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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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sean: now on "daybreak," fueled up on turkey and ready to shop. people across the granite state hit black friday deals. haley: when we start to dry out and warm up. >> we are trapped. sean: firefighters rescued to people trapped inside a burning building in manchester. fighting the drug crisis in new hampshire. the safe station program gets a major milestone. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." sean: good morning. i hope you had a great holiday, filling up on turkey.
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not necessarily the weather, to be around the family table and watching football. hayley: or maybe decorating the tree inside. not really a day to decorate outside. but shopping, you should be good to go, as long as you are prepared for somewhat roadways, and maybe slick roadways up to the north and west of concord, where we had light snow during the overnight. and southern areas, it continues to be rain, because temperatures are above freezing. 36, manchester. not at plea -- at freezing from plymouth to lebanon and up into the north country. be careful on the roads. for black friday shopping, it depends where you live. if you are north and west of concord, scattered snow showers moving through. otherwise, it is drizzle that continues through the day, with temperatures only in the 30's to lower 40's. a murky, soggy day ahead. we will see at least some
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we are following in the entertainment world. overnight, one of television's most famous moms, actress florence henderson, has passed away. the actress was best known for her role as carol brady on "the brady bunch." her manager says she died at the hospital from heart failure, but says henderson was not sick, and that her family and friends are shocked by her death. henderson also appeared on "dancing with the stars" back in 2010, and made an appearance on this season's show in september. she was 82 years love it or hate it, black friday is here. shoppers across the country out in full force this morning looking for deals, including right here in manchester, at the mall of new hampshire, which just opened its doors minutes ago. that's where we find wmur's siobhan lopez. and siobhan, how are the crowds out there right now? siobhan: you know what? it is a big difference from when we last talked. at the doors are open, we are
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manager, jack cassano. -- jack toscana. talk about having black friday start on thanks giving? how does that change the crowds at the mall? jack: it is for our guests. if you are having your thanksgiving dinner and would like to get out after dinner, you can do that on thanks evening. -- thanks giving evening. for early birds, you can come first thing in the morning on black shopping. completely different doorbusters from different retailers. siobhan: split it up for not only the shoppers, but also the people who work here. have you seen change in online shopping affecting the crowds on black friday? jack: we always see big crowds. it is more of a family atmosphere here. the whole family will come and will do their shopping. they will go dining to a restaurant after.
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open, what can people expect to see, other than just shopping? there is a lot going on today. jack: we have the mayor here between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m., baking chocolate chip cookies. we have santa claus. and we have a lot of entertainment. a lot of the retailers are bringing in their own entertainment for this busy weekend. siobhan: great, thank you jack. of these shoppers. you want to find out what some of the big deals are. what are the big items everyone is looking for? we will check back in with you in a little bit. at the mall of new hampshire, i am siobhan lopez. sean: thanks. right now, fire officials are investigating after a salem family lost nearly everything in a three alarm fire yesterday morning. it happened on haverhill road and more than 10 departments helped put out the flames. the fire chief says this fire was especially difficult to
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home, remained on-scene all morning, just hoping that his cats would be found safely. our cameras were rolling when they pulled one cat out. he says he doesn't care about his possessions, but he's desperately hoping his other cats make it. >> we are ok, except for the cats in there. my most precious possessions. nothing is going to come down and ok. sean: the wife had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but her family says she's expected to be ok. now to the state's drug crisis. manchester fire is giving thanks to the safe stations program after hitting a pretty big milestone -- number 800. paramedic chris hickey tweeted today, saying, "i'm thankful that at 10:57 hrs this thanksgiving morning, number 800 came through safe station." the manchester district chief says anyone can get help, no
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-- the program recently expanded to nashua. and you can help make sure every child gets a gift this holiday season by helping the spirit of giving toy drive. it's december 2 through the 4th at the toys 'r' us locations in manchester, nashua, and newington. you can give new, unwrapped toys for the toys for tots program. the need is particularly great for donations for children under three years old and older than ten. still to come on news 9 "daybreak" -- this black friday giving thanks , for their service. how one teen made sure some police officers got to enjoy thanksgiving dinner. nikole: retail politics. i'm nikole killion with what kind of impact the election may have on holiday shopping this season, coming up. sean: and in the next half hour, a new warning for parents. what you should know before your child gets their hands on a new
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hayley: good morning. there is a live look at berlin, where it is 30 degrees. a little light snow on the cars and grassy surfaces. take it easy on the roadways from north and west of concord, because of these s overnight. coming up, we will talk about when we get more rain showers and a little bit of sun. that is ahead. sean: well a manchester teen , took this holiday to say thank you to those who protect and serve. wmur's andy hershberger explains why the teen chose to recognize the men and women in blue. andy: it's a delivery that's direct from the heart, something dreamed up by a manchester teenager to show respect and give back. officer thank you very much.
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: lot. andy: aj masse is a junior at memorial high school. as part of his curiculum, he needed to do some volunteer service. >> he couldn't find an organization he wanted to work with, so he says, mom, how about if we make a thanksgiving day meal for the guys who have to work at the manchester police department? andy: so for three days, aj and his mom cooked and baked a thanksgiving feast. aj: they always give back to the community. they're always out there. i figured, why not just do something for them? andy: aj paid for everything little help with the preparation, this is truly his creation. officer: we don't always get this, so it means a lot. i mean a lot going on in the , world, and for someone to take time out of their day and show appreciation for what we do -- priceless. aj: i'm helping give back to them for everything they've done for us. mom for him to think of this on : his own really says a lot about today's teens. there are good kids out there, and he's one of them. andy: aj says he only given a little thought to his future plans, but he says one possible
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andy: thank you very much. -- aj: thank you very much. andy in manchester, andy : hershberger, wmur news 9. sean: coming up -- flying off the shelves. parents on the hunt for the break-out toy of the holiday season. cyber monday is almost here. how you can protect your identiy
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sean: the plymouth football team is back on top of division two. leading the way for the bobcats is this week's hometown hero. senior running back garrett macomber caught the game-winning touchdown pass in the state championship this weekend -- a 15-yarder with just 16 seconds left on the clock. his senior season was one for the record books, rushing for
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that is all. he also broke the school record for touchdowns, with 27. garrett runs track and plays lacrosse for plymouth, but hopes to play football in college. but he plans to enjoy the championship for a while. >> crazy. so much highs and lows during the game. i injured my head, first hit by -- injured my hip first hit by took. crazy experience. weight room, countless hours looking at them, and it has really paid off for us. sean: good luck to him. americans are getting ready to spend billions of dollars this weekend, with black friday today and cyber monday on monday. cyber security experts are offering some advice to make sure you don't get scammed. be sure you are on legitimate websites and apps, and beware of deals that look too good to be true. also, whenever possible, use a credit card instead of a debit card. there is one toy that is taking center stage this weekend, and
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perhaps you know about this thing. industry experts say these interactive hatching eggs are flying off the shelves. for some reason. the sticker price -- $60. but on e-bay and amazon right now, the toy is going for between $200 and $500 dollars. i will get you one, haley. don't worry. retailers are banking on big sales this holiday season after some shoppers pulled back during the election. but following such a divided contest, are people ready to open up their wallets? our washon nikole: from election season to seasons greetings. megan: this election cycle kind of took more of the spotlight for everything, so now it's over, holidays are here. nikole: megan hancheruk is one of millions of holiday shoppers retailers are trying to woo after a sluggish start. ana: the election caused some impact in retail sales. nikole: ana serafin smith is with the national retail federation. it found before the election
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holiday spending plans, and 43% said they'd be more cautious. ana: consumers were concerned at one point in time that depending on the result of the election, it could affect a little bit of their spending. nikole: now that the election is over, some retail analysts say consumers who are upset or disappointed in the results may pull back on their shopping, while those who are happy with the outcome could be more likely to spend. britt: i really see the trump effect overall having about a 9% nikole: britt beemer of america's research group says the uptick is among those who supported the president-elect and may feel more optimistic. shoppers we spoke to say it's not about politics. >> the election had nothing to do with my buying. >> it hasn't really affected me. that doesn't mean i was happy -- that i was not happy with the results. nikole: in its post-election outlook, the national retail federation wrote shoppers are expected to pull themselves out
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ana: we think consumers are going to get back on track. nikole: voting with their wallets instead of a ballot. in washington, nikole killion reporting. sean: well, we will see what happens. some good news for skiers and riders. several mountains have trails opening today. at cranmore mountain, their adventure park and tubing attraction are open. cannon mountain is set to open with three lifts and at least eight trails. and six trails are open at waterville valley. they are starting to crank up there. new hampshire saw more than a dozen turkey trots on thanksgiving. but if you still want to work off all those calories, there is another run on tap for today. it's the "trot off your turkey" 5-k in amherst, organized by the amherst junior womens club. wmur's hayley lapoint will be there to handle the announcing duties. the fun run starts at 9:00, followed by the 5k. and you are running the fun run,
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there, to see everyone. they have face pointing -- face painting. they have a turkey. it is all for a good cause. sean: good luck. i am expecting a five-minute mile. hayley: we do have some drizzle coming down for trot off your turkey, but don't let that stop you. 36 degrees for the temperature at the starting line. we will be in the 30's. temperatures right now are in the 30's across the state. you can see in claremont, what payment. any snow in claremont. that is not the case north and west of concord. in sanburton, we cannot even the anything because of fog and low clouds. there continues to be drizzle and snow coming down across the state. and yes, it has accumulated in some spots, mainly to the north of concord, along 93 and the lakes region northward. there is light accumulation from some of the snow overnight tonight.
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is warm enough that we have rain coming down. still some snow showers. maybe some ice pellets coming down where you see this pink color, from laconia into meredith, sandwich, and even ossipee. a little bit of mixing going on, but plain rain and drizzle from manchester to derry into windham and salem. a little slow along 93 this morning because of the rain coming down and low visibility. vens really, today and even into the weekend here, we are looking at this unsettled weather, is more showers and snow flurries continuing to move through. we are in the 30's right now, very close to freezing and a lot of spots. up to the north, you see whitefield. the myth that 32 degrees. berlin only 30. these are the areas, lakes region northward, where there could be freezing on the
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concord, manchester, nashua, and the seacoast, it is warm enough that we have wet pavement this morning. that can even be slippery. be careful heading out for early morning shopping. here is how things go, hour-by-hour. snow showers continue lakes region and northward through the day. southern areas, or drizzle continuing. this is the general trend all day long. not much improvement as we go through the day. overnight, we start to see some improvement. tomorrow, we mostly cloudy skies. most of tomorrow should be dry. there may be a few snow showers up north. maybe a few rain showers to the south. most of tomorrow dry. on sunday, central and southern new hampshire definitely looks dry. in the mountain, snow showers would linger. high temperatures in the 30's. maybe a few spots touching 40. rochester, about 43. the where of drizzle and snow
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some sun will try to creep out. snow showers will continue to move on, which is good for the ski areas. we start out sunny on monday. but some warmth comes up with a storm system. that will mean possibly heavy rain by midweek next week, which would be great for the drought. we need more rain. sean: also great for snowmaking. but you are right, we need the moisture. let's check our top stories. here's siobhan lopez. siobhan: inside. some of the drizzly rain outside. luckily, no one really had to wait in lines today at the mall of new hampshire, because they did that last night. the doors opened at 6:00 on thanksgiving. a lot of people did some of those early deals last night. the molded stay open all night long. some stores stayed open. they will be open for more than 24 hours when all is said and done. we are seeing more people coming in. we will talk to some shoppers and see what some of the biggest
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, morning for one salem family after it lost nearly everything when their home went up in flames. fire officials are still trying to figure out what sparked this three alarm fire on haverhill road. fighting the drug crisis in new hampshire. manchester fire giving thanks after the queen city's safe station program helped its 800 person. the program started back in may. turkey trouble. coming up on daybreak pelham , police officers find
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sean: welcome back. we asked on facebook i your turkey dinner was less night. more than 2000 of you commented. around 61% of viewers said their dinner was pretty good. 25% said it was oustanding. about 5% said it was the best turkey dinner they ever had. they had a good day.
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i am sure that is not true. i always find it hard getting to desert after eating all those dishes, but apparently some people are not happy. a pelham officer found himself in a standoff of sorts this week. several officers were delivering donated frozen turkeys when the holiday meal's counterparts showed up. the officers were surrounded on all sides, so they decided to snap these photos. right here. interesting. manchester fire crews rescue two people trapped inside a burning building. coming up in the next we're now half hour, hearing the 911 calls made before the harrowing rescue. a mother back with her family after a terrifying three week abduction. now a manhunt underway for her captors. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." sean: the day after thanksgiving. good morning. november 25, black friday. a lot of people hitting the road to get some shopping deals out there. we will talk about the forecast in just a moment. first, let's get to to our top stories. this morning, we are hearing the 911 call that was made to the manchester fire department when burning building on elm street. laconia police are trying to track down whoever is responsible for shattering several car windows. that is there in the city. and it will be a busy day on the roads, as shoppers head to the stores to try to score some black friday deals. the malls in manchester, salem, nashua, newington, and concord will all be open until 10:00 tonight. people will be out in force. as you mentioned, you might want
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day to day to cut down the christmas tree or decorate outside of the house because of the drizzle. you see wet pavement. areas north and west of concord, it could be slick pavement. temperatures are mainly in the 30's. mostly cloudy, with low clouds, fog, drizzle, and showers continuing from the lakes region and northward. we still have snow showers coming down at this hour. light accumulation in areas to the north. get to in concord today. 42 in nashua. 44 salem. my left the mid and upper 30's when you get into the north country with some of these scattered snow showers and rain showers moving through. the temperatures forecast some wet weather. the hour-by-hour forecast in a few minutes. sean: shoppers are out in force
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at 6:00 this morning. we find siobhan lopez armed with the shopping list. sean: -- siobhan: a big family to buy for this year. the reason we have seen a big wave of people coming -- it is a different group. these folks were here all night long. we are seeing some people who went home, took a map after their turkey, and they are out shopping. the mall is open until 1:00 this morning. lines started forming outside of best buy yesterday afternoon. recent studies by while it helps say the best source for black friday are macy's and jcpenney. they offer an average discount of at least 62%. but studies also show that on, more than 17% of items will actually be more expensive on black friday. the shopping frenzy will continue throughout the weekend. according to the national retail federation, around 137 million people plan to do some holiday
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it says black friday vies with the saturday before christmas as the busiest shopping day of the year. the mall of new hampshire will -- we mentioned earlier christmas eve is actually the saturday before christmas this year, so you are going to want to try to get some stuff done. i know a lot of dads do their shopping on christmas eve, but we have seen a lot of families out there. this is a family event. the mayor will be here later on. santa claus will be here later on. spirit and getting those deals. live in manchester, siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. sean: i start on the 22nd, to be very clear, not the 24th. other shopping centers across new hampshire will also be packed today. the malls in salem, nashua, newington, and concord are all open until 10:00 tonight, as well as the merrimack premium outlets and the tanger outlets in tilton. settlers green in north conway is open until 9:00. if you are looking for a new pet, the new hampshire spca is also offering some black friday
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there are dozens of pets available. people can pick their own price on all adult cats, dogs, birds, and small animals. you can also save 10% on all nhspca store merchandise. in other news this morning we , are now hearing the 911 call made during a fire in manchester on wednesday night. firefighters came to the rescue of two people who were trapped inside the burning building on elm street. now we're hearing how that rescue unfolded. >> there is a fire on the second floor. sean: an automatic alarm sounded at 1061 elm street about 9:20 wednesday night. as firefighters sped to the downtown four story building, one of two handicapped residents of the second story apartment unit where it started calling 911 in a panic. dispatcher: tell me what's going on. >> i'm trapped in the bedroom
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something is broken in the living room, and we can i get through. there's ton of steam and water coming out of the door. dispatcher: ok are you injured? >> no, but we're trapped. >> dispatcher state on the line, try to keep them as comments possible, but there was only one exit in and out of their apartment at the time, and they were trapped. they were in fear they could not get out. there was smoke throughout the occupancy, heavy smoke on the second floor. more inside the apartment. sean: when crews arrived on scene, they rushed to rescue the two trapped residents. two trapped residents. >> we're in here. >> we're in here. assistance. just some help getting down the stairs. sean: both people were safely evacuated. officials say the fire was started by careless disposal of a cigarette. the fire damage was contained to the one unit, but two businesses below the apartment, caesario's pizza and the element lounge, sustained water damage. caesario's is expected to open today. laconia police are investigating a string of thefts from vehicles. they say the thefts happened while vehicles were parked in
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cross, pleasant, holman, harvard, and dartmouth streets. all of the thefts happened in the early morning hours. police believe one man is responsible for all of the crimes. laconia police say they also responded to five reports of damage to parked cars in the areas of lovell, baldwin, merrimac, and doloff streets. they say someone either shot or threw a marble-sized object at the rear windows, causing them to shatter. families across the state had a warm meal onir earlier this week, the behind-the-scenes work was in full swing. wmur's kristen carosa shows us how students and even seniors are making a difference this holiday season. >> can i help you? kristen: these bags are full of food, ready for families who need a hand this holiday season. >> each bag contains enough for a traditional turkey meal, with
6:37 am
organizations donated the food to the fairgrounds middle school in nashua which is being packed up and handed out. >> each bag contains a little note that says we are happy to help your family, and we only hope that you keep yourself safe and healthy, and pay it forward to someone else in need. kristen: a group of five students helped pass out more than a hundred holiday baskets -- the same group of girls that help run the school's food pantry. >> it makes me feel really good, like i am making a need and how you can help them. >> can you get it? >> careful. kristen: in manchester, seniors living at hallsville court have been collecting thanksgiving meals to give to the less fortunate as well. >> the turkey, stuffing, all the way down to the desert. everything in between that they need. kristen: darelne tremblay helped organize the food drive for the first time this year. the food boxes are being given to the salvation army on cedar street. >> we just wanted to give
6:38 am
will be given to three families chosen by the organization. >> this gives us the opportunity to provide some food and a special meal for someone -- we cannot service everybody, but we try to service as much as we can. kristen: in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. sean: speaking of helping out the needy, once again, wmur is teaming up with hannaford,sh spirit of giving food drive. locations across the state will collect food and cash for the new hampshire food bank. the drive will be held december 9 through the 11th. all day on the 9th, members of the wmur team will be at the stores to thank you personally for your donations. and as you're decorating for the holidays, keep in mind that we want you to show us your lights. wmur is looking for the best christmas lights displays around the state. just send your pictures or videos with your name, phone number, and location to
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season. and they are always some great ones out there. coming up on "daybreak," a warning for parents as kids make their christmas wish lists. consumer safety advocates say some recalled toys are still being sold online. and it's video you have to see to believe. a man made a basketball shot from nearly 600 feet. hayley: chu weekend? the forecast ahead. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too.
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hayley: to have scattered showers and drizzle. north and west of concord, it is snow. there are slick spots on the roadways. cloudy skies with more areas of drizzle and flurries in the north country. temperatures only in the 30's to lower 40's. coming up, i will show you the hour-by-hour forecast and what to expect going ahead into the holiday weekend. sean: we are following breaking news in the entertainment world. actress florence henderson passed away late last night. her manager says she died at the
6:43 am
she says henderson was not sick, and her friends and family are shocked by her death. henderson was best known for her role as carol brady on "the brady bunch." she was also a contestant on "dancing with the stars," and she made an appearance on the show back in september. henderson was 82 years old. we are also following a developing story out of israel this morning. firefighters are making progress on a massive blaze in the city of haifa that forced of tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. a police spokesman says about 14 other fires are still raging five people have been arrested on suspicion of arson. no one was killed in the fires, but hundreds of homes have been damaged. now to an incredible story out of california. a mother of two who vanished three weeks ago while out for a jog has been found alive. officer we are very ecstatic to : report she has been located, and has been reunited with her husband and family on
6:44 am
and a lot of tears, and realizing that it was over in the best possible sense. sean: police say sherri papini was kidnapped. they say she was found yesterday on the side of the road, in restraints, after being released by her captors. the mother was found about 150 miles from her home. she was treated at the hospital and released. her husband reported her missing on november 2, when she failed to pick up her kids from daycare. kidnapped her are still at large. police are looking for two women believed to have been involved in the abduction. with the holiday shopping season in full swing, kids are making a christmas wish list, right? but there is a new warning for parents. as abc's gloria riviera explains there are recalled toys still being sold online that can pose serious dangers to your children. gloria an urgent warning for : parents after this toy truck apparently caught fire on a
6:45 am
is in the back of our truck on fire. gloria: toys "r" us has temporarily pulled the truck from sale pending further investigation. the manufacturer telling fortune magazine it is aware of the incident and working around the clock to identify the cause. this year alone, at least 44 toys have been recalled due to unforeseen hazards, but consumer safety advocates warn, many of these recalled toys are still in american homes and some are even available for purchase online from sites like craigslist or ebay. sellers online that may not have the oversight to even realize they've been recalled. gloria to protect consumers the : attorney general's office in illinois released a guide listing toys recalled by manufacturers. it includes popular items like the aero cruz sky rover, which can overheat. crazy jewels, which contain traces of lead. and moogy plus for babies, a potential choking hazard. the toy industry of says u.s. toy safety requirements are among the strictest in the
6:46 am
and stay up to date on all toy recalls. gloria riviera, abc news washington. ,sean: turning now to sports, the bruins took on the senators in ottawa last night but they had to play without zdeno chara. he was out with a lower body injury. the game was scoreless in the first period when brad marchand shot from the far circle on the power play. the puck hopped out to david pastranak, who spun to the backhand for the goal. the senators tied it up in the they took the lead. adelman on to win this game three to one. boston will host calgary tonight. the manchester central high school football team took on trinity in the annual turkey bowl yesterday. the little green got it going early in this game. first quarter, james tanguay spun away from the tackle and took off down the sideline, going 37 yards for the long touchdown. that made it 7-0 central. later in the quarter, central's
6:47 am
touchdown to put central up 14-0. still in the first, trinity was driving, but ted mello snapped the ball over the head of foster stacey. it rolled along until cameron varney scooped it up and took it the other way for a little green touchdown. central went on to win this year's turkey bowl, 48-8. if you are away from your tv right now, you might want to come over and check this thing out. a trio of australi those nowadays -- all "how ridiculous," set the guinness world record for greatest height where a basketball was shot. one of the members nailed the shot from nearly 600 feet from the top of a huge dam in the swiss alps. apparently, that was his third try to get this in. this is a good this stuff. they made the longest bowling shot as well. hayley: it looks like it curves
6:48 am
weather when you take a shot like this, as i often do. i go from spots 600 feet up. there is a basketball hoop down at the bottom of the gorgeous. i take a shot. hayley: i am sure you do. it is drizzly. not nice for the shoppers, but you are indoors most of the time. other than the quick walk from the car to the store, you are good to go. take a live look across the state this morning. now that the sun is up, we can get a view of fresh fallen snow from the lakes region and northward areas, liketh south, it is wet because of warmer temperatures. you can see on the satellite radar, very diverse weather conditions, depending on your location. it is essentially from the lakes region northward that we still have snow showers. maybe some frozen drizzle coming down. seven areas, it is still rain. it is coming down at a good clip for areas just to the south of manchester. in terms of this mixing, wherever you see a pink color on the radar, that is indicating
6:49 am
route 16, could be slippery. northern areas, north of freedom, light snow showers ongoing into meredith and conway. there could be slick road spots, especially the breezes -- bridges, on rims, and secondary roadways. rain showers, with wet pavement rain showers, with wet pavement to merrimack, sa unsettled weather to the west. lots of clouds. we are still plenty be stuck with clouds and the threat for on and off showers. temperatures coldest north and to the west concorde. that is where problems would be on the roadways. we are in the mid to upper 30's when you get concord and southward. that is why it is wet with the
6:50 am
calm, about five mph the airport in manchester. let me take you through time. this is the timestamp. , most of us hitting 40. northern areas in the upper 30's, with still some snow showers falling from the lakes region and northward, with minimal accumulation today. rain showers, scattered drizzle in the southern areas. tomorrow is when we see a little break in the action. not sunny, but at least it is cloudy and we dry out a little bit. tomorrow afternoon still could be scattered rain showers, especially at the seacoast. snow showers up north. if you are doing black friday, it depends on your location. snow from the lakes region northward. otherwise, it is drizzle. temperatures only in the 30's. saturday, sunday, monday looks nice and sunny.
6:51 am
not great for the skiers. but good for the drought. sean: a lot of people putting up decorations, and a new nativity scene is putting a modern twist on the original. check it out. this is the hipster nativity set. hayley: this is pretty cute. it comes complete with wise men on segways, bearing gifts from amazon. a joseph sporting a man bun, which i cannot really see, but he is taking a selfie with a latte-drinking mary and baby jesus. and of course you got to have an organic cow. the company that sells the set, modern nativity, says it's selling 500 of them a day. sean: they can use the airbnb nowadays, if they could not find room. in this week's viewers choice, we ask you to tell us which restaurants serve the best italian food in new hampshire. there are some good choices. there was a two-way tie for
6:52 am
salem. the number one place to get italian food in the granite state, according to our viewers, is patty b's out in dover. now i want some lasagna. hayley: some turkey leftovers. sean: still to come, a final check on your top stories,
6:53 am
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hould be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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sean: it is six: 55. people across the state are flocking to the malls to get in on black friday shopping. here is siobhan lopez. siobhan: the crowds at the mall of new hampshire. i have a line outside of the apple store right now. maybe we had the lines last night and have them again this morning. the mall of new hampshire is open until 10:00 tonight, so come down and get those deals. sean: an investigation is underway into what started a fire in salem. the flames broke out yesterday morning on haverhill road. firefighters say the family that lived in the home lost nearly everything. one woman was taken to the
6:56 am
akoni a police said they are trying to track down whoever is responsible for shattering several car windows. they said someone shot or through a marble-sized object at the windows, causing damage to five vehicles. hayley: heads up north and west of concord, especially for slick roadways in manchester. temperatures are above freezing, at 36 degrees. but to the north, snow has a cumulative overnight. maybe an inch in some spots. more snow showers in the north. tomorrow, son sunshine, but mostly cloudy. the trend continues on sunday. a little bit brighter. monday back to sunshine. the next storm system likely is going to be a big rainmaker, with warm air coming in. about 53 degrees -- about 50 degrees next wednesday. not so great for the skiers.
6:57 am
the life of florence henderson. we just learned this morning that the "brady bunch" actress passed away overnight from heart failure. she was 82 years old. she started her career as a broadway star and ended up in the iconic role as the matriarch of the brady family.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
en good morning, america. found alive, the super mom who vanished without a trace while jogging three weeks ago found bound on the side of the road. a thanksgiving miracle. >> we are very ecstatic to report that sherri papini has been located. >> now the all out hunt for her ca cabinet showdown. the battle for secretary of state and the backlash from trump loyalists still angry at top contender mitt romney who his tough talk during the campaign. as donald trump boasts and tweets from his thanksgiving celebration. and they're off. black friday mayhem unleashed across the country overnight. >> whoo! >> more than 100 million


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