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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 26, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> as a reporter, my job is simply to ask questions and that's why i'm here. >> saying in part, ramos was simply trying to hold a candidate for presidency accountable. one woman wrote, he is not only a journalist he's become the voice of the latino constituency. and another person i feel like someone messed with my dad, it's on. >> and a war of words has rerupted between the gop frontn are -- runner and fox news. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: it's the intersection of reality tv and presidential politics.
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fox and trump reigniting the feud. ceo demanding trump apologize. >> welcome to the kelly file, everyone. >> reporter: trump tweeted liked the kelly file much better without megyn kelly. and her colleagues rushed to her defense. >> he started tweeting against megyn kelly, totalally unwarned. >> y call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slaubs and disgusting animals. >> what i say is what i say and honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. down hill. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: a truce had
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apparently seemed to have been made. apparently not. he called it an unprovoked attack and this is unacceptable as it is disturbing. and trump spoke back saying he doesn't feel she's a quality journalist. >> that was peter alexander reporting reporting. and donald trump will be fielding question with matt lauer lauer. that's om later this morning on "today." and another rol ler coaster ride for stocks overseas. and despite a stimulus china's shanghai index tumbled in the final minutes of trading. and the nika jumped. and the dow went up almost 2%
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and a volatile final hour saw the dow plunge 200 points and as one expert put it, if monday was a baurks oxer being knocked to the matt matt, tuesday is they're down but got up and waubled off. a coalition spokes person says a pair of attackers wearing ach gan army uniformed were attacked. and we don't know if they were members of the afghan army. france has opened up a terror investigation. the suspect was goed into courat three charges starting with attempted murder and mass murder. that's because they say he wanted to kill every single
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person on the train and apparently th had the ars nool do enal to do it. p an there is a third charge. membership in a terrorist ganization, although he originally said he was just trying to rob people on the train and now he was apparently in turkey and syria. mean while, just hours ago, the first of thr americans credited with thwarting the atta arrived back in the u.s. a parade is being planned in sacramento, california. there is no end in site for the fires blazing in the northwest. the largest is burning over 400a square miles in washington. mean while, over 40 fires still burning in california alone.
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arizona pchs monsoon season is in full swing. and a big wall of dust or huh bub as it's called. the storm also brought wind gusts and heavy rains to some areas. will what will it bring today? >> beautiful to look at. >> from a distance of course. >>fe and my dad said he was hosing off the patio because all the dust comes. >> almost like ash sflp almost. and all the big storms that produce the haboob are dissipating. this is a monpseudoal flow we get this time of year. tropical storm erica has not strengthened in the last couple of hours. and it has a chance to produce some squally weather from the leeward islands.
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we do not think they're going to get a oflow -- and the hurricane center still has it being a low 1 cat 1 hurricane near bahamas or south florida. all of our computer models are clustered but the intensity is a big question mark. anywhere from a hurricane to a ssible storm is possible. otherwise, a beautiful day across the lower 48. now a closer look at the day ahead. no problem e at all in texas and we'll take the lower humidity values in oklahoma and arkansas. we had beautiful weather yesterday that continues today right up through national tennessee. another gorging summer day in many spots. >> and we have new details on that missing south carolina teen
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angel ift. be soft. be ttrong. stories makingo news this morning, it is every parent's nightmare a 16-year-old south ca throlina girl is apparently ssing. she's not been seen since stopping at a chick fu a-filet on hemmatway to school. and she was seen at a bank withdrawing money from her account. her car, the 2002 silver ford escape is also missing. >> if we can find the vehicle, maybe that might at least bring us closer to her. police in fort worth tex anas
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investigating a case of animal cruelty. and the postman pepper spraying the dog twice. they say they take the complaints very seriously and more than 5,000 workers were attacked by dogs in 2014. >> reporter: in the world of the oops, this one's a master piece. watch as the 12-year-old kid in t-shirt erd shorts, obligatory drink in hand, soumbles and puts a hand through a painting in a taiwan museum and n siot just any painting, it's worth 1 1/2
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million bucks, called "flowers." a certain 12-year-old may be sporting this expressionists expression. and a volcano erupted on reunion island. it spewed lava, fire and red smoke for hours. time to get down to busineey. want you to get ready for the next generation hummer. and it will build nearly 55,000 of the joint-like tactical vehicles for the marine and army. and amazon expanding its amazon service in seattle. the service is now in eight states and london. uber planning to test a bus-like service and uber car will take a set route with set stops and pick up passengers along the
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oat this morning on "early today," trend alert, a new study shows more and more americans
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are eating meals by themselves than ever before fp fiepd out if that's a good or bad thing. now to sports, the astros are looking for revenge. and yesterday t was a different ball game. astros had 15 hits and pitchers gave up only four hits. the yankees pitching was so bad that they called infielder to the mound. astros win big, 15-1. the pittsburgh steelers have signed quarterback michael vic to a deal. steelers previous back up is currently on injured reserve. vic spent last season with the new york jets starting in just three games. dallas cowboys, boy have they suffered a set back. they will be without starting corner back for the remainder of the season.
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he tore his acl and mcl in training camp yesterday and had to be carted off the field. he sent a text message saying i'll be back and better than ever. check out this monster fish. he spent 34 minutes landing this enormous grouper, 7 feet, 11 inches long and as you can see, in an intertube and its it's the largest grouper ever on youtube and weighs 125 pounds. and just ahead, who's performing at the vma's and find out which u.s. city is the most honest j which is the least. you're watching "early today."
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on tl he last day we revealed everything. oooooohwoww. we were sitting right on it. continuously eliminate odors break out the febrezett you plug in [inhale + exhale mnemonic] and breathe happy. now to entertainment news np cast of the ruppcoming film "star trek beyond" paid a tribute to leonard nimoy. and former jersey shore favorite, nicole is defending reports that her husband was on ashley madison and she
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wrote on instagram, if he wanted to cheat, he would go out and do it. she says he's a good guy and doesn't need his name tarnished. and a performers for vma's. kanye west will get the biggest award of the night. and universal studios in orlando will unveil the brand new fast and furious supercharged. i can't wait. it promises to put fans right in the middle of everything they love about the high speed cars and action from the famous franchise. >> we should go. >> sign me up, let's do it. let's go live from there. just a hint, folks. and here's a quick look at the stunning coverage for carry underwood's new album, story teller. >> my all american girl. >> that's why we did it, for you.
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the four male leads of big bang theory in the top five. jim parsons at $29 million and mark harmon tied at a mere $20 million a year. it's tif. and seth macfarline and jimmy kimmel making a sketch. >> i'm way off. see, that's much better. >> that's totally impressive, which means it's totally fake. i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape.
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leading the news in, philadelphia inmates and guards work together to hand-carve chair for pope francis. this is 6 feet tall and carved out of black walnut. the pope plans to meet with 100 ininmates starting on september 27th. and the most read story in the washington post, stephen hawking believes he's solved a huge mystery about black holes. in a nutshell, the physicist focuses on the information paradox. and where the info goes. he says our concept of time as
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we know it could be altered. total you it was tough to swallow. okay. we'll move on now to something we can all understand. and refound the surgeon dr. james "red" duke has died. he was working when john f kennedy was assassinated. and the first surgeon to receive the president at the hospital and credited with saving the life of texas senator john connolly who was also thought shot that day. he was 86 years old. a kansas man is charge would animal cruelty after police say weapon. when he was approached because of suspicious behavior, he pick udup the dog and threw it at him and then swung it by the leash. well, that dog is okay and as shelter.
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thfrmths makers of honest tea set up tea stands on the honor system around the country. so, what's the most honest city? in atlanta, people left a dollar in a box, 100% of the time. congratulations. the least honest city, washington d.c. where someone allegedly stole money from the box. i don't even know where to go with that one. a couple of people in miami made a splash on tuesday when they actually got married under water. the couple wed in front of an iconic underwater statue on the anniversary of its installation. a person officiated the ceremony. celebrating birthdays day, mccauley mccullcon, and mccarthy
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is 45. i'm betty nguyen. have a terrific wednesday. . right now, republican presidential candidate donald trump in another war of words with journalists. plus, crews continue to look for a fishing boat believed to
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have taken on water and gone have taken on water and gone down off the new jersey coast. also ahead, how a dog named bear helped bring down one-time subway spokesman jared fogle. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday, it's august 26th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm pat battle. darlene taking the week off. chris cimino says this is going to be one of the best days ever. >> fist bump. it is going to be a beauty actually. the humidity outside this morning. temperatures upper 60s to 70 in the five boroughs. cooler yet north and west. down to 54 in sussex. poughkeepsie to dan burr, upper 50s. beautiful day throughout. near perfection at noontime. low humidity at 80 degrees. nice breeze stirring the air around and high of 84. easygoing on the weather. let's check on the commute with lauren. >> good morning, chris. good morning everyone.
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one accident in the bronx. on the major degree an, the cross bronx expressway, there's an accident blocking two lanes. we have plent incompetent -- plenty of roadwork. two lanes blocked by 79th to 106th. thank you, lauren. new this morning, crews are going to be back in the water looking for a boat that may have gone down in sandy hook. brynn gingras is there with the latest. brynn? already mike >> reporter: there's a lot of major questions, michael. did the both actually sink? the coast guard can't confirm that just yet. still, they're going to continue the search later this morning. the search is going to be one like we saw last night from several agencies. again, it will continue later this morning in these waters just a mile and a half off the sandy hook coast. we're here at the coast guard's
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starting point. reports of a 40-foot fishing trawler sank saturday, came in -- started coming in 4:30 tuesday afternoon without being able to confirm that, authorities don't know how many people have been on board. who owns the boat and where it came from. again, a lot of questions. but two young fishermen we talked to say they actually saw it sink. >> we saw a boat come in from the right side of us come to the left. we saw it going down. it wasn't looking too good. >> reporter: this is actually a picture tweeted by the monmouth county sheriff's department. it's possible debris in the yesterday. the search will continue with a number of agencies helping. they're going to use sonar to look for anybody under the water or possibly the boat as well, michael. >> to clear it up, has there been reports of a boat missing,
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family calling in?


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