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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 17, 2016 3:00am-4:30am EST

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a two block radius was evacuated, and engineers are going building to building to try to investigate this structural damage there. and another explosion near indiana. the home blown off its foundation. at least one person killed. debris, as you can see the firefighters putting out hot spots. neighbors say the powerful blast made their homes shake. a gas leak is also suspected in this case. smoke from dozens of wildfires causing major problems with the air quality in seven cities. in charlotte, a haze over the city where there's a code red warnings prompting residents to stay inside. in kentucky, smoke is blamed for one death. a man died on mountain parkway
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14 others injured in a series of wrecks. in atlanta, smoke improved, but smoke returns today as smoke shifts. urgent aide arrived in mozul in iraq, which is war-torn. for the first time in two years, u.n. officials have been able to deliver about 30 days worth of emergency supplies to 15,000 children and their families. the nearly month-long battle to reclaim mozul from isis destroyed the city leaving more than a million people trapped with no way out. this is a scene in the dominican republic, too much rain creates flooding, mud slides washing away roads cutting off communities. around 20,000 people evacuated from their homes mostly along the country's north coast, and the forecast is not helping. rain will continue there through tomorrow. we're now learning chilling
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in the oklahoma airport. police believe the attack was premeditated and the gunman waited in a parking garage for four hours before opening fire. abc's lauren lyster with more. >> reporter: operations getting back to normal after tuesday's deadly shooting that grounded planes and had travelers sheltering in place. >> ground stopped the airport. they've got some situation going on here. >> reporter: 1:00 p.m., shots fired. >> shot on the >> reporter: the airport going into lockdown. passengers stranded on planes for hours. police in tactical gear search for the shooter going car to car for nearly three hours, and then -- >> suspect was located, deceased, with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: the suspected gunman identified as lloyd dean, buie, a former southwest agent who work at the airport. he showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol at work
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instead, he resigned. >> it is possible that the suspect acted in retaliation against the circumstances leading up to his resignation. we know his sbeintentions were go to the airport and hurt someone. >> reporter: that victim? southwest airlines employee michael winchester, the 52-year-old's son, james, a football player with the chiefs. >> he's with the family, where he to he and his family. >> reporter: the victim was not the suspect's supervisor and don't know if he was the gunman's intended target. kendis, diane? >> thanks to lauren there in los angeles. baseball's awards parade continues with honors for the best pitchers. scherzer easily winning the national league cy young award, well earned there, sixth pitcher to win in both leagues, and
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cy young award in baseball, the most wins with 22, but there's controversy because he didn't get the most first place votes from baseball writers. >> that's right. first place votes went to justin verlander of the tigers, and his fiance, kate upton, thought he was robbed, and as she does, launched a flurry of tweets to express anger, and saying, bluntly, you didn't win. >> and then there was baseball, i thought i was the only person allowed to blank justin verlander. >> she feels strongly about this. porcello won the votes, but it was not enough votes to cancel out the number of wins that he had. >> okay. >> confusing.
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since 1970. who lost in 2012? justin verlander. >> robbed again. >> but won in 2011 unanimously, though. >> one thing to point out, so "sports illustrated," guess who had the more covers out of verlander, porcello, and -- >> upton. >> had the most covers out of all three of them. >> it is all about baseball. >> four covers, verlander three, porcello, zero. after plunking down thousands for a brand new me imagine having nothing but problems after that. abc investigation coming up a little later. >> break out the eggnog, the christmas sweaters are back, and this time, with their own store. hallelujah. >> we promise to share our own ugly holiday outfits with you on instagram. you're watching "world news
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the faa is investigating after a hot air balloon made a hard landing in philadelphia. the basket hit the ground before being dragged across the grass and lifted briefly again into the air before finally crashing to a halt on its side. no one was injured. the pilot insisted it was a perfect landing. >> further east, new developments in the murder mystery spanning three states. >> a young man from connecticut last seen with friends in an
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building over the weekends has now been found in a shallow grave in new jersey. here's the latest. >> reporter: police questioning a map after a mysterious murder in manhattan. investigators scouring this apartment building for crews surrounding the disappearance of joseph. police say the 26-year-old left his home in stanford, connecticut saturday night going with several friends to an upscale building. when the friends left, they say >> to hear what potentially may have happened is scary. >> reporter: a gruesome discovery 50 miles south of the new jersey shore, invaestigator finding what they believe is his body buried in a shallow grave. forensic clues seize possible evidence including one of the building's luggage carts with bloodstains. they are examining a surveillance video showing a tenant wheeling something out on the cart. >> there was a few units here,
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the lobby. >> reporter: and building employee told detectives that the same tenant asked about the surveillance system. the resident questioned by the police is 25-year-old james, held on an unrelated charge. abc news, new york. >> coming up in the next half hour, why it may be better for young children to have moms who work outside of the home. what we're finding out from a new study about why children of working moms may than those of stay-at-home moms. >> first, new home nightmares, homeowners across the country say they dished out money for the new homes only to get problems and defects in return. brian ross investigates.
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? ? >> you love that song. >> i do. buying a new house is the exciting moment in life, but for some american families, the excitement is short lived. >> as you know, it's the midst of a building boom, and homeowners spending hundreds of thousands of dollars are finding what they is poor workmanship, turning dream homes into a nightmare. brian ross investigates. >> reporter: in this new home has a hole in the foundation and a snake that moved in underneath. >> you hear the same thing? >> reporter: people in this new subdivision in virginia say their great looking housings outside are full of defects on the inside. >> it's the most expensive purchase we make. >> reporter: in one subdivision after another -- >> water starts here, travels along the ceiling.
3:20 am
>> settlement cracks, nail pops, paint issues, issues with the flooring. >> reporter: with big well-known builders often slow or refusing to fix the props, big and small. >> you continue living in something that no one can give you answers for, no one will fix it. it's our house, where we lived. we had to walk away from it. >> reporter: what they all had was a bad case of new home heart break. >> look at that. >> typical of th >> reporter: something these two men say they see far too often. >> you see the crack. >> reporter: the industry trade group says up happy homeowners are in the minority, and that americans have expectations that are just too high. >> the american consumer expects a perfect home. there's no such thing as a perfect home. >> reporter: yet documents show the home builders, including the
3:21 am
deal with claims, calling it the ordinary course of business. >> i think the quality of houses being built is as good as it's ever been, better. >> better than ever? >> yes, sir. >> are they shotty? >> i say no. >> reporter: again and again, it was only after the builders knew abc news or one of our stations was on the case that repair crews finally showed up. the bulldozer to redo the draping system in alabama didn't show up until after started to ask questions. >> it's only because abc news is here. or they would not have fixed it. >> reporter: in indiana, it was only after wrtv got involved that the builders sent an executive to check out roofing and draining issues. >> this is how we knew it was leaking. >> reporter: outside houston, the builder dr horton offered to buy this house back after our station ktrk began to investigate a homeowner's
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until you guys got involved. >> all that money, and that's what happens.
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delivers mega support. covering your thursday morning mix, and we're starting with art. might be pricey, though. you know. this is a monet. 1891. it was on e >> $10 million. >> it's pretty, come on. it's monet. if it was monet, that's $10 million. >> $30 million. >> so the 1canvas, bidding war for 14 minutes, $81.4 million. >> wow. slow clap for monet.
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in 1999 for $11.9 million, but, you know, inflation. >> look up close, it's all monet. >> pretty from afar. >> pretty to ugly, shall we? >> yes. >> christmas sweater, the uglier, the better. we're fans. i thought the biggest fans of ugly christmas sweater, but we've been outdone by a man in dallas opening his shop dedicated solely to ugly he used to sell vintage clothing from a bus, starting with sweaters, acquiring little by little, and they always sold out, so now pop-up shop, all christmas sweaters, business is going well. the slogan? come get ugly. >> i don't believe it. are you sure he just didn't put a sign up over good will? >> does look familiar, i will say. >> just walk in, sure you get all of those, but great idea. brilliant idea there.
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the best photo with our babe or whatever the kids call it these days, you know, whatever pb so, yeah. so elaine and her boyfriend, a beautiful picture, all smiles. >> yes. looking great. >> they are happy. >> what's wrong with it? >> until they kind of slipped on that one? >> oh. -- >> oh, no! >> in the fountain. >> down goes dino! >> yes. >> not according to plan. >> so they spent the afternoon trying to find nino. >> all right. now to a cute video. really doesn't need explanation. see that dog in the back? not a dog, ladies and gentlemen. that's a pig. she's grown up around dogs since she was six weeks old, and she
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pack. >> she's cute.
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this morning on "world news now," america needs you, the message from hillary clinton last night in her first and emotional speech since conceding the election and how she admitted to experiencing dark moments this past week. dramatic scene from the humanitarian crisis in syria. the video shows a young girl rescued from a building hit by an we have the latest on renewed violence in aleppo. >> new this half hour, tornado danger in an unusual location. >> check out this monster twister tearing through farmland sending residents underground for shelter. >> vin scully made calls over his career, but he was top by one call from the white house. that's in the skinny on this thursday, november 17th. from abc news, this is
3:31 am
>> vin scully, we'll tell you about that. a lot of people got a call from the white house they're excited about. speaking of the white house, hillary clinton spent the last year and a half trying to get there, and one week after learning she did not win, she made her first public remarks since her concession speech. >> clinton was honored in washington, d.c. last night for contributions to child advocacy and acknowledged the pain of the election defeat, but urged supporters to keep fighting for what they believe in. >> reporter: overnight, hillary clinton opening up about her election loss. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> reporter: speaking at a gala for the children's defense fund
3:32 am
supporters to not lose heart and never give up. >> i ask you to stay engaged, stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you. that's how we get through this. >> reporter: the crowd cheering. clinton choked up as she reflected on her accomplishments and what she wish she could tell her late mother now. >> i dream of going up to her taking her in my arms saying, look, look at me and listen, and as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up to be a united states senator, represent our country as secretary of state, and win more than 62 million votes for president of the united states. >> reporter: over the past week, clinton stayed largely out of
3:33 am
she was seen on a hike in her hometown in new york, and she attended a thank you party for her campaign staff. she distributed to them 1200 stems of roses. clinton also held a conference call with top donors over the weekend saying she was heart broken by the election and blamed her loss and increase momentum around trump on fbi's released e-mails relate to the private server. diane, kendis? >> thank you. and turning now to donald trump who has taken more steps another series of meetings today held with advisers and political leaders. among them, former secretary of state kissinger and haley who could be considered for secretary of state. trump's transition team is taking a stance on lobbyists. government officials will be banned from lobbying for five years after leaving their position. trump is trying to shoot down reports of transition chaos
3:34 am
as the president-elect prepares to take office, his name vanished from several residential buildings in new york city. workers removed the giant gold letters. ordinary persons who licensed the trump name decided to remove it after residents didn't want to be associated with trump. vice president elect mike pence had a change to check out his new home as he dined with vice president joe biden. the man and their wives met for lunch, and he said no administration is ready to govern on day one. president obama is in berlin for a full day of events with german leader angela merkel, shared a private diner, and formal meetings today before arriving in germany, he was in greece visiting the acrop liz and addressed the greek people. the president said he and
3:35 am
be more different, but he said democracy is bigger than any one person. >> as long as we retain our faith in democracy, as long as we retain our faith in the people, as long as we don't waiver from those central principles that ensure a lively open debate, then our future will be okay. >> the president said the countries must strengthen alliances and repeated confidence that the u.s. would remain loyal to nato despite president-elect's campaign promises. secretary of state john keri warns the world failing to push forward on climate change would be, quote, a betrayal of devastating consequences. he also said with 2016 on track
3:36 am
something disturbing is happening. grim news from aleppo as bombing resumed there. a hospital and blood bank were the targets. dramatic video shows a young girl rescued from the rubble of the building struck by an air strike. at least 54 people killed in air strikes and shellings across northern syria. five people died after fire broke out in an expensive shopping area in lima, peru. it started in a recently renovated movie theater where the cause is under investigation. more leaders including president obama are due in lima for a global summit. the minnesota police officer who shot and killed in man in a traffic stop last summer is facing criminal charges. the shooting made way across the country as the aftermath was streamed live on facebook. >> reporter: let's first say that police officers across the country risk their lives every
3:37 am
in this police shooting that set the streets on fire near st. paul, minnesota, prosecutors say it's the officer who is the criminal. >> no reasonable officer would have used deadly force under these circumstances. >> reporter: on top of manslaughter for killing or lap doe, the officer is facing two felony firearm charges for endangering the safety of the recorder of the live video and her 4-year-old daughter who was crying in the backseat. >> you shot four bullets into him, sir, he was just getting his license and registration. >> reporter: they both told the officer that he had a legally owned gun in his pocket. police announced that he never had a chance to remove the gun before he was killed. they found it at the bottom of the pocket. police radio traffic that night, you hear the moment the family is pull over. >> i have reason to pull it over.
3:38 am
in a robbery. >> reporter: you hear what many feel, the sound of racism. >> the driver looks more like one of our suspects just because of the wide-set nose. >> reporter: the family says they had nothing to do with the robbery and says that manslaughter is not enough. >> i feel as though murder to the highest extent of the law is what would be appropriate here. at the end of the day, none of that is going to bring my boyfriend back. expected to enter a plea of not guilty and court appearance friday. his lawyer argues the issue was not race, that it was the gun. abc news, atlanta. close call on a highway for a kansas police officer. you can see him here pushing a disabled vehicle off the side of interstate 35 in the suburbs of kansas city. you hear the sounds of
3:39 am
him just enough warning to jump out of the way as an out of control driver slammed into the vehicle. he was not injured. >> the first blizzard of the season is expected to slam parts of the midwest tomorrow and could make for slippery roads there. blizzard watches and winter storm watches issued in nebraska to minnesota and in the north east, it's another beautiful day with warm and comfortable temperatures in the south. temperatures could drop in denver by 40 degrees. colder in the west with los angeles at 72 and 40s in seattle. and a new study is sure to add fuel to the mommy wars out there. researchers in england say children of working moms develop faster than those of stay-at-home moms saying going to nursery school or spending time with grandparents improved everyday skills like talking, social interaction and tasks like getting dressed. kids who stay home with mom gain those skills at a slower pace. a big brother in florida coming to the rescue. watch the baby on the changing table. mom, who is looking somewhere
3:40 am
month old falls to the floor and his brother catches him. >> the fall from the table was four feet. great going by big brother. look at the fast hands! >> yeah! >> the dolphins already sign him to a rookie contract. that's a good grab there. also caught on camera, the moment that a college cross country race turned into a full contact event, it happened last week in pennsylvania. >> runners doing their thing en >> oh, man! >> oh! >> so he suffered a bruised hip, and he says he's still sore. >> oh. >> but he got up and finished. it was his final college race, so -- >> do you think the deer thought they were part of the race? >> maybe they did? they were just going in the wrong direction. >> okay, maybe not. coming up, split-second decision by a husband and wife
3:41 am
how the driver says they got stuck on the train tracks and what they did at the last possible second that saved both their lives. see how tom brady still bruised by deflate-gate gets the last laugh. new ad ahead in the skinny. first, here a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
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3:45 am
no injuries were reported. and turning now to another frightening scene. this time on train tracks. >> that's right. a husband and wife were in the truck when suddenly they were stuck on a railway crossing with a train headed right towards them. here's more on how it ended. >> reporter: a road and railline littered with remains of the tractor trailer and cargo, the driver and wife jumping seconds before thisment they survived, but household goods ripped apart. down the street. the driver said the gps put him on the road, and by the time he saw the no trucks sign, he couldn't turn around and was stuck on the crossing. >> you hear the train coming, so my wife jumps out of the truck, screaming, get out of the truck, and four seconds later, the impact, train hit the trailer. >> accidents like this far from the first. >> at least four people die every week at crossings. part of the reason there's
3:46 am
average every day. abc news, washington. >> very lucky couple there. when we come back, why vin scully got a call from the white house. >> why tom brady is poking fun of deflate-gate. the skinny's next. "world news now" continues
3:47 am
3:48 am
time for the skinny starting with vin scully getting the phone call of his life. >> yes. legendary broadcaster who retired last month as you'll recall after 67 years behind the microphone for brooklyn and los angeles dodgers was shocked to get a call from the white house. >> hello? >> mr. scully? >> yes? the white house press secretary. >> oh, my gosh, i certainly know the name. how are you, sir? >> i'm doing great. how are you? >> does he sound like that all the time? he was more shocked to find out president obama will be presenting him with the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> oh, my gosh. no. >> yes. so you've -- >> are you sure? i'm just an old baseball announcer.
3:49 am
generations of sports fans in the country. >> i'm rather overwhelmed and humbled. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure, take care. >> bye for now. >> how cool is that? oh, my goodness. >> that has to be one of josh's better days. >> so scully is one of 21 recipients of the medal. the rest of the list, it's really pretty big. bruce springsteen there, diana ross, report redford, tom hanks, robert d deniro, michael jordan and kareem abdul jabar. >> next, trying to use humor to clear a name. >> patriots' quarterback, tom brady, may not shake deflate-gate, but he had fun with it in the footlocker new week of greatness ad campaign.
3:50 am
something's going on, just be great. it's a question. it starts with questions that turn into assumptions and that turns into vacations. why would you punish the weak of greatness for something that never even happened? >> i lost my appetite. >> so brady, as you recall, served a four-game suspension this season over last year's deflated football scandal. the vacation he went on. >> now he's making fun. >> yes. next, benjamin franklin getting love from bon jovi. >> it developed a large crack and people tossing pennies on to it for good luck. >> now a go fund me tap pain to save the gravestone reached and surpassed its goal thanks to a $5,000 donation from john bon jovi and his wife. the campaign raised a total of nearly $80,000. this morning, details about carrie fisher's details about a
3:51 am
ford in the '70s. she tells "people" why she decided to break silence now saying it's been 40 years and, quote, it's not like anyone's deeply affected by it anymore. >> yeah. so ford was married at the time with two kids, but he has yet to make any public comments on fisher's revelation, and admits that while she gave him a head's up and even sent him a draft, she told "people" she doesn't know if he read it. >> whoops. embarrass him, but thinks she made an appropriate amount of time. too soon after forty years? i don't know. i sent you a message, did you get it? it was a text. >> it was in a bottle. >> maybe it was the old number. >> how did you send messages in the '70s? >> pigeons. google earth.
3:52 am
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a lot of virtual reality these days and how it's revolutionizing video games and film. >> this takes the cake. google earth is out with a virtual reality version available now for free on the htc tv. >> like street view on steroids. users can now explore landmarks reconstruct the culture treasures, and even their own neighborhoods in virtual reality. >> and some users can even soar into space. seeing it on screen rs you don't get the full effect rs but with the goggles, you feel like you're there. >> even if you're looking at it, like, this on the monitor. >> no, it's not. it doesn't.
3:56 am
good try. >> thank you. there are, however, experts urging caution for users of virtual reality. >> some doctors raise concerns that gadgets could cause health problems among young children. abc's tj holmes explains. >> reporter: so real. that people forget that it's not real. virtual reality has people literally falling over themselves as it immerses them in a 3d world. these headsets expected to be on a lot of kids' christmas lists cause real world concerns. >> virtual reality is still a very new technology, still evolving, and we really don't know yet what the impact may be on children. >> they say these headsets could cause long term issues for young children. >> virtual reality, basically the brain is only getting input from the eyes, and we don't know if that isolated input is going
3:57 am
senses and how we integrate and experience. >> reporter: the technology is so new, that it has not been studied. manufacturers of virtual reality headsets warn they are not for young kids. samsung said its products are 13 and up and playstation recommends products for kids 12 and up. truth is, nobody knows the impact. in the meantime, what's a parent to do? >> experts say this is not one of the things you need to be really alarmed about, but just most of the manufacturers say, don't use for kids under 13, so what you have? >> i have not, but i jump sometimes when playing a video game that involves it. i forget that it's not real. >> it's a good way to get a workout in, isn't it? when you're thinking. i'm just going to go back to watching us on virtual reality and see. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning, i'm diane macedo. good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here's the headlines this morning on "world news now." hillary clinton making her first public appearance overnight since her concession speech. she acknowledged the shock and pain of her defeat, but called on supporters to never give up saying america is worth it. >> a utility worker dead after a powerful gas explosion in a small town near peoria, illinois, 11 people taken to the hospital following the blast, and the downtown area evacuated. >> five people died after fire broke out in an expensive shopping area in lima, peru. president obama and other world leaders due in lima shortly for a global summit. but president obama first stops in germany.
4:01 am
the closest foreign partner dug his presidency. those are some of the top stories on this thursday, november 17th. from abc news, this is "world news now." apparently they had a private dinner in the hotel last night. >> they did. >> close friends and allies as well. we start the half hour with the future president and transition going on and parade of politicians meeting one by one with the completing. met with henry kissinger and haley and shinzo abe. here's the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton returns to washington, though, not in the way she originally intend.
4:02 am
to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> reporter: the former democratic presidential nominee speaking in front of the children's defense fund, the group who started her career. >> please, listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country. fight for our values. never, ever give up. >> reporter: at the same time, clinton's lead in the popular vote growing, up more than 1 million vote against donald trump. back in new york, tales of turmoil at trump tower. the president-elect and team tried to shoot down reports that the transition progress is not going well, and trump himself tweeting it's very organized, but former white house member, mike rogers, who worked on the team before being ousted, described it differently. >> there's confusion going on about chain of command from new york.
4:03 am
this man, trump's son-in-law, confirming the team requested national security clearance for the real estate developer who has no government experience. that report not helping the president-elect dealing with concerns about conflict of interest between family businesses and his new job. one impact on trump's brand already visible. three manhattan buildings licensing his name removed it after residents protested. abc news, washington. and a new york police department and secret service best way to protect president-elect trump once he takes office. the challenge is to keep him safe in what will be the second home on the busiest street in the biggest city. without bringing downtown manhattan to a standstill. officials say they have to strike a balance between security and making sure that all new yorkers are able to get
4:04 am
country. rallies held at dozens of college campuses. demonstrators are calling on school administrators to protect students against any immigration action trump might take, and high schoolers in washington, d.c. area walked out of class for a third consecutive day to march through the streets. southeast deals with dozens of wildfires burning out of control. this as people in the midwest brace for the first blizzard of the season. >> reporter: atlanta, georgia, straight without measurable rain having a huge impact on the draught and wildfires. let's take it straight to the maps. 33 large wildfires burning in kentucky, tennessee, west virginia, and all the states highlighted on the map. people are going to the hospital because of the smoke, schools closing, and some smoke is nears places like hong kong and shanghai, china. we'll talk about this for a while because that is not changing, but we've got to get to the blizzard watch.
4:05 am
hours. abc news, new york. >> thanks to ginger. overseas, the iraqi military is making progress in the battle to reclaim mosul from isis making their way into two more neighborhoods this morning, and for the first time, the islamic state agency acknowledges that the defeat is a possibility. iraqi military commanders warn completing the operation could take several months. the minnesota poce facing criminal charges. the shooting gained national attention as the man's girlfriend streamed the aftermath live on facebook. here's the details. >> reporter: minnesota police officer seen in this video -- >> keep hands where they are. >> reporter: moments after shooting him in a traffic stop, facing criminal charges including second degree
4:06 am
>> the use of deadly force by the officer was not justified. >> reporter: the county attorney made the decision after reviewing evidence including dash cam video, not public, but reportedly captured him telling him he had a gun. >> the officer said, okay. don't reach for it then. castille tried to respond, but was interrupted by the officer who said, don't pull it out. he responded. i'm not pulling it out. >> reporter: moments later, he fired seven shots into the car. the aftermath streamed live on facebook by his girlfriend in the passenger seat. >> i told him -- >> he was getting his driver's license. oh, my god. please don't tell me he's dead. >> reporter: the death sparked protests. and accusations of racism including from minnesota's governor. >> would this have happened in the driver and passengers were white? i don't think it would have.
4:07 am
they are relieved that the officer is being held accountable. >> we are here in solidarity, my family and i, to support that decision. >> reporter: he is expected to turn himself in and scheduled to face a judge on friday. kendis, diane? >> thank you. operators of major international website that advertises escort services may escape pimping charges. the judge tossed them out against saying they postings. after a three-year investigation, prosecutors insist the site generates millions of dollars from the illegal sex trade and exploiting vulnerable victims. police searching for the man seen this this surveillance video running with a gun in his hand. they say in moments prior, he fired the gun near a school bus
4:08 am
grabbed students stepping off the bus, locked the door, and called 911. the gunman was not aiming at the bus, but a nearby home. as millions get set to hit the road for thanksgiving, good news about kids' booster seats. tests performed by the insurance industry showed seats are safer. of the 53 boosters tested, 48 received the highest rating. the seats started being tested eight years ago, only a quarter of them earned that best rating. researchers say kids in boosters are 45% less likely to be injured in a crash than those using just seat belts. >> perhaps a seat would look great in the back of the hot, and we mean hot car. it's the sedan from lexus. >> it's sriracha red, featuring the logo, and sauce in the trunk. the car was a hit at the los angeles auto show, but it's not for sale. sorry. >> imagine if you have that car and hot sauce in the bag, swag. all right. so at the l.a. show, storm
4:09 am
rogue 1 edition of the nissan rogue suv, only building 5,000 of them, in black or white, each numbered with a special emblem, and buyers get a replica death trooper helmet debuting in the upcoming "star wars" movie. >> what do you want more? the sriacha car? >> you just want the hot sauce. >> the beyonce pun. >> yes. coming up, what we never knew about patrick dempsey, killed from grey's to a brief split with his wife. what's next? first, a bomb shell case, a prison sentence that a lawyer
4:10 am
guilty of hypnotizing several clients so he could molest them. but, first, a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by 2. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s...
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with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. put some distance between you and temptation with meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. jersey. one died when the train plowed into the terminal across from manhattan. officials say the engineer was diagnosed with sleep apnea after the crash. people with sleep apnea are awakened at night as breathing stops leading to draw citiness in the day. he says he has no memory of the crash. update on the controversial oil pipeline built in north
4:14 am
until next year whether to finish the project, setting the stage for protests at the pipeline site. ohio now, stunning trial of a lawyer found guilty of hypnotizing clients to molest them. >> the women have no memory of what happened, but he now faces more than a decade in prison. here's abc with more. >> reporter: ohio lawyer turn defendant. 59-year-old divorce attorney sentenced to 12 years in prison for hypnotizing six female clients without their consent or knowledge, and then molesting them. >> he used my trust in his position as my attorney. >> reporter: according to legal documents in 2013, one fine's clients noticed after her apointment the bra was
4:15 am
the entire duration of the meetings, something that happened again and again, suspicious, she began tape recording her conversations. learning shocking details about the meeting, she says she didn't remember, that fine began to use code words to get her into a trance-like stage, and then engage in a sexually charged discussion saying things, like, at the count of three, you won't be able to control yourself. >> he would say that he had some relaxation techniques. >> reporter: the first victim took the recordings to the police. when fine began the behavior again, they nabbed him. while hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic technique, there's no consensus on exactly what's possible against someone's will. >> can we make someone take their clothes off in a public place through hypnosis? the short answer is no. however, we can possibly convince them that the temperature is so hot that they
4:16 am
kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping, all with sexual motivations. in a statement from his attorney saying he accepted responsibility for what he did wrong. >> he's been disbarred as a result understandably, and he will have to recommendation steer as a sex offender for the next 25 years. all right, coming up, lightening the mood with dr. mcdreamy. >> the baby news that patrick dempsey revealed. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
4:17 am
4:18 am
? ? tough year for fans of the legendary dr. mcdrooemmy abruptly killed from grey's last season. >> it's not been an easy year for the actor, himself, either, but looking forward to quite a road ahead. >> reporter: as far from llkd as you can get after his tiny hometown in maine, and you'd never guess the actor best known as mcdreamy habit been on the
4:19 am
>> i left maine when i was about 17, and i was going to run away with the circus, auditioned for a play -- >> you were? >> i was too young, and they wouldn't let me in. >> reporter: we spent three days with him back home watching him decompress, learning about the center to help people battle cancer, a cause that's very personal to him. he lost his mother seen here in this footage from ten years ago -- >> that's what patrick does when he comes in the summer. >> reporter: to cancer in 2014. >> to be incognita. >> reporter: a whirlwind year, end of his role on grey's sparks questions why his character was killed off. the split with his wife of 17 years and talk of divorce.
4:20 am
>> stop it. >> reporter: with a new movie, and enough tabloid headlines to get urn anyone's skin. >> it was remarkable, and without that success, i wouldn't be here today talking to you. >> reporter: are you happy with how it ended? >> you know, i think everybody was surprised how abrupt it was. >> reporter: he says things are good at home again with his wife and three kids. how are you doing? >> great, we're good. it's a lot of work. on it. good to go in, okay, what's the issue here, what's yours, how do we work on it? >> you're looking to have another baby? >> see, this is the funny thing, right, this is the funny thing when you get into these magazines, and they put these quotes out, and then it's picked up online, and then all the sudden, you're having another
4:21 am
having two more? >> we're very triplets. i want to announce that today. >> reporter: for the record, no more babies. as for his career, that ride has taken a new path, and he says he's ready. you got that rom-com down, and do you want to shave your head and be a serial killer now? >> oh, absolutely. i'm trying to be careful. >> where do you stand on mcdreamy? tired of it? >> i don't think i can be tired of it. it will be there the rest of my life. i have to accept it. the question is, can i be known anything other than that later in life? that's the question. >> at least there's juggling to fall on. >> yes, he does. >> almost ran to join the circus. >> that's cool. there yeah. >> they are having quadruplets. >> the breaking baby news. >> cool to see him after a tough year for character and real life. >> touching moments.
4:22 am
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you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too?
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delivers mega support. stories that just simply happen. >> we start with the heart warming scene, although it might make dog owners nervous out there. check this out. a polar bear just very carefully petting a very brave and confident pup. >> look at that. so you'd expect for things to have gotten a little bit ugly between the two, but, no. they just hung out. >> looks like he's so careful with him too, so gentle. got to love that. >> the dog's, like, there's an itch. >> let's go for a walk. >> it was in canada, this scene. australia, a rebel cow did not want to follow the herd. >> the cow was set to board an exports ship, apparently would
4:26 am
australia, a member of the crew filmed from the jet ski. the cow eventually made it to land, but get this, from there, it ran off and e evaded capture for 24 hours. >> what happened to the cow once they captured it? free forever? living happily on a farm? >> could be on the grill right about now. >> all right. moving on then. next, have you wondered what to do with the extra pennies in the house? well, a portland woman has a good idea. >> using more than 13,000 coins to renovate an old floor in her house. and she used three $50 bags of pennies with ten bottles of glue, wood filler grout, and apoxy. >> who thought glue comes into play for home renovation, but,
4:27 am
project took months to finish, but as you can see, worth every penny. >> oh oh! >> get it? >> yes! >> worth every penny! >> nailed it. >> who's penny? >> last, but not least, there's a quick, quick, a dog from the bone. at the bottom of the water bowl. >> oh, man. just one problem. >> it's painted. >> the bone, not the real thing. >> oh, man, so confused. >> adorable pup -- >> oh, he looked confused. >> can you blame him? >> at first, really looks like there's a bone in the bowl, but, no, sorry, quick. >> oh, man. >> wonder if he figured it out yet? >> quick is not that quick. >> apparently no. not when it comes to quick thinking. >> oh, how frustrating is that. >> sorry, quick, i hope you're
4:28 am
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4:30 am
making news in america this morning, hillary clinton makes her first speech since her concession. see the moment that got her choked up and the message for her supporters. plus, president-elect donald trump has some high-level meetings today as he fights back against allegations of disarray on his transition team. breaking overnight, a massive explosion rocking a city's downtown. surveillance video showing store windows getting blown out and the debris covering an american street. millions of people are bracing for the first major snowstorm. see where blizzard-like conditions are expected, plus the drought in the southeast still fueling dozens of wildfires. and caught on camera a hot air balloon's hard landings and witnesses jumping into action keeping the situation from


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