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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the news again, accused of d.w.i. after police say he caused this accident in rochester. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jean: i'm jean mackin. kyle tasker was out on bail on several charges at the time of the crash and now he's free on bail again. wmur's suzanne roantree is live in the studio tonight with our top story. reporter: because of this latest arrest, the rockingham county attorney has now filed a motion to revoke kyle march arrest. prosecutors say he violated two conditions, good behavior and consumption of alcohol. rochester police say shortly after getting a call about an e erratic red nissan on route 125, they got a report of a three-car crash at 125 and chesley road. police say two cars were it a red light had the nissan driven by tasker slammed into the second car that had had stopped, causing a chain reaction crash. >> it was initially reported
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injuries and fluids leaking. e.m.s. went out, but everybody refused treatment on the scene. so there were no injuries. reporter: tasker is free tonight on $1,000 cash bail for the d.w.i. arrest and is scheduled to be arraigned on november 14. but that could change if he is taken into custody for violating his first bail. we reached out to tasker for comment, he has not responded. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: tonight a charged with negligent homicide after police say he caused a deadly chain reaction crash while under the influence of drugs, it happened on 111 in salem. wmur's cherise leclerc live in the studio now with more on the charges he now faces. reporter: that man, todd gurley, not only faces the negligent homicide charge, but also accused of driving under the influence of drugs and trying to hide heroin in his car.
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the first place when he allegedly crashed into a car, causing it to swerve head on into another vehicle being driven by david bouchet, whose wife was in the passenger seat and died from her injuries. >> your honor, the state has a number of significant concerns as far as danger goes. reporter: gurley had been driving on a suspended license that was revoked in september of last year. the state is asking that gurley be held on $65,000 bail, and follow strict guidelines and keep posts to that bail. >> that he be drug and alcohol-free, that he stay away from and have no contact with david b bushek, one of the aled victims, that he not drive a vehicle wild this matter is pending. reporter: the deadly crash happened tuesday afternoon. >> mr. gurley's vehicle made contact with the front passenger side corner of that vehicle. the contact forced the vehicle
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of travel, cross the double yellow lines where it hit head on a vehicle that was heading east bound. reporter: david bushek was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries including a wreck en femur. dorothy bushek was pronounced dead. police allege that -- >> they saw a number of different signs of impairment including him having tongue, it's alleged that he tried to conceal drugs that were in his possession. reporter: gurley's attorney maintains that her client is not a flight risk. a third driver involved in the crash was taken to the elliott with serious injuries. i'm cherise leclerc, wmur news 9. jean: a driver is in the hospital with serious injuries after a fiery crash in meredith. it happened around 9:30 this morning on eagle lent road near
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seen here which witnesses say burstinto flames. a helicopter took 66-year-old man of sanborn on the to the hospital. >> based on the investigation and the statement of the operator, he last his brakes coming down batchelder hill road and struck a big rock. jean: police say he broke self bones in the crash but is expected to be okay. tom: the retrial today in boston, he murdered two men from massachusetts and one from new hampshire back in 2001. he was granted a new trial for his sentence only after the judge learned a juror lied about her background. wmur's kristen carosa has more from boston. reporter: the jury heard opening statements today during this retrial. the jury will decide if sampson gets life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. 57-year-old gary sampson is back
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ago for killing two men in 2001. >> it's really hard because it's not something i want to listen to again, i've heard it before. >> it's like a flood of memories coming back and we're going through this again and i still don't understand why. reporter: mike and scott are family members of two men who sampson murdered in massachusetts. >> it's hard for all of us. we've been through this. it's been 13 years now since he's been convicted and we gotta go through this all again? it's tough for every single one of us. reporter: during opening statements federal prosecutors named the two victims, philip mccloskey and jonathan rizzo. prosecutors say sampson carjacked the cars of the two and then murdered them in massachusetts. both of which are federal crimes. they also mentioned robert whitney who sampson was separately convicted of killing at a lakeside home in meredith, new hampshire. prosecutors want the death penalty for sampson, saying he murdered three innocent people
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prison without parole. the defense is arguing that sampson had excessive head injuries growing up which affected his decision making. >> they are trying whatever they can try, to generate sympathy for this guy, and i don't know any of us who have not fallen down the stairs or bikes, we didn't have helmets and we didn't turn ought this way. >> first trial i could have sworn they say he fell off a ladder, now it's down the stairs, so i don't know where they get their information. time. reporter: family members of whitney were also in court but declined comment. the trial will resume tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in boston, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. tom: we're turning our attention now to commitment 2016, and it could be a critical night on our debate stage. for the candidates for u.s. senate. jean: in our latest poll it is a dead heat between governor
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ayotte. wmur's political director josh mcelveen is live with a preview of with a we can expect tonight and a big night, josh. josh: no question about that. you got to hand it to new hampshire voters. hassan and ayotte have been campaigning at a break neck pace for more than a year, money has flowed into new hampshire for this race to the tune of 100 million, roughly, by far a new hampshire record. national parties paying a lot of attention to this. they know the balan outcome of this race, all that said, 40% of the electorate according to our latest poll still undecided. no rush to judgment here, but it's safe to say that the debate tonight is a very high stake debate. there are a lot. undecided voters out there, but obviously kelly ayotte and maggie hassan do have loyal supporters and a lot of them are gathered right now outside st.
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adam is standing by. reporter: yes, right now outside the new hampshire institutes of politics, it's all ears as the dedicated partisans of governor hassan and senator ayotte make a lot of noise. as you noted this race is quite high profile. it could decide the balance of power in tustles senate. one of the unique dynamics in play of this race is how the top of the ticket has affected everything that's gone on. both candidates have been buffeted by the political winds generated by donal t hillary clinton. the hassan campaign is trying to tie senator ayotte to drp at every turn, and senator ayotte has revoked her endorsement. now ayotte has tried to tide governor hassan to hillary clinton as she's had to endure more of the ongoing e-mail scandal. a most unusual dynamic to have both candidates suddenly saddled
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to sift through the this debate and coming up at 6:00 you'll hear from all these folks about what they want to hear in tonight's debate coming up at 6:00. live outside the nhiop, i'm adam sexton. josh: no question it's been a delicate dance of distance for downballot candidates deal with unpopular candidates at the top of the tibet. but tonight it's all about the candidates themselves, and the issues facing new hampshire and the and we'll be live streaming it on as well, and dean speliotis will be doing comments on the debate on our facebook page as well. we'll check back in with you again at 5:30 with the director of the institute of politics for this is take on this. for now back to you. tom: okay. we have word of big upcoming vis it's in support of the race for
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hampshire tomorrow, with three stops planned. while her father donald trump has visits planned for both friday and again on monday. friday he'll hold a rally at the atkinson country club and then on monday he'll return apparently for the last rally of the campaign, hold a rally at the southern new hampshire university in manchester, that's just hours before granite staters go to the polls. jean: then chelsea clinton will be visiting new hampshire friday in keene and hanover. president obama will be in the state on monday, campaigning for hillary clinton. tom: the campaigns are also taking no chances in these final days that maybe a state could flip. reporter: elections are won or lost in the swing states, and tonight we take a look at five battle ground that could make a difference. no state is perhaps more
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votes, the campaigns have practically camped out there. >> we are going to win the great state of in. and we are going to win back the white house. reporter: trump has to win florida to win. to are clinton, it is something that is an expendable state. reporter: another big battle ground, north carolina with 15 electoral votes. that state is getting extra scrutiny with an emergency hearing wednesday on charges of suppression. they say three counties improperly purged voter roll itself, disproportionately targeting blacks. >> it is unjust, it is immoral, it is sinister and it is shameful. reporter: lawrgs for the state say they are following existing statutes. ohio is considered a must-win for trump, and most predictions put it in the tossup column. electoral rich pennsylvania considered a likely win for clinton. but trump believes he has a chance there.
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pennsylvania, if trump wins pennsylvania, it's probably going to be a very difficult might for clinton. reporter: an unexpected fire wall for clinton, arizona. the his for country republican strong hold could offset losses in the midwest. and that's one reason krn has been spending money there and will be from tonight with just six days to go. a new cnn-orc poll today has trump leading clinton by five points in arizona, and an emerson survey has him ahead by jean: let's see how your ride home is shaping up, we'll start with live pictures looking over 293. tom: peggy james joins us live with a look at the evening commute. >> good evening, tom and jean. we do have a report of a rollover accident in manchester, this is at grove and hall streets that we just got in.
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we've had had backups from windham all the way up to derry. still seeing pock nets the wind ham stretch, and again northbound through londonderry. 293 no major problems getting through the mill yard today and 93 north in hooksett is going smoothly, good in concord. everett turnpike north slow north between 10 and 11. spaulding turnpike has heavy traffirt earlier accident on the high level bridge causing some delays between portsmouth and kittery. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. tom: a suspect in custody after two officers ambushed in a washington. >> these guys were gunned down sitting in their car doing nothing wrong. jean: the new details we're learning about the suspect including his past
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josh j.: dry and mild today, but that's about to change, a check on my forecast which includes cooler air and rain. >> another milestone in the progress towards cleaning up drinking water at pease. i'm jennifer crompton with reaction to the announcement, just ahead. >> coming up at 6:00 he nearly died a year ago during a pushup test for the army, tonight this family is celebrating after the army had a change of heart.
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tom: tonight a man believed to have killed two iowa police officers in ambush style attack is in custody. jean: police say the suspect shot both officers while they were sitting in their cruisers. right now he's being questioned but has not been abc's lauren lyster has the latest on the investigation. reporter: the man police believe ambushed two police officers in iowa now in custody. police identifying 46-year-old scott michael green as a suspect. green surrendering to state officials the morning in a rural area west of desmoines. >> it's a great sense of relief not just for us, obviously he was targeting police officers, but it's a sense of relief for the community. reporter: just hours before
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reporter: two police officers shot and killed, separately, in the suburbs of desmoines, while in their patrol cars. according to police, the attacks occurred about 20 minutes apart, beginning at 1:06, the first officer justin martin, shot while sitting in his car on patrol alone. the second, st anthony bominio killed while responding, also found shot in their car. >> they were gunne their car doing nothing wrong. reporter: the shootings of officers on duty are up dramatically this year by 48%. attorney general lynch reacting today. >> we are determined to hold to account anyone who targets police officers simply because they have the courage and the selflessness to wear that badge each and every day. reporter: at this point the suspect is being questioned, but hasn't yet been charged. on the trail today, tim kaine
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because of the tragic shooting. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. jean: following this deadly fight in iowa, one woman's act of kindness to an officer on duty is going viral. take a look. >> i want you guys to be hydrated. and i want you to go home to your families because i want my dad to come home to me, and i want my friends to come home to me. and i'm sorry, and i'm here i don't know -- i will be praying. jean: after a nice long hug, the woman said a final thank you and walked away. josh j.: it was a warmer one out there today, milder conditions
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made it into the 60's or very close to it. if you didn't hit 60 you were likely in the 50's. 64 in concord. and right now we're still in the 60's in plenty of locations, not quite as warm as it was. so we're about 10 degrees above average or normal for today and we're going to see that translate into a milder night as well as there's warm air in place and there will be clouds around as well. so that will trap the winds actually right now, mostly coming in out of the southwest, as you'd expect with a milder day. comparedded to yesterday at this time, here's how much warmer we are. anywhere from 5 to 15 or more degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. there is some rain on the way this month, of course a brand new month, so no rain yet this month, but since september 1, 9.2 inches of rain in concord, that is 1.65 above normal.
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way, we're still down about 6.5 inches for the year. but at least we're making some progress. some parts of southeastern new hampshire not quite as good a picture as concord where they keep records, but at least it gives you a starting point idea. clouds and sunshine back and forth is what we saw today. but things are about to go much more cloudy and wet over the next 24 hours. as this area of rainfall is pushing in our direction, it's an area of low pressure riding along a cool front on the other side of that air. and things get cooler and chillier for the foreseeable future as you can see the cold front begins to push on in. i'm not talking about extreme cold, but cooler than we have been. future cast thickens up the clouds and during the overnight hours especially in central and northern new hampshire. when you wake up tomorrow many of us will see rain right from
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southeastern new hampshire where it may take longer to the rain to penetrate. but as you can see from future cast here, some downpours embedded within that area of shower activity are likely and then some scattered showers tomorrow evening. we go into friday with the skies clearing out, cooler though, and breezy, and that lasts right into and through the weekend. so a milder night tonight in the 40's just about everywhere, but tomorrow will be back to about average for this time of year with those showers around. and we take a look ahead the next seven days you especially compared to the 60's of today. but overall the weekend looking dry and sunny with some flurries possible at any time in the mountains. otherwise temperatures largely in the 40's to near 50 degrees. jean: thanks, josh. a local hero is hanging up his hiking boots. tom: up neck how the man leaving mount washington saved hundreds of lives. and at 5:30. >> bringing voters together after a bitter presidential
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what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you.
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tom: there is a job opening at mount washington, but the person who takes this position has some big shoes to fill. jean: in tonight's escape outside, paula tracy looks at the life saving legacy of a
5:26 pm
reporter: mike has spent 40 years working on the top of new hampshire's highest peak. but this yeek he retired as the manager of the mount washington state park. as a technical rock climb, advanced e.m.t., building handy man and state park employee, he knows the mountain better than almost anyone else and has helped rescue nearly 1,000 people from its slopes. fish and game officials say pelshot can often reach victims in minutes, hours it would take other crews. that can literally save a life. he has also had to make hard calls when to call off a rescue. he has experienced 172-mile an hour winds and temperatures of 46 below zero. he has also seen plenty of four legged climbers like this porcupine that wandered onto the top of the mountain. he doesn't plan to stay still in retirement. besides hiking and ice climbing on his own, he also plans to be
5:27 pm
for much more on his career and the job he leaves behind, go to the escape outside section of paula tracy, wmur news 9. jean: wow. nearly 1,000 rescues. amazing man. tom: hardly retiring i'd say. a narcan study complete. jean: coming up, the recommendations a special commission just released. >> if you thought you missed out on your chance to navigate your way through a corn maze in fall more shot. we'll show you where in the next narrator: two kinds of business experience. chris sununu's family handed him a top-rated ski resort. he ran it into the ground. chris sununu cut jobs, and cut workers' hours so he wouldn't have to provide health insurance. colin van ostern went to college on student loans, became a stonyfield business manager. then a top executive at college for america. colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. real success is helping others get ahead.
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and i approve this message. tom: now at 5:30 a guilty plea in a manchester murder best friend about the loss he suffered. jean: plus the new step to clean up and protect drinking water at the former pease air force base. josh j.: so far this week we've been dry, but that's about to change, when to expect the drops to fall. tom: in commitment 2016, the challenge of bringing voters together after such a long and attack-filledded presidential campaign. >> no one covers new hampshire
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tom: emotions poured over today in a manchester courtroom as 33-year-old drew morris was sentenced for a 2015 murder. welcome back, i'm tom griffith. jean: i'm jean mackin. the shooting took place at morris' apartment just a few hours after he first met the victim. wmur's andy hershberger was in court today and is joining us live with the story. reporter: drew morris has taken responsibility for what he has done and he's that the victim's family and friends are feeling. it was a chance meeting at a local convenience store that ultimately led to gunfire and death. drew morris pleaded guilty to second degree murder today for killing raymond drake, something the victim's friends and family are still trying to understand. >> we've all now tried to get on with our lives as best we can. but there will always be a deep hole in our hearts left from the
5:32 pm
>> it appears these were two complete strangers who met that night and the defendant asked the victim mr. drake to come back to his room, and have some beers together and at some point there was an argue expult that's when the defendant reacted with violence. reporter: prosecutors say three shots were fired with the fatal wounds to drake's neck and chest. morris initially said it was self defense, but when con fronted with the physical evidence like how the victim's body was found seated in a care, he >> i am sorry that my actions led to the death of mr. drake. during this case i've had the chance to learn more about mr. drake. if i had to do it all over again, i would have done things differently. reporter: he was sentenced to 25 years to life, but five years can be taken off under certain conditions. >> i think rehe degrees what happens very much and wishes obviously for the sake of his life as well as mr. drake's life that things had happened
5:33 pm
going to be put away for a long time. i would hate to see anyone else ever go through the pain, sorrow and devastation that you have caused. >> drake's mother was in court today, but she had no comment. i'm andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: tonight the air force is moving forward with plans to clean up and protect drinking water over at pease. higher than acceptable levels of pfc's were discovered in a well there in may of 2014. as reports, while monitoring will continue for those already exposed, people say making sure future water is safe is good news. >> anything cooking, anything that's given to the children is from the bubblers until they can tell us that there's no pfc's in the water, which they're working on right now. reporter: the owner of the day care on the pease trade port switched to bottled water two and a half years ago when one of three wells on the former air force base was shut down because of higher than recommended
5:34 pm
the air force nunesing plans for two large scale treatment systems coming as good news. >> i'm glad they're taking even more steps in treating for the future of the water, so i think it's great. reporter: one system will treat a former firefighter training area. the other will treat ground water under the actual air field. both places where firefighting foam containing pfc compounds was used by the air force. >> certainly, and it speaks to the long-term treatment of the aquifer out there. reporter: the city of portsmouth pleased at the progress as it continues with its own plans assuring the drinking water remains safe now and in the future. >> so we have carbon filters on that system right now, effectively since september on the harrison wells, and pending will be a design and treatment for the drinking water system.
5:35 pm
approve the plans, its systems expected to be bit next year. jean: the state group studying narcan says the availability of the potentially life saving overdose antidote needs to be expanded. the commission to study narcan voted unanimously to support the interim report, it calls for additional training on how to use narcan and to make information available that encourages drug users to seek help from first resnd tom: it's a big night on the debate stage over at the institute of politics. jean: josh mcelveen has a look at the race. josh: i'm joined by the director of the institute of politics. you've been in politics for a long time, most of your adrult life. have you ever, let's start here,
5:36 pm
it. >> this election has been like nothing we've ever seen before, almost every day there's a new story that has changed the theme and at the end here we have two presidential candidates -- josh: you have two candidates on stage tonight who obviously had had that dance of distance with the top of the ticket candidates. so much attention, so much money has been spent on this race. how big is tonight's debate a >> the center owe senate race is huge, it's very important. we have two very talented candidates. what they say tonight in this 60 minute debate could really change the direction of the country for the entire country. josh: so many undecided voters, this could be what decides it for who ever comes out on top. >> absolutely, this is a pivot
5:37 pm
will be watching. josh: all right, thanks very much, neil. we're now about 90 minutes away from night two at the granite state debates and it is a biggy. the u.s. senate debate between ayotte and hassan at 7:00. back to you. tom: thanks. after months of heated debates, attack ads, twitter wars, the 2016 election campaign will soon come to an end. but how will the next president unite a divided electorate? the challenge for the next commander in chief. reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton talk about bringing americans together. >> i will be a president for all of our people. >> if you don vote for me, i still want to be your president. >> donald thinks belittling women makes himming bigger. >> she's been proven to be a liar in so many ways. >> american politics is always
5:38 pm
reporter: some analysts say political divisiveness is part of the fabric of democracy and sometimes compromise doesn't pay off. >> if you're a politician and you actually reach out to the other side, guess what can happen, you can get hit with a 30 second ad and a primary opponent saying you are not pure enough ideologically. >> we've got to break through the gridlock and the dysfunction that has unfortunately marred swamp of corruption in washington d. c. reporter: the next president could face a divided congress with democrats possibly taking back the senate and republicans keeping the house. >> if you don't like the gridlock of the last six years, you're going to be upset with getting more of that. reporter: experts say to find common ground the new president will have to be receptive to the other side. >> what you need to do if you become president is to think about what is motivating the
5:39 pm
them in to your policies. reporter: recent polls show both trump and clinton with unfavorability ratings of of more than 50%, making them two of the most unpopular candidates in u.s. history. jean: one company is helping its employees pay their student loans. up next we'll tell you who is handing out more than $1,000 a year. tom: and a new look at how many people will be hired this holidayso yorp and there's more beneficial
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he's on our side. i'm frank guinta and i approved this message. tom: here's your video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. by the way, interest rates remained unchanged t points. some concern over the election. the s&p down 13, the nasdaq fell off 48 points. the dow now under 18,000. tonight staples is the latest company planning to start to help its employees pay for college. >> the office supply chain is giving an extra $100 a mob to help some workers pay tuition or student loans. each could get as much as $3600. right now the plan is only being
5:43 pm
employees who are on the business sales team. now hiring signs are popping you all over with the holidays in sight. retailers are expected to hire nearly three quarters of a million seasonal workers this year, according to industry surveys. topping the list for those expected to hire the most, macy's and j. c. penney. tom: with less than a week to go before the nation picks a new president, gun sales are once again ruger reported a 66% increase compared to profits from last year. some enthusiasts fear more gun control may be contributing to the spike in sales. jean: coming up at 5:00, in ports it's a huge night for baseball fans, huge game 7 of the world series. jamie staton has the big new hampshire connection in tonight's game. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight a
5:44 pm
drug and other charges arrested again. the car crash that ended with kyle tasker back in custody. and the red hot u.s. senate race front and center tonight in our granite state debates. we'll have a preview of what to watch for as kelly ayotte and maggie hassan take the stage. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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jamie: this was one of the big shots by the cubs last night, a grand slam by addison russell. chicago rolled to the 9-3 win over the indians in game 6. so the world series will be decided in game 7 tonight in cleveland. dartmouth college graduate kyle hendricks is the starting pitcher for the cubs. >> this is the moment you dream about, game 7, bottom of the 9th, but it always game 7 in the world series. so when we get there tomorrow i'm just going to embrace the opportunity like i have the rest of t like any other game, simple thoughts, same odd thing. jamie: much more on game 7 tonight at 6:00. no al horford tonight, the big guy took a hit to the head in practice on monday, he has entered the nba's concussion protocol. boston does get marcus smart back in the lineup, he's been out with a sprained left ankle. college football this weekend, this is what we are bringing your way.
5:48 pm
sorry, syracuse. and under the lights, nebraska and ohio state. tom: i know where i'm going to be. thanks, jamie. it's time now for weather wednesday. jean: we're visiting elwood orchards in londonderry where the corn maze is still open for the weekend. mike haddad is joining us live from there tonight. you're not lost, are you, mike? mike: no, but it's very easy to get lost. but the drought has had a major impact on the height of these corn stalks, so instead of being up there at so i think you can see around easier. we are on, at elwood orchards, we're with the brother of the owner, nice of you to have us. >> thank you. usually this corn is anywhere from 10 to 12 feet tall. this year you can look over a lot of it and some spots you can
5:49 pm
lead to. so it's still quite a challenge. mike: it's fun to walk through here, you still have achers and acres. how large is it? >> 14-acres. mike: how long does it take to plan it and get it set up? >> excluding the wait for the corn to grow, it takes approximately three weeks, that's the prepping of the soil which takes three or four days. takes three or four days to plant and it then we've got to wait for the corn to germinate before we can plan out the route. mike: and you still have time. on your check list and you want to get out there to a corn maze and you said oh, all the soccer games, kids activities kept me away, you've got one more shot. tell us about the hours this weekend you're open. >> we're open from 8:00 to 6:00 on sunday though we will be closing probably around 5:00. so the last people will go in at 4:00 because of the change of time. mike: a beautiful sunset here earlier, but of course that
5:50 pm
mike: you've got one more shot to get lost, navigating through 14-acres of a corn maze here in londonderry. this is the weekend that we fall back. but what else will be fall out of the clouds here over the next 24 hours, josh is here with a look at the next seven days. josh j.: yes, we'll take a look at this and hope you find your way back to the studio, mike. we've got odds on about 7:00 tonight. here's a look at the last seven days in concord, because today was a lot warmer, of course, it's been in the 40's to low 50's today. concord ma to 64 degrees out there. so with those mild temperatures you were able to get outside with a thinner jacket for sure. still hanging onto those temperatures in the upper 50's and lower 60's at the moment. and regionally it is also certainly cooler, warmer out there as well. you look to the west and to the east, everybody joining in on this. farther south, new york city in the lower 70's.
5:51 pm
for those folks there. but certainly a warmer day in general for the northeast. but that is about to be erased, as clouds and rain showers are on their way in. here's a look at them as they crack along a cool front, and as that front rolls through tomorrow we could see a couple of downpours as well as times of off and on rain showers. the other side of the front a lot cooler for friday and through the weekend. but the weather calms down quite a bit as well as this cool air mass comes down from canada and northern parts of the will slowly be streaming in as we go through the nighttime hours. if you're the central and northern parts of the state, even southwestern new hampshire, a chance to see a couple of showers overnight. early tomorrow morning, more rain, rocking ham county, southern stratford county, it may be later in the more than for some of you.
5:52 pm
evening. but still leftover scattered showers. certainly plan on the umbrella, and cooler conditions too by about 10 degrees, right around average for this time of year. then as we head into friday, look at the clearing that moves on in. couple of snow showers can't be ruled out in the mountains. a nice day on friday, but cooler and breezy. lows tonight in the 40's. so that's pretty mild compared to the last few nights. but one last mildig some cold nights will be returning. southern new hampshire tomorrow, because it takes longer for the rain to reach you, those temperatures may get higher. everyone necessary the lower 50's and some 40's. there's a look at friday and cooler conditions, breezy but plenty of sunshine, those temperatures falling in the afternoon, starting off probably with the highs in the morning hours. then look at the weekend, we fall back, that looks fine. cool but sunny.
5:53 pm
at election day, in excuse not to vote, lots of sunshine. jean: that's good to hear. thanks, josh. tom: next, surfers in australia are used to sharing the water, but check out the video one onlooker captured. jean: yikes. then at 6:00 a first of its kind
5:54 pm
imagine if hillary clinton wins the white house... then what? liberal carol shea-porter? she'll be a rubber stamp for clinton's agenda. progressive shawn o'connor?
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heir agenda: higher taxes. more government spending. and a weaker national defense. only frank guinta will put new hampshire first. that's the key difference in this race. frank guinta. he's on our side. i'm frank guinta and i approved this message.
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decided to join surfers in byron bay. this unbelievable video was captured by one of the surfers riding a wave right over the shark. onlookers could only watch in disbelief. they then alerted the surfers there was a visitor nearby. cue the jaws music. the shark ended up swimming away. he surfed right over that shark. tom: as fonzarelli would say, 's shark. thank you for joining us. vo: ending funding for planned parenthood. taking away our right to choose. restricting our health care choices. this is senator kelly ayotte's record.
5:57 pm
and she supports overturning roe v. wade. woman 1: kelly ayotte says she's for women. but it's just an act. woman 2: voters definitely cannot trust kelly ayotte. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you.
5:58 pm
jennifer: now at 6:00 a new charge for former state represent kyle tasker, why his arrest after this crash could land him back in jail in a different criminal case. >> it's like a flood of memories coming back and we're going through this again and i still don't understand why. tom: relatives of the men killed
5:59 pm
death penalty sentence thrown out. josh j.: the recent dry weather comes to an en shortly, a check on when it arrives in new hampshire. jennifer: and it's one of the most watched senate races in the country, we're just an hour away from senator kelly ayotte and governor maggie hassan in tonight's granite state debate. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: right now charged with d.w.i. after this car crash in rochester. police say tasker did not stop at an intersection, rear ending a car and causing it to hit another vehicle. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. this is not the first time tasker has been arrested. wurp's suzanne roantree is here now with the details. reporter: rochester police say that tasker's latest trouble started yesterday after they got a call from someone saying a car
6:00 pm
driven erratically on route 125. the caller said it was a red nissan. >> swerving all over the road, heading southbound in the area of the spaulding turnpike. reporter: shortly after, police found an accident at the intersection of 125 and chesley road. >> it was a three-car accident, there was a red nissan involved as well. first vehicle had stopped at the intersection for the stop light, send vehicle stopped and the third failed to stop. reporter: police say former state representative kyle tasker was driving that 2009 red nissan, which slammed into the car in front of him, causing a chain reaction crash. >> it was initially reported that there might have been injuries and fluids leaking. frisbee e.m.s. went out. however, everybody refused treatment on the scene. so there were no injuries. reporter: police say tasker told them he had just left a


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