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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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travel. millions driving to their thanksgiving festivities. mike: the times you should avoid hitting the roads. mike: today's dry and cool travel day tomorrow. could things turn tricky on things giving day? tom: holiday shopping almost in full swing. how you can protect your identity when buying gifts online. >> everything is gone. shelley: this nashua mother now in need of help just days before thanksgiving. her story after losing everything in a fire. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: starting tonight at 11:00, it is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. one of the busiest travel days is tomorrow and many people want to know how the weather could affect everything. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. travelling on thanksgiving day
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mike: the timing is tricky as well. through 8:00, maybe 9:00 things giving day, it should be dry. clouds up north but elsewhere clouds are beginning to break. still on the gusty side out there. that windchill even lower than the number on the thermometer. to the west, tracking the next system. rain, sleet, and snow. stretching to the greatak towards the granite state sometime thanksgiving morning. if you are traveling anywhere in the northeast tomorrow, it will be fine. roadways nice and dry. that will be the case until daybreak on thursday. at 7:00 a.m., a narrow band of snow likely creeps into the monadnock region and to the lakes region around 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.
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shelley: tonight, drivers are already hitting the roads for the holiday weekend. it is expected to be really busy on the highways. people are being asked to leave early and plan ahead. our mike cronin joins us live from the hooksett rest area on i-93 with what to you expect. mike: millions of americans will drive to their thanksgiving destinations. the weather in new hampshire looks good, at least for tomorrow. college students heading south from schools in snowy vermont. >> here it's not too bad, but up in burlington, it was snowing heavily when i first left. >> it was snowing a little bit and that was not fun, but they seem ok now. mike: the department of transportation isn't expecting thanksgiving weekend traffic to be as busy as the summer holidays but say the most crowded times on the roads will be wednesday evening and throughout the day on sunday.
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traffic, perhaps the biggest in nine years according to some national predictions. mike: officials are watching for changing weather and road conditions and are asking drivers to do the same. >> it looks like rain perhaps late in the day on thursday and into friday, so plan ahead. give yourself plenty of time to get to grandma's house and don't get stressed out by kids in the back seat. mike: to help with the highway trot to your thanksgiving turkey construction projects will be , put on hold until next week. contractors to button up their projects by midday on wednesday and limit any lane closures to as few as possible under the conditions that they are in. there will be no construction activity through the holiday period. mike: state police say deadly crashes statistically increase around the holidays. they ask people to plan ahead, don't drive distracted or impaired, and slow down. drivers like paulette beardmoore know the drill. >> we're gonna be patient. we're gonna leave early.
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if they'll beat last year's record thanksgiving of more than 257,000 cars on new hampshire turnpikes. tom: tonight, friends and family held a vigil for the five children killed in the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. police say the school bus driver is behind bars, charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide. police say johnthony walker was speeding road when he wrapped the bus around a tree. 35 elementary school students were aboard when the accident happened. >> we send our condolences to the parents of those children. my daughter writes a school bus every day so i understand that. we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening again. tom: walker is being held on $107,000 bail and will be in court next week. right now, a dozen children remain hospitalized. new tonight, a sanbornville man is dead after being hit by a car on the spaulding turnpike in rochester. state police say 72-year-old
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off of a pickup truck. that's when troopers say 51-year-old eric grabowski was driving north from the exit 16 on-ramp when he hit long. state police arrested grabowski for driving under the influence. shelley: it starts earlier and earlier every year. black friday and cyber monday deals are out there, but so is the risk for identity theft. credit card information, even gifts on your porch can be stolen by hackers. wmur's siobhan lopez spoke to a local cyber security expert. she joins us live with advice on how to keep your money safe. siobhan: we all see ads online or get them in our email for all of the big black friday or cyber monday deals. the bottom line, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. >> we're going to get flooded this week and next week with emails. siobhan: cyber security expert gary miliefsky warns consumers to be on the lookout for scams while online shopping this holiday season.
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experts suggest downloading apps straight from the store's website to be sure it's the real deal. >> notice it says download the app or get it on google play. this is the safest way to get the app. siobhan: offers and links sent to your email can be dangerous. >> and if the middle of the url is not that company, if it's, that's not walmart. siobhan: once you're on the app or website of your choice at checkout, be sure to always use a credit, not a debit card. and someone uses your credit card, it's not your money being taken. but if it were on your debit card, you're going to be missing thousands of dollars in your bank account and it can take you up to 10 days to get the bank to give you the money back. siobhan: when the time comes to ship your gifts, never schedule anything to be delivered to your house when you're not home to avoid what miliefsky calls porch pirates from stealing your delivery. >> ask a neighbor, see if they'll pick it up for you, time the delivery, track the delivery and the best thing you can do is
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for the holidays shipped to work. siobhan: websites like google, facebook, and twitter have all experienced a security breach. experts say a great way to protect yourself is to change all of your passwords, and never use that same password for online shopping. siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. tom: the chihuahua puppy stolen in portsmouth has been found safe in massachusetts. amesbury police recovered the puppy today. police say a 17-year-old took the dog. police found the puppy after receiving a tip about where it might be. it is unknown if any charges will be filed. shelley: tonight, a woman and her nephew are facing charges in connection to an october burglary. hollis police say 49-year-old janet testa-fox and 35-year-old john testa stole a motorcycle, atv, and two mountain bikes from the home of a man who passed away. family members of the man say they spotted the two on the
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both are charged with theft and conspiracy to commit burglary. tom: a merrimack man is recovering tonight after he was shocked while putting up christmas decorations. it happened this afternoon on glen forest drive. merrimack fire says the man was putting lights on a large tree with a metal pole. and that the pole touched a power line carrying nearly 20,000's volts of electricity. the man suffered burns as a result of an electric shock. the severity of his injuries are unknown. shelley: nashua mother of five, whose family lost everything in a house fire over the weekend her frustration compounded by the fact that the blaze may have been the result of someone else's mistake. just days before thanksgiving, a house fire left this nashua mother of 5 destitute, >> it is a total loss for me and my children. we have nothing now. shelley: fire broke out nicole jones' home on 11th street last saturday afternoon. no one was home at the time, because the housing complex was working on the plumbing. it's believed a maintenance crew may have sparked the blaze.
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the pipe is what set the fire. it burned in the wall four hours before it reached the attic. shelley: now the home that jones shared with her children, who range in age from 2 to 19, is gone and so is nearly everything , they owned. >> everything is gone. everything. kids' clothes renter's insurance and her children are traumatized. one even breaking down at school, after another student pointed out that he had nothing. >> a kid said something to him about him losing his belongings and he took it hard and we had to go get him. shelley: a gofundme page has been set up in the family's name and while she's thankful , everyone is safe this holiday season jones says she's , frustrated that a fire sparked by somebody else has left her
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because i did not start it. like if it had been my fault, i don't know if i could eat and it, like you are just dumb and it is your fault. it is not my fault at all. shelley: jones says she is looking into pursuing legal action. if you would like to make a donation to the family, you can find a link to their gofundme page on our website tom: i wish them the best. tom: i wish them the best. donald trump saying no thank you coming up on newsnight tonight. shelley: the latest on the presidential transition and who president-elect met with today. tom: one new hampshire ski resort making big changes. where you can find these new improvements. mike: temperatures continue on the chilly side at least into thanksgiving day. shelley: now to our u local hotshots.
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pictures and video and join the
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tom: a search is underway for two armed robbers who entered a
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they smashed two display boxes with a claw hammer and removed five watches valued at more than $300,000. they left the store together and headed down madison avenue. now to commitment 2016. as president elect donald trump continues to vet potential cabinet members it appears one , name will not be a part of it. shelley: during an interview with the new york times today trump was asked about the possibility of senator kelly ayotte joining his administration, to which the president-elect thank you. abc's lana zak as the latest on the transition. lana: the president-elect arrived in mar-a-lago for thanksgiving without any formal announcements about who he may be adding to his administration, dr. ben carson, who last week but said he didn't want to be considered for a cabinet position, now appears to be back in consideration, nats after a meeting at trump tower,
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another visitor to trump towers, . rudy guiliani, declined to weigh in on his desire to be a part of the administration. >> i'm not gonna discuss what i'm interested in, nor what the president-elect is thinking or mulling over. lana: but he did weigh in on reports that the president-elect may be backing down from his pledge to call for a criminal investigation into hillary clinton. there is a tradition in american >> politics that after you win an election you put it behind you. i'd also be supportive of continuing the investigation. lana: the president does not have the power to decide who is under criminal investigation one , of the many topics mr. trump discussed with the new york times during his sit-down interview. the president-elect reportedly saying it's not something that feels very strongly about. the times live-tweeted their meeting with the president-elect. among the other topics that were discussed, climate change, which mr. trump says is connected to humans, and the alt-right, which he is said to have disavowed, and his many business dealings. on a related note, in an irs
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a prohibition against using a practice known as self-dealing. it is not yet clear how the irs will respond to that disclosure. shelley: former u.s. senator scott brown and former presidential nominee mitt romney are still real possibilities for the trump administration. brown is being considered to be secretary of the v.a. he told the president-elect that his experience as a fox news contributor, time in the senate, and 35 years in the army makes him the perfect choice to run the v.a. >> it went very well. it was an open and frank discussion not only about veterans but a whole host of other things. >> he would be an excellent choice for the position. he would unite the republican party and likely gain easy confirmation. shelley: romney is being considered to be secretary of state despite being critical of trump in the past. tom: president obama has now past the 1000 mark for commuting sentences during his presidency. he hit the milestone today when he shortened sentences for 79
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many of them were convicted of non-violent drug offenses. the president has commuted sentences for more people than his 11 predecessors combined. shelley: turning our attention to the weather. this is a critical weather forecast for a lot of people tonight. mike: so many people have plans to travel tomorrow, thanksgiving, black friday, saturday, sunday. we have five big days. one we can shock off as a guarantee, tomorrow. after that, it take a look at warmer. fairly nice with the sun, a few clouds at times. that gusty wind a factor. that was putting the windchill down into the 20's. what about the temperatures in concord? topped out at 41, five shire the average of 46. nowhere close to the record high of 72 degrees.
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that is it. right now, on doppler radar a few scattered sprinkles of snow starting through the white mountains. most of the action on the map sitting in the midwest, through minneapolis, st. paul, green bay, all the way down toward chicago. you get a little farther north, a little wintry mix. rain, sleet, wet snow. snow to the north. edge of this precipitation will move into new hampshire and that means it could be slid out there with no big snow, but just enough to greece up the roads -- greece up -- grease up the road. the old windchill running several degrees lower than the number on the thermometer. it feels like 23 below atop mount washington.
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20's. seasonably cold tomorrow morning. anywhere from the midwest through the great lakes points north and northwest, it is on the chilly side. anything falling from cloud is falling in the form of flurries. wednesday is a big travel day for many. not only in new hampshire, but for all of new england. a few afternoon. try for a good portion through new york state and the rest of the mid-atlantic. clear skies at the start. clouds moving in hrough midnight. by daybreak thursday, it is overcast. light snow develops sometime after 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning in the monadnock region. it hits the lakes region, upper valley, in merrimack valley after 9:00 or 10:00.
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morning on, it could be just enough to make the roads a little bit slick. it warms up to freezing or a little above. that means a light wintry mix. it could be slick in the evening with temperatures near freezing. another system will produced mixed showers on friday. not a whole lot of accumulating snow. just enough to make it slick with temperatures near or at freezing at night and just above by. a little lower on thanksgiving because of more clouds. by 9:00 a.m., allows are taking over. maybe a touch of freezing rain in southern parts of the granite state and snow showers for the rest of you. a coding to an inch. that is it. just enough to grease it up. snow shatter saturday and saturday night should end by
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tuesday, maybe a few rain showers as it warms up. tom: sounds good. mike: we will get there. tom: jamie staton. let's find out what is going on in sports. jamie: unh hockey was on the ice
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>> how about a state championship for claremont? >> i have my mother, who i love dearly.
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jamie: the state champion stevens cardinals with much to be thankful for. hockey fans were thankful for this tuesday night. good games with the bruins and unh hockey. at td garden, the bees hosting the st. louis blues. the bruins david backes scored on a power play. you know it was huge. he played 11 seen with -- seon with the bruins this off-season. his fourth. it was the 20,000 goal in franchise history. a wild second period with four goals. it stayed at 2-1 until antimatter. unh wildcats hosting rpi. it is one of the granite staters to open the scoring,
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later in the first, they add to the lead. it is the red hot tyler kelleher with his eighth of the season. unh lead danny tirone has been 2-0. sharp in net. a bad turnover leads to a chance for the engineers but tirone makes a great say. no more scoring until the third. the wildcats get another one. , 3-0. mcnicholas also scored. unh wins 5-0. 25 saves for danny tirone in the shutout. that ends a three-game losing streak against rpi unh plays . saturday night at madison square garden against cornell. britney lai gets the wildcats rolling. she had 31 in the game, including 17 straight points for
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put back. kat fogarty with a jumper. they win the game 62-60. a new hampshire rivalry. franklin pierce against snhu in manchester. the ravens are in black and came out firing. mike mcdevitt with an early three-pointer. for the pennmen, a strong game from he is from merrimack. 18 points. devon gilligan out of amherst scores off the glass. the pennmen take it 84-79. snhu won the women's game telling you about the turkey 65-56. trot races for thursday. the lake sunapee turkey trot celebrates their 10th annual race. they expect more than 800
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the rochester runners free fall 5k begins at 8:30 at the rochester community center. registration is only $10. kids 12 and under are only $5. the race is hosted by the rochester runners club. congratulation to these seven bishop girton senior athletes for signing on with colle winter.
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hampshire has been working hard to make its upcoming season far better than last year. shelley: whaleback mountain in enfield says the severe lack of snow last year is what prompted it to make some much needed upgrades. with the help of $100,000 in community donations, it added up to make snow making machinery, as well as some beginner lifts. >> our core group of supporters and people who want to see this
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know how important it is for the upper valley. it has closed a number of times in the past and no one wants to see that happen again. shelley: the goal is to have the mountain open before christmas. tom: the wait is over. tomorrow, loon mountain will open for its 50-th anniversary season. mountain officials say they have been making snow nonstop since sunday evening on 12 upper mountain trails. tomorrow they plan on offering skiing and riding on the upper half of the mountain. they say snowmaking will continue as temperatures permit. as mike said earlier, how do they get to the upper half of the mountain? mike: you take a nice lift up and then you ski halfway down. what you do? for weather wednesday, it will be a good day. temps will allow snowmaking through the next days. it gets a bit above freezing and a touch of natural snow to make it slick on roadways. shelley: stay safe as you
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live? red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red


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