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tv   News 9 at Seven  ABC  November 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> two teams and two coaches that respect each other and played a whale of a game. >> the final throw in the end zone, picked off by jordan sterns and mason rudolph and the cowboys will have a happy ride back to still water, escaping with a 43-37 win. the 92 yards quick strike scoring drive proving to be the difference in the game. pressure was coming, had to get rid of it. wound up finding a crowd of people in the end zone. >> nobody with shake themselves free. just a three-man rush with an add on. the add on guy is the one that gets a shot on ertz as he tries to throw the ball. >> let's go to chris.
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>> the defense rallied. we gave up a few yards more than i wanted to. and fortunately, we played the pick play down there effectively and then they got the pass interference call. it was interesting. if it wasn't for that, the clock would have run out. so it worked to their favor just a little bit. but i could behind more proud of our guys. when you come on the road and turn the ball over three times, it's really hard to win. but we found proud of our team. >> you talk about the turnovers. what does it say about the composure of mason rudolph, he was able to lead the drives. >> well, he e played pretty average. it's interesting, he play the better after that than he did before. so you have to love that about the kid. he's found a way to win a lot of football games. but over all, everybody played good. i thought our offensive and
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good job tonight. >> thank you. >> and the cowboys get a win in manhattan, kansas, they move t 7-2. tonight at 8:00 eastern, nebraska and ohio state here on abc. final score from little apple, oklahoma state, 43, kansas state, 37 in what turned into a thriller. so long from kansas state. in manhattan. so long from kansas state.
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do we keep going with a senator who repeatedly votes with the corporate special interests... or a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire? my focus has always been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs. and always protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. these are my priorities, why i approve this message... and why i respectfully ask for your vote. cherise: tonight it's surrogate saturday in new hampshire. the big names the presidential campaigns are sending to the state in the final days before election day. it is one of the most watched races in the country. the message the candidates for u.s. senator are giving in their final rush.
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then temperatures start to warm up. the latest forecast coming up. >> the manchester neighborhood on edge after two people were shot. why officials say there is no danger to the public tonight. cherise: rain or shine, both candidates for president are stumping hard for votes this both were in the sunshine state, but florida proved to not be so sunny for hillary clinton. heavy rain forced her to cut her miami rally short. donald trump is also heading west for events later tonight in nevada and colorado. both are considered battleground states. good evening. i'm cherise leclerc. both campaigns are using top name surrogates to sway granite
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wmur's kristen carosa tells us who was here today. kristen: with just two days left presidential surrogates are out campaigning looking to sway undecided voters. >> she has worried about children. she's worried about women's rights internationally. kristen: former secretary of state madeline albright is campaigning for hillary clinton. show says the republican challenger donald trump is not fit for the job. ms. all bright: he does not understand what national security is all about. he doesn't have the temperament to be hillary clinton is the best prepared person ever to run for president of the united states. >> the clintons have just drifted further and further toward special interests, insider interests. you can see it in the wikileaks. you can see it in these e-mails really. kristen: u.s. senator from alabama jeff sessions spoke with volunteers at a local campaign office here campaigning for donald trump. mr. sessions: he is strong, a doer.
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he puts america first. kristen: several democrats including massachusetts u.s. senator elizabeth warren rallied volunteers before setting out to canvas the city. >> we're just making sure we get as many folks out voting tuesday as possible. i think we're ready to take our next step forward as a state. kristen: he says he feels confident going into the election. >> i think we deserve a governor who is going to put people over politics, who is going to fight to bring and keep young people and young families and new businesses and start-ups here. >> he is a paidit entire career. that's his perspective. kristen: republican challenger for governor chris sununu says he is the right choice on tuesday. >> mr. sununu: i'm a business guy, an engineer. i think people are looking for a governor who is a stakeholder in a lot of issues, whether energy or health care, all these issues really matter. someone who living and breathing them every day. kristen: kristen carosa, wmur, news 9. cherise: now to new hampshire's race for u.s. senate.
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making their last ditch effort to lure undecided voters in the race that is being followed across the country. mike cronin is live with their message tonight. mike: cherise, we saw both senator ayotte and governor hassan tonight in nashua for the annual salute our soldiers dinner here at the radisson hotel. kelly ayotte came to the radisson hotel tonight upb says granite staters are excited about the future the state and she says she has the plan to improve the economy. meanwhile, democrat challenger maggie hassan also had events throughout the state today. we caught up with her at a market basket in nashua. she touts the friendly environment in new hampshire for small businesses and says as senator, she would move new hampshire forward. >> because we've been working together in a bipartisan way we have the lowest unemployment rate in the country. cnbc named us the most business
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and we can continue to make this kind of progress. we've been doing 50 stops in five days. in the last 24 hours i'm doing 24 stops in 24 hours so it's going to be about meeting voters, listening to them, and really earning their support. mike: by the way, tonight's dinner is being put on by veterans count. both candidates have another full schedule of campaigning tomorrow. they'll be in the sea coost, southern new hampshire cherise: thank you. both presidential campaigns are coming back to new hampshire in the coming days. tomorrow hillary clinton will hold a rally at the radisson in manchester. grammy award winning singer james taylor will join her there. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence and y ivanka trump will also be in the granite state tomorrow. then on monday president obama campaigns for clinton during an event at unh. pence will be back with donald trump for a rally at snhu arena
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events on tune in monday night to hear from voters who have seen every candidate in person and they're still struggling to decide. compare the perspectives of first-time voters to veterans who remember john f. kennedy's campaign. we'll have live team coverage of the last-minute push for your vote including the election eve visits from donald trump and president obama. our final hour special is monday night at 7:00 right here on wmur. under way in manchester after a shooting sent two people to the hospital. police say they have made two arrests and there is no danger to the public. but as wmur's heather hamel reports the crime still has people in this west side neighborhood on edge. heather: some neighbors say they did hear the shots and ran to their windows but those we talked with say they didn't see who pulled the trigger. only a man lying on the ground behind me. >> it was the hollering that
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then all of a sudden it turned into a lot more than just a verbal argument. heather: joann lives just steps away from the area of amary street manchester detectives have cordoned off. her car is taped off as well. she says two men and a woman were arguing outside around 2:15 and the next thing she heard was gunshots. >> i looked out my bedroom window and i could see a body. i could see legs of a body laying on the sidewalk. heather: she says a woman was standing in the street screaming into a phone. >> she was s boyfriend's been shot. he's bleeding on the ground. heather: officers were on the scene saturday morning collecting evidence and examining the sidewalk and nearby building. they say two people were shot. a man was found outside this westside building having been shot several times and when police pulled over a car that was seen fleeing the scene, a woman inside was found to be shot as well. manchester police say two people believed to be involved are already in custody but aren't saying who they are or what the motive may have been.
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hopes won't ever be repeated. >> it seems to be on the eastside. the westside it's everywhere. i don't think there is a safe neighborhood like there used to be. heather: other neighbors say there have been problems in this area in the past. police stress the public is not in danger as a result of this incident. reporting in manchester, heather hamel, wmur news 9. cherise: thank you. a man jumps out of a window to escape a house fire. next, the investigation now under way in laconia and the work to keep the spreading to other homes. and a man arrested at the post office after police say he tried to pick up a package with meth inside. what else officers say they found when they searched his home. >> lots of clouds over us and even overnight tonight and tomorrow. there might be a couple spits of rain or even a few snow showers, too. i'll show you the latest hour by hour forecast after the
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cherise: new tonight a home
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today will likely need to be demolished. the two-alarm fire was reported just before noon today on winnisquam avenue. one man was inside at the time and jumped out a front window. he was treated on scene for some cuts on his hands. laconia fire says the first firefighters on scene knocked down most of the fire. two neighboring homes also had some damage. the fire is not considered suspicious. a laconia man is under arrest after police say he was caught picking up a package at the post office that had inside. laconia police say robert golden jr. was taken into custody friday afternoon. the package had 56 grams of meth inside. officers say they found weapons, drugs, and other paraphernalia when they searched golden's apartment later on. well, it wasn't too bad once the sun came out today. >> yes. i know some people didn't get to see much sunshine. it was really localized. mainly in southern new hampshire. northern areas got a few flurries i hear. up in the plymouth area and even dover.
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get into the day tomorrow. i'll outline that coming up. cherise: sounds good. more state champions are being decided on the high school soccer field today. jason has your scores and all your highlights later on in sports. >> submit your own pictures and video and join the thousands of u local members. a lovely picture there. by loggingon to you he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges. and working really hard with your community to gethings done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan
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hayley: good evening everyone. there is a live look in dublin where temperatures right now have fallen into the 40's. 44 degrees with calminds there. we have a overhead and you probably noticed something else this evening. the sunset time was just after 5:30. well, maybe you didn't notice it. you will tomorrow morning. take a look at the sunrise times and the sunset times for tomorrow. they are all an hour back. so this is what you can expect. sunrise after of course daylight savings time overnight tonight. make sure your clock goes back. sunrise will happen at 6:28
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tomorrow it's going to be at 4:31. so it's going to be a lot darker sooner as we get into the day tomorrow. here's a look at what's happening right now. we have mostly cloudy skies. maybe a couple of scattered showers. mostly up in the mountains and some of those are even in the form of some snow showers there. there may be a few more spotty showers but very hit or miss and light. tomorrow though as you see the clouds coming down the north to the south, it's still very unsettled. there is some moisture in those clouds so there is the potential for a couple of flurries to fly especially up in the north country and even as far south as southern new hampshire later in the day. here we go. by about midnight tonight, maybe a couple spotty showers up in the white mountains. there could be a few little mountain snow flurries coming through. and that'll be the general trend even as we get into the
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break through the clouds a lot more. especially into the late afternoon. we'll have clearing skies at 5:00 and overnight so tomorrow night is going to be a cold one. falling into the 20's in many locations. then once we get to tuesday, we'll have more sunshine. overnight tonight, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. not too frigid. but cool. 36 degrees concord. about 40 in mostly cloudy skies with very light winds. tomorrow we'll have some sunshine along with passing clouds. there is a potential for a couple scattered flurries to move through. temperatures will be in the lower 40's up in the north country. you see littleton at 40 degrees. about 41 in berlin. 46 degrees in laconia. closer to 50, though, in concord, manchester, and down into nashua and salem, portsmouth about 50 degrees tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds and a very small chance
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flurry or two. so here is a look at the next seven days. we've got a busy stretch of seven days here. of course tonight the clocks go back. make sure before you head to bed you put the clocks back an hour. it's also a good idea to check the batteries in your fire detectors, too. monday bright and sunny. temperatures in the 50's. for election day, no problems getting to the polls because it will be sunny and warm. look at that. near 60. then on wednesday some scattered showers. toward the end of the veterans day, another big day at the end of the week. there's a chance of some showers then, too, with cooler temperatures. but that'll be nice on election day. we could have warm temperatures. cherise: no excuse not to get out and cast the vote. hayley: exactly. cherise: sounds good. some soccer championships today. jason: nice, clear day at southern new hampshire university. four titles up for grabs all four played at larkin field. let's start in the early game division four. epping and littleton.
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lead but nice aggressive play by littleton keeper quintin ross. he makes the save. cruise aiders with a chance. cooper paradice with the cross to scott ridlon but jackson rivers makes the leaping stop. still 2-0. epping would ice it here. cooper garrow a nice feed to ryan o'hair and he buries it. epping knocks off top seedd littleton 3-0. the first ever boys soccer title for the blue devils. hopkinton and steve p for the division 3 championship. first half no score. hopkinton in gerry donahue feeds jacob rockwood. great feed by the stevens goalie. second half, good chance for the cardinals. noah spaulding gets off a shot but tim meyserve is there to make the stop. he pitched a shutout.
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sixth championship in 11 years. goffstown and lebanon playing for division 2 championship. in the second overtime period a great chance for the raiders but miles green makes the leaping save to keep the game scoreless. they would need penalty kicks to decide this one. lebanon's graham chickering fires one just too high over the crossbar. a heart breaker for them. so goffstown with a chance to win it. noah charron drills it just under the bar. gost penalty kicks. the grizzlies are the d-2 champs the first ever boys soccer title for goffstown. the wildcats host albany next saturday. dartmouth got their first ivy league win today coming from behind to beat cornell on the road 17-13. miles smith ran for 119 yards and a touchdown in the win. st. anselm wrapped up the regular season on the road with a loss.
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the cross country meet of champions found at mines falls in nashua. patrick o'brien was the boys winner in a time of 15:3.4. nashua north won the team title. jacqueline goss of exeter won the girls' race. a couple volleyball state championships going on today as well. hollis brookline wins 3-1 and ago. summersworth and wyndham are on the court for the division 2 championship as we speak. still to come tonight the playoffs begin for 24 high school football teams. find out who is moving on to
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jason: high school football quarterfinals merrimack and goffstown in division i. tomahawks in blue. first quarter justin grassini
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7-0 merrimack. the 36th touchdown pass of the season for grassini. a new state record. grizzlies respond. still in the first peyton bickford hits franklin castillo diaz in stride. he's gone. 79-yard touchdown. grassini threw six touchdown passes today. now has 41 for the season. tomahawks get the first playoff win since 1995. in the east-west bracket nashua north and bisho for the second straight week. second quarter, throws deep. and a great catch by levi gosselin. he goes up and gets it for the 22-yard touchdown. 35-27 north at halftime. second half, 42-27 now. the cardinals keep coming. sam raitt finds henry boyle for the 15-yard score. made it 42-33. plenty of offense in this one but the titans win it, 64-41.
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bedford wins and will host merrimack next week. division two wyndham wins, plymouth beats st. thomas. the bobcats play at wyndham next week. hanover edged lebanon at home. hanover will host bo in the semis next week. division iii, they face each other in the semis next saturday. bishop brady won big over newport and they get the winner of tonight's matchup between stevens and campbell which is we'll have that score tonight after football. semifinals are next week and the state championship games all three played at unh on november 19. >> that's exciting. are there thanksgiving games here? jays op: for some. they've kind of gone away over the last couple years but there are still a handful. >> all right. >> a lot of turkey trots.


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