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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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32-degree mark. but even though they've been rising, they're still well below 32, holding in the upper teens to around 20. we've seen a batch of very light snow move in over the past couple hours, from a dusting to a half inch in many spots from the lakes region points south. from the lakes region to the mount washington valley, that's where this first batch is continuing to produce steady light snow, but just flurries to the south. connecticut, rhode island, points south, that's where the steady batch from this next inroads. and i would say along about 7:00 along the mass-new hampshire border to shortly after 8:00 or 9:00 in the lakes region, that's when the snow will begin to pick up. but to the out of the there's a mix. notice right around midnight, already starting to see that change to sleet and freezing rain over extreme southern parts of new hampshire. what about the rest of the state, how much snow do we get before that happens, and how
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temperatures actually go on tuesday? all of that straight ahead. tom: tonight officials are saying a business owner thawing his pipe with a heat gun cautioned a fire on south will will street in manchester. frozen pipes have been a problem plaguing granite staters over the last few days and now officials are warning people to call a professional to deal with the problem. mike cronin has the details. reporter: tom, the chief says it was hard to put out this fire on will will street because firefighters had to fight it through four ceilings, including a concrete roof. firefighters say that the owner of abbott machine company saw he had frozen pipes in his bathroom and tried to thaw them ought with an electric heat gun, but that caused the fire. the building's insulation caught fire and it spread to the roof. crews had it under control within about two hours. the chief cautions people to be recareful in these types of situations.
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plumber in instances like this. use extreme care. reporter: no one was injured in the fire, it's unclear exactly how much damage was done to the building. live in manchester, mike cronin, wmur news 9. jean: we've already receive a file closings and delays for tomorrow, for a complete list head over to our website, right now in franklin, parts of the city are without water after a water main break. police say west bow street from glen to central street do not have water at this hour. crews there in franklin are working to repair the break. police say they're not sure how quickly that will happen. tom: tonight the aerial tram way system up at cannon mountain is still closed, this after a problem caused the cars to stop mid air yesterday, suspended above the ground with dozens of people stuck on board, as you can see here, and it may be a
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wurp's suzanne roantree is live in franconia with the details. reporter: tonight the motor for cannon's tram is on the way to be fixed, leaving the tram temporarily closed. things came to a sudden halt about 1:50 on sunday afternoon, that's when two tram cars at unexpectedly. 41 people were suspended about 40 feet off the ground, in the bottom car, while seven others were on board the upper tram about 75 feet aaway from the summit with little protection. blankets were sent up to the seven people in the upper car to keep them warm, but mechanics say they don't believe the bitter cold temperatures on sunday were to blame for the failure. courtney was in the lower tram, as the ski patrol and firefighter started the evacuations. >> we had had an infant on board that was in need of an extra layer, so i gave my jacket to her, and the family, and then
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the tram, that was another piece of me that i gave to ensure them that they were in the right hands. reporter: officials say no one was injured during the incident and they hope to have the tram up and running in the next few days. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jean: new developments tonight in the case of an infant death that happened back in october. the attorney general's office and manchester police are now looking for information from neighbors on kimball street near where the newborn was found dead. wmur's shelley walcott is live with the developments. shelley: jean, authorities are still trying to figure out what exactly led to this baby's death. the three-week old girl was found on october 30, 2015, officers were called to 341 kimball street in manchester, where the baby lived with her 30-year-old mother stephanie camalo. they found the baby's body inside a bedroom. investigators say day need more information.
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complete an autopsy as well as a toxicology report, but there are still more questions that need to be answered. so we're asking for anybody who was around 341 kimball street around october, november last year, to give the manchester police department a call. reporter: people can also leave an anonymous tip by calling the manchester crime line. 624-4040. and you can also leave an anonymous tip on the website, manchester crime i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. tom: tonight a farmington man facing felony charges after police say he held a gun to his girlfriend's head. farmington police say ivan gagne got into a fight with his girlfriend, grabbed her around the neck, put a gun to her face, when officers arrived gagne allegedly jumped out it a window and ran off. he was charged with criminal threatening among other charges.
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tonight the new hampshire republican party is on the attack and it's on behalf of the democratic primary winner bernie sanders. the new hampshire g.o.p. is just one of several groups calling on democratic super delegates to follow the will of the people. josh mcelveen is here to explain. josh: so bernie sanders lost iowa by the slimmest of marriage ins, he clobbered hillary clinton in new hampshire by 22 points. but ultimately it's the democratic delegates who will choose their nominee and right now hillary clinton has a big advantage over sanders regardless of what the voters have to say. it's not a lot of common ground between new hampshire republicans and self described democratic socialist bernie sanders. but on this point the nhgop has the store's back in the form of an online petition. >> there's nothing fair or democratic about a system where bernie sanders beats hillary clinton by over 20 points and leaves our state with the same number of delegates. josh: that's because unlike the republican party democrats are
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party officials or leaders who each have muscle equal to 10,000 ballots in new hampshire, but are not bound by election results. >> it's a corrupt system that allows for party insiders to influence the outcome and overturn even the results of the voice of the people. >> it's silliness, but it's obviously they know they have a problem in november, so they're trying to unsuccessfully drive a wedge amongst democrats in new hampshire. josh: sullivan points to history. in 2008 clinton won the primary but at the convention all the delegates went with the event you nominee, barack obama. john kerry also got unanimous delegate support, despite his split vote in new hampshire. >> in new hampshire we have a tradition at the convention where all the new hampshire democrats in our delegation vote unanimously for the nominee of the party. josh: but in a psych they'll has seen its share of never been seen befores, things could be close to the convention and
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dismiss the popular vote and support who ever they want. another super delegate is governor hassan and she would only say that the convention i a long way off. >> i continue to support hillary clinton as president. i also know that new hampshire democratic delegates have a strong tradition, once we get to a convention we end up casting a unified vote. i expect that to be the case in this election, too. josh: ray buckley is also a super delegate and he released a statement saying, the nhgop stun reeks of desperation, and saying we look forward to trouncing trump up and down the platt in november. tom: also new tonight -- jean: a korean war veteran receives a special honor, the awarm he was given directly from a south korean government. mike: temperatures heading higher over the next 24 hours and that means snow eventually goes over to a mix and even some rain. what follows for the rest of the week coming up.
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jean: tonight a distinguished honor for a korean war veteran from goffstown. tom: he was on the front lines for more than a year, the korean government wanted to say thank you in a special medal, but for several reasons he missed out. andy hershberger shows us how that changed. reporter: it's been a long journey for this medal to finally land around the neck of 83-year-old korean war veteran charles desalt. >> we cherish it in our hearts. the memory of your sacrifices in
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reporter: desalt was in the combat infantry from 1953 to 54. it was during that time that korean government established the republic of korea war service medal. but u.s. servicemen were barred from wearing medals issued by another country. the defense department changed that in 1999. >> i never expected really anything, you know, like this here. so it's a big vice for me. reporter: the korean government reissued the medal for one year only between 2012 and 2013, when about 200 new hampshire veterans were recognized. but it wasn't until recently that a care giver for dusalt realized he was eligible too. the organization contacted the korean government who made an exception for one more medal. >> he never was one to brag about being in the service, in fact he never really wanted to say much of anything. reporter: charles says he's
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reasons he did it. >> i figured my country needed me to try to help somebody else, you know, so they could be free also. reporter: recognition for service and sacrifice that is well appreciated and long overdue. in goffstown, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: we salute you, charlie. so we've got some mix of mess tonight. mike: that's pretty much it, mix and mess, those are the two m's out there tonight. we've got changes, snow, sleet,
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tom: tonight as that storm begins to move in, temperatures we're told will start to skyrocket. jean: by tomorrow that could be in the 50's. meteorologist josh judge is live in concord with a look at the big temperature swing on the horizon. josh: it's amazing, jean and tom. the temperature here yesterday morning here right in concord was 40 below zero. that was the wind chill factor. and that was the feels-like temperature. take a look at it on this map here, 40 degrees below zero. we had a huge turn around even to today where it made it up to about 20 or so degrees in concord, and tomorrow an even bigger temperature swing will be on the way as we project
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in concord around the upper 40's, perhaps near 50 with enough warmth making its way here. that's the difference of an amazing 85 to 90 degrees between yesterday morning and tomorrow, for what it will feel like. if you got on an airplane from concord right now where it's 19 degrees, and flew down to florida, you still would have a difference of about 51 degrees, that's the difference from concord to florida, 51 degrees. and the difference from yesterday to tomorrow will be almost 90 degrees. that's how amazing this temperature swing is. but there's also something else coming aalong with the temperature swing, there's a few light snow flurries around here. and there's more on the way, mike haddad has details on that and what else accompanies it. mike: we're going to see a changeover to sleet and freezing rain later tonight and into a overnight.
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commute was dry, but in the last couple hours a dusting of snow making roads a little slick in a few spots. the air temperatures, as josh just mentioned, well below that frozing mark. so right now a batch of light snow making its way in from southern parts of new england in towards new hampshire in the last hour or two, this is in advance of the storm, that is developing to our south. so there's a scattering of light snow showers, may add up, another dusting in a few spots over towards the coastline, lakes region points north, possibly an additional half inch between now and 6:30 or 7:00. all of that clears and then we track the you the storm. the leading end of it now making inroads in parts of massachusetts, and will make it to the lakes region near 8:30, and farther northern by 10:00, 10:30. beyond that it gets fricke. steady snow accumulates, a few inches, lower amounts far southern parts of the state. higher amounts lakes region and
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but shortly after midnight enough warm air creeps in at mid levels so we see a changeover to sleet. then precipitation will taper off, but by then we're near freezing, so scattered rain or freezing rain showers for the morning commute, even as far north as the heart of the white mountains of any snow on the canadian border starting to go over to a light mix of sleet, freezing rain and rain showers. then steadier rain showers redevelop later in the day and a heavy slug of downpours moves in during the early part of the evening, and should clear quickly later tomorrow night, right back interest developing sun as we go into the day on wednesday. a general one to three-inch snowfall just south of manchester. notice with temperatures well below freezing, eve 2010 we start to see that transition to sleet and rain, it will still be below 32 degrees.
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the coast, mid 30's in nashua and slowly jumping above freezing by the end of the morning commute. so a snowy scenario in manchester, overcast skies give way to snow again, will make the roads slick right through the first part of the overnight. then it's that changeover to sleet and freezing rain and that means it will be real tricky on the roads until we warm up above 32. when does that happen? during the course of the morning commute. so i think the first and middle part of the morning commute will be real tough. end of the commute through midday will see the most dramatic improvement on the roads. in the afternoon it will be well above freezing with scattered rain showers, heavier downhours, upper 40's near 50, a little cooler, but please anally so on wednesday. thursday a few flurries and maybe another bout of snow. doesn't look like a big storm, but unsettled for the start of the weekend. tom: thank you. jamie? jamie: have you watched the nba all-star game last night, you know there was no defense played in this thing.
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jamie: it will be a quiet week for boston sports. celtics on their all-star break until friday. bruins are on the road, they skate in columbus tomorrow night and in nashville on thursday. the nba all-star game held in toronto last night, isaiah thomas the only member of the
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had 19 minutes played. no defense at all. west wins 196-173. a return from injury for micaela shiffrin, she grew up in lyme new hampshire, suffered a knee injury in december and looked like she might be out for the season, but she's back and picked up where she left off, her 18th career world cup win. high school hockey, the bobcats against the spartans in hooksett. pembroke in white. sophomore matt trendably skates off the right side. worked once, let's do it again says tremblay. otherwise tir river trying to
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right now third perfect, 4-2 oyster river leading. monarchs had a memorable day, they visited with sick children, every time they visit chad, all the players in their first year with the new league, so this was their first visit to chad. the players were a hit with everybody, but it was max who stole the show. national college hockey rangings for this week, quinnipiac number one. dartmouth at number 24. what a seamless transition for the 24 car, jeff gordon retired last noovment chase elliott wins the pole for the daytona 500. seamless transition for the 24 car. jean: way to go. thanks, jamie. we hope you'll tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" followng "world news." tom: have a great
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breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia, all the way up to maine. trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. and epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor. the scare in the air.
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