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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> we think it' s a step in the right direction. shelley: now at 11:00, the plan to target the opioid crisis by putting new limits on doctors. why the president says it' s not the right answer. mike: quiet for now, but an unsettled stretch is about to take over. when snow, ice, and rain move in. tom: plus, salem' s finance director is off the job. what police say she did on her lunch break, that now has her facing criminal charges. shelley: also, the wife of comedian bill cosby faces tough questions from attorneys. why a full day behind closed doors only resulted in a couple hours of answers. tom: and, surveillance video shows robbers forcing three restaurant employees into the freezer. how long before they were able to get out. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. tom: new hampshire' s drug
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stage in washington today as the nation' s governors try to rein in rampant heroin and fentanyl abuse. good evening, i' m tom giffith. shelley: and i' m shelley walcott. chief executives from all 50 states are endorsing a plan to boost prescription drug monitoring programs to prevent over-prescription. tom: that move getting a thumbs up tonight from local treatment providers. wmur political reporter adam sexton joins us now to explain. adam: at serenity place they estimate 70% of the people who come in the door seeking treatment started their path to addiction with a prescription from a doctor. they say it makes sense to focus more attention on that part of the problem. while first responders and the treatment community are working harder than ever to combat the heroin and fentanyl epidemic progress remains hard to come by. >> it' s getting worse here in new hampshire, more specifically right here in manchester. but stephanie bergeron of serenity place in manchester is encouraged by consensus coming
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association winter meetings in washington. that' s where the top leaders of the states are backing the adoption of national standards for the prescription of opioid painkillers. >> we know that this is probably one of the main sources of the epidemic we' re seeing right now is the overprescription of opioids and to take a step like this could really make a difference. adam in a phone interview from : washington governor maggie hassan said national standards would naturally limit the supply of painkillers being handed out to the public. >> particularly how many doses of an opioid can be prescribed for a particular type of procedure. adam while there has been : pushback against this concept people on the treatment side see it as a positive step but just one part of a wider battle. >> it' s got to be everyone, all hands on deck right now at the federal level and at the local level. adam: but today president obama expressed skepticism about limits for painkiller prescriptions saying that won'
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solve the problem and that in some cases, addiction is already there. adam sexton wmur news 9. shelley: tomorrow in massachusetts, a new law takes a effect making the trafficking of fentanyl illegal. the goal of the law is to help authorities get the drug off the streets. anyone caught with more than 10 grams faces 20 years in state prison. fentanyl is commonly mixed with heroin and can be deadly even in very low doses. tom: it was a sunny and calm day across the granite state. live look right now in manchester where it is 28 degrees. temperatures will fall throughout the night but when could we see a wintry mess move in? chief meteorologist mike haddad is here with the forecast. mike: still about four weeks to go in winter, and were starting to see the cooler rollback in, i berlin and 28 in manchester.
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the air mass is cold but not a let frigid. just cold enough that when you see that rain down to the south, when it arrives tomorrow night it will be in the form of snow and then we see a changeover to some freezing rain. notice on the to cast, a few scattered flurries but then occasional light snow develops, just enough to make the roads slick. on wednesday you don' t see just all green or all blue. it' s all snow or all rain. it' s that messy, icy mix with a touch of sleet and freezing rain. shelley: salem' s finance director is on paid administrative leave tonight after she was arrested on a shoplifting charge. now we' ve learned the town will review it' s own accounts as part of its internal investigation. our jean mackin joins us live with what police say was stolen. jean: police say the finance director left macy' s with nearly $600 worth of items that she didn' t pay for police say it
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s finance director was on her lunch break friday when loss prevention personnel from macy' s at the mall at rockingham park stopped her outside the store. salem police say they observed the female conceal eleven items, totaling $591.00, and leave the store without paying for the items. back at the office, town manager received a phone call. >> actually, i got a call on my cell phone letting me know the arrest had been made and what the alleged crime was. it was devastating. not news you want to get on a friday afternoon. jean: prosecutors from outside the town will handle the case to avoid any conflict of interest. jane savastano was placed on paid administrative leave and released on $1000 bail. she' s been serving as salem' s finance director since 2005, earning about $118,000 a year monitoring revenue and spending but not writing checks for the town.
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launch a forensic audit looking into town accounts. the town manager says fellow employees are stunned by the arrest. >> devastating news, we' re all shocked, disappointed. we feel for her and her family at this time, but again, we need to do what' s right for the organization, the community, the taxpayer. jean: a fellow employee is stepping in as acting finance director during the investigation. live in the newsroom, jean mackin, wmur news 9. tom: two manchester now, this man is facing burglary charges after a homeowner tackled him. manchester police say the homeowner found tobiah scott hiding in his basement on notre dame avenue last night. scott allegedly tried to escape but the owner tried to stop him from leaving. arriving officers found the two wrestling. in keene, the internet crimes against children unit looking into a case involving the internet site ' meet-me. 29-year-old henry stebbins of troy is facing a falsifying
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stebbins meet-me account was allegedly used to engage in online chats describing sexual contact with a child. the evidence charge stems from his removal of his cellphone from his home in troy but other felony charges are anticipated. shelley: a long day of questioning under oath is over for bill cosby' s wife camille. under heavy security at a hotel in springfield massachusetts, she was deposed in the defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who say the comedian sexually assaulted them. an attorney representing seven women is suing bill cosby for this case the battle over credibility. s concerned with who is telling the truth. is it the 7 ladies that we represent, or is it mr. cosby? s wife was called to testify under oath in claim the comedian sexually assaulted them, including windham resident kristina
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she says cosby falsely accused her of lying when she came forward last year and accused him of raping her. attorneys say cosby' s wife could provide crucial testimony in this case. >> she' s his wife. she has the ability to live with him, be with him, understand the nature and extent of his and i don' t mean that in a nefarious way, just who he associates with. shelley: the lawsuit filed in federal court in springfield massachusetts seeks unspecified damages. the plaintiffs' attorney joe cammarata said the entire process took about 7 hours. but mrs. cosby spent only about 2 1/2 hours testifying, after her lawyers repeatedly objected to questions. >> she was someone that was reserved and i got the sense that she really didn' t want to be there. shelley: bill cosby, who has
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for decades, has denied the women' s accusations, and has not been criminally charged. the statute of limitations in most of the cases, has expired. >> our clients remain resolute in their belief that at the end of the day, the jury will restore to them their good name and reputation. shelley: attorneys for cosby did not comment today. camille cosby' s deposition is not yet complete. it will resume, march 14. the exact location has not yet been announced. tom: authorities are looking for two robbery suspects accused , forcing workers at a massachusetts chipotle into a freezer. dartmouth police say it happened late last night. surveillance video shows one suspect forcing three employees into the freezer. the second suspect pulls a gun on two other workers. police say the manager fought with the gunman before running from the restaurant to a business across the street. >> the thing was the most concerning to us was the fact
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possibility of two firearms thankfully nobody hurt. but obviously the employees that were affected by this they were really shaken up by the whole incident. tom: the employees were only inside the freezer for about 2 to 3 minutes. police say the gunmen made off with about $300. shelley: tonight at the t.d. garden, the boston bruins honoring first responders. one honoree is mbta transit sergeant dic donohue was wounded during the watertown shootout after the bombings. tonight donohue dropped the ceremonial puck. donohue is retiring from law enforcement because of his injuries. the boston fire department acapella quarter sang the national anthem. a nice honor for him. tom: makers of the gun used in the sandy hook shooting fighting back against a wrongful death lawsuit. coming up on news 9 tonight. shelley: why the families of some victims say the gunman knew exactly what he was doing by using their rifle. tom: and, uber complaints up
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in michigan. what police say the suspect did in between killings. mike: dry for now, but snow,
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shelley: republican presidential candidate ted cruz asking his campaign spokesperson to step down. cruz asked rick tyler to resign for allegedly spreading a story that falsely alleged that marco rubio insulted the bible. the texas senator says tyler deleted a tweet about the story once he found out it was false. the maker of the rifle used in the sandy hook shooting is trying to get a wrongful death lawsuit dismissed. tom: in a hearing today, a connecticut judge heard arguments from freedom group, the parent company of bushmaster firearms. the lawsuit was filed by families of some of the victims. the judge did not issue an immediate ruling. victims' families say the shooter chose the ar-15 for a reason. >> he chose the ar-15 because he was aware of how many shots it could get out, how lethal it was, how it was designed, that it would serve his objective of killing as many people as possible in the shortest time possible. tom: the company says it is protected by a 2005 federal law
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most lawsuits for how criminals use their products. 26 people were killed in the 2012 shooting. shelley: tonight, uber is receiving an influx of complaints about the michigan man accused of killing six people randomly over the weekend. police say jason dalton went on a shooting rampage in the middle of his shift as an uber driver. abc's elizabeth hur has more on his court appearance today. elizabeth jason dalton a : 45-year-old man with no previous criminal record is now charged with six murders. >> are you jason brian dalton? yes. >>yes. elizabeth: the uber driver turned accused killer appeared before a judge via video. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time. >> i would prefer just to remain silent. >> there was a search warrant executed at his house there was additional evidence recovered there. elizabeth uber confirming dalton : passed a background check. what set him off, police don' t know.
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as cold. this was not a, just a momentary lapse. we have one confirmed victim >>we have one confirmed victim right now. elizabeth in all dalton stands : accused of shooting 8 people at 3 different locations in kalamazoo, michigan saturday killing 6 and injuring 2. dalton reportedly picking up passengers in between the shootings. >> we were driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and when we came to a stop, i jumped out the car and ran away. >> matt mellen says he called 911 after that frightening ride with dalton, that was about an hour before the first shooting and this man who asked that we don' t identify him says he was one of dalton' s customers during the rampage. >> i half heartedly joked at him and said you' re not the shooter are you? and he said no. >> dalton' s family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry and that they are praying for everyone affected. dalton' s next court date is set for march 3.
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york. tom: the teen critically hurt in the helicopter crash last week in hawaii has died. the 16-year-old and 3 family members were visiting from canada when the tour chopper crashed into water near the pearl harbor visitors center thursday. two family members remain in the hospital in stable condition, the third was treated and released. federal investigators are working to figure out what happened. shelley: president obama is officially asking congress for $1.9 billion to fight the spread of the zika virus. he is also requesting to use a portion of funds leftover from the 20-14 ebola fight. house republicans told the white house that the quickest way to get money to fight zika would be to use some of the more than $2 billion in unobligated ebola funding. hpv rates have dropped since the introduction of a vaccine in 2006. new numbers from the cdc shows the biggest drop among young women. for 14 to 19-year-olds there was
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a slightly smaller drop for women 20-24 and virtually no change for woman older than 25. the cdc recommends the 3-dose hpv vaccine for girls and boys who are 11 to 12-years-old. tom: i took a nice, long bicycle ride today, which is rather rare or everywhere it. mike: take advantage of it, and why not go for a bike ride by the light of the moon? a full snow moon, there is, really named. the snowiest month of the calendar year, february. in the last three february' s combined, try 10 feet of snow in concord. over the last three february. an amazing amount of snow. nothing out there right now because the snow has been melting due to very warm temperatures over the last few weeks and especially over the
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today still well above reason, up to 39. nowhere close to the record of 67, set back in 1997. single-digit' s north, teens and lower 20' s elsewhere. a few upper 20' s still hanging on in manchester and along the coast. a big temperature change from this time last night. up to 22 degrees lower, so the cool air making inroads across new hampshire. by morning, single digits above and 10-12 in the lakes region. teens elsewhere from rochester back to manchester and along the coastline. cold air is working in but not unseasonably cold, no are chill to be found. temperatures over the border not s going hampshire. it' s just cold enough so when the next storm developing to the south moves in, it will be snow
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stubborn cold air at the surface flow to retreat out of here. that' s due to a surface wind coming out of the north and that means instead of plain rain everywhere we may see light to moderate freezing rain at times. this will begin early on wednesday, not tomorrow or tomorrow night. tomorrow increasing clouds, maybe a few flurries late. tomorrow evening light snow develop so the roads will turn slick. it tapers off and changes to like freezing rain with a few pockets of wet snow in the mountains of the north. on wednesday the heavy stuff begins to approach and muhsin towards evening but notice even though there are elements of yellow and green colors all over the place, focus on these elements of pink right in here through the white mountains and a few more down through the lake sunapee stretch into the monadnock region. that means there' s an of cold air hanging around in the
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pockets of icing. then all the heavy rain leaves the south. after it chilly 30' s for wednesday, 50' s take over on thursday. s snowing in buffalo and toronto. that means the cool air will so a lot of changes coming in. sunshine giving away to clouds tomorrow, light snow tomorrow night that occasional light freezing and light rain on wednesday. freezing rain continuing into wednesday night as the precipitation increases. once that clears midmorning the winds finally turnaround to the south and drive the temperatures s, then we cool down. then a dry unseasonably chilly weekend is on the way. before the weekend so many
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jamie the celtics and bruins : were both in action tonight. let's begin with the c' s, taking on the karl anthony towns and the up and coming minnesota timberwolves. a couple of young, improving teams in this one. first quarter, towns spins off the block and knocks down the turnaround jumper score, 26-15 timber wolves. jae crowder misses the lay up in transition, but marcus smart is
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minnesota still up 10. kevin martin taps the ball ahead second quarter, to shabazz muhammad on the break for the slam 47-41. then karl-anthony towns buries a three from the corner. 28 points, 13 rebounds. at the half, minnesota up 59-53. celts trying to get back in it. marcus smart posts up inside, and scores easily. cuts the lead to 12. isiah thomas drives and scores. 18 points, nine assists. boston answers 15 seconds later. torey krug' s shot is redirected by loui eriksson, 1-1 after one. 2-1 columbus in the second. boston answers quickly again. joe morrow' s blast is redirected by matt belesky, 2-2.
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net. scott hartnell deflects it past gustavsson. 4-2 columbus after two. third period, belesky gets his second of the game, redirects kevan millers shot, 4-3. but the blue jackets just kept coming. brandon saad scores on the rebound, 5-3 columbus. that was the eventual game-winner. eriksson got his second of the game with the goalie pulled, but the blue jackets added an empty netter. columbus wins 6-4. the bruins host pittsburgh on wednesday. boys hockey, central against saint thomas in dover. the saints in the white sweaters, but it' s central that strikes first. cody lappas with a blast from the point, 1-0 central. looking for more, bowen bilodeau takes the shot, but a nice pad save by aiden mcloughlin. lappas had 3 goals and two assists for central, little green win on the road 6-1. the gym at newmarket hs flooded and was ruined in december so all of the mules practices and games are on the road, including tonight in exeter, where they
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eagles in red. drew mccormack worknig down low. can't get the turnaround to go, but paul staude is there for the putback and the foul. for the mules, anthony somersworth is open, and he drains the 3 pointer. how about this effort from kyiani lafleur. drives thru the lane and hits the off balance shot. he wanted the foul call as well, but didn' t get it. 46-36 portsmouth christian had the lead. cam jordan drives and dishes to craig hounam for the layup inside. newmarket knocks off previously undefeated portsmouth christian, 64-60. one of the best coaching jobs in womens college hockey is now open. mark hudak is retiring after 18 years with the dartmouth big green, and the last 13 as the head coach. he led the green to 8 ncaa tournaments, and 2 trips to the frozen four. spring training 2016. all of the red sox are in florida, taking their swings and getting the arms loostened up. as nice as it is in new hampshire, it is really nice in fort myers. it was 81 degrees late this
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david ortiz is already there. >> he' s ready. right after the season my wife and i went to italy so we we were talking about a lot of i' upset it' s his last year, but it through everything and what he' s done in his career is pretty special. jamie: they will share his final season. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. shelley: even state police k 9' s need to have some fun. coming up, we take a look at how
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tom: most dogs love chasing their tails but what about a water hose? shelley: check out vermont state police k-9 max just hosing around. vermont state police sharing this hysterical video of max having some fun this weekend chasing the hose as troopers washed their cruisers. he got plenty of exercise in, chasing that stream of water. he'
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mike: changes for the weather, so be ready. tom cole and thanks for joining
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - aaron paul. from "crazy ex-girlfriend" rachel bloom. and it's mash-up monday with music from kceelo & the sunshine band. with cleto and the cletones. and now, nice and easy, here's


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