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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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in night three of our granite state debates here on wmur. >> but what we do know is that donald trump said this like, i love war, donald trump. >> and i've condemned all that. i've condemned all those things. o'connor: i have a lot of concerns as i think a lot of americans do about both of the major candidates for president. tom: boots on the ground, presidential candidates and voting records all heated topics seen right here on wmur. a surge in gun sales happening right now with the election only days away. the election to bring in sales. mike: after a round of beneficial rain today, it begins to dry out tonight a look into friday and the weekend ahead tom: chance of a lifetime. meet kacie, the country music singer this high school volleyball player gets to open for tomorrow.
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night three of our granite state debates, and the candidates for the first congressional district. good evening. i'm tom griffith. it was a feisty night for all 3 on stage. incumbent congressman, republican frank guinta, democrat carol shea-porter and independent shawn o'connor. o'connor: i've voted as recently as 2014 for members of both parties. >> which republican did you vote for? >> you are a republican. i'm going to back o'connor: i mean you see this is great. i am a true moderate. because they're both trying to put me into a slot. >> no, no, no. tom: wmur political director josh mcelveen moderated tonight's debate and joins us live from the institute of politics at saint anselm college. reporter: over the course of the last elections, carol shea-porter has developed a
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debate stage and while they were certainly not shy about going after each other with criticisms they also managed to find some common ground in this one at least when it came to the independent candidate in this written the end of etiquette it was on stage with him tonight shawn o'connor let's get a recap of what did take place during that debate with adam sexton who is standing by live. reporter: josh the past 3 debates between carol shea-porter and frank guinta have been tense and testy affairs this one was a little bit lighter, even when the candidates were mixing it up but that had a lot to do with the fact that they had someone else on stage to attack. >> -- race, and endorsed bernie sanders. >> ok, ok i got this, alright? reporter: in their 4th granite state debate match-up frank guinta and carol shea-porter joined forces to tag-team the new candidate on their turf, independent shawn o'connor. >> for the last decade the voters of this district have had to choose between one hyper-partisan or the other, and they've fired them constantly, one after another after another. reporter: both repeat candidates
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>> he had a boutique business that helped people get into law school. we need jobs that people can actually have right now. reporter: guinta slammed o'connor as a bernie sanders progressive. >> mr. o'connor has identified himself as a progressive democrat, a bernie-crat, and that's why he was running for a year and a half in the democratic primary. >> i understand that both the congresswoman and the congressman are upset about my meteoric rise in the polls, but the fact of the matter is i hampshire. reporter: shea-porter was first elected to congress in 2006 on her strong opposition to the iraq war. when it comes to sending ground troops back to the middle east to defeat isis she says no. >> we would not be welcomed, our presence would not be helpful. now do we need special forces there? yes we do. reporter: frank guinta stood up for rochester conservative activist jerry delemus, who is facing charges in connection with the bundy ranch standoff
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>> he went out there in a peacekeeping mission. do i think there was government overreach here? yes i do. reporter: when it comes to whether anyone can change the atmosphere in congress everyone touted their bipartisan credentials. >> i've worked for democrats and i've worked for republicans. my opponents are hyper-partisan and they mock me for that i actually think there's some value in that. >> no other republican can say they've gotten six pieces of legislation signed into law by this president. president obama and i don't agree on much, but he was >> when the republicans are taking a trip they told me they like to go with me because i don't fight with them, and i'm very proud of that. reporter: so the two candidates who could barely make eye contact with each other found some common ground tonight in attacking an independent challenger how it shakes out on election day remains to be seen. josh, let's go back inside to you.
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interesting dynamic in this arena question about a things very much i do now all the candidates to the spin room immediately following the debate shawn o'connor said that he made his case frank attended a pretty good his for what he really is a political outsider in this race despite the long political resume well carol shea-porter said she is not too concerned about independent candidate in this race at all here is what they had to say. >> anybody can run. $50. so, and i remind people that i was not the choice in 2006 and you just put your head dan you make the case to the people about why it should be you. so, i love the way new hampshire does politics. anybody can get on the ballot. >> there's serving and getting things done, and then there's being an insider within the party, an insider by the establishment. i mean i think it was, the establishment in this state made it abundantly clear that i'm an outsider. and i will take that label any time. >> i think that tonight we saw
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bickering between carol shea porter and frank guinta, and both of them are clearly scared that i'm surging right at the right time because they were attacking me with their typical dc politician party lines. reporter: and i am joined now by my colleague john on the panel tonight obviously the candidates -- [indiscernible] we arede the spotlight -- he did not wilt. >> it was sort of like a party crasher i have become used to seeing them on stage but they did touch a lot of issues. they talked about the second amendment, foreign policy, campaign finance reform and the influence if any of political action committees was also an area where there was a lot of bickering back-and-forth with o'connor trying to say that he
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areas is. reporter:he minute win this race but certainly a longshot shawn o'connor but they are concerned about who he is siphoning for some that is very pannaway manor is probably about 50% according to our last poll the conventional wisdom is -- wisdom is that he is taken out of the more from shea-porter that is not absolutely a reporter: definite -- we do not really know until election day. yeah, the voters was a that is so much more -- worry is about all the division and we have seen in this election will here is a positive sign you caught this as they were walking out have a look at this photograph year. will take place after all this -- >> their families walked out together -- >> ok because it back to you very much, jon, debate nine number for the final tomorrow and the second-seeded it doesn't affect you in the studio guys. tom: lee ford to a thank you gentlemen. with the election in just days away local gun store owners, gun manufacturers and the fbi are reporting surging gun sales. wmur's cherise leclerc spoke with a salem gun shop owner who's using the election momentum to drum up sales. reporter: brian barry owns next
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holding an election special through november 9 and while he opened his business fairly recently, he's already seen the difference an election year can make in his bottom line. >> it's a beautiful right to see people exercise. reporter: gun store owner brian barry is reaping the rewards of a long and embattled election cycle. he opened his store in salem five months ago and is embracing the effects the election is having on business. >> you just see the pattern forming at presidential election changed in what i feel could be a negative way. reporter: the fbi is reporting record numbers for gun background checks for the month of october. more than 2.3 million checks were done last month, up from about 1.9 million in september. with more people getting their hands on guns, state representative renny cushing says he respects 2nd amendment rights but thinks the granite state is ready for common sense policies regarding background
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illness having access to guns, not having people who have engaged in domestic violence have easy access to guns, not having terrorists have easy access to guns. reporter: cushing is on the criminal justice and public safety committee and founded a group called murder victims' families for human rights after losing both his father and brother in law to gun violence. >> i think we also have a responsibility to make sure that people who are not fit to have guns don't have easy access to them repo no matter what side of the gun control debate you may be on. >> that's the beauty of this country, we can just have our civil disagreements and move on. >> i think that's what's most important is that we have conversations and try to understand people. reporter: gun store owner brian barry expects the sales to continue soaring as people remain uncertain about how their elected officials will handle gun policy. live in the studio cherise
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considered a state still at play both campaigns are announcing more candidates and big-name surrogates are coming to the state in the final days before election day. the latest, is hillary clinton. so let's take you through them day-by-day. friday, republican nominee donald trump is holding a rally starting at noon at the atkinson country club. doors open at nine. also, chelsea clinton will hold get-out-the-vote events for her mother at keene state college at 10:15 and dartmouth college at 12:30. then on sunday, we have the just announced visit by the democratic presidential nominee in manchester. the exact location and time have not been released. on monday, president obama will be at the university of new hampshire to stump for clinton. it starts at 3:00. doors open at 12:30. the same day trump returns to the granite state for an 8:00 p.m. rally at snhu arena in manchester. doors open at 5:00. and the trump campaign has just
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this weekend. new jersey governor chris christie will be in new hampshire saturday and daughter ivanka trump is coming on sunday. good news for new hampshire's drought. coming up on news 9 tonight the counties just downgraded from extreme drought. >> this probably is the biggest thing for me like the biggest gig i've ever had tom: opening for an american idol winner. the rochester teen doing just that right here in new hampshire. here, and after clouds give way to some sun what follows for saturday and
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tom: tonight, the man accused of killing two iowa police officers is charged with two counts of first degree murder. michael scott greene was booked in officer justin martin and sergeant tony beminio were both shot in the head while sitting in their police cruisers in separate attacks. greene surrendered yesterday but was in the hospital because of a separate medical condition until today. now to the state's drought. as the state asks everyone to keep conserving water, we're now getting good news about the drought. significant rain over the past few weeks has improved drought conditions statewide. bodies of water like the merrimack river are now starting to get back to normal levels.
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from extreme to severe. less than 5% of the state is now experiencing extreme drought conditions. >> so we would encourage residents to conserve water they need to understand that when the ground freezes, in the middle of december, whatever they have in thier wells is what they're going to have available throughout the winter. tom: now des says this month's rainfall helps, but we would need another 30 days just like it to get out of a severe drought. show of her life. 14-year-old kacie grenon has been invited to open for country singer scotty mc-creery tomorrow night at the hampton beach casino ballroom. and as wmur's jean mackin shows us she jumped at the opportunity reporter: 14-year-old kacie grenon has a busy schedule these days high school volleyball tonight >> number 17, kacie grenon reporter: opening for country star scotty mccreery tomorrow
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holding, holding reporter: invited to sing for 30 minutes before he takes the stage at the hampton beach casino ballroom >> if i do meet him i'll probably be like oh hey, it's kacie grenon, you're scotty mccreery, that's really cool and stuff reporter: what's really cool is how this st. thomas aquinas high school freshman has been rehearsing for this her whole life >> i've been loving music since i was born but the first time i reporter: she's performed at groundbreaking ceremonies >> ? the of the free reporter: at town events with her guitar and ukelele >> ? let them play their songs, let them say what's right and wrong reporter: she's headlined farmers markets and craft fairs >> ? tell me why you gotta go
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reporter: now she'll open for an american idol winner >> i think scotty mccreery is amazing he's so good and evne though im not really country i feel like i can fit in reporter: her proud mom will be backstage >> i love that other people are going to be able to get to hear in such a big venue how great she is reporter: the audience could top 2,000 watching kacie's dream in the spotlight >> i want to be big enough people to basically follow their dreams like what i am doing right now reporter: jean mackin wmur news9 >> now, my canon with your forecast. mike: follow your dream -- that is the key, trying to follow the clouds out of here tonight. a good part of central new hampshire saw the clouds exit. by the time lapse photos, a lot
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one third of an inch in concord. above that in the upper valley. into the white mountains -- lower amounts in the south. in terms of the rainfall, we are up to 27.70 inches. the average should be 34.09. or, it is. i much better than we were three weeks ago. manchester still about 35% below average. we could use a lot more rain. light showers trying to move in from southern parts of quebec. as this moves through tomorrow morning, there will be a few clouds. a slight chance of rain but then
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27 degrees. everybody else is a little bit above average. really not all that chilly overnight. upper 30's in the north yard there is some cool air to the north and west continuing to build in. temperatures will run close to where they were today. the afternoon. one in a series of three upper-level disturbances. a couple of snow showers in the mountains. sunshine in the midday and afternoon. the next one moves in on saturday. there could even be a passing snow shower in the southern new hampshire. before we see some partial sun
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basically low 40's should do it. from concord south and southeast about 50-54 so where do is go beyond that again for the weekend? to more upper-level assistance. them's partial sun -- could be a snow shower early saturday. sunday the same story monday more sun warmer for election day on tuesday and then a few more showers by midweek as we we fall back to standard time don't forget we gain an hour for the weekend but sunset on sunday four, -- 4:32. tom: well, we have got to change those clocks and change the battery in the smoke detector. they regard. >> the celtics and bruins played
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i'm maggie hassan, and new hampshire has a very clear choice: do we keep going with a senator who repeatedly votes with the corporate special interests... or a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire? my focus has always been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs. and always protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. these are my priorities, why i approve this message... and why i respectfully ask
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>> it was a big test for the boston celtics tonight. at the nba champion cleveland cavaliers and lebron james. the c's were under-manned for this one, without starters al horford and jae crowder. horford is under concussion protocol, crowder is out at left ankle 2nd qtr, celtics down 9, jaylen brown gets the offensive rebound and finishes the lay in 2nd qtr, cavs up 9, kyrie irving pulls up for the 3-pointer and transition and knocks it down, 50-38 cleveland 2nd qtr, cavs lead by 14 lebron james finds tristan thompson on the roll to the basket and he slams it home over the defender,
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second half, lebron james makes it look easy, drives to the glass, cavs up 15. but boston made a run, isaiah thomas kicks it out to brown, who burries the 3 to make it a 5 point game. isaiah thomas scored 30 for boston but a cavaliers win 128 wife -- white--- the bruins were 128-122. on the road as well they played the tampa bay lightning a good first period for boston 4 minutes into the game, brandon carlo skates up the right side, and fires it home from a tough angle his 2nd goal oe it's a bruins power play ryan spooner with a one-timer after a great pass from torey krug his 2nd of the year. 2-0. the b's took a 2-1 lead into the locker room patrice bergeron had a good game and in the 2nd period banks one off a defender and into the net, from david pastrnak and bard marchand his 2nd of the year. bruins up 3-2 after 2 tampa bay just would not go away. a shot from the point here, tipped in by tyler johnson nothing rask could do about that. 3-3 this one ended up in a shootout it took 10 rounds but it finally
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goal. 4-3 final. girls division two soccer semifinals in nashua this is hanover against oyster river it took one big blast to settle this one bobcats in white eleanor zwart with a really nice play to set up sophomore jordan thoompson for the big time shot. far post 1-0 oyster river hanover trying to get one by susan mcdonough the goalie but the cross by amelia lubrano doesn't find a teammate. oyster river wins it 1-0 in the other semifinal, john stark beat bow 2-1 in double overtime so its the generals and the bobcats for the title division four played-out in laconia this is newmarket against colebrook the mohawks of colebrook are in green. allie gallion with a shot here saved by brooke lawson, colebrook scores first a great individual effort by taylor siewierski first she steals the ball, then gets by the defender with a nice cut and finally beats the newmarkt goalie 1-0 at the half
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in the other semfiinal. sunapee defeated profile school 4-1. so its the lakers and the mohawks for the title girls division one soccer semifinals the defending champs from pinkerton shut down central and bedford beat exeter 3-1 so its astros and the bulldogs for the state title in d-1 girls soccer girls volleyball, division 2 against st thomas, at pinkerton windham is in the gold tops. st thomas in blue. this one would go to the jaguars. 3 sets to none. the other semifinal was won 3 sets to none by 3rd seed somersworth against the 2nd seed, the gilford golden eagles. so it will be windham and the hilltoppers for the title the state championship match is saturday night at 7pm at pinkerton this week's hometown hero is a two-sport standout for the engineers, woodsville high school senior sam pushee helped lead the basketball team to a
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back to back state semifinals, this year as the team captain. he's also a great student and the vice president of his school's national honor society, sam hopes to get excepted to colby-sawyer college next year, he plans to become either a nurse practioner or a physician, >> -- my mom was an extra technician and i have always been in the hospital with her lookin having that hospital feeling i love it there, something i want to do -- help others -- >> and a few moves by the red sox today clay buchholz will be back for another season the sox exercised their option on him. catcher ryan hanigan will not be back, the sox declined his option. the sox also exercised their option on david ortiz, but he is still expected to retire this off-season. it's a milestone race in the queen city sunday morning the 10th annual manchester city marathon, half marathon, relay, and 5k.
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the half maraton every year, and will keep his streak going. there are some exciting changes -- you can hear his story on our website. the marathon is set for sunday and we just found that hillary clinton is coming in manchester on sunday so that would be an interesting day in the queen city. tom: a little bit of traffic. thank you so much. making a dream come true still , to come on news 9 tonight. we introduce you to thut be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together.
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imagine if hillary clinton wins the white house... then what? liberal carol shea-porter? she'll be a rubber stamp for clinton's agenda. progressive shawn o'connor? he'll be a rubber stamp, too. and you know their agenda: higher taxes. more government spending. and a weaker national defense. only frank guinta will put new hampshire first. that's the key difference in this race. frank guinta. he's on our side. i'm frank guinta and i approved this message. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them
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guillermo:.lin-manuel miranda, >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jamie dornan khlo? kardashian part two of our youtube halloween challenge results this week in unnecessary censorship and music from kings of leon in nashville. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i am jimmy. i'm the host of this show. thank you for watching.


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