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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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stephanie: right now on news 9 at 6:00. a couple killed in a head-on car crash in antrim. >> it is hard to comprehend what it' s going to mean to all of us at this point. stephanie: friends and family remembering their impact on the community. adam: and a new poll shows the gap between top democratic candidates narrowing while opinions of republican voters remain consistent. hayley: cold air is making a big comeback tonight, and it may turn a few rain showers to snow showers. who could see the snowfall and how much. stephanie: and ski season arrives in the granite state. how resorts are preparing to open the slopes to skiers. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00.
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stephanie: a chance of snow tonight for folks on the seacoast. you' re taking a live look at portsmouth. by the time you wake up, the ground could be white. thank you for joining us. i am stephanie woods. adam: i am adam sexton. let' s get to hayley lapoint on where the snow may fall. hayley: probably just the ground and grassy surfaces. probably not the road and driveway because they are warm from the day. you see the storm system right off the coast line. that will wiggle back and forth overnight. that is what it has been doing all afternoon. there will likely be some time where we have rain showers coming down at the seacoast. look at that dividing line. it is not even as far west as manchester. those of you from exeter for the seacoast, and look what happens past midnight as cold air starts to arrive. you see the ribbon of blue and purple. that is the snow showers starting to pick up right at the
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right on the rooftops, probably the windshield and grassy services. it will probably melt by midmorning tomorrow as we get sunshine back. i will talk about colder air arriving and the thanksgiving forecast in a couple of minutes. stephanie: thanks so much. and with snow comes ski season. but there' s not quite enough snow in the mountains for ski resorts to open just yet. loon mountain is firing up the snow cannons this weekend. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live. mike: good news for skiers and snowboarders. another season begins this week. right now, there is no snow at the base, but the snow guns are ready. staff will be busy getting ready in the coming days. a crew of about a dozen began making snow. tonight, they will be making snow on 11 trails beginning at the summit and working toward lower elevations. the compressors are running as temperatures are cold enough to make snow.
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staff are excited to kick off another winter season. this is footage from last year. loon usually opens mid-november. as of now, they are scheduled to open on wednesday. >> temperatures are forecasted to be cold and great. we are looking forward to wednesday. that is what we are planning on. >> we have been preparing for this season since we shut down at the end of last season. there is literally nine months of maintenance and preparation for this weekend. mike: how many trails will be open? staff say that depends on mother nature. but they will try to have as many open as they can. reporting live, mike cronin, wmur news 9. adam: tonight, we are learning more about two people killed in a crash last night on route 9 in antrim. 67-year-old janet withington and 63-year-old james bouchard, a couple living in hillsborough, were killed in the head-on crash. police say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors. wmur' s kristen carosa has
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kristen: we are learning that these two people gave everything they had to others, and their sudden death is very hard for people to process. close friends of janet withington and james bouchard say they are two people that can' t be replaced. >> it is hard to comprehend what it' s going to mean to all of us at this point. kristen: janet and jim were killed in a car crash on route 9 in antrim. police say an oncoming car that lost control collided with their car head on. >> when people were told, they were just stunned that something like this could happen. you just don' t think this would happen to that generation. kristen: gilman shattuck says they were well known in hillsborough, especially in old hillsborough center. he says jim was ready to help anyone at any time of day, no matter what. >> jim was one of the kindest guys i know. whether it was an old person or someone of his generation, he would do many things for people.
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kristen: and janet was a dedicated employee in hopkinton at family tree health care. >> janet is a registered nurse. she provided particularly loving care to the patients she had to deal with. >> she was truly a caring, caring person. kristen: co-workers saw her dedication and compassion for others each and every day. >> loved by all of her patients. they ask for her by name. and if she is not there, they will call back and wait until she is there. >> she didn' t have a mean bone in her body. she was just so caring about everybody, coworkers especially , her patients. kristen: they say it' s hard to imagine life without her, and those who knew jim feel the same. >> both of them in their own ways have done so much for the community. kristen: neighbors gathered
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tonight to remember and honor them. they say janet and jim' s death is a reminder to never take anyone' s life for granted. reporting in the studio, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. adam: to commitment 2016 now, and republican front-runner donald trump igniting another media firestorm with comments made earlier today on abc. calling in to "this week with george stephanopoulos," the real estate mogul refused to rule out the possibility of a third-party run for the white house. this, after trump signed a pledge in early september not to run as an independent. this morning, he reiterated a familiar point -- that he has to be treated fairly by the republican party. local supporters say by not ruling out a run, trump is merely guarding against internal party attacks. >> he didn' t say he would. he just left it out there because he was asked. and he can use that as a club on the rnc not to start playing dirty politics with him again, because they would love to. adam: supporters like jerry delemus of rochester say they don' t believe trump will have to launch a third-party candidacy
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the republican nominee. a packed house party for chris christie in bedford today. just a few hours ago, the new jersey governor greeted an overflow crowd at the home of rich and lori ashooh. cars were parked down the block, and some people had to wait outside to get in. governor christie has yet to see a bump in the polls, but says he' s starting to see some of the payoff of a summer and early fall of consistent campaigning here in the granite state. chris christie i' ve sensed the : last three weeks or so that things are getting a lot more enthusiastic for us. people are starting to hear our message, and i definitely feel things going our way in new hampshire. adam: governor christie is closing in on 50 total campaign days in new hampshire. this house party was his 113th event in-state. stephanie: south carolina senator lindsey graham started his day campaigning at the red arrow diner in manchester. the republican presidential candidate shook hands over breakfast. later, he was in tilton for a meet&greet at the tilt' n diner. graham held a town hall meeting
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a new abc/washington post poll shows senator bernie sanders is gaining momentum. after joe biden announced he will not run for president, sanders advanced nine points. hillary clinton is still 26 percentage points ahead of sanders down from 39 points last month. in the republican race, not much change in the poll. donald trump remains the front-runner with 32% of support, and dr. ben carson is a strong second with 22%. adam: it is only going to get more exciting. still to come on news 9 at 6:00. students are getting ready for thanksgiving. how spaulding high students are giving back to the community. stephanie: and if you' re hitting you' ll want to give yourself plenty of extra time. how many people are expected to travel this thanksgiving. for travel plans.
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stephanie: thanksgiving is just
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four days away, and charitable efforts are kicking into high gear. adam: at rochester high school, volunteers put together the ingredients for more than 60 thanksgiving dinners. these meals will be going on out to families in the community who are in need. >> we help out year-round here. we have a student food pantry that serves the students, so all year round we can take care of the kids. they can get free snacks, free school supplies, they can have food to take home with them if they need it. at thanksgiving, we take care of the whole family. this year' s donations came from the student body, and a local church put together 16 of the baskets. stephanie: if you thought traveling last thanksgiving eve was bad, aaa says 300,000 more travelers will be on the roads and at the airport this year. aaa travel predicts nearly 47 million americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this wednesday through sunday. this is a .6% bump in thanksgiving holiday travel from last year. this marks the seventh
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thanksgiving holiday travel. it is going to be another big, crazy travel day. at least, nice and try. hayley: wednesday is a big travel day. thanksgiving is when i will be traveling. it looks good. stephanie: i think it is looking good. adam: the benefit of having small children, everyone comes to you. and ahead in sports, it' s championship sunday for the state' s high school football
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>> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your forecast. hayley: this morning was kind of dreary. we started out with fog, rain showers. by midday, we got some breaks from the wet weather. we had clouds overhead. beautiful sunset earlier this evening. hopefully, you are able to catch that. lots of colors as the sun was still overhead. here is the situation. we have a storm, a frontal line. to the east. it is basically stationary. it wobbles every once in a while and brings in rain showers to the immediate coastline. here is the thing.
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overnight and much colder air coming down from canada over the next few hours, on the back edge of that line of rain showers we likely will have some changeover to snow overnight tonight after midnight. we will likely have snow showers going on at the immediate coastline. there is some much colder air off toward our west. this big cold pool of air is on its way. it is going to be moving towards us over the next 24 hours. look at the temperatures in chicago, only in the 20' s now. they are an hour behind us. it is cold. only 30 in cleveland. we have cooler stuff on the way. right now, 40 in concord. we have fallen into the 30' s in the korea and plymouth. 42 in portsmouth. after midnight, temperatures will plummet everywhere, even at
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have rain showers. they will be coming down occasionally at the seacoast. past midnight as the colder air fills in, we change over to coastline. even manchester. maybe rochester, dover. but these will be very light snow showers. but enough you might get a surfaces. pavement is mild. you might wake up tomorrow morning in some spots to a little bit of white. once we get through the rest of the day, lots of sunshine. tomorrow, the cold air arrives. with the northwest winds, people feel like the upper 20' 30' s during the day. tonight, teens up north, 20' s elsewhere. tomorrow afternoon, 30' s across the state. with the breeze, it will feel much colder.
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here is what you can expect this week. wednesday, good travel weather. mostly sunny, 40' s. thanksgiving we will warm up with a high near 50. that will feel nice one your taking a break throwing the football. for black friday, 55 degrees with clouds increasing. saturday is our next threat for wet weather. but it does get warmer. tomorrow, our high only 38. a little chilly to start the holiday week. stephanie: what is the weather going to be like early in the morning on friday for the sales? not as cold as tomorrow. they will rush in the door and get their deals. it macy' s at 3:00 in the morning. jason: i am anxious, sweating. big day for high school football in the state. all three state championship
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we will start with the early game. newport and interlakes-moultonborough in division iii. second quarter, 21-7 newport. noah wade, 57-yard punt return. the tiger touchdown so newport took a 28-7 lead. inter-lakes quarterback ryan kelley finds zach swanson 11 td -- 11-yard touchdown. that made it 28-14. third quarter, 34-14 newport, wait breaks free for the 51-yard touchdown. wade had five total touchdowns, four rushing, and the punt return. he ran for 275 yards. newport wins the division iii state championship 48-14, the seventh football title in newport school history. >> we gave up some plays. we been but did not break. we are happy with it. our guys played hard.
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>> the best line wins. that is our motto. jason: undefeated saint thomas taking on the defending champions from windham. first quarter, the snap goes over his head. matt elliott gets the block. he scores for the saints. 7-0, st. thomas. fourth quarter, things score. victor will take it in. he had 100 yards rushing today. it was 7-6, st. thomas in front. late in the fourth quarter, 10-6 after a field goal. nine seconds left, and his pass is picked off. st. thomas hold on to win 10-6 for their first title since 2011. they were held without an
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>> eye could not be any happier. >> this is something they have full year. everything they have done to today has gotten them to the championship. jason: exeter and goffstown are playing for the division i championship as we speak. goffstown got an early touchdown. the unh football team will play in the fcs playoffs. the wildcats received one of the 14 at-large bids to the national tournament this morning. unh beat maine yesterday 22-6 to end the regular season with four -- at 7-4 overall and 5-3 in the caa. new hampshire will host colgate in the first round on saturday, november 28, at 3:30 at cowell stadium. the sprint cup champion will be decided in florida tonight.
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harvick, and martin truex, jr., are the four drivers competing for the series championship. it was delayed by rain. we will let you know how that turns out tonight. the monarchs played three games in three days against the admirals. tuesday, they play atlanta. the patriots don' t play until monday night, but there was nfl. ll tell you tt0w!tz'h3! %4@-hi4 tt0w!tz'h3! el@-bnx tt0w!tz'h3! ed@-dl< tt0w!tz'h3% )8h-$2@ tt0w!tz'h3% kzh-9]< tt0w!tz'h3% n-h-l40 tt0w!tz'h3% 0ph-rs(
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right here. chip kelly' s eagles home with the buccaneers. getting the start. his pass is picked off by lavonte david. touchdown. jameis winston, five touchdowns, they win 45-17. the eagles are 4-6. cam newton will find his trusty
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he threw five touchdown pass downs. caroline is the first to 10-0. dartmouth men lost in the ncaa national tournament today in the second round game at syracuse. 2-1 the final. a great season. stephanie: absolutely. a very close game. don' t forget the patriots host the bills on monday night football tomorrow night. you can watch the game right here on wmur. kickoff is at 8:30. that means "dancing with the stars" moves to me-tv new hampshire at 8:00. me-tv is carried on many cable systems. the channels are listed on your screen. you can also find it over the air on 9.2. the show will be available on-demand the next day at thanks so much for watching news 9 at 6:00.
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