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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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outside brooklyn borough hall, a strong statement verbally. >> innocent people should not die. >> reporter: and visually. an open coffin serving as a conversation starter against gun violence. this borough is seeing a lot of crime. police report a number of shootings this weekend. many in the 75th precinct. authorities are looking for these two men who fired at best its at a house party. their gunshots, bright sparks on the surveillance video. police say they injured nine people. >> neighbor likes to party. sometimes they allow people, other people off the street to come in. the problem with that is you don't know what they're bringing. >> reporter: news 4 took a look at nypd crime statistics and did the math. factoring in this violence, shootings are up 500% in the 75th precinct from last year. this one's son, among those gunned down. >> i want justice for my son. so if you see something, say something, as they always say. if you know something, call in anonymous.
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call tips anonymously. >> reporter: the message echoed by community activists today and will be all week. and how can we make change accord to these community leaders? talking to local and state leaders and also just doing what that woman said about her son, if you see something, say something, and bring it to the attention of police as it happens. new here at noon, the retrial a former handy man accused of murdering little etan patz. jurors deadlocked this spring with a lopsided 11-1 split in favor of conviction. hernandez told investigators he strangled the child and stuffed his body in a box but no physical evidence was found. defense attorneys maintain the confession was coerced. at noon, police say they've caught the man wanted for breaking into an apartment and
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groping a woman. police say the culprit is 35-year-old jeffrey joseph from staten island. they say he broke into the apartment by going up the fire escape and he groped her, she woke up and he took off. joseph is charged with burglary and sexual abuse. >> it is a sad day for the family of young bobbi kristina brown, being buried next to the grave of her mother whitney houston. news 4 new jersey reporter jen maxfield is live outside of the fair view cemetery in westfield, union county where that private ceremony will be held. jen. >> reporter: that's right, the ceremony inside the cemetery is private but here outside the gates you can see there is a crowd of both media and mourners gathered for the grave side service. that service is private but a couple dozen fans have come here to pay their respects and to show their support for the houston and brown families. 22-year-old bobbi kristina will be buried here right next to her mother, whitney houston.
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bobbi kristina died in hospice care after she was found face down in a bathtub. her mother whitney houston was also found unconscious in a bathtub when she died in february of 2012. tension between the houston family and bobby brown's family has been running high ever since. yesterday, bobby brown's sister said she was kicked out of bobbi kristina's funeral in georgia after shouting at members of the houston family. mourners here hope for a peaceful good-bye. >> i was here three years ago when whitney had passed away. and i'm just here to support her daughter and her family. >> pray that the family can come to some, you know, some peace through all this and try not to fight so much and just try to look at the good time and hold on to the good times and not the bad times. >> reporter: this section of east broad street in westfield has been closed down to traffic today outside the fair view cemetery. we do understand that the procession will be arriving any
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moment. they left the funeral home in newark. again, we are waiting for the procession of mourners for that burial of bobbi kristina later today. that's the latest. i'm jen maxfield, news 4, new york. city officials are preparing for a town hall meeting to address an outbreak of legionnaires disease. 71 cases reported in the south bronx. four people died. health officials say they expect to see several new cases in the days to come. tonight's town hall will be from 6:00 to 8:00 at the bronx museum of the arts. federal officials investigating a drone sighting at jfk. it was last night. the pilot noticed the drop ne on the left side of his plane. that was when the -- i should say that was the second drone spotted at jfk airport in just a couple of days, last friday afternoon, two landing planes reported seeing an unmanned drone as close as 100 feet. also a power surge in south queens early this morning affected service at that airport.
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power to the airport was only out for about 30 seconds. it was right around 2:00 this morning. did lead to some residual delays. the cause of the power surge is under investigation. now to the presidential race. donald trump says latinos love him but an nbc poll out this morning shows they did not. tracie pots has more on these new numbers. plus, another big-name democrat could be considering a run against hillary clinton. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports vice president biden is quietly testing the waters and could decide whether to run for president by september. >> if he runs, he runs. >> reporter: donald trump says he's not worried about that or thursday's debate. >> i'm not looking to take anybody out or be nasty to anybody. >> reporter: including former texas governor rick perry. they've been going at it. trump tops our latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll, with 19%, followed by scott walker and jeb bush.
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new, the poll shows 3 in 4 latinos don't like trump. in the latest national average, perry's just outside the top ten. >> i expect to be on the page. >> reporter: he's fighting for the last two spots with ohio governor kay sich. >> it's not going to matter whether you're number one, number five or number ten. >> i was at 1% in the national polls and ended up winning 11 states. >> reporter: only the top ten will be on stage thursday night. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and in just a couple of hours, president obama plans to unveil his new ambitious plan to battle climate change. it involves getting power plants to use less coal. he wants to dramatically increase america's production of solar and wind power. the president's goal is to cut carbon emissions by power plants by about 32%. he wants to do that in 15 years. but that plan is expected to be fought not only in court but in congress as well. all right, coming up here on news 4 new york at noon, an amazing rescue caught on camera
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of a mother and her children. and why there's even another reason that your kid could be a picky eater and it's a big problem. and it looks like we're headed to 90 degrees once again later today. it's been a hot stretch we've been on but there is a cooldown on the horizon. the seven-day forecast when we come back.
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happening today, the attorney general will announce the details of the deal with some of the country's biggest retailers including amazon and walmart that will get them to stop selling those realistic toy guns in new york. at the same time, teaming up to
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tackle gun violence. i didn't know if you knew this, but the pair are cousins. they're pushing legislation that focuses on background checks and mental health initiatives. >> these shootings have got to stop. i don't know how else to say it. maybe the worst part about all this is that there is a commonsense way to stop mass shootings. >> the plan unveiled today would monetarily reward states for submitting all necessary records into their background check systems and then penalize the ones that don't. some minor league baseball players in kansas are dedicating their win to their beloved bat boy. 9-year-old kaiser carlisle was struck in the head saturday night. he was running past a player who was taking a practice swing at the national baseball congress world series. his teammates huddled in prayer and then announced sunday that carlisle sadly had died. firefighters pulling off a remarkable rescue in brooklyn.
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isn't that crazy? cell phone video showing flames shooting out of the windows. it was yesterday that fire trapped a mom and her five kids on an upper floor. firefighters were able to save them to safety one by one. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. in today's money report, a kraft cheese recall. and a brand-new tv internet wireless service hitting the market. let's get the latest from cnbc's bill griffeth. >> we've been here, where have you been? the stock market, lower today. couple things, oil prices are hitting new lows for the year, which is good for those who buy gasoline. those prices are going to continue lower. the greek stock market opening for the first time in five weeks. it opened down 30%. eye popping numbers there. it did close off those lows. but still big day. right now, the dow jones
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industrial average down about 70 points at this hour. we will see how we do as we go into the afternoon session. we have this recall to tell you about. kraft foods recalling 36,000 cases of their individually wrapped kraft american and white american cheese products. apparently what's happening is the plastic wrapping has been sticking to the cheese slices, causing a chokes hazard. ten customers reported the problem. three of them actually reported choking. you can go online to their website to get the serial number, what you're looking for, of what's been recalled. the fcc only on friday approved the $48 billion merger of at&t and direct tv and this morning we already have the combined company's first product offering. it combines tv, internet and wireless services. the new wrinkle here is customers will be able to watch directv on their wireless mobile devices like your phone or your tablet. the new service rolls out officially next monday.
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it will cost $200 per month. and here's a hopeful hint. if you take nothing else from this segment. when you eat the sliced cheese, just make sure the plastic wrapping it off there. >> they do write it right there on the label, remove the wrapping before you eat the cheese product. >> don't we love a world of lawyers. >> everything's a lawsuit now. bill, thanks. speaking of eating, listen up, parents, are your kids picky eaters? >> while it's rarely worth worrying too much about, it could signal trouble in a small percentage of kids. in a study by duke university, researchers looked at what's called selective eaters. those are kids who are extremely selective, will only eat four or five specific foods. researchers found those children were nearly two times more likely to be diagnosed with a psychological disorder like depression and social anxiety. >> these are just sensitive kids. they see things more intently. they feel things more deeply. that's both in their own internal experience and the world around them.
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>> extreme selective eating was found in about 3% of the children studies. experts say to help get past picky eating, make meal time a priority, don't argue over food and let kids try new foods at other times during the day when they're less likely to put up a fight. >> can get kind of hairy at dinnertime. >> it's hot outside today, huh? >> 8 6 degrees. >> can i put that in perspective. the hottest place on the planet is kuwait at 126. >> it's a dry heat. feels like 110. >> very muggy here, that's a lot worse. we're feeling the difference because over the weekend it was very dry. it was not desert-like exactly but it was comfortable heat. now the mugginess is creeping back. we're seeing more humidity. so that 8 6 doesn't feel as nice outside as it did over the weekend. it's sunny, too. lots of sunshine. you need the shades today. let's look at your weather headlines.
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it is hot. turning more humid today. that's how we're turning the corner on this monday. a slight chance for a few storms tonight and then again tomorrow afternoon but very slight chance. it looks like we finally have a cooldown coming as we head to the end of the week. lots of sunshine helping boost those temperatures from the hudson valley down to the jersey shore. only a few passing clouds today. that's been the story so far. that will continue to be the story. 89 already in city island. closing in on 90 in middle village. in staten island, temperatures to the west of town, upper 80s. it's 88 in poughkeepsie. we're looking at 83 degrees in dan berry. we're already at 86. our seventh 90 degree day this summer so far once we get there this afternoon. tonight, a couple of hit and miss showers. northwest new jersey, we do stay
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dry in the city for the commute home. around 8:00, more of the same. a few spotty showers for northwest new jersey. tonight, we could have a few more showers into the overnight, mainly north of town. tomorrow morning, as you're heading back to work, 7:00 a.m., another dry commute for you. heading into tuesday afternoon, that's when we track the next chance for showers and storms, mainly at the coast tomorrow. some of them could produce some heavy downpours. wednesday is looking nice and dry. pollen report today. checking out that grass pollen. it is high. that may be causing a little extra sneezing if you're spending time outside. it feels every bit of 90 degrees with that higher humidity today. tracking shower spotty and storms later on this afternoon. down to 74 for your low. isolated storms are possible. they should happen overnight, but they'll be gone by tomorrow morning's commute. basically two days in a row you can go umbrella free. the heat is going to stay with us, though. 90 today. 89 tomorrow. 85, wednesday.
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look at the change on thursday. 79 degrees for your high temperature. there may even be some rain in the mix. temperatures stay relatively cooler as we head into the weekend. carrie and rob, over to you. >> some people at the floating hospital for children in boston got some special visitors. kristen wiig, kate mcchinnen and lesley jones decked out in full ghost busters guard. the cast was films outside and decided to take a break when they saw signs in the window spelling out, who you gonna call. i love that group. they're awesome. new york live is next at 12:30. >> here are sarah and jacque with what's ahead. >> what a great story, ghost busters there. can't wait for the movie. >> she's holding the baby and everything. >> that's nice. the perfect day to check out the city's fewest food market. a few items you have to try. and dancing with the stars fave can discameron burr ray is here
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with the scoop on fuller house whether she's really joining "the view" and so much more right here at 12:30. >> fuller house, that's the new full house, right? the remake? oh, that's going to be great. >> we're glad you're excited about that, rob. >> i loved that show when i was a kid. >> who knew? >> still ahead on news 4 new york at noon, the danger is not just on the racetrack. >> take a look at this. from pennsylvania, a wild accident on the sidelines. >> and remember to help us clear the shield elters. hundreds of shelters across our need. many have agreed to cut the cost for adoption for this one-day event. >> you can get information at our website the shelters.
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book worms in queens celebrating. today, borough leaders are set to allocate $14 million in
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capital funs for the queens library. the money will go to repairs and upgrades for security cameras at bay terrace. queens s s has one of the city's busiest library systems. take a look at this video of a really scary moment on a pennsylvania racetrack. the driver comes in too fast for a pit stop. and he hit some of his crew. one of the pit crew hit his head on the pavement. another had to jump on top of the car to keep from being run over. it happened yesterday at the pocono raceway during the windows 10 400. >> tough guys there. when we come back, some new babies in town.
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finally today two new attractions at six flags. it's newest california sea lion pups. piper was born june 5th, ridley born june 18. >> aren't they cute? born to two first-time moms at the new jersey park. they're expected to reach 220 pounds when they're fully grown. tonight on news 4 new york at 5:00, a clerical error cost a woman her tax refund. >> for breaking news any time, nbc new york kot com.
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hey, everyone, welcome to new york live.
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we hope you're having a happy monday so far. can you believe? i know you can believe it, jacque. it's august already. she thinks october's any moment. >> it's right around the corner. once you hit august, it's almost october. it just is. >> it has been going by very fast. i can't believe it's august already. we have a great show for you. moving on. coming up, it's the newest pop-up food market. we're going to bring you on a tour of penn plates to find out why it's a must visit for foodies this summer. >> and from dancing through life to the latest on fuller house, potentially joining "the view." we're catching up with the always delightful candace cameron burrray in just a bit. always love it when she's here. next time you head to the newsstand to pick up cosmo magazine, you might notice something different. the national center of sexual exploitation has petitioned to have cosmo covered up and sold to adults only. it's not the images at the
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center of the issue, it's the headlines. the ncse says articles like simple ways to make him worship you, i don't know what's wrong with that, spanking, blindfolds, cuffs, oh, my, and a little to the left make him better in bed are inappropriate for viewers of all ages. >> eye iran onically though, the movement is spearheaded by victoria hurst. she's the granddaughter of william randolph hurst which is the founder of cosmo's parent company. now, three retailers have agreed to cover the magazine, rite-aid will now put the cover in blinders which will leave the celebrity image visible. >> it kind of defeats the purpose when you've got cleavage served up. >> a lot of cleavage on cosmo. which i don't have an issue with. >> cosmo did release a statement saying cosmo is the most successful global media brand for young women. it's award winning con tent
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