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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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driven erratically on route 125. the caller said it was a red nissan. >> swerving all over the road, heading southbound in the area of the spaulding turnpike. reporter: shortly after, police found an accident at the intersection of 125 and chesley road. >> it was a three-car accident, there was a red nissan involved as well. first vehicle had stopped at the intersection for the stop light, send vehicle stopped and the third failed to stop. reporter: police say former state representative kyle tasker was driving that 2009 red nissan, which slammed into the car in front of him, causing a chain reaction crash. >> it was initially reported that there might have been injuries and fluids leaking. frisbee e.m.s. went out. however, everybody refused treatment on the scene. so there were no injuries. reporter: police say tasker told them he had just left a
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for driving while intoxicated, which is a class b misdemeanor. reporter: tasker was charged with d.w. expivment released on $1,000 bail. his arraignment is scheduled for november 14. but that could change. the rockingham county attorney today filed a motion to revoke kia tasker's $50,000 bail from his march arrest on charges of so list iting a minor online and possession with intent to distribute controlled drugs. prosecutors in that case say he conditions, good behavior and consumption of alcohol. we did reach out to tasker to the comment. he has not responded. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: a hampstead man who police say causedded a deadly chain reaction crash in salem yesterday now macing felony charges. police say todd gurley was driving on a suspended license at the time of the crash on route 111, he allegedly cut off
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causing it to slam into a third vehicle. police say gurley was under the influence of drugs. >> they saw a number of signs' impairment including constricted pupils, slurred speech, a thick tongue. it's alleged that he tried to conceal drugs that were in his possession. tom: gurley's attorney maintains her client is not a flight risk. one person was killed and two taken to the hospital with injuries. jennifer: a pedestrian hit by a pickup truck in concord on monday even has died. police say boroughs of concord was crossing loudon road when she was hit by a car. officers say there was no crosswalk or signal in that area, and this morning she passed away. police are investigating but say alcohol and drugs do not appear to be factors. tom: a record high number of drug overdoses in nashua last month. a.m.r. responded to 45 overdoses in october, seven of those were fatal. overdose this is year have
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in 2015. they report 310 overdoses so far this year, 35 deadly. last year there were 250 overdoses in nashua and 19 were fatal. >> we share our information with other area e.m.s. agencies across new england, actually, and look for trends and spikes of where fentanyl patches may be more poorer than others appear, but it's like throwing darts at a dart board. tom: they are urging anyone who maed treatment at any of the state's safe station locations, they're in manchester or any fire department. jennifer: convicted murderer gary sampson is getting a new trial. sampson murdered two men from massachusetts and one from new hampshire in 2001. he was granted a new trial for his sentence only. this after the judge learned a juror had ride about her background. kristen carosa has more now from boston. reporter: the jury heard opening
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gets life in prison without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty. 57-year-old gary sampson is back before a judge for a retrial after being convicted 13 years ago for killing two men in 2001. during opening statements, federal prosecutors named the two victims, philip mccloskey and jonathan rizzo. prosecutors say sampson carjacked the kargs of mccloskey and rizzo and then murdered them in massachusetts, both of of which are federal crimes. whitney who sampson was separately convicted of killing at a lakeside home in meredith, new hampshire. prosecutors want the death penalty for sampson, saying he murdered three innocent people, while the defense team wants life in prison without parole. the defense is arguing that sampson had excessive head injuries growing up which affected his decision making. >> we have to listen to it again and listen to the defense try another argument is for me, it's very emotional.
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it's been 13 years now, since he's been convicted and we gotta go through this all again. reporter: family members of robert whitney were also in court today, but they declined to comment. the trial will resume tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in boston, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jennifer: to commitment 2016 now, in less than an hour governor maggie hassan and senator kelly ayotte will face off at st. anselm college. it is the second in our granite st hampshire institute of politics. josh mcelveen is live now with what we can expect to see when these two candidates take the stage. josh: we talked a lot about this race over the year, but much of the discussion has been in the context of the top of the ticket. but the reality is there are a lot of issues facing the state and a nation. foreign policy, national security, foreign and domestic terrorism. obviously we have an opioid crisis in new hampshire, and everyone is worried about the
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for these candidates to make their case and offer solutions to the problems that we do face. and the latest wmur granite state poll shows that this race is tied. and the same poll shows that roughly 40% of voters have yet to make up their minds. so this puts more pressure on what is already a high stakes debate, tonight is critical to both campaigns. there are a large group of people here at the institute of politics outside right now who do not fall in the undecided kelly ayotte have some loyal core support. for more on that we send it out to adam sexton. reporter: it's a mad house here outside the new hampshire institute of politics, and of course maggie hassan is already here, senator kelly ayotte now making her way inside the building, that's what a lot of the cheering is about right now. but we've been seeing this is big crowds outside the granite state debates for many years. the last time we had a presidential race and the u.s. senate race in new hampshire was
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creativity of the signs, the amount of people who are here and the energy that you see outside. we asked these people, even to they're dedicated partisans, in terms of what they'd like to hear about in tonight's debate. here's what they had to say. >> mostly foreign policy. i'm a military veteran, so that's very important to me. >> plans for renewable energy in the country. reporter: what are the issues you want to hear about? >> foreign policy. because foreign policy is really important if you look around the world we see a lot of chaos, disorder. >> i'd like to hear the candidates talking about how they're going to take care of people like me who are, you know, starting career, starting a family. reporter: new hampshire often referredded to as the center of the political universe, that's never truer than it is right now. we're going to have the president mere next week, donald trump on election eve.
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could decide the balance of power in the upper chamber of commerce. it's a high stakes night for the granite state debates. josh, let's go back inside to you. josh: thanks, adam. no question, i guess it's safe to say we are a swing state. a lot of attention focused on natural, and as you mentioned the balance of power could hinge on this election. but all of it gets under way as far as the debate is concerned in just under an hour, you can watch it on wmur tonight, on our website and mobile app. and our debates will continue all candidates for new hampshire's two congressional districts as well. but our focus tonight clearly on one of the most high profile races in the country right now, the u.s. senate race and certainly by far the most expensive race ever run here in new hampshire. it starts in an hour at 7:00. i'm josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. tom: okay, josh. the presidential candidates are ramping up campaigns here in new hampshire ahead of election day. tomorrow evan ka trump will stop
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and donald trump has rallies planned for both friday and the final big campaign rally monday in manchester. chelsea clinton will campaign for hillary clinton here on friday. and president obama will be in new hampshire on monday, campaigning for hillary clinton. don't know yet where, we'll find out and let you know. jennifer: getting busy around here. tom: still to come on news 9 at 6:00, a new hampshire reservist gets some good news in his fight with the will be paid. jennifer: and fire trucks are dispatched to all kinds of places, but this is a first. josh j.: you asked for more rain and we're delivering. when our next batch of rainfall arrives in new hampshire. jamie: it's a game 7 tonight and it's a dartmouth college pitcher
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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jennifer: tonight a milford family is celebrating. it's been a year since captain shane morgue began nearly died during a pushup test for -- morgan nearly died during a pushup test for the army. tom: now the army is agreeing to pay all his medical expenses. amy coveno first reported on this two weeks ago, she's live now with exclusive couple tonight. reporter: never never never give up. the morgans took winston churchill's words to heart. they fought for nearly a year, and less than 24 hours ago they learned the army reversed its decision and will pay all the bills. captain shane morgan was active duty for nearly a decade, he deployed to afghanistan and continued to serve as a reservist. but when he nearly died last november 5 at fort devens during
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said hits condition was not a line of duty injury so they would not pay for the medical bills. the morgans were stunned, buried under thousands of dollars in bills. but they appealed, they contacted their state reps and when all else failed they went to the media and took their story public of they believe that may all the difference. >> it was a huge weight off of our shoulders, and it allows us to take the next step in our journey which is now to focus on fixi soldiers who are going through this process don't have to spend a year or more waiting for an answer. >> it was amazing to get that news last night. reporter: weight lifted? >> completely. reporter: the morgans want to draw a clear distinction between the army and unit. they say their unit was incredibly supportive throughout had this entire process, they particularly want to thank staff sergeant bassaro.
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now under review. tom: josh judge is here and boy we had temperatures in the 60's today, beautiful. josh j.: how about that, it's not going to last too much belonger. in fact, there's some much needed rain approaching right now. also an important look at when
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imagine if hillary clinton wins the white house... then what? liberal carol shea-porter? she'll be a rubber stamp for clinton's agenda. progressive shawn o'connor? he'll be a rubber stamp, too. and you know their agenda: higher taxes. more government spending. and a weaker national defense. only frank guinta will put new hampshire first. s race. frank guinta. he's on our side. i'm frank guinta and i approved this message. i'm frank guinta molly's not thinking about cancer today, but three years from now, a routine screening will catch it early and make all the difference. so when chris sununu voted to cut funding for planned parenthood, cutting access to cancer screenings and birth control for thousands of women, it's politics for him.
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nt has been paid for by put new hampshire first and has not been authorized by any candidate. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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tom: here's one for you, for the first time ever a fire truck reached the summit of mount washington. jennifer: here's the video of the fire truck making its way up the mountain. the fire truck made it up the auto road with no issues at all. in fact, we're told the fire truck didn't have any problems making its way down either. josh j.: a look at officially we made it into the 60's in so many locations today. up to 64 degrees. 65 in a few spots. lebanon 67 degrees. much milder day today. but this is a one-day thing for the most part. already now that the sun is setting seeing the temperatures dropping into the 50's. but it will be a milder night tonight, because the cold front which brings cooler air doesn't pass through until tomorrow.
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that in a moment. meanwhile, look how much warmer it is than yesterday. milder temperatures of 5 to 15 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. so you can certainly feel the difference as you head outside, even this evening. skies are clearing for now. but the clouds are going to regroup and move in again, as we move through the overnight hours, there they are to our west, and as you can see there are a line of showers along this front as well. the front will pull in during the day tomorrow. ahead of it there could be a couple of overnight showers. then tomorrow we approach along this front as the front pulls through, then it shuts off the rain once it does for the most part with scattered showers after and cooler temperatures behind the front that will be drugging down. we're not talking about extreme cold of any kind but certainly below average temperatures are in store once that front rolls through. and that takes us into and through the weekend and into next week, but it also means calmer weather conditions. so we really just have this rain on the docket for now.
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rain. anywhere from a quarter to half inch will be your average. but there could be a few spots that see locally up to an inch of rain. there will be some areas of downpours perhaps during the day. here's the overnight hours into tomorrow morning, some scattered showers. then here comes that rain, look at those yellows on the radar, this is projected downpours in some locations for a while during the morning, midday and afternoon. southeastern new hampshire the last to see th may take until later in the morning before that happens for you. then some sprinkles and maybe flurries in the mountains brings clearing skies into friday. friday will be breezy, but sunny, and cooler too. temperatures start to sink back down below average and we stay there for a while. these lows tonight will be as warm as the high the next several days. tomorrow about 10 degrees cooler. but friday, there's your highs,
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30's to the north. the extended forecast, things really do calm down quite a bit after tomorrow. tomorrow's showers and downpours lead to calm, clear weather and a little bit below average for this time of year. we turn the clocks back saturday night. and as we head into next week it looks pretty sunny for the first couple of days, that's important because voting day, election day is tuesday. jennifer: we're in the seven-day window now. jamie: speaking of seven, cannot wait the world series and we have a big time new hampshire
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vo: ending funding for planned parenthood. taking away our right to choose. restricting our health care choices. this is senator kelly ayotte's record. ayotte voted six times to end funding for planned parenthood - putting access to birth control and cancer screenings at risk. and she supports overturning roe v. wade. woman 2: voters definitely cannot trust kelly ayotte. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. when all three of these guys show up, they come up with some crazy ideas. sometimes, i just have to say, "no way." so i appreciate it when annie kuster says "no" to cutting social security. she stood up to both parties to protect our benefits.
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thanks, annie. i'm annie kuster and i approve this message. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved this message. what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives.
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orate special interests and that's costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. narrator: two kinds of business experience. chris sununu's family handed him a top-rated ski resort. he ran it into the ground. chris sununu cut jobs, and cut workers' hours so he wouldn't have to provide health insurance. colin van ostern went to college on student loans, became a stonyfield business manager. then a top executive at college for america. real success is helping others get ahead. a bright new hampshire future starts
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jamie: you are looking at the game 7 pitcher for the chicago cubs tonight. this is kyle hendricks during his career at dartmouth college. an economics major, he was drafted by the angels in 2008 right out of high school in but he chose college instead and it all led tom the biggest of stages in baseball, game seven of the world series at the cleveland indians. cubs have endured 108 long seasons without winning a world series and with hopes of celebrating tonight, handing the ball to the tall ivy leaguer with a dartmouth degree of kyle hendricks won the e.r.a. title in major league baseball this year, allowing just 2.13 earned runs per nine innings pitched.
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well, cory kluber won the cy young award last year, he already has victories in games one and four for the nins in this world series. >> this is the ultimate dream. you dream of getting to the world series, winning the world series, but when our out in your back yard as a kid, playing little league with your friends, this is the moment you dream about, game seven, two out, bottom of the ninth, you know, but it's always game seven of the world series. looking back now, weav depth, and to have home field advantage in the world series, which if it does get to a gail 7 hopefully that works in our favor. jamie: new hampshire native chris car pen perfect was the winning pitcher in this world series 7 game five years ago, cardinals beat the rangers 6-2. there have been 35 game 7's in history, meaning the club of guys that have been game 7 starting pitchers is exclusive, not more than 70 players. kyle hendricks about to join that club and will become yet
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the celtics are on the floor tonight at 8:00, a home game with the chicago bulls. no al horford in this one, he was hit in the head at practice monday, he has entered the concussion protocol. but a big addition to the lineup for the celtics, marcus smart returns after missing the first three games with a spranged left ankle, so they get his
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i'm maggie hassan, and new hampshire has a very clear choice: do we keep going with a senator who repeatedly votes with the corporate special interests... or a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire? my focus has always been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs. and always protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. these are my priorities, why i approve this message...
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when you're raised by a single mom, you learn how important it is to live within your means. i'm colin van ostern, and i took that lesson to my work in business, and it's how i'll stand up for you as governor. by cutting inefficient spending and using innovation to save tax dollars, we'll make new investments without a sales or income tax. to create clean energy jobs, protect affordable health care, and lower college costs and cut student debt. as governor,
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves!
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tonight, breaking news. the new tracking poll. hillary clinton, donald trump, where this race stands next six days out. and are there new pathways for donald trump? he and his family make the case tonight. president obama, vice president biden, bernie sanders, arguing, there's just one choice. and the alarming image. the church set the words spray painted on the side. also tonight, the deadly ambush. two police officers targeted and killed in separate patrol cars, shot through the window. breaking late today, the new flash point over the pipeline in the west. demonstrators clashing with police. and the other pipeline, the explosion, the state of emergency. and now, worries over gas prices. new reporting tonight on the mystery illness in 33 states. the 6-year-old boy who has died.


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