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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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next tuesday. and that's when they meet again to go over contract talks. the superintendent for timberlane and hampstead regional school districts says if the drivers were to strike, they would struggle to find emergency resources to get kids to school. they're also arguing that if the bus drivers do go on strike they'd be breaking their contract, which does state they won't strike. currently only first student union bus drivers at the belmont location are authorized to strike. but first student drivers in other districts have solidarity. the teamsters union and first student bus company are currently in talks in washington d.c. >> we believe we have a great bus company that provides a really excellent service. but to withhold services from families is just unacceptable. >> i have never seen a strike that would take, that would not take into consideration the safety of the children.
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reporter: the judge is expected to make a rule tomorrow. meantime the attorney for the teamsters union told us they don't anticipate any strike before monday, november 28. live in brentwood, cherise cle learning, wmur news 9. josh: a medical emergency at nashua high south led to the discovery of a loaded gun in a backpack. the student appeared to be having a seizure. school searched his backpack to see if he in ingested something, that's when they found the loaded handgun, which was turned over to police. tonight the city manchester is hoping to follow -- jennifer: the plan, to open up fire stations 24-7 to help those get treatment. reporter: this program was
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city's six fire stations saying that anyone can come here to take the first step in their recovery. after several months of hard work, the city of nashua has launched their version of the safe station program. >> we just want to make suree have all the pieces in place and we had a good sold i program. reporter: it's modeled after manchester, which launched earlier this year. they have helped 700 people since may, and nashua hopes to have the same months that we've averaged about seven deaths each month. we're averaging about 30 times a month where we're going out and having to administer narcan. reporter: the mayor of nashua helped bring the program to the gate city. six fire stations to be evaluated --
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offer counseling, coaching and medical treatment. >> they have a number of grants which are going to help assist with this in terms of providing medical detox, also longer term treatment. reporter: both harbor homes and keystone hall say the key here is that no one will be turned away. >> keystone hall is really at the forefront of the whole addiction crisis on a statewide basis and as an array of services to d from the community to assist in any way they can to make sure the success of this program. reporter: the fire department tells us they've done a trial run of this program and are already seeing results. live in nashua, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jennifer: a report from the surgeon general is shedding light on the toll drugs and alcohol are taking a cross the u.s. the report says nearly
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aaddictions, while only 10% are getting the treatment they ?nee. one american dies every 19 minutes from an opioid or heroin overdose. the surge ungeneral says the goal of the report is to encourage better diagnosis and treatment, which has become a key focus in new hampshire. >> when we first started the program, we had no idea how many patients we were going to get, we were thinking maybe 100 by the end of the year, and now we're at 700. and that tells me tha e all the services out there, that there's still an incredible need for people to get help. jennifer: safe stations provide a one-stop shop to get treatment. josh: police arrested a woman on two outstanding warrants for sell narcotics. officers say they found more than five grams of crack cocaine in the apartment and more than
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8-month-old. the baby and her three other children were placed in the care of dcyf. jennifer: now to new hampshire's drought. despite the rain the the last week, there is no change in the water shortages that parts of the state are still facing. for a closer look at what's ahead in the forecast, let's send it over to mike haddad. mike: extreme southern new hampshire still in the extreme drought. the update came in this morning and here you have it, severe drought conditions over a good portion of new hampshire including the lak through concord, manchester towards the coast. you get from seabrook to derry, points south and west, that's where the rainfall deficit is greater than 30 to 35%. but concord, take a look at this, 28.40 inches of rain so far since the first of the year, 35.70 is the average, that puts us about 20% below the average rainfall, and none in our near future. but there is a system back to
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snow. what about the big pattern change that develops by the end of the weekend, that's ahead. jennifer: from the climate prediction center, even if we do have a snowy winter, our current drought conditions will persist until at least march. jennifer crompton will explain. reporter: it means that our current situation is effectively frozen in time. because the latest map from the national association predicts that current conditions will persist through at least the end of february. the state climatologist says once the ground freezes, any precipitation, whether it's rain, ice or snow, stays on the surface. that means no replenishing the deeper ground water supply that's already in distress. so conservation is key. >> for areas where ground water levels are already low, people are going to have to conserve
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drawing from wells or municipalities drawing from streams. reporter: she says conserving will help keep the situation status quo and get us through the winter, but the hope is for a good lasting snow pack that melts evenly over time so things that improve in the spring. josh: commitment 2016. after a dozen years of democratic leadership in the state's corner office, a republican will in january. governor elect sununu will also work with the house and senate that's held by a g.o.p. majority and he dropped by our studio today for a taping of "close coming up." at the age of 42, sununu will be the youngest governor in the country, ask he's fired up. >> i have so much energy and there's so much excitement around the team that we're building. josh: opportunities and challenges, that's why the governor elect says winning the
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>> it's not going to turn around on day one, unfortunately, but there are clear issues and programs that we have to address immediately him josh: the plan included enhanced education, greater access to treatment, job skills training for recovering addicts. all within the framework of a new state budget that he'll present next year that he says will be balanced but simple. or at least as simple as a multibillion dollar two-year spending plan can be. >> it's all about qua can do is provide services and get out of the way. josh: he's also aware that massachusetts and maine voted to legalize marijuana. sununu says the state is simply not ready. >> let's look at what happens in massachusetts or colorado or maine, these states that have taken those steps. let's see what the impacts of those programs are so we can make the best decision down the
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differences on how best to deal with the issues, but sununu may also have found common ground. >> i think everyone can rejoice in that the campaign is over. josh: you can see the full interview with governor elect on "close up" this week. on sunday at 10:00 a.m. up next, why the state's christmas tree that went up in front of the state house is the focus of a vandalism warm, smiles all around tomorrow as manchester firefighters delivered new coats to students in need. mike: after a fantastic friday, changes move in, what that pattern change means for temperatures through thanksgiving. >> will it be mookie betts?
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josh: as we first told you last night, the state christmas tree is now in place outside the state house. and tonight it's the center of a vandalism investigation after someone broke dozens of the colored light bulbs off the tree and left them scattered on the sidewalk. the official lighting ceremony will go on though. the 26-foot spruce will be held a day after thanksgiving. hundreds of localhi to manchester fire's operation warm. jennifer: today the boxes of coats were delivered to local schools, and that's where firefighters helped children find the right size and a color they liked. they say this wouldn't be possible without donations from the community and local businesses. >> we always like helping out the local community. all the funds that we raise go directly to purchasing these coats. the coats that we buy are
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children in knee here in manchester. jennifer: a last minute surprise donation to help the firefighters buy an extra 100 coats, but then another business stepped for and purchased 75 more. that is great. josh: awe such. but you don't need a coat tomorrow. mike: no. maybe early in the day. but later in the day it will
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mike: we start you off with a wintery scene atop mount washington earlier today. locked in with the clouds, certainly looked the part of winter and still does actually with the clouds parting. the breeze not all that bad, and temperatures running a little bit above the norm. but still in the down in the valleys today made a run into the 50's. 57 the official high in concord. well above the average. nowhere close to the record. but we'll be somewhere in between that 57 and that record tomorrow, as it does turn even warmer with plenty of sun for your friday. right now it's on the pleasantly cool side, 40's in many spots, 32 at the summit of mount washington, that's still mild for over 6,000 feet up this time of year. even at the coastline, mid to upper 40's. that will be one of the cooler
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right now 40's. by later tonight it's upper 20's north, 30's for many. some in the monadnock region, upper 20's to around 30. but really not all that bad considering this time of year we could be much, much colder. the report low for the date is one below zero. it's not that cold. but certainly wintery back to the west. 50's, 60's, 70's, even 80's, turned into 20's and 30's in a good portion of the rockies and foreign plains states. that cold air will be marsh east water over the next few days, so that by sunday it's moving right over new hampshire. at least for now it's on the mild side, and it will remain that way into the first half of the weekend, with tempertures well above average. but the cold air just on our doorstep. then the jet stream digs right in our direction for sunday into monday, that means any rain that falls monday morning could actually end as a little bit of snow, especially in the mountains to the north and even
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right now fair skies. moving ahead to the start of the weekend, clearly the pick of the two weekend days by far, sunshine statewide from sunup to sundown, and then a few clouds will roll in saturday night. on sunday rain showers early and the rain-snow line, chases it by late morning into the afternoon. tough to call whether enough cold a indication that western and northern locales could see a little bit of an accumulation by the time we get to midday or early afternoon on sunday. while it dries out elsewhere. then cold with more snow showers, especially up north on monday. tomorrow anything but wintery, it's mid to upper 50's north, upper 50's and lower 60's south. take a look at the start of the weekend, we jump again, well above average. it will be a little cooler tomorrow at the coast. but then even a little cooler still on saturday due to a
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not all that strong. but stronger than tomorrow. inland upper 50's to very low 60's. now we get to the weekend itself. notice on sunday here come the the clouds and the rain changing to snow showers before it's over, snow showers continue on and off on monday. it will be windy and chilly, morning flakes in the mountains on tuesday. other than that it latest be dry, windy and chilly again. good news for wednesday, could be a system with rain or snow around chicago through minneapolis, but the rest of the major hubs should be good. >> on the other side of this commercial break we'll tell you who wins the american league mvp award, it could be mookie betts.
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jamie: the american league mvp is not mookie betts. he finishes second to mike trout of the angels. bets was one of the all-time great red sox seasons, he was amazing, hi .318, let the majors with 359 total bases. but trout had an ebbs lend year, too, so he wins his send award in three years and bets comes in second. the bruins needed a bit of a break, and they got one this
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tonight, bruins at the minnesota wild at 8:00. next up for the new england patriots, a game at the san francisco 49ers. the niners coached by chip kelly and after winning their season opener they have lost eight straight games. pats have a one-game losing streak, which is more than enough for them. >> i'm sure any player, when you come off a loss you just got a bad taste in your mouth, you want to get back out there, you want to play well. usually when you lose it's because you haven't played well. couple hours of sleep, so we wake wherever we are on the west coast and we got an extra hour or two of sleep, so i've always found it fun going west. >> this week's home town hero is number one in new england. jason king explains. reporter: for the first time since 2006, new hampshire has a new england girls cross country champion, jackie gon of exeter high school left the competition in the dust, completing the
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of 17 minutes, 34.1 seconds. 20 second faster than the second place finisher. >> it was really exciting, i just wanted to go in and compete that day. there a lot of good girls i would be competing against, so it was good to come away with a win for exeter and for new hampshire. reporter: the top three finishes were all from new hampshire, but jackie brought home the first ever new england title for exeter high school. the 17-year-old junior also won the new hampshire meet of champion b 3200 champ in spring track. >> yeah, i think i've always liked running, it's just something i've enjoyed, and once i started putting more time into it and putting in the miles and the hard work, i think i started to get better. reporter: her sights are now set on the northeast regionals in two weeks in new york. >> i really don't have any expectations, i just want to keep doing what i'm doing and just go in and race these girls
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reporter: after she can finish in the top 10 she will qualify for the national cross country championships in san diego. beyond that she has a lot of high school running ahead of her, but does plan to run in college wsm a g.p.a. just under 4.0, she should have plenty of options. >> good luck. dartmouth playing now in the ncaa tournament, it's 0-0 in the second half. jennifer: right now on our personal hygiene, but did you know you might be doing it wrong josh? josh: no. jennifer: so we have the eight ways that you're probably showering incorrectly and didn't even know it. how about that. josh: i'm stunned by the daily part. tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" follow "world news."
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tonight, breaking news. will it be a team of rivals? president-elect donald trump, now set to meet with mitt romney after both traded bitter words during the campaign. is romney now being considered for secretary of state? we're at trump tower. also breaking, the deadly snowstorm, bracing for the blizzard. nine states alert. and this system moving east. in some places, 80 degrees one day, 20 the next. the two explosions. the deadly gas blast in a town center. investigators on the scene tonight, after another explosion, this home incinerated. and tonight, authorities with a $30 fix. the confrontation on camera. the police officer trying to arrest a woman, then seen punching her in the face. tonight, police defending their officer. and america strong.


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