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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fever, diarrhea, muscle aches and chills. and see a doctor if you notice anything. it doesn't spread from person to person. you can only get it from breathing in the bacteria. the health department tells us all the cooling towers where the bacteria was found are being disinfected. they're now working to find the source of the outbreak and limit the spread. >> we've worked very aggressively this past week to test all of the cooling towers that are potential will he at risk of making people sick. and through that work we identified five and cleaned five. >> reporter: and we mention that had one of the locations that tested positive was a verizon office. in the last few minutes, we just got a statement from verizon. they say they're now checking all of their cooling towers and all of their locations in the brongss. live in the mott haven section. new at 6:00, the controversy over a lion killed in zimbabwe is growing. tonight conservation task force
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is reporting that cecil the lion's brother jericho has also been killed. the group says jericho seen here on the left was shot today. there is a conflicting report from at least one other wildlife organization that jericho appeared to be alive and that his gps was sending back a signal. minnesota hunter walter james is accused of luring cecil out of the park to kill him in early july. the search is on for a violent robber who struck in central park. the thief, a panhandler who appeared to use when it his request for money was denied. take a good look at the sketch. he approached a 53-year-old man asking for money, saying he was hungry. when the victim refused to give him anything, the suspect choked that man until he passed out and then ran off with his cash and other belongings. a string of gun violence left one man dead and five others wounded. all of this in brooklyn. for many there, enough is enough. the victim killed 24-year-old donald smith.
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he was shot in a barrage of bullets at a housing complex in conarsie. andrew siff spoke to residents who say the violence must stop. >> i heard all that shooting. >> reporter: for ronald gressom, it was too close. a barrage of gunshots at the glenwood houses. one bullet killed 24-year-old donell smith who neighbors say grew up here and lived here with his mom. one bullet lodged in the hood of gressom's dodge minivan. it. it is not right. you have to live like this. people shooting on and off. no way to live. >> reporter: this morning's gun five happened within the confines of the 63rd precinct where crime is down this year although shootings are up more than 100%.
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>> i was awakened by just gunshots, which i really thought at first was fireworks. >> reporter: crime scene detectives initially used coffee cups to mark the bullets. >> it was a lot of shots. it start me out of my sleep. >> reporter: this morning's killing, one of four shootings in the span of a few hours. one in bushwick, one in flat bush, some of the bullets fired from underneath scaffolding which the mayor has called a magnet for crime. the violence, a wake-up call for everyone. >> kind of scary. i understand where these kids, you know, behave in this way. i don't get it. >> reporter: andrew siff, news4 new york. we're getting new details about a woman who died at mt. vernon police headquarters. we've learned rainett vomited in a holding cell hours after being released from the hospital. she was arrested for shoplifting saturday.
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according to a court official, she said she didn't feel well and was taken to a hospital. after she returned to jail, she got sick in a holding cell and she was found dead hours later. more tests are needed to determine her cause of death. tonight, family drama unfolds at the funeral fof bobbi kristina brown. the funeral was held in georgia today. hundreds of friends, relatives and musicians attended the service. and the sister of bobbi brown left the church and she told the media she was upset that pat houston, whitney's sister-in-law, spoke at the funeral. >> it went wonderful until pat started speaking. i didn't like that. >> what did she say? >> i told her that whitney was going to haunt her from the grave. >> bobbi christina died six months after found drowned in the bathtub in her home. a malaysian team is
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preparing to join the search for more debris of what could be missing airlines flight 370. the debris was found on wednesday near the coast of madagascar. it is at a military unit in france for analysis. flight 370 vanished last year. 239 people were on board. puerto rico's government said it will likely miss a $58 million debt payment this weekend. the commonwealth is $72 billion in debt. if a payment is not made by monday, puerto rico defaults. the governor says puerto rico doesn't have the party to pay the debt but hopes to renegotiate the debt with investors. hours from now, thousands of verizon workers could walk off the job. the deadline is midnight for unions and the wireless carrier. to reach a contract agreement. so far they have made very little progress. verizon is asking for cuts in pay roll and retirement benefits.
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it wants workers to pay more for health care. the union is seeking job security and an increase in retirement and health benefits. still ahead on news4, tragedy at an air show. a plane appears to flip in mid air. the investigation into just how this happened is coming up. and rough surf. several water rescues off one local beach. hear from one of the officers being hailed as a hero. and steve here with the forecast. a beautiful saturday. >> it really was. another warm one. cooler air finally heading our way. when does it get here? we'll talk about it.
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a couple was rescued often ocean bay park. one of the suffolk county marine police officers involved in today's rescue helped save three men in the same location yesterday. today the officer explained how the water conditions may have led to a very dangerous situation. >> they've been pretty bad. you have to be careful of the tide charts and try to swim near life guards. really. the waves were pretty bad. >> only one man pulled from the water yesterday. went to the hospital. he is expected to recover. out west, thousands of firefighters are trying to tame 23 wildfires raging across northern california.
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dry conditions feeding these flames. hundreds of people have been forced from their homes and one firefighter lost his life. u.s. forest service firefighter david rule was on temporary assignment from south dakota. he was fighting a blaze when he became trapped by the flames. more from dan shinman. as nearly two dozen fires continue to chew up acre after acre of parched wild land, they are burdenoned not only by the flames but by the loss of one of their own. david ruhl lost his life while battling the so-called frog fire in northern california. the 38-year-old from rapid city, south dakota, a 14-year veteran with the forest service, left his home state to help in the firefight. california's governor ordered the flag to fly at half-staff. the frog fire is one of 23 blaze burning across california. dry conditions brought on by years of historic drought, creating a tinder box across the region. california is under a state of emergency.
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the fire resources in the state stretched thin. crews are helping from all over the united states. >> they're going to start pulling resources from anywhere they can get them to fill the need and fight the fire. >> the biggest fire is the so-called rocky fire north of san francisco. the smoke visible from nasa satellites. where firefighters have beaten back the flames and evacuations have been lifted. residents are coming home to devastation. >> to see anyone suffer through this and lose all their belongings is devastating. >> as the california fire season burns on. nbc news. coming up on news4 new york, get used to this heat. it will stick around for a while. we could see some storms. that's next. what a way to cool down. how cool is this? and remember to help us clear the shelters on august 15th. we're teaming up to find homes for pets in need.
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many have agreed to cut the cost of adoption for this one-day event.
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a tragedy at an air show in england. look at this. the pilot was killed when his plane crashed during a synchronized air show. the plane appeared to flip and lose altitude before disappearing behind the trees. it was caught on video by bystanders. the pilot was flying as part of a team showcasing vintage air show. coming up, nice to see you. >> i know you were talking about the california wildfires. we are going to update you on those as well. also ahead, there are new reports perhaps the brother of cecil the lion who sparked worldwide outrage when we learned about how he was killed by a dentist. now reports that cecil's brother
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may have also been killed. we bring you the very latest. and there's a little something happening off the coast of california that we're learning more about called ghost fishing. we'll tell you why there's such a concern over abandoned fishing nets in the ocean. and it is politics season. we'll introduce you to the latest political dynasty to hit this country. here's a behind. their names are neither bush nor clinton. they have a platform built on family as well as fishing and ice cream and it is all done with their parents' approval. >> you got me hooked. >> then. you'll tune in. my job is done. >> and you memorized that very well. >> thank you. and i don't know how i missed this. who needs a swimming pool when you need one of these? what better way to beat the heat than this giant slip and slide in the heart of the city? i would have done this in two seconds. today was the kickoff of slide the city for this year's summer streets. a seven-mile stretch closed off for the summer.
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it was a very hot week. >> i'm alive! i'm happy! >> a lot of fun. you guys should come out here and enjoy the streets. when is another time manhattan is empty? >> if you missed this one, you can still catch slide the city for the next two saturdays this month. >> i would have loved to have done that. i didn't even know about it until i came in today. >> a big chunk of park avenue is closed for pedestrian traffic. >> they shut down the streets. it's a lot of fun. >> most people in manhattan don't have cars. >> what was it? 86? 88? it felt like july. august. i'm sorry. oh, my god. it's august 1st. i don't even know what month it is. ask good to see you, harry. here's what's happening. it was another warm day. temperatures, 80s and 90s. tomorrow we'll cool it down a little bit. just a little bit. 86 degrees right now in midtown under partly sunny skies.
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we missed 90 degrees in central park by a hair. 89 was the official high today. newark was in the 90s. bridgeport in the 90s. we have a very weak cool front coming through. on the back side, the temperatures will come down a few degrees. really not all that much. all thanks to northwesterly winds. right now in the park. 86 degrees. 89 at jfg. the colonel reading toward oceanside. right now, 86 degrees to the jersey shore and a bit breezy. anywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour. all thanks to that front coming through. tomorrow the winds at times could be a little breezy. maybe up to 20 miles per hour. another part comes through later in the day on monday and that will help once again. we have a couple of spot showers moving into pike koibl. otherwise we're generally quipt with a couple of clouds here and there.
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the cool front is coming through behind the front into upstate new york. you can see a lot of unstable air. this is our weather for tomorrow. high pressure across cincinnati will build into the region and it will bring us a great day. lots of sunshine. a few degrees above average. with that north westerly wind flow, it will be very comfortable with very low humidity. on monday it will change, warm once again. for this evening, we're generally clear. maybe a spot shower well north of the city. a temperature of 78 degrees. as we head into tonight, we are clear and comfortable. tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine. tomorrow afternoon, again, lots of sunshine. thanks in part to high pressure. as we move toward monday, a cool front approaches and ahead of it, we can rule out a spot shower or storm. it is really later toward the evening hours and the nighttime hours when the cool front approach that's we could see more showers and thunderstorms. this is after sunset on monday. ahead of it, it will get warm and muggy. 70 in the city.
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in the 60s along the coast. we're in the 50s. a comfortable night. a little cooler than today with plenty of sunshine. there's the seven-day forecast. on monday, we're back into the 90s. it's monday. late in the day, around sunset or there after, some showers and thunderstorms. then we start to cool it down tuesday into wednesday. by the end of the week, the temperatures below average. around 80 degrees with another chance of showers and storms. tomorrow it looks great. >> at least the temperatures do. >> harry is here with a check of sports. >> football is coming up. coming up, the jets' general manager is weighing in on the recent arrest. you'll hear from him. and wilmer flores puts them two games behind the nationals. tonight, more help is on the way as the newest met arrives in queens. that's coming up when news4 new york at 6:00 returns.
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what a week for the mets. cityfield is still moved. there's even more excitement as cespedes makes his debut. he was landed in a trade deadline debut with the tigers. the mets were looking to trade him away earlier in the week. it was all tied at 1-1 in the 12th. a walk-off homer for the shortstop who has become a fan favorite. the 23-year-old was greeted by his teammates at home plate. magic moment as the mets get a huge 2-1 victory over the nationals. they're now two games out of first place.
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what a moment for flores. he was in tears wednesday thinking he had been traded away. >> we battled through it. >> outstanding. you couldn't come up with that. and you're good. they scored 21 runs against texas tuesday night. last night they put up 13. thanks to the bat of mark teixeira. he homered twice tuesday night and twice again on friday in chicago. he was hitting righty here and that's his tenth career grand slam. mark was not done.
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he went deep again in the sixth. teixeira continued to make a bid. he set a major league record by homering for the 14 time in his career. breaking a tie with former teammate nick swisher for the most all time. the yankees send bryan mitchell to the mound. he has a 5-5 record and 15 starts in aaa. as for football news, the first comments on sheldon richardson's recent arrest as a result of driving 143 miles per hour with a 12-year-old in the vehicle. he expressed support for the pro bowl defensive end but he did not talk about sheldon's long term future. >> we'll see how this progresses. as todd said the other day, it is not about words, it is about actions. not necessarily on the football field. we do worry about sheldon in material of decisions he's made off the field. there's a degree of trust broken. we're supportive of him.
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>> it's been almost two months since american pharoah made history. tomorrow will be his first race back since winning the belmont stakes. the records crowds are expected to be on the jersey shore to watch american pharoah and the haskell invitational. you can catch all the action right here on nbc 4 coverage begins tomorrow. >> history in new jersey in new york. >> a lot of people will see that. that's an amazing horse. we'll be right back.
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check this out. meet perry the duck and happenlet the pig. the owner says they're best buds and practically inseparable. they do almost everything together including eating together. they even take a dive in the water and swim together. the owners say they don't seem to see their differences. only their friendship. if only people could behave this way. that's it for news4 new york. nbc nightly news is coming up next. have a nice saturday night. on this saturday night, state of emergency. the battle against wildfires in the west turns deadly with
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dozens of new blazes and thousands now in the fight as a dangerous heat waves sends temperatures soaring. double tragedy. just days after news that an american dentist killed a beloved lion, reports that his brother may also have been killed deadly waters. a hidden threat, old abandoned fishing nets still trapping and killing sea life. and in the running. as the political season heats up, we'll take you to the tiny town where the youth vote takes on a whole new meaning. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news". reporting tonight, erica hill. good evening. qaa is a tinder box tonight. that description from governor jerry brown, who declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard. you can see the power and the
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proximity of these flames. fueled by the state's long-running drought. and this week the excessive heat. more than 20 major fires are burning. tens of thousands of acres scorched, homes destroyed. on the front lines, a grim reminder of the danger thousands of firefighters face each day with news that one of their own has died. we get the latest from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: firefighters today are mourning one of their owns. an engine captain from south dakota died in the modoc national forest. across the state, 8,000 of his fellow firefighters are now on the front lines including northern california where the massive rocky fire scorched 22,000 acres so far. >> over here we are probably seeing flames in excess of 100 feet. >> reporter: in hot, windy conditions things change change at a moment's notice. >> there are quite a few homes
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spread out throughout the area.


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