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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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in prime time. seven others, including governor pataki are engaging now in what's been dubbed the happy hour debate. the committee describes tonight's festivities as a first date between the candidates and the voters. >> into cleveland have come the gop candidates. >> how do you feel, senator? >> quite good. >> the top ten in national polling are there tonight in prime time. >> the arena, we've got to see how it works. >> two debates, one in prime time, and one earlier with seven candidates with lower poll numbers. >> it's better to start out in the minors and go to the majors than the other way around. >> for many voters, it's the first chance to see their favorites in action. >> john kasich. >> you're from ohio? >> you bet. >> i'm looking forward to seeing donald trump. nobody owns him. >> i think he brings a lot of fresh ideas. and then you have the established politicians. so i think it'll be a great
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synergy of candidates. >> a bit of good news with donald trump with the latest nbc news poll. more acceptance by republicans. 74% said they could not support him as the nominee, now just 49%. along with scott walker, political pros will be watching jeb bush. he has to stand out, says gop campaign veteran steve schmidt. >> if the bush campaign is waiting for donald trump to collapse and jeb bush to rise, i think it's a mistake. he'll have to go out and earn this. >> and, of course, they all want the buzz on social media. >> and there's been a lot of debate today, what should the strategy be? we'll see. while it is a big night for the gop, democrats aren't seeding the spotlight totally. the first of six debates will be held october 13th in nevada. the democrats are already fighting. bernie sanders and martin o'mally says it doesn't give them time to make a case before hillary clinton before voting starts in iowa, by the way, in february 2016. chuck?
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>> not quite enough time. okay. and count on news 4 to bring you all the highlights and fallout from tonight's republican debate. all of that for us tonight at 11:00. and new at 5:00, very sad news to report about a 5-month-old baby boy from ft. lee, new jersey, allegedly beaten by his own father. that baby died today at bellevue hospital in new york. aggravated child assault charges against his father have been upgraded to murder. police say the 38-year-old violently shook and assaulted his son during a 2-week period before bringing him to the hospital just over a week ago. >> tonight, a suspect's in custody in a shooting outside the pnc bank arts center in new jersey. 27-year-old powell was picked up at east orange. he's charged with attempted homicide. allegedly shot two people in the parking lot outside the arts center as rapper j. cole was finishing up a concert. his bail has been set at $750,000. and new tonight, an arsonist caught in the act. this is video of a fire set at
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strictly vegetarian restaurant on church avenue in prospect park. the fire was set on july 23rd. police need your help finding the man who set the fire. this is a person who officers say is responsible. fire damaged the outside and inside of the restaurant. if you know who he is, please call the nypd. >> we have some new information tonight in yesterday's movie theater attack in tennessee. you saw the breaking news unfold right here on news 4 at 5:00. we've just learned the attacker, 29-year-old vincent montano may have wanted to set off an explosion inside that theater. jay gray with new details for us. jay? >> reporter: hey there, chuck, yeah, and the crime scene tape all gone here. so is the stepped up police presence. but the investigation continues. we're also hearing now from the first officer who made contact with that suspect inside this theater during the attack. >> it was quiet earlier today as police continued their
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investigation outside the hickory hollow cinema. much different than just 24 hours earlier when witnesses say 29-year-old montano attacked three people inside the theater using a hatchet, pepper spray and an air soft pistol. >> he was rushing out, telling everybody to back up. somebody's got a gun and stuff like that. >> in the chaos, nashville police officer jonathan frith rushed in. >> gaining information that the suspect was inside, immediately, proceeded into the theater to actively engage him. >> frith was the first to confront the suspect who had already grazed one man with his hatchet and used pepper spray with red dye on a woman and teenage girl. >> all i could see was the silhouette of a figure. i engaged that figure with one shot with my patrol rifle and immediately backed out and declared we had a barricaded suspect situation. >> the showdown ended when montano was killed by s.w.a.t.
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team members as he apparently tried to escape. the national association of theater owners is praising the quick response from nashville police. saying in a written statement, whether it is in churches, schools, malls, or other public places, people have a right to go about their lives in peace and safety. the safety of our guests and employees is and always will be our industry's highest priority. an industry and audiences on edge right now after two theater attacks in less than a month. >> investigators continue to look into montano's mental history. they say at this point, they have no solid evidence of a motive in the attack here. that's the latest live in antioch, tennessee, i'm jay gray, now back to you. >> jay, thank you. and now to a news 4 tonight, we are hearing from the woman who was injured when a through the bottom of a city bus. it happened on the bx line bx11
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line in the bronx. in the mt. eden section with the interview you'll see only here on news 4. >> reporter: and her name is josephina guzman. that's when the manhole cover exploded through the bus, and she ended up in the hospital. a look at the floor beneath a bx-11 route bus. wood splintered, that silver iron plate to the right? that's a manhole cover. it ripped through the bus floor just below guzman's seat. >> he wasn't respecting that. and maybe one of the tires that explode. >> translated for us, but the bruises to her leg needed no further explanation. black and blue marks and a swollen ankle. injuries from the nearly 300-pound plate that slammed into her leg. >> they do, you know, the x-rays and everything. after five hours, and they say that there is no fracture.
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but she thinks it has to be something there. because, look, you know, how her foot looks. >> the bus was heading down west 170th street tuesday. it stopped at a light, the cover just under it. when for an unknown reason, it exploded. >> i hear the boom or say, oh, my god. go to to the hole. he works at a nearby business, heard the commotion and never imagine he'd see a freak accident like this. neither did guzman who can only walker. when asked if she'll ride the bus again -- >> she has to think about it. >> reporter: yeah, i'd think about it, too. that is the manhole right there. it is looking even with the ground, thankfully. we reached out to find out how this possibly could've happened. we haven't yet gotten a call back. as far as the mta, though, they answered and said, thank
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goodness, no one else was more seriously injured. news 4 new york. >> seemed to have a good sense of humor about it, as well. thank goodness she's okay. well, giving someone a wet willy may be immature. but is it a crime? we'll tell you about the arrest a local police department made. and then some bounty hunters storm a home to take down an armed and dangerous fugitive. but the man they're looking for was not inside for a very good reason. just wait until you hear who was in that house. plus, the mta has been pulling trash cans from some subway stations hoping it would make them cleaner. so is it working? we've got the answer next. and steve is here with the forecast. >> and weather wise, it was a great day today, very comfortable, but clouds on the increase tonight, parts of the area seeing showers tonight, as well, but what about the weekend? do we clear out? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and later, saving money by having surgery overseas? what are you really -- do you really get what you pay for when you do that?
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new at 5:30, the dangers of medical tourism. and we are monitoring that breaking news affecting the evening rush. delays on the train service between newark and new york because of a track fire. another update in minutes ahead.
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get out of the past, get fios. back now to that breaking news we've been following. creating a real headache for commuters out there. train service experiencing 45-minute delays between new york and newark because of a track fire just outside of now, tickets are being cross honored. the path, new jersey transit and private carriers count on news 4 to bring you developments as they happen. well, some bounty hunters in big trouble tonight for accidentally raiding the wrong home. not only was this the wrong house, it belonged to a police chief. >> open the door! >> those bounty hunters thought the man wanted on drug charges in oklahoma was hiding out in this phoenix home. instead, they came face to face with joseph yonger, the police chief of phoenix. his girlfriend inside called
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911. >> what is your emergency? >> i don't know if they're bounty hunters or what they are, but they're -- they just banged down our door and looking for somebody. >> this is a scenario in which last night we could've had a shootout on the chief's front doorstep. >> one of the bounty hunters was arrested for criminal misconduct. police found out that guy is -- there is more incentive to watch your speed when behind the wheel. state police are in the middle of a week long initiative to crack down on speeding and aggressive drivers across the state. last year, police tracked the ticket given for speeding violating the move over law and distracted driving. in all, more than 22,000 tickets were issued. most were given in the upper hudson valley area where more than 3,000 citations were issued. the campaign runs through august 11th. a childish prank got one connecticut man arrested. this is one of the most popular
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stories on our twitter page. approached a 4-year-old boy in the waiting room of a business in sheldon and stuck a wet finger in the child's ear. when the child's mother confronted him, he ran off. but the police caught up with him. he is charged with reckless engagement and released on $500 bond. new tonight, the mta says the experiment to cut down on garbage on subway stations by taking away trash cans is working. but do strap hangers believe it? andrew siff finds out. >> reporter: it's been nearly four years since the mta tried an experiment at this subway station and a few others. no trash cans down below on the ground so they could encourage passengers, instead, to take their garbage and throw it out at cans on the street. today the mta said it's working. >> i think that's true. i definitely think that's true. >> many riders cheered the news that the mta will continue its pilot program, no trash cans in dozens of stations. transit officials say the move
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has cut down on garbage by up to 66% as well as reducing the rat problem. but many riders disagree and keep looking for some place to throw their waste. >> i do not agree. i don't think it's any cleaner. >> most people will drop their trash on the floor and keep going and have trash on the platform and it's nasty. they should have a receptacle for us to put our trash. >> the mta admits it's counterintuitive but insist it's working. taking trash cans out of subway stations like this one is making them less dirty. in the village, news 4 new york. more than 2,000 homes and businesses still without power on long island. pseg has spent the last two days cleaning up and repairing damage from tuesday's storms. the utility says it has restored electricity to at least 95% of the customers who lost it. >> really got it hard out there. all right. so storm team 4 meteorologist steve villanueva is here. >> well, tomorrow we'll see lots
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of clouds around, south of the city and maybe a couple of showers. but the good news, the weekend is looking great. yesterday, we were concerned about saturday but now saturday is looking fantastic as the storm system will pull away from the east coast. with that said, in the park, 83 degrees, comfortable today, a smidge below average, low humidity, now clouds are starting to increase coming in. ahead of a storm system that will pass to our south. bridgeport on the cool side at 79 today, islip coming in at 82 degrees. right now, 83, staten island. 80 at jfk. 81, the current reading into nassau county. the city. and long branch also coming in the 70s right now at 75 degrees. and you can see clouds starting to push into the area. coming in ahead of this storm system right here. you can see it spinning around here, cincinnati, notice all the across the deep south. all of this will stay to the south where the unstable air is. now, this system right here will track across the mid-atlantic stateshtomorrow. and it'll bring central and
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southern new jersey the chance of some rain showers tonight and into tomorrow, as well. but i think most of us across the tri-state area do stay dry. now, as far as the weekend goes, saturday, looking so much better better, that storm system is pulling away. we will see a mix of sun and clouds on saturday with a temperature of 84 degrees. and sunday, delightful, mostly sunny, 83 degrees, lots of sunshine. but at our local beaches, temperatures on sunday will generally be in the mid to the upper 70s with the winds coming in out of the east. so here's future tracker. tonight, we'll see an increase in clouds, and notice by midnight, rain showers down the jersey shore, into monmouth, into ocean counties. and starting off with lots of clouds south of the city. more sunshine north of the city, and then during the afternoon hours, we're partly to occasionally mainly cloudy. and we can't rule out a spotted shower off to the south. but i think most of the moisture is staying down toward the mid-atlantic states. so for tonight, we'll see an overnight low of 68 in the city, coastal areas generally in the mid-60s. you go well north and west, and once again, temperatures there
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will be in the 50s. tomorrow, daytime highs, very comfortable, lower to the mid-80s. a mix of sun and clouds, with a spot shower down the jersey shore. saturday, 84, looking good. sunday, delightful, 83 degrees, and next week, a storm system approaches and tuesday could be quite stormy. the weekend looking good, though, that's your forecast. >> steve, thank you. there is still much more ahead on news 4 at us5:00. another biker involved in that road rage beating learns his punishment. >> we'll have his sentence. plus this. trapped in a river and drawing a crowd. i'm brian thompson with what's in the works to get that dolphin back out to sea. and coming up at 6:00, a rare violin found. >> and within two hours, the fbi was there. >> where the $5 million musical instrume was discovered after being stolen in the 1980s. join chuck scarborough next at 6:00.
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well, new tonight, efforts un derway to get this trapped dolphin out to sea. the animal's been swimming for more than 24 hours and it is drawing a crowd. >> news 4's brian thompson in old bridge to show us how the plan works. >> reporter: yeah, and this is not the first time that we've had dolphins seemingly trapped in the bays and rivers of new york harbor. but this is a very long, small shallow river and that is very concerning. >> the rescue effort began at high tide this afternoon. a bay keeper boat operated by the river keeper trying to gently push and guide this dolphin down river to deeper water. >> discourage the animal from sticking around the area and hopefully move to deeper water, to a little bit closer to the ocean. >> as hundreds of people came and went through the course of the day to watch this apparently healthy dolphin swim in this narrow section of the south river, marine mammal stranding
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center and other officials huddled over various rescue options. this boat idea was the first one they came up with. but for onlookers, it was a delight to watch dolphin in the suburban community roughly ten miles from the sea. >> last night was my first time. >> and you thought it was? >> awesome. >> reporter: police had their hands full directing traffic while protecting onlookers l>>e the family who had to take a look at this welcomed visitor to old bridge. >> because i like dolphins and i like looking at them. >> and you've swum with dolphins. >> yes. >> which is better? swimming or watching in old bridge? >> old bridge. >> plan "a" failed. the dolahin ignoring efforts to gently guide him dow n the river during high tide. for this commun y, it means at least another day of dolphin watching. >> we've got skunks and deer and we've got raccoons and we've got dogs. but never a dolphin. >> so, plan "a" failed. now we go to plan "b." that will be tomorrow afternoon,
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again at high tide, giving the dolphin plenty of room to swim down if tey can get it to do that. what is plan "b"? it'll be using high-tech acoustical equipment to ping the waters the w they describe it to drive him drin by sound and out to sea. we'll see tomorrow if that works. live in old bridge, i'm brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> all right. very good. and if that doesn't work, they could probably use one of the political debates to bribe him out to sea. >> right? >> david's here with a look at what's new at 5:30. a hurdle is cleared and there's a new contract deal for firefighters. we've got details. lining up for the end. fans fall in to witness tv history. john stewart's last night on the "daily show." and the common touch. we meet some of the humble workers crting the chair to be used y pop francis sen he comes to new york. coming up, cosmetic procedures at a fraction of the cost. plastic surgery and injections done in hotel rooms and out of the country. the i-team exposes the dangers
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of underground medical tourism. watch new york's biggest i-team coming up.
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right now, a death toll inching higher. the cdc on the way. and new york city health nnaire's disease the south bronx. >> here's the latest. the unprecedented outbreak killed two more people, bringing the total now to ten. the number of cases now up to nigh the city health commissioner issued a mandate reuquiring all owners of cooling towers to disinfect their towers within 14 days.
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and they must hire environmental consultants. failure to do so is a misdemeanor. despite the precautionu, mayor de blasio believes all sitese have been treated. >> we've been following velopments andl we'll have more for you on news 4 new york at 6:00. > now we turn to an i-team report. how far would you go to get the perfect body? >> that's a great question. some women in our area are traveling out of the country for plastic surgery. th do, they do it to s ve money, but as the i-team found out, they might also be risking their lives. >> reporter: the quest for the rf t body. samantha says she's had a dozen plastic surgeries and p cedures to become the woman she is today. >> i was born a man. her journey started when she traveled to colombia when she s 18 years old where she got r breasts and a new nose.
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then it was on to mexico to get injections to pump up her buttocks buttocks. >> it's clinics but in the resorts. >> now she realizes she risked her life and her health. there was no doctor on hand at the resort. and if something had gone wrong, samantha doubts the so-called silicon nurse who was treating her would know what to do. >> i won't do it again. >> an estimated 750,000 americans travel abroad each year in search of cheaper medical care. and it's a risk that saves them thousands of dollars. >> it's always about saving money. >> but in 2013, the cdc issued a warning about medical tourism. saying doctors may reuse needles could lead to hiv and other diseases. >> 105 fever and i was in bad shape. my mom thought i was going to die. >> this woman went to the dominican republic for cosmetic surgery on her breast, buttocks and tummy. but there, she soon developed a staph infection and had to spend a month in the hospital. >> i was so sick, they didn't
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know the infection had traveled


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