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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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erin: -- sean: preparing for a strike. how school districts across the state are getting ready in case bus drivers walked off the job. erin: a dream vacation turns tragic. how a nashua man died in jamaica and how the community is rallying behind the family. kevin: mountains and milder temperatures this afternoon. but a big change occurs over the weekend. sean: and a loaded gun found on a school campus. the incident that led officials to the weapon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." erin: good morning, and thanks for starting your day with us. i'm erin fehlau.
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i'm sean mcdonald. a couple of nice days, and changes on the horizon eventually. kevin: a cold front on sunday. a good deal of sunshine. one of those days, if you are heading home and it feels really warm and you feel like you missed out because it is already dark -- you will get another one tomorrow, but tomorrow is the day. back to the west, it is cold enough for snow behind that front. temperatures right now in the 50's to lower 60's for highs. you notice are in the 30's for most early this morning. we will have much more on your forecast in just a bit. but let's look at your friday morning right here in the granite state. we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: right now, as you are heading out, interstate 93 is moving very well through the state. we're not seeing problems from north of the notches through the state line. it looks pretty decent on interstate 89 from concord to lebanon. again today, the exit four grabs
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construction. massachusetts a bit busy 93 south and over and at 495 in woburn. this report is being brought to you by auto fair. i am deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. a rockingham county judge is expected to make a ruling this morning in the case of sau 55 filing and injunction to stop a possible school bus driver strike. sean: if it happe, statewide. wmur's ray brewer is live in brentwood with the latest. good morning, ray. ray: good morning, sean. the injunction has been filed on behalf of timberlane regional high school and the town of sandown, which is part of sau 55. the concern is that if school bus drivers in belmont walk off the job, that could have a ripple effect, causing other drivers to take to the picket lines in support. the issue -- the ongoing contract talks between first
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are authorized to strike, and drivers in any other district would be breaking their contract if they joined in the strike as well. >> we believe we have a great bus company that provides a really excellent service. but to withhold services from the families is just -- it is unacceptable. >> the fact of the matter is, the parties are still talking. there is a hope and desire that they come to terms and this strike issue just goes away. ray: teamsters union says districts -- that any disruption in service would not come until monday november 28 at the earliest, if at all. reporting live in brentwood, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: new from overnight -- tilton-northfield fire crews responded to a first alarm garage fire around 1:30 this morning. it happened on forrest road in northfield. when crews arrived on scene, they saw flames coming from a garage attached to the house. investigators say the residents
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it took about a half hour and crews from three departments to get the flames under control. no one was injured. erin: the new hampshire supreme court is upholding the sentence of a prison inmate convicted of second-degree murder. prosecutors say thomas milton was part of a white supremacist prison gang when he beat another inmate to death in 2010. in his appeal, milton argued that an expert witness testified about incidents other gang members were involved in. being unfairly portrayed during his trial. sean: we still don't know what caused a fire at an apartment on amherst street in manchester thursday. when firefighters arrived, they found heavy fire and smoke coming from the front of the building. they say the fire was contained to a first floor bedroom. the entire building was occupied at the time, but everyone made it out safely.
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held the heat and the fire was contained in that one environment -- that one apartment. there was no personal injury at this time and no firefighter injuries. sean: a man and a five-year-old child were brought to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the fire caused about $50,000 in damage. erin: a medical emergency at nashua high south led to the discovery of a loaded gun in a student's backpack. police say the 17-year-old student appeared to be having a seizure, so school officials immediately searched his backpack to see if he ingested something that triggered this medical issue. that's when they found a loaded handgun. the student was taken to the hospital and the gun was turned over to police. the state christmas tree at the statehouse, in front of the state house, is now not the site of holiday cheer, but the site of a vandalism investigation. police say someone broke dozens of the colored lightbulbs off the tree wednesday night or early thursday morning, and left them scattered on the sidewalk.
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the official lighting ceremony the day after thanksgiving. will take place sean: president-elect donald trump continues high-powered meetings today as he prepares to take over the white house. the latest visitors to trump tower in new york include a list of former rivals. abc's janai norman is in washington with the latest on trump's transition team. janai: from foes to friends. president-elect trump is making peace with former rival mitt romney. a republican who romney: think of donald trump's personal qualities, the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics. mr. trump mitt romney's made a : total fool of himself. janai: now an unexpected change. sources tell abc news trump is considering romney for secretary of state. among other candidates, another
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also vocal about her opposition to the then-candidate. haley: during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. janai: as trump's team works to get key players in place, abc news is learning lt. general michael flynn, who's been a contender for national security advisory in the new trump administration, has reportedly emerged as frontrunner for the job. flynn it's going really well and : it's a great transition. full control believe me. janai: trump also working to keep campaign promises about jobs. tweeting about working hard with the chairman of ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky, rather than moving it to mexico. turns out, the company never planned to move the plant to mexico. at the center of trump's transition, his son-in-law jared it's against for the law for trump to appoint a family member for a job at the white house, so kushner is now exploring whether he could serve as an unpaid
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abc news, washington. sean: two citizen activists and the former head of the american civil liberties union were honored at nackey loeb school of communications in manchester. donna green and david pearl who spoke out for open government received the first amendment award last night. pearl passed away in june so marc miville accepted the award on the behalf of his family. and the retired head of the new hampshire aclu, claire ebel, claire: think about the people who are saying things you don't like. it is their first amendment too. and i think it is our responsibility, all of us, to say their first amendment rights are just as important as mine. >> i have learned there are many good people in this state, willing to help. many in this room tonight. thank you all for what you do. and thank you so very much for
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principles and to his convictions, almost to a fault. to do the right thing and what was right, he regularly was known to submit right to know law requests. sean: last night's event was the main fundraiser for the nonprofit school. sometimes the biggest heroes are those who speak out. still to come get moving. , how a local woman is proving age is only a number. and, spirit of giving. the generous donations that will keep granite state kids warm this winter. half hour, hampshire's drought.
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kevin: a live look from the northeast kingdom of vermont. we do have some clouds, but they are trying to break apart. it is going to eventually set up a mild afternoon for everyone across the state. a strong cold front approaches in the second half of the weekend. the forecast coming up. erin: age is just a number to the granite state's newest tai chi instructor. 90-year-old jeannette l'heureux started taking tai chi on a nurse's suggestion. but when her instructor got sick and had to stop teaching, l'heureux decided to become a teacher. and her neighbors at windham terrace couldn't be happier. >> i had taken it from her for three years, and i said, i think i can do that in her honor, because she had helped me so much. and so that's when i began. >> i have to stand with a walker, and with this, i stand without holding on for half an
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erin: it is great exercise. l'heureux says it's never too late to start. she says she was never an athletic person until she found tai chi. sean: never too late, right? in this morning's spirit of giving, hundreds of local children now have a new coat to wear, thanks to manchester fire's operation warm. boxes of coats were loaded up and delivered to local schools thursday. that's where firefighters helped the children find the right size and a color they liked. they say this wouldn't be possible without the generous donations from the community and >> we always like helping out he local community. the -- all the funds that we raise go directly to purchasing these coats. the cuts are made by our american-made, union made coats, so it helps the economy, and it also helps children in need here in manchester. sean: get this -- a last-minute surprise donation helped the firefighters buy an extra 100 coats. and then another business stepped forward and purchased 75.
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the annual "lend a helping can" fundraiser continues today. the greg and the morning buzz team plus other i-heart radio personalities are on the air today from 5:30 this morning to 7:00 at night. and they're encouraging people to donate money or bid on auction items to benefit 11 agencies helping new hampshire's hungry. this is the 26th year of lend a helping can. sean: happening today, the rindge community is coming together to help a local teen. samantha dubois was diagnosed with leukemia. she's at boston children's hospital, on the road to beating tonight, the rindge athletic men's club is holding a family-style spaghetti dinner to benefit sam's fight. it's from 5:00 to 8:00 at the rindge meeting house. suggested donation is $5 a person, or $20 dollars per family. so you get a meal and you help out a great cause. right now, it is 6:14. coming up, an increase in subscribers for the new york times. what the paper says could be behind the jump in readers.
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sean: welcome back. in her sport, this week's hometown hero is the best in new england. jackie gaughan is a junior distance runner for exeter high school. last weekend, she became the first new hampshire girl since 2006 to win the new england cross country championship. she was also the first ever from exeter high school. the 17-year-old junior also won exeter high school. the 17-year-old junior also won and is a two-time division-one champ. erin: the rift between "the new york times" and donald trump may actually be paying off for the news service. paid subscriptions are way up across "the new york times" print and digital platforms in the week since the presidential election. the times added 41,000 subscriptions, the largest increase since 2011. it's good news for the times, which has been faced with declining advertising revenue and staff reductions in recent
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sean: meanwhile, the number of new account openings at wells fargo has plunged. bank officials say they were down 44% in october compared to last year. that's worse than september's drop of 27%. the bank has suffered serious backlash over revelations that 2 million unauthorized accounts were opened in customers' names. the new head of community banking at wells fargo says they recognize they have work to do on the company's reputation. erin: really feel like november today, is it? kevin: it has not. we are 3.5 degrees above normal for the month of november, with two more days above the average. mount washington this morning. a lot of lingering clouds in the north country and out west. those will be withering away this morning. if you missed out on sunshine yesterday, you are likely to get some of that through the afternoon. clear skies elsewhere. a fairly light wind early.
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and northwest. you can see the aerial coverage of those clouds continues to diminish up north. the northwest wind that creates these clouds kind of goes away as well. it does mean we will have a good deal of sunshine up north, with fairweather clouds trying to redevelop with any leftover moisture this afternoon. it sets up a gorgeous day for this time of year. a solid 10 plus degrees above average for this time of year, and it holds for tomorrow before the next system arrives. minnesota right now, reducing 3-6 inches of snow. it is cold enough behind this system to produce no. that means eventually colder air is going to start arriving around here. 30 in concord. 29 in jaffrey and team. still 40 in manchester. 33 in manchester, 41 whitefield, and 40 in plymouth. lebanon at 44. warmer air continuing to make its way in from the west.
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the warmth to the cold comes with a cold front sometimes starting on sunday. i temperatures today 50's to lower 60's. a light wind and sunshine makes for a really nice day. we will have another one tomorrow, with sunshine and temperatures as high as mainly in the 50's. after fair skies tonight and sunshine tomorrow, a gradual increase in clouds tomorrow evening. the clouds will come from both directions as merge. that sets up the chance of rain showers on sunday morning. this will be the front itself it comes through. once it does, cooler air ebbing and behind it. after highs midday low and mid 40's, we will start to see those temperatures slide on a northwest wind on sunday afternoon. cold enough that a few western areas up in elevation and up north sea a few snowflakes when the colder air rushes in. chances of light snow for the terrain continues into monday. brisk winds that will likely keep temperatures in the 30's to
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overnight lows. -- overnight lows drop into the 20's. it is a completely different air mass. you will notice the difference between 61 today and 41 on monday, a 20 degree drop in just three days. and it is not going anywhere soon. the rain showers early sunday, maybe mixed showers sunday night. maybe somewhat snow up north early monday. it finally lightens tuesday night. a lot of people looking b nicest day of the week. thursday, another system coming through. right now, either light rain or light snow passing just to our south. but we have a lot of time to figure that out. sean: we will keep an eye on that, thank you. let's check our top stories. here's ray brewer. ray: a judge is expected to rule today on a request for an injunction from the hampstead school district and the timberlane regional school district, which together
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injunction, fearing that an authorized strike of school bus drivers in belmont could have a ripple effect, causing drivers in their district to pick it as well. erin: the cause of an apartment fire on amherst street in manchester is under investigation. the entire building was occupied at the time of yesterday's fire. the good news is everyone made , it out safely, but two people were treated for smoke inhalation. and school officials at nashua high south found a loaded handgun on campus. the weapon was discovered after the student had an apparent seizure, and officials checked erin: coming up on "daybreak" -- it's a bungee jump unlike anything you've ever seen. the unique record broken with
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this city is it. great food, gorgeous scenery, friendly people. and what's better than doing something awesome in manchester? doing it for free. we hear you. that's why a-a-r-p is hosting fun, free, informative events.
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plus, we're offering resources to help you achieve your goals. and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp."
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kevin: it is a beautiful sunrise
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mid-november. 50's to lower 60's this afternoon. continuing in the 50's with beautiful weather to start the weekend. from there, and approaching system will mean big changes. the details coming up. erin: there are some pretty strange guinness world records out there. but this one might take the cake. sean: cake is a good word for it. a 24-year-old from the u.k. set the record for the highest ever bungee dunk. watch this. the man managed to dunk a biscuit into a cup of tea during a 240-foot bungee jump. look at that thing. he hit it. erin: amazing. sean: for this? the stunt was part of guinness world records day, where roughly 600,000 people around the world tried to break records. that was one of them. erin: do you it the biscuit on the way back up? sean: coming up in the next half hour, with the threat of a possible school bus driver strike looming, some districts are taking steps to ensure their students won't be impacted. erin: and a nashua man is killed on vacation in jamaica. the tragic incident, and how the
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america runs on dunkin'. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." erin: good morning to this friday, november 18. look at that beautiful sky right now. we are in for a beauty of a day. tomorrow is going to be gorgeous. sean: it is a must going to feel like springtime, not late fall. kevin will talk about that in a moment. first, let's get to our top stories. a judge is expected to make a ruling today in the case of two school districts, that are filing an injunction to stop a possible bus driver strike. the family of a nashua man, who and was killed in a tragic accident in jamaica, is now asking for help in bringing him back home to be laid to rest. and the on-going drought is expected to last through the
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lot of snow, the conditions will last until at least march. erin: all right, i think a lot of people are thinking about thanksgiving and what the weather is going to be like next week. kevin: aren't we all? erin: travel day looking good? kevin: travel day looks great. sunshine and the pick of next week. another system probably approaching by thanksgiving. it is going to be a huge change that starts over the weekend. er we get chilly starts because we have longer nights. a couple of beauties out there, and the chance of rain showers sunday morning. it is the leading edge of much colder air. highs in the 40's next week, with gusty winds. erin: the winds will feel even cooler. we want to check the roads this morning. here is a live look at 93 in the windham stretch near the common man. kevin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning, deb.
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we have a new traffic pattern in plaistow that authorities want everyone to watch for on route 123 -- 125 between east road and danville. the exit four rants will be closed on 293 for construction. interstate 89 and 93 are looking decent. no problems on the everett from bedford to nashua. this report being brought to you by auto fair. from the wzid traffic sean: a looming threat over a potential bus driver strike is promoting some schools to take legal action. erin: two districts in sau 55 are taking the fight to court to keep first student bus drivers behind the wheel next week, if the company and union can not reach a contract agreement. ray brewer joins us live now outside the courthouse in brentwood. and ray, i understand that a judge is going to make a ruling on this case today, right?
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, drivers at first student's belmont location are the only ones who have been authorized to strike. but districts outside of belmont are worried that if they walk off their job, that could have a ripple effect, leading other drivers to have -- to man the picket lines. that is why they are taking the legal action. attorneys for sau 55 are trying to prevent a potential bus driver strike from spreading to their district. >> we believe really excellent service. but to withhold services from the families is just -- it is unacceptable. ray: dr. earl metlzer is the superintendent of timberlane and hampstead school districts. he says once he found out that drivers in belmont could cause a chain reaction strike that could potentially impact 33 districts, including his, he turned to the court system. >> i was committed to using
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we contracted for to provide transportation for our families was going to honor that. ray: the district argued in an injunction that any drivers other than those in belmont would be violating their contract if they picketed as they have a no strike clause in their agreement. meanwhile, a lawyer for the teamsters union local 633 says drivers won't strike until at least monday, november 28 at the earliest, and they would give plenty of notice to schools. >> the fact of the matter is, the parties are still talking. there is a hope and desire that they come to terms and this strike issue just goes away. ray: again, the judge expected to issue the ruling today. more contracts talks are scheduled for next reporting tuesday. live in brentwood, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: thank you. the family of a nashua man who was killed this week in jamaica is asking for help in bringing him back to the u.s. 33-year-old christopher leite died after he was struck by a bus. he is survived by his three children.
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in the meantine, chrisopther's family is focusing on who he was, and what they will miss about the hardworking father, brother, son, and friend. >> i cannot even begin to describe how much of an influence and just how wonderful he is as a father and is a provider. >> chris would do anything for anybody. he would take the shirt off his back. he would not let anyone go without, ever. last. he put everybody, everyone, people he did not know before himself. erin: christopher's family created a "go fund me" page to help with travel and funeral expenses. so far, its raised more than $26,000. the family says any money that is left over will go to his three children. sean: new hampshire's drought continues to raise concerns as we head into the winter. climatologists are warning that even if we have a snowy season, the current drought conditions
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experts say once the ground freezes, any precipitation, whether it's rain, ice, or snow, stays on the surface. that means the deeper groundwater supplies won't be replenished. because of that, the state climatologist says people need to continue conserving water. erin: the man who started a deadly fire in claremont more than 10 years ago is now being moved from the state prison to the state hospital. matthew carignan was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2004 arson deaths of lynn and laurie estep. the state says his condition behind bars has improved. and his latest violence-risk assessment showed that he is safe enough to leave the prison's secure psychiatric housing unit. >> this defendant was appropriate for step-down, was a low-risk of re-offending, and that the new hampshire hospital was the appropriate setting to continue his treatment. erin: because carignan was deemed unfit to stand trial, he is re-evaluated every five
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sean: officials say an electrical problem is to blame for sparking a car fire in the merrimack high school parking lot. they say the driver of the 1986 corvette, who is a student at the school, heard a bang under the car yesterday afternoon, before she saw smoke. no one was hurt and no other cars were damaged. but the corvette appears to be a total loss. erin: new on "daybreak" -- portsmouth police are asking for your helping in tracking down a pair of theft suspects. they say these two men stole numerous products from the fifth wheel adult super st route one bypass. the theft happened shortly before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. anyone who recognizes these men is asked to contact the portsmouth police department. also new this morning, claremont police are trying to find the owners of a pair of stolen guns. officers recently recovered the weapons as part of a burglary investigation. police believe the glock handgun and thompson center arms muzzle loader were stolen between late october and early this month.
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history has been sentenced to six years in prison. authorities say ronald mason sent letters to more than 100 people who were defrauded by financial resources management falsely promising to use their money to build a condo complex in concord. over several months, mason stole more than $520,000 from three of the former frm victims. authorities say he also stole more than $130,000 from two other people. erin: new hampshire is joining 41 other states in suing two companies saying they blocked a generic version of a drug to treat opioid addiction. the lawsuit claims the two companies worked together to switch suboxone from a tablet version to a film in an effort to delay generics from entering the market. the attorneys general claim that the move has led to artificially high prices for the drug. the companies say the lawsuit is without merit. sean: tonight in dover, the spirit of giving can mean a fun night out while helping a great
6:39 am
its third annual lip-sync contest at dover high school. the money raised helps strafford county families with everything from heating assistance to child care and food pantries. >> it is five dollars per person, $15 for a group of four. it is a great night out. all the proceeds come back to support local things. we just handed out 200 holiday baskets. when you come and give to all the donations go back to help families in need. sean: a great effort. it looks like a lot of fun. wmur's jennifer crompton will be one of tonight's judges. erin: a special contest is being held tonight to name the first ever mr. concord. the concord contemporary club is holding the pageant at the grappone conference center. eight contestants will be judged on their talent and interview answers. wmur's adam sexton is emceeing the contest. the event benefits the crisis center of central new hampshire
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domestic violence. sean: great effort. his voice is meant for a microphone. coming up on daybreak, a search is underway for a serial bank robber in massachusetts. we'll explain why he's been dubbed the spelling bee bandit. erin: and a grandmother's mistake is gaining national attention. find out what happened after she invited a stranger to thanksgiving, thinking it was her grandchild. kevin: even milder air moving in. before we get to early next
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iholidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays
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kevin: we are starting off with fair skies across the area. 30's to even a few the next couple days. eventually, precipitation moves in on sunday and eventually sets up colder air for the first half of next week. we will have all the details coming up. sean: kevin, thanks. governor-elect chris sununu is preparing to take his seat in the corner office in january. yesterday, he dropped by our studio for a taping of "close up," and it seems clear that he is anxious to get to work. at age 42, sununu will be the youngest governor in the country. he says winning the war on heroin and addiction tops his
6:44 am
sununu says he also knows there will be a strong push for new hampshire to legalize recreational marijuana, but he believes the state is just not ready for that. sununu: let's see what happens in massachusetts and colorado and maine, these states that will have taken those steps. let's see what the impacts are, of those programs so we can make , the best positions for ourselves down the road -- but definitely not for today. sean: you can see the full interview with the governor elect this sunday at 10:00 on "close up." erin: serial bank robber in massachusetts who has been dubbed "the spelling bee bandit." >> this individual has misspelled "robbery" on the demand notes, spelling robbery with only one b. erin: federal officials say this man is believed to be responsible for at least four bank robberies. the most recent hold up was reported in peabody, massachusetts on sunday. the fbi says he has the same routine every time putting on , sunglasses after entering the bank and misspelling the word robbery on his demand notes.
6:45 am
a $1000 reward is now being offered for information leading to his arrest. sean: a new report shows a drop in the number of homeless people in new hampshire. according to the department of housing and urban development, the number of people experiencing homelessness in new hampshire on a single night in 2016 fell by 5.5%. hud says there was a 19% drop in the number of homeless families, and a nearly 11% decline in the number of homeless veterans. erin: military brides are getting a chance today to score free wedding dresses as part of operation wedding gown. veterans, active military members, and first responders can get a free dress between 10:00 and 5:00 at raymour and flanigan furniture in seekonk, massachusetts. the event is part of "brides across america," which has donated more than 17,000 wedding gowns since the program began in 2008. sean: let's talk about sports right now.
6:46 am
looks familiar. bruce boudreau, the first coach in manchester monarchs history. he coached in anaheim last year. there was no scoring in the first or second period. finally, with only 45 seconds left in the game, the wild scored the game winner, taking it 1-0. next up for the b's they host the winnepeg jets tomorrow night. erin: mike trout of the angels is this year's winner of the american league mvp award. mookie betts of the red sox came in second place. trout has been named the mvp twice in three seasons. betts hit .318 and led the majors with 359 total bases but came up just short in the mvp voting. he was bidding to become the 11th red sox player to win an mvp award. sean: so close. thanksgiving is now less than a week away. and a new survey is revealing people's biggest fears during the holiday. according to the manufactured housing institute, the number one thanksgiving fear is that politics will be discussed over
6:47 am
you know that is going to happen anyway. the second biggest fear is being stuck in traffic. that is a problem for some. the third is that their favorite team will lose. well, what is it, for football teams? running out of food is the 4th biggest fear. i have never seen that before. and the fifth largest concern is that the cook will ruin dinner. erin: that is my greatest fear. that is why i leave it to my husband. [laughter] erin: he cooks the turkey. sean: so you are confident. erin: sean: speaking of thanksgiving a , grandmother in arizona is gaining national attention after she accidentally invited a stranger to thanksgiving dinner. erin: wanda dench thought she was sending a text message to her grandsons, but she got the wrong number. 17-year-old jamal hinton was on the other end of that text. he didn't know who the invite was from, so he asked wanda to send him a photo and after seeing it, he told her he was not her grandson. jamal still asked for a plate, and wanda replied quote, of course you can.
6:48 am
>> i think it is crazy, that people can actually connect and be so nice to each other with people they don't even know. erin: really sweet, right? jamal posted the chance encounter online, but unfortunately he forget to exclude wanda's phone number. she says she got about 600 texts from other people asking , for a thanksgiving plate, before she changed her number. sean: she is trying to prepare dinner at her phone is lighting up erin: it is a sweet story, though. kevin: she is going to need a bigger oven. a lot more cranberry sauce. a beautiful look atop mount washington. a chilly start for most of us. there is melting with temperatures above 40 degrees early this morning. you can see the clouds in the lower elevations, where most folks live below 2000 feet. we are expecting a day when we are going to see a lot of sunshine in central and southern
6:49 am
lingering clouds yesterday. up north, we should continue to see clouds wither away and set up a nice afternoon with temperatures in the 50's to lower 60's. these numbers a solid 10 plus degrees above normal for this time of year, and it continues tomorrow. if you are headed home from work , we get one more tomorrow. after that, a front approaches sunday morning. there will be a shift in the weather pattern too much colder temperatures for a good part ofe losing aerial coverage in the north country. even parts of the northeast country over to sunshine. we see sunshine almost all day in central and southern areas. we get a day tomorrow with mainly fair skies. the next system cold enough for snow. we will see six plus inches of snow from the dakotas through minnesota over the next 24 hours. around here, temperatures in the
6:50 am
through the monadnock region. lower 40's in the north country. in some spots, we have had thicker cloud cover overnight. we will continue to see temperatures jump into the 50's at minimum. there will be a couple of lower 60's, with a light wind out of the west to northwest. south of the white mountains, clouds giving way to some sunshine and for northern areas. with clear skies and light winds, we will tonight into the 30's. another seasonably chilly start tomorrow. but temperatures are going to warm up quickly. we are talking 50's was light wind through the afternoon. increasing clouds are the trends saturday night from both directions. we may have a rain shower early sunday. a band of rain showers moving through sunday will be the cold front moving through, cold enough that maybe some of the higher elevations out westborough up north start to change over to wet snow later in the day. the winds pick up on sunday.
6:51 am
it will continue to usher in colder air. you can see the jet stream setting up with a dip over new england. the next system looks to be centered around thanksgiving. it could be rain or snow. it does not look like a major blockbuster storm by any stretch of the imagination, but the chances going to be there for rain or snow on thanks giving. temperatures today well into the 50's to near 60. in concord, the lakes region mid and upper 50's through the afternoon. warmer saturday, cooling off, with a transitional day on sunday, with a chance of showers. could be snowflakes and higher elevations. maybe a small accumulation in places like mount washington. that gusty wind, high of 41. that is the height on monday. windchill is likely in the 20's through the afternoon. erin: possible snow for thanks
6:52 am
rain. it does not look like a blockbuster storm. sean: cold enough, though. erin: in this week's viewers choice, we asked you to tell us which bakeries are the best in new hampshire. sean: tough job for us here. coming in at number five, bread and chocolate in concord. four, black forest bakery in amherst. always popular. three, harvey's bakery in dover. it is an institution out there. erin: maple squares. sean: i know you like those. two, stonehouse baking company in barrington. and the number one bakery in the granite state. granite state. according to our viewers, it i erin: so many great bakeries. we need to check them all out. it is now 6:52. still ahead, a final check on your top stories, including how
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erin: it is now 6:55. updating our top stories -- sean: a looming threat over a potential bus driver strike is prompting some schools to take legal action. here's ray brewer. ray: the timberlane regional high school district and
6:56 am
that school bus drivers in belmont, who have authorized a strike, could walk off the job, and that could set up a ripple effect, causing other drivers to pick it -- picket. they are seeking an injunction. the sketch is scheduled to issue the ruling later today. erin: the family of a nashua man who was killed in a tragic accident in jamaica is now asking for help in bringing him back home. 33-year-old christopher leite died after he was struck by a bus. his family created a "go fund me" page to help with travel and funeral expenses. so far, $26,000. sean: the new hampshire supreme court is upholding the sentence of a prison inmate convicted of murder. thomas milton was sentenced to more than 30 years in prison after prosecutors say he beat another inmate to death in 2010. in his appeal, thomas milton said prosecutors portrayed him in an unfair light during his trial. kevin: a lot of sunshine in central and southern areas of the state. a light wind and temperatures
6:57 am
50's to near 60, and then we fade back into the 40's. showers around on sunday will lead us to colder air next week. erin: coming up next on "good morning america" -- a family in washington found walking along a remote logging road two days after they were reported missing. any people are asking, what
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news, donald trump names michael flynn as national security adviser according to a senior trump transition official. he's also set to meet former rival mitt romney to discuss secretary of state. the transition kicking into high gear as the president-elect holes his first face-to-face with a head of state. blizzard warning. the season. shutting down highways, sparking deadly pileups and delaying flights. creating a travel nightmare. less than a week before thanksgiving. now more cold and snow in the forecast. terrifying road rage. the chilling 911 call. the woman behind the wheel, she said she was attacked by a stranger. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes. >> her incredible escape from


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