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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i look very much forward to being your president. >> donald trump declared victory this morning in the race for president after hillary clinton conceded. >> the races in new hampshire have been close but chris sununu will be the next governor. >> the senate race is too close to call. record voter turnout. >> good morning.
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here is where the major races stand at the moment. donald trump will be the next president of the united states. he spoke a couple of hours ago after winning most of the key swing states. after 2:30 this morning, the associated press announced that chris edging out colin van ostern erin: the senate race between kelly ayotte and maggie hassan is neck and neck and too close to call with just a few hundred votes separating them. the first congressional district was just called within the last hour. carol shea porter is headed back to washington after beating incumbent frank guinta. the second congressional district was the first race to be declared in new hampshire with annie kuster claiming
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in a moment but first, let's check out the weather. kevin: it was. a lot of areas in the 60's. today we will fall into the 40's. for the time being, clouds are trusting in this morning with lighter shower activity. skies will start to clear this afternoo cooler air. we do go back into the low and mid 50's. go have much more on the trail, temperature wise. erin: the race for president has of course been very long and very contentious but this morning donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. sean: the race here in new hampshire is still too close to call between trump and clinton. abc's adrienne bankert starts
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race. she is at trump headquarters in new york city. >> arriving by motorcade in presidential fashion. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us. >> the gop nominee, now the next president of the united states. trump winning ohio. iowa and north carolina. and defeating the odds of early polls. >> ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement, made up of millions of hard-working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their family. >> and as the crowds were leaving this election night party, it was a sea of red, white and make american great
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from trump election headquarters adrienne bankert, abc news now to my colleague kenneth moton, he is following the hillary campaign. >> and i'm kenneth moton at the clinton election headquarters. shock and awe for hillary clinton and her supporters. >> it's been a long campaign. but i can say we can wait a little longer, can't we? clinton's campaign chair john podesta?taking the stage in the early morning hours to tell the somber crowd she's not giving >> she has done an amazing job. >> but moments later, clinton the first woman to secure a major party nomination for president called donald trump to concede. she had the money, she had the high profile surrogates and she had president obama but early results show she failed to win over the majority of the voters
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course she will have more to say today. at this point it appears it will be a concession speech. kenneth moton, abc news, new york. sean: the governor's race went down to the wire but early this morning republican chris sununu claimed the victory over democrat colin van ostern. us now live from the statehouse in concord where sununu will take over the corner office. at just 42-years-old chris sununu will become the youngest governor in the country. he is two years younger than south carolina's nikki haley. sununu is also the first republican to win the corner office here in concord since craig benson won in 2002. he has served the last 3 terms on the executive council and his father served three terms as governor back in the 1980's this was a very close race with sununu watching the results from his watch party in concord and
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manchester. we hope to hear from both candidates later this morning . they both went to bed before the results were announced a couple hours ago and so neither has commented. chris sununu will be sworn in as the next governor in early january. reporting live outside the state house in concord ray brewer wmur news 9. erin: the senate race is also still too close to call. ayotte has a very slim lead over governor maggie hassan. sean: wmur's siobhan lopez is watching this race for us now and joins us in the studio. >> this race was expected to come down to wire as the the two candidates were neck and neck all evening. when it comes to who is in the lead it depends who you ask, democratic challenger governor maggie hassan addressing her supporters early this morning after midnight, telling them that her campaign tracked 670,000 votes and their numbers show a 5300 vote lead over kelly
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>> we'll knew this was going to be close. and while we feel good right now, this race is too close to call. >> the governor went on to tell her supporters to go home and get some rest and hoped to deliver good news this morning. >> and late last night senator kelly ayotte addressed a cheerful room of her supporters before the votes began to tip in favor of her challenger. speaking one on one with through tight races before. >> i had a primary like that in 2010. every vote matters so we will count them all. >> last night senator ayotte told her supporters she would wait until later today to make an announcement about the election results. we'll continue to watch this as all of the results come in. live in the studio, siobhan lopez wmur news 9.
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district was just decided around 4:00 this morning. erin: carol shea porter is going back to washington. she defeated republican incumbent frank guinta in the fourth matchup. shea porter has already served three terms in the past representing the first c.d.. >> we feel confident. [applause] worked so hard for this. sean: congresswoman annie kuster is heading back to washington for a third term in a row representing new hampshire's second congressional district. she narrowly defeated republican challenger jim lawrence. kuster is the first woman to serve three terms in the district that serves the western and northern parts of the state. erin: one of the big national storylines coming into this election was which party would control congress and this
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chambers. sean: the gop has 45 seats. democrats have 51 seats. in the house, the republics -- zero outlook and extended their six-year loss. erin: remember you can get we have all the state races covered and you can read analysis from our political team. it is all on the politics page in the drop down menu on or by clicking in the bar at the top of the home page. sean: still to come on newsnine daybreak. voter turnout played a huge role in this election with record numbers in new hampshire and very long lines at the polls we'll check in with voters who
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kevin: starting off with clouds drifting in. we are setting ourselves up for a couple of morning showers and cooler air through the afternoon. just a taste of the cooler air through the end of the week. erin: we continue to follow all the results from the elections. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. hillary clinton called trump to concede early this morning. point today. sean: here in new hampshire republican chris sununu will take over the corner office. he narrowly defeated colin van ostern for governor. senator kelly ayotte is leading her race for re-election but the gap is small between ayotte and her democratic challenger, governor maggie hassan. that race has not been called. in the first congressional district carol shea porter has narrowly defeated incumbent,
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lost two years ago. erin: the second congressional district was the first race to be declared in new hampshire with annie kuster claiming victory just before 1:00 this morning. sean: voter turnout was very high across the country and here in the granite state. erin: in fact the new hampshire secretary of state was predicting a record and several towns saw record numbers including durham where they hit a record at 5:00 last night. wmur's suzannan up with several voters. >> people lined up early to vote at broad street elementary school in nashua on tuesday. >> by 5:15 there were over 250 people in line. three injured 57 people came through the ward in half an >> hour. chadwick has been moderator for nashua's ward one for the last 15 years. she's never seen so many people come out to vote. she believes it is both the national and statewide races that brought them to the polls.
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new people coming in to register. for the first time. a lot of young kids are coming in here. >> i had to brand-new babies to make sure they grow up in a country where everything is fair. >> i'm nervous about it because
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sean: catholic charities new hampshire is providing new resources to help families dealing with the drug crisis. the group is sending a team of addiction counselors across the state. the first presentations will be in epping, rochester, and manchester with plans for more in the upper valley and north country. this is the first time catholic charities has gone into communities to provide these services. erin: right now. concord police need your help finding two people accused of stealing nearly $4000 worth of bra's.
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caught the pair entering the victoria's secret on loudon road last month and stealing approximately 68 bras. officers think the people may have committed similar crimes at other victoria's secret stores in the state. we did have great weather yesterday. kevin: 60 statewide and we know that is not going to last. change is coming. through this morning. love a few showers passing by. most activity in western and northern parts of the state. it tries up into southeastern areas. not more than an inch of rain. but a few wet highways for the commute. morning clouds with a shower or two.
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cooler side. 40's and 50's tomorrow and friday. the next front friday morning will come out of the central portions of canada. and that means even colder temperatures will arrive. there will be a good deal of sunshine around. the brees will pick up into the day on friday. and that will be around saturday. so there is the shower activity. during the day on friday. the next disturbance comes out of canada. it will have a cool punch of air. saturday will be a chilly day with highs in the low and mid 40's. notice light rain and lebanon at their work. and again, this is just on the light side. lower-miss 30's this morning.
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this morning. there's the colder air here in central parts of canada which will be diving south behind the secondary disturbance on friday. high temperatures today in the 40's in the north and 50's in the south. we will have clouds and rain chances in the 40's this morning. skies to start to clear the evening with partial clearing. low temperatures in the 30's. tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine through the day. as i mentioned, the second front comes out of canada with a chance for a shower on friday. behind that is gusty, northwesterly wind. from there, a moderating trend.
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next week. this morning, light showers with a cooler raise and the cooler air will turn chilly. saturday, we could have snow showers and flurries. we will turn miles are on sunday after a chilly start. rebounding into the 50's for monday and tuesday of next week. the beginning of a huge trend. and flip-flops can take them out again? kevin: never say never. donald trump is now president-elect of the united states. the republican rode a late surge and won most of the key swing states in yesterday's elections. that gives the gop control of the white house and both chambers of congress. now for a look at the governor's race here's ray brewer.
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2002, a republican will occupy the corner office. chris sununu declared the winner this morning over the democratic challenger. he is serve the last three terms on the executive council and at 42 years old he will become the youngest governor in the country. now for a check on the senate race. >> one of the closest watched races and it continues to be a she was optimistic about the outcome last night. she does plan to wait until later today to make an announcement about the results. maggie hassan telling her supporters in a speech this morning that her campaign is counting that more than 90% of
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sean: wednesday morning. a live look from concord. freezing mark with lighter rain showers make their way into the area with an increase in clouds. morning showers with the first of two cold fronts coming through. we will have temperatures released backwards in time for the weekend. there were interesting referendums on the ballot across new england. erin: voters in massachusetts voted to allow people 21 years and older to possess, grow and use small amounts of marijuana
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schools to expand enrollment in existing ones. sean: maine is also voting on legalizing recreational marijuana but right now the results are too close to call. but maine has decided to raise the minumum wage to $12 an hour by the year 2020. erin: coming up in the next half hour, our complete team coverage of the elections continues. donald trump will be the next president and local races remain
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wednesday november 9. thanks for joining us on news 9 daybreak. erin: this morning, america has a new president-elect. republican donald trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election around 3:00 this morning. the race was very close. with most precincts reporting trump has 48% of the vote to hillary clinton at 48% as well. sean: 270 electoral college votes n white house. trump has 278 and clinton has 218. here's a look at how the presidential race panned out here in new hampshire.
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major races remained undecided until early this morning. including the race for governor. republican chris sununu was declared the winner. defeating democrat colin van ostern. the u.s. senate race is still up in the air. kelly ayotte and maggie hassan has 48% both. in the first congressional district race democrat carol shea porter was declared the winner shortly after 4:00 this morning. the race came down to her and incumbent republican frank guinta. she ended up with 44% of district has also declared a winner. annie kuster defeated jim lawrence 50%-40 6%. we'll have more on these election results coming up in just a few moments. sean: the other winners were people out there holding signs because it was a gorgeous day. kevin: the sunshine felt warm and today will be completely different. a lot of clouds with showers
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40's. and the 50's with sunshine through the afternoon. the second front will mean business to start the week. sean: a more normal november pattern. let's check on the roads this morning. here's a live look at i93 from our common man camera in windham. for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning deb. commute and looking great. no problems through the state line. everything looks decent on 101. and you massachusetts, no problems making your way into the cities. i'm deb davidson. for 95.7 wzid. erin: after a hard fought race, a stunning upset. donald trump has been elected
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shortly before three this morning. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land, i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me. sean: as the votes were counted, it was not clear which candidate would edge out over the other, but in the end, it was donald trump who was declared the winner. erin: hen campaign watch party was confident that he would win the race. the co-chair of the new hampshire trump campaign says this election was unique for a number of reasons, one being the dissatisfaction that voters had for both candidates. >> what that created a last minute decision making process and i think what happened is trump had a lot of momentum going into the last ten days. he was able to put together a
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hillary clinton supporters in new hampshire. many were at a viewing party in manchester, where they watched the returns roll in from the granite state and across the nation. nothing was decided by the time democratic party chairman ray buckley told everyone to head on home. several people were stunned by what they saw. >> it's a bit worrisome for me as a hillary clinton supporter and as a down the ticket democrat. i wouldn't think that it would be this close. >> it's good. i'm excited. i'm happy to be participating in this type of democracy. this is really something special and it's history tonight, regardless of which way it goes, and i got to be part of it, so it's awesome. erin: now that granite state voters have made their voices heard new hampshire has a new governor-elect.
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morning. ray brewer join us live at the state house now with the latest on this tight race. >> it was a race that started on an optimistic note for colin banister in. but it ended on a somber note. it was a confident colin van knows during he cast his ballot on tuesday. banister and was in the lead the race did go to close to call. in the end, chris sununu was declared the governor elect. the sununu name is well known in the granite state. chris's father, john h. sununu, served three terms as governor in the 1980's. and his brother served as a u.s. senator. this is the first time since 2002 that a republican has taken the corner office. sununu will be sworn in as governor in january. live in concord, ray brewer,
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sean: it still remains to be seen which candidate will represent new hampshire in the u.s. senate. right now the race is too close to call. erin: kelly ayotte and maggie hassan both have 48%. wmur's siobhan lopez joins us live in the studio with a closer look at this tight race. >> senator kelly ayotte closed out her campaign by sprinting to the finish line making more than 24 stops in 24 hours, and she night. senator ayotte addressed her supporters last night and the mood was bouyant. but not long after that the race flipped, with governor maggie hassan taking the lead. newsnine spoke with ayotte 1-on-1 after her speech the senator noting that she's been through close elections before. >> i had a primary like that in 2010. i am the. we will be counting all the votes. >> last night the senator said
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governor maggie hassan took the stage close to 12:30 this morning and told her supporters that she knew the race would be close and it was still too close to call. she went on to say that her campaign tracked 670,000 votes and their numbers show a 5300 vote lead over kelly ayotte. the hassan campaign says they calculated more than 90% of the votes cast in the state and believe she held a lead. >> there are still votes to -- small towns. we are confident that we will maintain our lead when every vote is in. >> governor hassan went on to tell her supporters to go home and get some rest that she hoped to deliver good news in the morning. even without this race being called the republicans have officially retained control of the u.s. senate, 51-47 over the democrats. just two races remain outstanding. one in lousiana, and the battle here between ayotte and hassan.
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lopez wmur news 9. sean: the first congressional district race was called around 4:00 this morning. it was down to either democrat carol-shea porter or incumbent republican congressman frank guinta. this marked shea-porter's sixth run for the first congressional seat. she also won 3 previous elections meaning this will be her fourth term serving as congresswoman. erin: the race for the second congressional district was also a close one. associated press press called it for incumbent democrat annie kuster. the congresswoman addressed her supporters at her campaign headquarters in concord around midnight before going home. at that time, she didn't know the race was called but she did thank all of her supporters for all of their hard work. kuster is now the first woman ever to serve three terms in the house of representatives in the second district. you can see the full results from the election by heading to our website. you will also find an
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voting and a look at the balance of power in the house and senate. that's all at sean: coming up on daybreak, an election day mistake in the city of dover. we'll explain why officials decided to extend the polling hours there. erin: and a lot of people are apparently considering moving to canada. the country's immigration site crashed last night. kevin: cooler air fading and over
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>> daybreak. now, news nine continues. kevin: 34 degrees with clouds drifting in. they will have two fronts crossing state over the next few days. we will have increasing sunshine this afternoon. he will detail your weekend
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sleep last night not knowing who one. donald trump will win. erin: 270 electoral college votes were needed for either him or hillary clinton to get into the white house. with the majority of precincts reporting, trump has 278. no winner in new hampshire also trump is ahead. he said clinton called him to congratulate him. he also congratulated her and her family on a quote hard fought campaign. sean: back here in new hampshire chris sununu will be our state's next governor. the republican beat democrat colin van ostern to take the corner office. meantime. the race for u.s. senate remains up in the air this morning. right now it is too close to call between incumbent senator kelly ayotte and democratic
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as the results of the election started to roll in canada's immigration website crashed. the site went down around 10:30 last night and access has been spotty ever since. online searches regarding moving to canada and becoming a canadian citizen grew in recent months. particularly after donald trump won the republican presidential nomination. erin: voter turnout was very high across the country on election day including here in new hampshire. at least some records were set. this is a picture with two hours to go before the polls closed. in manchester, more than 250 people were lined up in ward one before polling even opened yesterday morning. the moderator there says she has never seen so many people come vote in the fifteen years she's held that job. voting hours in dover were extended last night after the city sent an e-mail with the wrong information. as wmur's jamie staton explains democrats filed a court
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>> that email from the city of dover stated that polls in the six wards here in dover would close at 8:00 p.m. they realized the mistake and sent two more emails, trying to let their voters know the polls would close at 7:00. well the democrats here on the city of dover wanted every last person to be able to make it to the polls. they filed an injunction in superior court asking that dover voting be extended until 8:00 p.m. >> they did take the correct action to follow up with multiple e-mails. and we agree with the initial answer from the state. the democrats to believe it was adequate and they brought it to court. the judge ruled pools should say open and we do respect the ruling of the court. >> because it -- we felt it
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year needed to be able to vote. cracks every ballot turned in after 7:00 p.m. was labeled with "extra hour." that is just in case there needs to be an exclusion of these ballots in the future. we visited four of the six wards in dover and found that there were 29 eh voters, and 4 of them were new voters that registered after 7:00 p.m. sean: in other news. a man accused of fighting with a woman and her co-worker while tuesday morning at the concord co-op. police say a woman was taking boxes outside when 21-year-old jacob may called out to her, claiming he was a vampire, and saying he could save her. police say may chased her inside the building and grabbed her. her co-worker then fought may to the ground. soon after police arrived and arrested him on charges of burglary and assault. officers say he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. erin: a massachusetts man is
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29-year-old francisco rodriguez-benitez was arrested last week on four counts of trafficking. he pleaded not guilty and at last check he was being held on $300,000 bail. he's due in court next month. nashua police have made an arrest in connection with a string of robberies. they say 33-year-old christopher livingston is suspected of holding up a subway restaurant, a speedway gas station and a dunkin donuts. all of the robberies happened last month. sean: let's talk sports. it was a tough loss for the bruins last night up in montreal. montreal got the first goal on a power play in the second period. that would start a run of three goals in 70 seconds. the bruins would come back to tie the game 2-2 on a power play goal. but the back breaker came with just a little over a minute left as paul byron put the puck past rookie net minder zane mcintyre, who had 20 saves.
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>> your storm watch 9 forecast. erin: was at a record with the temperatures? kevin: we were five degrees shy. it does feel pretty good outside. knowing that you won't have any days like this going forward. temperatures in the 30's this morning. we will have clouds continue early and lighter showers around. today will dry out by noon. and then, the brakes in the overcast will attempt to come through. then temperatures will jump a little bit as he going to the mid-40's of to the mid-50's. cooler air will drain in later today. cooler air does truly go through the daylight hours tomorrow into the 40's and 50's.
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morning. and while there may be a shower or two, the story will be the wind. that will bring in colder temperatures. so a lot of activity out to the west is starting to come through. unfortunately, this is the only true rain chance minus a shower chance on friday morning. we could use more th t come from that. a push of cold air behind that will mean business by the time it gets here. we will start moderating it again. the activity starts to dry up in the late afternoon.
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areas of the state this morning. it will be rain cooled air. the rainfall will continue to fall scattered in areas and in the afternoon it jumps into the low-mid-50's. it will come with a breeze at 50 miles per hour. this evening, temperatures drop into the 20's and 30's. you can see how the clouds start to break apart. this evening, temperatures fall back into the 20's and 30's for the overnight lows. 40's and 50's tomorrow with a good deal of sunshine around. similar readings on friday as we have a front coming through. the best chance of showers will be in the north country friday morning. as it slides cells, wind will pick up and could gust over 25 miles per hour with colder air
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flow range of the 50 this afternoon. later this afternoon, we take a look at the trend and it is chilly as we head towards saturday and saturday evening. a warming trend gets in there afterwards as we try to approach 60 degrees. sean: ups and downs. erin in line after they cast their ballots to pay tribute to susan b. anthony. visitors to her grave left their "i voted" stickers to honor the woman who fought for women's right to vote. this is not the first time this has happened but some say it took on extra meaning this time with hillary clinton on the ballot. sean: still to come on newsnine daybreak. snakes on a plane, really. the startling surprise for travelers and what the airline had to say about the incident. and now time for our u-local hot shots. this is brandy relaxing in the sun after hiking eastman
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you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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erin: a woman in colorado took her civic duty seriously. she was due to have her first child but the baby was not going to wait. she did to drop off her ballot on the way to the hospital and made it just in time. she wanted to get in her vote. sean: passengers on a commercial flight in mexico had an unexpected stowaway. a snake slithered into the cabin mid flight. this video shows the reptile emerging from the ceiling behind an overhead luggage compartment and then partially dropping down into the cabin. aero-mexico says the plane was
5:56 am
reptile. the airline says it's investigating how the snake got in the cabin. whether it was a ticketed passenger. kevin: that is pretty important. erin: that is a scene out of a movie. the brits are unhappy with the makers of one popular chocolate bar. loyal fans of toblerone discovered that the distance between the triangular chucks in has expanded. >> that means less chocolate. the bars tused to weigh 170-grams but now they weigh 150-grams. the company blamed rising ingredient prices for the change. >> seriously? erin: i don't know. i we being gypped out of chocolate. sean: coming up in the next hour of newsnine daybreak,
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this morning, the winner was to clear. we will let you know who will be new hampshire's governor. >> and the governor between kelly ayotte and maggie hassan
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forward to being your president. sean: on "daybreak," donald trump declared victory early this morning in the race for president after hillary clinton conceded. >> we feel good. we feel really, really good. erin: the races in new hampshire have been very close, but chris sununu will be the next governor. sean: the senate race is still too close to call right now, and candidates have been watching the results after record voter turnout. hampshire. thanks for waking up with us on news 9 "daybreak." i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning, everybody. i'm sean mcdonald. and it was a very long night, watching the results from the elections, with races too close to call until early this morning. most of them, anyway. you can see all the results scrolling at the bottom of your screen, but here's where the major races stand right now. donald trump will be the next president of the united states. he spoke just a couple hours ago after winning most key swing


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