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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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this allows the department of homeland security and fema to coordinate disaster relief efforts. high winds are fueling the flames, and the heat, coupled with the extremely dry conditions, are making it even worse. with resources running thin, two teams of new jersey firefighters are helping out. more than 2,000 miles from home, they spoke exclusively with news 4's ted greenberg about the dangerous conditions out there. >> reporter: they have taken lives and forced people to flee their homes. massive wildfires raging out west. and crews from the garden state are there, fighting the flames. >> we're working in very steep terrain. >> reporter: larry birch is among 20 members of the new jersey forest fire service currently in montana. since tuesday, they have endured long, dangerous days helping to battle a growing 400-acre wildfire near sealy lake. they expect to stay there for another week and a half. >> right now, i mean, resources are stretched thin throughout the country.
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so we're always willing to lend a hand to other states. >> along the fire line, it's smoky. you have to be careful for bears, black bears, grizzly bears and mountain lions. >> reporter: meantime, these trucks from new jersey are currently with nine other crew members in washington, the same state where three firefighters from the u.s. forest service were killed wednesday after their vehicle crashed and was overtaken by flames. >> yesterday morning we all had a moment of silence for them. very tough. it's hard. to lose, you know, another brother firefighter. if we know him or not. they're all brothers out here. we're a big family. >> reporter: officials tell me an additional 20 firefighters still here in new jersey have been put on stand-by. that they too may be needed out west in the coming days. >> safety is number one priority out here. you know, for the conditions that we're working in. >> reporter: they're also sleeping outside and haven't showered. but these firefighters say
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that's part of the job, which required them to cut short the time they had to speak with us. >> they need us out on the line asap. we need to get things done. >> reporter: ted greenberg, news 4 new york. and new at 5:30, two americans helped take d n a man firing an automatic weapon on a high-speed train in france. authorities say the 24-year-old gunman opened fire on a train from amsterdam to paris this afternoon. that attack injured three people before the american passengers managed to subdue him. police too the suspect into custody. the motive remains unclear. and the race for the white house, democratic front runner hillary clinton is getting hammered by new disclosures about those e-mails. her lawyers now saying her e-mail server was erased before it was turned over to investigators. you may recall earlier this week she claimed she didn't understand how servers are wiped. and on the republican side, donald trump's campaign is predicting an all-time record primary turnout for his rally
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tonight in mobile, alabama. trump continues to lead republicans from florida in their own state. the latest quinnipiac poll shows trump ahead in the florida primary race with 21%. b bush trails with 17. and marco rubio has 11%. and we do have some breaking news in the so hoe area. law enforcement sources tell news 4 at least two federal agents have been shot. we do have a reporter headed to the scene right now, which we believe is department of justice building that houses immigration court. that's 201 varex street. dennis protsko is over the scene in chopper 4. and, again, we do have a reporter on the way. we'll keep you updated on this story. >> bringing more developments as we find out. still to come right here, who doesn't love a three-day weekend? but find out which company is going to start letting its employees work four days a we . plus, the street artist has left his mark all over new york city. wait until you see his latest
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project. why some are calling this the saddest place on earth. and lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> hi, lynda and sibilia. a lot to cover on a busy news day. the stock market plummets, the dow dropping 500 points. what's behind it and whether you need to worry about your investments. we have learned americans were involved in breaking up a shooting attack on a train on its way to paris. late details coming in on that story. and with americans on average consuming three times as much sugar as recommended, we need a family determined to kick the sweet habit. when we see you for "nbc nightly news" at 6:30.
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hackers have released even more stolen data from ashley madison, a website that promotes extra marital affairs. this latest post is said to be twice the size of the previous one. it reportedly includes e-mails from the company's executives, including the ceo.
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meanwhile, reality tv personality josh duggar admitted to cheating on his wife after his name was reported in the data dump. he says he was, quote, a hypocrite while campaigning for family values. the british graffiti artist banksee is taking on disney. britain's newest attraction is called dismal land, a satire on theme parks with harsh criticism on capitalism. he says it's not a swipe at disney, but certainly bears more than a passing resembl ce to the theme park. at the entrance, visitors are greeted by a boredemoyee. one critic loves the art of it. >> there's a really good ntrast of different styles of t here, especially just with political implications, just pure play implications and then, you know, you have kind of the outsider king of them all, bankcy getting these people together. >> so if you should find yourself at the english shore, dismalland will be open to the public tomorrow at the cost of $4.71. >> it's like a debby downer. >> exactly.
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>> i don't think with a name like dismal land, do i really want to go? >> right? >> from a distance. >> it's $4. yeah. coming up right here, less than $4, freebie friday. we've got some back to school items and an instant manicure, all for free. >> i like that. plus a local airport will start tracking your phone. but if you're a frequent flier, you may not think it's such a bad idea. we'll explain. but first, our social pic of the day. this comes to us from vladyta. this is grove court. beautiful. aju hidden gem in the west village dating back to the 19th century. gorgeous. >> yeah. and if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, send it t or use #nbc4newyork when posting to twitter or instagram and it may be selected as the social pic of the day.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00, news breaking within the last few minutes and we are on it. this is in soho where sources tell us two federal agents have been shot outside the federal building there. chopper 4 the first helicopter at the scene. we have a crew on the way. we'll continue to work our sources and have the very latest in a few minutes at 6:00. plus, we have new details tonight in the attack on a woman in queens, in which someone threw an acid-like liquid in her face. police now think she was targeted. and is mayor de blasio considering the shutdown of the times square pedestrian plaza as a way to get rid of t less. painted women and costume charactersli? that and much more all-new tonight whgi i j5 n sibilia at 6:00. >> busy evening. thank you. d in califonn,a, police have searched the los angeles mantsion of kisl front man gene mmons. thrs happe d on thursday. authorities say neither simmons nor anyone in his family is
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under investigation. police wouldn't discuss the de tails of the case, which is being handled by lapd's internet crimes against children task force. a spokesman for the rocker said police visited the home to discuss a crime that may have happened on the property while simmons was on tour last year. if you know someone driving an older model honda, there may be a problem with the air bags. there is no recall issued yet, but auto safety regulators are investigating reports that air bags are not opening up during deliciouses. they're looking at about 400,000 accords from 2008. the national highway traffic safety administration says it's received 19 complaints. in one of them, a driver said he was injured in a head-on collision. one of the annoying things about air travel, the long wait at security check-ins, right? now jfk is working to fix the problem by tracking passengers' phones. it's calt.d bl track. it triggers wireless beacons that track passengers moving through the lines. e information calcu ates wait
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employees of the popular clothing chain uniqlo are about to find out. they will offer employees a shorter workweek. workers who opt for a four-day week will put in ten hou rs a day instead of eight hours, but will holidays. executives hope that the flexibility will attract more workers and they say they expect about 20% of its work force to take them up on the deal. a shorter week. >> yeah. >> it would be nice if it was monday through thursday and then would e a friday, saturday sunday. >> you can have it tll. >> yeu can pick your days off. i'm already working the ten-hour days. >> i know. >> who isn't working a ten-hour day nowadays. >>>> and weekends and holidays. >> and all that. all right. speang of holidays, a lot of people traveling this time of year leading up to labor day, and a lot of you may be traveling to the caribbean. have you heard about hurricane nny, the increase in strength oy to a category 3 storm. the national hurricane center is saying they're not anticipating
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it to continue to increase in strength, although i don't think they were quite ready for this category 3. it's expected to continue to weaken. however, no matter what, it's going to mean a lot of rain for much of these islands. starting out in the leeward islands towards anguilla and antigua and the virgin islands, this is the direction that the storm is headed in. by later in the week, say by sunday. so they'll get a lot of rain here. then it's expected to move over puerto rico, which is in a drought. the really serious drought, the eastern portion of the country. so they don't want all of the rain at once but will get quite a bit if the storm tracks over them. so they're watching it. also the dominican republic and haiti also watching the storm. even the turks and caicos should be concerned here, as the storm may, if it holds together in any form, will be moving towards you. that's why you have to always keep updated with all of the latest updates, where he storm is moving, because things do change with these storms, and so we're -- this will be like into the middle of next week. it's going to be down there for a while.
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so we'll give the latest day by day. in the meantime, rainfall from today. quite a bit in some spots. belmar just under an inch. not that much in caldwell, .10 of an inch. about a quarter inch in bridgeport and danbury. but 1.8 inches>in monticello today. across long island, we saw big amounts in spots. islip, not too much, a third f an inch. some areas with between 1.5 and 2 inches. and central park about a third of an inch. but look at jfk, almost 2.5 inches of rain. the one spot out of this list that just got dumped on. that entire area around the rock aways. in central park. almost 90 in newark. and 79 in bridgeport. beautiful day. it's 77 in stanford right now. 83 in greenwich. 81 in reading. cleared out nicely except on the st end where it's still in the 70s in the hamptons. 81 in long branch. 86 in the city now and morristown. short cast looks g
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at for tomorrow, except toward the twin forks. you're going to still see clouds. the winds are going to pick up a little bit. they're out of the north now. they'll stay out of the north 10 to 15 miles per hour. so the waters are going to be choppy. and the rip current chance is moderate. so make sure you stay near the shore break and if you're swimming, you should be near a lifeguard, probably if you don't swim well, stay onshore. 63 in wry brook. look at the 50s in arlington, rock hill. nice and cool and comfortable. low humidity through saturday. sunday could see a few storms coming back in the afternoon and evening. and then not too bad on monday at 84 degrees. whatever the weather, hope you have a great weekend. guys, back to you. >> nice weekend. thank you, janice. next, the battle over a boarded up store front is heating up. >> a lot of people.are upset over what's about to move in. y they think it could be a bad idea for this westchester county town.
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a plan for a medical marijuana dispensary has divided a westchester community. some say it will hurt perception of the neighborhood. others say not so. sheldon dutes reports. >> reporter: this abandoned, vacant store front near the corner of east post road and broadway will be the future site of a medical marijuana dispensary. but not everybody is ready to welcome the newcomer with open arms. salon flair is a few doors down. the owner told me he's concerned about the possibility of crime. >> and it could encourage thiefry. somebody gets the idea they can steal the money, they might go in, guns. >> reporter: empire state health solutions will operate the dispensary. it says there are other payment options besides cash, and that there will be 24-hour security. the inside of the dispensary will look similar to a sister site in minnesota, and will only distribute marijuana-based medicines in the form of pills, oils and liquid. >> i can't believe they're doing it. i can't believe -- everybody is
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going to make it huge to get weed. >> reporter: empire state health solutions tells me it's only distributing medical marijuana to people with state-approved serious ailments, like multiple sclerosis sclerosis, seizures or parkinson's disease. patients must also have a prescription from their doctor. the tattoo and body piercing shop is next door to the future dispensary. >> not opposed to it if it's for medical use. you know, we're not going to move out or anything like that. so we're pretty open-minded when it comes to things like that. >> reporter: in addition to the dispensary here in white plains, empire state solutions also plans to open three other locations across the state, including one in elm hurts queens. a spokesperson tells me they plan to open them in january of 2016. in white plains, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. >> thanks for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. news 4 new york begins with breaking news.
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>> breaking right now. security guard down after gunshots are fired at a federal building in soho. good evening, i'm sibilia vargas. >> i'm david ushery. you're looking at live pictures from chopper 4 where law enforcement sources tell us at least one federal security guard has been shot. jonathan dienst has been talking to his sources and is on the phone with us. jonathan, what do we know? >> reporter: as of now, police telling us this appears to be a random act, and they're trying to get -- learn more about the motive of the suspected shooter. this all happened in the last hour, hour and a half or so. a gunman walked into the lobby of this federal office building, opened fire on a security guard, a contractor who works for the federal agency inside that building. that guard was critically wounded. then the gunman, we're told, turned the gun on himself and took his own life.
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so we have a security guard critically injured, the gunman committing suicide in the lobby of that building. and a massive police response under way to investigate why this shooting took place. we are told there are some immigration court officers in that building, environmental protection agency officers, among the numerous federal agencies in that building. again, unclear as for motive why this suspect walked into the lobby and began shooting. he did shoot and critically injure a private security officer. that officer, that security guard, we are told critically injured. the suspect then turning the gun on himself. and we are told by police the gunman committed suicide, and the investigation just getting under way. back to you. >> jonathan, we're going to keep
5:58 pm
you on the phone for a moment, because this is early investigation as we look at live pictures from chopper 4. obviously, a heavy police presence, which includes police choppers, presumably in that area, as you have said. we believe the lone gunman is down, although we don't know if he was acting alone. they're trying to rule that out, i presume. >> reporter: as of now, it appears to be the work of a lone actor. that he walked in and, again, a random act, and he just began shooting when he walked into the lobby of that building. again, did he have a beef with immigration? did he have some sort of other problems or issues? why he went into that office building, we don't know. we do know that, again, this private security guard, initial reports thought it was a federal agent. it's not an agent. it's a private contractor who works security for the federal agencies there. he is down. he is critically injured in bad shape. and the suspect down and killed. the investigation under way into
5:59 pm
who he is, how he got that gun, and why he carried out this shooting in lower manhattan, just as the evening rush began down in that neighborhood. >> all right, jonathan. i'm sure you'll keep us updated. thanks for the report. >> we'll keep an eye on that and update you in a few minutes. disturbing details about an attack on a woman in queens. a man threw an acid-like liquid in her face and took off. >> the attack was not random and they want to talk with one of dyer's co-workers. >> reporter: a vishts vicious attack in long island city. it's not what he saw but what he heard imprinteded in his mind. >> she was just screaming agony, that it hurts, it hurts. she was being tentative. >> reporter: dee was at her car parked in this spot when a stranger approached with a coffee cup in hand.


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