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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hayley: some of us may wake up to a little snow early monday morning as cold air rolls in. where the snow flies and the thanksgiving forecast. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump refusing to rule out a run as an independent. >> i think we need a bull in a china shop. >> why one of his top new hampshire supporters doesn' t think it will come to them. stephanie: the economy is the number one issue -- isn' t the number one issue for voters in the 2016 campaign. >> both of them in their own
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community. >> the memories shared by [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. stephanie: the sun has set on this chilly, overcast day as we take a live look to portsmouth. snow overnight. i am stephanie woods. adam: i am adam sexton. let' s get over to meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: the snow will be right along the immediate coastline, portsmouth, down into seabrook, maybe a few communities inland from there. we have a frontal system right off the coast line. it' s bringing a few showers to those same communities. as we go overnight, cold air is going to come in behind that system and transition the rain to snow showers. there you see that little
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maybe as far north and west of rochester, but not expecting into manchester -- it in manchester. the snow will just be on the grassy surfaces, the rooftops where it will be cold enough. the roads are still too warm so you won' t get any accumulation there. more on the forecast coming up. adam: now to commitment 2016, and donald trump making waves, refusing to rule out the possibility of a third-party bid for the white house if he isn' t the republican nominee. reaction among first in the nation conservatives is mixed. george: are you going to reconsider an independent run? adam: donald trump indicated he may not be going away if he doesn' t get the republican nomination. donald: i' m going to have to see what happens. i have to be treated fairly.
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trump, as always, is leading the fisherman. he throws little bait, and the sinker. adam: he doesn' t think there' s a chance to run as a third-party candidate. s going to win the republican nomination. adam: at a crowded house party former and h gop chairman who is trump will -- [no audio] >> i consider donald trump a man of integrity. i think he' s been a very successful individual, an asset to the republican party. i think he' s a legitimate candidate, and i hope he would keep his word and abide by what he promised reince previous and the republican national committee. adam: officials believe if trump launched a third-party bid, it would backfire for him and the republican nominee. >> that is exactly what the
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democrats want. i think that would be wrong for him, wrong for our party. adam: governor christie, busy with first in the nation voters, isn' t falling into the trump trap. >> he can be as serious of a candidate he wants to be. if he doesn' t want to be serious, there' s plenty left for the rest of us. adam: more moderate republicans are distancing themselves. supporters aren' t backing down, saying defending america is priority number one. south carolina senator lindsey graham started his day of campaigning out with a stop at the red arrow diner in manchester. candidate shook hands over breakfast. meet and greet. democratic presidential candidate martin o' malley has a full day of campaigning planned tomorrow. the former governor of maryland will start the day in bedford, and then he goes to franklin pierce university for a townhall, and wraps up the day with a townhall in exit or -- ex
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eter. stephanie: terrorism has become one of the most important issues in the presidential election, poll. 28% of people polled say terrorism is the top issue. 33% say it' s the economy. the poll was conducted the past week from monday through terrorism attack in paris. 75% of people polled say they are closely following the attention at this point in a presidential race since 1987. a new paul from suffolk finds that most republican voters in new hampshire would support mitt romney in the primary if he were running. romney has said he' s not interested in running, and he didn' t file for the new hampshire primary vie --by by friday' s deadline. when romney is taken out of the mix, trump leads with 22 percent. florida senator marco rubio is
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in second with 11%. two people killed in a crash saturday night. 67-year-old janet withington and 63-year-old james bouchard of hillsboro were struck head-on. police say drugs and alcohol do crash. kristen carosa joins us now. community. kristen: we are learning more about janet and jim, two people who had a major impact on their family, friends, and neighbors. those who knew them are trying to process their sudden death. they are from hillsboro, a place they have lived for years. janet is a registered nurse working at the family tree health care center. coworkers say she was a mentor. patients loved and trusted her. neighbors living in old hillsboro center say jim was someone who took care of everyone, especially the elderly. those who knew them both say they aren' t sure how they will
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>> it' s going to be very difficult, some of these things, how to cope with some of this. >> janet was always there to give you the extra hand or fingers or support you need it. -- you needed. it' s a big hole that is going to be hard to fill. kristen: neighbors are gathering as we speak to honor jim and janet. coming up, you will hear more around them. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: in belgium, brussels was under an unprecedented security lockdown. subways and stores were shut down, and schools will be closed tomorrow with the city under its it' attacks in paris more than a week ago. paris. marci: a second day of lockdown in brussels.
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soldiers patrolling streets, the metro closed. >> christmas tree. it' s not normal. marci: officials say they will maintain this highest level of alert through monday, a response to what police believe is a serious imminent threat of possible attacks targeting malls and public transport. >> we need to have support from the belgian army, so everything is secure in brussels. marci: amidst the lockdown, the manhunt growing for escaped paris killer saleh abdusalam. the 26-year-old terrorist was possibly wearing a suicide belt. in paris, the memorial is still growing as we learned chilling details of the nightmare inside the bataclan concert hall, shared by the lead singer of the american band playing that night in an upcoming interview with
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>> several people hid in our dressing room, and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them except for the kid hiding in my leather jacket. marci: police released this picture of another accused terrorist, one of the men they say passed through greece before detonating a suicide vest outside of the stadium, while today, president obama vowed to put in and to isis. president obama: we do not succumb to fear. marci: marcy gonzales, paris. adam: hundreds of new york emergency responders simulated a terrorist attack this morning. update in the wake of the deadly attacks in paris. the three-hour exercise took place in a subway station. the secretary of homeland security say they are not aware of specific threats of -- concerned about copycats. concerned about the type of ve seen by a so-called lone wolf. this type of exercise is
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adam: the department of homeland security used the exercise to test technologies, including cameras worn by first responders and acoustic gunshot detection systems. stephanie: the fbi says a flight from indianapolis to los angeles had to be diverted because several passengers were being unruly. after the plane landed in kansas city this morning, three people were detained for questioning. the remaining passengers got off the plane. about an hour and a half later, passengers reported, and the flight continued. the fbi says no charges were filed, and the d10 passengers were booked on later flights. candidate lindsey graham joins us for a live interview. threat posed by isis. stephanie: some of the weapon worcester, massachusetts have been found. who discovered the guns in a trash bag. hayley: some of the coldest air we' ve had this season coming our way for tomorrow and the rest of
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the beginning of the week. i will have a full breakdown of what you can expect ahead. adam: the unh football team is back in the postseason. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her.
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adam: for all the handwringing about the status of the new hampshire primary, there are some candidates doing it the old-fashioned way, putting their trust in granite state voters to give them the boost they need for a shot at the white house. one of them is senator lindsey graham. thanks for joining us. take us through the fact that you have been talking about isis on the campaign trail for months. what would you be doing if you were president right now? senator graham: i would increase the number of boots on the ground, american troops from 3500 to 10,000 in iraq, to neutralize the shia militia and to be able to destroy isis in mosul and ramadi. i would create a regional army of about 100,000, mostly arabs in turkey. 10% of it would be us and western powers. we would pull the caliphate up by its roots. raqqa would fall, and isis would fall like a cheap suit. i said in the first debate, if you don' t understand we need
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more american boots on the ground to destroy isis, you are ready to be commander-in-chief. adam: obviously, no question we can do that, pulled them up by the boots, but what happens after we do that? who is in charge of syria? do we have to stay for a long time? senator graham: you have to hold and build. the surge worked in iraq. it would work in syria. you have to have a holding force, mostly from the region. we would be part of it, but the goal is to get syrians in charge of syria. that is why a sod cannot stay in power. if you don' t understand a sod has to go, you don' t understand the nature of the problem. keeping assad in power doesn' t help the middle east. the syrian people aren' t going to accept him as their leader. isil will use a sod as a recruiting tool. destroy isil first, and then turn your attention to assad.
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it' s going to take a long time. adam: let' s play chess a little bit. what happens if leonard putin says, assad must stay? senator graham: he would lose. adam: that' s world war iii. senator graham: the russians and the iranians are not going to dictate who runs syria. we aren' t going to give another arab capital to the iranians if i am president. we will take isil down, and then the entire arab world would turn fight for the butcher of t. faded back into urban areas as invasion and we ended up stuck in a guerrilla warfare? senator graham: you are going to destroy the caliphate. we are going to take the land away from them. they are about 30,000, 40,000. they don'
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their modern -- there are modern armies in the mideast. we' ve paid for the last two wars. yes, you' re going to have to hold. the choice of doing nothing means an attack on our homeland. if you don' t realize we need to get on the ground with all the complications that come from that, you are setting up an attack on the american homeland. there are no good choices left. president obama screwed this up every way you could. the leader on the republican side, donald trump, is an empty suit. he is selling xenophobia and racism as foreign policy. he has no idea what he' s talking about. adam: senator lindsey graham, always good to see you. thank you for your time. for more political coverage, visit us online at we have historical footage, including senator graham' s amigo senator mccain on the straight talk express. >> now meteorologist hayley
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hayley: good evening, everyone. did you catch this a couple minutes ago? an absolutely gorgeous sunset happened across the state. i wanted to share with you a couple of photos. this one was submitted via facebook at weirs beach. look at those beautiful colors. another one sent in from our own reporter mike cronin. he is up in campton, and you can see the beautiful colors. it looked like the sky was on fire with the sun and the clouds low on the horizon. we do have a storm system just to bring in active weather for us. earlier today. there are light showers s the thing. so much colder air is coming in from the west. that cold air meets up with the and there likely will be some
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changeover to light snow right at the immediate coastline. overnight tonight, i' m talking right at 11:00 or midnight, there could be some light snow that falls. it may likely accumulate on places like the rooftops, car i' m not expecting it on the roads, because the pavement is came down. in chicago, it' s 24 degrees. indianapolis, 29. this cold pool of air is on its way for us. high temperatures the next couple days are going to be the coldest we have felt all season long. here are our temperatures now. we are still in the 40' s, especially at the seacoast, but once we get into the overnight, the cold air to the west of us really starts to kick in. watch this area here. as we go through the overnight, that rain transitions over to a ribbon of some light snow.
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not getting as far inland as manchester, that i wouldn' t be surprised if you woke up at midnight with some snowflakes. nothing into central and northern new hampshire. highly localized right at the coast line. tomorrow morning, all of us wake up, and we are back to full sunshine, but tomorrow is going to feel cold, brisk, especially winds out of the northwest kicking down this colder air. it' s going to feel like a midwinter type of day with wins factored in. lots of sunshine as we continue into monday and into tuesday, as well. these are the temperatures we are going to have by early tomorrow morning, and you see portsmouth in the 20' s. we have the chance of changeover to snow in the northern reaches of the state. this is all that we get to tomorrow afternoon, 30' s across the state, and with the wind kicking up, it will feel a few
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degrees cooler than that. thanksgiving week, lots of big things going on. maybe you are traveling on wednesday or thanksgiving. it will be a little bit warmer by the time we have thanksgiving, about 50 degrees for the high temperature that day, and then maybe you have plans to go out, find some black friday. 55 degrees with increasing clouds. next saturday, there are showers possible, but no snow showers. we have a good-looking week ahead of us. very quiet weather this week. stephanie: after last year' s white thanksgiving, i' m grateful for this quiet weather. hayley: everybody will have their power on, which will be a nice thing. adam: it feels a little bit like postseason football weather, doesn' t it, jason? jason:jason: great weather for football championships.
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>> now jason king and news 9 sports. jason: ajason: big day for high school football in the state. all three state championship games being played at the university of new hampshire. we start with the early game.
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21-7, newport on top. a punt return taken 57 yards for the other way -- the other way for a touchdown. inner lakes, trying to hang around. robert kelly finds zach swanson for an 11-yard touchdown pass. third quarter, it was 34-14, newport, and wade breaks free again to make it 40-14. five touchdowns today. newport tigers win the division iii state championship, the seventh football title in newport history. i want to tell you that st. thomas defeated wind him -- windham. we will have more highlights for you tonight at 6:00. for the 12th consecutive season, the unh football team will play
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the wildcats received one of 14 at-large bids to the national tournament. unh beat maine yesterday to end the regular season with four consecutive wins, improving to 7-4 overall. new hampshire will host colgate in the first round saturday, november 28. the wildcats have advance to the semifinals each of the past two seasons. the 12th consecutive trips to the fcs tournament is the longest such streak in the country. congratulations to coach mack and the wildcats. the patriots play on monday night this week. they have the bills at gillette stadium. that game, you can see it right here live on channel nine tomorrow. the nascar race down at homestead, the final race of the season, was delayed by rain, but they got going at 5:00. before the end of the night, there will be a sprint cup champion. stephanie: coming up on news 9 at 5:30, the form a babysitter
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accused of kidnapping a two-year-old is due in court tomorrow. next, an update on the little girl' s condition after she was found miles away from home. adam: 19 people were killed
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adam: now on news 9, hundreds mourn the death of a teenager from massachusetts who was killed in an attack in israel. the memories they shared of a young man dedicated to serving others. adam: some of the weapon stolen from an armory in massachusetts last weekend have been found. the person who discovered them in a trash bag. hayley: some of us may wake up to light snow early monday as cold air rolls in. where the snow flies and the thanksgiving forecast ahead. stephanie: a state of emergency is in place in mali days after a terrorist attack. here from one of the americans who survived the hostage situation. like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. adam: for the first time this season, there' of light snow for the seacoast.
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i am adam sexton. stephanie: i am stephanie woods. for a timeline on when the snow could arrive, let' s check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: we' ve seen a couple flurries at the seacoast a few weekends back, but nothing that has stuck to the ground. tonight, that may change. it will not be much. i' m telling you, maybe a coating, and it would happen after midnight. see those rain showers off the coast. a lot of those on the western back edge may change over to snow showers as we go through the overnight. this will be the immediate coastline, portsmouth and down towards the seabrook area. you guys would be at the greatest risk of seeing some of these showers. for the rest of us, it' s going to be a chilly night, temperatures falling into the 20' s. portsmouth, 29. it will be cold enough after midnight to change rain showers to snow showers. i will have more on the full thanksgiving week forecast in a few minutes.
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stephanie: a young man from massachusetts was laid to rest days after he was killed in an attack on the west bank. as ron schwartz was studying in israel. he grew up in massachusetts and worked in new hampshire. frank: ezra schwartz, mourned by family and friends. >> he' s just so young. it' s terrible. >> he was a very, very good boy. he was special. m very sorry about it. frank: the funeral for swartz, many standing in the rain to remember a young man who lost his life serving others. >> this is a very sad day for the community. frank: schwartz was killed while delivering food to soldiers and the west bank. the 18-year-old was in israel at a religious school. he' s from america. we were all in yeshiva or
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frank: jessica is a family classmate of schwartz. >> i and more frustrated and manned -- mad than upset. him. someone stole his life from him. they just took it away from him. frank: his passing is a will always remember his faith, and his smile. he made everyone so happy. frank: and sharon, wmur news 9. adam: the little girl from massachusetts who was allegedly from the hospital this afternoon. lyndon' s parents reported her hamilton. the two-year-old was found hours her head shaved. perform babysitter -- her former friday. the crime.
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new york police say weapons stolen from a worcester, massachusetts -- [indiscernible] stephanie: an army commander from mali says the two gunmen who attacked the luxury hotel friday were armed with assault rifles, explosives, and ammunition. 19 people were killed, including a massachusetts native. alex marquardt talked with one of the hostages who survived. alex: broken glass, bullet holes, destroyed rooms in what was considered one of the country' s safest hotels. new pictures of the aftermath of the deadly rampage that left 19 people dead, including american aid worker anita the tarp. terry camp was around one of 20 americans at the entrance when the shooting began.
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alex: attackers chased him, firing, as camp ran inside. >> i just knew i was dead. alex: you resigned yourself to the fact you were dead. they never looked. the shells were hitting me. they never looked. alex: and what he thought were his final moments, kemp said he thought of his family. at what point did you say, this is a terrorist attack? >> when i seen them coming across the street shooting. alex: you knew it right away? >> of course. alex:alex: was this the type of thing you thought could happen when you came to mali? > it can happen anywhere. you can' t hide from it. alex: the terrorists set the room on fire and left, allowing kemp to crawl out to the smoke to the american rescuers trying to reach him. a group linked to al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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regardless, it' s terrorism, part of the same kind of global terror recently seen in the paris attacks. mali, now added to the growing list of countries who have suffered recent terrorist attacks, france, egypt, lebanon, the threat level raised to its second-highest level and the president announcing a 10-day state of emergency. adam: nearly a year ago, new hampshire got hit by one of its largest power outages in history. it came at the start of the thanksgiving holiday weekend, adjust plans. it took utilities five days to get most of the power restored. >> if anything, the thanksgiving storm underscored the need for all the investments we' ve been making in the last several years. adam: meteorologist josh judge looks at why that storm caused find out what utilities are doing to prevent it from happening again starting tonight at 11:00.
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stephanie: thanksgiving is just days away, ringing in the start of the holiday season. coming up, the gift of lights is open to visitors. the new feature at this year' s display. adam: an upper valley artist is creating magic inside glass. the areas where they find inspiration in the classic snow globe theme they don' t take on. hayley: nothing like the thanksgiving storm of last year in the forecast this year. we get rid of this storm system tonight. we'
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stephanie: in today' s escape outside, the holiday cheer is in the air as we get ready to celebrate thanksgiving and christmas. the gift of lights is open to the public at new hampshire motor speedway. there are more than 60 holiday lights and 400 displays. new this year is a trip through the infield tunnel. gift of lights is open every night until january 2. depending on the day, it costs $15 to $20 per car. looking for a way to get in exercise before your thanksgiving meal? the seventh annual seacoast turkey trot is this thursday, thanksgiving day. the 5k starts at 8:30 in the morning at pierce island. antrim' s festival of trees kicks off next weekend. the event includes more than one hundred trees decorated throughout the library.
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you can find even more outdoor news on the escape outside section of our website adam: a local artist is creating new worlds within snow globes. coming up at 5:30, the memory
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america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? >> now meteorologist hayley
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lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: we' in manchester where the rain stopped earlier this morning, but the clouds hung in there much of the day. it was a dreary day, especially in southern new hampshire where the clouds were hanging on and stuck around most of the day. once we get into the overnight hours, some colder air is going to be arriving, and right at the immediate seacoast after midnight, there may be some changeover to rain showers to a couple snow showers right at the coast line. we wanted to show you what was happening across the region for temperatures. 43 in manchester right now. 45 in lebanon. you don' t have to look far to the west to find some chilly air. look at detroit, 30 degrees. 24 degrees in chicago with fresh snow on the ground, but this cold pool of air you see over the great lakes region, this is
5:37 pm
days. tomorrow' s high temperatures will be the coldest we have had so far this fall. it' s going to feel brisk. we have a storm system right off the coast line, basically right off the coast, but heavy rain into cape cod, long island sound . it' s not moving towards the east, more to the north. at times during the overnight hours, some of these rain showers may wiggle inland. with cold air coming in behind this boundary, that could mean mixing or a few snow showers. here is how things go on futurecast. this will give you a great idea of what' s going to happen. notice across the rest of the state, we are mostly cloudy, but at the seacoast, there are a couple rain showers. you can see this ribbon of blue or purple. that' s the colder air interacting with the back edge of the storm system, changing
5:38 pm
not expecting much in terms of accumulation. this is going to be brief, midnight to 4:00 a.m., but on top of grassy surfaces, there will be some white when you wake up. it would be right at the immediate coastline. tomorrow, bright and sunny. the big thing you will notice tomorrow will not be the snow tomorrow' s highs, only in the s across much of the state. tonight, showers in the southeastern part of the state and clearing skies across the rest of the state. oldest up north with low temperatures in the teens, and across the rest of the state come into the 20' s. here is what you can expect for your monday, thursday -- 30' s. it' s going to feel like the upper 20' s, low 30' s all day long. chili stuff. as we push forward to the beginning of the week, it looks sunny, good travel weather, but there will be cold temperatures as we get into wednesday.
5:39 pm
for thanksgiving, there' s your turkey. we will have sunshine and dry conditions, temperatures reaching the upper 40' s, low 50' s. some good weather all around this week. adam: where did the turkey reference come from? hayley: i' ve got them stashed away. hayley:we need some stuffing. stephanie: stuffing is the best part of the meal. let' s not fool anyone. nestled in a studio in lebanon are the coolest snow globes you' ve ever seen. adam: the cool snow globe company takes the concept of glass in a ball to a whole new level. >> nobody has ever said, i hate snow globes. everybody says, i love snow globes.
5:40 pm
like them, maybe it' s just imagining that you are in there. actually, i was living in california, and i' m from the east coast, and i really missed autumn. i realized nobody had ever done a snow globe with autumn leaves falling. that was the beginning idea. there' s something magical about them, even the ones that are plasticky. i think the magic of watching the snow fall, and the way we do it, we make sure there' s a lot of snow. you turn it over once and set it down. for us, it' s a soothing, relaxing thing. we started doing custom, and then my husband joined me, and the business really expanded. he is a fine artist and photographer, and i have always
5:41 pm
the combination has been great. >> we both responded in the same way, which was, i can' t believe we are doing snow globes, but on the other hand, when you do them, you are like, those are beautiful. snow globes have traditionally been souvenirs, memories of the place you have visited. that' s great. the world needs things like that. we tried to reinvent the snow globe to do something really beautiful, something that is going to have staying power so that you will go back to it and enjoy it over time. it starts with the idea.
5:42 pm
there are about 40 we carry in a year, and we rotate some in and out. we have broader categories like animals and birds. meditation has been very successful for us. we tried to come up with ideas in those categories. we have 3-d sculptors in california that we use, and we have a high and printer we use in california who affords us great detail in the models. we apply a lot of the same principles they apply and animation in movies, like frozen -- "frozen" and so forth. when a body moves, it has to be lifelike. they are all hand-painted by the artist in china, and they are extremely good painters over there. we really enjoy working with them come a very artistic
5:43 pm
>> this was the glasshouse, design by philip johnson. to make it transparent and see-through was a challenge. all the architects went crazy for it. >> the nice thing about snow globes, the water acts as a magnifying lens. it makes what is inside appear larger than it is. when people paint things, you have to keep in mind, here is a globe, and here is a model that goes along with it. it' s about two thirds to even a half of magnification. >> this is one of my favorites. it was a custom project for the pacific northwest ballet. the dancers are just so exquisite. as things get magnified, their arms are so thin.
5:44 pm
we painted their skirts so they are transparent. i think this one is magical. we are probably the only snow globe company that doesn' t do christmas snow globes. our business has become year-round. we did do a fine art collection, and it started with the dancer. we spent a lot of time making sure she was accurate and exact to the original sculpture. >> one of the markers of a good quality globe is that it does not have a bubble in it. good quality snow, so that when it is shaken, it takes quite a time for the snow to settle. that' s another hallmark of a quality globe. if it' s falling too fast, it doesn' t have the excitement and the beauty of a good quality globe. i think we' ve taken to -- >> i think we' ve taken it to a new level.
5:45 pm
the visual joke is that the color dots that are falling actually emulate the way he painted. i guess i really love them. you start to see the whole world as if it' s in a snow globe. that would look great in a snow globe, or that would look great in a snow globe, and they bring people pleasure. we have had some great testimonials of people who have been in the hospital and had one next to their bed and watch the snowfall every day. they make people happy. that' s nice. stephanie: how beautiful are those? coming up this week, get ready for turkey day. "yankee magazine" is sharing some regional favorites, and matthew mead will show you how you can press gas without much funny or fuss. i love those dancer snow globes. adam: something comparable visuals from our videographer. we'
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ve got to give him credit. coming up, one car' s fictional owner earned him a big price tag -- it a big price tag. stephanie: a community is grieving the loss of two people killed in a car crash last night in antrim. we will hear from friends and family. adam: ski season has almost
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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adam: stephanie: tony sopranos cap like escalade sold for more than 119 thousand dollars. james gandolfini signed of the interior in three places. rr auction is based in boston but used to be headquartered in amherst, new hampshire. adam: don' host the bills on monday night football tomorrow. wmur. kickoff is at 8:30. "dancing with the stars" moves to metv. you can also find it over the air on 9.2. demand the next a at big game against the bills, but thanks for joining us.
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