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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 22, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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since 2008. shelley: bernie sanders back in the granite state. his new book sharing his decision to run for president. tom: two law enforcement officers honored for their actions. the steps they took to save this man's life. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: it is a very chilly night acrohe seeing some snow showers. a live look in the colebrook area. good evening, everyone. i'm tom griffith. shelley: i am shelley walcott. how much more snow could fall tonight? chief meteorologist mike haddad is here with the forecast. mike: very little, if any in southern new hampshire but in the north is a different story. snowstorms continue to fly.
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terrain. not much happening through a good portion of new hampshire but it is a bit deceiving. the mountains will bring out a little more -- wring out a little more moisture. we have cold statewide. we also have winds that are fairly busy. 15-25 miles per hour. put the two together and you end up with a feels temperature of teens and 20's. it feels like winter out there and it will tomorrow morning with son in southern new hampshire and lingering flurries in the northern part of the state. how many changes, how many snow chances, and will the temperature state chilly? all of that ahead. shelley: the weather could play a role on how things shake out on the roads as people set out this week for their holiday travel. aaa projects more than 43 million americans will to take
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forward to is lower gas prices. wmur's siobhan lopez joins us live in manchester with what drivers can expect. siobhan: here we are just a few days away from thanksgiving. with these lower gas prices, we can expect to see more people on the roads as they head to their turkey day destinations. as gas prices go down, you can expect to see the number of cars on the road go up with new hampshire's the national average of $2.14 a gallon. >> this could be the second cheapest gas for thanksgiving since 2008. siobhan: according to aaa, gas prices are down about six cents from last week just in time for , people to gas up for holiday travel. drivers are urged to plan ahead, if at all possible. aaa says to avoid wednesday and sunday afternoon if at all possible. lower fuel prices is music to the ears of many who travel a lot on a daily basis.
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your car up every couple of days or something like that when you're really traveling, and it can be quite a burden on me. >> it is pretty good. it takes a lot to fill this things up. i am happy about it. siobhan: aaa says lower gas price is just one factor people consider when planning their travel. >> i think people are pretty comfortable about traveling with the economy the way it is. siobhan: once you've filled your tank and hit the road, aaa has a few tips for handling any extra company on the roads. >> pack your patience, buckle up, and do distracted free drivin siobhan: aaa says travel has gone up steadily every year, and they do expect this thanksgiving week to be the second busiest on the roads in the last 10 years. siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. shelley: thank you. a portsmouth woman is being held without bail tonight, accused of selling methadone to a rollinsford teacher who died. bryant lausberg was found
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death did not appear to be a crime. but today police arrested amy matton, charging her with selling methadone to lausberg which they say caused his death. lausberg was a physical education teacher at rollinsford grade school. tom: a manchester woman is in the hospital tonight with severe burns after an apartment fire. manchester fire responded to a six-family building on pine six-family building on pine street tonig the fire is under investigation and it is unknown how many people have been displaced. also in the queen city tonight, first responders took a one-year-old baby to the hospital. fire crews responded to a home on cedar street after a cup of hot coffee was spilled on the child. fire officials tell us that the baby received burns on 18% on its body. shelley: just in tonight, hudson police are looking for the man who robbed a drug store at knifepoint. police say it happened at the rite aid on lowell road just
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cash. the suspect is described as a stocky white male, about six feet and was last seen wearing a dark hooded jacket, dark gloves and a mask. anyone with information should call police. the little shop of pets in portsmouth is asking for the person that stole a three-month-old puppy to return him. the shop says the two-pound chihuahua was stolen sometime yesterday evening or this morning and they snatched, taken. he is microchipped. the pet shop says if the puppy is returned, no questions will be asked. tom: tonight, senator bernie sanders returned to new hampshire to promote his new book. the former presidential candidate spent about three months working on our revolution, a future to believe in. it talks about his journey for the white house and the future of the country. wmur's mike cronin joins us live with more on his message.
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, sanders was considered a longshot candidate. he says new hampshire gave him the opportunity to have a successful campaign, and sanders says his message of a political revolution must go on. senator bernie sanders in concord tonight not to campaign for himself or hillary clinton but for a book tour. ,>> it began here in new hampshire, so thank you very much. mike: sanders says his new book is about the decision to run for president as well as what he calls a need in america to have discussions on serious issues. coverage about emails or trump's attitude toward women, and i'm not saying that those are not important issues, but you know, climate change is kind of important. mike: sanders says president elect donald trump reached millions by telling them he will take on the establishment and the vermont senator assures people he will hold trump accountable. >> what he says is i understand that you are hurting and i'm going to do something about it. whether he will or not remains
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but one thing i will tell you is that we have a list of every campaign promise he made. mike: in front of a sold out crowd at the capitol center for the arts, wmur political director josh mcelveen moderated a conversation with sanders. josh: does the system need to be changed when it comes to the electoral college? >> it needs to be changed, except for new hampshire. the answer is the system needs to be changed. mike: when asked if the book lays the groundwork for a 2020 white house run sanders says the , focus needs to be on keeping people engaged in politics. >> where do we go now? we got large problems in front of us. nobody should think that anybody alone is going to solve all these problems. what are you going to do in the next four years? mike: in recognizing all the
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do everything he can to transform the democrat party. he says the party needs to rethink what it stands for and that the focus needs to be on working families. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: tonight, an epping police officer and an off-duty state police trooper were honored for saving the life of a man who collapsed and stopped breathing at the epping walmart. officer donald ross and trooper christopher prevaneau, along with a good samaritan were , recognized at the epping town hall tonight. wmur's suzanne roantree has the details of the man's rescue. suzanne: that saved the life of an epping walmart shopper on a friday afternoon in the middle of state trooper christopher october. prenaveau was off-duty and shopping that friday afternoon when he saw a crowd of people . another customer over brian nelson who was unconscious. , stacie sarra, who had just completed a cpr course two weeks before, told prevaneau that nelson had no pulse. >> she started cpr. suzanne: as the woman talked to
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for several minutes until epping police officer donald ross arrived with an automated external the fibber later. >> i saw the trooper right over him conducting chest compressions and i saw a lot of walmart employees around. i did not know what to do, so we looked at each other. suzanne: while prenaveau kept doing chest compressions ross pulled out the aed. >> everything kind of synced. suzann attached the aed and provided the two shocks to nelson's heart that brought him back to life . >> we did not have to talk. each person did their job and we were able to get it hooked up and get him stable until he went to the next phase, which was the epping fire and rescue that took over. >> the puzzle has many pieces. if you don't have all the pieces, it is not all put together. >> the good samaritan, i happen
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staff. suzanne: nelson says today he is feeling great and believes there may have been a little help from above to help put together the team that saved his life . >> it seems like maybe my mother, who is up there already, put everybody in their place for that perfect moment. otherwise, god knows i probably would not be here. suzanne: brian says thanksgiving will be spent with his family all saying a special thanks to , the team of angels that saved hi season has many people wondering what is in store for the winter. shelley: a look at the factors that could affect the weather in the coming months and the thing that's been happening this month that could indicate how much snow we'll get. tom: helping others this thanksgiving. mike: the winter chill lingers
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our last two winters are proof that new hampshire can be covered with record-setting snow in so what might we be able to expect this winter? shelley: tonight, stormwatch 9 meteorologist josh judge takes a look at what our recent weather could indicate for the coming months. josh: the winter of 2014 to 2015 will be remembered for back-to-back storms that left record snowfall in parts of the state, like in southeastern new hampshire. then last year, the snow was near record low levels in the temperatures were mild. are there any indicators that can help us predict which
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everyone's mind. while there's never a guarantee when it comes to weather around here, there are a few things we can look at to make a reasonable guesstimation. you know that last winter was an el ni?o year. it has just been declared that now we are officially in a weak la ni?a season, which is defined as the cooling of the ocean surface near the equator in the eastern pacific ocean, the exact opposite of el ni? bend the jet stream over north america, bringing warmer and drier weather the southern united states, colder air to the northern plains, and wetter conditions around the great lakes. but here in the northeast, the jet stream is often nearby, but may be just north or south of us. since minor fluctuations can cause major differences from one winter to another, we usually can't predict which way a lot mean you -- la ni?a winter will trend. since this year has been
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last 10 weak la ni?a seasons and their associated snowfall amounts in concord. can we draw any solid conclusions from them? not really. four of these seasons saw somewhere close to average snowfall three of them well , above normal, and three of them well below normal. since the effects of a weak la mean yeah -- la ni?a may be very slight, they can easily be overshadowed by other factors, including the arctic and north atlantic oscillations. you've probably heard of them as the polar vortex. these phenomena change much more frequently, leading to periods of both mild and very cold temperatures. this fall, they have trapped deep cold in siberia, russia which has helped our fall stay , quite mild, but they will likely drift down our way at times. predicting these occurrences can usually only be done 4-6 weeks
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climate predictions for december, january, and february. for precipitation, they're calling for drier in the south and wetter in the north, but here in new england, they list us as equal chance. for temperatures, they forecast us to be above normal, which could suggest lower snowfall here. but we've discovered another major influencer here in new hampshire. there appears to be a strong connection between an above average temperature in november, and lower than average snowfall. in the last 11 years, notice the times that average temperature four the corresponding snow amounts , are much lower. in fact, in the last 50 years, every single time there was a mild november, the snow that season was below average. every single time. does this guarantee a lower snowfall amount than normal? of course not, but it is very strong evidence that there may be. and so far this month, our temperatures are above average. now every year, some parts of
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these numbers and thoughts are simply to convey the averages, to give you a rough idea of what could be. with that in mind, we here in the storm watch 9 weather center believe that this year's snowfall will likely be average to below average, perhaps somewhere in the 40-60 inch range for concord. but as you know, long term predictions here in new england aren't always accurate, so we'll just have to wait and see. i'm meteorologist josh judge, storm watch 9. tom: easier to open the former's almanac. [laughter] mike: no. it is very interesting, the farmer's almanac, what they do. they have an entire year. they use solar cycles and a bunch of different things. a try to tie in two or three phenomena it wants. it is a tough call. we struggle in a day or two. tom: we love our weather the
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almanac. actually, kevin was out there last week. we love those people. we are joking around. we are on the same boat. hopefully it is a boat in a club. right now it is a frozen one. most of this snow from now until wednesday, especially the mountains, could see a dusting, inch, maybe two. up to four. of the presidential range. the big travel day on wednesday, bright and cool. we get to thanksgiving day. another weak system will approach. it does not look like a big storm. it may make the roads slick midday or in the evening. your way home from dinner could be dicey on the roads.
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half months to get that cold. the busy wind is bringing out more snow showers in the presidential rain. we will see a few more popping up here and there. you see another disturbance south of qu?bec that will slip to the south and a lot of lake effect snow will continue until the wind shuts down. probably until later tomorrow evening or tomorrow night. we are in the cold zone. the winds are still quite active. it feels like 17 in laconia, 24 in manchester. 22 below a top mount washington. there is a lot of cold air sitting to our west. we will be under this influence of chilly temperatures and weather patterns for the next several days, probably through at least the upcoming weekend as well. tomorrow, most of the sun in southern new hampshire.
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by the time the cover bumps through your, it is mostly mixed. a fair amount of sun statewide for the big travel day, all over the northeast. it is additional 2-4 inches in the north woods. for thanksgiving, lots o snow or mixed showers. the best bet for slick roads could be thursday evening into early friday morning. another system will track as we go friday night into saturday. that one may have more moisture and more energy. we will have to wait and see on that one. we have a few more days to watch it. i'm sure you found your coat today. you will need it for the next couple of mornings.
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jamie: how about the celtics in minnesota? that is not the celtics right there.
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>> monday night for all. that is londonderrys ryan griffin, number 84 in white. today he played in mexico city with his houston texans against the oakland raiders. yards. you never know with road games in the nba but it was one the celtics figured to win. they played at a minnesota team that just had four victories through their first 12 games. the celts and the minnesota timberwolves at the target center.
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star and he gets blocked by al horford. later in the first, isaiah thomas to horford. timberwolves looked really good. the zach levine to andrew wiggins. the timberwolves were up by 10 at the half. celtics down big in the fourth quarter, but what a comeback. drives and dunk's. terry rozier has 12 off the bench. the celtics with an incredible 19-0 run. they win 99-93. they are at the nets on wednesday. hockey fans, you have a couple of chances to catch some good games leading up to the holiday. the monarchs play wednesday night against florida and the teams will play again in
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york against cornell. we are telling you about the turkey trots planned for thanksgiving. the second annual dash to the sea in hampton. it is organized by think teachers helping individuals, , neighbors, and kids. they expect 300 runners, hpefully more. this is your chance to see nh and usa skiing sensation mikaela shifrin up close and personal. the audio fis ski world cup comes to killington in lebanon area, will race in giant slalom on saturday. and then her specialty is on slalom on sunday. the national bowl for fcs football. unh is in at 21 and they are ready to host lehigh. richmond will host north carolina a&t. here is coach mac.
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they struggled the first two but have one. they can play. i know the coach. they are a hell of a football program. we have to play well to win. jamie: and when they do take on lehigh, unh will be going against a really good player from new hampshire. number three, troy pelletier is a junior wide receiver from deerfield. he played for coach ryan ray at manchester central high school. this year he leads the mountain , yards, and 11 touchdowns. that is 32 more catches and 6 more touchdowns then the leading unh receivers. it could not be much bigger in a regular-season game. number three michigan and number two ohio state. more than likely, a berth in the playoff is on the line and you can watch it saturday noon right here on channel nine. tom: that will be a big one. shelley: all my in-laws are in town. i know where they will be.
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shelley: now to our spirit of giving. efforts are underway across the state to ensure families in need have a thanksgiving meal. several local organizations donated food to the fairgrounds middle school in nashua which is being packed up and handed out
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that in manchester seniors , living at hallsville court have been collecting thanksgiving meals to give to the less fortunate as well. >> each bag contains a little note that says we are happy to help your family and we only hope that you keep yourselves safe and healthy and pay it forward to someone else in need. >> it makes me feel like i am making a difference because you never know who someone is in need. >> something back to the community. i feel like we are. shelley: the thanks -- tom: the thanksgiving boxes collected in manchester were given to the salvation army in the queen city. everyone doing their part. shelley: the weather is looking good for people that have to travel. mike: it will be chilly but at least we get the sun. as for thanksgiving day, a couple of snow and mix showers
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