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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 16, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EST

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for residents. mike: steady rain winds down as the night wears on. jean: this is one of the culprits involved in the moving violation out on the highway. how the cows got out and how they got safely home. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: starting tonight at 11:00, beneficial ra living out of the state with parts of the north country seeing steady rain right now. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. so how much rain fell? mike: it does help the drought. every bit will help. due to the system moving through, well over one inch of rain at the coast. close to 1.5 at portsmouth.
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above that. rochester, close to one inch of rain. the highest totals stacking up with extreme and severe doubt are hitting the hardest, which is good news. lingering rain up north. steady rain will continue on and off for the next couple of hours before it tapers off to a few light showers even in northern new hampshire. when do we get the sunshine back? what about more changes for the rest of the week? ahead. tom: we have word that flooding has closed drake side road at lafayette road in hampton. police are now asking drivers to avoid the area. no word on when it will reopen. shelley: tonight, manchester city leaders voted to open the gates on streets around the new walmart. the decision comes after months of debate. different traffic patterns sparked outrage among neighbors, concerned about safety. wmur's mike cronin is live in manchester with more on the
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mike: just last month, aldermen voted to make president road one way but resident said that didn't work either. everyone appears happy with the new plan. a decision is finally here. the traffic pattern will return to the way it was before the new walmart in manchester opened in april. >> i'm so relieved that maybe we'll finally find a solution to a problem that had no solution. mike: aldermen voted unanimously to accept a proposal to open all gates in the area and once again make president road and mack avenue two way streets. aldermen have tried out different strategies to relieve traffic near the retail giant but people who live there say nothing has worked. >> all the fixes that you have attempted have created more chaos and a ton of safety problems. >> it's unfortunate that the
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nightmarish. mike: so far alderman barbara , shaw says the city has spent less than $25,000 on traffic patterns. >> we're going to monitor the streets. there are going to be continual traffic counts being done on all the streets in the area. mike: but some residents say the studies aren't worth it. >> your studies are a waste of money. they're a waste of our money. they're a waste of our time. mike: aside from regular traffic flow mayor ted gatsas has been talking to businesses. trucks to find a different way to get to where they got to go and not using president road or gold street. that, they've assured me. mike: people and city leaders haven't always agreed on what to do but they're all ready to move forward. >> i just hope and pray that it's going to be a good solution. mike: the road changes and gate openings are expected to take effect by early next week.
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mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: on to the state's drug crisis tonight. the drug enforcement administration has announced manchester will be the fifth city nationwide to be part of its 360 degree strategy to fight the opioid epidemic. the queen city has been chosen not just because of the magnitude of the crisis, but also because the infrastructure is already in place. the strategy will put everything under one tent, providing support, structure and resources by enhancing existing local, state, and federal efforts t >> law enforcement tightening drug dealers and violent games, the education community to teach about painkillers and such, and the most important thing of all is outreach. tom: education is a big part. the dea has started funding after school dance groups in the city, and will help pay for billboards, and radio and t.v.
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was a major talking point for the campaign. last night governor-elect chris sununu met with vice president-elect mike pence at the republican governors association. pence pledged to help states with the swift delivery of block grants but without federal mandates that often hold up very desperately needed resources. >> they recognize the severity of the opioid crisis in new hampshire they understand the urgency. it is about getting services to the officers on the front line, the services to recovery centers the services to the schools for , prevention programs. shelley: new hampshire's experience with the crisis could put the granite state in a position to lead the nationwide response. tom: the town of greenland is taking action making moves to , secure safe drinking water in case of any future contamination to the ground water. at issue is concerns about pfc.'s found in monitoring wells
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their request and who they want to pay for it. siobhan: the board voting unanimously to draft a letter to send to the coakley landfill group, asking that they pay for a new municipal water system to ensure all residents will have clean water. >> our primary focus is the safety for the residents of greenland. siobhan: board vice chair kevin forrest says the town has been in constant contact with the coakley group since concerns first came up surrounding possible contamination from the coakley landfill. >> i think this is just our formal request that the coakley group provide the funding for the area to run water into that area there. siobhan: they will be requesting the group pay for a new water main to deliver municipal water to the neighborhoods closest to the former landfill. while most recent testing of wells in the area have not shown any elevated levels of harmful chemicals, forrest say they're taking a proactive approach. >> i think this is being able to lean forward and be able to get safe drinking water into the
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siobhan: the coakley landfill group includes the city of portsmouth, the towns of north hampton, newington, and new castle, and pease air force base. forrest says his board believes the group is responsible for the landfill and that they should also be responsible for providing safe drinking water to the communities in the area. we spoke with the city environmental manager in portsmouth who maintains there are no homes in danger of contamination but they will consider the letter when they receive it. forrest expects their letter to go out tomorrow. siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. shelley: the two dartmouth college students expelled because they started a fire in a dorm are petitioning for a second chance. fire officials say an unattended grill sparked the fire in morton hall last month. more than 70 students who were living there are now in temporary housing. the school does not allow grills, but some students say
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>> they should be reprimanded in some way, but it was not necessarily a malicious act. shelley: now college officials says the actions must have serious consequences. in a statement, they said in part tom: some wayward cows brot the morning commute to a crawl along interstate 93. did you see it today? cows escaped their pasture a southbound before state police corralled them. jean mackin talked to the farmer who's udderly relieved his cows came home with a little help. >> this one is bruiser and the other one's morebars and they're both guilty. jean: bruiser, morebars, and six other escape artists are back home where cows belong at the white oaks dairy farm in
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decided to leave the farm and venture out. jean: tuesday morning, they were on the move. the herd headed out through a broken fence and hit the highway . a real traffic stopper strolling along interstate 93 south . state police wrangled the cows while farmer steve cochrane took an urgent phone call. >> canterbury peter meade -- canterbury pd called me a little before 8:00 and said my cows were going up the ramp. jean: when farmer steve realized they hightailed it o he made his way up the highway and had a good talking to the oldest cow of the herd, patches. he considers her the queen. >> i walked down and spoke to the queen and she followed me in. jean: what did you say to the queen cow? >> get in the barn. that is all i have to say and they will walk behind me. jean: steve thinks his cows could have been heading south
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straight from the cow's mouth. did you have any big escape plans? bruiser, where are you going? it is what out there. they you looted our interview. he wants to say thank you to state police for keeping cows and people say. >> i love my cows. i farmed here with the orginal owner back when i was a teenager it. tom: a new appeal for families of the sandy hook victims. shelley: the case they are now taking to the connecticut supreme court after the lawsuit was dismissed. tom: find out who tops the list for right in votes in the presidential race in new hampshire. mike: with the steady rain pulling away, do we get the sunshine back tomorrow or do we
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morning stroll. you can we submit your picture and video and join the thousands
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tom: a southwest airlines employee was shot and killed at an airport in oklahoma city this afternoon. authorities say the man died at the hospital after the shooting. the suspect was later found dead in a pickup truck in the parking garage. about 25 flights were cancelled due to the shooting. southwest canceled all flights leaving oklahoma city for the rest of the day. the airport has resumed normal
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hook shooting are now planning to appeal a ruling that dismissed their lawsuit against a gun manufacturer. shelley: a judge dismissed their lawsuit filed against gun maker remington arms. the gunman adam lanza used a remington arms bushmaster ar-15 to gun down 20 children and six adults at the elementary school. now parents are hoping to take their cause to the connecticut supreme court. >> for accountability and justice and sometimes those fights just take a long time. today we have asked the connecticut supreme court to take this case directly. shelley: the judge who dismissed the case cited the protection of lawful commerce in arms act. it protects gun manufacturers from most lawsuits involving the criminal use of guns. tom: now on to commitment 2016. the first cracks beginning to show in donald trump's transition team as protests continue across the country. abc's maggie rulli has the
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maggie: vice president-elect mike pence smiling as he leaves trump tower. just hours earlier, one of trump's top national security advisers abruptly resigned from the transition team. former congressman mike rogers reported he pushed out. he is not alone. a low-level trump staffer is also gone after requesting national security clearance for the president elect's oldest children. sources say it was not a formal request from trouble or his kids. it comes under new scrutiny over the blurred lines between the family businesses and the white house that trump's children are helping assemble. meanwhile, trump also dealing with criticism over his pick for chief strategist, stephen bannon, former chairman of breitbart news. >> people didn't vote for trump so he could bring a white supremacist into the white house. maggie: and of course, there are ongoing protests.
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, students took over pennsylvania avenue and shut down the lincoln memorial. >> we want to let donald trump know that he cannot divide us with his racism, sexism and all that bigotry. maggie: since the election a , dramatic uptick in hateful harassment and intimidation. more than 400 incidents, four times more than an average week. and it appears trump himself is not immune to the complaints. the president-elect tweeting -- winning the popular vote by nearly 800,000 ballots. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. tom: late tonight, donald trump tweeted that the cabinet position selection process is very organized and he is the only one who knows who the finalists are. new tonight vermont senator , bernie sanders got the most write-in votes of any presidential candidate in new hampshire. the secretary of state released the totals this evening. sanders got nearly 4500 write-in
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received more than 1300. independent candidate evan mcmullin got about 1000. you can see the complete presidential write-in totals in the politics section of and our mobile app. shelley: work to rebuild the u.s. capitol dome is now done. the more than 1300 cracks and other wear and tear issues have been repaired. that caused water to get through small holes, putting artwork in the capitol rotunda at risk. 2014 with a goal of finishing by the presidential inauguration. the repairs are expected to keep it protected for the next 50 years. tom: so much beautiful detail. weather-wise, good rain tonight. we needed it. mike: an inch or more in spots. we are putting little dents into the drought as we go. pictures out at newfound lake
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we are 25% below the average range since the start of the year over southern new hampshire, but every little bit does help. we did get our fair share today. into the early part of the evening, but most of the steady stuff you can find in areas right along the coastline. it stretches up through 60 in another hour ait mountains and great north woods. that is where the steadiest rain will fall on and off for the next several hours. we did talk about flooding at the coast at the top of the show. that is due to the high astronomical tide and a light wind onshore keeping the tide as high as it gets during the entire year. this is a king tide, which means the highest tides of the year.
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december and january with the tide coming close to the levels they have any last couple of days. splash over and minor flooding in the next couple of hours. towards the coast in the mid-40's and as you get towards the shore, it is nice. we will bottom out in the 40's and around 50. in terms of the steady east. could be a few scattered showers through daybreak. fog, drizzle, missed, a couple of showers here and there. most of the showers will be confined to northern new hampshire. lightning cannot be ruled out in southern parts of the state. most of the clearing off to the south. the clearing takes over late into the day on thursday. we will call it partly sunny in
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into friday and also on saturday. temperatures tomorrow making a run into the 50's. statewide, that is eight or nine degrees above the average for this time of year and it turns milder as we go into friday and saturday. after that, all bets are off as the pattern is showing signs of change. what does that mean much cooler air on sunday. then we get to sund mountains. can't even rule out passing snow showers in parts of southern new hampshire sunday night into monday. behind it, it is blustery and chilly on tuesday and should be dry wednesday. there are signs of rain and snow. the big storm? too tough to call for thanksgiving. nine or 10 days out and so many
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than a turkey bowl in snow. shelley: i have to get the kids boots out. it is time. here we go. tom: we have some new hampshire talent playing for the university of kentucky. jamie: yes, sir.
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jamie: not sce florida have we had a new hampshire loose player in the spotlight quite like this. manchesters wenyen gabriel is a freshman forward against kentucky wildcats. he is known for his defense. he had a steel. how about a block there? and another steel coming up. then he knocked down a couple of free throws late in the first half. kentucky led in the first half by eight points.
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off the inbounds pass. kentucky when 69-48. they play duchesne sunday night. dartmouth taking on fairfield. a three-pointer by julian smith. fairfield came to play. and alley-ooped don't -- alley-oop dunk by jonathan kasibubi. classic, riviera university against nhtsa. rivier is in white. christian givens drains a three from the corner. the first points of the panthers were big. curtis arsenault with a three and that gave him 1000 points for his career. a kiss to his supporters after
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the senior from rochester with a layup. strong drive on the baseline for the raiders. the panthers win this one, plymouth state wins the women's game. if you are morning person and you happen to love hockey, then this is the one for you. the monarchs are at home at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow hosting the reading royals on education day. the annual mullets and moustaches game to benefit american cancer society is this saturday night. college hockey in dartmouth took on vermont. a rough start for the big green. four goals for vermont in the first although -- first period. no defense at all. here is another goal. mario puskarich right out front on the power play. vermont won that game 5-2. we were at unh today which gave us the opportunity to catch up with the speedy elle purrier. she is fresh off winning the ncaa northeast regional cross country meet on friday in new
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win an ncaa regional cross country title. up next, the ncaa championships this saturday in terre haute, indiana. >> my goals are probably top 10. it really could go anyway. there is a solid crew that are going to be in the top 10. the top group is just amazing and i am really excited just to be competing against athletes that i am. jamie: good luck to her. football. they get made. if they finish 7-4, they can go to the playoffs. >> nobody is worried about the playoffs. everyone is worried about winning the next game. the rivalry is one of the best in new england with the teams left. it is something we are looking forward to every year. it means an awful lot. >> we are responding pretty
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of us. we are moving on. we are on to maine. jamie: good luck. tom griffith and i with a little field trip to the ice cream shop tonight. thank you, tom. thank you, chicago cubs. i got a free blizzard from tom griffin. tom: he asked for a $10 blizzard. they only had five dollar blizzards. he got his five dollar blizzard, period. still to come on newsnight shelley: the special ceremony
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shelley: a special ceremony for two of manchester's finest public two k 9's were honored for their service at tonight's aldermen meeting. both are retiring. wynette has worked with the fire department for seven years and bud has served the manchester 's department for eight years. tom: the greater concord chamber of commerce has now announced its 2016 citizen of the year. teresa rosenberger, president of devine strategies is this year's winner. shelley: thanks for joining us
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