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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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sean: breaking news at noon. an active shooter situation on the campus of ohio state university. what we know about injuries right now in a live report. our state's top election officials respond to the tweet by president-elect donald trump saying there was "serious voter fraud in new hampshire." kevin: a blend of sunshine and clouds wit futurecast ahead. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sean: we begin with that breaking news. right now there's an active shooter investigation at ohio state university. fire officials say at least 8 were injured, one in critical condition. still very much a fluid situation. good afternoon. the school sent out an alert two hours ago urging students to
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about half-hour ago they sent out an alert saying situation had been secured. abc's elizabeth hur is live with what we know. elizabeth: officials announced that the shelter in place has been lifted in the scene is secured but there is still a heavy police presence on campus with eight people rushed to the hospital. police and fire swarming the ohio state university campus respondio the university alerting students and staff, tweeting "active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight." >> there were three gun shots and it sounded like a handgun. elizabeth: students knew the scene scrabbling for cover and hiding. >> i was running a 15th and people were like, don't go to campus there is an active shooter. kind of shaken up, i guess. you never think something like this is going to happen.
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further. this is the second time we have been asked to move. it is a tense situation. we have been told that an active shooter is possibly inside the garage. elizabeth: police set up a perimeter keeping everyone away from the building were the gunshots reportedly rang out. the swat team and the fbi now on the ground as the situation unfolds. during the incident, law enforcement sources even warned parents and family members not to call students or employees on could expose them if they were hiding. once again, shelter in place lifted but the investigation is continuing. live in new york, elizabeth hur, abc news. sean: we just got off the phone with a bedford resident who is on the campus of ohio state university and was headed to the class in the building where this shooting allegedly took place. she got the alert to shelter in place. >> we got another alert that
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their was an active shooter. i started texting and calling all want my friends to make sure that everybody was ok. from what i know, everyone is safe and sound in my remake is with me in my room -- my roommate is with me in my room. we are waiting and pray that everybody else is ok. sean: right now on we have the latest details on the active shooter investigation at ohio state university. we are following a developing story in the north country as well. the attorney general's office says it is involved in an investigation in berlin. fire officials confirm that a child was airlifted to dartmouth-hitchcock medical center yesterday. but at this time officials will not say whether the ag's case involves the child who was flown to the hospital. >> he doesn't know what he is talking about. sean: new hampshire's secretary of state is responding to allegations of voter fraud in the granite state. during his campaign, president-elect trump championed
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even further with this tweet right here. abc's kenneth moton begins our team coverage in washington. kenneth: the wisconsin recount. the state is the process of recounting nearly 3 million votes in the presidential race. >> every candidate who is on the ballot as a presidential candidate has the right to request a recount. kenneth: the effort led by the green party's jill stein and joined by hillary clinton's campaign. mr. kenneth: the winner, president-elect donald trump, who for months railed against what he called a rigged system blasted the move which could also lead to recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. trump tweeted "the people have spoken and the election is over." but in a tweet twist, the president-elect posted he would have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. then he claimed serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california so why isn't the
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serious bias, big problem." trump tweeted no proof to back up his claims. california's secretary of state called the allegations of voter fraud absurd. trump's latest tweetstorm comes as there is more attention on his global business interests. >> what are all these conflicts of interest? i think that's the thing that's going to follow him through this entire presidency. kenneth: there's also transition turmoil over possible secretary of state contender mitt romney. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. i don't think a cost of admission for party unity has to be the secretary of state position. kenneth: says he will have a second meeting with romney tomorrow and will meet with former cia director david petraeus. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. sean: the new hampshire secretary of state's office says there's no indication of widespread voter fraud in the granite state. and if the president-elect has any proof that there was, officials are urging him to present it. wmur's mike cronin is live with more. mike: though donald trump won the election, hillary clinton edged him in new hampshire by about 2700 votes.
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hampshire's secretary of state's office says they received the usual type of complaints like illegally placed campaign signs and isolated instances of people voting improperly. and they say there's been at least one documented case of voter fraud every election over the past decade. but to their knowledge nothing on the scale that trump is referring to. >> i haven't heard him actually say that. i'm not going to speculate what he might mean by what he said. anything that widespread taking place in new hampshire. if he has evidence to the contrary, he should pass it along so we can act on it. mike: state election leaders say it's important for people to have faith in the voting process. live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news 9.
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with the details. kristen: he was arraigned by video this morning and bail was set for crimes that date back to january of this year. the 40-year-old was arraigned in manchester district court on monday. he has been charged in connection to three bank robberies, all felonies. the first incident was on january 22nd this year. police say giles walked into a citizens bank on elm street, passed a note to the teller, and amanda cash. the cash drawer was empty and he ran out. then last wednesday police say he walked into a td bank on bay street, passed a similar note to the teller, and threatened her with a weapon. he got away with $500. four days later police say he walked into a td bank on south willow street, passed a note to
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he walked away with $580. on the same day police say they identified a person matching the description of the suspect. yet clothing with him that was seen in surveillance footage from the bank and had money on him. according to police, that man was giles, who can be seen in surveillance video from the other robberies as well. >> he is on federal probation for a bank robbery conviction in 2010. given that he is currently on supervised release, the new allegations and the concern for the safety of the bank well as the public at large from we have to bail in the amount of $35,000. kristen: giles asked the judge to lessen the bail. >> i have a brother with cancer and we want to be around him. we could maybe do $2000 and i would really like to be there for him. kristen: the judge kept bail at $35,000 and he is back in court on december 7.
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grosser, wmu -- kristen carosa, wmur news 9. sean: a nation and morning as cuba says farewell to fidel castro. plus, cyber monday. the big deals that have many clicking refresh. kevin: we watched the first of two systems approach and it may not be all rain. sean: plus, in "cook's corner," a holiday favorite.
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sean: welcome back. right now, cuba is in its third day of mourning former president fidel castro. flags there are at half-staff and the music that typically flood the streets is silent. in cuba's capital of havana, observances are underway. abc's marci gonzalez brings us more. marci: lined up by the thousands in revolution plaza, today cubans pay tribute to fidel castro. filing pass this memorial, somber reflection on this island nation, ruled by castro for 49 years. >> is figure will remain cuba's biggest pride. marci: here where the normally
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solution by cuban-americans in miami's little havana since castro's death on friday. >> i don't solidify celebrate the death of a time. >> i think this is a new chapter for us. marci: an insurgent new chapter, with castro brother's raul ruling cuba and president-elect trump threatened to undo president obama's diplomatic ties to the country while saying ad it can to ensure prosperity and liberty for the cubans. after a memorial service here in havana tomorrow, the urn holding castro's remains will be brought to other cities across the country ahead of his funeral on sunday. marci gonzalez, abc news, havana, cuba. sean: meantime, today the first commercial flight took off from miami to havana. this is the first time in over half a century that u.s. airlines are making the milestone flight. multiple flights have gone to cuba since president obama
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small island nation, but today's flight was the first that landed in havana. if you're looking for flight deals today is a good day to go , online. cyber monday is underway. experts say slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel deals. and most retailers, like walmart, target, kohls, and amazon, are all offering online only deals. i don't as where -- i know that is where kevin spent a good five or six hours this morning looking at cyber monday deals. kevin: weather maps. sean: i couldn't see the other side of the computer screens. kevin: a couple systems we're tracking coming up. sean: plus coming up on today's , "cooks corner," we're making a
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it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you is changing. but we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. and as the number-one provider of energy-efficiency programs in the nation, we're committed to helping you manage the energy you use. ever new england. eversource. >> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: temperatures in the 20's to the low range of the 30's. pretty nice noon out there, albeit with a breeze. 15-20 miles an hour.
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the state. in the north country, lingering clouds. the northwest doing has a lot to do with that. it creates their own clouds, which have a tendency to hang on until it releases. looks like that will happen later on this evening. temperatures in the 20's in far northern areas of the state. in southern areas of the state it will be low to mid 40's and not feeling like it because of the wind out of the . with fair skies and the evening, temperatures will drop quickly. 20's to low 30's is the temperature range in place as clouds increase tomorrow morning. most of the moisture from the system starts to arrive between 8:00 and 10:00 tomorrow morning. with that could be a mixed initially because of colder temperatures and rain in southern areas. this will be our second-chance
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northern areas. we are looking at low 30's through whitefield and berlin. he will go up one or two more degrees in southeastern areas. with the wind, doesn't quite feel like that this afternoon. marginally colder air to the west. for the next several days we're not expecting much move in temperatures. maybe a few upper 40's by midweek. way through. as the wind lightens tonight, clouds leave us with fair skies and temperatures tumbling with lighter winds. we start the day tomorrow with mostly precipitation to the west by sunrise. as this starts to bump in with lows in the 20's to 30's, we may see an initial mixture for an hour or two or maybe snowflakes in central and southern areas.
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little more complex. there could be some snow for hours and then changing to freezing rain during the day. a little bit of a break tuesday night into wednesday after a quick half-inch of precipitation. any breaks in the overcast should give way to clouds. the next system that starts to arrive probably somewhere around midafternoon or late afternoon on wednesday could have pockets of heavier rain. that will raise quickly to our north easton sets of fair skies and temperatures close to the average for this time of year. those two systems around midweek and then fair skies and a breeze out of the northwest and mountain snow showers on friday. let's head to "cook's corner." sean: we're going to make a castle in "cook's corner" today.
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england this week, -- longer brown with the new england biscuit company. laura: we source as many of our greetings from new england neighbors as we can. we are new england business. the new england biscuit company makes new england's finest escape. -- finest biscuit. sean: very cool. what are we going to make today? laura: this is the gingerbread house -- bear with me -- that we are taking to the 26th annual december. the kickoff party is this friday. this will be of the discover portsmouth center. i am calling this the stately scottish country home. if it doesn't make it intact, then it becomes the ruins of the scottish castle. sean: [laughter] laura: so you got to roll with
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laura: absolutely. butter, sugar, flour, and salt the new england biscuit company uses it with percent -- but with 86% butterfat. european butters are found anywhere so get the best butter you can. mix for spices in with the flour. and sugar. at the very funny --at the very end, throw in the molasses. before the four weeks in the container -- if you have the personal discipline -- or freeze it for about six months. sean: role in the shapes you want to make for your house. laura: you will need a lot of batches of these to make it that
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sean: so far it looks great. if i want to buy these products, where do you go? laura: i am pleased to announce that since we came here last time we -- tomorrow afternoon after about 4:00 we will be in phil brooks fresh in portsmouth in the portsmouth location and hampton location. of course, 24/7 in your jammies you can shop for biscuits the promotion runs out tonight. sean: thank you very much. hopefully it stays a castle and
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kevin: notice in the extended forecast, 30's to low 40's. one system could arrive early enough tomorrow morning that we see a bit of a mix. light rain in the afternoon. pockets of heavier rain around late wednesday afternoon.
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midweek. tonight at 5:00, flu season is in full swing. the important message for expectant moms who may be thinking about skipping the vaccination. plus, a potential new tool in the battle against the opioid epidemic. the vaccine in the works that could prevent drug overdoses. latest on that at 5:00. that does it for us.
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now on celebrity page tv. finally settling their divorce. who is getting what. then, we're one-on-one with chris noth. >> how can you ask? it's probably miranda there chris pratt, gives thanks superstar is praising for saving his 4-year-old's life. big stars, big hollywood. welcome to celebrity page. coming to you from celebrity page studio with all of your entertainment news. james is taking us inside a beautiful l.a. home. >> yes, it amazing. coming up, secrets and spoilers


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