth. a couple's remarkable story spanning more than 70 years. >> and giving a pet a shot at a happy home. those stories and more coming up. here's a preview of what's ahead. >> we're finding families like yours thousands. thousands of real money. we're tat again. >> that's right, we're finding you real money when you least expect it.
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a young man in south carolina got a heart warming welcome. >> please welcome back home first lieutenant -- [ applause ] [ cheers ] >> you never get enough of those stories. eighth grader josh carroll thought his dad was coming home in three weeks. but the mom set up something special. you can never see enough of those stories. all right. 200 years of water damage have taken their toll on themouth p-
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-- the monument. a super typhoon devastates the country. >> a world war ii vet, the couple shares their story. >> a new program in baltimore for your pets. >> we're watching the weather because you could weak up to see some snow. >> wyatt, how is it looking? >> changing times ahead. a mild evening here, but it all changes by tomorrow morning. take a look, still near 60 in the city. winter weather is on the march. so a few fair weather clouds. i want to show you the line of
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rain and snow showers pushing in out of the north and west. you see that distinctive band from chicago to detroit up into buffalo, well below freezing. it is all plunging south, all headed in our direction. here we go hour by hour. clouds on the increase. rain switching over it rain showers. that mr. make for tough traffic. we'll talk about how the rest of your tuesday goes coming up. let's talk about the fie afternoon stuck in the philippines. the death toll could climb to 10,000. >> the devastation really hits home for some folks here. amy aubert finds out what one group is doing to lend a helping hand. >> reporter: she has lived in the sument for 45 years, but for her, the philippines will always be home. >> as well as the -- >> reporter: that's why she and
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other people members of the local filipino community, are reaching out to those devastated by the huge typhoon. >> as we hear more and more news from our extended family, it's surprising to see how many we know. >> reporter: it's sitting -- hitting close to home. he said he can picture this through conversations with family members still abroad. >> it's totally flattened. everything's gone and it's just unbelievable. it's surreal. >> reporter: their group is raising money and organizing efforts right near in -- here in baltimore to help people strugging over seas to pick up the pieces. >> what they need is long-term sustained support. we really have to get used to thinking long term with our projects. >> reporter: the group is kicking around the idea of
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hosting a dinner of hope to help raise money for the cause. >> i would like to rally everyone to come and help our fellow filipinos at this time of need. >> reporter: the group hopes to get started on their fund- raising efforts as soon as possible and said it takes the entire community coming together to make the biggest difference. amy aubert, abc2 news. >> to find out how you can donate or help out, visit our website at we have the link up there to show you how you scan get involved. jamie? hoop tonight police in anne arundel county are investigating four armed robberies in a less than 24 hours span. first, the pizza bolis restaurant was robbed and then the wings and things was robbed and a man went to a third place
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demanding money. the robber hit the bp on crane this morning. days after annapolis elect lad new marks the city council said they are looking at legislation that would remove most of the mare's power. the city manager would report to the city council, not to the mayor. mike pantelides won the election last week beating josh cohen. a large crowd gathered for the ceremony at veterapark in aberdeen. >> i ask you to remember our veterans deployed around the world and their families, waiting for a safe return and
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remember the families and friends who have been touched by and have the full understanding of service to the last full measure of devotion. >> the service also included a memorial salute by the american legion post, 120 honor guard and a playing of taps. walking through the door to see your dog waiting for you wagging its tail is one of the best part of your day and a new program is making sure our vets get the same love. >> they got their dog through the program. >> he is teaching the kids responsibility because they're also responsible for his care but he brings a lot of laughter and joy to our


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