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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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p>> now at 11:00, snow continues pin many spots, but how much more pwill fall before it winds down, lus forecast for primary day, ptomorrow. p>> one hour to go before the pfirst hamster voters cast their pballots. pwe will take you live to pdixville notch. ptom cole in more than half of plikely gop voters still pundecided. p>> democratic rivals bernie psanders and hillary clinton also prallying supporters. pthere messages the day before pgranite stater' s vote. p pwhen covers new hampshire like pwe do. pnow, wmur news 9 tonight. pjennifer right now the heaviest p: of tonight' s snow is moving pout but it' s not all done yet. pthe weather didn' t stop residential candidates from pmaking the most of the last full pday on the new hampshire pcampaign trail. pgood evening, i' m jennifer
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m tom griffith. pwe' ll get to commitment 2016 pcoverage in a moment. pbut we want to start with chief pmeteorologist mike haddad. p>> the snow continues to fly out pthere, though much lighter than pit was a few hours ago. pit doesn' t take much to make it pslick on area roadways. psnow totals generally between pthree inches and five inches, pmanchester coming in and the plast few moments with about 3.5 pand notice the top spot right pnow in stratham at 5.3. pthe snow beginning to taper off palthough it will still fall for pthe next few hours, generally on pthe light side. pthat means an additional coding pto possibly an inch over padditional one to two inches pfarther to the north. pthe wind still a bit on the pactive side but not as gusty as pearly this evening and ptemperatures are chilly but not
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pwhat can we expect for primary pdates more morning? pwe will look at all of that in a pfew minutes. ptom: now we go live to wmur' s pstephanie woods, who' s at phampton beach where the snow is pstill coming down. pstephanie: the strong winds are ushing the ocean very close to pshore, just feet away from us. pthere is the fear that the snow pwill keep voters from the polls ptomorrow. p>> we are new hampshire. pthese are tough people. p>> up to eight inches could fall pover the seacoast overnight. palthough some worry the snow pcould affect voter turnout, eople in portsmouth say, pgranite resolve is harder than owder. p>> this is a live free or die pstate. pvery very serious people. pand this little snow, it' s only pgoing to have like 4 or 5 pinches. pnothing. pthey' re going to all vote. pi hope. pand i hope they all vote for jeb pbush. p>> everything is going as usual, pi don' t think it' s going to paffect i mean we' re new penglanders, right?
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p: roads are messy which others psay could discourage some voters pfrom driving to the polls. p>> i hope not. pi always look forward to voting, pand this only happens once every p4 years. p>> i think older people have a pconcern. ptheir reaction times, maybe they pfeel like it will be too pdifficult so if people know polder people, you get out there pand you drive them to the polls. pstephanie: new hampshire dot has pmore than 700 crews salting and lowing overnight and says the phighways will be clear. plive at hampton beach, stephanie pwoods, wmur news 9. ptom: we' re less than an hour paway from the first votes of the pfirst-in-the-nation primary. pthis year, three communities pwill vote at midnight hart' s plocation, millsfield, and pdixville notch. pthat' s where we find wmur' s ray pbrewer. pjosh: i' m joined by neil ptillotson.
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pwere you worried that dekes phil eople might move on? p>> i wasn' t worried. pi didn' t know how many people we pwould actually have. peven if it was just myself, my pwould have still had it. pmaybe nobody would have come, pbut we would have still had it. pthe fact that the hotel is being prenovated and the have crews phere and living here has given pus the opportunity to have at pleast some votes here. re expecting a residential candidate. pcandidate actually shows up for pour voting, we' ve had visit from ast.
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ve phad a lot of candidates. pno one has ever actually come on pelection day. p>> thank you very much, tom. prest of luck to you and the pother eight voters. pa total of nine people will be pcasting ballots in this years pelection. ptherefore republicans, one pundeclared and one republican. pjennifer: josh mcelveen is back pwith us now. pyou' ve been covering these pcandidates for over a year now. pat this what is this all coming oint, down to? pjosh: it comes down to getting pthe vote out. pthe trick is to be translated pinto huge rallies and getting
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pas we saw in iowa, it doesn' t palways translate to election day pcount. pchris christie, john kasich and pjeb bush, this is about porganizing their ground game, pidentifying their core support pand getting as many other people pto the polls is possible to get pout and vote. pthere are a lot on the prepublican side who will take a psecond look. ptom: republican presidential pcandidate donald trump had his pfamily by his side for tonight' s pfile rally in new hampshire with phis family by his side. pwmur' s jean mackin was at the pverizon wireless arena for the pevent, and joins us live now. pjean: crews are breaking down pthe stage right now. pdonald trump brought his family pup there with him for his final pnew hampshire rally here at the pverizon wireless arena in pmanchester.
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pit would end and ask them to get pto the polls tomorrow while he ptouched on themes like building pa wall, immigration, and pcurbing the influx of drugs into pnew hampshire. phe also used tonight' s rally to pthank his local campaign team, pnew hampshire veterans and olice officers, and yes his p-- he asked his family to pdeliver some words of thanks to pnew hampshire as well p>> just the energy, the penthusiasm, the spirit of the pcrowds here are amazing. pit really encourages us and pkeeps the momentum going. p>> we have something so special pgoing on. pyou have to go out and vote. pwe have to celebrate tomorrow pevening. pwe have to have a great victory. pjean: trump told his supporters phe' s aware the latest polls keep osition but he doesn' t want to ptake it for granted. phe is just batching sons around pnew hampshire tomorrow to
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pvoters. plive in manchester, jean mackin, pwmur news 9. psenator tez cruz had appearance pjennifer in raymond, barrington p: and manchester today. ptom: the texas republican won pthe iowa caucuses and spoke to pour shelley walcott about his pchances here. pshelley: the ted cruz faithful pbraved the snowy weather to see ptheir candidate, at the tuckaway ptavern in raymond. pthey along with reporters from paround the country listened pintently to the senator from ptexas, who' s polling third in pnew hampshire. pyou know donald trump is so far pand away ahead of you here. pyou beat him in iowa, how can pyou beat him here in new phampshire? p>> well listen, that' s going to pbe a question for the voters phere in new hampshire. pbut i think the question that pevery voter is asking, is who pcan i trust? pwe' ve see over and over again pcampaign conservatives, who talk pa good game. pbut they haven' t walked the pwalk. pand i believe what the american eople are looking for is a pconsistent conservative, someone pwho has been the same yesterday, ptoday and tomorrow. pshelley political pundits say p: cruz won iowa, with the help pof evangelical voters, not a
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phampshire. pbut he is counting on a pdifferent voting block to carry phim during tomorrow' s primary. p>> what is so encouraging is pthat we' re seeing the old reagan pcoalition coming together. pso we' re seeing conservatives pand evangelicals and plibertarians and reagan pdemocrats and young people all pcoming together. pwe saw that in iowa a week ago. pshelley: i' ve spent a lot of ptime with senator cruz over the plast couple of days. phe said that if elected resident, his priorities pinclude ending the persecution pof religious liberty, rebuilding pthe military and repealing pobamacare. plive in studio, i' m shelley pwalcott, wmur news 9. ptom: florida senator marco rubio phad his family along with him pas he wraps up his last day of pgranite state campaigning. pwmur' s jennifer crompton was at p>> his rally tonight in nashua. p>> this is it, the final event pof senator marco rubio' s new phampshire primary run, the rally phere at nashua community pcollege. phis 7th campaign stop monday,
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pvoters as possible, looking pfocused and clearly energized pwith his family at his side, phitting on his familiar themes pof rebuilding the military and ptalking about saving the pamerican dream. m the president, i pwill be the president of all pamericans, even those who do not plike me, even those who disagree pi will work every day to keep ptheir families safe. pi will also cut their taxes. pwe are going to make america pbetter for everyone. p>> senator rubio wrapped up this pfinal rally by thanking voters pand thanking new hampshire with pthe promise of being back in the pfall for the general election. preporting in nashua, jennifer pcrompton, wmur news 9. p>> vermont senator bernie psanders focused his efforts on prallying supporters today pencouraging them to go vote ptomorrow. ptom: wmur' s adam sexton was at pone of those rallies, and joins pus live now from manchester. padam: we' re live at manchester'
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pward 3 polling location pwhich will open up in just a few phours. pthis is key democratic territory pin the queen city. pa year ago this looked like pclinton country but tomorrow the olls say they' ll be feeling the pbern. p>> the eyes of america will be pon new hampshire. padam it' s crunch time, but p: neither the pressure nor the pspotlight is changing bernie psanders as he calls for an end pto low wages, mass pincarceration, and wall street pgreed. p>> public policies created those psituations; public policies can pchange those situations. padam a day of big rallies capped p: off the vermont senator' s pfirst-in-the-nation run. pken spilman brought his grandson pfor a chance to see bernie pbefore the primary' s all over. p>> obviously after we beat phillary tomorrow he' s going to phave to move on and we won' t get pto see him again. padam in derry the candidate p: didn' t even say i ask for your pvote, and probably didn' t have
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pmarching behind him. p>> tomorrow new hampshire can phelp lead this country in a very pdifferent direction in the pdirection of a political prevolution. padam: the senator has not been pto if uses are over the top on pthe process here but voters we pspoke with say that is part of pthe allure, he is not into pflattery. plive in manchester, adam sexton, pwmur news 9. ptom: hillary clinton had company pon the campaign trail today her phusband and former president pbill clinton, and her daughter pchelsea. p>> wmur' s amy coveno was at pclinton' s final campaign event ptonight and reports from hudson. pamy: as if on cue after a nearly pnon existant winter a psignificant storm is making ptravel tricky on this primary peve. pbut clearly a little snow didn' t pkeep supporters from packing the pgym here at alvirne high school pfor hillary clinton. p>> thank you for coming out in pthe snow.
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p: the primary season was star pstudded and high energy. pword spread of a probable shake pup in the clinton campaign after pnew hampshire just as campaign psurrogates like senator shaheen pwere modifying expectations to p' send hillary clinton' out of pnew hampshire with a surge of pmomentum' actually winning here pthis time is seeming out of preach. pin a one on one with news 9, pclinton reflected on the many ptrips to new hampshire over the plong primary season, learning pabout the opioid crisis and ptalked trustworthiness over pthose infamous emails. p>> i have to make it clear there pis nothing, i' m going to keep pforging ahead for the people i pwant to represent. pso i want as much transparency pand openness and put these pthings to bed and lets move on. p>> one thing clinton supporters pagree with senator bernie psanders on, both camps think the oll numbers are deceiving and pthis race will end up being much ptighter than anyone ever pthought. pwe' ll know by tomorrow.
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p9. ptom: more commitment 2016 pcoverage ahead. pwe are on the campaign trail pwith ohio governor john kasich pas he wraps up his new hampshire peffort. p>> jeb bush explains why the pfirst in the nation campaign has pbeen one of the most rewarding pexperiences of his life. pmike: will we see more snow as pthe week goes from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for
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saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
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p ptom: presidential candidates pused the last day before the new phampshire primary to try to preach undecided voters. pohio governor john kasich p>> wrapped up his day with a s pcountry store a mainstay on the pcampaign trail. pwmur' s suzanne roantree was pthere and joins us live now. psuzanne: during his campaigning phere in new hampshire, the ohio pgovernor has held more than 106 ptown halls. phe says the town halls have been pa great success here in the pgranite state and hopes it pays poff in tomorrows election kasich psays he has positive campaign phas people listening. p>> we have hundreds and hundreds pof volunteers.
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pthe country to help. eople here in new hampshire pthey tell me that they never pseen so many volunteers here in pthis state. p>> after the town hall in pmanchester kasich finished his p, campaigning today with a final pin stump at robies country store pin hooksett where a couple of phundred people braved the cold pand snow to cheer him on plive in hooksett sr wmur p. plive in hooksett sr wmur-- psuzanne roantree, wmur news 9. ptom: as andy hershberger preports, he continues to go pafter front runner donald trump. p>> bush sounded familiar themes ptoday in nashua, aggressively pgoing after donald trump and psaying he has a record of paccomplishments. pjeb bush knows there is not much ptime left to make his case to pnew hampshire voter so he pstarted his day in nashua, pspeaking to the local rotary pclub.
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phe went all in. phe said it' pmost rewarding experiences of phis life. p>> i' pthis has been the culmination of pa lot of hard work. pwe have 24 hours to go a little m pexcited about the progress we pmade. pjust sense at the end that eople are starting to make up ptheir minds which is good and we pseem to be doing well. pandy bush told the crowd that he p: sees himself as a unifier with pa record as a problem solver pgovernor of florida. pand he continued his barrage on pdonald trump. pmonday night in portsmouth. phe said no what happens on ptuesday, his campaign is in this pfor the long haul. pandy hershberger. pwmur news 9. ptom: new jersey governor chris pchristie also spent the day psouthern part of the state as he ushes onto the primary. s kristen carosa she pjoins us live from elm street in pmanchester with his message to pvoters today.
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pheld 4 town halls today trying pto connect with as many pundecided voters as he could psomething he has been focused pon. pchristie made stops in hampstead pand hudson, ending in manchester pwhere he spoke with people at a pcompany called dyn. pthere he highlighted his erformance at the recent gop pdebate over the weekend. pon saturday night, christie pattacked florida senator marco prubio saying that he doesn' t phave the experience to lead. pit' s something he continued to ptalk about at another town hall pin manchester tonight at the st. pgeorge greek orthodox church. pthis marked governor christie' s p80-th town hall. pand the last before the new phampshire primary. pat the end of it, christie took pa moment to ask everyone for ptheir vote one last time. p>> i want that job, not because pi need another title, i have lenty, governor, u.s. pattorney, son, brother, husband, pfather. pi have enough titles to last me pthe rest of my life. pi don' t need another one, i want pthis job because i love this pcountry and i don' t want to see
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pdown. pkristen: governor christie says phe has a flight booked to south pcarolina on wednesday morning pand he intends on being on it. plive in manchester, kristen pcarosa, wmur news 9 p>> now, mike haddad with your pstorm watch 9 forecast. pmike: time lapse at the coast pwhere it started off drive but pthe snow started to fly. psnow-covered roadways making for pslick travel and even though the psnow winds down during the povernight, it will be slippery pas you head out early tomorrow pmorning. pa couple of things happening as pthe storm pulls way off to the peast. pthe snow winds down in intensity pand shuts off almost completely pin the predawn hours. pthe winds are weakening as well. pa few breaks showing up off to pthe west and to the south in new phampshire in the snow on paverages light. pwhen you see the white returns
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psnow. pthe darker blues indicate pheavier bands. pwe don' pright now. pthere could be an additional pand up to 1.5 or two inches parthur north between now and p3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. poutside of that, the steady snow pcoming to an end. pwe cannot rule out a few pscattered flurries during rimary day tomorrow but on paverage, much quieter than the ast several hours. psteady snow lives from south to pnorth so that by daybreak ptomorrow, outside of a few pflurries mostly cloudy, the pwinds not all that bad and ptemperatures slightly above paverage. pthe case double -- occasional psnow showers will move out with pjust a scattering of flurries pthe rest of the day and possibly pcouple of breaks of sun. pthe next system moves in on pwednesday.
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pthat will be along the leading pedge of colder air that papproaches by the end of this pweek. ptemperatures have been holding psteady all night long, upper pteens to around 20. ptemperatures on mount washington phave been climbing sun. pit will not be a bitterly cold pday tomorrow, temperatures prunning right at average and the pwinds are shutting down. pthey have been cranking up poffshore with sees 20-40 feet pwell east of the new hampshire pcoast line. psome of that wave action could presult in some minor flooding, pmajor splash over and some psignificant beach erosion from phigh tides up in till 1:00 a.m. ptonight and until tomorrow pafternoon. ptemperatures seasonably cool pthroughout the day tomorrow, pupper teens and lower 20' s in pthe morning. pmidday mid to upper 20' s for psome, low 20' s to the north and pupper teens and lower 20' s by
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pa few flakes only thursday then pdeveloping partial sun. pnotice temperatures heading plower, back to the arctic zone pby friday, saturday, and sunday. pbut tomorrow is looking good. ptom: you' ve got to get out there pand vote. pjamie: i' m one of those 50% pundecided.
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the first job of a president isr to protect america. p our next president must ber prepared to lead. t i know jeb. i know his good heart and histstrong backbone. p jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the worldrtogether against terror. he knows when tough measurest must be taken. experience and judgment count intthe oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'llr keep our country safe. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. p we can make real progress, r right now for people p and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. p pjamie: 18,000 fans for this one pa sellout.
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psouth carolina in womens college phoops. pthe great brianna stewart with a plittle stop and go creates the pfoul and scores. p10 rebounds for her. pthen watch uconn beat the pgamecocks up the court with assing leads to an easy popportunity for morgan tuck, who pscores plus the foul 16 points. pthey win 66-64. pit was a white-out at lundholm pgym tonight,both outside with pthe snow and inside with the pfans as the unh wildcats took on ptheir america east rivals to the pnorth. pumaine. pthe black bears and the wildcats punh looking for the season psweep. pa big game for ronald jordan. pjordan had 25 points. punh wins 88-75. pthey improve to 14-9 this pyear. pdenver nuggets and brooklyn nets p, joe johnson gets the shot and pbanks it. pa three pointer for the
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pnot good news for the celtics. pchampionship game in the 64th pannual beanpot tournament. pout. pscoreless into overtime. pa quick wrister from up top, the pfirst 1-0 championship in pbeanpot history. psix titles in seven years for pthe eagles and 20 overall.
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there are many sides tor basketball star an p fashion icon russell westbrook.
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p he can find some new ones. t like, farmer. russell's brussels.trussell speaking. t paleontologist. t hashtag t-rex. t park ranger. t where am i? r and t.v. spokesperson. t that's my line. vi got it. with u.s. cellular, you can dorall the things you like, p from the middle of anywhere. tthat is my line! p ptom: wmur has every aspect of rimary day covered, from the pmoment the polls open until the pfinal votes are counted. pour coverage starts in less than p30 minutes with a live report as pdixville notch votes. pwe' re back at 5:00 a.m. pfor news 9 daybreak. p>> we' ll be bringing you live preports on air and online pthroughout the day, including p5:00 and 6:00. pour continuous coverage starts pat 8:00 tomorrow night, and pwe'
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pare declared. pthank you for joining us. ptom: we' ll be back at midnight pwith live coverage of the pmidnight voting in dixville pnotch.
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p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all comer to look for america i'm bernie sanders,


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