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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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>> just be as careful as i can. can do. >> they found the bacteria at lincoln hospital, a hotel, a business and now a verizon office. >> i a. concerned because it's a lot of buildings around that are very old and decrepit. >> most people haven't heard much about legionnaires disease. this man lived close to where the bacteria was found. he asked with us what he should do. >> reporter: legionnaires is curable if you find out quickness. get checked oit by a doctor right away. >> it's good to know. i have to tell my friends b about it. >> all five cooling towers have already been disinfected but health experts worry there are more people out there who have already been exposed. >> we might see the number of cases increase, because people have already been exposed and
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the infection may present itself over the next few days. >> reporter: and right now, health experts are running tests, trying to find the source of the infection 37 meanwhile, verizon officials say they'll be checking every other cooling tower they operate in the bronx area. live in the concourse section, michael george, news 4 new york. >> we'll keep an eye on this story, thanks. two swimmers had to be pulled from the waters off of long beach. this photo shows the lifeguards looking for them here. one was immediately rescued. the other, though, a 23-year-old man from brooklyn was found about an hour later submerged. he was taken to south nas kau sau community hospital. no word yet on his condition. lifeguards went offduty at 6:00 p.m. and they were caught in a rip current. also new tonight, another attack in central park, the second in just 48 hours. tonight's attack happened near east drive and 109th street. the other at the ramble. police say a would-be robber armed with a knife approached a man and demanded money shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. the victim screamed and the
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thief ran off. police released this sketch of another suspect, wanted for choking and robbing a man. the thief, a pan handler told a 53-year-old man that he was hungry and asked for money. when the victim refused, authorities say he placed the man in a chokehold until he passed out and took his cash and other belongings. well, the clock is ticking down to a midnight strike deadline and verizon and its work es are no closer to an agreement. >> what do we want? >> contract! >> when a do we want it? >> now! >> they rallied in rye where negotiations are taking place. the union said they offered a deal that gave health care and retiree cost savings. but tonight, verizon came back with a new proposal the union says is not fair. >> a rich corporation. it's time that verizon take some of that money and return it to their most important assets, their employees.
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>> in all honesty, there's a lot of work that needs to be done. a lot of issues that still need to be resolved. so in's a lot of talking going on. that's a good thing. >> verizon says the impact on customers will be minimal. the company says it's trained thousands of managers and others to fill in. will joe biden take on hillary clinton for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination? the vice president is said to be holding meetings to discuss a possible challenge against the former secretary of state. the renewed focus comes amid some signs of weakness for hillary clinton, including declines in her favorability. biden has said he would make a decision by the end of the summer. tonight reports of another lion killed in zimbabwe are sparking even more worldwide outrage. it all began with news of cecil the lion being killed. now the zimbabwe conservation task force is reporting that cecil's brother jericho has also been killed. as the controversy grows, tonight award winning filmmakers are raising awareness to the
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plight of endangered species by illuminated the empire state building with large scale projections of animals. one of the images shown was cecil the lion. nay ear hoping to ignite a movement to prevent another mass extinction. we have more on the conflicting reports surrounding cecil's brother. >> reporter: the brother of cecil, the iconic lion dill kilned by american dennist walter palmer is now also feared dead. cecil had left behind several cubs, and it was believed that his so-called brother jericho had been looking after them. the two lions in this photo befriended each other on a protected wild life refuge in zimbabwe. both were fitted with radio tracking tracking collars. tonight, there's unconfirmed that jericho has been shot and killed by poachers. volunteers at the conservation task force told nbc news that they were notified by phone that jericho had been killed but they say they've yet to see evidence that's true.
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in a statement, they said, it is with huge disgust and sadness that we have just been informed that jericho, cecil's brother, has been killed at 4:00 p.m. today. we are absolutely heart broken. what's confusing, say researchers at another local wildlife organization, is that jericho's collar remains active, sfend send sending a gps signal and movements suggest he's still alive. all this unfolding as officials in zimbabwe push to extradite american dr. palmer. >> i understand that already the processes have started, and we are looking forward for his extradition. >> reporter: palmer has admitted to killing cecil stating he thought his guides obtained proper permits. no charges have been filed against dr. palmer. tonight, while the investigation other cecil's death continues, many in zimbabwe and beyond are holding out hope that his brother is still alive.
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kerry sanders, nbc news. well, next week we should learn whether a piece of debris found on an island is from missing malaysian airlines flight 370. the wing flap was found on reunion island wednesday. that's near madagascar in the indian ocean. it is now at a military unit in france for analysis. experts think the debris is from flight mh-370 which vanished from radar last year. and if it is, it could narrow the search for the rest of that plane. >> we're at the stage that we're getting more and more confident that it is. >> it may influence some of the area that we are covering, but that's yet to be determined. >> a suitcase found nearby will be examined for traces of dna that might match one of the 239 people who were on mh-370. still ahead here on news 4 new york, state of emergency. the battle against wildfires in the west turns deadly with dozens of new fires and
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thousands now fighting them as a dangerous heat wave sends temperatures there soaring. >> and weather wise, july was warmer than average. and today, another warm one. do we finely cool things down? also ahead, a family feud erupts at the funeral for bobbi kristina brown. that story when we come back.
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a state of emergency in california where firefighters continue to battle wildfires, scorching more than 20,000 acres of land. some 8,000 firefighters are now on the ground attacking nearly two dozen different fire, even as they mourn one of their own who died in the fight. captain david rule from south dakota. firefighters say california's unforgiving drought is fuelling these flames. >> it's causing significant fire behavior in this area, and a lot of this area, although it seems rural has quite a few homes spread out through the area. >> dangerous situation. the national guard has been activated to help with disaster recovery. on monday, bobbi kristina brown will be laid to rest in new jersey near her mother. today, hundreds of relative, friends and musicians attended her funeral outside atlanta. the 22-year-old daughter of bobby brown and the late whitney
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houston died last sunday, six months after being found unconscious in the bathtub of her home. during the funeral, the sister of bobby brown left the church. she told the media that she was upset that pat houston, whitney houston's sister-in-law spoke at the service. >> i didn't like that she spoke. i just told her that whitney was going to haunt her from the grave. >> she's the only daughter of brown and houston. the cause of death is still under investigation. up next here on news 4 at 11:00, better get used to this heat. it's going to stick around for a few more days. when will we cool down? it's there in the forecast. steve's got it, that's coming up next. >> and police on a gator hunt in queens where this creature was spotted. details when we come back. and remember, to help us clear the shelters on august 15, nbc is teaming up with hundreds of shelters across our area to find homes for bets in need. many have agreed to cut the cost
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of adoption for this one-day event. you can get more information at nbc new
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>> here's one for you. police are on the hunt for an alligator in queens. they named the gator jaws. on twitter, police speculated how big the gator might be. they joked around saying it may be low until the dragon boat races in the park next weekend. i think they're messing around with us a lit bit. as of this evening, police say the hunt for the queens gator does continue. i imagine it's not going to be of any great size, i would hope. >> i would hope not. >> what is it?
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we don't have the temperature thing up. but it's been a warm night. hot day. >> it was a warm day today. we've been in the 80s and the 90s the last couple of days. and today once again, we were in the upper 80s in the park, just shy of 90 degrees. tomorrow we're going to cool it down a little bit. it's a very comfortable day with very low humidity, but as we head towards monday, it does get hot and humid once again. 79, though, right now in midtown under clear skies. and again, it was a warm day today in the park. we did make it up to 89 degrees. so shy of 90 degrees by a degree. but in newark, we were in the 90s. 91 there. laguardia, northern queens also in the 90s, even out on the island. islip was on the hot side at 90 degrees. right now, 79 in the park, 82 jfk, 78 into southern nassau county. we're in the 60s from morris town through sussex. inland areas tonight, we'll drop into the 50s with the clear skies that we're seeing as high
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pressure starts to west. a couple of clouds and a couple of spot showers. notice how clear it is across the ohio valley. this is tomorrow's weather. high pressure builds in. plenty of sunshine again. it's a warm day. temperatures in the mid to the winds in place. comfortable. but there is a disturbance building up in canada. and that will approach the area as we head towards monday. it will bring us late-day storms on monday and ahead of that system, the winds go southerly on monday and that will increase the heat and the humidity. now, heading towards the beaches tomorrow, it's going to be a beautiful day. temperatures, at least for long island will be in the lower 80s. you go down to jersey shore and you're going to be in the upper 80 s, lots of sunshine. mid to upper 70s. uv index once again, very high with all that sunshine. it is at 8:00 and there's a modern kwhans chance of seeing ripper currents.
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if you're going to go into the ocean tomorrow, try to stay as close to the lifeguards as you can. otherwise, here's future tracker. mainly clear tonight. tomorrow morning we're sunny. tomorrow afternoon, just a delightful day. then notice on monday morning we're starting offer with plenty of sunshine, but then here comes that front. ahead of that frontal band, we are going to see some thunderstorms as we head towards the late afternoon and evening hours. and some of those could be on the strong side. otherwise for tonight, generally 60s and 70s along the coast. but you go well north and west, we're in the 50s. it will be quite cool for this time of year. daytime highs, mid to the upper 80s, still above average. but at least we're not in the 90s. there's the seven-day forecast. monday, 91. it's a humid day. some late-day storms. then we start to cool it down. by wednesday, 85. by the end of the week, temperatures around 80 with a couple of thunderstorms thursday and saturday. >> 60s at night, too. i love that. thanks so much. big day tomorrow for triple crown winner american pharoah. he'll be racing for the first time since winning the belmont stakes.
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today you see there he did some easy gallup ops around the track. record crowds are expected on the jersey shore to watch him to make it easier for fans to get to the race tomorrow, new jersey transit is adding train service. but officials are warning riders they could still face delays with big crowds expected. if you go to the race, we want to see your photos. it's easy to send them to us. just down load our news 4 app and click on submit photos. if you don't want to fight the crowds, catch all the action. coverage starts tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. everybody wants to see this horse just one last time. >> it's going to be a good time. monmouth park a great place. let's talk some baseball. don't look now, it's august 1, the mets find themselves right in the middle of a pennant race tonight. it was one of their veteran players who provided all of the offense. highlights from the big night.
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the spinning pinwheel of death.
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made his mets debut over 24 hours after a trade deadline with detroit. ses pe december was 0-3 on the nigh, but the story of the evening was lucas duda. he demolishes this pitch to center. it is long gone, cutting the lead to one. then in the seventh, it's duda again. this time he goes deep to left hp his 20th of the year, he now has eight home runs in his last seven games. we're all tied at 2-2. bottom eighth, after an intention walk to cespedes, duda with the hit. they're now one game back. >> what is he? 8 for his last 15 with eight homers and a double? it's incredible. >> deaf flit two big wins for us. come out tomorrow and hopefully take third.
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>> the yankees were in chicago. they send brian mitchell to the mound in place of pe ineda who was placed on the dl this week. ramirez crushes one to left. that makes it 2-0 white sox. gregoria skies this pitch to right. and watch garcia get up and rob him taking away a sure three-run homer. two runs with that spectacular catch. former yankee melke cabrera deep to center. that makes it 6-1 as the yankees fall 8-2 the final. as for football, the first comments on sheldon richardson'sry cent arrest. he's accused of driving 143 miles an hour with a 12-year-old in the vehicle.
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he expressed support for the pro bowl defensive end but did not talk about sheldon's long-term future. >> we'll see how this progresses. as todd said the other day, it's not about words right now, they're about actions. not necessarily actions on the football field, it's how he handles himself. he do worry about sheldon in terms of decisions he's made off the field. we're supportive of him. >> it was day two of giants training camp and one of the new cases at camp is veteran wide receiver david jones. he spent last year at the raiders in green bay. >> i had a chance to meet and go over all the play calls and stuff like that. it all was second nature to me. that was one of the main reasons i chose here so that i could just come into a training camp, not have to worry about learning a whole new playbook and new terminology.
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you could come in here and just hit the ground running. >> looking forward to seeing that veteran on the field. and finally, a little soccer at yankee stadium. frank lampard making his mls debut in nyc fc's match against the montreal impact. a calf injury forced frank to scratch his first two scheduled debuts. and today, the former chelsea and manchester city midfielder entered the 69th minute and the fans gave him a huge applause. now lampard was chosen as an mls all-star despite not playing in an mls game this season. but his debut was a loss as montreal was victorious, 3-2 the final. all about the mets right now. they're in the pennant chase. it's pretty good. >> thanks so much. that will do it for us. "saturday night live" is coming up next. hope you have a nice night. see you back here tomorrow at 6:00. see you later.
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>> live from oklahoma city, it's the hottest event of the year -- the southern republican leadership conference! >> what up, what up, what up?! what up, southern republican leadership conference?! people say republicans can't be cool but we're about to prove them wrong. this year's republican candidates are off da chain. let's meet them. first up, he turned arkansas from a red state into a shred state. it's electric bassist and brand-new republican hopeful mike huckabee! [ cheers and applause ] and he promises to shred it all, like obamacare. [ bass plays ] and the irs!
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[ bass plays ] people say that's crazy, but he don't give a huck! [ air horns blaring ] it's mike huckabee! [ cheers and applause ] next up, he went to yale, so "yale" ready for this? it's ben carson. [ cheers and applause ] he's a medical genius, but tell that to his what he says. and he's a doctor, but he don't want no scrubs. he wants to be president. and he's about to put his neurosurgery training to use, because the things he says will blow your mind. >> obamacare is the worst thing since slavery. [ explosion ] >> he said that! put this guy in prison, 'cause he's gonna steal your vote. but watch out, because if sexuality works the way he says it does, he might turn gay in there. it's ben carson! [ cheers and applause ] next up, you ready to bust a cruz?
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it's texas senator ted cruz!


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