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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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133 the body of a man dressed in sneakers, a t-shirt and jeans. trauma. police have not indicated what the cause of his death was, but they did have one theory that perhaps the man had been walking along route 133, hit by a car and tumbled to his death in the bushes alongside the road. they have since ruled that theory out. they are treating this and investigating this as a suspicious death. they also have not ruled out the possibility that his body was dumped here. but at the moment, they simply don't have a lot to go on. in fact, they don't even know the man's identity. to police, right now who he is is a mystery. >> right now, we're looking for any information that may lead to identifying this individual. right now we don't have any identity. hopefully we'll get some phone calls or someone will come forward and help us identify this individual, and once we get that, that's a big piece. and we can go from there. >> reporter: of course, if you have any information regarding
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this, you're asked to call as inning police. they expect results later this evening. this town hasn't seen a homicide in almost exactly a year. it's just not something that happens here. live, john chandler, news 4 new york. and now to the stock market. and everybody's 401(k) took another big hit today. the dow lost nearly 600 points by the trading day's end and things were even scarier when the day began. news 4's gus rosendale here with new information, including what gus? >> chuck, this graphic shows the ups and downs today following the big drop you're talking about this morning. experts we talked to say this kind of volatility isn't going away any time soon. the big question on wall street tonight, why is this happening, and how long will it last. >> what's it doing now. >> reporter: outside mike more ran gets an inside look on his portfolio on his cell phone. >> you've got to take a long look at what's going on here and hope that china and the rest of comes back up.
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>> reporter: the dow jones ended day down 600 points following a thousand point plummet earlier this morning. the markets showing some of their worst numbers in years. the turbulence blamed on a number of factors but mostly on china devaluing its currency. fueling worries the economic super power is losing buying power. >> wall street is worried if that continues, chinese consumers are going to pull back. they won't buy as much from ibm. mcdonald's. >> there's a lot of risk out there. we've had three years of incredible returns. really no real correction. this is it. >> reporter: volatility is expected to be the name of the game for the immediate future but experts say there is opportunity for people like erica, who can buy low for retirement and cash in decades from now. >> hoping once i get a full-time job, within the next year or so i'll start -- and start really heavy. >> financial experts urging people, advising people not to
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make sudden changes to their numbers. many of them pointing out the economy remains stable, with unemployment rate. reporting live, gus rosendale, news 4 new york. >> we will try not to panic. thank you. we are learning new details tonight about that fatal plane crash at a long island railroad crossing. a preliminary report indicates an air traffic controller directed the pilot to a closed airport and a landing strip that no longer exists. 59-year-old joseph milo was killed when his plane crashed in hicksville august 16th. the ntsb says milo told control he was having a problem. a controller told milo there was a strip at an airport closed decades ago. former mayor rudy guiliani complained about homelessness on the streets. >> and while many new yorkers pick up the phone and call 311, mayor guiliani told a government affairs reporter melissa russo
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he marched into his local station house to demand more aggressive policing. here's her exclusive report. >> i myself two weeks ago had to go to a precinct to complain about a homeless person defecating and urinating. >> reporter: former mayor rudy guiliani told me a homeless man was doing that on a stoop on his quiet east side block. you know when people have lived on the streets and didn't use bathrooms inside. it was called the dark ages. >> reporter: neighbors begged him to do something, so he walked into the 19th precinct around the corner and got quick results. >> they removed him. >> reporter: but guiliani says at first the police pushed back, saying the man had permission to sleep there from the townhouse owner. guiliani said that's when he gave the cops a lecture about the more aggressive policing strategies he and bill bratton used to clean up the homeless, the squeegee guys and the prostitutes back in the '90s. >> you chase them and you chase them and you chase them, and they either get the treatment they need or you chase them out
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of the city. >> reporter: as mayor de blasio and commissioner bratton await advice right now from a task force on how to manage quality of life concerns in times square, guiliani also implied that bratton had not been the brains behind his own quality of life successes. listen to this. >> i didn't need a task force. there was me and bratton, there was my brain, his people. >> reporter: mayor de blasio's spokeswoman shot back, saying we want to thank former mayor guiliani for his brain. however, instead of getting rid of people, mayor de blasio wants to implement long-term solutions to homelessness. building new shelters, providing supportive services. and insuring the mentally ill homeless receive the care they need. mayor guiliani told me he's not sure whether the nypd gave his complaint any special treatment. he says all he does know is that the homeless guy hasn't been seen since. >> thank god for mayor guiliani for doing it. >> reporter: since mayor guiliani went in to complain, what's the difference? >> i haven't -- i don't think
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he's been around. >> tell him not to hold his breath. >> reporter: and across the park, where homeless are visible everywhere, some west siders wonder why guiliani's block should get a quick fix. >> who is he, and why should they remove him out of his neighborhood and not somebody else's neighborhood. >> reporter: melissa russo, news 4 new york. and coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, news 4 has learned the cause of a frightening fire over the weekend. and three years after sandy and the struggle to rebuild on long island continues, today homeowner got to question fema directly. plus janice has your workweek forecast. it is monday. >> it is monday. and we have got to get through it. and we did. it looks nice after tomorrow. and tonight we're tracking some thunderstorms that are moving into the catskills and poconos. what that will mean for your morning commute tomorrow, coming up. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips at
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turns out this fire that injured more than 20 people at a harlem high-rise was started by an extension cord plugged into a power strip. electrical. that's the word from fire marshals tonight. the flames broke out just before 11:00 yesterday morning. on the 16th floor of this building on broadway. 22 people were hurt. ten firefighters. all of their injuries are minor. mostly smoke inhalation. a lawsuit filed against the bronx hotel that was the source of the city's outbreak of legionnaires' disease. a 54-year-old man who contracted an infection is suing the opera house hotel for negligence. last week the city announced the historic hotel's rooftop air conditioning unit was found to be the source of the outbreak that killed 12 people and
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sickened mor e than 100. and coming up when news 4 at 6:00 returns, the man in charge of fema's flood insurance program meets with long island homeowners still struggling to rebuild from hurricane sandy. first here's a look at what's new on nbc tonight, and chuck and i see you again at 11:00.
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caring about the things that make each of our clients unique... ...that's what makes riverspring health unique. lester holt with a look at head at the wild day at wall street. >> wild swings down 588. what is happening. is this a correction, as they say. what are the things fueling it. what should we do? we've got jim cramer from cnbc who will be on and put a lot of questions to him tonight. speaking of cramer, he got an e-mail from the head of apple today. >> the head of apple today. let me put it in perspective. one of the issues is the economy in china, the feeling the chinese aren't buying enough american products, it hurts at home. he sent the head of apple sent a note to jim saying we're seeing
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more people actually buying our phones or what do you call it, enabling phones so that's a good sign. >> all right. >> we'll have that and more coming up. almost three years since hurricane sandy and many say their insurance claims were underpaid. today a man in charge of the flood insurance program met with homeowners and discussed ongoing reform efforts. long island reporter greg cergol live in long beach with more. greg? >> shiba and chuck, this home behind me among the hundreds in long beach that remain vacant and unrepaired after sandy. as you said, locals have long insisted that federal and state governments have simply failed to provide the money needed to rebuild. today a fema official visiting sandy victims finally acknowledged those frustrations are justified. >> we all, as a community, deserve more than the way we have been treated. >> reporter: marie ba seal pulled no punches as she opened
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her door to the new head of fema's flood insurance program and long island congresswoman kathleen rice. the family just returned to their sandy-damaged home last week. nearly three years after the storm. it took so long, she says, because fema underpaid her storm damage claim. >> we should have got this right the first time. and in too many instances, we did not. >> reporter: fema's roy wright issued an apology on his fourth visit to where 500 families have yet to return home. he's now urging sandy victims to reopen their flood claims. so fema can determine if they were indeed underpaid. 144,000 homeowners in new york and new jersey are eligible, but so far, only about 12,000 have applied. >> i really want to move on with my life. >> reporter: linda al per won't reopen her claim in part she
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says because of a lack of trust in fema that isn't unique in long beach. >> the feeling is i'm going to resubmit and they're going to deny me again and if they do give me something, i'm going to pay for it later. >> reporter: still marie refuses to give up. if only to remind everyone, sandy is far from a memory. >> there are still people suffering. it is not all back to normal. >> reporter: the deadline to apply to reopen your fema claims is september 15th. sandy victims here in long beach say today's fema apology will only mean something if something is actually done to right the wrongs that have kept so many out of their homes for so long. we're in long beach tonight. greg cergol, news 4 new york. >> greg, thank you. federal prosecutors are revealing more details on their bribery case against new jersey senator robert menendez. today the government outlined evidence and named individuals who told investigators how menendez tried to help a florida eye doctor accused of stealing
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millions from medicare. the fbi says the eye doctor bribed the senator with free private plane trips to a luxury resort and the senator lied about taking some of those trips. menendez and the eye doctor deny wrongdoing. they want the judge to dismiss all of the charges. the judge is expected to rule on the motions this fall. construction is under way at the site of a $500 million ferris wheel project along the staten island water front. the new york wheel project was approved in 2013. so up to 1400 passengers will be able to climb aboard this thing at one time to be lofted more than 60 stories into the air to view the scenery of new york and new jersey during a slow-moving 38-minute ride. the observation wheel is set to open for business in 2017. >> it looks pretty. would you give it a whirl, janice? >> absolutely. i absolutely would. it looks like a lot of fun, yeah. >> yeah, it does look fun. so we're checking on weather now. some storms we're tracking moving through northeastern
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opinions pennsylvania now into the catskills tonight and will trigger showers and storms in the area in the morning through midday tomorrow and points east. it's moving in the direction, general eastward direction. nothing expected in midtown tonight. you can see the skies are pretty sunny still. hazy sunshine is what we're calling is right now. 82 degrees in central park. so it is lovely and it's very delightful. not so much so over the catskills. we've got this line of thunderstorms with a cold front. now swinging into portions of sullivan county. so if you're near rockland, jeffersonville, bethel, liberty, you're in the path of this heavy rain, also probably gusty winds and small hail. that's all with the front. it will die out as we go through the latter part of the evening, but holding together now may bring you a couple inches of rain. here's a look at how we track through the rest of tonight. still seeing patches of heavy rain over this region, through ulster county and then dies out for a while and then a few spot showers develop in the morning,
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mainly at the jersey shore and a few over parts of connecticut. but then the front stalls, right over the city into connecticut, and so we'll see a few more showers and storms from noon until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. and we could see some strong storms with that too, a slight chance there could be severe weather east of the city tomorrow afternoon. after that, the front finally clears the coast, and the skies clear out and the temperatures will be very delightful. as the temperatures drop into the 50s. today -- at night. today we were in the 80s across the region. no 90s yet but that will return for the weekend. 82 in jersey city. you're in the 70s across most of the long island, farmingville, sayville. 70s to 80s over long island. 82 in danbury. jersey shore seeing temperatures near 80 now. 79 in parsippany. 83 in danville. 80 in west milford. over the tropics, what's left of danny is just bringing heavy rain. and the next storm that's following danny could be the
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next hurricane. and that will be tracking westward westward. we'll keep you posted on that over the coming days. 86 is our high tomorrow. a chance of some scattered storms from about 11:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon tomorrow for the city east. and then it's dry skies all the way into the weekend. and then the 90s return. more heat coming back. >> thank you, janice. bruce beck is live from philadelphia. bruce. >> chuck, the mets, 33 runs in three games and swept the rockies in colorado. now they add another piece to the puzzle. coming up in sports, david wright returns. after missing more than four months. the captain bats behind cespedes in the cleanup spot against the phillies. we'll hear from the third baseman next, on news 4 new york at 6:00.
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so rehab assignment is over. david wright has rejoined the mets, and tonight for the first time since april 14th, the captain is in the starting lineup for the amazin. these are the images that the fans have been waiting for. the seven-time all star back on the field with his teammates. he will bat fourth tonight. wright, who has battled spinal stenosis for months rejoins a team. he hopes to contribute in a drive to the pennant. he spoke to the media earlier this afternoon. >> i'm just going to go out there and not worry about where i am in the lineup but be productive and a small part of this piece, because like i said before, there's been about 12.
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>> reporter: david, are you nervous tonight? >> i'm not nervous. i'm excited. you know, for me it almost feels like opening day where you have some butterflies, you have some, you know, kind of nervous excitement. but as far as being nervous or, you know, i don't think it's nervous. it's more like just excitement, and, you know, satisfaction, and, you know, thankful, i think are the emotions i've got. >> reporter: this is wright's 12th season with the mets. his manager, terry collins, fifth with the organization. earlier today, terry sounded just as excited as his veteran third baseman. >> what was it like tonight to pencil number five into that lineup card? >> it's fun. it's fun to have him back. and to see his name in the middle of the lineup. you know, that was i think the biggest discussion is where do we hit him. and i said i know one thing, he's going to hit in the top four spot someplace. >> it's an emotional boost, it's
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a mental boost, physical with what he does on the field. it's everything. getting a guy like david back is huge in all aspects of the team. >> reporter: now to the second place yankees who host the astros tonight at the stadium. the bombers are currently a half game behind the blue jays in the a.l. east. and cc sabathia is headed to the disabled list. an injury he reaggravated yesterday against the indians. manager joe girardi said it's a possibility that cc will not pitch again this year. manager joe girardi said it's also something he's going to have to monitor in the future. the 35-year-old sabathia is 4 and 9 with a 5.27 e.r.a. this season. august 24th and we're still talking baseball with both the yankees and mets thinking about september. and guys, jacob degrom is pitching tonight for the mets.
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we didn't even mention that. every time he pitches, he can pitch a gem. back to you. >> bruce, thanks a lot. "nbc nightly news" is straight ahead. >> see you back here at 11:00. have a good night. tonight, the wipeout on wall street. a sea of money lost as turmoil spreads. stocks plunging 1,000 points in a day of roller coaster swings. tonight, so many americans worried about what to do. highest honors for the american heroes who prevented a potential massacre. harrowing new details about the takedown as we learn of a fourth american, the first to confront the gunman. in cold blood. a state trooper stops to help a stranded driver who shoots him dead. tonight we hear from the witnesses who risked their own lives to help him. who would he choose? as word of a secret meeting adds to speculation the vice president is ready to run, who would president obama back, biden or clinton?
6:28 pm
a telling response tonight from the white house. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." good evening. a lot of investment portfolios including retirement nest eggs shrank today when stocks took another stunning fall. experts warn we may need a strong stomach because this up and down ride is likely not over. the trading day started with a dramatic freefall. the dow dropping over 1,000 points. and after some half-hearted rallies ended down more than 3 1/2% off 588 points, the nasdaq and s&p, down almost 4%. let's drill down on why this is happening and what it means to you. we'll bring in jim cramer to talk about it in a moment but first cnbc's carl quintanilla. >> it was a stunning drop for a stock market that really hasn't had one in years. but this wasn't about
6:29 pm
the u.s. economy faltering. it's about the global economy losing steam. it was by wall street standards an historic drop. the dow falling by more than 1,000 points at the opening bell. titans of american business crashing. home depot down 20%. general electric and jpmorgan down 21% before recovering. it left economists, traders -- >> the noise this morning created confusion. it create a little bit of chaos. >> reporter: -- and m even cnbc news anchors stunned. >> got to make some phone calls. these are enormous moves. breathless feeling, you know, when the market started to open down 1,000 points, i brea away. there were signs of stability, but the concerns that prompted the sell-off remain. some believe stocks have simply gone too long without a meaningful correction. that's wall street lingo for a 10% decline from the some believe stocks
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are too expensive for


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