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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> right now, controversial budget cuts overturned by voters in derry have been restored. the date has been set to reopen the closed fire station. >> new recommendations are pushing back the age with -- at which women should get mammograms, but experts say the guideline doesn' t apply to everyone. mike: after running into the 60' s, it does cool down a little bit for tomorrow. shelley: former vice presidential candidate paul ryan says he will step up to be house speaker. the specific conditions he needs met in order to take that job. tom: an historic home is up for sale in manchester, and the price is a steal but there is a big change you will have to make before you move in. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: starting tonight, it is back to business for counselors
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in derry. town officials reinstated all the budget cuts that they passed earlier this year. i am shelley walcott. tom: i am tom griffith. mike cronin joins us live with a preview of what happens next. mike: the money is back in the budget, and that fire station will reopen in less than 48 hours, as people and counselors look forward. -- coucilors look forward. unlike some of the contentious meetings that have taken place inside the municipal center in recent months, tonight, there was applause at the town council meeting after a battle over -- over a controversial budget. cuts of been reversed, and counselors are moving on. > people have asked me, what now? the council voted unanimously to put 1.6 million mike: dollars
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back into the 2016 budget. council passed a budget that included cutting funding to public safety departments and the closing of a fire station. residents filed petitions, and a take place. a week ago, people overturned every cut the council made and what was the biggest turnout in the election. me. it said that the vocal minority was in fact the vocal majority. prevail. there' s no question about that. mike: fire chief michael gagnon is happy with the outcome. he says the closed fire station thursday. >> we are looking forward to moving forward from this. we' ve learned a lot from it, and i think ultimately derry is going to be a better place. positions.
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>> to good day for the town. mike: as for the other cuts, the council chair so they will work with officials to get them done soon. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: police say a situation that put a neighborhood on high alert has been resolved. officers say a man was threatening to harm himself with a gun. he was outside behind his home, but when police arrived, he ran into the woods. police warned people to stay inside until they found him. officers convinced him to surrender around 9:00. he was taken into custody for his own safety. there is no longer a threat to the neighborhood. investigating a shooting. police say an 18-year-old woodshop shot around 8:00 near gill stadium. he was shot in his abdomen, but the full extent of his injuries is not known. investigators say while details are limited, the shooting does not appear to be random.
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tonight, a death is under investigation in guilford. the attorney general' s office says they are aware of an untimely death, but at this point, investigators aren' t saying where the woman involved was found dead. toxicology reports are expected to determine the exact cause of death. shelley: the american cancer society released new guidelines for mammograms today, recommending that women at average risk start annual mammograms at 45 instead of 40, then every other year starting at 55, saying it would cut down on false alarms and callbacks, but experts say the guidelines don' t fit everyone. jean mackin joins us live. jean: doctors and breast cancer patients say it' s important to know these are recommendations, not rules, and earlier screening could save a life. >> i was 27 when i was diagnosed. jean: shauna clark to net was diagnosed.
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she was stunned when she heard the new recommendations from the american cancer society. >> say i wasn' t diagnosed at 27. say they didn' t find it at 27. i' years. a certain gene that puts her at she recently teamed up with her friend, former miss new hampshire mary warren carlin, for an online campaign called fighting fabulously. mary also carries the gene and was diagnosed this year at the age of 36. they want to educate and encourage women. >> just keep fighting, and keep going. jean: the chief of breast imaging at catholic medical center says certain women should be screened earlier, and you should set your own guidelines. >> the last thing we want is for women to put off having that mammogram and put off that moment of discovering that cancer that may be starting in
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their breast tissue and put up discovering it. shawna' s daughter was just one years old when her mother was diagnosed. mckenzie is now 11. >> i am so proud of her. >> it' s hard, but we get through it with love. we do the best we can every day. jean: great family, and shauna' s cancer battle continues. she' s on medication daily and working on a "fighting fabulously" book. experts agree you should talk to your doctor to make your best decision for your own health. jean mackin, wmur news 9. shelley: one in eight people will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. more than 200,000 women each year are undiagnosed -- are diagnosed with the disease. tom: wisconsin governor -- rather congressman paul ryan has agreed to serve as house speaker on one major condition. he wants unanimous support from house republicans.
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during a televised statement, ryan laid out other conditions he expects his colleagues to meet. among them, his desire for the gop to move from "an opposition party to a proposition party." current speaker john announced his resignation last month, and the first election to fill the position was called off when boehner' s second in command withdrew his candidacy. ryan also said he would run for speaker only if it didn' t disrupt his personal life. >> i cannot and will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers, but i pledge to try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. tom: ryan has given house republicans a deadline of friday to accept the conditions for a run at the speakership. shelley: numeral remarks from vice president joe biden seem to contradict what he has said before about the raid that killed osama bin laden.
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microscope as he considers a run for president in 2016. kenneth moten reports from washington, d.c. kenneth: vice president joe biden is changing his story on the day osama bin laden was killed. tuesday, the vp said when it came time for the raid, he privately told president obama to go for it. >> i told him my opinion, that i thought he should follow his own instance, but it would' ve been a mystic. imagine if i had said in front of everyone, don' t go or go, and decision. kenneth: it' s a major contradiction for biden. for years, he repeatedly said he favor of the raid. >> i said, wait another seven days for the following information. kenneth: even then, cia director leon panetta wrote in his memoirs, biden argued that we still did not have enough confidence that bin laden was in the compound and came out firmly
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in his book, defense secretary bob gates said flatly, biden was against the operation. hillary clinton is also on the record saying, vice president biden remains skeptical, but she was for the raid. the white house refused to clear up the confusion. >> i don' t have any new insight to share with you. announce he' s running for president, this would be a major stumble right out of the gate. kenneth moten, abc news. shelley: a new poll of new hampshire republican primary voters has donald trump expanding his lead. the franklin pierce/"boston herald" paul puts trump at the front of the pack with 28% of support from republican primary voters. the group' s previous poll had trump at 18%. then carson him at 16%. carly fiorina was the only other candidate to receive double-digit support, but jeb bush was only 1% behind her. shelley: a judge has upheld the
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felony conviction of owen labrie , meaning he will face a offender. in august, the jury found the of five charges related to the sexual assault of a teenage girl. his attorneys argued that a felony computer-related charge be thrown out, saying it carried too harsh of a penalty. took off running when officers were investigating a report of squatters. glen peace faces charges including burglary. the owner of an apartment called police when she discovered a couple illegally living in that vacant property. police arrived to check the situation out. that is when officers say peace ran. a woman in weare surrendered her horse after someone reported the malnourished animal to police. an officer inspected the barn
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the officer discovered the horse had chewed a large hole in the stall door in order to try to escape. the owner agreed to give up the horse because she couldn' t care for it. that horse will go to a farm for rehabilitation. facing a tangle of federal regulations after opting out of the national school lunch program. s congressional delegation for help. londonderry pooled its high lady' s program after it saw how much food was ending up in the trash, but it kept the middle schools and elementary schools involved. >> our whole goal was to provide nutritious lunches at the high school for our students, give
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shelley: superintendent nathan greenberg is hoping one of new hampshire' s senators or representatives can obtain a waiver from the usda. coming up on news 9, canada has elected a new prime minister after newly a decade of leadership from conservative stephen harper. the change is expected for canadian foreign policy. tom: you can own a piece of new hampshire history. this victorian-era home. before the owner moves in, there' s a major change that has to happen. mike: sunshine for a few tomorrow, but when showers move back in. plus, the rest of the week ahead. shelley: now to our u local hotshots. a boy, what a cutie. who needs a jack-o' -lantern when you have this little one in a pumpkin? you can submit your pictures and video and join the thousands of u local members by logging onto
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>> you' re watching wmur news 9 tonight with tom griffith, shelley walcott, chief meteorologist mike haddad, and jamie staton with sports. now news 9 continues. shelley: secretary of state john kerry is headed to europe and the middle east tomorrow, hoping to diffuse the escalating israeli-palestinian violence. he will have meetings with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, the palestinian
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kerry on a two state agreement. canada has elected a new prime minister, and that will mean changes to its foreign affairs. shelley: the liberal party elected last night. canada' s six fighter jets from the u.s.-led bombing campaign analysts say he is likely to take a more balanced approach to not blanket support for israel. shelley: in boston, the mbta is rolling out several new designs for cars on the red, green, and orange lines. they are asking the public to vote on their favorites. three sets of designs were created for each line. the modern cars will include state-of-the-art technology. the cars will start coming into service in 2017. tom: your real estate buffs, listen up. if you ever wanted to own an historic mansion for a few
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a 20-adjourn -- a mention his ups are -- up for sale. whoever buys it will need a moving van for more than just their belongings. walnut street. adam: a piece of new hampshire history is now on the open market. the former georgia b chandler home in -- george b chandler 10,000 square feet of living space, and a level of craftsmanship unheard of in modern-day construction. the original owner and builder ran the and miskick mill in the 1800s. the property was later donated to the diocese of manchester. when the bishop moved out, a convent moved in. not surprisingly, the assessed value of the property is more than $600,000, but for the list
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>> it' s going to be shocking, but it' s $29,900. adam: greg barrett of casbah realty who is handling this listing says there is one catch you at once you buy this home, you can' t keep it here. the entire structure must be moved to a new location to make way for a parking lot, which will give the aging parish of saint hedwig next-door easier access. >> it' s a difficult situation, but the church is the tempting to be very sympathetic to the historical significance of this home. adam: barrett estimates that moving the home locally could cost $200,000 to $300,000. he says since sunday, cause of coming across the country, meaning that if the price is right, one of the most significant properties in the queen city could be on the move. adam sexton, wmur news 9. shelley: look at the craftsmanship.
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mike: i wonder if some of those bids were from you and you. tom: i don' t think i have the strength to move that house. mike: that' s a project in itself. can you imagine that thing moving along? tom: weather-wise, we are moving right along. mike: up and down on the temperature roller coaster. we start with a time lapse. sunshine did develop, and then a few more clouds did drift and later on the day. temperatures, running at or above the norm. notice a boundary clearly marked by a lot of clouds and a few sprinkles sitting over new england, including all of new hampshire. with the cloud cover, a couple sprinkles cannot be ruled out right through early tomorrow, but having said that, a good part of the night will be rain-free. temperatures dip a little bit tomorrow. today, we were a few degrees above. tomorrow, right at the average. by thursday, well above the norm despite a couple showers around.
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friday and saturday, it does turn drier and cooler, then more mild with a couple scattered showers in the second half of the weekend on sunday. not much happening on doppler radar. a good part of the overnight will be rain-free, although there could be a couple sprinkles here or there in southern new hampshire. relatively mild, holding onto the 50' s in many spots. concord checking in at 49, but elsewhere, you are 50 or above. typically this time of year, we are into the upper 30' s to around 40. mid-to-upper 30' s will do it north by daybreak, and 40-46 in southern new hampshire. relatively mild in the northeast, and that extends back into the midwest, and especially down to the central and southern plains states. a little piece of springlike warmth is going to surge in on thursday, but tomorrow, temperatures dip little bit. clouds moving from the west, and the winds kicked onshore, so
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7, 8, 9 degrees along the coast, instead of 63 or 64, you will sit in the upper 50' s for afternoon highs. speaking of inland, clouds, sprinkles. thick as cloud cover in southern new hampshire. the clouds takeover everywhere tomorrow night. there could be a few sprinkles or a light shower around. thursday, scattered showers but winds out of the south along that front. that will boost temperatures into the 60' s to may be near 70. tomorrow, it' s 50' s on average. a couple of lower 60' s cannot be ruled out, especially in the monadnock region. notice on thursday, well into the 60' s to around 70. low 60' s to the north. a few scattered showers along the cool front. once that front moves through, winds kick back to the north, and here comes the cooler air. breezy on friday. plenty of sun saturday.
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off in the mid-to-upper 30' s. a nice recovery into the 50' s. close to the average for the 24th of october. then we warm up a little bit more on sunday before it cools down monday and tuesday. i emphasize the 24th, because a week from saturday, ghosts and goblins are running all over the place. tom: then november. shelley: where is the year going? tom: let' s go over to jamie and check out sports. jamie: that is a dartmouth college graduate on the hill trying to keep the cubs from the people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done.
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jamie: two baseball playoff games on this tuesday with a starting pitcher who perfected his craft at dartmouth college. kyle hendricks, class of 2013, on the mound for the chicago cubs in game three of the nlcs with the mets. a huge start for him. the cubs trailed the mets 2-0 coming in. first inning, he gets daniel murphy to strike out. he did have trouble in that inning when yoenis cespedes, the former red sox, r.b.i. double. one-zero, matt speared the cubs got it right back. kyle schwab or, opposite field home run. 1-1. how about murphy though? he has hit a home run in five straight postseason games. hendricks went four innings, he did take the loss. cespedes.
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4-2, mets. the mets win 5-2. the cubbies are in serious trouble on the north side. they trail 3-0 in the series. in the alcs, blue jays at the royals. ra dickey. four first-inning runs for kc, setting a new alcs record. benzo breast with a big shot. that' s a two-run homer. two touchdowns for kansas city, just a safety for the jays, as the royals win the 14-2. kansas city up 3-1 in the series. they can wrap it up tomorrow. the rivals in field hockey, that is keene state and white, plymouth state in green. our and white, second half. the diving sab by megan dwyer
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kicked high in the air, and katie martin was there to drive it home. panthers win 1-0, snapping keene state' s 30-game conference winning streak. the coach was not happy after two games last weekend for his unh hockey team, the overtime loss on friday to st. lawrence, a loss to clarkson on saturday when his team gave up the go-ahead goal in the final minute of regulation. he called his teams play "awful and terrible." unh' road, starting friday night. >> we were not pleased with our performance saturday night. often. we' ve been working on that all week. >> making some improvements scoring first. single game. jamie: high school football, two
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drive. free admission to the newport game at franklin and the game at mascoma, also a collection site. friday, check out the boston celtics right here in the granite state. an exhibition preseason game against the 76ers. they will play that when at the verizon wireless arena. tom: it will be a goodtom: one. thank you. still to come on news 9, this ring belonging to president john kennedy' s assassin was auctioned off in new hampshire a few years ago. shelley: where it has resurfaced
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tom: lee harvey oswald' s wedding ring which was auctioned off by a new hampshire company is on display at dealey plaza in dallas, texas. visitors can see the ring themselves. shelley: an anonymous buyer from texas paid $108,000 for the ring from a company based in amherst in 2013. also walt known to never take the ring off, but on the morning he assassinated the president, he left the ring at home.
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