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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shelley: right now at 11:00 the , death of an 11-month-old ruled a homicide. a man arrested on unrelated charges at the same home where the baby was injured. tom: and presidential candidates in new hampshire are tackling issues of national security. how they plan to approach foreign policy, if elected. might: when a shower could move through, plus an outlook into thanksgiving week. shelley: and a new hampshire store is one of the first in the country to become an alzheimer' s friendly business. how they' re catering to customers with memory loss. tom: and this just in a woman , born in new england among the who' s claiming responsibility for the most recent terror attack. announcer: no one covers new now, wmur
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tom: at 11:00 tonight the death , of a baby boy has now been ruled a homicide to -- homicide. today investigators revealed 11 month old shawn sylvester died want -- from once force trauma to his head. good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: and i' m shelley walcott. while no one has been charged with the infant' s homicide, a man in the house where the baby was allegedly hurt has been arrested on different charges. wmur' s jean mackin joins us live to explain. jean: investigators have not drawn a connection but did arrest a man living in the believe the baby was hurt. the grandfather of 11 month old shawn sylvester says his death is something he cannot understand. suppose. with his mother when he was hurt something the attorney general' office has not commented on or confirmed. >> i just want to see justice prevail.
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make sure they get everyone involved. jean: the attorney general' s office says on sunday, shawn sylvester died from blunt force trauma to the head. on friday, the baby boy was medflighted from this house in alexandria. neighbors here are stunned. one woman did not want to show her face. >> people are very upset about it. they feel sorry for the child the die for no reason at all. a little child like that should have a long life. jean: while no one has been charged in the 11 month old' s death, investigators did arrest a man living at the house where they say the baby was injured. 29-year-old tommy page faces 23 counts of possession of child sexual abuse images. investigators say sexually explicit photographs of a baby boy were found on his phone . >> we are talking about two separate investigations at this point in time and both of those , investigations are open and ongoing. jean: tonight, tommy page is being held on a half million dollars bail due back in court november 30.
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and again no one has been charged in the homicide of baby shawn sylvester yet. live in the studio jean mackin , wmur news 9. tom: the owner of an enfield day care where a girl died last reckless conduct. to render that verdict against mary ellen burritt. four-year-old willa clark died after her jacket got tangled on a stick fort. burritt was inside she was also convicted today of running an unlicensed daycare. shelley: a new indictment in a deadly robbery near a popular bike path in nashua. 49-year-old benjamin marcum was stabbed last march near his home. allegedly by 17-year-old jonathan goff. his alleged accomplice, 19-year-old stephan peno has been indicted on two felonies robbery and conspiracy to commit , robbery. the indictment also lists a third accomplice in the attack. goff is charged with second degree murder.
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tom: and our commitment 2016 coverage tonight the ballot is , set for the new hampshire primary. today was the last day for candidates to file. and doctor ben carson was the last major candidate to file for the primary ballot. foreign policy. in carson: listen to actually what i say -- ben carson: listen to what i t listen to what the detractors say to listen to. listen to what i say. answers are quite consistent with someone who is very knowledgeable in the area. tom: foreign policy was also a major talking point tonight for south carolina senator lindsey graham. the republican is in the granite state this weekend with senator wmur' s message to voters. mike senator graham says the : paris attacks reinforce the need for boots on the ground to beat isis. he says he has the experience to win a war and to protect americans from radical [applause]
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>> thank you, thank you all. mike one of the most frequent : presidential candidates to visit new hampshire senator , lindsey graham is back with his friend and two time winner of the first in the nation primary, senator john mccain. the cane: -- john mccain this is : a most serious time. and i appreciate that you are here to listen to lindsey graham. mike friday the pair hosted a : town hall meeting at the hudson american legion post. just down the road they met , customers at the northside grill. [applause] the two began the afternoon at a manchester law firm. graham isn' t discouraged despite trailing in the polls. lindsey graham a lot of time on : the ground will trump money eventually, because the message can get out the new hampshire way, which is word-of-mouth. john mccain you cannot buy a : vote in new hampshire. they want to see you. mike graham focused the : discussion on defeating isis a , victory he says will require boots on the ground in syria and iraq. his plan 100,000 troops but 90%
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region. lindsey graham made up of arabs : and turkey, supplemented by western forces. the banner of islam will take s the way this war needs to end. mike: graham and mccain have 5 events planned throughout the state tomorrow. wmur news 9. , shelley: new jersey governor arrive in new hampshire today for a house party in hampton, but his flight was delayed because of a security incident. the united airline flight was preparing to take off from san francisco when the pilot reported the plane was returning to the gate. a spokesperson for christie' s campaign says a passenger was removed from the plane but they , did not threaten the governor. the person in question was cleared and put on another flight. police say all passengers were re-screened and the flight took off around 5:30. governor christie is still planning events here in new hampshire tomorrow. he' ll host town hall meetings in stratham and windham. ohio governor john kasich will
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with stops planned in berlin, wakefield, and dover. of course you can follow all of the presidential candidates using wmur' s candidate tracker on our website, tom: it was a beautiful friday in the granite state. now it' s cooling down a bit. you are taking a live look at portsmouth where right now it is 41 degrees outside. chief meteorologist mike haddad has your weekend forecast. mike haddad: the temperatures are a little bit above average, but not as warm as we had today. 41 and portsmouth, 20 off of behind from earlier. we hit 61. the rain ended early this week -- morning. we are cooling back into the 20' s, and lower 30' s for many. if you low 40' s for manchester and the coast. cooler tomorrow, by 10 degrees. lower to mid 40' s in the higher terrain. elsewhere, upper 40' s from the
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lake region to the south. a few low 40' s along the canadian border. lots of sunshine, scattered clouds, and a few more clouds sunday. when can we see another shower chance? what about next week? very important for those traveling. more ahead. shelley: kinder morgan filed an application today with the federal energy regulatory commission to build a pipeline through southern new hampshire and massachusetts. the granite state portion of the pipeline would run 71 miles and would cost $5 billion. supporters of the pipeline say it brings cheaper energy to the region, and creates jobs. the project has sparked a lot of opponents say it' ll hurt the environment and devalue property. tom: home instead senior care says that nearly 75% of alzheimer' s caregivers say they and their loved ones feel more isolated because of the disease. now a grocery store in portsmouth is doing what they can to bring these seniors back into the community. our stephanie woods has the
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supermarket in portsmouth. stephanie: going grocery shopping can be a daily chore for many of us. but for those with memory loss, it can be an upsetting and overwhelming experience. that' s here in alzheimer' s and dementia friendly. >> to have mckinnon' s as the flagship, and the first business trains is so meaningful to us. stephanie home instead senior : care has been providing in-home care for seniors on the hampshire. >> a lot of what we do is providing in-home care, and much senior and our clients with grocery shopping. what we really recognize was that many of our seniors -- one -- the last thing they want to give up is grocery shopping. stephanie but director of fitzgerald says 70% of home instead clients have some form of cognitive impairment making a potentially agitating environment. >> sometimes you know they can
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be easily lost in different aisles, not sure i' m a you know, which direction they came from. if the store is busy, the other members could make it overwhelming for them. stephanie fitzgerald approached : mckinnon' s supermarket in portsmouth, to train their employees to recognize customers with alzheimer' s or dementia, and help them shop. >> i realized that mckinnon' s is really a store that' s looking to be community focused, to really embed themselves in this local community so it was an easy ask. >> we thought it was a great idea. we have a lot of seniors that shop our prepared foods and the produce section anyway, and we wanted to make them feel comfortable in the store. stephanie eric boucher of : mckinnon' s says home instead trained him and his coworkers, for free. boucher and more than 10 managers and both owners passed the quiz, and now mckinnon' s is the first certified alzheimer' s friendly business in new hampshire. >> you need to work with people and be able to recognize, you know, if they' re having a symptom of alzheimer'
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s, and why, and just to be a little more understanding. stephanie home instead hopes to : make other businesses certified alzheimer' s friendly soon. in portsmouth, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. shelley: it is such a great program, i am a daughter of an alzheimer' s patient, i love this. tom: it is great. a massachusetts woman among the victims of a terrorist attack in mali. shelley: we hear from a witness about what happened inside the hotel. tom: a week after the attack in paris, many are holding a vigil for the victims. authorities are still searching for one more suspect. mike: it is snowing like crazy in chicago. sunshine for many to kick off the weekend tomorrow, but what about changes on sunday and the travel week ahead -- forecast is coming up.
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tom: there is new information about the attack on the hotel in mali. an american was one of the victims. shelley: she was born in massachusetts, and grew up in new jersey. she was a senior manager for a non-profit organization that provided health services to poor communities. her family released a statement saying, anita was one of the kindest and most generous people we know.
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she loved her family and her work tremendously. everything she did in her life she did to help others, as a mother, public health expert, daughter, sister and friend. they say she would want to promote education about health care and poverty in the u.s. and abroad. tom: terrorists stormed the radisson hotel and took dozens of people hostage. the hotel was hosting diplomatic delegations for peace talks in africa. united nations officials say two of the attackers were killed. one witness managed to escape. >> i tried to get in from the back of the swimming pool to the lobby to see what' s happening. when i opened the door, i saw on the floor bullets, so i gently closed the door and i walked . tom: an islamist militant group known as al mourabitoun and al qaeda are claiming responsibility for the attack. mali declared a state of emergency for the next ten days. shelley: a week after the deadliest attack in france in decades parisians honored the victims with candles and songs
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today. one suspect is still at large. and one of the 7 suspects killed in a police raid still has not been identified. we know two of the 7 attackers entered through greece. and 5 others had links to france and belgium. announcer: now, chief meteorologist mike haddad with your storm watch nine forecast. mike: a soggy start in portsmouth. notice the time lapse through the rest of the morning, the sun develops. beautiful day to get out. temperatures 10 degrees above average for this time of year. beginning to cool down, off of the highs of the low 60' s of the coast. low 50' s implement. -- in plymouth. right now, beginning to cool back down. on average, 20' s north, 40 in manchester.
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one of the warmer spots. as we go through overnight, we will bottom out at the coast around 33 or for 34 -- 34. a few clouds may build in at times, it will remain dry and highs 10-12 degrees cooler at the coast than today. milder on sunday after a scattered showers in the morning. more partial sun will develop in the afternoon, and a drive start next week as well bred -- drive start next week as well. overall, 20' s and lower to mid 30' s. back to the west, cooling down. ahead of it, warmth is being squashed down to the south. in the short-term, it does not get that warm. few days. chunk of colder air. that retreats to the north, but a piece role denver monday, tuesday, and early wednesday.
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by thanksgiving day and friday, it looks mild along the eastern seaboard with temperatures above average right through friday and possibly early saturday. fair skies tonight, sunshine, a few scattered clouds mixed tomorrow as we move into sunday, our one chance of a shower comes in in the morning as midday. most of that between 9:00 and 1:00 in the afternoon. slight chance of a mixed rain or mountains. later in the afternoon come into the early evening, that system clears away. we should be in the clear through thanks giving. as for temperatures, mid to upper 40' s to near 50 tomorrow. slightly above that on sunday. clear skies, seasonably cold tonight, low-to-mid 20' s north. low 30' s of the coast. up near 50 on sunday. bright skies for monday. sun and clouds and may an isolated flurry on tuesday. more sun wednesday, thursday,
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jason: welcome to us in s, our final friday night football of the season. it is our championship edition. six teams remain, they will play for the respective titles on
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sunday at unh. in division one, top-seeded and undefeated goffstown against the exeter blue hawks. exeter is back in the title game for the first time since 2012, when they won back-to-back d1 championships. goffstown has never won a football championship in any division. they' ve had the most consistent team all season, but will be facing a playoff tested program. game one has the late game interim, 6:00 start. >> the front seven are very good, they are active. the get around. needless to say, they run the offense well. >> we are hard-nosed, we will keep doing what we have been doing, player game, play physical football. >> looking forward to it. it will be a big test print very physical team, well coached. the defense is outstanding. we will have to match them physically. >> they have good offense of an defensive, our defense is very
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good. it is pretty impressive to go over the 50 yard line. jason: division two is the only championship rematch from a year ago. windham will try to defend it' s title against the saints of saint thomas. the saints are undefeated, and the top seeded team in the division this time around. the two teams did not play during the regular season, but i' m sure both teams remember last year' s championshi pgame -- championship game well, for different reasons. st thomas quarterback stephen hedberg needs five more touchdown passes to tie the state record of 35 which he set last year. division two plays at 2:30 . >> it will be a tough, physical game. there he competitive. i know the coaching staff will do a good job. same on our end. the team that executes the best will win on sunday. works it will be good for us to play a full game this week. we have not done that 1 -- in a while. >> they are full of athletes on both sides, on defense they fly
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on offense they have an outstanding quarterback that finds his receivers under pressure. >> the past, hedberg is a very good quarterback brett -- quebec. i think of we shut him down, we will be ok. jason: inter-lakes won championships back in 2009 and 2011, while newport won it in 2010. the two teams will play each other on sunday. the tigers are making their second consecutive trip to the d3 title game. last are they lost a heartbreaker to campbell. the lakers and tigers met in week four of the regular season. newport came away with a 34-21 win, it was the only loss for inter-lakes this year. division three has the early game interim on sunday, 11:00 a.m.. >> special teams wise, we have some guys that will hurt you. i think we match across the board great >> i think that is the biggest thing, we have to keep everything under control grid we have to do what we know how to do and what we have been doing for the past few weeks.
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>> it is an exciting game, they are good on both sides. the special teams are very good. it is a case of who makes the fewest mistakes will come out on top. >> the key for victory will be turnovers, whoever turns the ball over less will win the game. jason: we want to give a final shout out to all of the cameramen who friday night football all season. our friday night so todd' s -- photog' s. our sports producer on friday nights in the fall -- what a great job ryan did. he twisted my arm to get him in the show tonight. anyway, thanks to everyone who makes the show happen every year. a happy looking bunch of people. moving on the celtics and nets , play a home and home series this weekend, beginning tonight in boston. pick it up in the first half
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isaiah thomas and jae crowder go back and forth before crowder slams at home. he finished with 19 points. avery bradley tips it away from brook lopez bradley pushes ahead , he lays it in. game-high 21 points. celtics at 16 at that 4th point. quarter, celtics up big thomas drives, goes behind his back, hits these fall away and jumper. celtics win- 120-95. they have a 6:00 start sunday night in brooklyn. unh and umass tonight wildcats , led 1-0 in the second period, kurt keats cleans up in front of the net. goal for the minutemen, 1-1, just 2:04 into the period. unh got it back later in the second, matias cleland from the -- nice shot from a near several. but umass tied it in the third, they skated through a scoreless overtime. it in a 2-2 tie. unh will host b.c. tomorrow
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-- 7:00 start. the monarchs playing three games against the admirals this weekend. michael boivin and matt lietner scored power play goals 34 seconds apart in the third . they win, 2-1, same teams tomorrow at 7:00. a big day for a couple of local soccer players, this is rachel hill celebrating her two goals against notre dame this afternoon. rachel is from somersworth and led the uconn huskies to an upset two-zero win over the round of the national morgan andrews of milford also scored twice today, helping her 4th ranked usc trojans defeat princeton. also any second round, both teams on to the sweet 16. it is the final weekend of the regular season for both unh and dartmouth will host princeton tomorrow afternoon with a share on the line. wild unh will try to keep their
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playoff hopes alive, hosting the black bears a college stadium at 1:00. there you go, that is sports. tom: i would like to see those pictures of the photographers. shelley: those are the news photographers. tom: still to come -- shelley: the new hampshire motor speedway turned on the christmas lights tonight. how the huge holiday display is
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tom: the new hampshire motor speedway is all lit up for christmas. shelley: today the gift of life open to with more than 60 holiday scenes and 400 light displays. new this year is a trip through the infield tunnel, and money raised from the gift of lights benefits local charities. lights monday through thursday, or $20 on weekends and holidays. tom: the patriots will host the s monday night football game. you can catch the game right here on monday night on wmur . kickoff at 8:30. shelley: that means that dancing with the stars moves to metv new hampshire at 8:00. metv is carried by many cable systems and on the air at 9.2.
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