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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  November 11, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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father's arch nemesis to save all life on earth. >> the actor playing the great american hero is british. but metric system or no, a six pack is the same everywhere. and you want to fight like katniss, well, may the odds be forever in your favor. >> considering the franchise made over $691 million worldwide, why not? here is the reason theovieisbo kds figh. doesn't sound very amusement parky. excited for that. cracker jacker killer bees roller coaster. fighting like j-law on the hot list. >> taking a look at the anchor man campaign, here he is in his glass case of emotion, conor,
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what's the deal? >> anchor man 2, doesn't come out until christmas. but christmas has come early for ron burgundy fans. >> i'm the only one with the guts to tell you about the glove box. >> will ferrell's dodge commercials have been airing in heavy rotation on tv and racked up several million views on-line. >> you know that old saying, it's time to get the heck out of dodge? i say, you get the heck into one. >> it's a heck of an extensive campaign. he shot 70 of these commercials. horses with -- >> one horsepower. makes you feel pretty darn dumb, doesn't it? staring contest, go. i win. >> ballroom dancer. >> hey, what are you doing? get out of here. get out of here, you dumb dancers. i told them a hundred times they can't dance in here. >> and tons of classic burgundyisms. >> including, 25 mempagas --
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what, impigas -- >> according to chrysler, they are effective. sales went up 25% in october over the same m last year. >> i don't know how to put this. but, i'm kind of a big deal. >> it's definitely a big deal. and some welcome good news for dodge. web traffic sales are up across the brand. and with another month and a half until the movie comes out, can you be sure you're going to be seeing lots of new ads. you stay classy, detroit. >> thank you, conor. today we honor our veterans and all they've given to america. from freedom to the eppi pen. >> yes, that's right. the top five things used by the military that can be found in daily life. >> every time you use your gps, thank the u.s. military. the device is to keep you from getting lost or asking for directions rely on the same
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satellite set up by the department of defense in the early '90s. former president bill clinton pushed for them to become available to the general public. this device known as the eppi pen can treat an alerj ek reaction with a quick shot of epinephrine. it was designed to protect soldiers from nerve goods and other chemical weapons. let's say there are plenty of things can you do o with duct tape. it was originally invented in 1940s for ammunition cases. troops realized they could use it to fix army gear. another thing straight out of the military, the jeep. first manufactured for troops in world war ii but it has come a long way. today it is considered the world's oldest suv. it can come with a host of amenities, from leather interior to voice command. hard to imagine these things ever crossing the battlefield. but decades later you will still find the iconic seven-slot grill which sim say sim blizes jeep
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was the first vehicle to be used on all seven continents. many of us would have starred about the invention of the microwave oven. in 1945 a science accidentally discovered microwaves from army transmitters released enough heat it cook food. little did he know it would become a favorite kitchen appliance. on this veteran's day, remember you have new things to be grateful for. for "the list," i'm ariel. >> thanks, ariel. the six-second clips, that are the nuggets, we picked the week's best for our latest invention of smart phone cinema. >> where is my keys? i know they didn't just get up and walked out. >> alicia, no you didn't. >> probably still looking for me. >> crazy. >> shut it! there you go. ♪ i'm going off the rails on the crazy train ♪
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>> meow. >> the same of this song is chocolate. ♪ when you're feeling kind of down and craving something brown, eat chocolate ♪ thank you. >> ♪ ♪ >> just highly contagious. stay five feet away from everybody. yeah, that's the only -- >> rotisserie chicken. can of tomatoes and an onion. voila, that's all you need to be a gourmet chef on a budget. now, getting a good night's sleep is easier than counting sheep. and a lot quieter. coming up, on the list. >> if you're looking for ways to help millions of people affected by the typhoon in the
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philippines, you can reach the red cross. unicef. so, um, do you want to come up for a coffee? yeah. 'kay... uh... good. so... so, uh... you make yourself at home and i'll be... yeah. right back. sure. (gasp) oh, i th... i thought we were... (deep inhale) (coffee grinder whirring) ooh... with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. this is nice.
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>> lasted week, if you didn't see every list, here is what you might have missed. >> you know as much as the next without a tour guide. >> how much to tip everybody on your list this season. "the list." you keep watching. we'll keep making more. >> i'm matt gallant and this is teresa strasser. and we are going out of the fire into the frying pan. >> you think gourmet food, you probably think lots of ingredients. lots of time. lots of cash. >> lucky for you, and for you, we're here to help. champagne cooking on a beer budget. on the break down. >> bon appetite. >>verybody thinkseenive t efmat, you have a list of ways to cook gourmet on a
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budget, right? >> that's right. number one, store bought $5 rotisserie chicken. repurpose it into casseroles, souflettes. and today, southwestern enchiladas. smoky, sweet from the onions, all under $5. >> i'm taking that bad boy home after the shoot. >> buck 75, cherry tomatoes from the can. check out my reci recipe for th beautiful bruschetta. >> you know when it is on your face, it's perfect. >> the onion. 50 cents. can you find them in kitchens across america. cooked down and caramelized, put it in every dish, you automatically have gourmet. >> i don't know why i'm crying, but your skills are amazing. >> thank you. cook it down for some nice tart
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sweetness. goat cheese. bread, roll it out, fry it. >> i totally believe you. >> i will just take it off your hands. >> that's hospitality. >> thank you for the tip. >> thank you, matt. >> earlier this year, celebrities started erasing wrinkles and fat through a quick nonsurgical treatment. and now, you guys have the option. but does it even work? jake peterson shows off the process. >> how do tv person al its like the real housewives of vancouver look so skinny and young? they get what's called venus freeze treatment. >> we can treat any body part that you'd like. >> this on tv any more. folks in tampa, phoenix, even tulsa are getting the teaser done. >> what are we going to work on today? >> dr. robert lupo in florida is seeing great results with his patients. >> we see between 25 to 50% improvement within the first probably first four to six treatments. >> each session takes about 30
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minutes. technicians simply massage the treatment areas with radio frequency wand. heat opens up fat cells and releases its content. result, reduced fat and tighter skin. most treated areas on the list, face and neck, arms, and the abdomen. but it can be done anywhere on the body. >> it does make a difference. >> dana butler vaughn has seen a quarter inch fat reduction in upper arms after just four sessionses. she's sporting new clothes now. >> it is all about, you know, feeling better when you look at yourself in your out if fits and clothes. >> it takes about two months to get results like this and it lasts about a year or more. treatment packages start at $1,000. but some say it makes you feel like a million bucks. >> all about feeling better about yourself. >> for "the list," i'm jake peterson. >> now that you've had all of the fat sucked out of your body and left that funny bone exposed, we watch all of the late night talk shows to find the day's best punch lines in the news.
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>> a famous restaurant in paris, for the policy of giving good looking tables better tables than other people. i have eaten that restaurant. but we were sitting way in the back so, i don't know -- >> i love soup heros. but i don't know the thor thing. really? walking around with a hammer? this guy, you know, avengers, hey, thor, thank god you're here. come over with your hammer and hang this picture! yeah. >> in a recent interview, a beautiful actress michelle pfeifer, she admitted she once belonged to a cult. a cult that believed humans could survive without food or water. i believe the name of of the cult was the ford modeling agency. >> there's a new report that says, ufo sightings are at an all-time high. because people can't tell them apart from surveillance drones. and also because weed is now
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legal is almost half the country. >> here is the list list of celebrities you probably never knew were veterans of the armed forces. james earl jones. chuck norris. drew carey. morgan freeman.
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you're on "the list." wife's got a sweet way to -- we've got a sweet way to say thank you to the troops. nicki mayo has that and more stories you will be tweeting around from baltimore. >> reporter: at number one, mission barbecue stops for the national anthem, honoring our service men and women but today
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on veterans day, they brought a different flavor of patriotism. >> we don't believe there's nothing more american than barbecue. [inaudible [ [. >> reporter: they treated the troops to a military cake from charm city. the edible creation has 56 pillars, a sugar art fountain and a tribute to the military branches. all right. what do you think? does this pass inspection. >> beautiful. >> reporter: at number two, godaddy's founder came home to his all ta matter -- ail alma mater. >> most of all, welcome home.
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>> reporter: what a weekend for ravens' kicker, justin ticker. first, the game-winning kick yesterday in overtime. and then photos of his recent over the top rooftop proposal started to appear all over social media. justin popped the question to his girlfriend, amanda. the couple went to this lanish candlelight runway -- lavish candlelight runway. this is how you make it special, gentlemen. no now you are cute -- now, you are caught up and clued in. calling all insome knee -- insome knee yacks -- insomniacs.
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i'm matt gallant and this is teresa are you a good sleeper? >> no. i haven't had a good night's sleep in 35 years. and i'm 29. [laughter] >> we have something that can help you to get your 40 winks today. if this is you trying to fall asleep, we have a solution. it's the white noise app. compatible with all of your smart devices. doctor oz calls it a sleep miracle because it gives you a variety of smooth-worthy sounds. set timers. you can even create a personal sound scape by mixing ambient
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>> how do i know that was a good story? i'm actually asleep right now with my eyes open [laughter] >> thanks for watching the list. here's what we're working on for tomorrow or after ter saw takes her -- teresa takes her nap. >> i'm asleep now. we'll show you how to get baby soft skin from a can and an a-list facial from a popsicle tomorrow on "the list." ♪
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hello there, everybody. i'm kevin periera, this is "let's ask america." the only show where you don't even have to leave your house to win $50,000. you've tuned in to the right place because today we have the hottest radio deejays from around the country. they're playing for their favorite the charities. let's see who we have on the air right now. from 104.7 kiss-fm, the number one show in phoenix, it's john jay and rich! from 99.5 wit av in michigan, is linda lee! 99.7 in kansas city, missouri, it's the incomparable nicki ace. and from the wild 94.1 party
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station in tampa, it's orlando davis! such a privilege to have you all here. thank you so much for joining us today. here's how this works. all you guys have to do is figure out america's opinions on all kinds of crazy topics. then you win money for your favorite charity. you guys ready to play? here we go. the first question is worth $100. two possible answers here are -- tell the child or flush and replace. the question is, what did parents of young children say they would do if their kid's gold fish died. would they tell the child or pull the old p flush and replace. we'll start with john jay and rich! pleasure to have you guys on the show. >> this is very exciting for us. i am will an expert at this. i have three little kids and most of our fish die within, i'd say, two to three days. so far we've had four luke sky
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walker the fish. flush and replace. >> john jay says flush and replace. let's see what you picked. we've got a tell the child, mickey is doing the right thing. orlando and linda the flush and replace. the correct answer for $100 with 92% of the vote, they said tell the child. so congrats to nicki. she's gets 100 bucks. before we get any further, john jay and rich, i'm curious, for those uninitiated, can you tell us about yourselves and your show? >> we're on in 13 cities. we do basically pop culture. you can hear our show on our web site. we podcast on itunes and all fa that. >> what's the charity are you playing for? >> we are playing for kids living within foster homes right now. and there are a lot of them in arizona. over 14,000. >> wow, that's a fantastic cause. thank you guys for joining us
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today. time for the next question. this is worth 200 bucks. it's absolutely anybody's game. we've got looking in a mirror or texting. the question is, what did women under 21 say they could go longer without doing? is it looking in a mirror or is it texting? all right, answers are in. miss linda, we'll go to you. tell us about yourself, linda. >> i am i'd like to think the better half of the edwards and lee show on 99.5 wicd here in detroit. they call me a reeck barbie. i'm in love with elvis presley and kid rock. and i just love doing what i do here in detroit. this is my home ittown and i'm happy to be here. >> linda, pleasure to have you on the show. linda, what charity are you playing for? >> i'm playing for livingston catholic services here in livingston county. this helps senior citizens remain in the home and caretakers who take care of them. it's a really worthwhile
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charity. >> that's an important cause. thank you, linda, for playing such a great cause and joining us. everybody, flip those cards. is it tting or looking into a mirror? all right, looks like everybody says it's looking into the mirror. the correct answer for $200 with 52% of the vote, it was close, but they said texting! so nobody gets the cash there. we're going to move on. our next question is worth $300. two possible answers here -- dripping faucet or broken doorbell. the question is, which problem did apartment renters say they'd be most likely to fix themselves? is it the dripping faucet or a broken doorbell? the answers are in, and now it's time to meet mr. orlando. how are you, sir? >> great, how are you? >> i'm great. thank you for asking. orlando, what's your story? >> i'm from tampa, florida, i'm on 94.1 the bay's party station where it's always a party on the radio. i'm playing for


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