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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  November 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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he needs us. >> baltimore's humane society and pets for patriots are helping. service members get 10% off spaying or neutering and a 20% off vet care. all right. one of the veterans being honored this veteran's day makes up half of the remarkable couple living in dundalk. >> they have a story of love, war and marriage that has endured for 70 years. rosie leftwich tells us how world war ii changed their lives. >> reporter: a skinny kid from pasadena got a job at a women's dress factory for $7 a week. one of his new friends advised him to ride a street car to go to a birthday party for his cousin willie mae. >> my sus sin aid you're --
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cousin said you're not supposed to ask a boy to dance. i said i don't know. she was 15. he had just turned 18 eye think i fell for her a lot harder than she fell for me. >> you were persistent. >> right, right. >> very cool. >> she was a little beauty. >> reporter: they dated for two years on and off. they wanted to get married but things were expensive back then and he wanted to make more money. those dreams changed with the war. >> come on, men, join the fight. go to your nearest recruiting station today. >> we had very few conscientious objectors back then. everyone wanted to be a part of the game. it felt -- it gave you an honor. it really gave you an honor to be doing something for the greatest country in the world. >> reporter: vern was drafted
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into the army but volunteered for the navy. with war young hearts quickened. his orders came and he was shipping out on a mine sweeper. everyone needed someone to remind them with they were fighting for and that was willie mae. >> issued the license. we got a minister that had married my mother and father and we were married saturday. i started crying monday night and my mother said, you knew he was going to have to, you know, go when you married him, but i waited almost two years, and i never cheated on him. i was a good girl, and i still am a good girl. >> reporter: it was worth it, right? vern shipped out later that
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week on mine sweeper number 612. for the next two years he and two others helped -- help clear mines. his ship mate was sent to treatment for a broken ankle. >> we saw it all what happened. the germans had an aerial torpedo bomb. they nut right down a smoke stack on to the savannah, almost sunk the ship. >> reporter: this was willie mae that helped get him through. her letters helped anchor him. the story of world war ii is one of many whose lives were caught new a great storm. vor them, the story settled in
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dundalk, four children, close to 20 great children and great grand children. the story goes on from there. >> isn't that something? i cannot believe we have been married 70 years, and i'll be 90 and vern is 93. i can't believe our life has just flew by. >> reporter: in dundalk, roosevelt leftwich. >> i could listen all night. what a great story. the first monument ever built to on for our first president is right here in baltimore. >> after 200 years, it need as little work done. we'll give you a look insid cited restoration efforts of the monument. >> there are some downsides you need to know about before
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making a purchase. >> three degrees below average of 58. we will miss being just three below. this will get much, much colder. our winner, carrie from bel air. congratulations. when we come back, we'll break down the numbers on this cold blast and the chance for some snow showers coming ♪
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we were taking you to aberdeen for the veteran's day service. of course, we remember those at
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ft. immediate. wyatt will be back with a detailed look at the most accurate forecast coming up in just a couple of moments. well, the cornerstone was laid almost 200 years ago. now after years of detearation, the washington monument add mt. vernon need has lot of -- at mt. vernon needs a lot of work. >> reporter: a statue of george washington looking down over a city that in 1815 wanted to honor their first president with a monument for the ages. >> we think of the first monument was in the capitol but it wasn't. this was here, the fact that baltimore made this happen. it's in the just about washington. it's about what the democratic
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ideals represent. what they're trying to impress is it's awesome. something you look at and go wow. >> reporter: it's aen in profit that has taken on the task of repairing mother nature's damage. >> up here you can see all the water damage that's been caused by leaks on the roof. on the outside walls you can see how the mortar is crumbling. >> the mortar that's here, whatever's left, needs to be carefully removed. >> reporter: much of the $5.4 million cost for the 16-month project spect shared by the city and the state. >> as you can see above the door, this is not just baltimoreans, honored to the first president. we're pleased we have this. >> reporter: visitors can be seen daily here, taking pictures by the iron gates.
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>> i've been here several times, reliving childhood memories. it should be preserved. >> one of the goals is to really reinsprigg rate mt. vernon place. this is a destination for 175 years. >> reporter: in baltimore, tim rutherford, abc2 news. >> go down the parkway, d.c.'s monument is finished and now the scaffolding is coming down. the monument was damaged two years ago in the earthquake. crews patched up the stone work and repaired cracks. it will take another three months to remove all the scaffolding. the monument is expected to open by springtime. if you're a veteran, do not make dinner tonight. there are restaurants saying thank you boy offering discounts to vets and active
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military vets. golden corral, a free buffet dinner. krispy kreme, starbucks and red robins are also offering deals for veterans. the average smart plan costs about $100 a month. many people are looking for ways to lower the bill. one way is a prepay but john matarese warns us of some of the downsides. >> walmart as its straight talk propaid powerless plan. why not. it's $45 a month but a new review finds downsides you need to know b tired of paying 100 a month for your smartphone? walmart's prepaid straight talk offers unlimited talk, text and data for $45 a hadn't. you can even get an iphone or
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galaxy. it said straight talk is ideal for light smart phone users but it slows down the data once you hit 2.5 gigs a month. if you watch a lot of voasd, you may get frustrated. >> and the biggest downside, customer service. you'll often weight 30 minutes to reach an agent. you may get quicker response from email or social media. it's a great deal as long as you don't expect versus below zero or at&t style quick customer service. it will save over a conventional cell phone plan but realize it comes with a few drawbacks. you may able to live with them, so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. all right. nice and mild weather salute this veteran's day and across maryland to finish out monday
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but things change big time by your tuesday and wednesday. if you're going back to work, you'll want to give yourself some time. you can see the closest precipitation is rain, ohio, to areas along the michigan state line. then this is behind the ctic boundary. we'll see rain changing over to snow showers. now a lot of the moisture should get squeezed out in the mountains to the west, west virginia and gare pret county, allegany -- gare gsh -- garrett county, allegany county. this previous burst will likely not stick. dwrund temps should be at least 5, 6, 8 degrees above freezing. even rain showers snarls traffic. it will be slippery wet and a
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morning commute that could be tough. we do clear out, though, for the evening rush hour. let's take you up to cleveland and show you the rain showers moving in here, not quite changing over here on the front edge of the polar front but we have the changeover here in chicago. we're showing you the cameras. this is what we look to see into the morning hours tomorrow. in baltimore today what a great finish to our veteran's day, though, with just a mix of fair weather clouds and mild temperatures still now, 53 at bwi. a milled day that helps keep the ground warm. when we do get the snow showers, they should not have too much sticking. with the front, with the showers looking at 30s and 20s. that's what the overnight lows will look like as our big true blast of the season comes in. it had to come at some point. we mr. get it into the mid-week tuesday into wednesday.
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air going to feel the effects of this. for accumulations, we're talking west virginia. so, again, accumulating snow for gare pret -- garrett county. all right. so a mild finish a great night to take a veteran out to dinner, maybe get a free dinner at many of the restaurants. things, though, changing into the morning hours tomorrow and again it could be early morning. we're talking 4 or 5 in the morning, mixed showers and tapering and windy and cold weather tomorrow evening. it's going to be a chilly one, not fit for man or beast. overnight showers toward dawn, becoming mixed showers and i think snow showers for much of the hear in the mid-morning hours tomorrow, not sticking well things slick
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and wet. tomorrow night down into the 20s. any wet services will freeze. you scan bet on -- you can bet on that. we moderate nicely friday and saturday. this is earlly to have -- early to have this kind of cold weather. most of those days with the wind it will feel like 30s. so just be ready for winter- like days, two days. >> thanks a lot. here's a look at what we're working on after world knew, "the so -- world news "the list." >> the list is coming up tonight at 7:00. 
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for those who put coffee first. being pregnant is the perfect excuse to slack off on the exercise. >> plus that time of the year, the holiday shopping season. we've got some tips to help you smart a little smarter. worried about the weather. >> at some point we knew this was coming. this is early, but here it is, maryland's most powerful radar mixed showers headed our way for tomorrow.
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look for a tough morning commute because the wintry showers won't stick. a cold day tomorrow. >> we'll see you tonight at 11.
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welcome to "world news." tonight the people who fought through a monster storm, possibly the most powerful to ever hit land. tens of thousands missing tonight as babe is born in the devastation. new images including an american who leapt in the water for safety. an abc news investigation, brian ross on companies with alleged ties to terror groups given contracts with taxpayer dollars. sunday surprise. is your holiday about to get easier and happier?
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and a good evening to you on this night we honor american veterans. and u.s. forces are right there again in a race against time, part of the effort to save families in the philippines. millions of people fought against perhaps the most powerful storm ever to hit land. the winds leaving behind so much devastation, one philippines official said tonight god must have been somewhere else. rescue teams now racing to help. abc's gloria rivera is reporting from the city that took a direct hit. >> reporter: we joined the choppers carrying bags of rice, below us devastation, home after home shattered, families living in rubble without food or water. police cannot come fast enough. new images of the monster up close. american storm chaser jim eds witness the moment of impact first hand as it crashed ashore.
6:27 pm
>> it blew hard. it blew for hours and didn't let up. >> reporter: at one point jumping into a swimming pool to dodge the deadly wind, hurdling debris through the air. areas cling to their roofs. rescued families floated on mattresses. waves smacked the coast as a wall of water pushed inland reaching 20 feet high, blib rating every structure in its past and launching ships into the town. the city of tacloban in the bull's eye. an 18-year-old american simon kruzban was there. >> dead bodies, hundreds. we were talking to a friend that lives in the neighborhood next door. yeah, apparently like 50 little kids got sucked away. it's just horrible. >> reporter: there is very little here to help these survivors. people taking what's left in this now leveled supermarket, hoping it's enough. fears of what's coming next is
6:28 pm
on every face. we're told there actually used to be a road through what is now that destruction zone. now the concern is the smell of gas in the air. that's from vehicles like this one slammed on their side or upside down. you see these everywhere. we made our way through the shattered street to the airport. this was the airport bere. this is it now. throngs of survivors desperately wait at the gates for food and water. >> we're so hungry. i'm thirsty. >> reporter: inside a woman cannot wait for evacuation. she had swum and clung to a post through the storm. now in the rubble she gave birth to a little girl. gloria rivera, abc news, tacloban. as we said here at home americans are mobilizing to send help halfway around the world. in pittsburgh neighbors gathering medical supplies. in los angeles u.s. veterans
6:29 pm
setting out for the storm zone to try to help on the ground. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moren is on the ground to get help there fast. terry. >> reporter: dawn is just coming up here at the military base in manila. this is going to be one of the main staging areas for the massive relief effort under way so desperately needed. take a look at this photo from the disaster zone, children holding up signs pleading for food, water, help of any kind. right now it's the u.s. marines doing the heavy lifting. they have five giant cargo aircraft like this one right behind me and 215 marines in the initial deployment carrying all kinds of supplies, forklifts, generators, water, medical supplies, food. sanitation and hygiene supplies as well to fight the looming public health crises that faces this country.
6:30 pm
the usaid has pledged $20 million. the united nations sending out a flash appeal for help around the world. make no mistake, they understand that every hour counts. diane? >> monitoring the relief. thank you, terry. on this veteran's day it's hard not to think of general mcarthur 70 years ago vowing to the philippines mean i shall return. if you want to be among the people trying to keep that promise there are so many ways to help and we have listed many of them on our website."world news." back here at home tonight on this veteran's day the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at articlington national cemetery. 100-year-old richard overton was there. >> he was there at okinawa,y woe
6:31 pm
jeem ma where he said i only got out of there by the grace of god. >> someone else who served got a salute today, 91-year-old phyllis gould. she worked as a welder during world war ii and today vice president biden called her to invite her to the white house because she had said it's a big item on her bucket list. our british allies movingly shuts one of their own who died recently. look, his obituary noted he has no close family who could attend his funeral. word got out on social media and 300 strangers showed up in the rain to salute a man who deserves gratitude from us all. and as we honor our american veterans tonight a troubling abc news investigation is next. u.s. government contracts awarded to companies with alleged ties to terror groups,
6:32 pm
some of those terror groups targeting american forces. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on the trial. >> reporter: with americans still being attacked every week in afghanistan, the u.s. governmentas worked hard to find out who has helped pay for the continued and deadly insurveillance jent strikes only to discover that among those connected to the terrorists were working for the u.s. government. according to tse two lists produced by the military and the congress department. u.s. officials say the companies already have received about $150 million in u.s. taxpayer money over the years. >> it's like the united states government subsidizing the taliban al qaeda network, those groups that are trying to shoot and kill our soldiers. >> reporter: among them a road construction company that the u.s. says is partly owned by a
6:33 pm
leader of that brutal network, blamed for an attack on the u.s. became that killed 16 people. the company denies ties to terrorists but documents obtained by abc news claimed the profits, approximately 1 to $2 million a month flowed to the network to finance his activities. >> i'm an old time prosecutor and my hair stood on end. >> reporter: an abc news investigation found that despite pleas from commanders in the field along with congress and the inspector general, pentagon lawyers have refused to formally block those companies from receiving u.s. contracts. >> the reason they have given us is that it's not fair to these contractors that the evidence that we presented -- and this is the evidence collected by the united states government is classified. >> reporter: the pentagon cancelled a scheduled interview with us on the subject so we went to the military office that deals with the issue where a top
6:34 pm
official said it was a question of due process, with classified information that the contractors cannot see. >> there are certain regulations that have to be followed, due process regulations. >> even with groups that are connected to terrorism? >> well, that gets into documents i cannot discuss. in fact, i'm not allowed to talk to you unless i have to end to interview at this time. >> in a statement to abc news the army said it has extensive vetting procedures and most of the companies on the terror connected list were not awarded contracts. most they say, diane, does not mean all. >> brian ross investigating again tonight. thank you, brian. and we move on now because we are happy to report tonight there is one less disintegrating satellite in earth. you may have heard that a european satellite would break up and hit land.
6:35 pm
it crashed into the atlantic ocean a few files from argentina. the world's largest international retailer stroke a deal with the postal service. for the first time your packages will be delivered on sundays. >> reporter: say good-bye to the door buster, the pushing, the shoving, the crowds. that's the message from amazon today, striking a deal with the u.s. postal service to offer sunday delivery for the first time. it starts this week in new york and los angeles and will expand next year. it's all about convincing shoppers that buying online can be just as speedy as going to the store. >> i think it's really simple. when you see amazon delivering a package on a sunday it shows that it's sweating. it's feeling the pressure from the brick and mortar retailers and slicing back somehow. >> reporter: and the big chains are starting earlier than ever
6:36 pm
this year. >> don't let the holidays sneak up on you. >> reporter: toys r us opening on thank giving day. almost 80 percent of us buy our presence in stores. online is expected to grow by 13 percent this year. >> i'm going to be doing holiday shopping online. >> it's going to be so much easier online with the free shipping. >> working full time it gets difficult to get to the store. >> if i can find what i want online and free shipping it's a win win. >> reporter: experts say all the competition means one thing. >> you should never pay full price for anything ever again. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, new york. also in the news tonight a headline about violence in the movies. a new report shows movies rated pg 13 have now become more violent than r rated movies were
6:37 pm
when the ratings process began back in the 1980s. parents who have been relying on these ratings are left without a lot of help. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: shoot 'em up block busters like the first of the diehard movies or the original terminator used to be rated r. but their modern day sequels, pg 13 even though you now get a lot more bang for the buck. researchers at the university of pennsylvania looked at the top grossing movies of the past 60 years, from cinderella all the way down through the hunger games, watching in particular for the level of gun violence. >> our conclusion is that the rate of gun violence in the pg 13 category has gone up like three times since it first started. >> reporter: in 1985 the average
6:38 pm
pg 13 had less than one shooting per hour, in 2012 nearly three shootings per hour. sex and swearing will still earn on r rating but gun violence pg 13. >> a top grossing film of today will have less gun violence than a top pg 13 today. >> reporter: the motion picture association declined comment. others dispute the suggeion that hollywood is feeding a culture of violence. gun violence in movies may have increased but in real life violent crime is at an all time low. tonight in the news, the missing woman rescued from a kidnapper not by police but by her own family. and filling up the giant grand canyon. who opened the flood gates and what your family will find the next time you visit there. we're back in two minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever wonder why no other mouthwash feels like listerine®?
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next tonight the story of a family leaping into action. a woman was kidnapped, missing for two days in louisiana. relatives were afraid the police search was taking too long. time was running out. so they mounted a rescue mission on their own. abc's steve osunsami tells us what happened next. >> reporter: this was the moment of relief when the family of 29-year-old bethany arceneaux found and rescued her from a violent ex-boyfriend who was holding her hostage. >> he was about to kill her. he wasn't going to stick around and wait for it to happen. >> reporter: she had been missing for days of the the police search was getting nowhere so they searched too. her aunts and sisters posted fliers with her photo. her brothers and cousins got their guns and searched the woods. they were checking out this abandoned home in louisiana when they heard her scream. >> he told her as soon as they kick the door in i'm going to
6:42 pm
kill you. >> reporter: they say scott thomas started stabbing her when they broke in and then one of them shot him dead. >> police had their guns drawn in this vacant house on anderson road. >> reporter: by the time police arrived it was over. for now even the district attorney says he won't charge the family. >> in this case they saved the girl from dying and unfortunately the assailant died. >> reporter: like so many abused women arceneaux kept filing police reports and she kept getting released on bond. in june she filed for this restraining order saying he choked me until the point i couldn't breathe. these orders of protection are often no stronger than the paper they're written on. at least half are violated by thsame people they're meant to stop. the arceneauxs say they did what they had to do. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. and up ahead, our "instant index." ♪
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but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. our "instant index" gives us big news for abba fans. who can forget this song that catapulted them into the stras fear? ♪ >> 40 years later we're hearing two little words fans have been waiting to hear, reunion tour. one band member has revealed they're considering it to mark the up coming 40th anniversary. until now they've always said no to a reunion because they wanted fans to remember them as they were when they were young. a little less spandex and glitter possible after all these years. and imagine the grand canyon mighty valley flooded, enough water to fill 30 olympic size
6:47 pm
swimming pools every hour? why? as we saw last year federal officials opened the flood gates to let the swollen colorado river flow after months of rain filled it up with sand. the experiment will move the sand and create new beaches and sand bars giving american families more room to camp and take vacations next year. and also tonight a member of our abc family was in the news today, someone you've seen here often, our own amy robach. she told "gma" viewers she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted women to know it was caught because of a mammogram she had taken as part of a segment on "good morning america." thursday she'll undergo surgery but she had a message for anyone reluctant to get an exam. >> the whole reason i walked into that van was to raise awareness. little did i know i would be a
6:48 pm
walking example of having a mammogram saved my life. >> our own amy robach. everyone here loves you and wishes your whole family the ve best tonight. next here tonight the band of brothers, america's veterans, their music and their power to heal. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. and finally tonight a true band of brothers, some of america's wounded veterans joining forces with a rock and roll legend, music that can raise you up, all part of an event close to the heart of abc's bob woodruff, the veterans making sure their voices are heard. >> reporter: if anyone needs the healing power of music -- ♪ >> reporter: it is these men,
6:52 pm
wounded on the sands of iraq and afghanistan. >> my life has just blown up in every sense of the word. >> reporter: their general now, concert pianist arthur bloom. >> there are an increasing number of studies that show that music heals. >> they're using new bodies to heal old wounds. james biler lost both legs and two fingers. >> it was fantastic therapy. i did it all the time in my room. i would say i'm a better guitar player now than i was before. >> remember how we end it. >> reporter: when roger waters of pink floyd learned about music cord last year he decided to create the band. a lead singer, triple amputee, tim donnelly. >> roger said you're a better
6:53 pm
singer than he is. >> not true at all. i'm okay. ♪ >> reporter: last week they took to the stage before almost 6,000 people at a stand up for heros benefit where we raised more than $5 million. finding their voice. bob woodruff, abc news, new york. and we want to thank all of you for sharing your photos of the veterans in your life with us today. keep sending them to your flicker page. we thank you for watching. we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. good night.
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. on "the list." you already know one word in every language. it's the thing that makes you go, huh? next time you use a gps for directions, can you thank the military. we'll explain. plus, trouble sleeping in look at device dr. oz calls a sleep miracle. no, not c-span. happy monday, i'm teresa strasser and you're on "the list." our staff has been working around the clock looking for stories, not unlike miley cyrus. miley, you need a hug from mama? >> i'm matt gallant. number one, we need a pop-up thermometer that says, enough. >> add target to the growing little of retailers who decided
6:56 pm
to open elier on thanks giving day. >> who is ready for customer service? >> target will open at 8:00. stay open through the night, and not close until 11 the next night. the stores opening earlier this year claim it's what customers want and we should just think of their cash register as the cavity of the turkey ready to be stuffed, with cash. >> okay, we made up that last part. >> at number two, mommy goes to zumba, baby goes to harvard? >> big one, big one! >> whoa! >> canadian researchers found that exercising while you're pregnant for 20 minutes three times a week will boost your baby's brain development. >> last week my kid ate a cigarette. >> i caught him playing in the dryer yesterday. >> everyone wants a smarter baby, right? they are more likely to remember to do their chores. neuro scientists played noises
6:57 pm
for babies and those whose mothers exercised were able to recognize different sounds and that could last for life. no specific exercise was mentioned, but extreme fighting probably not on the list. at number three, 31 flavors of ice cream, just plain good. 31 flavors of -- huh? just annoying. >> one of the most annoying words but now "huh" is used in 31 countries from ghana to iceland. so while the languages we use may be different, the way you people say "huh" is pretty darn similar. huh? >> what do you mean people, huh? >> seriously, where is the nearest home depot? >> huh? >> as if that guy next to you on the plane wasn't annoying enough. >> oh, that feels better.
6:58 pm
>> go-go a company providing passenger wifi for several airlines has a new service that enables texting and calling from your smart phone while in flight. it's already available for people aviation companies 2014 will see it on regular passenger airlines. the go-go text and talk will be available for both iphone and android. personally we would rather have snakes on a plane. >> at number five, a guy who really went the extra mile. ♪ ♪ i'm the king of new york ♪ >> they were the newsies. then there's ted ingraham. the 93-year-old in the guinness book of world records as the oldest newspaper deliverer ever, is hanging up his hat after missing only two days. we hope they don't replace him with a young whipper snapper who
6:59 pm
throws the newspaper up on the roof. >> really ted, retiring in november? what about your christmas tips? now you're caught up and clued in on the top of "the list." >> now can i get a spot of tea with that new season. pop culture. hotter than an affair with the help on the hot list. >> rejoice, the fourth season premiering in january. but already renewed for a fifth season. >> couldn't be happier. >> yeah. same with the 24 million viewers who made it the most popular pbs drama of all time. next, 86 kryptonite, the man of steel is bringing his x-ray vision to your dvd and blue ray tomorrow. starring henry caval and amy adams, the movie has spider-man fighting off his


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