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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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nicole: it was put there for good it was not put there so people could vandalize it. sean: heartbreaking vandalism. the efforts underway after a bench given by girl scouts was targeted. erin: running as normal across new hampshire this morning, but the threat of a strike by drivers is not over yet. kevin: brighter skies through the next couple of days and mild temperatures for now. when not all starts to change. sean: temporary fix. what several homes in litchfield are getting to ensure the water is safe to drink. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak."
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thursday. thanks for waking up with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i'm sean mcdonald. if you like a mild temperatures, they are going to hang on, and then changes on the horizon. kevin: a pattern shift with the next system arriving on sunday. for the time being, we remain fairly mild. any early clouds away from mountains will give way to sunshine into the afternoon, with temperatures in most locations up to the 50's. locations up to the 50's. this morning, except in part mild. it will not take much to get back into the mid and upper 50's this afternoon. it could push 60 tomorrow. we will talk about the big change coming in the weekend, coming up. first, let's look at your thursday morning ride across the granite state. we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: starting around 7:00 on 200 93 in both directions through the millyard at exit four, the
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final day for the paving operation. if you are on 93 southbound or getting ready to get on, we have major delays through there right now. it is solid, with nobody moving from exit 2 in salem all the way down to exit 46 in methuen, due to overnight road work that has yet to wrap up. the massachusetts department of transportation assures us they will be getting out of there shortly. this is being brought to you by bernie and phil's. from wzid traffic deb davidson. sean: a tough ride on 93. meanwhile school buses are still , running as normal this morning, but a strike by drivers is still possible next week. union drivers for first student have authorized a strike at their belmont depot, and drivers at other locations have said they will walk out in solidarity if a strike happens. last night, both sides were still trying to hammer out a deal during talks in washington, and officials say buses will run as normal at least through tuesday of next week.
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-- meant to spread kindness at a school. local girl scouts bought a buddy bench, providing a place for kids to sit and meet new friends. but as wmur's ray brewer explains, it was defaced within a matter of days. really heartbreaking. ray: it is, considering all the work the girl scouts have put into this project. the bench was just installed on village school playground earlier this month, but then, ovhe project for the girl scout troop. they gave the bench to the school hoping to encourage kids , to be nice and to make new friends. but just days after it was installed, they found vulgar drawings and swastikas scratched into the bench, and the bench had to be removed. while the girls say they were disappointed, they aren't letting it get them down. instead, they are already working to raise money to put in a new bench -- this time made out of granite.
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i felt -- i felt awful. my heart was broken. i took it personally, you know? because who would do this to girls, these sweet girls that did something so selfless? nicole: but i feel like we all just kind of came together and made a plan to get it next and get the vandalizing to stop. ray: when the new benches installed, there are plans to put in a security camera. the girl scouts have set up a "go fund me" page to help raise $1300 has already been donated. they hope to be able to put that new buddy bench in as soon as possible. reporting live in auburn, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: thanks. several homeowners in litchfield are getting special filters installed inside their homes to ensure that their water is safe to drink. this is just a temporary move until new water lines are installed, connecting the homes to public water. but with winter right around the corner, construction will have to stop. saint gobain performance plastics is paying for it all,
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>> we have got several of my -- our family members who had brushes with thyroid cancer. we are concerned about getting off of this present situation. >> the nice part about it on this particular aqua clear system, it is not going to require an additional faucet. push the button, it will switch it over, and that will give them treated water at that point. sean: over the next couple weeks and everyone should be hooked up to public water by the end of next summer. erin: a juvenile accused of shooting two people in nashua is due in court today. police say shots rang out just before 7:00 yesterday morning near the intersection of ash and lake streets, just a block away from the middle school. the victims, both adults, were treated for their injuries and released, and the suspect was caught by an officer responding to the scene. he will face a judge in juvenile court today. it is not clear what prompted the shooting. a concord man faces several
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63-year-old stephen mann turned himself in on tuesday. he is now free on bail. police say they have been investigating for the last year. and investigators say batteries mixed in with cardboard sparked a fire in a compactor at the walmart in somersworth yesterday morning. the store was closed for a couple hours, and the flames were contained, but about $65,000 of merchandise had to be removed from storage because of th state inspectors say everything that was already on the shelves is safe. sean: house democrats are now asking president elect donald trump to rescind his appointment of steve bannon as a senior advisor, as mr. trump continues the work of setting up his white house team. meanwhile, hillary clinton made her first public appearance last night since conceding the election despite leading the popular vote. abc's janai norman reports. janai: good morning.
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, saying the transition to the white house isn't going as smoothly as the president-elect describes. the democratic presidential nominee making her first public appearance since the crushing loss. mrs. clinton: i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am too, more than i can ever express. janai: up big in the popular vote. by the time all the votes are counted, she may well end up with more raw votes than all but the exception? barack obama. at the same time, turmoil for the trump transition, but trump trying to remain optimistic in a tweet that sounded like a reality show promo, posting, "a very organized process taking place." at the center of the transition? jared kushner, trump's son-in-law. abc news confirming the transitions team has requested national security clearance for the real-estate developer, who
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deals with backlash surrounding the hiring of steve bannon, former head of "brietbart news" -- with alleged ties to white supremacists. trump is holding another series of meetings today with advisors and political leaders. among them, former secretary of state henry kissinger and south carolina governor nikki haley, who may be considered for secretary of state. janai norman, abc news, washington. sean: we will be keeping an eye on that. still to come on news 9 ay hundreds of animals are ready to be adopted after they were rescued from a massachusetts farm. erin: saving benjamin franklin. find out who is stepping up to help pay to restore the founding father's grave. sean: in the next half hour, the parents of a girl hit by a truck in nashua are speaking out, describing the frightening
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agiinstead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first.
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kevin: thursday morning, november 17, we start with early clouds in the western and northern state, giving way to sunshine in eastern areas. temperatures for most will be in the 50's, which is where we will be through saturday, when the weather pattern starts to change. the detailco massachusetts are now up for adoption, and some of them are here in new hampshire. sean: that is right. more than a thousand animals were found living in horrible conditions over the summer, and have been rehabbing at shelters ever since -- including rabbits, sheep, goats, ducks, and dogs. facilities in more than a dozen states are caring for the animals and helping them find new homes. erin: a company in portsmouth needs your help to fill an airplne with food for the new hampshire food bank. this is the third year that plane sense has launched this effort.
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you can drop off donations between now and december 9 at the plane sense office at pease, and the food will be flown to manchester on december 14. thansgiving is still a week -- thanksgiving is still a week away, but christmas is already arriving in concord. the state christmas tree arrived yesterday at the state house. the 26-foot blue spruce was harvested from a park in the capitol city. it will be decorated with about 700 lights before next week's official lighting ceremony, held sean: we do have an update to a story we brought you earlier this week. benjamin franklin is getting the help he needs. the founding father's gravestone in philadelphia is cracked and heavily pitted. singer jon bon jovi and his wife just donated $5000 to the restoration effort, pushing the fund past the total needed -- meaning the work will be done in time for the anniversary of his death in april. extra money will help support
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this is good, because when it rains out there, the gravestone could be a little "slippery when wet." erin: very funny. they throw the pennies because he said "a penny saved is a penny earned." coming up, how would you like to climb the steps of the eiffel tower without going to paris? the stairs are being sold. sean: plus, one auto-maker is looking to cash in on the upcoming new star wars movie with a special edition of its
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and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at erin: dozens of people are searching a massive landfill in western new york, hoping to find a sacred jewish artifact. security video shows the item accidentally falling into a trash can at a synagogue. waste management was able to track the trash and pinpoint which of the 28 landfills in new york it ended up in. teams have already searched through tons of trash, and they will return next week. the piles that could contain the item have been set aside until
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officials in iraq say that isis militants have destroyed some of the country's richest and most important archaeological treasures. soldiers recently recaptured a town near mosul, and discovered that nearly every artifact had been destroyed, including buildings that were more than 3,000 years old, that had been bulldozed. sean: the holiday shopping season is underway, and experts are predicting a very busy cyber monday. online research group comscore says americans wli monday after thanksgiving, up sharply from a year ago. overall holiday sales are expected to rise 3.6%. maybe you will be spending money on this. a lot of people will buy so-called ugly christmas sweaters over the coming weeks, and one man in texas has made a business out of it. he opened his seasonal store in dallas yesterday that features nothing but ugly sweaters, providing something tacky for everyone.
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erin: how would you like to have a piece of the eiffel tower in your house? a section of the original staircase is being auctioned off next week. the one-story segment went on display yesterday. it was removed from the tower back in 1983, when it was replaced by an elevator. the staircase is valued at about $43,000. that is one expensive staircase. "star wars: rogue one" comes out next forward to that. and now nissan is looking to cash in on that movie. the automaker's "rogue" model is already its most popular, but it just introduced a special star wars edition. there will only be 5000 of them. they are available in only black or white, and they come with a special emblem designed by lucasfilm. each buyer also gets a replica death trooper helmet -- a new character debuting in the new movie. but, again, i do not think you can wear that helmet as you are
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with extra vision. sean: i don't know. kevin: i guess we will find out in the movie. erin: you need to see this movie. kevin: i think it will be lost on me. sean: i don't know. erin: they have goobers. sean: at movie theaters? kevin: a breeze out of the northwest will pick up and continue to drive things out for the southeastern half of the state. state. you get the northwesterly w western and northern terrain and creates extra clouds, especially in the north country, were clouds may be more stubborn to the afternoon. full sunshine for tomorrow. 50's to lower 60's into saturday. sunday, we go from above normal temperatures to below normal temperatures for a good portion of next week. there is the thickest cloud cover. even in areas that have been with clear skies, the monadnock region, you have patchy fog this morning. next system back to the west,
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sunshine after today. we're starting off mild, in the 40's. highs for most will be in the 50's. not a tremendous amount of wind today, but there will be a noticeable breeze out of the northwest at 5-15 mph through the afternoon. there talking 55-58 for southern areas of the state, and upper 40's to lower 50's up in the north country. clearing skies this evening. with light winds, temperatures will fall back. with light winds, temperatures will fall back. today. from there, temperatures in the 50's to maybe a few lower 60's. this may be the warmest day of the stretch, tomorrow afternoon, with sunshine and a fairly light wind. still well into the 50's on saturday. later saturday, clouds approaching from the east and the west. we are talking increasing clouds for saturday night. some scattered rain showers sunday morning. colder air starts to take hold.
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over to wet snowflakes sunday afternoon. just the beginnings of colder air continuing to russian out of canada. eventually, this sets up with a dip in the jet stream for a good portion of next week, with two other systems, one either side of wednesday, and another the following weekend. we will keep tabs on both of those. or the time being, temperatures in the 40's initially, and a jump into the 50's this afternoon. maybe increase in clouds. the will have rain showers sunday morning, changing over to snow showers in the afternoon. hello to the students at the south school in londonderry, home of the hawks, who i spoke to tuesday. we talked about snow, how the water cycle works, and lightning. they have been doing an extensive weather unit there, and i think the teachers held up the best questions for me, because those easily were some of the best questions i have had
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autographs on tv and wanted to see me where the hat. erin: you look adorable in that, i have to say. kevin: how about backwards? sean: backwards or sideways. kevin: much better. erin: let's check our top stories. here's ray brewer. ray: a donation meant to inspire kindness became the target of vandals and auburn over the weekend. local girl scouts donated a buddy bench to the village school, hoping to encourage kids to be nice and make nri folder drawings and swastikas scratched into the bench. the bench had to be removed. the girls say they were disappointed, but are already making plans to have a new granite bench installed. erin: school buses are still running as normal across new hampshire this morning. a potential strike by first student drivers is on hold until at least next tuesday while negotiations continue. a juvenile accused of shooting two people in nashua yesterday morning is due in court today. both victims were treated for their injuries and released.
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sean: coming up on "daybreak" -- special delivery. domino's is now taking to the skies to make sure your pizza
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erin: getting food delivered by drone is now a reality, thanks to domino's in new zealand. sean: the company just shared this video of two pizzas being delivered yesterday. first commercial deliveries of food by drone in the world, and they hope it will reduce delivery times to just a few minutes. which i imagine it would. the first order included a chicken and cranberry pizza -- sounds delicious -- and a spicy chicken pizza as well. if you get the meat lovers, the drone cannot get off the ground. so don't do that. erin: i think the ground delivery is the reason they put
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whole story. they drawn, you don't care. the cranberries? erin: a charity in ohio is celebrating a very special donation this morning, while trying to figure out how to use it. sean: alex sheen runs a group that encourages people to improve themselves and the world around them. after a recent speech, he says a woman handed him a 5.5 carat diamond worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars. sheen says proceeds from the sale will help his group create new programs for schools. but quite t moment? i have a gift. erin: what a generous donation. they are going to put it to good use, i am sure. coming up in the next half hour, santa needs your help this christmas. the number of kids that still need sponsors through operation santa claus. sean: plus, the serious health concerns now facing millions of people as wildfires burn across
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." sean: thursday, november 17, one week from thanksgiving, and it is not going to feel like late fall today in the next couple erin: of days. it is going e days. erin: there is going to be a little bit of snow. he keeps calling it conversational snow. everyone is going to be conversating about the snow. let's get right to our top stories. a potential strike by first student bus drivers has been delayed as the company and union continue negotiate a contract deal. we're told the buses will operate as normal at least through tuesday. a heartbreaking situation for a local girl scout troop. a bench they donated to the auburn village school has been vandalized.
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white mountain national forest is now contained. sean: we are looking at the big lake behind us. in the summertime, this would be filled with boats. not right now. kevin: a serene scene for the morning commute. clear skies from the lakes region, but there are patchy clouds as well as patchy fog in places. thicker cloud cover out west and up north this morning. a lot continuing to dry up as the day moves along, transitioning back to fair skies. a large chunk of the state in the low and mid 40's. 50's for most of the day. it could approach 60 in some areas tomorrow, providing the sense of security that is mid-november. sean: you mean winter is knocking on the door? kevin: eventually. sean: here is a live look at i-93 from our common man camera. kevin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning.
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through the state. north of exit to on the southbound side, we have some overnight road work at exit 46. traffic is still gridlocked from exit to all the way down to that. we just got word that all lanes are reopened. give yourself a couple minutes. in manchester, the exit four ramps will close for final paving work. we're being told today should be the last day for those closures. you by bernie and phil's home of fine furniture. from the wzid traffic network i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. ,erin: thank you. first student buses will be operating on their normal schedules today, despite a contract dispute that could lead to a strike. sean: union drivers at first student's belmont location authorized a strike earlier this week. they had anticipated walking off the job this morning, forcing some districts to prepare to cancel classes. but we're told buses will run as normal at least through tuesday as both sides try to work out a
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>> we understand that this is really a community issue. parents have a great deal of reliance on the schools to provide transportation with those school buses running in the morning and in the afternoon. families that have both parents that work, or families that have one parent in a household, this really does pose a lot of issues. sean: first-student says drivers outside of belmont are working under a current contract and are prohibited from striking. but fellow drivers have indicated that if belmont goes on strike, they may not operate their buses. that could affect as many as 33 districts across the state. erin: now to a disheartening story out of auburn. a bench that was meant to spread kindness at the auburn village school has been vandalized. sean: that is right. a girl scout troop bought the buddy bench so that kids could sit and meet new friends. but just days after it was installed, it was covered with
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auburn now. and, ray, there is an effort underway to fix that bench, right? ray: that is correct, sean. the bench was the result of a yearlong project for that girl scout troop but their leader says that while the girls are disappointed, they are already thinking of ways to make it right. the buddy bench at the auburn village school was supposed to be a place where kids could come together in kindness. alex kids who have left out -- who feel left out and do not have anyone to play with. ray: but just days after a group of sixth grade girls scouts had the bench installed in the playground someone vandalized it. ashleigh: and had only been there for a little bit, and it was really sad for us. nicole: it was put there for good. not so people could vandalize it. rebecca: i felt awful. my heart was broken. i took it personally. you know, because who would do this to girls? these sweet girls that did something so selfless.
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granite one in its place, and a security camera to watch over it. nicole: i feel like we all just kind of came together and made a plan to get it fixed and get the vandalizing to stop. ray: a "go fund me" page has been set up to raise money for a second bench, and so far more -- nearly $1300 dollars has been donated. the girls are hoping to get the new bench installed as soon as erin: the parents of one of the pedestrians hit by an alleged drunk driver in nashua are now speaking out. jeff croan says his daughter ashley and her boyfriend were struck while walking near railroad square in nashua early tuesday morning. ashley suffered a hand fracture and a torn acl in her knee. her boyfriend had to be airlifted to a boston hospital, where he is still in critical condition. jeff it's scary. : very scary as a parent. you know, you don't know what's going on. you don't know if she's gonna be
6:36 am
her boyfriend. she could have been right beside him. she was two steps away from getting hit head-on with the truck. we saw him being lifted out. and he was unconscious, very comatose. scary. >> i am happy she's alive and i'm optimistic that he'll be ok eventually, too. they love eachother and there was no need of this happening. couple, 26-year-old philip kannaly of massachusetts, is now charged with aggravated dwi. he's due in court next week. sean: new on "daybreak" -- two men are facing charges after police say they got into a fight over marijuana. officers say 22-year-old justin choice of boston and 20-year-old garrett clay of derry were arrested at the mall of new hampshire on monday. choice allegedly sold pot to clay the day before, and never received payment. during a confrontation, choice claims clay pointed a gun at
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was armed with a handgun, but said he never threatened choice. also new this morning, an investigation into drug sales in the upper valley led to the arrests of 11 suspected dealers. lebanon police say all of the suspects are accused of selling heroin. erin: a nashua woman is accused of robbing someone at knife-point. police say 55-year-old kathleen caron robbed a person at a home on temple street on tuesday night. officers say caron and the victim do know each other. at last check, caron was being a manchester man has been sentenced to five years behind bars for robbing a bank. 44-year-old andrew michael dufresne held up the people's united bank on elm street back in 2014. he handed the teller a note, before reaching into the drawer and grabbing several bundles of cash. a couple days later, dufresne was arrested in methuen, massachusetts after crashing a stolen car. sean: a fire that destroyed hundreds of acres in the white mountain national forest is now
6:38 am
tuesday's rain helped firefighters get the upper hand on "the covered bridge fire." the cause of the fire is under investigation. but officials say it was likely caused by a human. crews will continue to monitor hotspots over the next several days. the forest service is asking people to stay away from the area until the fire is completely out. erin: people in laconia are getting a chance tonight to give their input on the upcoming 94th annual motorcycle week. the event will be held next june. a public forum is taking pla mill on beacon street. people who attend can ask questions, give suggestions, and learn more about the plans for the 2017 rally. sean: seacoast orthotics and prosthetics is taking part in a drive to collect used prosthetic limbs for people in need. the drive is being held on behalf of the "limbs for life" foundation, a non-profit organization that distributes used limbs to third world countries. anyone who has outgrown their prosthetics or has artificial
6:39 am
through november 30. there are several drop-off locations in new hampshire, including seacoast orthotics and prosthetics on griffin road in portsmouth. so if you can help out, please do. erin: it is an important effort. coming up on "daybreak" -- a dire situation to our south as dozens of uncontrolled wildfires continue to burn. >> its very, very frightening. and the thought of losing everything you own is never a fun thing. erin: we'll tell you about some of the health problems these fi kevin: a little bit milder over the next couple of days. eventually, a strong front sunday means big changes in the weather going forward. sean: and taking nail art to a , whole new level. find out where some people are now using real scorpions to
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kevin: a lot of extra clouds up north, with temperatures in the low and mid 40's. not edging out much. we are talking near 50 in the north country. for the rest of us, partial sunshine.
6:43 am
the details on a changeable weekend forecast coming up. sean: they could use some rain down south. take a look at this. this morning, firefighters are battling major blazes in six states across the southeast. georgia, alabama, kentucky, tennessee, and north and south carolina are all affected. and the air in the region is becoming hazardously thick with smoke. cnn's reid binion has the latest. reid: wildfires fueled by unusually dry conditions are causing health concerns for communities in the southeast. scorching more than 80,000 acres in six states, and filling skies across the region with a smokey haze. the blanket of smoke so widespread that it's visible from space, captured in satellite images from nasa. the health impact of poor air quality has been particularly severe in tennessee, where it's landed more than 200 people in the hospital with breathing difficulties. fire officials are carefully planning their battle against the flames, taking the abnormally dry conditions into consideration. >> what we don't want is to put
6:44 am
yards of fuel ready for re-ignition. reid: efforts to extinguish the fires hampered by a continuing drought and the constant threat of high winds. >> what we're going to be looking for is to have, again, the process in play to have the line constructed to continue the burnout operations, and get it done before the wind hits. reid: some residents close to the fires are refusing to evacuate. >> this is our home, you know. we just -- this is our home. we just didn't want to leave. reid: reid binion reporting, wmur news 9. erin: police in princeton, massachusetts are on the lookout for an suv they believe is connected to the murder of vanessa marcotte. she was killed back in august after going out for a jog. police say a dark-colored suv was parked along the road where marcotte's body was found. witnesses saw it right around the time the 27-year-old left her family's home. so far, police say they've received more than a thousand tips.
6:45 am
for highway safety is out with its latest ratings on booster seats. the institute says the companies that make the seats are getting better at designing them to protect kids. it says 48 of the 53 new booster seats it tested got the institute's highest rating. two models of booster seats, made by dorel juvenile, were not recommended. turning now to sports, a big honor for red sox pitcher rick porcello. he is this year's cy young award porcello beat out justin verlander of the tigers and cory kluber of the indians for the honor. he is the fourth red sox player to win since they started giving the award out in 1956. jim lonborg, roger clemens, and pedro martinez are also cy young winners. erin: the injury-riddled celtics took on the dallas mavericks at td garden last night. power forward al horford missed his eighth straight game as he recovers from a concussion. in the first quarter, isaiah thomas made a tough layup and was fouled.
6:46 am
-- 20 of them in the fourth quarter alone. the celtics went on to win this one 90-83. they host the golden state warriors tomorrow night. sean: it was a tough week for the unh hockey team. they lost against boston college and arizona state, and tied merrimack college. right now, unh is in third place in hockey east, just one point behind second-place u-mass lowell. the wildcats have one game this weekend. they host u-mass tomorrow night. erin: putting a new spin on nail art. look at this -- it uses real scorpions as decorations. the salon owner says the scorpions still contain all their venom, but since they are dead and encased in acrylic nail polish, there's no chance of a customer getting poisoned. that is what they say. but real scorpion carcasses on your nails? i don't know about that. kevin: there is no chance until there is.
6:47 am
hands in mexico has dropped dramatically, for some reason. it is kind of scary stuff. you are sure? aaron promised us we cannot get stung. kevin: risk taker? erin: i will go to mexico for a trip, but i do not know if i will come back. sean: she will head to the mayan riviera. kevin: fair enough. erin: might change my mind when i am there. kevin: quite a few clouds on the webcams. but there are clear skies in other areas. situation early this morning. the lion's share of thicker cloud cover up north early on, and through the day today we will continue to see that linger there. and western areas, where you have thicker cloud cover or patchy fog this morning, it should give way to sunshine. south and eastern areas from the lakes region, even if you have a few clouds, you are likely going to go partial sunshine into the afternoon. this is the next system, and as
6:48 am
a system to shake up the general pattern, move the jet stream around and change things overall. it looks like this one may have a chance of doing that. temperatures in the 40's across a good part of the state, thanks to lingering clouds. the exception, the monadnock region, or temperatures drop into the low to mid 30's. patchy form. lingering clouds up in that direction. we go through the day, and the clouds continue to decrease. in western and southeastern may hold in the 50's this afternoon. fair skies into this evening. we should see temperatures drop back and the 30's as opposed to the lower 40's as we start today. tomorrow, we are talking 55-60 for most areas of the state, with a lot of sunshine and a lighter breeze out of the west or northwest. it does look like we will enjoy sunshine on saturday. that is the pick of the weekend days.
6:49 am
chances starting saturday evening and into sunday. it looks warm enough that most will form -- will fall in the form of rain shower activity, but later sunday and sunday evening, the colder air arrives in canada. the jet stream will start taking a dip early next week. this may be continually reinforced by several systems. one trying to come through wednesday or thursday next week. another one the following weekend, reinforcing the colder air. temperatures even knew 60 in southern spots tomorrow. rain showers sunday morning. mixed showers and western section sunday afternoon. colder thereafter, with temperatures in the low and mid 40's, with a good wind along with it. hello to the third graders at the broken ground school in concord, who i spoke to yesterday morning. they have been doing a weather unit. he talked about different types of clouds, tornadoes, rainbows.
6:50 am
to when the macy's snow falling. a are home to the eagles, so what did they give me? they gave me an eagle. you were saying the name eddie? erin: eddie the eagle. kevin: this is not only the eagle. erin: a puppet, ok. kevin: how about that. sean: the productivity in the weather department just dropped dramatically. erin: i know. that is amazing. that is going to go on school buses, i am visits, i am sure. in the spirit of giving, the annual toy drive "operation santa claus" is asking for help. right now, it still has 248 kids without sponsors. they range from infants to teenagers, and organizers say most are from families because of the drug abuse going on. >> there's a great need every year. we annually help out about 3000 children throughout the state of new hampshire. a lot of these children come from broken homes or in foster care.
6:51 am
children of need. so there's always need. erin: organizers say older children are often the hardest to find help for. sean: well, a police department in texas is welcoming a new member to its force. this is officer shepherd, the robotic dog. he is controlled remotely and voiced by a nearby officer in real-time. officer shepherd is part of the community outreach program. >> he is awesome. because he can talk. he can drive. >> i have never seen this, and i have been in education for 16 years. the robotic is just a hit with the children. sean: i would imagine it would be. the robotic canine cost more than $12,000. private donations cover the expense. this is a little different than what robocop looked like, i think. erin: is he a member of paul patrol?
6:52 am
local girl scout troop to replace a school bench targeted by vandals. time for our you local hotshot photo of the morning. looks like someone has been rocking out in the sky.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
erin: it is now 6:55. updating our top stories -- sean: a potential strike by first student bus drivers has been delayed as the company and union continue to negotiate a contract deal. the drivers had anticipated walking off the job this will run as normal at least through tuesday. erin: a bench that was meant to spread kindness at the auburn village school has been vandalized. a girl scout troop bought the buddy bench. but just days after it was installed, it was covered with vulgar drawings and swastikas. now a "go fund me" page has been set up to raise money for a new bench. sean: a juvenile accused of shooting two people in nashua yesterday morning is due in court today. both victims were treated for their injuries and released.
6:56 am
erin: a major brush fire that burned hundreds of acres in the white mountain national forest is now contained. the forest service says crews will continue to monitor the covered bridge fire for hotspots over the next several days. kevin: looking at a lot of clouds in western and northern areas of the state earlier this morning, developing partial sunshine for south and eastern areas. temperatures for the next three days up into the 50's. quickly as sunday morning will eventually lead to colder air down the line. as you will notice here, this was the other of the -- erin: look at this. kevin: the third graders wanted to see their hands on television. i am sorry, emma and katie. they fell off. but there are so many. sean: did you do the old, if you have any questions, raise your hand? erin: you got a lot of hands raised. kevin, thank you. coming up next on "good morning america," they will tell you all
6:57 am
election. she spoke at an event for the children's defense fund in washington, d.c. last night. this was something that she had put on her calendar before the election was held. sean: you are going to hear from her. and we will be back in about 25
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning, america. hillary clinton breaks her silence. speaking for the first time since her loss to donald trump. >> this isn't the easiest thing for me. >> as donald trump fights back against a transition in sur mile. here live with the inside story. breaking overnight, a deadly gas explosion. a blast going off in the middle of a town square. destroying buildings, shattering glass, killing at least one person. 11 rushed to the hospital. >> just a big boom. >> now, investigators are on the scene. >> abc news exclusive, former fox news star and miss america, gretchen carlson speaking out about sexual harassment.


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