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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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across the street, on the corner where nine people got shot this weekend. police now looking for two of the suspects behind the muzzled flashes you can see in this surveillance video. >> i think that's crazy. it's happening all around the city it's like that. shootings everywhere. >> reporter: actually, city hall says that's not true. the mayor's office says crime is down, and that the number of shooting incidents has dropped slightly from 674 last year to 669 this year. but community activists brought out a coffin at brooklyn borough hall today to protest the gun violence. >> our children deserve to live. our adults deserve to live. all lives matter. >> reporter: one gunshot victim has a grass roots group called wheelchairs against guns. >> we have to give them something. there is nothing out here for these youth. i was once a troubled child. and there was nothing in my community for me to do. >> this subject is really serious.
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and it's just not getting enough traction in congress. >> reporter: senator chuck schumer appeared with his famous cousin, amy schumer today, to call for tougher background checks. one recent mass shooting in louisiana happened at amy schumer's movie. >> unless something is done, and done soon, dangerous people will continue to get their hands on guns. >> reporter: now police commissioner bill bratton was attending a national summit on violence in washington today. he is scheduled to deliver a briefing here in new york tomorrow afternoon, with the latest crime statics. and again, the nypd says not only is violent crime down across the city, but shootings are, as well. andrew siff, news 4 new york. coming up tonight at 6:00, new york's biggest i-team looks at how to get guns off the streets and the debate over stop and frisk. and new at 5:00, a federal jury is keeping the death
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penalty on the table as sentencing for james holmes moves ahead. defense lawyers pleaded, citing mental illness as the reason behind his shooting spree at a theatre in colorado. the jury was not swayed. they will enter a third round of deliberations tomorrow before deciding if the 27-year-old will live or die. holmes was found guilty last month of killing 12 movie-goers and injuring 70 in aurora, colorado, in 2012. tonight, new details about a tragic crash on i-95 near philadelphia. the woman who was killed had just left auditions for ""american idol." natasha and five friends were headed back to new jersey after the auditions yesterday. the suv they were in went out of control and flipped. three of the people inside the car were thrown out. >> best person i've ever had to the encounter meeting. i love her to death and it will not change. >> reporter: a 19-year-old has a head injury and fractured ribs. the other four occupants of the suv have nonlife threatening
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injuries. a solemn goodbye in new jersey today as bobbi kristina brown, the only daughter of singer sing ernie ernie ernie whitney houston and bobbi brown was laid to rest. jen maxfield is outside the cemetery in westfield with more on this tearful goodbye. >> reporter: that's right. the service ended just a few hours ago. the service for bobbi kristina brown was private. invitation only. and even some people who say they were relatives could not get in. >> i'm being denied. and that's my cousin. that i never get to see. >> reporter: natalie bell hip came from crown heights brooklyn to honor her long lost cousin. i kristina but wanted to say goodbye. her name wasn't on the invite list so she was told to come back another day. >> i don't lie. why would i come here to pay my being my cousin? i don't do that. >> reporter: dozens of close
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relatives from the families of whitney houston and bobby brown gathered to say a final farewell to 22-year-old bobbi kristina. outside the cemetery, two dozen fans and onlookers held up photos of bobbi kristina and her mother. >> i just felt in my heart that i needed to show support. that ordinary people, we still love the houstons and the brown family. >> reporter: bobbi kristina died last sunday, six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her georgia home. it was tragically similar to her mother's death in 2012 when whitney houston was also found unconscious in a bathtub the night before the grammys. today, bobbi kristina was laid to rest next to her mother. >> i love whitney houston and i just want to say goodbye to her daughter, in of her. >> reporter: bobbi kristina was remembered on saturday, but family tensions rose as bobby brown's sister says she was kicked out of the service, after she yelled at a houston family member.
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and there is heavy security at the grave site as we speak. we understand there is a blockade separating bobbi kristina and whitney houston's graves from the other areas here at the fairview cemetery. we also understand there is a security guard with a list of people who are and are not allowed in. of there has been private security here at fairview ever since whitney houston was laid to rest here in 2012. that's the latest, live from westfield, new jersey. i'm jen maxfield, news 4 new york. >> all right, jen, thank you. and new at 5:00, a tourist is charged with carrying two loaded guns at the september 11 memorial. the criminal complaint says the military veteran, elizabeth enderle, told an officer saturday she had the weapons in her backpack. her family says she has a permit to carry the weapons in texas, and mistakenly thought she would bring them here. they say she had asked the officer where to store the handguns while she visited the site and that's when she was arrested. now to breaking news on the
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financial crisis in puerto rico. the island commonwealth is officially in default after missing a $58 million bond payment. that bill among several due today. puerto rico's government is struggling with about $72 billion in outstanding debt. the island is barred from seeking bankruptcy protection, despite efforts in congress to change that. in washington, president obama unveiled the final version of his plan to limit emissions from u.s. power plants. the president detailed the plan in a clean power plant event at the white house. he called it the single most important step america has taken to fight climate change. the plan imposes stricter carbon dioxide limits and will cut emissions by 32%. >> this is one of those rare issues, because of its magnitude, because of its scope, that if we don't get it right, we may not be able to reverse. >> the clean power plant promises to drastically reshape the way we get our electricity here in the tristate.
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news 4's brian thompson takes a close look at that, coming up at 6:00. new information tonight in the fight against those intense wildfires spreading quickly in california. the largest tripled in size over the weekend, and tonight it's only 12% contained. as nbc's jennifer bjorkland explains, thousands of people have been ordered out of their homes. >> reporter: a nasty fire, erratic, unpredictable, tripling in size and reaching for more. the rocky fire north of san francisco ravaged more than 80 square miles. officials say this one generated its own winds and spread faster than they had ever seen, destroying 24 homes and 26 other buildings, like sheds and barns. thousands of people evacuated. >> this is alarming. it's a little surreal, and just kind of keeps you on your toes. >> reporter: crews are shooting fires into brush, burning breaks before the fire can get to it. catastrophically dry conditions in the midst of drought have
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turned california to kindling. 3,000 firefighters on the lines, one u.s. forest service firefighter, david rule, killed in the national forest last week. four others seriously burned northeast of sacramento in a around them. crews on the lines have to keep going in spite of it. >> definitely, it's hard. the fire community is definitely bigger than any other job i think out there. that's what makes this job great. the beast. that's part of the job. >> reporter: many of the fires are touched off by lightning, striking in remote areas, bringing little or no rain. water-parched trees and brush succumbing to drought, now fire. the only relief in sight, raining down from airplanes. jennifer bjorkland, nbc news. next, storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff is severe thunderstorm warning we told you about. and then from those fierce flames out west to rising water, keeping close to home is where
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the hard rain and flooding are swamping streets. and you might want to check your refrigerator. a big recall to tell you about. why some cheese slices could pose a choking hazard. and later, homelessness in new york city is new york city. is the problem getting worse? that depends on who you ask. we're getting to the bottom of it, new at 5:30. looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and
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craved by the whole family.
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back now with two consumer alerts for things that could put you and your family's safety at risk. one could be in your garage and the other right in your refrigerator. news 4's consumer reporter, lynda baquero is here. >> kraft is recalling 377,000 packages of cheese singles, because of a potential choking hazard. now, many of you might be wondering, how can sliced cheese be a choking hazard? well, it's actually because of the thin plastic wrapper that the cheese slice is in. kraft says when you take the cheese out of it, pieces of the plastic wrapper can stay stuck to the cheese, which can cause someone to choke. now the recall includes only three and four-pound sizes of kraft singles american and white american singles. if you buy in bulk, check your fridge. what you want to look for is a best when used by date, falling
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between december 29 of 2015 and january 4, 2016, followed by the manufacturing code s54 or s55. if you don't have a pen now, don't worry, we have put the information up at and if you do have the cheese, you can either exchange or return it to the store where you bought it. and now let's turn to our other recall, this one affecting hundreds of thousands of cars. dodge is recalling about 285,000 charger sedans in the u.s., because side air bags can deploy when a car door is slammed. now this only affects the 2011 to 2014 model years. it's actually the same problem that led to the recall of about 844,000 ram pickup trucks earlier this month. owners will be notified when to bring their cars in to be fixed. until then, the company says, just to be cautious when opening and closing your car doors. chuck, back to you. >> thank you, lynda. today the u.s. senate is debating defunding planned parenthood.
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the uproar triggered by videos that show staffers talking about selling fetal body parts. planned parenthood says they were talking about reimbursements. but opponents say the practice is offensive enough to have the government with hold its $500 million annual payment to that group. >> it's absolutely illegal to make any profit. and we do not. planned parenthood makes zero profit on any fetal tissue donations. >> it can't be trusted. and the money can better be used for other women's health services and organizations. >> the federal government's financial support represents 40% of planned parenthood budget. the group performs 300,000 abortions a year, along with providing health services to women at 700 clinics nationwide. a crackdown on distracted drivers in connecticut for the next two weeks. police are keeping a very close eye on those texting or talking on their cell phones while behind the wheel. drivers caught breaking the law by not using a hands-free device face a fine of $150. and repeat offenders could pay up to $500.
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officers handed out nearly 16,000 citations during a similar crackdown last year. mike spano announced a series of improvements to beautiful the city's waterfront. the city showed some of the improvements planned. replacing old paving stones, and install a new planting bed. work on the project started last month and should be finished by the end of september. tampa and neighboring cities in central florida are dealing with some serious flooding. more than 6 inches of rain fell on the area, trapping residents in their homes, forcing road closures, and stranding motorists already on the streets. rain isn't only complicating road travel. 161 flights were delayed at tampa international airport due to the heavy rains. heading our way? >> well, it's actually headed in our direction but not going to make a big impact here, except maybe churning up the shoreline in terms of the water. there could be dangerous rip currents as a result of that, and that storm moves up the east coast or off shore from the east coast.
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we're not expecting it to make a direct impact but an indirect one here in the tristate area. right now we are tracking some thunderstorms north of the city, north and west. nothing in midtown, even though you might see a few clouds passing by. the storm clouds well to the north and west. that's our picture from the top of the rock camera. looks pretty nice now. 87 degrees, humidity not only that bad. we were expecting a much more humid day. we'll get that tonight and tomorrow, though. the system that we are talking about that struck tampa is now just north of jacksonville. and so they're seeing some thunderstorms along the atlantic coastline near the carolina coastline. but the projections, all the different computer forecast models, spaghetti plots here, are taking it offshore from our area. it will make some direct impact here along the carolina coast, possibly the outer banks and south carolina as well. a lot of heavy rain, beach erosion, as well as strong rip currents and heavy rain there. for us, because it may come relatively close, the rip currents may become an issue for our shoreline. but we're not expecting a direct
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hit here. and the national hurricane center is watching in case it develops into something. nothing now. only a 10% chance. we are tracking some thunderstorms in our area north and west of city. it looks like that line is weakening now. the storms aren't as numerous, but we did have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of sullivan county. that seems to still be in effect, at least for maybe another couple of minutes, maybe extending that. it's now moving into southern alster county, the thunderstorm. a few storms offshore of the jersey shore, but they are well offshore. having problems with high risk of rip currents at the shore areas. that will continue into tomorrow, as well. here's a look at future tracker. we may track one or two thunderstorms in the area tonight, but mainly it's the jersey shore. you'll see some clusters early in the morning at 3:00 a.m. again around 8:00 in the morning. and parts of long island, too, for the morning commute. after that, just some random thunderstorms north and west of the city, parts of connecticut tomorrow afternoon. but most areas will stay dry. in terms of the heat, 90 was the official high in the park today. 93 in newark.
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and coming close to 90 in bridgeport, laguardia and islip. humidity was not as big a factor today. but should get more humid tomorrow. right now it's still 92 over staten island, jersey city at 90. and ten afly, you're at 80 in sayville, so much better on the south-facing shores of long island. 85 in danbury. 92 in long branch. hot in some spots of the jersey shore, mainly in the mid to upper 80s. another 90-degree day is expected tomorrow. and the storms mainly along the coast in the morning. and then low humidity and the temperatures falling. 86 on wednesday, 80 on thursday. we will get some rain on friday with highs in the 70s. back to you, chuck and sibilia. >> all right, janice, thank you. hillary clinton is set to flood the airwaves with the first presidential campaign ads. we have a preview. and a typical kids' menu consists of chicken fingers, pizza, mac-n-cheese. what happens when a child won't eat anything else? why parents should take their child's picky eating very seriously.
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and coming up at 6:00, drones interfering with flights at jfk. now a new plan by officials to make sure they can fly near any airport. next at 6:00.
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certainly moms and dads know that some kids can be really picky eaters. usually they outgrow it. >> but when a child only eats a few foods, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. news 4's kerry barrett explains. >> reporter: most parents have encountered kids who like food one day and then decide they hate it the next. those are very typical picky eaters. they are not who this story is about. >> ever since i can remember, i've always had problems eating things. >> reporter: this story is about a small percentage of kids like cory fader, who literally only ate four or five foods growing up. even now as a business student at the university of pennsylvania, cory experiences intense anxiety when faced with consuming anything other than very specific kinds of pizza
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pasta or chicken fingers. >> they make it sound simple. why don't you just pick something up and eat it. but it's like if i could just eat it, i can promise you i would have done it by now. >> reporter: cory's anxiety is illustrated in a new study of selective eating from duke medicine. researchers found kids who were extremely restricted were more likely to be diagnosed with depression or social anxiety. >> these are just sensitive kids. they see things more intently, they feel things more deeply and that's both in their own internal experience and the world around them. >> reporter: luke's doctor, nancy zuker, suggests the kids are sensitive not only to the external world but also to what's going into their bodies, like food. cory says he's trying multiple forms of therapy to get past his food aversions. >> my goal is just to be able to get to a point where i can fit in socially, i can go out with my friends. >> reporter: early intervention could be key. so kids can get the most effective therapies possible. so experts say the take-home message for parents is extreme picky eating is not your fault.
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make family meal time a priority. two, don't argue about food at the dinner table. try to make it a calm environment. and three, practice trying out new foods at other times of the day when kids may be less primed to fight about food. kerry barrett, news 4 new york. >> do you have a picky eater? >> just one. he's not as bad, though. we try to expose him to as many foods as possible, which is always a good thing. >> that can be a tough fight. my daughter wouldn't eat peas. she was -- >> my kids like broccoli. david is here now with a look at what's new at 5:30. >> from the campaign trail, how much money hillary clinton is spending on tv ads in just two states, and also why governor chris christie was booed. also, does it feel like you're seeing more homeless people on the streets of new york city? the mayor says no. but one city official is contradicting that. and finally, something is being done to stop the sale of guns that look so realistic, they could lead to fatal mistakes.
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coming up, after a clerical error cost a woman her irs refund, she called better get baquero and i got her money back. >> better get baquero, coming up on news 4 new york.
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police say he was drunk and out of control. >> and tonight the man who investigators say rammed his car into another and caused a chain reaction crash is under arrest. >> at least seven people were injured. three of them cops. it happened last night in jersey city. news 4's tracy strayhan reports on the panic caught just moments after the crash.
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>> reporter: this exclusive video taken by cell phone shows the chaotic moments immediately after a domino effect of damage. authorities say a speeding car rear-ended another vehicle, shortly after 8:00 sunday night. sending that car into a parked vehicle with two passengers. the impact was so strong, the cars careened on to the sidewalk, striking two residents and the three officers. the female officer is still in the hospital. >> looked like she was hit pretty bad. she was in pain. >> reporter: here you see keith jeffers handcuffed and loaded into an ambulance. authorities say the 30-year-old attempted to flee after causing the crash, but is now facing charges, including driving whilin while intoxicated. residents say it's not an uncommon occurrence in the area. >> sometimes they come down here in the mid morning, they're drunk and they actually come on the other side of the street. >> reporter: we have learned that jeffers is also facing four counts of assault by auto, and the accident. as for that jersey city police
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officer, we're told she is in stable condition. in jersey city, tracy strayhan, news 4 new york. we've got an update now on a story we first told you about friday. a man wanted for breaking into an apartment in the west village and groping a woman while she slept is now in police custody. police say he is 35-year-old jeffrey joseph from staten island. he allegedly broke into the victim's apartment by climbing up the fire escape, and once inside, police say he fondled her, she woke up, he took off. a major reretailers are making big changes that could save the lives of children. walmart, sears and amazon are among the retailers who have agreed to stop selling life-like toy guns in new york. state law bans the sale of black, blue, silver or aluminum toy guns. but the state attorney general's office says that more than 6,400 toy guns sold between 2012 and 2014 violated new york laws. >> this is an example of a gun that complies with new york city's law, it is easily distinguishable from a real gun. no police officer is going to mistake this for a gun.


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