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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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howard zucker says a briefing is planned with the cdc next week. >> everything we have, the information of where, who was infected when. >> it's a concern. you know. and it's scary. because you don't know what to expect. >> and that woman says she's very concerned because she has copd and asthma. now, the city has required owners of those cooling towers to have them inspected within penalty. free inspections of cooling towers in the city. though, if it is found, it'll have to be cleaned up at the owner's expense. news 4 new york. >> thank you. breaking news from new jersey where a track fire just outside delays. this is a live look at the scene from chopper 4. those delays for transit train service are improving a bit. stand at 30 minutes between newark and new york. tickets are being cross honored
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system wide. and we are continuing to follow the latest on the situation. we'll have updates online and on new york city construction worker who spends his down time singing sinatra songs is missing. >> if you pass by the 2nd avenue subway project, gary russo's voice probably sounds familiar. he's known as the 2nd avenue sinatra and he's been missing since last tuesday. police say russo was last seen at his howard beach home in queens. the crooner made headlines for setting up his karaoke kit during his breaks to serenade residents near the construction site. cleanup continues after a 300-ton construction crane crushed an underground water main. workers were fixing a sensor on the crane yesterday when they noticed water gushing on to the street. crews are removing the crane and making repairs to anderson avenue, which will reopen tomorrow at the earliest. business owners on that busy block say they are already taking a hit.
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>> i'm standing out here. what does that tell you? >> yesterday and today, too. i'm losing too much money. >> united water says it expects to complete the repairs later tonight. a precautionary boil water warning remains in effect. a former bridgeport school principal here seen dragging students through the halls is fighting to keep her teaching certification. carmen perez dixon was suspended from the tysdale school for six in 2013. the state department of yesterday on her bid for certification after application was denied. dixon's attorney argues her actions were within policy guidelines and she did nothing wrong. well, a $50,000 reward being offered in a 4-year-old double murder case in norwalk. they were shot and killed while sitting in their car back on august 6th of 2011. police initially investigated
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the case as a possible murder/suicide. but now, they say both were murdered. mayor de blasio unveiled an ambitious new mental health policy today designed in part to tackle what many believe is a growing homeless problem on the city streets. government affairs reporter melissa russo was at the table with the mayor when he made that announcement. >> well, experts in mental health and criminal justice seem to agree it's an unprecedented effort to get police and doctors and therapists all to dive in together to get help to new yorkers who could pose a risk to themselves or to the public. >> so many of these new yorkers are falling through the cracks. and that means the tragedy could be around the corner. >> the goal of mayor de blasio's new mental health plan announced today is to identify an estimated several hundred new yorkers who have the following things in common. a brush with the law in their past, mental illness that's been diagnosed but isn't being
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treated, and the potential for violence. to anyone who meets these criteria even if they're not homeless, the city will send treatment teams to them to help engage them in lasting mental health services. for homeless new yorkers, the teams could literally treat on the street. >> we literally have to revolutionize the way we provide care. >> the mayor's hope is to keep the treatment voluntary. though, city health officials say there are many options to commit uncooperative patients to psychiatric hospitals if they're believed to be dangerous. the plan comes amid-rising community concerns about homelessness. >> it's a shame. and i wonder what the circumstances are. and how they wound up like this. >> when i see them, i try to help them out, give them a dollar, here and there. >> in a poll this week, 53% of new yorkers report seeing more homeless on the streets. and disapprove of this mayor's approach. both mayor de blasio and his wife have said their parents suffered from mental health
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issues. the mayor's father committed suicide. and he today insisted the city's approach must be compassionate. the plan will cost an additional re-train police on how they treat the homeless, which this news 4 is not well. matter, we're not human. no dignity. >> mayor de blasio says he hopes to break the cycle of repeat offenses committed by untreated mentally ill who could potentially pose a public risk. >> there is a huge intersection criminal offending. so treating the homeless like criminals is actually the wrong thing to do. treating the homeless and finding out whether homeless individuals have mental health issues is exactly the right thing to do. >> homeless advocates and city officials agree a very small percentage of homeless new yorkers are actually violent. since many street homeless also avoid shelters because they fear
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they're unsafe, city hall is also planning to put extra security in shelters over the next few months. chuck? >> coming up next, news 4 continues, and an update on the wayward dolphin getting back out to sea. >> plus, an amazing story of how rare and extremely valuable violin was found more than three decades after it was stolen. and steve villanueva has your friday forecast. we've been waiting. >> we have been waiting. and tonight, parts of the area will start to see some rain showers. but what about your friday and the weekend? will we see improving weather? we'll talk about it coming up.
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tonight, crews are coming up with ideas to move a dolphin trapped in the south river back
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out to sea. the rescue effort began this afternoon. and the dolphin is 10 miles from the ocean. today a boat was used to try to guide the mammal down the river in deeper water. hundreds came to watch the dolphin swim in the narrow section of the river. >> because i like dolphins and like looking at them. >> and you've swum with dolphins. >> yes. >> which is better? swimming or watching here? >> old bridge. >> okay. today's plan failed, unfortunately. tomorrow, the marine mammal stranding center will try using acoustic devices to try to move the dolphin. also, the search for a woman who suffers from a mental disability. she was last seen yesterday evening around 11:00 in plainfield. police believe she may be trying to get to a home in east orange. and might be wearing a lavender black skirt. if you recognize mildred, please contact the police. coming up, a path train car that survived the 9/11 attacks
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arrived at the new home today. but first, a look at what's on nbc tonight. and chuck and i will see you again at 11:00. and a reminder here on august 15th, nbc is teaming up with hundreds of shelters across the tri-state to find homes for pets in need. many have agreed to cut the cost event. >> for more information and find participating shelters near you, go to you can also share your pictures by e-mailing them to
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well, iphone and ipad users, watch your next download. hackers are taking advantage of a security flaw to steal personal data. according to cyber security firm fire eye, hackers exploit a vulnerability in the ios software to trick users into installing fake versions of popular mobile apps like facebook and whatsapp. >> they can pull sensitive data
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and upload it where hackers can view it. how's your cell phone service? the company released a survey ranking mobile network service across the country. atlanta had the best service followed by chicago, knoxville and nashville, tennessee, and jacksonville, florida. and you're probably wondering where new york city fell. >> well, the big apple and the tri-state area ranked in the bottom half coming in at 74 out of the 125 places tested. and new york's hudson valley area ranked dead last in cell phone service. it is the second year in a row the hudson valley comes in last. in the root metric survey. hmm. >> indeed. and lester holt from los angeles with a look at what's ahea con nbc "nbc nightly news." >> now i know why are either are answering my phone calls. a lot of eyes on cleveland, the first republican debate a lot of those eyes also on donald trump. what will he say? we've had a look at his briefing memos with some ideas of how he might respond to attacks tonight.
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also, a look at 911. is there a disconnect between what we expect when we call for help and what the system can actually deliver? and also, we're going to talk about the strong recommendations about changing school starting times, it may be music to the ears of your teens. that and more in a few minutes on "nbc nightly news." back to you. >> can you hear me now? >> yeah. >> all right. >> okay, lester, we'll see you at 6:30. thanks a lot. >> okay. >> now to a story that sounds a bit like the plot of a movie. he lives to the ripe old age of 101, but never sees his violin >> but now, more than three decades after it was stolen, his family gets a surprising call from the fbi. news 4's andrew siff picks up the story there. >> well, the break in the case happened when a woman walked into the ace hotel to meet with a violin appraiser and show him the musical instrument that her late husband had left her. he took a look and soon realized it was one of the world's most
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famous missing violins. >> there's a very dark grain on the back. >> when violin appraiser took a close look at this instrument, he knew it was a stratevarias crafted in 1734. >> there are definitely characteristic markings of the wood and the wear and tear on the varnish. it's like a fingerprint, you can't forge that. it's really one of a kind. >> and this one-of-a-kind violin with inlaid pearls on the pegs may be worth $5 million. it belonged to concert violinist roman totenberg stolen from his massachusetts office in 1980, returned to his emotional daughters today. one of them, npr correspondent nina totenberg. >> our only real sadness is that our father, known to his legions of students as mr. t. is not here to see this.
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>> we are so honored to stand in our parenty? place today to we'come home the ames violin. >>inederalrirosecators even introduced assistant u.s. atto ey jason masamore an avid violinist to celebrate the find led by the fbi's art crimes unit with help from the nypd. >> today's ceremony is just an example of commitment to restore owners. >> they plan to sell the violin to a violinist. the feds say no one will be prosecuted since the suspected thief has passed away. in other words, case closed. >> reporter: now, one quick note of clarification, the assistant u.s. attorney playing that violin, that was not the stratevarias. the recovered violin not in concert shape. there's another unknown theft case dating backou0 years, stolen from 5th avenuean in 1995.
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police,say if you know what happed to it, give them a call. live in lower manhattan, news 4 new york. >> you never know. andrew, thank you. well, a piece of 9/11 history made its way home to connecticut today. dozens lined the streets to welcome path car 745 in east haven. the train car was one of two found in the tunnel below the north tower of the world trade center. originally, it was to be displayed at the 9/11 museum, but it's too large. it is still in the same condition as it was when crews ex took it from the tunnel. >> it looks in ver ogood shape considering what it went through. >> absolutely. so are we in good shape for the weekend >> we certainly are. yesterday, we were concerned about saturday, a storm siltem affecting us tonight. and it looked like yesterday could hang around coastal areas this week. but now, looks like it's going to move away. and the weekend is looking
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great. but for tonight we'll have more showers arou . otherwise, we'll see a aix of sun and clouds tomorrowith more sun t >>o the north, and less clouds to the south. and, again, the weekend is looking fantastic. 79 right now in the park, 80, jfk, also 79 into nassau county. monticello right now at 70 degrees, 75 is the current reading down the jersey shore. and we are partly to mostly cloudy, all thanks to a storm system that is marching towards the east coast. and you can see the storm sp. ning right h e near cincinnati. the a shower and a spot shower into tomorrow. otherwise, the storm system will make its way across the mid-atlantic states and then as we head into the weekend, start to p wl away. just in time for satuatay, we'll see a great day. a mix of sun and clouds, with a temperature 84 degrees.
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sunday, even nicer. we're mainly sunny, a daytime high of 83edegreeyos, but the winds will be coming in off the atlantic this weekend. and that means at the immediate shoreline at the beaches. temperatures will only be in the mid and into the upper 70s especially on sunday. otherwise, tonight on future tracker, we are mainly cloudy. around midnight, you can see some showers moving into the jersey shore, dow towards monmouth county, down towards ocean county, and then tomorrow morning,'m lots of clouds from the city south. re sunshine, though, from the city northward into the hudson valley. we are partly sunny with temperatures in the lower 80s. and, again, maybe a spot shower down the juasey shore. 83 is the forecasted high for your friday. saturday, sunday, looking beautiful. ts of sunshine, especially on sunday. and then stormy as we head towards tuesday with a daytime high of 83 then. but at least the weekend's looking better. that's the good news. >> thanks a lot. >> straight ahead with sports. >> wrapping up a series with the red sox tonight.
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they need a lot from c.c. s sabathia, one-time ace is mired in the roughest stretch of his career. we'll look at c.c.'s struggles this year. they haven't been pretty. plus, this is a snack rex ryan might never try again. y is the former jets now bills coach eating -- what is he eating there? wait until you see this next.
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well, you know what they say, what goes up, must come do iwn. >> you're not going to score ten runs every night. could've used a yorkple more last ght. e yankees scored 90 runshen ten games and then managed just ons last night 2-1 less to the red sox. they were due, right. rev back up agai tonight. c.c. sabathia drags his career
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worst 5.54lu.r.a. the lsst two starts, c.c. lowed ten runs on 15 hits. is 24 homers allowed? fifth most in baseball. he was alsl hospitalized with dehydration last thursday in texas. he says he's fine heading into tonight's rubber game with bo pston. 1/2 back in the a.l. east. he needs to find his old form tonight. his manager asked about c.c.'s influx of homers. >> the bottom line is location. getting the ball up and in the center of the plate too much. and not getting it where he wants. i ngmean, this is atguy that's been through this. been through this time of the year. taking the ball under any circumstance. and his attitude is something he needs. >> meanwhile, the nfl preseason kicks off this sunday night on nbc with a hall of fame game, giants get things started next friday in cincinnati. big blue will be in the queen city week for practice. and to get a chance to hit someone else, which is all good with quarterback eli manning.
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>> you know, on a bus, changing things up. a little travel day. those things are good. you know, you're out of your faciliy b it's you just don't get kind of into that, hey, you know, we've got this agains r that same routine. it's good to mix it up a little bit. >> training camp becomes a drag at som e point. time to play games. nblic 4 new york is your home for ants' preseason football. we've got wall-to-wall coverage ofng the four preseason games beginning with a visit to ncinnati when they face the bengals. circle the calendar. august 14th. the jets open a week from tonight for their preseason. rex ryan was up to his old tricks this afternoon, eating dog biscuits at his daily press conference. >> here we go. i have no idea on the flavor. that's terrific. let me g avive one more, i think.
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that's outstanding. a little dry. >> there's no way. there's no way that's outstanding. ier will say this, he did it n support of the society for the prevention to cruelty to animals. good job, rex. will he do it again? i don't know if you ask me. >> saving them from dog biscuits. >> bacon and chicken flavor. >> he was oddly shaking hands with everyone after that. i don't quite understand that. >> a little dry. >> a glass of milk with that. >> sitting on command. "nbc nightly news" uh is straight ahead. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night. . tonight, center stage, donald trump faces off for the first time with his republican rivals, as nbc news learns his secret strategy to fight off attacks. exclusive revelations revelati s, lat word
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on the latest movie thigh ter shooting. what the attacker may have been planning. bust, the largest of its kind ever. 16,000 pounds of cocaine hidden in a sub. a look at the way drug runners are getting here and the new wakeup call from the cdc. too many schools arting the day too early leaving kids going on too little sleep. tonight, the time doctors s s school should be starting and why schools find it so hard to change. nightly news begins ght now. >> announcer: this is nbc nightly news with lester holt, reporting tonight from los angeles. good evening. in a year donald trump defied the pun dance and soared to the top. this there is so much interest in today's republican debates in cleveland and yes, i said debates. there are so many
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candidates, 17, that fox slated two rounds. e first ended just a little while ago. but it's the top tier candidates in the polls facing off later tonight, but we're getting most of the attention, especially trump. in a minute we'll check in with chuck toddut first, peter alexander is at the site of the debate. >> reporter: good evening to you. the energy feels like u what you would see during a general election debate but we're still 15 months away from when the picked. tonight millions of americans will see donald trump as both politician and celebrity. all eyes tonight on donald trump. all my life. >> reporter: he says he's not a debater and called for a civil debate debate, but a source provided nbc news with these confidential memos prepared trump advising how to fight back if attacked by rivals. on jeb bush and marco
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rubio, it's funoy was


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