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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. >> you started it, remember, you started it. i look very much forward to being your president. josh: his road to victory started right here in the granite state. but at this hour we still don't know if donald trump was new hampshire's pick to be president. gove jean: and i'm jean mackin. here in new hampshire, the race for the white house still has not officially been called. can you see the numbers are very close. josh: right now the numbers, 48% for hillary clinton, 47% for donald trump. but on a national level there's no question donald trump will be the next president of the united states. democratic nominee hillary clinton gave her concession speech this afternoon, we're
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jean: but first we have a look at another key race for the granite state's sitting u.s. senator has just conceded. here are the final results showing governor maggie hassan and incumbent republican kelly ayotte both won 48% of the vote, but hassan won by just 1,023 votes. josh: hassan claimed victory earlier today, so let's go live to adam sexton in concord with the breaking news now. within the last four minutes or so, as the ayotte campaign released this statement saying, quote, i just spoke with governor mass san to congratulate her on her election to serve in the u.s. senate. i wish governor hassan, her husband tom and their children ben and meg the very best, and goes onto thank her family and supporters and notes that this has been quite the election and quite the process. this was razor thin as you mentioned josh and jean, that 1,023 vote margin, that is less
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point separating these two, more than 700,000 votes cast in this race. the hassan campaign was out earlier today, declaring victory. they said they thought they had the rotes and indeed they did, by that razor thin margin. now flipping the senate seat that was held by kelly ayotte for a single term before her by senator greg for three terms. although the balance of power in the senate does not shift, this is a key pickup for democrats, and governor hassan is saying that she is willing to work with president elect d >> it will be my job in the united states senate to make the best decisions for new hampshire, to work with president elect trump when it is in the best interest of new hampshire and the country, and to stand up to him when it isn't. reporter: so governor maggie hassan is now senator elect maggie hassan, just six years ago she was swept from office in the tea party wave, that is the
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held out of exeter. now she is senator elect to the u.s. senate. kelly ayotte conceding the seat she held for a single term since she won in 2010. josh: the wheels are in motion right now for the transfer of power at the white house. president elect donald trump will meet with president obama tomorrow. this afternoon hillary clinton gave her first public remarks since losing this election. and aixa dee diaz has the story. reporter: donald trump stayed out of the spotlight today and inside trump tower while hillary clinton made her first public appearance since losing the election. the morning after a historic win by a washington outsider, a political veteran, publicly accepts defeat. >> i'm sorry that we did not win this election. >> a disappointed hillary clinton stood before supporters
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painful moment. one that will hurt for a long time. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america, and i always will. we must accept this result, and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. reporter: not long after clinton's concession, president obama said he's rooting for donald trump's success uniting and leading the country. >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. reporter: the new president elect has been invited to the white house tomorrow to meet with president obama. speaker of the house ryan calls trump's victory an incredible political feast. >> he turned politics on its
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lead a unified republican government. reporter: the white house says trump and his transition team are now receiving the president's daily brief, a top secret document with classified information, josh. josh: we're getting reaction from some high profile republicans who were outspoken against donald trump this election. what are they saying about all this? >> that's right, both ted cruz and john kasich, the final two rivals during the primary for donald trump both offering their congratulations today romney, whom trump has criticized during all of this, he says he hopes trump will preserve the republic, and both former presidents bush, 41 and 43, called donald trump to wish him the best during his presidency. jean: drmp's victory is even taking some of his supporters by surprise tonight. as many of hillary clinton supporters mull over how she lost. jennifer crompton is live in
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gauging voters' reactions. reporter: most everyone seems surprised at donald trump's victory, even his own supporters, but we didn't find anyone gloating or preaching doom and gloom. instead we found people ready to move forward. gray skies, a fitting back drop for supporters of hillary clinton on this post election day. >> shock, dismay. disappointment. >> feel a kind o >> are you a happy person today? >> i'm accepting. reporter: but after so much negativity, some happy to lighten the mood. what's he saying? >> he's saying mommy, no hillary. >> we have to deal with what's in front of us and pray. reporter: supporters of donald trump call his victory a political revolution. >> because the people have spoken. and they don't like crap that comes from the democratic party,
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they don't like with a mainstream g.o.p. has to say. >> it's similar to the brexit vote. i think it's a great opportunity for america. >> it certainly shows that people will turn the tide if you push them enough. reporter: but most are just glad it's over and are focusing on the future. >> regardless if i like him or not, he had is my president now. >> i think basically we have to give him a chance, there's no way around it, we have to pull together and give him the best chance that we can. >> the important thing is, we get brought togethend >> i'm just excited that it's all the negative and all the garbage is done. let's try to move forward together. reporter: those sentiments prevailed, but after the vitriol of this campaign, that it's time to heal. josh: the ration for governor was another one that was decided early this morning. chris sununu declared the winner and this afternoon he was
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from the state house with more. reporter: chris sununu spoke to reporters here in concord, he says it was a long night, he is certainly sleep deprived, but excited about this victory. sununu who is currently an executive councilor and the c.e.o. of waterville valley admits he knew this was going to be a close race. the republican beat democrat colin van ostern by roughly 16,000 the governor elect says he looks forward to getting to work in january, and are focus on the drug crisis, health care and the work force. he tells us his family is just as excited as he is about his new role. >> i think they were quite shocked, i was quite shocked. we knew this was going to be a coin toss, right, it was going to be close because you had two good candidates, frankly six good candidates in all the three
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were surprised, it was real, and we gotta get to work. reporter: sununu will be resigning from waterville valley in the next month or so. colin van ostern did reach out to his supporters through facebook this afternoon to thank them. jean: in new hampshire's first congressional district, former representative carol shea-porter is heading back to washington, the democrat winning 44% of votes compared to republican of votes, fewer than 5,000 votes separate the two. independent sean o'connor earned 9% of votes. and second congressional district was the first major race to be declared in the granite state with annie kuster claiming victory just before 1:00 a.m. she narrowly defeated republican challenger jim lawrence. >> the thing about new hampshire is we know how to bring people together. it's just like the work that
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over, the heroin doesn't choose r's and d's. there are so many issues where we have common ground. >> we did everything we could to win this race, everybody talked about this district as being a tough district for a republican to run in, especially in the presidential election. we were under resourced, we didn't have the backing of washington d.c., but we still ran a tough race. reporter: this will be kuster's third term representing new hampshire's second congressional district. kuster is the first woman to serve three terms t western and the northern parts of the state. josh: if you were bleary eyed this morning you might have been hoping for bright sunshine after such a late night. a lot of places saw rain clouds instead. josh judge has a look at where the rain did roll through. josh j.: we still have a few showers out there, but they are very light. it was just sprinkles and very light rain that we saw earlier today, and now a couple more on the map. so let's take a look at the radar here and show you the latest batch of rain, there's a
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northeast to southwest. but these are very light sprinkles, and we take a look at the bigger picture here showing that there were a few showers just from about the southern edge of the lakes region on southward, again a couple hundredths of an inch is all we saw out of this. so it was more just about getting the streets wet than actually having any meaningful rain. central andth offing for today. and look what's to our west, a big area of high pressure is billion -- building in, and this is going to mean a long dry spell. the one exception may be snow showers or flurries on friday. we'll show you that and take a sneak peek at the weekend, coming up. jean: the weekend sound pretty good about now, josh.
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josh: peggy? >> we're off to a pretty good start on this wednesday so far, 93 doing pretty well from salem all the way up through windham and derry, you'll hit a slow spot through the work zone in londonderry, then it's good up to manchester, an earlier crash on 93 southbound at exit 6, the candia road on ramp has been cleared, so that's good for you. 293 is busy especially southbound getting through the mill yard between exits 5 and 4 and everything looks good through the hooksett tolls up to concord on 93. it's slow heading to bedford on 101 west, the everett turnpike northbound you lose a little time getting through merrimack and 101 is find out to hampton. spaulding turnpike north is heavy and slow between exits 3 and 5. i'm peggy james. jean: still ahead tonight, a massachusetts officer accused of rape, investigators say it
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>> i thought it was some kind of cruel joke. josh: a humble hero, this mantels news 9 what he did when the man claiming to be a vampire attacked his coworker. but first. mike: it's weather wednesday, coming to you from the national white mountain headquarters, the
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jean: a salem, massachusetts police officer is now accused of rape. josh: officer butler is the husband of salem's police chief mary butler. he's charged with rape, indies ept assault and battery, police say the incident happened at t to deal with the personal matter but is fully committed to her fellow officers. now a credit card skimming and fraud ring in massachusetts. authorities announced their arrest today on 40 counts, police have seized more than 120 fraudulent cards, more than 15,000 in cash, and documents with atm card pins. we're heading into veterans day weekend, and the white mountains
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jean: mike haddad headed into the woods to find out about a special offer on the weather wednesday. mike: the white mountain national headquarters building here in camp on the off of excite 27, that's right off of -- exit 27 off 93. joining me now is the new district ranger, brook brown, thank you for joining us and inviting us up here. >> thanks for coming. mike: we were section you have for kids, you have an opportunity for people to learn a lot about the white mountains, tell us about the building first. >> the building was built in 2009, it's a green building and over here like you see we've got an area for kid that they can come and learn about conservation and wildlife. we also have a retail area where people can buy maps, get information from our staff here, and then we also have a location at the white mountain visitor center in lincoln as well where you can get information on the
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mike: veterans day weekend is coming up, tell us about the special opportunity people have to get up here and get out on the trails friday through sunday. >> so the forest service is celebrating veterans day this weekend, by waiving all fees at day use areas, so we have over 1200 miles of trail for people to hike, we have climbing opportunities and you can go to our website to learn more about the trails, we've got all levels for families, kids, people who are experienced hiks, that the weather changes frequently here in the white mountains, so dress in layers. mike: i'm glad you brought that up because we have quite a few changes as we go into the weekend. you have the opportunity to get out here no matter what the temperature, as long as you're prepared. >> that's right, be safe. mike all right. what about the weekend, we do have changes on the way. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk more. but again the changing weather is big time, we go from cold
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with the rundown of the next few days. josh j.: i didn't mean it literally when i said go take a hike this morning. take a look at the temperatures right now, they have fallen a little. we had a cool front roll through and that's what caused the showers and now the temperatures are fall a built after reaching as high as 58 degrees in concord today. that's the unofficial high thus far. and not as warm as yesterday of course, but it did start off warmer the midday hours, but now air spills in. average is 51, so well above average. the next several days will get closer to average and then fall below. i just wanted to show you how we really have been hanging out right about the average of the lower 50's for the last seven days with one glaring exception, and that was yesterday when concord reached up to 67 degrees. along with that cold front there have been a couple of showers, here's first wave of them. and the second wave rolling through right now.
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impressive in terms of rainfall amounts, a couple hundredths of an inch of rain, and some areas seeing very light raindrops, not even enough to register in the rain gauge. but at least you saw a little bit out there, but this last wave right here will be pull on through, we'll take a closer look at this on our doppler radar, going from just north of of portsmouth down to about londonderry and then over toward parts of the southwestern part of the state, through jaffrey massachusetts. that will be out of here by six or 6:30 and then things start to dry out and cool down, and then it's this. this giant area of high pressure building on in tomorrow and for the most part staying here with a reenforcing shot of cooler air working its way in on friday. that means windy and cooler on friday, and then the coolest day looks like will be saturday before we start to rebound all over again. there's the clearing skies as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow.
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then see clouds and sunshine mixed. now here comes friday with that secondary reenforcing shot of colder air. a couple of rain showers possible friday morning in the mountains. then as the temperatures chill it could be some snow showers. windy on friday, and then the wind dies a little bit on saturday. as we'll see the breezy conditions continue. over the next couple days, tonight chilly with clearing skie for tomorrow temperatures will peak right around where they are now, upper 40's and lower 50's. and tomorrow look for a mix of sun and clouds, burr it should be dry all day, not a bad one for tomorrow by any stretch. and then on friday, windy conditions, do be prepared, those leaves will likely be blowing around, if you haven't dealt with them yet on friday as the temperatures will be falling a little. then when we get into saturday they fall farther as we get into the day.
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then milder on sunday. jean: thanks, josh. up next a falling light bulb sparks a magsive fire, what it landed on that destroyed this building. >> shock and awe around the world following donald trump's presidential win. i'll jennifer davis in
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josh: welcome back. explosions could be heard just before the roof of this former steel mill collapsed in upstate new york today. jean: the smoke from this fire could be seen for miles, and some people reported debris falling well outside the property. local news reports say the fire was started by a blight bulb fall onto a pile of combustible te plastic recycling plant could take three days to put out. people have been warned to stay away from the lodi facility because of the fumes from that plastic. fire crews say there's no danger of the flames spreading to other buildings, but it could take days to extinguish all the hot spots in the tightly packed bales of plastic. two tennessee officers put their lives on the line for the family, trapped inside this burning home.
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helped them escape, a paralyzed man was trapped in a bedroom and deputies couldn't move them on their own, both stayed inside the burning home until firefighter arrived. >> we weren't just going to let him stay inside that house while it was burning. >> i'm not a hero, i'm just doing my job. josh: of all the people who were inside the house including the officers were treated for smoke inhalation but are said to be doing just jean: i think they probably earned the title of hero. a special service at a cathedral today to move things forward after a bitter election season. josh: we've heard plenty about donald trump this year, but what do you know about his family, we'll look at the new class of first children. jean: now to our u local hot shot, the sunrise coming from laconia. submit your pictures and videos,
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jean: fighting to the finish, now at 5:30, governor maggie hassan will take new hampshire's
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at the top of the hour. josh: donald trump's win surprisedded a lot of americans and world leaders, many already reaching out, though, to the president elect. josh j.: after temperatures in the 60's yesterday, we're watching tem head back down again, a look at when cooler air moves in. jean: and a man who took on a self proclaimed vampire during a bizarre attack. >> just didn't make any sense, the man didn't make sense >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. josh: breaking news now, about 21 hours after the polls closed, one of new hampshire's biggest races finally has resolution. jean: republican kelly ayotte has just conceded the race for u.s. senate to governor maggie hassan, just 1,023 votes separate these two candidates. welcome back, everyone, i'm jean mackin.
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have been decided, although it was a late night for just about everyone. in the governors race, chris sununu becomes the youngest governor in the nation. his race was decided before everyone went to bed at their watch parties, chris sununu winning over colin van ostern 49 to 47%. jean: in the first congressional district, carol shea-porter heads back to washington, clinching 44% of the vote compared to republican incumbent frank guinta's o'connor earning 9% of the vote. in the second congressional district, annie kuster will head to washington for her third term, 50% of the vote compared to republican jim lawrence's 45%. josh: it took until 2:00 a.m. to get the results of the biggest race of the evening, obviously the ration for the white house. there's the electoral college vote, donald trump at 279, hillary clinton 228. much bigger margin of victory
5:32 pm
presidential race shook out the new hampshire, hillary clinton with 48% of the vote to donald trump's 47% of the vote. a tight one in the first in the nation granite state. tonight donald trump is celebrating victory over hillary clinton, he will be the 45th president of the united states. josh: and trump said it would happen and his supporters believed him, but a lot of the country stunned that he pulled out this unexpected victory. jennifer davis is in washington with reaction worldwide. reporter: josh, donald t from financial markets to the media, from pundits to pollsters across both sides of the political aisle, and around the globe. in paris people anxiously watched u.s. election results roll in. and in germany they expressed shock once those votes were tallied. >> what kind of a president do you think he will be? >> not a good president.
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germany and europe think that he is not predictable what he's going to do. reporter: the political world was clearly stunned, too. analysts say donald trump supporters view that as a win. >> they wanted to send a shock wave through the status quo and through the foundations and the institutions that run the country, and they certainly succeeded. reporter: russia's president was the first of many world leaders to offer congratulations. >> i also want to congratulate reporter: france's president said trumps win opens a perfect of uncertainty. president obama and even trump's campaign sought to reassure the worried. >> everybody is sad when their side loses an election. but the day after we have to remember that we're actually all on one team. >> he said i'd like to tell the world community i will always put america first, but i also will deal with you fairly and in
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reporter: u.s. stock futures and global financial markets both plunged following news of trumps win, but rallied as the day went on. in washington, jennifer davis, wmur news 9. josh: at the national cathedral in washington d.c. they held special services today designed to promote unity and peace following the election, the service uses religion to provide solace to those unhappy about the election as a whole and the intensity brought about by the bitter campaigns. and there were some referendums on the ballot across new england, in case you haven't heard. voters in massachusetts votedded to allow people 21 years or older to possess, grow and use small amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes, but the bay state rejectedded a proposal to allow new charter schools. in maine they also voted on legalizing recreational marijuana, so far though the results are too close to call. but maine has decided to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by the year 2020.
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he confronted a concord coop worker went before a judge. tonight we're hearing from another employee who came who his coworker's aid. andy hershberger joins us live with his story. reporter: thomas mar says he heard screaming and saw his coworker in trouble. >> i didn't know what the man's intentions were. i thought it was some kind of cruel joke. reporter: thomas says the only thing he could think allegedly being chased through the concord coop by 21-year-old jacob may. police say it started outside the building around 1:30 tuesday morning, when a female employee was approached by may, who said he was a vampire and wanted to help her. >> she was just trying and the man was physically grabbing her, had had his arms around her and so i went up to con front the man and he immediately let go of
5:36 pm
and the two eventually ended up on the ground. >> he started babbling things about her being my wife, just didn't make any sense the man didn't make sense. reporter: he says it felt like forever but was only a few minutes until police arrived and may was taken into custody. >> the defendant continued tellingle he was a vampire, a ghost ride, captain jack sparrow. reporter: may is being held on $15,000 cash bail. >> i'm just glad i was there and people are call me hero. i think i just reacted to the situation, like anybody i feel would. reporter: the general manager of the food coop released a statement which called the incident digs turning and said they are glad no one was hurt. live, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: turns out that presidential elections can be
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up next twitter is being called the real winner of 2016. jean: just two weeks from thanksgiving, more retailers are rethinking their strategies for holiday shopping. josh j.: after yesterday's beautiful weather we're watching cooler air stream in. josh: and new hampshire senators win a campaign to protect our
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josh: all eyes on wall street today to see how investors would react to the results of the presidential election. jean: futures tumbled last night, but there was a big rebound today the dow closing up 256 points to 18,589. the s&p picking up 23, the nasdaq up by 57. josh: no matter who you cast yourot during this election was twitter. social media platform dominated yesterday's coverage and at 3:0e morning, more than 75 million election related tweets were in play. one of them was mine. that smashed the 2012 election day high of 31 million tweets. jean: i think i was in there somewhere too. some retailers arery thinking opening on thanksgiving day, stores like toys r us and macey's still plan to kick off
5:41 pm
have decided to stay closed. many retailers are citing respect for the holiday as the main reason. but the cost of staying open may be more than the return, so we'll see. josh: still ahead, donald trump's white house win will bring back something we haven't seen in years, a first son. jean: there he is. and in sports, flowing it back 20 years to a famous upset in the boxing ring. tom: at 6:00 tonight running on adrenaline, a campaign headquarters after an early morning declaration, we have all the reaction coming up next. plus just released numbers in new hampshire's drug crisis, the toll fentanyl continues to take and the emergence of a new
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jean: this is what donald trump's presidential victory looked like in his home city of new york, his face on the side of the the empire state wondering what his white house will look like, much of that the design will be up to the incoming first lady who is about to experience a new kind of life in the spotlight. josh: that attention is also focused on the president elect's children. but as lara spencer reports they are well prepared to handle the attention. reporter: they are the real estate dynasty, now political power houses, the trump kids making their way to the white
5:45 pm
daughter ivanka trump, she has been his secret weapon on the campaign trail. >> my father, donald j. trump. reporter: introducing her father in front of cheering crowds and advising l behind closed doors. >> we're very proud of our father and what he's accomplished. it is amazing. i've been joking for a while that when we started just this project we said trump was coming to pennsylvania avenue. reporter: ivanka is a business tycoon in her ownig multimillion dollar lifestyle brand, but she's been distancing herself from her father's campaign trying to save her brand from boycotters. >> i love this country. thank you very much. reporter: with a big white house win last night though, the trump oldest children now ready to charge into the family business, while dad takes charge in the country, and donald jr. might be eyeing a political future of his own. >> it's a tough process, but there is also that element
5:46 pm
seen my father doing that. reporter: tiffany is applying for law school. >> if do you what you love, hold nothing back and never let fear of failure get in the way, then you've pretty much figured out the trump formula. reporter: and barron, the baby of the family at just 10, will be the first white house son since jfk jr. >> i try to explain to him so he knows what's going on and he ask me about the polls all the time. 1600 pennsylvania avenue. josh: patriots head coach belichick and tom brady are now clarifying their positions on president elect donald trump. jean: this comes after trump referenced both men in a speech monday night. >> i've received a number of inquiries relevant to a note that i wrote to donald on
5:47 pm
years, and i think anybody that spends more than five minutes with me knows i'm not a political person. >> talk to my wife, she said i can't talk about politics any more, so i think that's a good decision, made for our family. jean: giselle has spoken. both brady and belichick say they just want to focus on sunday's game against seattle. jamie: the boston celtics are still without injured starters al horford and jay crowder as they get set to play at washington wizards tonight, that starts at 7:00 p.m. c's have a two-game losing streak, wizard have one victory in six games in year. bruins played on election night and took a tough loss at montreal the game was tied 2-2 with 62 seconds to go, that's when paul byron scored the winner. pasternak and miller scored the bruins goals, b's are back on the ice again tomorrow night when they host the blue jackets.
5:48 pm
paradise, nevada, evander holy field and mike tyson, the real deal against iron mike when boxing was still great. one of the most famous upsets in boxing history and he became the heavy wait champion of the world. the two were supposed to have fought six years earlier but that was put on hold after tie sons' loss to buster remember don? josh: how could we forget. jean: lobster is a key part of new hampshire's commercial fishing industry. josh: but some are worried about their future. reporter: the lobster fishery in long island southbound has virtually shut down, after warming water temperatures led to a declining crustacean population. scientists believe warmer water
5:49 pm
the wildlife federation of new hampshire is planning to fund a new study of the isles of shoals to better understand lobster movement. but scientists and lobster men remain concerned about ocean temperatures and rising sea levels. residents will notice the highest tide of the year, november 15, when the king tide arrives at midday. some good news for our lobster industry, senators kelly ayotte imparts of american lobsters to sweden. you can read more about concerns for lobstering in new hampshire and more on scientific studies at the escape outside section of our website. josh: in 2014, new hampshire lobster men landed lobster worth 23 million.
5:50 pm
not quite as warm as yesterday when we were in the 60's. but we did reach well into the 50's in many spots of the state earlier today before a cool front swept through this afternoon and temperatures have thus been dropping a little bit. here's our unofficial highs today, it did briefly make it to 60 in manchester. you notice the top of your screen the average high for this time of year in concord is 51, but concord made it to 58 degrees. even making it into the mid 40's in northern parts of thete the temperatures now as you can see have dropped a little bit and will continue to do so other the next several hours, so skies clearing out tonight, and because of the clear skies, we will see a good amount of sunshine during the day tomorrow. tomorrow should be a nice day, not as warm as the last couple, but still above average or at average temperatures, depending where you are by a couple of degrees. cold front again, another reenforcing shot of cold air rolls through on friday, the biggest impact that will have is
5:51 pm
showers with some flakes possible in the mountains. everywhere else should stay dry the weekend looking pretty clear right now, cooler of the two days. a look at the showers that have rolled through, largely southern new hampshire, but a couple of sprinkles in some parts of the lakes region, namely the southern part of it, and as can you see we're seeing the showers dry up right now. a look at the doppler radar showing almost none of them left. so they should be done by out there that will left. next up it's this big vast empty area of weather. it's a giant area of high pressure that's moving in and it really takes over our weather. look for a long perfect of time with dry skies, except for a couple of those mixed showers on friday. in the mountains otherwise we're looking at a week, week and a half, maybe more of pretty much dry weather, so that's not good news for our drought. we just started to make head way on that, but doesn't look like
5:52 pm
showers, unless something changes, which it's the weather and it often does. tomorrow, clouds come and go. and we'll see then on friday that reenforcing shot of cold air i mentioned right there, a couple of mixed showers in the mountains and then windy conditions on friday and remaining breezy into the weekend. lows tonight in the upper 20's to lower 30's. and then tomorrow, similar temperatures to where we are right now, upper 40's and lower and friday windy. then this weekend things look really good again. it will be chilly on saturday, but at least there's sunshine for the entire weekend. jean: election season is just about over, that means the next thing on the horizon is the holidays
5:53 pm
there's not many left, they're all in their 90's, so this is their last chance to come out and see their planes in person
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. josh: we are kicking off this year's spirit of giving campaign in nashua where a couple of
5:56 pm
jean: this is the 16th year that harbor homes has hosted a thanksgiving dinner for peep in the area, last year they helped 350 people sit down to a big holiday meal, and this year they are inneed of several things including juice boxes, pies, canned corn and other desserts. >> also things like hats, mittens, gloves and socks of we work a lot with the homeless populations in nashua and the greater community, so those are always in how you can help, head to
5:57 pm
this city is it. great food, gorgeous scenery, friendly people. and what's better than doing something awesome in manchester? doing it for free. we hear you. that's why a-a-r-p is hosting like wine tours and movie premieres. plus, we're offering resources to help you achieve your goals. and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp."
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>> i am proud to stand here as the next united states senator from new hampshire. >> now at 6:00 too close to call until this afternoon, maggie hassan now officially declared the winner in the race for the u.s. senate. and within the last hour kelly
5:59 pm
new governor and his immediate plans. tom: plus the race for president nearly came down to new hampshire. how local supporters say drmp is already transitioning from candidate into president. josh j.: after today's scattered showers we stay dry for a while. what that means for the rest of the week and the weekend. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: at 6:00 we are following breaking developments in the race for the.s senator kelly ayotte has just concededded the race after the secretary of state declared maggie hassan the winner. jennifer: but before that official word came hassan claimed victory at a morning event on the state house steps. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: i'm tom griffith. tonight the u.s. senate race will go down in history for more than just the money spent by the campaigns. we have team exitment coverage tonight beginning with with wmur's adam sexton live in
6:00 pm
political ads and mailers and the millions of dollars spent, these candidates battled to a less than one tenth of one percent margin, out of more than 700,000 votes cast they were separated by just 1,023 votes. after an election night that looked like could it be a republican wave, democrats were cheering governor maggie hassan this morning, as she declared victory in an epic sen the next united states senator from new hampshire. reporter: hassan says she's ready to work with president elect donald trump. >> it will be my job in the united states senate to make the best decisions for new hampshire. to work with president elect trump, when it is in the best interest of new hampshire, and the country. and to stand up to him when with it isn't. reporter: the incumbent


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