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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i think part of the problem is they tested a few at a time. they didn't do appropriate testing. >> you feel it's good former. >> i think it's great. this is a democracy. this is actually a moderate plan. the left wing of the democratic party was not happy because at its core is private health insurance. >> some feel it's socialized. >> it's not. what is in the government taking over. it's private doctors, private insurance companies, and you know between you and me, i would like to know someone is watching out for me between me and my insurance company. the insurance companies aren't evil. they are trying to do the right thing but it's about making money. >> and the letter saying i'm canceled. what do i do? >> 95% of people with insurance won't be canceled. it's a very small number. those that are canceled, frankly half of them are going to get a better deal by going online and be patient. they will be able to go online. what the president said today is that the other half, that
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don't want to go online and get a better deal can stay put. there are some if,s and buts. he is trying to make good on his promise. >> how long before you think this will all be straightened out? >> medicare took years. i don't -- the first year, probably three until things go smoothly. the main point is there are a lot of people in our state and the viewing audience that don't have access to health care and never have and this will help most of them. >> so this is a good deal for some? >> it's a good deal for many. i would say for most and the people that don't think it's a good deal are the ones that are probably going to get more for their buck that have to pay more and then there are some, that's what insurance is about. some are sick, they don't pay the full rate, some are healthy and pay more. your choice is to pay taxes or the insurance company. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> i get it better now. don't you? >> thank you. >> two secret service
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supervisors on the president's security detail are under convenience. it started after an incident at a hotel in may. the washington post first reported an agent allegedly tried to get into a room of a woman he met at bar after realizing he left a bullet behind. the paper also said that the investigation led to a routine search of his agency's blackberry, the supervisor and another were found to have sent sexually suggestive e-mails to a female employee. an air show is a casulty of budget cuts. the an draw air show is being cut again. it was first planned for may. no decisions have been made about future air shows. last year it was announced it would be canceled to save money. stop and think for a
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minute. is your boss a man or woman? >> you have to think about that? >> we know that. who do people prefer to work for? the results of a survey may surprise you. . and >> soon you can keep your ki ndle on when you fly. >> and weather wise today this is what it's all about. blue skies, mildler conditions, water chilly, temperatures in the 50s water wise. we will talk about how temperatures will change dramaticly by saturday. its right here on abc 2news at five.
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put on your seatbelts and turn off electronics. i sound like a mean flight attendant the airlines relaxing their rules. >> we haven't heard anything since that announcement. why we are still turning on the airplane mode. >> last week the faa's announcement they would lift the restrictions on using electronic devices was greeted one word.
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>> finally >> finally. >> finally. >> reporter: unfortunately its not quite final yet. the faa is requiring each domestic airline to get each air craft safety certified. right now it's a weird period where you can use your devices on some planes but not on others. jetblue was quick to get certified. their flight on november 1st was the first one to allow use of personal electronic devices. delta also approved ped's on the first but only on delta mainline flights, ott the regional jets. you can see how this gets confusing. i was just on a united states airways flight where a cabin had to be told something to the effect of hey, we know the faa said you can use this stuff but turn it off because you can't use it here yet a few days before the announcement southwest announced it was allowing customers to before outer loop i-pad -- borrow i-
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pads but they weren't allowing customers to use them yet. remember regardless of the carrier you are still not going to be able to use a cell and larger devices still have to be stowed. we have all waited this long. i don't mind waiting a few weeks longer for the final to be finalized. >> more stories like this watch the list. you can watch it week nights at seven with our nikki followed by let's ask america right here. >> it seems more of us are picking airplanes when we travel and the total number of passengers for the first nine ins of the year was up 3%. passenger complaints have dropped by 14%. the biggest improvement came in a drop in complaints isn't reservation and ticketing problem. >> we have tough news to tell you about -- about the
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employees. the defense contractor plans to cut four thousand jobs. that's about 3% of its work force. the companies will shut down operations in four cities by mid2015, we checked, none of them are here in maryland. united states defense companies have shed now core divisions divisions and cut jobs at the united states cut military spending. if you were offered three billion dollars phoria company you would likely take it right? facebook tried to buy snap chat for that amount and they were told no. snap chat lets people send photographs and message thatself destruct after they are seen. it's not generated revenue but it's raised about $73 million in funding from investors. >> it seems like more prefer to work for a male boss over a female. gallup asked more than 2,000 which gender they wanted to work for. 35% say they prefer males while less than a quarter said women.
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that's the highest number ever recorded in favor of women bosses since they started asking back in 1953. >> now, from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. >> start off the forecast and you can see all clear, all dry and really quiet on the range as we say, severe clear sometimes in the weather department. that's what we have out there right now. temperature wise, trending mildler, low 50s and no -- expected 20s overnight for most of us. main a few spots north and west. mild air continuing to move in out of the southern states and that will continue to be the story right through the end of the weekend. there could be an area of rain that moves out of the southern states early saturday. first a look at baltimore tonight. clear and bright and annapolis today, clear and bright. finishing out with just a little bit of a chop on the river. bit of a breeze and right now just a very nice looking night here out at the naval academy.
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52 -- 30.24 and holding steady. that's an indication of very clear, dry weather. the forecast tomorrow, nice and into the midday hours, low 50s, classic running weather. bright sunny conditions, we cloud up a bit tomorrow and that means the -- the temperatures will not cool off so fast tomorrow. that also on a south breeze helping to aid a mildler set up into friday. temperatures state weight in the low 50s -- i want to zoom in and show you two things, the south breeze and that has had an impact on the moisture. its been very dry. almost like crack your skin kind of weather. now the moisture starting to over spread off the chesapeake in off the soup. i think tomorrow will be a more moderate day humidity wise. in the winter sometimes it's nice to have a little bit of moisture. to the west clear, dry, that's the set up. chances for rain, yes, only for a very small period this weekend. it looks like overnight friday, not your friday dinner plans but late friday night into
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early saturday morning we get a little passing area of rain, a disturbance out of the south, along the coast. could produce rain through maybe six, seven, eight saturday morning and then looks like we will clear out through the day on saturday and up around 60 degrees with sun. sunday looks like it starts dry too. our next powerful cold front doesn't get in until monday. so monday looks like our next chance for any significant precipitation, until monday, high pressure generally speaking will stay in control and it's a large dominant canada high that been a cold air of high pressure until it moderated under that bright sun. by daybreak, so just below the freezing mark. maybe a little frost to scrape off the wind shield. 58 for you tomorrow for a two degree guarantee. right next to seasonal normals. tomorrow morning the low 40s. the chances for rain come in through the overnight friday into saturday. we dry it out midweekend and b
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into monday the chance for more rain as we get our next cool blast and that doesn't look as brutal but still temperatures will fall tuesday and wednesday so, if you like the mild weather enjoy it this weekend. back to you. >> one month from today marks the first anniversary of the sandy hook school shooting in new town. we20 students and six educators. >> this morning a group of parents lunched a new initiative, one they hope will help night the violence with love. they are asking parents across the country to put aside their differences this december 14th and promise to parent together. their goal is to find common solutions to gun violence and mental health issues. >> i will do whatever it takes to keep another father from having to go down this road of loss and despair. >> the gun bill drafted in response to the sandy hook
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shooting was voted down in the senate. this initiative is to get parents talking and encourage them to act. and being a part of the movement very easy. just sign up sandy hook and promise to parent together. >> we are not in a glass case. >> we are excited for a new exhibit at the museum. when you can check out with will farrell and the channel 4 news team. >> is michael phelps going to brazil in 2016? new signs that he may still be working.
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will he or won't he? >> it's looking like michael phelps rejoined the united states drug testing program. that's the strongest sign yet he could return for the 2016
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olympics. last month the swimming great resumed occasional training at the north baltimore aquatic club. his coach called it more of an effort to get in shape rather than a come back. still by subjecting himself to drug testing, phelps was set himself up to start competing again by next summer if he wants too. the fourth in line to the throne prince harry joined the wounded servicemen and women today. he is launching the walking the wound south pole allied alliance. they will travel sunday to cape town and then to isn't art card antartica. >> anchorman the exhibit opens today in washington. it features costumes, propers and footage from the popular movie. starring will farrell. it also includes a recreation
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of the anchor desk and news set where the visitors can pose for pictures. a the sequel continues, it'll open coming up december the 20 20th. you stay classy baltimore. >> coming up new at six a local charity putting on concerts, claims the money raised goes to the families of police officers. what we found when we started digging into this charity that claims to help. and a warning before you buy an i-pad. how a local man got a box filled with something you can find in a hardware store. that and more coming up. here say preview of what's ahead at 6:30. >> families like yours, thousands, yes thousands, just by cashing in on your clutter. >> look how much that is worth. >> and getting top dollars easier than you may think. >> that's real money. >> tonight on abc's world news with diane say we are.
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we die sawyer. diane sawyer.
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>> senate new president signs a new bill into law. >> he signed the school access to emergency ephrenine act. it would help students with food allergieses. the president said it'll save lives those pins come in handy. i have one for my daughter. >> we are finally getting relief from the temperatures. great day today. how much warmer will it get? >> the forecast coming up next on the news which starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2news at six. >> it's thank giving the
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holiday season you may think about a donation to charity. >> but you have to check out the organization behind the cause and that's what a we did. dipping in to what organization is claiming to help police officer's families. >> reporter: it seems like a great time for a great cause you go to a rock concert, hear music and the money goes to benefit the families of police officers. that's what one group locally says they do but we wanted proof. we can't find anything. can you answer that where is the money going? consider heavy metal with a heart. that was the pitch behind a local organization claiming to be a nonprofit. they staged concerts in white marsh they said would help pay for funerals for fallen officers, scholarships for their children and one day a memorial to the men and women in blue who die outside the line of duty. we couldn't find any official paperwork so we started asking what happens to the honey? experts say it should be easy
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to explain. >> that's the main thing. there has to be. there has to be a paper trail. there has to be responsibility. >> reporter: and tonight what we found when we started digging in to the group called fallen blue. we will show you the changes they made after we started asking questions. have you to ask questions before you donate. nonprofits talk about first and foremost why is it important to dig in and find out about the organizations and nonprofits before you give them any of your money. >> we do think it's best to learn about an organization before you open your checkbook. first and foremost you need to make sure the organization's mission is in line with your own giving goals and secondly you should really look a little more about their mission, their programs and services. we have a standards for silence program exsense and that calls for a yearly report reporting who is on the staff, the board
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and where the money is coming and going. look for that report or request one. >> reporter: and something we talk about tonight, the importance of know figure a group is registered. if they are looked at by the secretary of state or registered with the irs. >> an organization is not a tax exempt charity unless it's registered with the irs. tax exempt is a technical term and they must be a 501c3 or other charity. that's critical. registering with the secretary of state lets you make charity solicitations in maryland and an organization must be register. >> reporter: you know, a lot of people want to give after a crisis. they are looking for organizations, where do they go to find options that organizations they trust? >> you can go to our website
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at maryland we have a list of all the organization that are certified. that's a third party review that you can trust. there are also other programs that you can look for such as the bbb, you can look on guide to view an organization's tax returns. >> reporter: and you think this is really important because if you are going to give your money away you shouldn't just think with your heart but with your head. you have to make a sensible decision to make sure its being well used. >> that's right. >> if you are making a small donation that's probably a low risk transaction. if you are getting a call at your home about a significant donation, i would suggest learning more about the organization and not just give over the phone. ask them to send you some information in the mail and make sure they have the probably disclosures. >> all right. you can go to website to learn more and the bbb to get all the information you need. thank you for your time. >> thank you. pleasure. >> thank you.
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look forward to that report tonight. detectives need your help finding a teen who raped an 11- year-old. >> police released this sketch of the teen. anywhere between 13 and 16. they say that the assault happened earlier this month in the 1900 block of east pratt. so if you have any information on this teen's identity or the location call metro crime stopper right now. >> and police are trying to locate a man who approached a 12-year-old and offered her a ride to school. the stranger approached the student twice but she refused his offer. police are increasing their presence around the area they say the man is in his 30s and drove a white suv. if you have any information you are asked to contact police. >> there are months after an fbi investigation revealed corruption inside a detention center we are getting a look inside. >> christian is live in east baltimore with the details and the changes.
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>> reporter: what that meant was that members of the black family street gang werable to continue their operations even after they were arrested because they were able to talk to their fellow gang members outside the walls, have drugs, money and tobacco and things like that smuggled in by corrupt correctional officers a lot of the procedures that have changed over the past six months are focused on keeping those correctional officers in line. as you take a look inside the prison the officials feel -- the jail officials feel they have taken back control from the gang. they are comfortable letting us inside. you can see the changes. if you see the men in green, that's called working men. at the time of the indictments the fbi found that 90% of the working men in the baltimore city detention center were members of the gang which allowed them


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