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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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have a great weekend, everyone. kevin: now on "daybreak," snow moving in. heavy in places. howhow much we'll see ahead. erin: these are live pictures along route 101 in epping. it is not snowing yet. your commute could be tough. allow some extra time. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning.
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this morning. there are a few snowflakes. this could make for a tricky morning commute. kevin: especially if you travel during the height of the morning commute. with several hours of could make travel difficult. freezing mark. even starting as rain the closer you get to the shoreline. it will continue to develop and turn heavier as we work our way through the morning. rain dropping going over to snow closer to the shoreline. we'll be look at the snowfall rates around an inch per hour. that could lead us to the potential of over six inches of snow in far south eastern parts of the state. elsewhere we're looking at a general three to five inches of accumulation. with less than the farther north you go. much more on the timeline coming up. your morning drive could be tricky. live pictures from the common ran in windham. let's take a check with
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good morning, deb. deb: good morning. right now all of the roads are looking decent. the crews are out. they are on the ready from concord to the seacoast and in southern parts of new hampshire. as soon as the storm does begin to move in, they will have the crews on the ready. do be alert of the trucks. if you are heading in to massachusetts, all roads are up to speed and moving well with no problems heading in to area. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. the further south the more snow you are likely to see. sean: ray brewer continues the team coverage. you've been seeing rain this morning; right? ray: that's right. i have my umbrella out. there's a light rain
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you look at 101. it is the headlights heading west here. we are expecting the changer over to snow as kevin mentioned. the good news is the ground has been fairly warm. we've had the near- record warmth temperatures. we don't have to worry about the rain changing over to ice. that may be a different story, especially as you get up the 89 corridor and further north in the state as well. for right now, it is just the rain is falling, the roads are a little wet, no problem. it is going to change as we continue throughout the morning. we do expect the conditions to detroit -- deteriorate. there's good news as if you are heading in to the city, they've canceled classes for school children in boston. it should be easier to
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live in epping, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: thanks. turns to politics. democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have multiple events today. erin: a new poll shows that sander's lead is growing. last night the candidates faced off in their first head to head debate. wmur's jean mackin was at the debate. >> the democrats wasted no time. >> yes, secretary clinton represents the establishment. i represent ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the first person that will would say i'm the woman running the establishment as exemplifying the establishment. >> they sparred over contributions and
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paid speeches. >> and the artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. let's talk about the issues. >> there's a reason why these people are putting huge amounts of money in to our political system. in my view, it is undermining american democracy. >> on the university of new hampshire campus, senator sanders called for free tuition at public colleges and universities while clinton called for affordable tuition. >> that's what i want to make sure to do. make sure mitt the class kids, not donald trump's kids, can get to college. >> we pay for the in the wall street time of now. now it is wall street's time to help the middle class. reporter: they went back and forth on how to handle terror, wall street institution, and
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>> in your definition as you being the self-proclaimed gate keeper for progressivism, i don't know anyone else that fits that definition. i know a lot of hard fighting progressives. >> instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do. one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interest. sean: that's jean mackin reporting. the republicans are up next. invitations will be extenses to trump, rubio, carson, bush, christie, and kasich.
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gilmore did not meet the criteria. watch tonight at 8:00. our coverage begins with a special edition of "news 9 at 5:00." donald trump, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich, ben carson, and carly all have events planned in new hampshire today. erin: a newmarket man accused of assaulting his infant son is expected to plead guilty. he punched the baby three times in the side of the head nearly a year ago, leaving the child in intensive care. they found a skull fracture and 17 other broken bones. according to court documents, the baby has been beaten and accused in some ways since he was three days old. >> they have to tase a man. 32-year-old daniel perez was found guilty of felonious sexual
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when they were trying to take him to jail, he resisted. a man is being held on $100,000 bail this morning. 63-year-old george colbath was arraigned today. police haven't released any other details about the case or the victim. sean: the fda is stepping up on opioids and a committee to provide approval for new. the new hampshire senate has passed three bills aimed at fighting the crisis here, including funding for drug courts. maggie hassan focused on the drug crisis during her state of the state address. there's much more that needs to be done. >> that's one of the many reasons we must reauthorize the bipartisan new hampshire drug program without delay. they are the second most common cause of death in new hampshire.
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heavily on jobs in her speech. you can watch and read the entire state of the state on erin: still ahead this morning, you have a chance to meet an american icon today in a way as we mark 45 years since new hampshire native alan sheppard walked on the moon. sean: a senior making a name for himself. he says that's not what he is most proud of. erin: how a new system is causing problems for local hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag
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they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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kevin: friday morning, february 5th. there are rain drops in nashua. we go over to the wet snow this morning. it will be heavy for a time this morning before
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this afternoon. we're looking at three to five inches. a look at what to expect coming up. erin: thank you. the hometown hero is a senior. sean: brandon mooney is an honor roll student. he was selected to play this summer. he's proud of his work ethic, leadership skills, and ability to be a role model and mentor to others. congrats to him. erin: today marks 45 years since new hampshire made history in space. derry native, alan moon. he was the oldest person to walk on the moon. he famously hit a golf ball on the lunar
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there will be someone dressed as colonel sheppard greeting guests today to help mark the anniversary. sean: that's cool. if the legend is true, the golf ball continues to travel through space. it is now an asteroid. 5:12. coming up, a new report is highlighting issues facing new mothers and babies, especially when it comes to health. erin: barbie is getting a workout. mattel just introduced the first in a new line honoring women of power. sean: danny is the adopt a pet. he's a 3-year-old beagle. he loves riding in the car, going for walks, and food. who doesn't; right? he's waiting at the
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erin: a new report from the
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pregnants are not planned. this is the first time they have produced a report in new hampshire. it is focused on learning about the health of mothers and babies. the report shows that 13% of mothers smoked in their last trimester. many said they drank during the same time period. sean: lawmakers in vermont are taking up a bill to require restaurants to provide menus written in braille. supporters say the move wouldn't cost much money while provided a much-needed service to customers who are visually impaired. a year stopped since yankee stopped generating electricity. the work force is down to 157, mostly security. the goal is to have all radioactive spent fuel outside in to concrete dry casts for long. term storage within four years. they may need a put the plan in to a doormat
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funding needed to remove all nuclear material from that site. barbie has another new look. mattel introduced the abby wambach barbie. this is the first athletic barbie produced and part of a new line featuring women of power and influence. it is not clear when it will go on sale. a cool idea. erin: barbie is getting a makeover. it seems that winter is finally making a return with snow in the southern part of the state. outside. that's ray brewer. he's keeping an eye on the roads along route 101 in epping. good morning, ray. : good morning, sean. we thought spring was making an early appearance. winter saying not so far. it is 37 degree. we have rain that is falling. in parts of the state as you take a live look at 101 westbound here in parts of the state it has begin to switch over to snow.
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storm that kevin will be talking about in just a little bit. it should make for a tricky morning commute in some spots. we're expecting several inches of snow. you are going to want to allow some extra time. live in epping, ray brewer,wmur news 9. sean: this is the calm before the storm. kevin: we're just starting to see the precipitation develop. like the seacoast temperatures are in the mid 30's. thissing might do as we change over to snow which may be heavy at times is kind of create a little bit of a glaze of ice underneath the accumulating snow. while temperatures over the last three or four days have been well above the needing mark, roadways are warm enough. even as the snow is falling, it is melting on area roadways. as the snowfall continues to pick up and you'll note, a lot of what we're seeing off shore is in the form of rain. i think the switch over to snow continues as the
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-- fall from the sky faster. as those precipitation rates continue to increase so will the changeover to snow. it is all snow mainly inland going down to the south. it tracks northeast. we have six or seven hours to go. you'll notice for southern areas, you will be closer to the center of circulation. the better chance of picking up more farther north and west. a lot of what is falling on storm tracker not necessarily reaching the ground except in the highest of elevations and far western and northern areas still waiting on the chance of snow. even through the lakes region not seeing much more than a couple of flurries. it is mainly rainfall to the south. any rain that we have around initially as the rates of precipitation continue to increase this morning. that will go right over to snow. temperatures helping the situation. above the freezing mark in most locations. we are expected to just kind of howeer around today in the low to mid 30th.
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south eastern areas and tapering off in to the afternoon. we stop this for you at 11:00 this morning. you can see it is basically the south eastern half to south eastern two-thirds of the state with the snow and the most focused in south eastern areas. pulling away between one and 4:00 from west to east. that will lead us to clearing skies and set up partial sunshine for both days over the weekend. there will be the chance of a snow shower in the north country early sunday morning. maybe a few flurries. that's the leading edge of cooler air that arrives for the end of the week. the snowfall heaviest out there this morning. all eyes after this system moves by. we have a chance of a couple of snow showers. it was the possible system on tuesday. a lot of the maps as the system and energy starts to make its way in to the pacific northwest now is backing off at the chances. by no means set in stone at this point. for general three to five inches of snow for the south eastern half
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locally higher amounts. maybe six or seven in far south eastern parts across the state. you can see since we have the north western edge of the storm moving across the state this morning there will be a fairly sharp cutoff in who sees what. morning snow tapering off. sunshine around for both days over the weekend. maybe a couple of flurries or a snow shower around on sunday. monday looks cooler. all eyes on the possibility of snow. a lot of the maps holding back a little bit on the storm system and having it pass to the south. it is still possible. again the trends at the moment over the last 24 hours has taken the foot off of the pedal on that at the moment. sean: that seems to be the trend. everything heading to the south. kevin: not today. erin: coming up on "daybreak," do you believe in ghosts? residents couldn't believe their eyes when an atv started driving there are those who say we cannot defeat
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and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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kevin: off and running on friday morning. we have snowfalling. not other than across the southern half of new hampshire but to the south. if you are going to be commuting down into massachusetts, some spots in boston could be snow. we'll talk more locally along with the snow. some big changes in time for the weekend. details coming up. erin: thank you. people in iowa couldn't believe their eyes. an atv appeared to be driving on its own. sean: the vehicle was seen on surveillance camera doing donuts and crashing in to a wall. it turns out the atv was remote controlled but something went wrong and it went haywire.
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every morning. nobody was hurt. people in the small town have been laughing about it all week. erin: how did they stop it? oh my gosh. i guess that's how it got stopped. sean: wait until it flips over. let it stop itself. erin: a few days away from the primary. one woman has experience. sean: clarina hudon is the oldest voter in new hampshire. she says her favorite president was roosevelt, both tedy and franklin delanore. she says her secret is whenever she's hungry, she eats. erin: bruins fight for a playoff spot. last night even overtime
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning. it is friday, february 5th. we're on the storm watch for you. sean: snow continues to move in new hampshire. it is making for slick conditions. it is going to get worse as the morning goes on. areas south and east are expected to see the heaviest snow. farther north places like the white mountains and upper valley will see a coating. there are dozens of school delays and closures this morning. you can see the list scrolling at the bottom of jr. screen.
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here in the state. kevin: southern half of the state in the last 90 minutes. the rain drops will go over to snow. south eastern area with the best chance of seeing accumulation. there could be over a half a foot of snow. it will be a wet snow that falls with temperatures at or above the freezing mark as it comes down. lower visibility with the highest snowfall rates focused between about 7:00 this morning and about lunchtime. snowfall rates could be around an inch per hour. lesser amounts the farther north and west you go. erin: okay. we continue to get the school announcements in. we want to check the roads and see how things are moving out here. 93. this is from the there. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, we're joined live by deb davidson. deb: good morning. now that the precipitation is beginning to fall. we're seeing travel fall
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use caution if you are on 93. especially from the concord area down to the hooksett tolls at the upper split with 293 and then as you make your way from manchester to the stateline. 293 is also slowing down through the millyard. as you make your way out to the elet turnpike. 101, 111, and the spaulding are all okay. the roads are wet and travel is below the speed limit. this report is brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm text davidson. sean: all right. we haven't had to say this a lot. ray brewer is keeping an eye on the road conditions. erin: he's live along route 101 in epping. what are you seeing falling from the skies right now? ray: right now it is mostly rain. it appears to be trying to switch over. these are conditions we would normally think of as november when you get the cold rain and it may be mixing in with snow.
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we're expecting the switch over to all snow as you take a live look at 101. the headlights that you see comes towards you are car that is are headed westbound. now the conditions are expected to deteriorate as they go throughout the morning. you are going to want to allow extra time. right now the roads are wet. traffic moving without too much of a problem. you are going want to allow extra time for your morning commute. live in epping, ray brewer, wm accident r news 9. erin: this morning hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back in their respective corners after an intense debate. next up the republicans are set to face off this weekend. nikole killion in washington with the latest, including highlights from the heated debate. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders turned up the heat in their
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straight out of the gate a democratic duel. >> let's talk about the issues that divide us. let's -- we both agree -- reporter: clinton, sanders, one on one. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. reporter: both taking out their position with days to go. >> people support me because they know me. they know my life's reporter: and fight over wall street. >> i'm proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, and does not raise money. >> i think it is time to end the artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. reporter: clinton took an aggressive stance. couldn't trump maintains his front runner status. the gop preparing ifer their own battle saturday night, minus
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didn't make the cut. >> i wouldn't count out the voters tuning in. reporter: fiorina appealed to be in included, but so far abc news, which is hosting the debate, has rejected her calls. erin: you can watch tomorrow night's debate live here on wmur or on our web site at it starts at 8:00. sean: jeb bush brought out one of his biggest supporters. barbara bush joins her son on the campaign trail. the form florida governor and first lady spoke to a crowd of more than 500. barbara bush is hoping that jeb will become the third man in her family to serve as president. >> jeb is the nicest, wisest, most caring, loyal, disciplined --
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>> -- not by me. sean: according to cnn, sources say george w. bush will help his younger brother in south carolina. erin: carly fiorina is taking table on the opioid discussion. fiorina knows first hand about the struggle of dealing with a love one suffered for addiction. seven years ago she and her husband lost their daughter to an overdose. today's discussion beginning at 2:00 in manchester. several other candidates will also be in new hampshire today. you can see where they will be by checking out our candidate tracker in the politics section at sean: new poll numbers are giving us a better idea of where candidates stand ahead of the primary. donald trump is maintaining his lead with 29% support both now and before the iowa caucuses. marco rubio is second with 18%, up from 11%
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ted cruz saw a one-point bump from 12% to 13%. john kasich is at 12%. jeb bush is at 10%. chris christie actually lost some support following the iowa caucuses. support from both carly fiorina and ben carson stayed the same. erin: hooksett police are asking for your help in tracking down two men that broke in to a gun store and stole four firearms. it happens early wednesday morning at the shop. they were captured on surveillance. they came prepared. the men had bolt cutters and pry bars. the burglars made off with handgunses and semi-automatics. he's worried about the weapons being on the streets. >> for us, security is paramount. safety of the public is paramount. just like any gun shop owner. it is even more troublesome for us when something like this happens.
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worry about people and things that can happen when they are out there. you try to mitigate this as much as possible. erin: the owner says the guns are worth more than $2,000. anyone that recognizes the suspects is urged to give a call to hooksett police. sean: a new system with the naval ship yard is causing some problems for its neighbors. the ship yard launched a new radio communication system for the mill -- military and first responded. it is using a frequency that interferes with the garage openers. they got suspicious when both of the remotes stopped working. >> my wife said the clicker didn't work. i fixed the door by replacing the batteries. then my wife said that the people next doors garage wouldn't open. i figure that is odd. at the same time, both of the garage door batteries go bad. sean: the problem is not unique. it has been used at other military
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issues were reported when the system went live. the ship yard says homeowners may have to call a company to have their garage door openings reprogrammed. yeah. sometimes that happens. radiofrequencys interfere. erin: interesting. a shocking incident in florida. an 8-year-old boy tried to rob the place at gun point. sean: the manager of a fast food restaurant falls victim to a bizarre hoax. how someone convinced him to break out the windows of the building. kevin: last 90 minutes snow has developed. still mixing with rainfall. even there a change over to snow.
5:35 am
kevin: friday morning, february 5th. the light snow developed in and around the concord area as well. we're going to continue to see the snowfall. locally the possibility of over six inches in far south eastern parts of the state which tapers off rather quickly. sean: you'll notice the school announcements at the bottom of your screen.
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country are mourning the loss of another music legend. erin: maurice white, the leader of the earth, fire, and wind died. they were known for "shining star" and " boogy wonderland" of. he was 74. sean: an unlikely suspect tried to hold up a grocery store. the would-be robber was an 8-year-old boy. the mother said her son said he was going to park. store employees managed to get the fun away from the boy. according to his mother, he stole the weapon from her purse. she did not realize it until after he was gone. >> when i grabbed my purse -- i knew i was missing something. where is my gun? the first thing is i
5:37 am
my gun. sean: police took the boy in custody. no charges have been filed. erin: wendy's was the target of a bizarre hoax. the caller instructed the manager to break out the windows and claimed there was a gas leak. they are trying to determine if it was connected to a similar hoax that happened earlier this week at another fast food restaurant. sean: jurors in florida say a woman that won a $1 million lottery jackpot must pay up to her former boyfriend. the man claimed he gave her the money to buy the ticket. the woman says she never made such a deal. according to "the
5:38 am
jury said she must pay him $291 million. erin: a group naughty by nature was upset another uber driver refused to pick them up. he gave them a ride. during the show latino got a special surprise. >> i was planning on going to the show. when i went, i'm there with everybody else. they just signal and pulled me out of the crowd and thanked me in front of hundreds of people. >> we pulled him up on stage, gave him a hoody. >> gave him a beer. >> he said he almost shed a tier y'all. erin: how about that? latino says he looks up to the band and they inspired him to get in to music. sean: the bruins open in buffalo.
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boston tied the game 2-2. bergeron had a chance to win it. erin: dave mirra has passed away. the 41-year-old tied in north carolina from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was one of the most decorated athletes in x games history. he medalled every year from 1995 toweight. -- 2008. he hosted the "real world: road rules challenge." he's survived by his wife and two children. sean: for the third year in a row, gabi brummett is the new hampshire gatorade player of the year. she led the team to a second straight division championship. she scored 86 goals.
5:40 am
four playoff games. gabi is the 19th ranked rue feet for the class of 2017. she has verbally committed to play at duke. erin: a woman in massachusetts is taking a rest. 35-year-old becca pizzi finished seven marathons in seven continents. her only downtime was on a plane in route to her next marathon. sean: some people in texas are getting around on a new mode. unicycle. one rider says it requires some balance and takes a few hours to figure out how to use. the cost is about $800. i'm pretty sure i saw something similar to
5:41 am
erin: looks like a segue. sean: they do. you can zip around. erin already riding that to work. kevin: next "new hampshire chronicle." erin: yeah. let's just ride it around the newsroom. looks like fun. sean: she wants to get the adrenaline going. you know what it is like. that's her. kevin: start off with rainfall at the coast. we're going to be looking at the switch over to snow. the intensity starts to drag down. light snow and flurries region. up in the north country still waiting on the being. we will continue to see it push in. for the north country itself, it looks like an area of light snow or flurries later this morning before winding down. for south and eastern areas, snowfall will be heaviest before tapering off from west to east. clearing skies this evening. turning chilly on monday. still the snow chance looming for the primary
5:42 am
any sort of rain that we had still leftover in south and eastern areas going over to snow as we see more of a burst of that precipitation here over the next few hours. otherwise as you head farther inland, it is more of the general light snow as you go to the western half and northern half of the state. there's the potential from concord south and east of three to five inches of accumulation. a lot of rain off shore. we're looking at temperatures just below the freezing mark. you head inland with the warmer ocean temperature. ocean temperature at hampton beach still at% 42. you need that little bit of a northerly push to the wind and the intensity to pick up. it may end as a few rain drops closer to the shoreline. storm tracker indicating here even if you have the rain drops, there's a pretty good chance you go over to snow here in the next hour or two. that will be the main mode of the precipitation type between now and early afternoon before this wraps up. light snow continues to push in to northern
5:43 am
it will be happening over the next few hours. temperatures down but just above the freezing mark in a lot of locations. this helps the roadways initially. if you start to get those snowfall rates of around an inch per hour like we're expecting for a time in some south eastern areas between 7:00 and 11:00, it does look like that will overtake any sort of the temperatures and start roadways. we're in the mid 20's to lower 30's. a light and fluffy snow. it would be light. we stop the clock at 1:00. last of the snow. by 2:00 or 3:00, that's off shore with clearing skies not far behind. partial sunshine for both days over the weekend. highs each afternoon in the 30's. looks like we could see a couple of snow showers later saturday evening and early sunday. that will be the push of cooler air that dives in for sunday and monday in place for the possibility of another system with snow on tuesday. right now as we've
5:44 am
the last 24 hours. they have been slowly edging friday's snow been backing away a little bit of the tuesday. we'll see if that's a trend. three to five inches of accumulation for the south eastern half of the state. maybe slightly more than that. there could be a few spots over five inches areas. the amounts really trail off the farther north and west you go. 30's. certain cool down by the monday. all of the question marks after today will be on tuesday for primary day. beyond that, turning colder than that for the second half of next week. back to winter. sean: you knew it was going to come back eventually. we want to check in with ray brewer live along 101 in epping watching the roads. what are you seeing out there, ray? ray: it appears the switchover has question again in epping. even though we're still at 37 degrees, you may be able to tell now we're getting some snowflakes along with the rain that we've had since about 3:00 this morning.
5:45 am
snow covered yet by any stretch. they are wet. you are going to want to allow some extra time. in other parts of the state, it is falling now as all snow. that's going to impact the morning commute. sean: thanks. we'll continue to keep an eye on that. an interesting piece of art you have to see to believe. the sculpture walks around on its own. now time for the u local hot shots. this is 3-year-old nolan doing the crab fishing with his dad. join the thousands of members by there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen.
5:46 am
but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us
5:47 am
for america, jeb bush. pnright to rise usa is responsible
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kevin: snow continuing to move in to the area. the switchover continues there over the next hour or two. looking at the potential in a few south eastern locations of over six inches of snow out of the system with lesser amounts the farther north and west you go.
5:49 am
the google engineer has taken the concept of a mirror in to a screen. it shows the date and time and the latest news headlines. they are not available on the market, the engineer says the individual pieces were pretty easy to get. the mirror runs on android right now. you've got to suspect in the future this is what life will be like. screens everywhere. erin: sort of like "minority report." remember that movie? an interesting piece of art is making its way around chicago. the sculpture moves on its own. the dutch artist named it strand-beest. kevin: it was created be plastic, and they describe it as dinosaur and airplane. sean: it is a fascinating piece of engineering. you can find it, you just have to follow the wind direction.
5:50 am
sean: true. a fence around it or soething. she has been casting ballots in new hampshire since the 1920's. this morning you'll introduce you to the woman believed to be the state's oldest voter. plus today marks a special anniversary for the state of new hampshire. it's been 45 years since a derry native landed on the moon. erin: with valentine's day just around the corner, we'll going to let you know which jewelry stores are the best in new
5:51 am
hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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