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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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nypd deployed officers to tv as a precau on. as they were working all morning to learn more as to the motive behind the virginia incident. which, again, now seems to be a case of workplace violence. a beganman killing a. a gunman killing a reporter and a photographer and now reports that he turned the gun on himself after filming the entire back to you. anything mor?e ab t the nature the dispute he had with these people? >> on some of the postings that we've seen online, unconfirmed, one of the workers filed an eeoc complaint against the other and there were some disputes that had gone on when he worked at that station between himself, the reporter, and the photographer he shot, we're looking up those reports now to see if they've been publicly file d. apparently some sort of ongoing
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dispute between the gunman, the suspgeted gunman and the two victims shot today. >> unbelievable day. the tragedy itself c tured on live television. and then the social media stings being attributed to this person. jonathan, thank you for your reporting. stay with news 4 and nbc news as we continue to monitor developments on this story. you can get updates any time online on on our mobile app. >> just reeling rom this. imagine all the people watching as this unfolded. just horrific. new information about the boat. the coast guard has found it and it's believed there was one person on board when it went under. they're waiting to raise that ship. thnoe search happening off sandy hook, new jersey. she's in nearby bellford where that fissionerman once worked. >> reporter: we'do going to zoom in right away to this empty slip right here behind me. that's where the boat was supposed to return to last night.
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of course, it never did. state police, crews located that sunken vessel about two hours ago. they're now trying to bring it above water. it is believed that the boat's captain went down with the boat. dive teams entered the waters off the coast of sandy hook. just underneath the surface in the channel, authorities believe they found the el jefi, a 40-foot fishing trawler that capsized tuesday afternoon. boat docked. i was on my way home. i got the phone call that said one of the boats went down. i said none of the boats are out. then somebody else suggested to me maybe the el jefi was out. the boat captaln as tom anderson. among fishermen who have worked the sea their entire live, rookie >> he was learning as he went. he'd go grabbing in the wintertime.
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he'd go gill net in the summertime and lobster pot fishing. t other than that, he was just -- it was all a new experience for tom. >> reporter: witnesses say the boat t5ok on water tuesday it ook rescue teams nearly a day to find the sunken vessel, while debris like this was located in the waves. those who witnessed it go down tell me they believe anderson never made it out of the hole. >> m tom's just a nice guy. years. happy go lucky. >> you're looking at a live chopper shot. that task of bringing the boat above and try to confirm in the body of anderson is inside that boat. that has not yet been confirmed. little bit more about derson, we're t d he was in hisate 50s or early 60s. he le oved being out on the water not only to fish but also to make a little bit of money. news 4 new york. >> all right, thank you. also in new jersey, we're
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learning new details about a livery cab driver who was shot and killed while trying to earn his living. the victim, a 57-year-old man and a father of ten. the shooter, still on the run at this hour. news 4's michael george has been working up details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the cab driver was called here to this neighborhood late last night to make a pickup and co-workers tell me someone was waiting for him. the cab driver was shot in the head in his own cab. right now the killer is still on the loose. for the cab driver, was supposed to be a routine pickup. >> i just seen him friday -- i saturday. everything was fine. we cracked jokes, smoke a cigarette here and there. the guy was an amazing guy. >> reporter: emad had come to this quiet neighborhood around 11:00 p.m. tuesday night. prosecutors say someone shot him in the head and emad's cab kept moving, hitting two parked cars and injuring two people inside. emad's co-workers at station cab were told this was an attempted
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robbery and they believe emad fought back. >> he was definitely a stand-up guy. he wasn't a pushover. so that's a shame. >> reporter: detectives continue to search the scene for evidence. emad was from edison. children. his co-workers say he would make long hours to make sure they were taken cash of. >> just a real nice guy. real genuine guy. real down to earth. you know, just -- like i said, it's a tragedy, i still can't believe it. >> co-workers tell me investigators are looking into whether this suspect is the same person who robbed another cab driver last weekend, robbed a gas station. at this point, authorities have not released any description of the suspect. we're live, michael george, news 4 new york. right now, police are looking for a person who stabbed a teenager in washington heights and they need your help to find him. this is security camera video of the man they're looking for. they say he approached the 15-year-old victim from behind,
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following a dispute on west 184th street. police say he stabbed the teenager several times in the back and then took off. the victim was treated at the hospital. obviously, if you recognize the man in the video, police would like to hear from you. the nypd hoping to catch the people involved in this violent home invasion. the three suspects make their way in. this happened on sutter avenue near union street. late july. the suspects pushed their way into the family's apartment. th> victims, a 13-year-old girl and her parents, tied up with duct tape and threatened with a gun. >> it's just sad. it's just really, really sad. i feel sorry for the family that it happened to. >> the suspects made off with $3,500 in cash. they took jewelry and electronics as well. the 34-year-old father was punched and kicked in the attack. he had to be taken to the hospital. >> coming up on news 4 new york at noon, another campaign trail
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dustup between donald trump and a journalist. this time, it's the longtime anchor for univision. >> we're enjoying a nice break from the humidity. lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. how long will this beautiful weather last? forecast coming up.
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my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits we want to update you now on the top story we've been covering, breaking news out of virginia, where two young television journalists were shot and killed during a live report today. the victims are allison parker who just turned 24 and her camera man adam ward, 27. both engaged to other people.
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police say 41-year-old vester flanagan came up and fired away. the two journalists were killed. the third person in the hospital right now. getting late word from innocence nbc's pete williams from law enforcement officials that say flanagan shot himself in his car when he was approached by virginia state police on interstate 66. so we're going to keep an eye on that story. let's turn to presidential politics. donald trump speaking out for the first time about that confrontation with a television news anchor. >> excuse me, sit down, you sit down. >> sit down! sit down, please. >> and that was trump yesterday in iowa. talking to univision anchor jorge ramos who was ejected from security. ramos was trying to ask trump about his policies on immigration. but trump says he was trying to hear another question from another reporter. >> i was being asked a question
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from another reporter. i would have gotten to him very quickly. he stood up and started ranting like a mad man and he was out of line. >> well, ramos was permitted back into that news conference and did pose some questions to trump. trump's also reigniting his feud with megyn kelly of fox news. he retweeted that she is, a quote, bimbo, unquote. trump believes she asked him questions he considered unfair at the candidates debate on fox. what's been obviously a challenging week on wall street. look leak a come back after six days of losses. >> cnbc global headquarters with more on that. >> so far, so good for this market. we are well off of our highs of the trading session. nonetheless, we are still in the green. the volatility is down just a little bit. p today. we're going to have to wait and
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see how the afternoon shapes up. we did come in higher today. so far, we have held pretty much most of the gains in the various stocks in the s&p 500. things seem to be steadier today. we'll see that last closing hour is what we'll watch closely. one of the reasons the market is a little higher is we got some good economic news. durable goods orders, which are things like big ticket items, things that last hopefully more than a few years, they were up 2%. this is the second month in a row where we've seen some pretty solid gains. the economy seems to have found sector. it's an important sector because it is concerning manufacturing. the other story we're watching today is the burger king/mccon nald's ad. challenging to get together and take one store and work together. staff, employees of both companies at that one
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restaurant, selling a burger they want to call the mcwhopper which is a blend of the big mac and whopper. the proceeds from everything that is sold that day would be donated to peace one day, which is a nonprofit group trying to really raise awareness of international day of peace, which was founded back in 1981. so that story caught my eye. we'll see whether or not the the two companies get together it i think it would be an interesting thing to watch. >> like the hatfields and mccoys. all right, sue, thank you. 12:30. >> before that, we'll see raphael miranda. >> i know he'll be watching. >> he likes to help get live. >> thank you for trying to cover for me, that's my bad. the ladies aren't even in place yet. raphael, what's happening? >> what's happening here? no worries, no worries, pat.
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great afternoon out there, lots of sunshine, lower humidity. nice recovery from that humidity we had yesterday. you can see on storm tracker, clear skies, lower pressure in control on this wednesday. tribeck that temperatures in the upper 70s. it's 80 in staten island. we had temperatures independent 80s yesterday. it was so muggy it felt much worse. even long island enjoying a nice break there. still a little on the cooler side in northwest new jersey. we're headed back to 84 today. that's still well above average. we're going back to the mid-80s. it's been a trend. this is going to be one of the hottest augusts we've seen on record in new york city. we'll see exactly where we end up in the top ten list. i think it's a safe bet to say we'll end up somewhere in that list. baseball weather today, some afternoon for the game. astros taking on the yanks. 81 degrees, the first pitch. bring your shades and drink lots of sunshine. here's future tracker. lots of sunshine continues. heading home tonight, 6:00, it's a quiet ride.
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mostly clear skies overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning. thursday. your day. for thursday. temperatures rebounding brack to the 80s. and the humidity stays away for yet another day. that changes over the weekend. look at the heat and the humidity. they're back. 87 on saturday. near 90, muggy, on sunday. so that sultry summer feel continues later on in the weekend. it looks like both days should be dry. 84 for your high today. really, a jewel of a day. if you can get outside, just spend some time soaking it in. overnight, 66 for your low. 50s in many suburbs. give the ac a break. especially north and west of town. mid0s right through friday. the heat and humidity build right through the weekend. we're talking about 90s early next week. as we enter september, 91 degrees on tuesday. the heat really showing no sign of letting up any time soon. david and pat, over to you. >> all right, raphael, thanks. we have been warm, but a
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we are a few minutes away from new york live. >> indeed we are now. here's sarah and jacque. >> huge news for we janet jackson fans. an early listen to her album and more in her fall music preview. >> sit it's easier than you think making this meal, we're live at a great restaurant. we'll being right back with the breaking story from virginia, .
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and before we leave today, there are more developments in the shooting of a tv reporter and photographer in virginia. that happened on live television television. the gunman apparently shot himself so the man hunt is over. >> the investigation into just why he targeted his former co-worker still under way. >> the gunman posted angry claims on social media today that he had past disputes with both the reporter and the photographer and the station.
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and he tracked them this morning and shot and killed them during a morning tv live shot. the suspect identified as vester lee flanagan also known as bryce williams. he carried a gun in one hand, a camera in the other and video of the double murder was posted on social media. reporter allison parker and adam ward both killed. the woman they were interviewing also shot and underwent surgery. she's now out of surgery, we're told stable condition. as for the suspect, the stigs's general manager says former employee bryce williams, also known as flanagan, was fired and he was angry, so angry that police were called to remove him from the tv station. he then filed an eeoc complaint but apparently his anger grew and he allegedly targeted his two former co-workers this morning. the suspect, flanagan, is currently in grave condition after a self-inflicted gunshot wound, after police tracked him for hours this morning. and, again, the murder of that
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reporter and photographer, apparently carried out by a former disgruntled co-worker who then turned his gun on himself. back to you in the newsroom. >> thank you, jonathan. we can only expect this man hunt could have continued so much longer had adam ward, his last picture that he captured, not been that -- of that gunman as he tried to leave the scene. the irony. >> yes, this story is layered with tragedy. before we go, in case some new yorkers saw this, before we knew there was a personal connection -- before but intoes there was a personal connection, law enforcement was taking certain steps around the tv stations. >> the nypd as a precaution dispatched police to television stations around the city so they could find out what was happening, make sure there was no copycat. it was all precautionary. what's they do in this age of
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instant media and when events like this take place. >> of course we'll be following this story throughout the day. stay with us for breaking news any time online.
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hi, everyone. happy hump day. day. >> gorgeous. >> gorgeous day. >> really nice. lunchtime show. >> a fun jam packed show. want a taste of the south without leaving manhattan? we're cooking up two -- we're cooking with two top chefs. it is amazing. >> you love the food there, right? whether you're a prince fanatic or looking to hear the next big single, we've got a complete music preview.
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first, ladies, if you feel like you're dating life mirrors an episode of sex and the city, you're not alone. according to the new book date owe nomics, dating in new york really is as difficult for women as it seems. >> what are some of the reasons women face such an uphill battle? game. it starts right out of college. new york's female college by 38%. another factor, new york city's gay population, gay men, make up between 9% to 12% of the male population. >> other highlights from the book as women get older the singles pool gets smaller. thus increasing the likelihood of them being alone. also because there are more than 100,000 more women than men. men often are in the driver's seat when it comes to settling down. something they are more likely many choices. new. i've heard this all before.
12:29 pm
those of us who have been single for a long time. you hear the numbers. you have the conversations. it seems nothing new. what bothers me, and i don't know if this guy said this because i read so many articles, is the advice he gives. like, you know, if you're a religious person, choose an atheist because there are more single men that are atheists. or, you know, you have to go to colleges have more money. >> or move to other cities. >> or move to other cities. as if you don't have your own goals. i think that's bad advice. >> i think it's bad advice too. he also tells women to make an ultimatum ultimatum. >> he says more aggressive women end up being married. >> why not in dating. >> so change your personality. i think that's so bad. >> i don't agree with that. he also says, yeah, you should make the first move because men are stupid and they don't know. >> i think you should be you. >> that's what he says. >> it's insulting. this is my opinion.


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