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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@it was amusing to me to watch @all your rat race. @now, this report says a strange @marriage including possible @domestic violence led a mother @to kill her two daughters and @then herself. @what happened in this idyllic @looking home in bedford rocked @the community. @today the attorney general's @office issued a report trying to @explain what led to the tragedy @here. @p>> the evidence demonstrates @that anina shot and killed her @children and then eventually @killed herself as well. @reporter: investigators in the @case spoke to nearly 50 @witnesses. @some told investigators there @was marriage trouble between the @russian immigrants and that nina @appeared depressed. @p>> primary factors which may @have influenced her decision @could have been her mental @health issues. @as well as marital issues. @reporter: the report details an @interview with one of the little @girls' teachers who was worried @the child was always late for @school. @the mom had had explained the
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@because of arguments at home. @the report says school officials @tried to help, but nina was @reluctant to accept. @p>> there is evidence which would @suggest that at least from @nina's perspective there were @march tell issues. @reporter: including possible @domestic abuse. @the report says that alexi had @moved into a different how, he @had gone to the bedford home @with a work crew the more than @of 'march 28, 2015 and found the @bodies of his wife and @daughters. @investigators say he has been @cleared of any involvement in @their deaths. @p>> alexi, the husband, has a @valid alibi, that the evidence @demonstrates. @he is not responsible for this, @there's only one person @responsible for the killing of @her children. @reporter: we did reach out to @alexi for his reaction to the @report, he was not available for @comment. @i'm shelley walcott, wmur news @9. @tom: new developments in the @search for answers in the murder
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@stewartstown girl, celina cass, @who vanished from her home in @2011, six days later her body @was recovered from the @connecticut river. @sources confirm that @hampshire state police major @crimes unit were at the home of @selena's stepfather, wendell @noyes on monday as part of this @ongoing investigation. @jennifer: to belmont now where @tonight police say a man escaped @from their custody. @officers arrested ryan @straightenberger for a fake @inspection sticker and misuse of @registration plates, but they @say they discovered much more @before he escaped from the @booking room. @suzanne roantree is live now @with more on this. @reporter: belmont police say @that the 35-year-old man of @laconia was arrested on route @106 for a routine traffic stop @and that was on tuesday night. @police say that straightenberger @who is a convicted felon was @taken into custody for false @plates.
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@in possession of a loaded 22 @caliber handgun, a double ended @knife, and a substantial amount @of narcotic drugs. @once me at the police station an @officer stepped out of the @booking room to gather arrest @paperwork, leaving him alone and @that's when he tried to escape. @p>> he eventually gets up and @walks out of the booking room, @although he was out of the @booking room for 11 seconds, he @did go to his car, the video @shows he was touching something @in his car before he was brought @back into the booking room. @reporter: police say later at @the county jail a large quantity @of narcotics drugs was found @concealed in his body. @and he faces five felony counts @including escape from custody. @he is being held on $100,000 @bail. @live in belmont, suzanne @roantree, wmur news 9. @tom: the shocking reality right @now in nashua. @jennifer: overdose calls have @quadrupled. @narcan is being used on a daily
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@tom: the chief says his @department is at wit's end @fighting the crisis. @amy coveno has that story. @reporter: good evening. @we're inside one of the @ambulances at a.m.r. here in @nashua. @this is the wonder drug narcan, @it is saving lives every day @here in the gate city. @but first responders tell us @tonight that the drugs on the @street right now are so strong, @in many cases they're having to @triple the dose to save an @overdose victim. @the reports are similar, @chilling, and coming in every @single day. @p>> where we arrive and find the @shower. @this particular patient was @being held by her boyfriend, @hotels us that he found her on @unresponsive. @reporter: the american medical @response ops manager is worried. @p>> we're continuing to see
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@really unabated. @if we're going to get it, it @goes right through here. @reporter: a.m.r. is using narcan @on a daily basis, and the nashua @police chief says the situation @is grim. @p>> the fentanyl is killing @people, and it's killing people @with the needle still in their @arm. @reporter: last their they had @nine overdose calls, this year @it's 35o.d. calls. @so far in year nashua has lost @three people to drug overdose. @and panthers officials are @reporting today the opioid death @toll is worse than they thought. @p>> that number has jumped 40% @and it's up to 96 drug related @overdose deaths in manchester in @2015. @reporter: one death every four @days in the queen city last @year. @fentanyl was present in over 70 @investigators. @p>> we're banging our head @against the wall and coming up @with newer and better ways to do @things and we're not even making @a debt in it.
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@they are under funded and under @staffed to fight the stream of @hampshire. @p>> all the help we can get, @because it is an absolute @epidemic. @reporter: the latest numbers @coming in from manchester police @just an hour ago, so far in year @they have responded to 58 @overdoses in the queen city. @nine of those have been fatal. @they are awaiting confirmation @from toxicology. @amy coveno. @jennifer: now to breaking news @president. @just hours after leaving new @hampshire, both carly fiorina @and governor chris christie have @ended their bids for the @republican nomination. @fiorina finished a disappointing @seventh, while christie finished @primary. @tom: tonight it appears that new @hampshire voters have set a @record at the polls, final @numbers will be official @tomorrow. @jennifer: josh mcelveen is mere @now with a closer look at the @turnout and the unique @perspective from an election @official from outside new
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@reporter: for all the knocks on @new hampshire for being too @small, too rural to hold a first @in the nation primary, voters @showed yesterday why this whole @state holds a special privilege @and showed the rest of the @engaged. @p>> because of a huge voter @turnout, and i say huge -- @we won. @reporter: bernie sanders was a @winner. @p>> oh, wow. @reporter: and so was donald @trump. @but a day after the election it @was new hampshire secretary of @state bill gardner who was @really beaming. @p>> it was a wonderful day across @the state. @reporter: after projecting a @report turnout last week, voters @held up their end of the deal @through long lines of traffic to @number of ballots cast, 600,000, @shattering the previous record @of 525,000. @p>> every town did a great job,
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@came together, like it usually @does. @p>> we have big elections in @kansas, but i have never seen @anything like merrimack, for @example, where i think people @are walking in about one person @every second. @reporter: she's secretary of @state in kansas, here for @primary week to work on an @unrelated project. @but after witnessing the voter @participation, he's convinced @that the first primary in the @nation -- @p>> i would rather have someone @grilling the candidates -- @reporter: when combined with @democratic and independent @voters, the overall tally will @easily break the record that was @set eight years ago. @josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. @tom: thanks, josh. @to store robberies just five @minutes apart.
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@during a robbery attempt and @then later police say another @store was hit, minutes after. @mike: a few scattered snow @showers over the next 24 hours, @but behind it the coldest air so @far of the season. @when it arrives and how long it @sticks around. @p>> and you've never seen fenway @park like this before, the big @air competition.
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@ @tom: at this hour, manchester @police are investigating two @armed robberies that happened @just minutes apart. @jennifer: take a look at this @video that was captured during @one of them, as the clerk fights @back, the suspect leaves empty @handed. @wmur's kristen carosa live now @with more on this. @reporter: the first one happened @here at 61 market, the suspect
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@wearing a mask, and demanded @cash. @the suspect also had a gun. @it was all caught on camera. @the convenience store clerk says @he was going to give them the @money but realized it wasn't a @real gun. @that's when he fought with the @suspect who got away without any @money. @p>> it's really having an effect @on everybody, small business, @families and everything, it's @just sad that people have to @come after people who work hard @for their money. @reporter: five minutes later @there was another armed robbery @on somerville street. @police say the suspect was @described in the exact same way @by both employees. @if you recognize this man, call @manchester police. @tom: legos are fast becoming as @popular with thieves as they are @with the kids. @in epping police say a man tried @to roll a cart out the door of @this wal-mart loaded with $900 @both of legos. @at this hour in concord police @are investigating two suspects @in a theft at toys r us.
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@because legos are expensive and @easy to sell online. @weather wise, a blast of cold @coming our way. @mike: yes, the coldest of the @season. @some might be excited for that @because it means more snow @making, but for many others you @probably don't want to it last @that long.
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@ @tom: a novel approach tonight to @offering a moment of reflection @on this ash wednesday. @jennifer: the episcopal church @of new hampshire offers ash toes @go, here in market square and @other locations, and people are @marking this first day of lent @with a share of prayer, then @place the ashes on foreheads. @p>> there are a lot of people who @would like to participate in a @service like this but because @they're working, they're bus any @the world, they can't. @and so we bring ashes to the @people. @it's getting out of the pews and @into the community. @jennifer: this is the third year @that new hampshire's episcopal @church has been offering ashes @to go. @mike: plenty of clouds through @the course of this day, although @some breaks of partial sunshine. @with a little disturbance moving @on through, some bands of snow @showers, flurries on and off @throughout the day.
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@but where you did get a dusting @of snow and it tended to met on @air roadways, keep in mind in @the next few hours as we go sub @freezing there had could be a @little of ice out, there mainly @black ice, but it's patchy and @not a widespread issue as i see @right now. @on radar, snow showers most of @them great north woods through @the white mountains. @a band tried to hold together @but didn't succeed, moving @towards the coastal plain. @so a scattering of light @flurries and snow showers from @dover through durham, all the @way back down to sale except @points east, that -- @salem and points east. @a few snow showers can't be @ruled out until about 9:00 this @evening. @to the north a different story. @on and off snow showers through @tomorrow morning and we could @see a general coating to @two-inch snowfall tonight with @the possibility of spot @three-inch amounts in the @highest elevations. @once that clears, mainly dry @early tomorrow morning, but then @another disturbance moves out of
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@along the leading edge of much @colder air that will build in @here for friday. @tomorrow a little bit colder @than today. @temperature wise ride now, very @close to the norm, right around @30, give or take a couple of @degrees. @fairly uniform temperatures. @overnight tonight not a big @temperature fall. @we'll hold between 15 and 22 @statewide. so tomorrow morning, @not a frigid start, but again @all that will change by early on @friday morning. @that's because an arctic blast @moves on in for the tail end of @the week and even colder air @upstream takes over by saturday @and sunday. @here it is, big cold pool in the @jet stream digging right towards @new hampshire for both saturday, @and on sunday it does lift out @quickly however for a warmup @early next week. that will be @accompanied by the next storm, @probably snow over to a mix of @rain sometime next tuesday. @snow thundershowers continue up @north for tonight, but notice by @late this evening it dries out @in southern and central new @hampshire, just a chance of a @few flurries in western areas,
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@even a squall tomorrow as a @disturbance moving through is a @little more intense than what we @had out there today, so that @squall chance with low @visibility can't be ruled out. @later on thursday night into @early friday it dries out, more @sun, and colder air. @temperatures may not get out of @the low 20's. @take a look at sky cast over @manchester for tonight, and @during the day tomorrow. @the clouds move on through, @could be a brif snow shower here @or there, but then partial @sunshine early tomorrow morning, @clouds tend to fill back in at @any time from mid morning right @through the rest of the day. @could be that snow shower or @brief squall, but also in @between some partial sun. @notice highs tomorrow colder @than today, 20 north, upper @20s near 30 far south and @east, but then moving beyond @that into friday, even colder, @highs only near 13 or 14 along @the canadian border, lower 20's @in southern new hampshire, and @then the true arctic cold builds @in for the weekend, accompanied @by gusty winds after an early
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@wind chills may not get above @zero, both days over the @weekend. @we do warm up early next week @with the next storm coming in @sometime on tuesday. @snow likely going over to a mix @or some rain as, believe it or @not, after dropping below zero @statewide saturday night we have @to talk about a mix as it warms @up above freezing by tuesday. @tom: political season is over, @you get all your tile back. @p>> thank you very much, we'll go @to fenway park first, big air, @we've never seen anything like
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@ @jamie: this will be something @new at fenway park, no doubt, @polar tech big air is a u.s. @grand prix tour event for @scweers and snow boarders, @tomorrow and friday night and @features olympic gold medal @winners. @the jump, 140 high. @women's big air, one of the new @events, added to the 2018 winter @olympics. @celtics looking to rebound @tonight, their four-game win @streak was stopped in milwaukee @last night. @the clippers come calling in @boston at 7:30. @what a tough way to lose last @night's game, tough way to end @it, tied at 111 with one second @to go. @avery bradley was call forward a @reaching foul. so instead of @going to overtime the bucks were @able to win with a free throw.
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@boston bruins hosted the l.a. @kings last night and the kings @walked all over them in their @ugly old-time uniforms. @a 9-2 win by l.a. @former bruin milan lucic made @his return as a member of the @kings, he scored right there. @dustin brown, king and lewis @also scored. @b's will have to put this one @behind them. @they skate at the winnipeg jets @thursday night. @manchester monarchs are on their @all-star break, but when they @come back next week they will @have a new and really good @player on the team. @it's former u.n.h. hockey @captain matt fornitaro, he's @been playing in sweden and @austria over the last few years, @but his young family is growing @and he wanted to come back home, @and that means new hampshire. @p>> i got a young daughter now @and another one on the way. @so it was getting tougher and @tougher to move the family all
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@family and christmases and @things like that. @so it just, getting older and @trying to think about not just @myself but my family, and this @opportunity came up and like i @said i'm really excited about @it. @background there. @headed down i-95 right now, or @it should be, the red sox @equipment truck left fenway park @today, bound for fort myers and @spring training. @this is the first time the @baseball season is on the way, @over 20,000 baseballs, 1100 @bats. @20 cases of gum and 60 cases of @sun flower seeds. @just full of spring, that truck. @jennifer: that gives us hope @that one day we'll get there @too. @right now on, go behind @the scenes here at wmur to see @how we put together our primary @night coverage. @we have a slide show of pictures @from inside our newsroom, and @then out at campaign events to @show you exactly what you don't
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@tom: we'll see you back here @tonight right after "american
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