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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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filtration system now available for people affected by pfoa from saint gobain. tonight, what you need to know to get one installed. quick she was two steps away from getting hit head-on with the truck. shelley: tonight, the parents of one of the pedestrians hit by a car in nashua now speaking out. why they believe the driver's bail was too low. a buddy bench in auburn vandalized. how this girl scout troop that bought the bench is now rallying to fix it. >> it was put there for good and it wasn't put there so people could vandalized it. mike: a few sunny breaks today but the sun returns for many tomorrow. a look at thursday timeline plus what follows into the weekend. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. shelley: tonight, some homeowners in litchfield are getting their first look at the filters that will be installed inside their homes
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this is the latest step after the discovery of high levels of pfoa's in the ground from the saint gobain plant in merrimack. wmur's naoko funayama is live in litchfield tonight to explain why these are just a temporary step. >> shelley, it is indeed just a temporary solution because the state and towns are working as quickly as they can to construct new water lines and get the affected homes hooked up to public water. but no doubt the winter will certainly halt construction, which is why many homes are getting the filtration system in place. this is the filtration system that will be installed in homes with wells still waiting to be hooked up to public water in litchfield. for kip bean and his family, it's a no-brainer to get one. >> we've got several of our family members who have had
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>> saint-gobain is paying for the systems and the installation after pfoa's from its merrimack plant contaminated nearby groundwater. the filters fit under most kitchen sinks providing clean drinking water directly from the tap and can also be connected to refrigerators with ice machines. >> the nice part about it, on this particular aquifer system it's not going to require an >> the state says, this is to provide a secondary source of water for those homes that may not get hooked up to public water before the winter when deliveries of bottled water cannot be guaranteed due to the weather. >> it's just in the areas where people have very elevated levels in their wells, we don't want them to be tempted to go back on their well. we want them to have a secondary source. and this gives them access in their kitchen to clean drinking water from their tap. >> the beans are one of the families that won't get onto public water before the winter.
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do. you can only dig water lines so fast. >> we saw them last night, they were working on corning lane in the rain, all last night. it couldn't have been fun but they were working. >> they are anticipating about 60-80 homes may need this filtration system. they're hoping to complete installation over the next three weeks or so. as for the home still waiting to be hooked up, they're hoping to complete all of that by the end shelley: student buses will run as normal in the midst of rocky contract talks. union drivers authorized a strike at their belmont depot. and drivers for other locations planned to walk out in solidarity. they had anticipated walking off the job tomorrow morning, forcing some districts like nashua to prepare to cancel classes. but early this evening, both
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>> we are very concerned about that, which is why we really tried to look at what measures we could put in place to assist families and really help them, and not make it more stressful situation. shelley: buses will run as normal through next tuesday. but districts are still making plans just in case. the parents of one of the pedestrians run over by an alleged drunk driver in nashua now they are just hoping their daughter's boyfriend fully recovers from serious injuries. the father of a young woman, who along with her boyfriend, was run down by an alleged drunk driver says today is his daughter's birthday and she feels lucky to be alive, >> she was two steps away from
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daughter ashley and her boyfriend were struck while walking near railroad square in nashua tuesday around 1 a.m. 26-year-old philip kannaly of massachusetts was charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated and reckless conduct. croan's daughter was seriously hurt and her boyfriend had to be airlifted to a boston hospital where he is still in critical condition. >> we saw him being lifted out. he was unconscious, very comatose, scary. was bleeding, but he's stabilized. shelley: ashley's mom wendy croan says the incident happened after a night of karaoke and that kannaly was an acquaintance of her daughter's boyfriend. >> a bunch of them always go. and they went to karaoke, a nice evening out, and they were walking back to their car at the end of the evening and the guy
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fast and hit them. shelley: kannaly posted a cash bail. $25,000 jeff croan says that's not nearly enough. >> i think it should have been higher. the boy could be dead. my daughter could be dead. i think that's too light of a bail. shelley: croan's daughter has a hand fracture and a torn acl in her knee. kannaly is set to be arraigned in nashua next tuesday. the state supreme court is expected to rule in three to six mazzaglia a new trial. he was convicted of killing unh student lizzi marriott in 20-12. -- in today mazzaglia's 2012. attorneys told the court her sexual history should have been allowed during that trial since they claim marriot may have died during a consentual sexual encounter. prosecutors told justices that type of evidence is protected by the state's rape shield law. what started as a project to spread kindness a school in
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a girls scouts troop bought a buddy bench where kids can sit and meet new friends. but just days after it was installed, the girls found it covered with vulgar drawings and swastikas. as wmur's cherise leclerc tells us, the troop is rallying together to fix it. cherise: it was the culmination of a year-long project for this girl scout troop, but there troop leader says instead of feeling sorry for themss, it was supposed to be a place where kids could come together in kindness. the bench was a gift to the village school from this group of 6th grade girl scouts. but just days after the troop had installed the bench in the playground, someone did this. >> it had only been there for a little bit and it was really sad for us. cherise: we've had to blur out the vulgar images, the discovery
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>> it was really painful. cherise: troop leader rebecca roy has watched these girls grow for the past 4 years,and seeing them go through this -- >> it was devastating. my heart was broken. i took it personally, because who would do this to the sweet girls who did something so selfless? >> i feel like we all just kind of came together and made a plan to get it vandalizing to stop. cherise: the bench has since been removed but plans are already underway to put a sturdier, granite one in its place and a security camera. all because of the determination of this groupwho many would probably call wise beyond their years. >> they are amazing young ladies . >> it rarely warms my heart that there are a lot more good people in this world than that. >> a gofundme site has already
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the school. shelley: new tonight, the covered bridge fire in albany is now nearly contained. the u.s. forest service says yesterday's rain helped firefighters fighting the fire in the white mountain national forest. about 329 acres were burned and no structures were destroyed. the cause of the fire is still unknown and is under investigation. hillary clinton made her first public appearance since conceding thes the former secretary of state spoke at an event for the children's defense fund tonight in washington. clinton asked attendees to stay engaged in the political process and did not mention donald trump by name. it's a crime that's growing at an alarming rate in new hampshire. child pornography and it's easier than ever for criminals to find their victims thanks to the internet and smart phone apps.
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here in new hampshire that we just can't investigate because we don't have the time or the resources to do. shelley: tonight, news 9 investigates takes you inside the lab with the specialized tools working to crack cases and the one thing this mission needs to keep even more children safe. mike: the sun returns for many
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shelley: child pornography started going ciber about 20 years ago. training to find the crime is specialized and difficult. amy -- but the available resources are slim. wmur's amy coveno investigates why new hampshire crime fighters say this mission needs more funding. amy: pittsfield, new hampshire. a bedroom community home to just over 4,000 people. >> we have a big downtown for the size we are. amy this summer police received : a cyber tip about a young girl. >> here in pittsfield who was the victim who was initially messaging a 34-year-old man. amy the suspect? : was 836 miles away in fort
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quickly. she went to the victim's house and knocked on the door. >> mom was unaware, mom had no idea. amy investigators say it's : happening every single day,on bucolic streets behind wreath adorned front doors, children interacting with strangers through cell phone apps,like 'kik'. >> sending and receiving inappropriate photos and videos. amy: a phone tip alerted the national center for missing and exploited children who then contacte and here in new hampshire launching an interstate , investigation. >> it's a tough age for girls i can tell you that so he definitely took adavantage of social media and used that to entice her. into doing whatever he wanted her to do over the internet. amy investigators soon : discovered the case involves two victims. images of the girl's younger sibling were found on the device as well. it went on for months.
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of social media, that he used to lure her in over the internet. >> i would argue that it's probably the most important piece of evidence in all crimes. amy trooper kelly wardner is : talking about cell phones. she says they are pivotal to prosecuting these cases. >> which is a forensic tool used to extract content from amy icac is the internet crimes : against children task force. she volunteers for the task force when she has time between homicide cases. >> this is our lab. amy: news 9 investigates got rare access inside the icac lab to see how evidence is extracted, logged and stored. this is a cellebrite, an expensive technology capable of retrieving even some deleted data from devices.
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first ten task forces in the country. amy sgt. tom grella is the : commander of icac headquartered in the norris cotton federal building in manchester the dept. of homeland security provides the space rent free and their agents are on the front lines when search warrants are served. the portsmouth police department manages the federal grants supporting icac, currently just $265,000 a year. icac receives about 30 cyber tips a month and relies on borrowing trained investigators from 90 affiliate agencies who volunteer their time when their full time jobs allow. >> we continue to grow the cases continue to come in so in the last 4 to five years we've noticed a tremendous impact in underinvestigating these types of crimes. amy at a time when cyber crime : against children is exploding, the funding has been cut to medical it.
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regional funding of a $half -- a half million dollars. >> there are number of targets in new hampshire that we just can't investigate because we don't have the time or the resources to do. amy the pittsfield case is : moving forward 34-year-old joseph coder was arrested september 9. charged with performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor and possession of child pornography. investigators say he admitted he knew the ages of the victims. >> an innocent child was having a conversation with someone they thought they could trust until in to be. amy last month detective sgt. : grella testified in concord, asking state lawmakers for a million dollars in state funding so they can expand to ten full time investigators and include proactive investigations in their mission that right now is limited to reacting after a tip has come in and child has already been victimized. for news9 investigates, i'm amy coveno.
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storm watch9 forecast. mike: it started dr. easley in many areas. some brightening of the skies and even a little bit of clearing later in the day and especially this evening across parts of new hampshire. high temperatures today once again above average. 59 the official high in concord after a morning low of 48 degrees. average for this time of year. and it is still relatively warm out there, 40's to around 50. mount washington seeing the temperature climbed two degrees in the last hour indicating the air mass is relatively mild. right now, upper 30's and lower 40's, projected lows tonight. we will drop about 10 degrees from where we are right now by
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average. take a look at this wedge of spring warmth building from the deep south in toward the midwest. eventually it has eyes on new hampshire along about friday into the first half of the weekend. 60 plus is not the question of parts of southern new hampshire for the start of the weekend. fair skies will go along with it as well. back to the west, high and dry from toronto back for a good portion of the ohio valley. direction. overnight tonight, low clouds continue to build in, some patchy fog as well, but quickly developing sunshine by lit -- mid to late morning. clouds will tend to linger on and off into tomorrow night. then full shine for -- full sunshine for the day on friday. still relatively mild on saturday before some big changes move in as we go into the day on
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40's north. this is the projected high we normally get to in southern new hampshire this time of year. then it turns even milder as we go into friday, look at the highs then, mid to upper 50's north, upper 50 central, lower 60's south. can discontinue? dashcam this continue? early on sunday. right now it looks like they will end with snowflakes by midday into the afternoon. any snow showers look to be confined to the white mounds on monday and it will be windy as well. chile as we go into early next week. a few showers coming in on wednesday. tough to call whether it will clear by thursday, for thanksgiving.
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with a preview of sports.
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jamie: here is your cy young award winner in the american league. 22 game winner rick porcello of the boston red sox. he beat out justin verlander of the tigers and cory kluber of the indians. porcello becomes the 4th red sox winner player to win since they started giving the award in 1956. jim lonborg, roger clemens, and
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>> although i'd been up in the big leagues for couple of years, it was one of those things where i knew i had more in the tank and i just need to figure out how to tap into it. i think i did a good job of that this year and i want to continue doing that. obviously i'm not done working and we still have to win the world series ring in boston. jamie: in the national league, the nationals max scherzer won ahead of former dartmouth pitcher kyle hendricks, and hendricks' teammate on the cubs, jon lester. and now to the courts, where the injury-riddled celtics t dallas mavericks team in much the same situation. dallas played without their star, dirk nowitzki. the celts still without power forward al horford, out with a concussion. he missed eight straight games. this one on the parquet floor in boston. 1st quarter, isaiah thomas gets into the teeth of the mavericks defense, makes the tough layup and is fouled. score, 7-3 celtics. terry rozier with the cross court pass to avery bradley. he drains the step back
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24-12 celtics. thomas gets the rebound, passes ahead to jaylen brown for the dunk on the fast break. celtics leading the mavs at the half 39-31. in a dogfight in the 4th quarter. rozier with a nice drive and scores with the left hand, boston by 3. now the big play here, marcus smart with a great play to come up with the steal. he gets it ahead to thomas, a nice finish for the bucket. 20 points for thomas in the 4th quarter, 30 in the game. celts win 90-83. college at snhu. season opener for both teams. snhu coach stan spirou was honored for his 600th career victory with a banner in the fieldhouse. adrian oliveria drives and scores. harrison taggart scores just inside the 3 point arc. 10-7 hawks. they went back-and-forth.
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74-68. how about this challenge for the umass lowell basketball team, playing at assemlbly hall against 6th ranked indiana. 1st half. an early and short-lived lead. jahad thomas drives the lane for the spinning layup. score, 5-4 umass lowell. inbounds tipped away. juwan morgan with the fastbreak dunk. oop dunk. indiana wins 100-78. it's a win for the manchester monarchs on education day. they dropped the puck at 10 am in front of about 6000 kids at snhu arena. kevin morris, son of former monarchs head coach mark morris, scored his first goal of the season. the teams play again friday night in manchester. >> the boys came out ready to play today so it was a good two points. we played this team all weekend
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days before thanksgiving. we asked the coach what he likes about the team so far. >> there is no quit in them. we've had our share of injuries and others have stepped in doing the job. i believe we are getting better and will we get everybody healthy, we will start putting things together. week. >> i like the way we competed her the entire game, coming back the other night, down in the third and battling back to get at least one point. jamie: some big promotions for the new hampshire fisher cats.
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still there and good luck to them. shelley: still to come on news 9 tonight. helping children this holiday season. the holiday drive that still needs sponsors for more than 200
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>> the states drug crisis has created an extra burden for a popular holiday program. there are still 248 children without sponsors, ranging from infants to teenagers and organizers say most are from family struggling because of drug abuse. >> there is a great need every year. annually we help out about three house and children throughout the state of new hampshire. a lot of these children come from broken homes or foster care. there is always a need. shelley: organizers say older children are often the hardest to find help for. you'll find more information on thanks for joining us for news9
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- garth brooks, tom hiddleston, and from "manchester by the sea" lucas hedges. and now, moving forward -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. welcome, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. that's very nice. we have so much. we have a jam-packed show tonight. but i want to start with


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