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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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degrees in midtown.raa bit of a sea breeze kicking in. the relative humidity has come up a little bit at the shore locations up above 70%. some inland areas seeing it above 70%, so it is pretty sticky out there. mid 80s to the upper 80s and low 90s across the area at this time. now the humidity, like i said, is not going anywhere. the temperatures drop back to the 80s, but there's increased chance of showers and thunderstorms that starts to come into play on friday. on top of that, we have a new tropical storm to talk about. i've got all the details coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> you can track the heat with our news 4 new york app and get alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet. there is now a target on the topless women who hang around times square. the women wear only body paint and a thong to charge money and pose for photos. police can't stop it because it's not illegal, but today the
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mayor promised to take action against them. mark santia is in times square right now. mark? >> reporter: sibila, those topless performers are out in times square causing a lot of people to talk. today it was a mayor talking, breaking his silence, calling their act, quote, wrong. turning heads, drawing a crowd, and stirring up conversation. >> hello. >> reporter: mayor de blasio talking tough today about topless performers in times square. >> i think it's wrong. it's wrong. >> reporter: the mayor's message is falling flat. >> beautiful. gorgeous. i have to take a picture with her. >> reporter: tony richardson posed and gave a few a dollar donation saying this is -- >> art. this is expression of art. >> reporter: as far as visually accosting children, let's get real. they're going to leave it anyway.
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i think it's okay. >> reporter: rodrigo rodriguez and his family are visiting from mexico. his father says there are bigger issues the big apple should be focusing on an amelia agrees. >> it's fun. compared to a regular job, it's different. i can smile. i can talk to people. >> reporter: amelia is one of the performers. she says she isn't doing anything wrong and has a message for the mayor. >> today what the mayor said what you're doing is wrong. what would you tell the mayor? >> i don't think i'm doing anything wrong, but people can think whatever they want. >> reporter: right or wrong, the mayor promises change is on the way. >> we're going to look for every appropriate way to regulate all activity that involves either begging or asking people for a contribution based on their opportunity to take a picture. >> reporter: the topless performers are here in times square right in front of the
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police precinct, but so far no officers haven't written any summons because it's not illegal. again, the mayor promising to explore every option to stop these topless performers. we're live tonight in times square. news 4 new york. actress and comedian rosie o'donnell says her daughter is missing. chelsea has not been seen since last tuesday. she suffers from a mental illness and left the home in nyack with her therapy dog. the police think she may be in the area. police do not believe she's in any imminent danger. michael george is live in new york with details on how body cameras are being used. >> reporter: some of those officers wearing cameras, they're already on the streets. supporters say officers and citizens are on their best
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behavior when they know they're going to be recorded. some call it the future of policing. >> morning, officer. >> morning, sheriff. >> reporter: this is video taken from a body camera worn by an essex county sheriff's deputy. he's one of 40 officers outfitted with a body camera starting today, recording traffic stops, arrests, encounters with the public, providing hard evidence of confrontations with police. no more he said, he said. >> this is our job, okay? you have to be visible out here. >> reporter: 40% of new jersey's gun crime happens here in essex county. the body cameras have the support of local clergy. >> not only do black lives matter. all lives matter. we believe this will be something that will improve the community and the relationship with the community. >> the camera is activated by
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the button that's right hereby in the center. >> reporter: officer dion robinson showed us how the cameras work. you can ask an officer to stop recording you. but if an officer believes criminal activity is taking place, they can turn you down. body cameras improve their trust of police at a time when trust is badly needed. >> i would feel more comfortable if they're wearing camer . >> not only are they monitoring police, but the civilians as well. >> reporter: the cameras cost $84,000. they want to expand this program so that every officer is eventually wearing a body camera, and they're applying for a federal grant to pay for it. news 4 new york. thank you. coming up as "news 4 at 6:00" tonights, a new law signed today
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to fight future outbreaks of legionnaires' disease. a headstone found at a bus stop in new jersey.
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we've got an update on a story you may recall. police found this headstone at a new jersey transit bus terminal earlier this month. no one knew who 8-year-old max ferreira was. police looked into it and they say max was a dog, a rottweiler. his owner died in 2005. what's still not clear is how max's headstone wound up at the bus terminal. students of horace grayly
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hospital in chap kwa started the petition. they claim holding an event at his club would send the wrong message for students that are politically active and socially aware. the stanford advocate says officers arrested 19-year-old georgia connick after hosting the party last weekend. police arrived and discovered empty beer cans on the property. the singer was not home at the time. coming up, rockaway beach gets something back that the community has been missing since hurricane sandy hit. but first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight and david and i will see you again at 11:00. , and david and i will see you again at 11:00.
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one more case of legionnaires' disease was identified today in new york city. that's a total of 127 now. the death toll stands at 12.
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mayor de blasio also signed a law today to regulate the cooling towers where the disease breeds. melissa russo is here with more. >> it didn't take long for more than 100 people to get sick with legionnaires'. mayor bill de blasio signed onto a long-term battle against the bacteria that's sickened scores of bronx residents this summer. >> when it comes to new yorkers' health, we won't take any chances. >> reporter: the city's new legionnaires' law requires cooling towers to be registered and inspected quarterly and disinfected. city health officials estimate bacteria build up in cooling towers is responsible for 60% of
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the city's cases. >> they represent a source of particular concern because they are outdoors and can spread legionella to an entire community. >> reporter: the south bronx outbreak has affected 127 people. a dozen have died. 102 have now gone home from the hospital. beyond the bronx, the process begins of scouring the rest of the city to identify all cooling towers. >> yes, it is a huge undertaking. it is going to require hundreds and hundreds of city workers. >> reporter: the mayor says he doesn't know yet how much that will cost. we do know cleaning cooler towers could reduce future outbreak, but it won't wipe out legionnaires' all together. >> we'll continue to see sporadic cases of legionnaires' in new york city. >> the city is still writing the
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rules and the fine print on exactly who has to clean a cooling tower and how. >> it does sound like a daunting task as the mayor indicated. lester holt is here now. >> we've got a story from cynthia mcfadden, a fascinating and shocking story. it's about a doctor who supposedly misdiagnosed maybe hundreds of patients. told them they had m.s., when in fact they didn't. they were subjected to all kinds of treatments. the doctor accused of fraud. a u.s. attorney says he was in it as a con man. horrible story. >> i can't even imagine being one of those people being told that you have this disease and the despair. so what happened to this doctor? >> well, the civil fraud case was settled for $150,000. u.s. attorney says there is the possibility of criminal charges. right now, he is still practicing. we have a lot more of this coming up on "nightly news."
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>> looking forward to it. it has been missing from the rockaway beach community since superstorm sandy ripped through it. >> today the rockaway beach library finally reopened and we were there for the big moment. >> reporter: when the doors opened at the queens library at peninsula, patrons like lauren barely recognized the place. >> you have to get dressed up because you feel entirely different in here. >> reporter: she could hardly believe she was standing in the same library. this building was destroyed by hurricane sandy. >> it was sad after sandy. when i came down here, there was nothing. the library was gone. >> reporter: lauren relies on her library as a place to get lost in a good book. so this reopening is another step in the reawakening of rockaway beach. >> i'm so happy. i'm so glad. this couldn't have come at a better time.
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>> reporter: compared to the trailer they spent the last three years operating out of, this is a brand-new beautiful space, this library. when isaac saw the new books, he grabbed every "game of thrones" he could find. >> i have already got three books. >> that's the beauty of having the library open now to you. you can get all this. >> for free. >> reporter: a new adult learning center. this new look on an old familiar friend cost $3.6 million. paid for by donations, city and state money, and insurance money. >> a big step to help our community build back what we lost. >> reporter: in rockaway beach, news 4 new york. at least they escaped the
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heat inside that high library. >> this should be the last day of the heat wave, but not the humidity. we're still going to have that in play. and a new tropical storm to tell you about in the atlantic. that's coming up. right now, it is hazy sunshine across the city at this time. storms have moved to the north. there were a few over the hudson valley. so we have mostly sunny, hazy sunshine, 83 degrees. it's done from our high today of 90. tropical storm danny, it's in the middle of the atlantic right now. it's more than 1500 miles away from the winward islands. those islands are in the direct path of the storm now, but it is still several days away. we're talking sunday before it even gets close. could increase to a category 2 storm. it is expecting to become a
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hurricane as it makes its way towards the car ree ibbean. any of the islands should be monitoring the progression of danny. through the next several days, it stays out over the ocean. but by sunday, it is going to be a lot closer. all of the forecasts, the spaghetti plots, the forecast models, have it moving in a lot of different directions, but it is generally moving in the direction of the caribbean islands. we'll keep you posted on its progression towards the west. in the meantime, we've had a couple of showers. parts of ulster county seeing a bit of rain, but most of those storms have dissipated or moved farther north into upstate new york. activity at binghamton and williamsport. it's just warm and muggy for the rest of tonight, but we'll see the same activity tomorrow. clouds, some fog, maybe a few
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light showers. in the afternoon, one or two thunderstorms pop up. then we start all over again on thursday. by friday, there's going to be a front over us and that may make things a little bit worse in terms of storms. 93 in morristown and poughkeepsie. it was day four of the heat wave for us. we're down into the 80s now because of a sea breeze along the shore. 80 right now in point pleasant. feels like may be four or five degrees than the actual temperature. the humidity will continue to rise. the temperatures will drop below 90, so we won't be in the heat wave. because of the humidity, it will feel stifling and very uncomfortable for the next several days. yes, there's a chance for storms every day each day into the weekend 37. what's coming up next? >> who is the highest paid quarterback in the nfl? aaron rodgers.
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who wants to be? eli manning owns two super bowl rings, but according to a report, he's looking for some more cash. rutgers is roaring again on the banks. we'll catch up with kyle flood and the scarlet knights next on "news 4 new york at 6:00."
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the giants are off today, but their quarterback is very much in the news. according to nfl network, eli manning wants to be the highest paid quarterback in the nfl. manning is set to make $17 million this year before his contract expires after the season. aaron rodgers tops all nfl
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quarterbacks with a salary of 22 million per year. the giants owner says he hopes to have a new deal worked out before the start of the season, but reports indicate the two sides are far apart. the two time super bowl mvps to s to s to s to tossed 30 touchdowns two years ago. coverage of giants preseason football continues this saturday night. coverage from metlife stadium begins at 7:30. the jets host the falcons on friday night in east rutherford. meanwhile, the college football season is just around the corner. rutgers opens their season on september 5th against norfolk state. today the scarlet knights braved the sizzling august heat. there's a big quarterback battle
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going on between laviano and reddick. >> kyle, training camp moving along in the heat. how's the scarlet knights doing? >> we're doing really well. had our first scrimmage yesterday. great effort. very, very demanding and challenging conditions, and i thought the team did a good job fighting through it. >> we're just focused each and every day. >> what's your message to the fans of new jersey as we're two and a half weeks from the season opener? >> to the fans in new jersey, be ready for the season. be ready for rutgers to win a championship. in baseball news, bobby parnell is on the disabled list. the amazings are in baltimore tonight. he could have been out of action for a few days. this evening, the yankees continue their series with the
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twins at the stadium. last night, chase headley provided the game-winning hit in the bottom of tenth thanks to poor fielding from eduardo nunez. sabathia on the hill tonight. baseball continues. >> all right. thank you, bruce. we're here aring some news about rosie o'donnell's daughter. she's been found safe. tonight, 7 million acres scorched as raging infernos burn at a record-breaking pace. tonight a tornado of fire. the military now on the front lines. the fbi and clinton's e-mails. what nbc news has learned about the feds' analysis of her private server and their efforts to retrieve data her team tried to wipe clean. manhunt for a bomber. authorities say this is the killer caught on camera as a new explosion rocks a major tourist city and a mystery deepens. and our nbc news investigation into a doctor prosecutors
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call a con man, diagnosing women with ms who never had it. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." good evening. help is coming from as far away as the east coast to fight wildfires in the west. an epic season of destruction that reached a new milestone today. 7 million acres torched this summer so far. across several states right now it's an all hands on deck effort. soldiers, even jail prisoners enlisted to join the foot with so many homes lost and so many others at risk. one of the worst fires continues to burn in chelan, washington, which is where national correspondent mc'll almaguer leads us off on this busy tuesday. >> reporter: these are the conditions firefighters are facing on the front line. flames shooting closer and closer to homes in washington state.
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the national guard has moved in, bracing for a monster day tomorrow. winds expected to kick up dramatically. >> there are still hundreds and hundreds of house as that could be in the line of fire. >> reporter: the air attack key. dozens of drops every hour. four helicopters have been making drops here all day long, hammering this hill with water. but the blaze is still on the move. this is where the fire is burning. steep canyons, rugged terrain. too dangerous for firefighters. but the perfect fuel and top og rah ography for this blaze to grow and explode. robbie and john luke are among 40 families who have lost it all. >> you know, i had a lot of stuff. the stuff wasn't that important. some things -- my grandpa's porch swing from his house that i swung with him on. i can't ever replace that. >> reporter: california is also burning. outside san luis obispo north of los
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angeles this entire


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