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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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@that fell just hours ago. @and now we are bracing for a big @jump in temperature. @good evening, everyone, i'm jean @mackin. @tom: and i'm tom griffith. @the entire state is getting @soaked right now and it's going @to stay soggy all night. @let's check in with chief @meteorologist mike haddad. @mike: we've been talking about @snow, freezing rain, and now a @soaking rain with cool @temperatures, but just above @freezing in many spots which is @good news if you've been @traveling on area roads today. @most of the main roads treated @are just wet. @watch out for ponding over the @next several hours. @but you notice some white and @blue, indicating the snow that @fell earlier, a coating to two @inches. @now primarily rain. @however temperatures are still @near 32 in a few spots, so we do @have the winter weather advisory @in effect for northen and @central new hampshire through @this evening. @jaffrey at 33, plymouth 34. @just before freezing, but a @couple pockets here or there are
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@once that batch of rain moves @through by mid evening take a @look at those tropical downpours @developing in the mid atlantic @state, approaching d.c., some @embedded thunderstorms in there @and they are moving in our @direction. @can't rule out a rare february @thunderstorm, as we go through @late this evening and overnight. @but that will be accompanied by @spring warmth. @how warm does it get overnight @into early tomorrow and how @about more changes for the rest @of the the week, that's ahead. @tom: and this mild weather means @that not only are snowmobile @trace closed, memberships are @dropping. @new hampshire shares the money @from snowmobile registrations @with clubs so they can buy @things like grooming equipment. @but it also means that the @year. @the d.o.t. says its crews are @still hard at work treating the @highways, even with relatively
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@adam sexton is in hooksett @tonight and this relatively mild @winter could result in a snow @budget surplus, i guess. @reporter: that's right, tom. @we don't want to jinx anything, @even with days like today it @looks like this is definitely a @mild february for sure. @you can see at their shed in @hooksett they still have a @deployed. @the residents figures from bill @boynton. @last year the state had plowed @through $36.5 million in its @winter road budget. @so far this season it's only @spent $24.5 million, that's a @third less compared to 2014-15. @however, that doesn't mean there @isn't a lot of work being done. @this year has had its fair share @of event that still require a @lot of attention. @p>> today is a good example, we @only had one to two inches, yet
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@will probably be out all evening @as the temperatures drop. @reporter: it appears as though @the state will have a snow @budget surplus. @coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you @what d.o.t. would like to do @with those extra funds if they @have them. @jean: a man from somersworth is @accused of targeting his own @father during a home invasion in @hudson and tonight he's in jail, @held on $100,000 cash bail. @andy hershberger is live with @what investigators are saying @about this case. @reporter: police say it looks @like the suspect was looking for @his estranged father when he @broke into his home in hudson on @tuesday morning. @36-year-old matthew fell on the @appeared in -- @fell ton appeared in court on @threatening. @he broke in with with a ski mask @and held what looked like a gun @wife. @both were able to run from the @called.
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@bedroom closet. @p>> the swat team paid entry into @the residence and they took @custody of the defendant. @and they also found his personal @belongings, backpack containing @duct tape, roams, zip ties, @electrical tape and a knife. @reporter: police say the firearm @turned out to be a pellet gun. @when interviewed by police, @prosecutors say that felton said @he wanted to tie up his father @and make him listen to him. @tom: tonight some politicians @say new rules are needed to make @one. @the company is standing by its @background checks after a driver @allegedly went on a deadly @shooting spree in michigan. @wmur's heather hamel is here now @with the safeguards now being @considered at both the state and @local level. @reporter: state legislators are @discussing a bill that would @create regulations for euber and @similar companies. @portsmouth already has an @ordinary nabs on the books and @one. @uber has been in manchester
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@the ride sharing service allows @smart phone users to access an @app that connects drivers and @riders. @but unlike taxi cabs, they @aren't regulated. @he says manchester officials @have to make sure people are @safe. @long says they have been trying @to come to an agreement with @uber for months, but it's been a @difficult process. @while company advisors say they @have background checks and point @to technology as safeguards, the @city says more needs to be done. @p>> we get recommendation @prosecution our police chief who @says i think you may want to do @a little more background check, @i think you may want to regulate @as far as drug testing, you @know, a yearly background check. @what's their history, have a @driver registered with us so we @know exactly where we can go. @reporter: at the state level a @house bill calls for more @stringent measures, multistate @and national back group checks,
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@years and those on the national @sex offender registry would be @denied. @jean: the man accused of oning @down his own house said he ditto @get rid of bed bugs. @an affidavit just releasedded by @the fire marshal said olney @admitted to investigators on the @scene that he set the fire @because of infestation. @he reported that his wife was @suffering from bites and that he @worried the bugs could not be @destroyed any other way. @he also told investigators he @shut off the electricity and @moved two propane tanks off the @deck so the fire wouldn't hurt @anyone. @firefighter responding to a fire @at a barrington home found @flames shooting out of the @windows. @investigators say the house was @being renovated and no one was @inside. @they don't know yet now the fire @started. @tom: a careful count of the @balance has made the difference @in nevada where marco rubio beat
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@second place in the republican @caucuses. @but the big winner was donald @trump who has now won three @states in a row. @let's go to aixa diaz in our @washington bureau for a look at @where things are focusing now. @reporter: with more than a dos @states now up for grabs, next @week the candidates are looking @ahead to super tuesday. @p>> we love nevada. @reporter: a third straight win @for donald trump, the g.o.p. @frontrunner won the nevada @caucuses with more than 45% of @support. @p>> he's this locomotive that's @left the train station and he's @victory. @p>> are we're doing okay. @reporter: today trump stopped in @virginia, one of 13 states @holding primaries and caucuses @next week. @p>> super tuesday, i believe, @will be the single most @important day of of this @interpresidential election. @reporter: cruz who finished @third last night has picked up @the endorsement of the governor @of his home state of texas. @p>> if ted cruz doesn't win
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@candidacy from this point on? @reporter: the democrats are @gearing up to for their south @carolina primary on saturday @where polls show hillary clinton @is the favorite. @p>> i hope those of you who live @the south carolina will vote. @p>> we are fighting here in south @carolina as hard as we can. @p>> bernie sanders is not written @out of this narrative, but @hillary clinton will begin to @dominate the media story, begin @to accumulate delegates and the @uphill climb for the sanders @campaign becomes more steep. @reporter: today harry reed @through his support behind @clinton. @tom: i guess donald trump has @picked up assume key endorsement @from capitol hill. @reporter: he has, his first @endorsements. @duncan hunter, a congressman @from southern california and @chris collins of western new @york have both come out in favor @of trump. @tom: we'll see how it plays out. @jean: former presidential @candidate rick perry is cleared
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@a texas court has tossed out the @last felony charge brought @against the former governor. @that abuse of power charge @stemmed from perry's funding @veto for a division led by a @driving. @a lower court dismissed another @summer. @perry has blamed the charges for @ending his white house run. @time to check on traffic, see @how things are moving around the @state, we'll start with live @pictures in manchester. @tom: peggy james joins us live @commute. @hi, peggy. @p>> just a reminder if you're @heading out soon to make sure @have you the headlight on. @with all that road entry, kit be @hard to see. @there. @coming out of massachusetts, 93 @north is a little busy until you @get over the state line in @salem, then it's a good ride all @the way up to manchester and 293 @is busy, but without any
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@further north it's a good ride @all the way from hooksett up to @concord with slight slowdowns @through exits 12 through 15 in @concord. @starting to bunch up on 101 west @at the intersection of route @114. @and the everett turnpike is @busy, but no backups in either @direction yet. @101 between manchester and @hampton is moving well, but we @did just get word on 95 @southbound of a car fire that's @got the right lane closed just @after the rest area. @things are stop and go on the @spaulding turnpike northbound as @well. @from the wzid traffic network, @i'm peggy james. @tom: thank you. @jean: we are tracking a @developing story in the rocky @mountains right now, when we @come back what deputies were @doing when a man opened fire on @them. @hayley: i'm meteorologist hayley @lapoint coming to you live from @meredith. @we are going to preview the big @ice fishing derby that's going @on this weekend and whether the
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@mike: our weather chilly for @now, but temperatures ready to @take off later tonight. @how warm it gets by morning. @#. @p>> new hampshire's dwindling @number of ground fishermen are @vowing to fight the latest @government regulation that kicks @in in a matter of days. @i'm jennifer crompton with an @explanation just ahead. @tom: then at 6:00, new hampshire @senators taking a different @approach to america's supreme @court vacancy, but at least one
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@tom: a summit is under way at @the justice department at this @hour to find ways of @counteracting isis recruitment @efforts. @government officials are be @joined by -- @many people accused of @supporting the terror group say @they were drawn by online @propaganda. @jean: the clock is ticking on @apple's deadline to respond to @the f.b.i.'s demand town lock @the iphone of one of the san @bernardino shooters. @the tech company is expected to @argue the case should move to @congress rather than be decided @by a court. @tonight abc's david muir is in @california for a special edition @of world news. @he will sit down with apple's @c.e.o. tim cook for an exclusive
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@right after news 9 at 6:00. @and happening now very sad news, @a sheriffs deputy is dead, two @more are wounds after a shooting @in rural colorado. @tom: this is an active @investigation, in the shawl -- @in a small town near denver. @one is undergoing surgery for @life threatening injuries. @the man who opened fire on those @deputies was killed when @officers fired back. @jean: large parts of the @southeast remain on alert for @tornadoes at this hour. @a series of deadly storms killed @two people today, bringing the @death toll to five. @several people died as twisters @moved through florida, louisiana @and mississippi last night. @the weather is also bringing @heavy rain and wind across the @mid atlantic. @our roller coaster temperatures @have many questioning whether @the annual ice fishing derby is @a go this weekend. @tom: and the answer is yes. @on this weather wednesday, @meteorologist hayley lapoint
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@the preparations under way. @haley? @hayley: good evening from a very @wet lakes region this evening, @it is pouring rain down on us. @i'm joined by ted here in @meredith. @you guys are all excited for @this big weekend. @can you tell me about your @concerns because of the rain and @the warm temperatures? @p>> thank you for having us and @coming out on this lovely @afternoon. @our concerns are really pretty @limited in the fact that we want @everybody to be safe, as an ice @fisherman everybody knows that @ice is unpredictable, even in @the best of conditions, you have @to be cautious. @i'm not an expert on lakes and @current and things, but we @advise everybody to be cautious. @fishermen know, they've been @doing this for centuries, @without any problems. @so we want everybody to be safe. @know your ice conditions, know @your surroundings, speak to the @local bait and tackle shops, @speak to your fellow fishermen @and we're going to have a great
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@when we were inside the trailer @a gentleman came up with his son @to buy a derby ticket. @so people are thrilled to be out @here this weekend and it's going @to abe great derby. @reporter: what's at stake for @the winners? @p>> a grant prize of $15,000. @a few years ago we changed to @cash prizes. @we used to do boats and trucks. @but cash is always king, that's @what people like and we aim to @please. @hayley: so you're not going to @let the weather stop you, and @the ice conditions. @there's perfectly good ice, @maybe not here in meredith bay, @there is good ice. @p>> that is correct, and again it @is a statewide event. @meredith bay may not be so @pretty, but there's lots of @places that are. @hayley: thank you, ted. @coming up at 6:00 we're going to @talk to ted again, and i'll give @you an update on some of of the @ice conditions near here in @meredith. @hayley lapoint live in meredith. @let's go to mike now with more
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@mike: we are tracking some rain. @if you are going to venture out, @take those precautions that @we'll talk about at 6:00. @you need a good half foot of @ice, that's right, that thick @ice to be safe out there. @really test it before you head @out over the course of the @weekend. @the soggy scenario at the coast, @some of us woke up to a coating @or inch of two of snow. @but in coastal areas back @through manchester after that @coating to a half inch, right @over to some rain. @now it depend on where you are @in terms of what you're getting @right now, it's either light @rain, moderate rain or freezing @rain. @just got a report in newport, @that's right, off to the north @and west of concord right in @here where the rain is freezing @on contact. @a quarter of an inch of ice @buildup. @so that will continue on and off @for the next few hours and @because of that we continue to @have winter weather advisories @for northern and central new @hampshire. @the major roads that are treated @are in fine shape. @but the ice will continue to add @up to possibly a little over a
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@lead to scattered power outages @in parts of northern, western @and central new hampshire this @evening. @elsewhere, the focus is on the @rain. @some of it quite heavy, already @up to a quarter to a half inch @of rain in the last couple @hours. @same story to the north, notice @some pockets of freezing, so @that means some ice buildup in @northern new hampshire as well @in addition to western areas. @then the showers taper off a @little. @they're still here, but they're @much lighter than what's over @southern new hampshire right @now. @then they pick up in earnest in @a big way through the mid @atlantic states with embedded @thunderstorms moving towards @d.c. @can't rule out a scattered @thunderstorm or two rolling in @our direction by very late @evening, after 10:00 or @11:00 tonight through three or @four in the morning. @that will be accompanied by a @wind shift to the south and @southeast and much warmer air as @temperatures climb in a big way @during the overnight stretch. @so here come the downpours, @scattered thunderstorms, late @evening and overnight, it's all @out of here by daybreak @tomorrow, so the morning commute
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@out there and temperatures @climbing and then late in the @day, scattered showers move in @from the west and they change @over to snow tomorrow evening, @mainly affecting northern and @western parts of the state. @take a look at where @temperatures are now with the @wind coming in out of the @northeast, in the 30's and low @40's. @but watch that temperature @climb, by very late this evening @into the low 40's and overnight @tonight, that's right, look at @these wakeup temperatures, 50's @in many parts of new hampshire, @springs will be here in a matter @of 8 to 12 hours at least in @terms of the temperature. @we still have a few weeks to go @on the calendar of course. @watch for ice buildup in western @and new hampshire new hampshire, @central areas as well, that @means the possibility of a few @scattered power outages. @elsewhere temperatures climb @slowly. @50's tomorrow, cooler by friday @colorado be a couple snow @showers in northern new @hampshire late saturday into @early sunday. @elsewhere dry. @then temperatures warm again
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@40's for sunday and monday, then @maybe a couple bouts of light @snow tuesday or wednesday of @next week. @jean: thanks, mike. @you may have questions for, @women may have questions for @their doctor tonight after a @lawsuit involving bawb powder. @p>> i have my lapds girl with me. @reporter: i'm brandi hitt with @the indepth process in counting
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@ @joarp a jury's verdict over @talcum powder has many people @shaken tonight. @that jury awarded $72 million to @the family of a missouri woman @who claimed the powder @cancer. @tom: the company that makes the @product is working on an appeal. @here's abc's deborah roberts. @reporter: it's it's a stunning @judgment, the jury blaming @johnson and johnson for a @62-year-old missouri mom's @ovarian cancer. @p>> johnson and johnson spent a @lot of time keeping this @information from the public, and @so this verdict allows other @women to make informed choices @about the products they buy. @reporter: in court documents,
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@she used the company's shower to @shower powder, which contains @talcum for her personal hygiene. @the lawsuit linking it to her @cancer. @fox didn't live to claim her @legal victory. @she died last october after a @two and a half year battle with @the disease. @her son marvin stepped in as @plaintiff. @p>> the beginning of the trial @was indeed painful. @but at the end of the day, it @was worth it. @reporter: in a statement to abc @news, johnson and johnson said @the verdict goes against decades @of sound science proving the @safety of talc as an ingredient @in multiple products. @the company plans to appeal the @verdict, while facing 1200 @country. @york. @jean: is the government doing @enough to protect your health @care information? @straight ahead, the new report @on how the records are being @act.
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@found this on your dinner plate? @this woman thought it was an @elaborate joke. @jean: here's a beautiful picture @from one of our sea plane bases
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` @jean: a struggle to survive. @now at 5:30 fishermen fight a @new federal rule that could cost @them hundreds of dollars a day. @p>> i've done this my entire life @and i'm not going away without a @fight. @tom: news 9 gets access to the @new training that helps police @officers respond to those with @mental health issues. @p>> it's a better day when you've @done something and you remain @compassionate. @mike: we go from soggy and cool @to spring-like, how warm it gets @in the next 24 hours. @jean: the screenwriter inspired @by new hampshire winters is @tackling a children's classic, @who will work with jennifer lee
5:30 pm
@ @jean: tonight new hampshire's @fishing industry could be in @jeopardy. @welcome back, i'm jean mackin. @tom: i'm tom griffith. @starting next month, ground @fishermen will be forced to pay @for monitoring that the @government now covers. @reporter: new england fishermen @say the industry's already been @gutted by limits set by national @marine fisheries service over @how much a certain species of @ground fish remain here off our @coast. @but tonight that cost shifting @looms that could threaten ground @fishing entirely. @back in 2000 there were about @100 ground fishermen in new @hampshire. @small commercial boats catching @the cod, haddock and flounder @that we equate with new england. @today most have switched over to @lobster and scallops, so many
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@that david is one of only nine @ground fishermen left in the @state. @but he's worried something else @could wind out ground fishing @completely. @p>> i lost 95% of my cod quota in @the last four years, and i'm @fishing for things that are @worth less in value, and then @i'm going to have to pay for @these monitors on top of it. @it simply doesn't add up. @reporter: as of march 1, the @national marine fishery service @is making fishermen pick up the @$600 tab for the at-sea monitors @the federal government requires @on one out of every five trips. @p>> i've lost money. @i'm not breaking even, i'm @losing money. @reporter: in an already heavily @monitored and regulated @industry, he calls this an @illegal tax. @p>> imagine for you to go to work @had the morning you had to pay @$600 for your own private state @trooper to ride along with you @on 95 to make sure you don go @66 miles per hour.
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@reporter: a group called cause @for action is representing him @in a lawsuit that claims the @national marine fisheries @service is overstepping its @boundaries. @p>> i'm not being kicked off the @ocean, i've done this my entire @life. @i've been running boats out half @harbor since 1973 and i'm not @going away without a fight. @reporter: a judge recently @denied a request to stop the @government action. @he says his group has filed a @motion in response. @and representatives are all @fighting hard for a solution. @tom: a congressional report says @not enough is being done to @prevent potential fraud under @the new health care law. @it agrees with recommendations @from the g.a.o. continue crease @security, although it says it is @always used best practices to @prevent fraud. @one of the biggest problem areas @is confirming the eligibility of @people who sign up for health @coverage. @the health law is administered
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@medicare services. @jean: manchester police officers @are hitting their beats with a @new weapon and it's all in their @heads. @new training is bringing mental @health professionals together @with law enforcement in the @classroom and on the street. @wmur's amy coveno is live with @why experts say treatment @instead of incarceration is a @win-win. @reporter: police officers wear a @lot of hats, negotiator, @enforcer, tick writer. @but the one the chief wants his @officers to choose as much as @they can is that of a caring and @compassionate hat, one that @drives a person toward treatment @instead of a jail cell. @intense, realistic role playing, @in a classroom at manchester @p.d. @p>> the lady downstairs took my @medicine and -- @reporter: he's a forensic @psychologist based in new york, @training officers around the
5:34 pm
@illness and how to respond. @p>> they're hungry for training @and they want to better their @skills. @reporter: experts say the first @goal is to get the unstable @person into custody, without @using force, while keeping the @officer safe and improving the @perception of police in the @community. @mental health professionals are @encouraged by this type of @training. @p>> our hope is that the police @officers will be more responsive @and less reactive, so that our @outcomes are such that they're @getting people into treatment. @reporter: the jail has 495 @inmates right now, they estimate @that any given tile 70% of those @being held here have mental @health issues and are @significantly less likely to @admit it to staff because of the @stigma associated with mental @illness. @chief willard says war veterans @with ptsd are adding to that @population who may behave @erratically. @p>> once the officers make that @assessment they talk in a lower
5:35 pm
@aggressive has been gestures, @they give the appearance of @control, to the person that @they're dealing with by giving @them options. @reporter: mental health court is @on thursday in manchester, it @offers people the chance to opt @for treatment over @incarceration. @if the suspect successfully @completes treatment the charges @could be reduced or dropped. @it is a win-win according to @officials and working @successfully in the queen city @tom: interesting stuff. @jean: yes. @one credit card company says its @new tools have stopped several @cyber attacks. @how this technology works when @we come back. @tom: and if the things we see in @movies were played out in real @life, how much would it cost, we
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@ @tom: there's your video of the @closing bell. @believe it or not, an up day on @wall street after the dow was @down more than 200 points in the @early trading. @closed up 53. @the s&p climbed as well, and the @nasdaq was also up as oil began @to rise once again. @as for fuel index, nationally
5:39 pm
@very reasonable at 1.71 @nationwide and 1.70 a gallon @here in new hampshire. @the controversy surrounding @volkswagen hasn't hurt its audi @brand, it landed in the number @one spot for the consumer @reports annual auto ran ngs. @jean: they say the rankings @reflect the vehicles, not the @makers. @the audi had the best marks on @on -- @a report today from j.d. power @says lexus, porsche and buick @are the most dependable brands. @those rankings come from surveys @of more than 33,000 vehicle @owners and one new development @this time, lower scores for @everyone when it comes to @connectivity, including phones, @navigation, and entertainment @systems. @tom: master card says new tech @until has stopped three separate
5:40 pm
@its new monitoring system flags @unusual activity and uses @certain algorithms to predict @transactions. @the company says that has kept @it a step ahead of the hackers. @jean: if you have ever wondered @how much money it would take to @buy one of everything on amazon, @tonight. @a computer scientist in @switzerland says it would cost $ @12.86 billion. @he got the total by calculating @the number of items on the main @website by the average price of @an item. @it's not the only light hearted @time. @he also figured out how much @money has been spent rescuing @matt damon in all his movies,, he @calculates it would cost @$900 billion plus change. @but it's matt damon, right? @tom: can you use pay pal, that's @the big question. @damon's last interstellar @adventure could earn him an
5:41 pm
@jean: tonight only two people in @the entire world know if the @martian will earn the academy @award. @right after the break we'll show @you the security surrounding @oscar ballots. @tom: in sports the u.n.h. @women's basketball team is @gearing up for the last home @game of the season. @we'll hear from the players. @jean: then at 6:00 local @restaurants are pitching in to @help workers at their
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@ @jean: new hampshire helped @inspire her story for "frozen," @now she's slated to codirect "a @wrinkle in time." tom: when the @oscar winners are announced it @is a surprise to everyone except @hollywood. @jean: brandi hitt looks at how @the ballots are cast and counted @and the incredible security that @surrounds the process. @reporter: they are the best @secret keepers in hollywood. @they are set to carry those @famous briefcases again. @p>> and the oscar goes to -- @reporter: holding the name of @this year's oscar winners. @has there ever been a mistake? @p>> no, there hasn't. @reporter: for 82 years price
5:45 pm
@6,261 sent out to voting members @this year on paper and online. @p>> we control everything from @the time they go out, indicated @with security codes, and those @come back us to, we have those @in an undisclosed location. @reporter: security is tight, @there's a special alarm system, @locks and no internet access. @where a small team counts all 24 @categories by hand. @p>> it's up to brian and i to @consolidate everything, make @sure we're going through their @piles, counting that and @recounting that. @we will stuff the envelope, @close it, seal it with the red. @reporter: they are then loaded @into two briefcases like this @one, both are locked in a vault @until oscar sunday, when ruiz @and cullinen enter their code @and take their briefcase. @each then traveling a different @route to the red carpet escorted @by los angeles police. @p>> no matter what happens, at
5:46 pm
@reporter: do you feel a little @like 007? @p>> a little bit. @reporter: last year they even @carried a heard briefcase @carried by the host and back @stage they only handed the @envelope to the presenter just @second before the announcement. @is this the hardest secret to @keep? @p>> it's a big important secret. @the reality is there's a secret @we keep forever and that is who @got second. @jean: they act like they're the @new hampshire primary ballots. @all right. @even the company that prints the @winning cards doesn't know who's @getting the oscar. @tom: that's because they print a @card for every nominee, then @price waterhouse coopers puts @the correct card inside the @envelope. @jean: red carpet coverage begins @at 7:00 here on wmur on sunday, @the opening ceremonies starts at @8:00. @tom: the red carpet physician @close under a tent to protect it @from rain.
5:47 pm
@people worried about a soggy @ceremony. @but mother nature is playing @nice. @southern california isn't @expecting anything more than a @few cloud on oscar day. @jean: we'll show you what soggy @is all about, new hampshire is @pretty soggy, you can see the @rain pouring down. @i think this is in hooksett. @mike haddad says there's another @day of this ahead and more. @roller coaster temperatures, @right? @mike: yes, in a big way. @we're starting off third and low @40's. @we end up spring warmth for the @overnight into the day tomorrow. @then right back to average @quickly after that. @overcast skies, we've had snow, @sleet, now freezing rain in some @others. @north and west of concord in @central new hampshire, northern @areas as well, some areas near @32. @so we do have big changes just @for tonight. @pockets of freezing rain, he @rain in other spots, downpours, @thunder, warming temperatures,
5:48 pm
@day tomorrow, then that chill @does return by friday and the @first part of the weekend. @in terms of showers tomorrow, @best bet will be very early, @early morning prior to sunup, @then later in the afternoon @mostly northern and western @parts of the state. @fairly active on radar, quite a @few colors, the green, yellows @indicating rain. @we've seen the darker greens and @yellows, a few downpours, but @also the area in pink including @parts of the great north woods @and mount washington valley, @then back to the plymouth area @down through newport, @temperatures are right near 32. @so some freezing rain does @continue in those spots, there @is a potential for over a @quarter inch of ice to the from @earlier today until this evening @and that could lead to scattered @power outages. @so be aware of that in western, @central and parts of northern @new hampshire. @same story to the north, later @on tonight, showers that will @taper off during the mid evening @will only pick up in intensity @later on, accompanied by @scattered thunderstorms, and
5:49 pm
@the south. that will drive @temperatures back into the 40's @and 50's during the overnight, @so you wake up to a spring-like @pattern, but most of the rain is @gone for the morning commute. @clouds trying to break a little. @could be patchy fog as well. @and temperatures will cool late @in the day as the winds turn @around to the west. @that will start to drive in @scattered rain showers that @believe it or not change over to @snow showers during the late @evening, into the overnight @stretch, could see a light @accumulation in parts of @northern and western new @hampshire. @so you want to talk change, here @we go. @from 30's to around 40 now into @the 40's and 50's just tonight. @high temperatures tomorrow @reached during the late morning @and early afternoon, then those @temperatures cool later in the @day. @down to freezing or below later @tomorrow night. @showers northern and western new @hampshire. @so a couple days ago we were @talking about sub-zero, up near
5:50 pm
@saturday. @best chance of a few flurries @over the weekend will be late @saturday, early sunday in @northern new hampshire. @but temperatures climb back into @the 40's sunday and monday. @tom: what a margin, 57 to 9. @jean: thanks, mike. @tom: a boxing champ has an @unusual training challenge, she @can't find sparring partners. @jean: that's because she's 9 @years old, much younger than @female fighters. @her coach says she just spars @with the boys instead of she's @been boxing ever since her dad @took her to looked some weight @and she pegged to try on some @gloves. @jamie: pretty good jab there. @penguins in boston tonight to @take on the bruins. @they drop the puck at 7:30. @boston two points ahead of @pittsburgh in the 7th playoff @spot in the eastern conference. @also tonight manchester monarchs @on their home ice, they get the @adirondack thunder, it's the @11th game between the team this
5:51 pm
@coming into this one. @u.n.h. basketball, they are @ready to take on vermont, both @men and women. @the men in burlington tonight, @the women's game in durham @tomorrow night. @the wildcat women will celebrate @senior night, the last home game @in year, the regular season end @sunday at maryland baltimore. @then it's onto the america east @tournament. @p>> our season is coming to an @end, it's sad in that way, but @it's far from over and we still @have two regular season games, @and the tournament and we're @looking to make a big run and we @fully believe we can do that. @p>> we're a different team, even @than three or four weeks ago, a @lot of different people are @contributing, a lot of people @have stepped up and i think @night. @jamie: we'll have highlights @tonight from the men's game at @vermont. @tom: call it a hidden gem, one @woman found a surprise the her @seafood. @jean: but she thought it was a @joke, we'll explain next. @jennifer: then the heavy toll
5:52 pm
@state budgets after a monster @season last year we'll tell you @where the numbers are fall right @now. @and a strange twist in a hole @invasion in hudson, the man @charged in the incident is no @stranger to the house and the
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
@ @jean: forget your back yard slip
5:55 pm
@first you've got to go down this @flume, it is for sale, dreamland @is asking $35,000 for the track, @it includes a 20-foot and @32-foot drop for the brave @folks. @tom: the log cart that you @actually ride in are sold @separately and cost about $350 @apiece. @now onto the chocolate. @okay. @a healthy way to indulge your @chocolate crave iption this @weekend, burn off the calories @by moving in between stops at @the mount washington valley @chocolate festival. @depending on mother nature, you @can ski, snow shoe or hike @between the nine businesses @offering sweet treats on sunday. @it raises money for a foundation @that teaches kids to ski. @you'll find all the details the @the escape outside section at @a woman in washington state @found an unexpected surprise in @her seafood, it was a pearl. @jean: at first lindsey thought
5:56 pm
@julie, but no one claimed it. @they thought there must be @another explanation. @p>> i've had that scenario a few @times in my 35-year career. @p>> he thought it looked so round @and perfect that someone was @playing a joke on me. @jean: no joke here, it is the @real thing, it's a natural pearl @worth $600. @the woman plans to put it in a @necklace now, and the restaurant @owners couldn't be happier. @tom: that will do it for news 9 @at 5:00.
5:57 pm
p so, let me get this straight -- you're looking for, a network that's built r to give you coverage way out here p where the other guys don't, pand 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less r than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth twould you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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` @mike: downpours and spring @warmth, the weather focus for @tonight, when the heaviest rain @moves in and how high @temperatures go by morning.
5:59 pm
@for road crew this is year, but @that means the d.o.t. is saving @some money. @tom: a son is facing charges @tonight accused of targeting his @own family in a hole invasion, @why police say he told them he @wanted to tie up his father. @p>> i understand they're saying @that they're doing their due @diligence on background checks. @but i'm not 100% confident that @that's happening. @jennifer: the plans being @considered right now in new @hampshire to protect those who @ride with uber. @p>> no one covers new hampshire @like we do. @now wmur news 9 at 6:00. @jennifer: right now a messy mix @of freezing rain is moving out @of the granite state, making for @some potentially icy conditions @on the roads. @you'll have to be careful @tonight. @good evening, i'm jennifer @vaughn. @tom: i'm tom griffith. @mike haddad tells us how lon the @winter weather will last. @mike: the concern is central, @western and northern new @hampshire.
6:00 pm
@buildup off of the roadways that @could lead to scattered power @outages. @the 12-hour loop showing at the @beginning some snow, then a @changeover to sleet and freezing @rain and now mostly rain. @but because of pockets of @freezing rain, winter weather @advisories remain in effect. @temperatures for the most part @just before freezing, but in and @around the lake sunapee zone, @parts of the lakes region in @through the mount washington @valley, notice little dashes of @pink there on the radar scopes, @that indicates more ice buildup, @especially in the wires and @trees. @so again scattered outages not @out of the question. @to our south and west big @changes, thunderstorms, heavier @rain, and spring-like @temperatures all going to be @moving in just over the next 12 @to 15 hours. @how warm does it get by morning, @we'll look at that straight @ahead. @jennifer: the department of @transportation is keeping a @close eye on those roads @tonight. @a live look now at i-93 where @roads are wet but traffic is @moving spootly.


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