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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 18, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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when we showed up thisrmorning. sources tell news 4 investigators found evidence of heroin and marijuana inside the house. >> were you using drugs? >> reporter: he did not answer the question and we can't air his response on television. authorities are still investigating what led to the child's death, but both parents could face charges as could their neighbor because the toddler was able to get into the pool after wandering away from her own home. >> this wasn't here. this wasn't here last night. >> reporter: when did that go up? >> 4:00 in the morning. >> those people who own pools have to take every measure possible to assure that small children can't gain access to the pool. >> reporter: i'm ted greenburg. news 4 new york. police in brooklyn are looking for the sex predator behind an attack so violent that
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the victim's two teeth were knocked out. he approached his victim around 2:00 a.m. yesterday. he raped her at gunpoint. the attacker is a muscular man in his 30s. if you recognize him, call police. tonight in mount vernon a town hall meeting will be held. ray net turner was found dead in her jail cell last month two days after she was arrested for shoplifting. the state attorney general is investigating, but many are demanding more answers. community leaders are expected to speak at this meeting. it starts at 6:00. an orange county man accused of running a pot farm at his home is set to face a judge tonight. david buck had hundreds of marijuana plants growing in the backyard of his chester home. they say he had a large amount of it dried and packaged as well. police arrested him and seized
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all the drugs this morning. mayor de blasio sounding off about the pattern of professional panhandling with children uncovered by our i-team. we exposed these women working together with babies. today the mayor thanked the i-team and says it is important to make it easier for new yorkers to report what they see to child welfare officials. >> in terms of a clean legislative solution, i don't know yet how perfect that will be, but i think putting more attention on it and looking out for a situation where a child can be in danger is where we can have a bigger impact. >> legislation would ban begging with babies and punish repeat offenders. you can see our series of i-team investigations on
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or on the news 4 new york app. new york city's former top cop has a new gig and it's something you might not expect. a junked car could be a gold mine for identity thieves. what our hidden cameras found in some salvage yards might surprise you. how you can protect your identity if your car is wrecked. we'll have a unique perspective on the western wildfires. we're on the fire lines with national guard troops in some very rough terrain. we'll meet women who were falsely diagnosed with multiple sclerosis by a con man. it's all when we see you tonight.
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mom's listen up here. this terrifying video is a good reason why you should always keep a tight grip and eye on your baby's stroller. a woman had her back turned on a
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platform in australia for just a moment. a gust of wind pulled the stroller toward the tracks, smashing it right into the side of the train. no worries. no one was in that stroller. the woman fortunately had her baby in her arms. thank goodness. new york city's former top cop has a new job and it's a far cry from police commissioner. ray kelly is the newest board member of an organic and natural products company based in lake success, long island. it's called haynes celestial group incorporated. it owns celestial seasonings and earth's best. things you might not expect to see. there you go. coming up, a pit stop for coffee leads to a creepy discovery. >> you just never think it's going to happen to you. they knew what they were doing. they were very good at it.
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>> what one woman found hidden inside a starbucks bathroom. but first, our social pic of the day. this one from 212sid. a beautiful shot of the city. pretty there with the sun coming in. still looks hot though. >> because it is. it's sticky and sweaty. and if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, send it in to our website,, or use #nbc4ny when posting to twitter or instagram. it may be selected as the social pic of the day. comfort keepers can provide a variety of in-home services for your aging loved ones. we'll assess their needs and
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create a custom care plan that can change as their needs change.
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com g up on news 4 at 6:00, governor chris christie, new
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jersey's two u.s. senators, and the u.s. transportation secretary promised to work todogether, but how will they pay for the muraibillion dollar project. what can the city do about them? >>yhey're he topless talk of times square. coming up at 6:00,the mayor is breaking his silence and making a promise. >> we'll have that tonight at 6:00. new information tonight in the case of a tennessee man who took a selfie on a beam of the brooklyn bridge. he waived an extradition hearing and will be transported here to new york city to face the charges. he was arrested in chattanooga yesterday. he snapped the photo right atop the world famous bridge in early july. that photo went viral when he posted it to instagram. > well, a very creepy
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discovery inside a starbucks bathroom. a woman found a hidden camera inside her stall. po olice in california say the device was about the size o a pe n. the customer noticed a blue blinking light and alerted the manager. several customers are on the records. >> they knew what they were doing. they were very good at it. who knows if it's other locations? >> this 44-year-old man turned himself in and will appear in urt on several misdemeanor charges. if you've ever tried to get out of a gym membership, this has happened to many of us, you know it can be quite the workout. lynda baq wro is here now with helpful tips for any gym member. >> anyone. you always have to read the fine print, but in this case he
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thought he had done that and ll ed the rules, but he sti had trouble cancelling. in an effort t keep in shape, vincent and his wife like to work out. that's why they joined a gym back in 2010. >> the terms specified that after the first year my membership was month to month, so five years passed. >>ri reporter: they sdgned up at club metro usa in rutherford. >> almost exactly a m e from my house, so very convenient. >> reporter: vincent and his wife say they enjoyed the club for the last five years. this past march, though, the couple moved to toms river. he tried to cancel his membership. >> i sent them the forms in early june. >> reporter: on the form, vincent explained the reason for the cancellation is that he was moving more than 25 miles from the club, so he wanted to end his membership effective april 1st. >> the woman said that i should fax this information because they never received it.
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>> reporter: so he sent a fax. en me received this letter saying his request had to be sent certified mail. he says he was also told he would have to pay $150 cancellation fee. >> that's when i blew my top. that's why i calle nbc lynda ba qquero. >> reporter: so we spoke to bhe manager of club metro usa in rutherford, who told us their club requires a 30-day written notice to cancel like many other gyms. when she spoke with vincent in march, they discussed the possibility of transferring his membership to the toms river location. she's sorry the member had to go through any inconvenience, but now the problem is solved. vincent's account is cancelled. he can expect a refund for the last several months he's been billed. the form letter, that's for members who try to cancel within the first year.
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his membership was a month to month. back to you guys. >> that story irked . anks so much. let's get a che on this weather now. fourth day of this heat wave and we're expecting storms. >> well, there were a few earlier this afternoon. they're pop up again tomorrow. actually, they will increase in chance over the next several days, so we'll to keep our umbrellas around. speaking of the heat wave, yes. this was day four. inland areas also in the 90s day. bridgewater, 92. in the 80s mainly along the coastal areas. humidity is going to increase as well. these temperatures are as much as ten degrees cooler than yesterday, so that's a bit of a sign. we're going to see readings mainly in the 80s this week but higher humidity, so it is still going to feel like it is 90
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outside. harrison is at 84. southampton 70s. jersey shore temperatures are in the low to mid 80s. toms river 83. denville, 90. chester is close to 90. 78 degrees in hunter. with the humidity, it feels like the mid to upper 80s to low to mid 90s. not far off from the actual temperature. there's that line of showers and thunderstorms weakening. it should stay dry for the rest of the night across the region, but we are tracking more stormy weather. that's the cold front that's coming toward the end of the week that's going to set up shop re and produce showers and thunderstorms on and off going into the weekend, but tonight it is foggy and humidity. we've got that air quality alert that's still in effect for
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tomorrow. this evening, you don't have to worryk.bout taking an umbrella. warm and humid. through next week and yes, a chance of storms each day. >> r> breaking news now. jared fogle, the former spokesman for subway, is likely to agree to a plea deal tomorrow on child pornography charges. that's according to sources close to the station. authorities were seen taking boxes out of his home. the al with jared will only include onspiracy charges. here are paper shredders and strong passwords. is it enough to protect your information? >> how at local junk yard's one man's trash can be an identity thief's treasure.
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now to an i-team exclusive. you might think you're careful ow when it comes to protecting your personal information. >> did you ever think the crumpled up paper in the backseat of your car could put you at risk? our i-team hidden camera investigation. >> reporter: you can find more than spare parts if you sniff around a salvage yard long enough. when the i-team took a hidden camera to area junk yards, look what we found littered in the wrecked cars. personal documents of all kinds. medical records, legal records, names, birth dates, addresses. this is a utility bill. somebody could use it to establish a new line of credit. on this health insurance record not only is there a name, but here this appears to be a social security numbat. chris slack manages union autowreckers in newov jersey where over the decades employees have
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seen just about everything left under the seat. >> car got towed in and, you know, the guy went to jail for ten years and it sat on the lot. and he came here after ten years and he found ten grand under his seat. >> reporter: chris says what drivers don't realize is papers like these could be just as good as cash to an identity thief. >> i've seen laptops, you know. i've seen social security cards, insurance papers, everything you don't want to leave. >> reporter: at this new jersey junk yard, you have to be supervised, but there are pick and pull lots where you are free to rummage on your own, and those may be the best targets for identity thieves. at this pick and pull lot in connecticut, the i-team simply played a thief.
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we found medical records showing the birth of a baby girl. from these bits of information, it wasn't hard for me to find addresses and phone numbers for the former drivers. >> we found some of your personal information. we found your birth date. we found your driver's license number. we even found a gym membership with your signature on it. we actually found a record that you had a baby in 2002. >> it doesn't surprise me that so much information was found in a salvage yard. >> reporter: david the same bits of information i use to contact former drivers could be used by identity thieves to impersonate someone. >> identity thieves are very good at putting pieces of a puzzle together, so once they can acquire a name that they can match up with an address or date of birth or social security number, they can then search for the other pieces. >> reporter: the best way to protect yourself from junk yard
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identity trolls is to invest in a paper shredder. no one starts the ignition expecting their car will be totalled and land here. >> don't bring your passport and your social security and all your personal documents into the car and then leave them there for a month. you never know what could happen, you know? >> we left several messages, but we were unable to find out if that connecticut junk yard has a policy on personal information left in cars. if you have something you think the news 4 i-team should look into, call us at 866-639-7244. thank you for watching. >> stay with us. the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, a new
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much-needed transit river under the hudson river closer to a reality? plus, mayor de blasio reveals what the city will do about nearly naked women posing for photos in times square. high heat and humidity are making for a very uncomfortable forecast. good evening, everyone. i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm david ushery. chuck is off tonight. it has been discussed for years and it's long overdue. a new railway tunnel under the hudson river. >> jam-packed stations full of people waiting for trains that were delayed by electrical problems sometimes for several days in a row. but here's the question. how will they pay for the $25 billion project that govern chris christie once shut down for being too expensive? andrew siff was at today's meeting. >> reporter: in a summer of
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nightmarish commutes on new jersey transit. >> i was about a half hour late for work. i was caught inside the tunnel. >> reporter: political power players gathered in newark focused on solutions. senator cory booker called the meeting. christie was here today but whisked in through a side entrance without speaking to reporters. >> in order to take this happen, we're going to need everybody. >> reporter: the push to have the federal government shoulder most of the $25 billion tunnel may not work. also pushing for more federal dollars, governor cuomo who wasn't invited today. his spokeswoman told news 4 it was our administration's understanding that this was a separate meeting from the one the governor had been invited to. the senators who were here along
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with christie issued a joint statement. we had a substantive and productive meeting today to obtain substantial federal grant contribution toward the hudson river tunnel. the summit followed weeks of service disruptions, especially at rush hour. >> commuters have had better luck. >> reporter: while those who keep getting delayed, realize there may be no solution without a new tunnel. >> this affects the entire northeast. the gateway tunnel project would create this. a new northeast corridor consisting of new tracks, bridges, and a tunnel to connect new jersey and new york city. governor cuomo sent us a statement reaffirming his support for the new tunnel if a federal grant can be achieved. we have new information on
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some breaking news that we brought you in the last hour. a fire burning in larchmont is at the new york throughway maintenance facility. you can see all that thick black smoke billowing from the building. we're told the fire broke out shortly after 5:00 inside the salts shortage shed. there are no reported injuries. day four of a heat wave in central park. the temperature has topped 90 degrees every day since saturday and rising humidity now making it feel worse. >> even though central park did make it to 90 today, it's five degrees lower than where we were yesterday. that heat wave stretched into the fourth day today across much of the tri-state area, but now we're going to see a change. the humidity is not going to go away, so it's still going to


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