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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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urism in the area, a feature, inoterrupted by a spray of bullets killing both while live on the air. >> today was just like any other day. >> reporter: it should have been just another morning in roanoke, virginia. reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward were covering afeature story and co m-workers watched as shots rang out and the camera fell to the ground, the two killed during their report. >> we're all in a state of shock here. you can hear people behind us in the newsroom crying. it's just really hard. >> we're all holding back too. >> it's hard to comprehend. >> reporter: the small newsroom like family. adam's fiancee was a producer of the morning show, in the control room as the awful scene unfolded on television. the couple and the rest of the team had been celebrating just hours before. it was their last day, adam's fiancee had taken a job producing in charlotte, north carolina. >> just had such a bright future, both of them, ahead of them. and adam just told me, i'm going to get out of news, do something else, following his fiancee down to charlotte. >> reporter: alison parker had
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reached a special milestone in her love life. she moved in with her boyfriend, an anchor at the station. he tweeted, while it wasn't publicly shared, we were very much in love. i am numb. he also shared, she was the most radiant woman i ever met and for some reason she loved me back. >> came off as a pro, to be as young as she was. >> just 24. >> reporter: alison had interned at the station before getting a job in a smaller city and then moving back to roanoke. >> something viewers might not know aboutme, i come from a family t hat absolutely loves the arts. >> reporter: both were from the area. both lit up the newsroom every morning before heading out on their story together. >> when one you love and care about and someone you work with day in and day out, just -- when someone so young -- >> the potential. >> alison parker's family issued a statement that reads, not hearing her voice again crushes my soul. our family can only take solace in the fact that although her life was brief, she was so happy with it. those heartfelt words from her father. the station was going to have a meeting today to discuss great
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things going on at work. that meeting was cancelled. instead they held a memorial. alison's boyfriend wrote on facebook that the newsroom is a family, and they'll get through this together. shiba? >> touching words. ray, thank you. and be sure to tune into "nbc nightly news" for details on the shooter and victims tonight at 6:30. and now to that breaking brooklyn. a child was struck by this truck. this is east 22nd street. that's in prospect park south. that child was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. east 22nd street is shut down while the police investigate. an update now on breaking news about legionnaires' disease. we're getting word of a second new patient being treated at new york presbyterian. as we first told you at 5:00, one of the new patients is a 77-year-old woman from east orange, a woman who has never been in the bronx, according to her family. the bronx, of course, was the epicenter of the recent legionnaires outbreak that
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we're still trying to get information about the second victim. and new york state health officials are trying to determine how these new patients came down with legionnaires. crews have pulled a fisherman missing. dive teams found the boat. the boat took on water and submerged tuesday afternoon. local fisherman say the man, tom anderson, was a relative rookie on the water. >> he was learning as he went. he would go crabbing in the wintertime, he would go gill netting in the summertime, and kumquat fishing and lobster pot fishing. other than that, it was all a new experience for tom. >> and the crews resume their search tomorrow. police are working to solve a mystery tonight. they're trying to find a person who shot and killed a delivery cab driver who was a husband and father of ten. news 4's michael george has more. >> reporter: shiba, that cab
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driver pulled up right here last night in this quiet neighborhood, but it wasn't a passenger waiting for him. someone shot and killed him in his own cab, and what's believed to be an attempted robbery. tonight that cab driver's wife and ten children are wondering why someone would kill him. >> he's the best person in the world. he's the best person in the world. >> reporter: heartbreak for the wife of taxi driver ahmad al i seemar, doing his job, working long hours to provide for his ten kids when someone shot and killed him. we spoke with his son outside their home in edison. >> if there was a way to, like, take my head and put it on his body and have him alive instead of me, i would be more than happy. >> reporter: it seemed to be a routine pickup. ahmad arrived on bedford street around 11:00 p.m. tuesday. but someone was waiting for him. ahmad was shot in the head, and the shooter took off. prosecutors won't speculate on a
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motive, but co-workers were told it was an attempted robbery and say ahmad was the type to fight back. >> he's a stand-up guy, wasn't a pushover, and you know, so that's a shame. >> reporter: after he was shot, ahmad's cab crashed into two parked cars, injuring two others. his fellow taxi drivers are worried about their own safety. >> if you're a cab driver, you're never safe. you don't know who is getting in the car or out. >> reporter: as detectives continue to search the scene for evidence, his family is trying to support each other and trying to understand why someone would kill a beloved father to ten children. >> he meant everything to me. i spent all my life for him. >> reporter: there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter. live, michael george, news 4 new york. a major rebound on wall street today as the dow posts its third biggest point gain ever. the dow jones industrial gained 619 points on what was the best day for the markets in nearly four years.
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the s&p was up 72 points and the nasdaq composite surged 191. a good day but not enough to recover from the six-day market slump prompted by concerns about the health of the chinese economy. and coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, why some 9/11 families want their loved ones rapes removed from the lower levels of the september 11th memorial museum. plus a followup to a report you saw first on news 4 at 6:00. former mayor, rudy guiliani blasting the current mayor over his handling of the city's homeless. tonight, how the de blasio camp is fighting back. and meteorologist janice huff tells us how long this beautiful weather will stick around. >> that is the question. nice and sunny and warm during the day. cool 50s at night, feeling like fall. but you're right. it doesn't last very long. i've got the details in your forecast coming up next.
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a spokesman for the 9/11 memorial says there's no evidence of a leak that some victims' families are reporting. a leak in a slurry wall at the memorial. a group of families is calling for the immediate removal of their loved ones' remains from the basement of the 9/11 museum, because of the alleged leak. they say those remains should be in an above-ground tomb. a port authority spokesperson also says there is no leak. we're also told the wall in days ago. dozens of new york city landlords are on notice for allegedly misusing tax breaks. authorities say 194 landlords got those breaks in exchange for rent protections for tenants, then reneged on the protections. compliance notices sent to those violating rent rules. governor cuomo says the state will not tolerate those who break the law. coming up, they have been the center of controversy in times square, and now those costume characters are moving into new areas at & already causing problems.
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but first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight and chuck and i will see you again at 11:00.
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an exclusive interview we aired with former mayor rudy guiliani this time on monday has generated lots of controversy online and headlines in the papers. >> now the de blasio administration is pushing back. government affairs reporter melissa russo is here with the latest. >> yeah, shiba and chuck. and former mayor rudy guiliani told me he went to complain about a homeless guy living on his block, he also said he thought it was mean for mayor de blasio to let homeless people live on the streets. the de blasio administration seems to think it's guiliani's approach to the homeless that's mean. >> you can't let them stay on the street. then you chase them. you chase them, and you chase them and you chase them and you chase them. and they either get the treatment they need or you chase them out of the city. >> reporter: former mayor rudy
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guiliani says that's how the city should deal with homeless people presenting a public nuisance. but the de blasio administration fired back today, saying, they're engaging in constructive solutions, focused on housing permanency, not chasing people from corner to corner. >> new york city is throwing in everything we've got to solve the homelessness crisis. >> reporter: the mayor has added $1 billion to the budget to help the homeless, including a new plan to send mental health teams to treat them on the street. >> i think that getting to the root of the problem will actually benefit this issue a lot more than just chasing them out. >> reporter: de blasio also created a new government program to help the homeless pay rent and says he has moved 450 people this year who were living on the subways into shelters and homes. >> they're making accommodations to get them off the streets. >> reporter: would you rather de blasio approach? >> guiliani. >> what you need is an aggressive mayor, aggressive police commissioner, and a police department that's proactive.
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>> reporter: mary bros that han of the coalition for the homeless said asking guiliani for advice on homelessness is like asking bill cosby to pour your wife a drink. now former governor george pataki has joined the fray, saying he suddenly sees homeless everywhere. >> clearly, the police have been told to back off. clearly they are not focusing on quality of life crimes the way that had been done under rudy and under mike bloomberg. >> reporter: city hall insists it was under mayor bloomberg that homelessness soared. it irritates me when one politician blames the other. just take the appropriate action. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg not commenting today. police commissioner bratton has consistently said that his nypd is being aggressive, and has zero tolerance for quality of life offenses like public urination, one of the things guiliani complained about. but bratton says you can't simply arrest someone for being homeless, as homelessness in and of itself is not a crime. chuck and shiba? >> melissa, thank you.
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lester holt joins us now with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news" tonight. >> we're covering the story we woke up to this morning, the horrible shooting in virginia of those two journalists. we're going to take a look at their lives, the bright futures, the promising, exciting futures they had. we're also going to hear from some of their colleagues who carried on with a remarkable professionism face of such a horrible tragedy. and a big part of the story, how the gunman used social media. >> he had a gun and a camera on his cell phone in hand, and posted that, even as it was on the run, made twitter postings and that opens up a question about what we all see on social media, what's acceptable, where the lines are, and how that was dealt with, so we've got a well. >> a lot of folks talking about that tonight, lester. thank you. after getting run out of times square, some costumed characters have moved south now to lower manhattan. more of these characters like mickey and mini mouse have started seeking tips in the battery park area. and that has created a turf war of sorts with the statue of liberty characters who have
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worked there for years. many argue this is how they make a living. but others who work in that area don't think it's a good idea. >> we think it's bad, you know, for the parent, for the company. because they want you to come over here and relax and see the views and see the monuments. and everything is not good. >> reporter: mayor de blasio cracked down on these costumed characters, and topless women who take pictures with tourists for tips. more new york city firefighters on their way to the west coast to battle the raging wildfires. governor cuomo deployed a team today. more than 1,000 firefighters responded to contain those flames that have torched 25,000 acres. is it dry here? how are conditions looking here at home, janice? area. no problems here whatsoever. we have delightful weather with low humidity and temperatures cool this morning, feeling like fall.
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but it's going to feel just like summer just a matter of days. the humidity does return with the heat. now. our temperature in central park is 81 degrees. we have lots of sunshine, just a few puffy fair weather cumulus clouds. it's a pretty nice evening out there and the temperatures will cool off once again tonight. this morning's lows were in the 50s, north and west, and even as far south as belmar this morning, down to 59 degrees there. 67 in the city. more of the same for tonight, cool nights, warm days. and dry conditions before the humidity returns this weekend. 72 your high today in monticello. low to mid 80s around the city. most of long island, the jersey shore. belmar at 82. the city's high of 85. we're still in that streak of 80-degree-plus days. 48 days so far. this is a record. and it looks like it's going to continue for several more days. pollen report not so great. the rag weed count is moderate. weeds very high. this is the season for both of these to cause problems for those of you who suffer with allergies. right now temperatures though
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are pretty nice. 79 in tenafly. 82 in jersey city. madison at 77. across long island. most of your temperatures are in the upper 70s to near 80 in southampton. westport, connecticut at 80. 82 in greenwich now. from 82 to in point pleasant. 84 in parsippany and north and west mainly 70s to near 80 except a few 60s from high point to hunter because of cloud cover. clouds rotating around a huge upper level low pressure system, pretty much holding on to the catskills and poconos, not really reaching the coastline. in the meantime, tropical storm erica holding on as a tropical storm, looks disorganized now. maybe weaken slightly headed toward the northern leeward islands and northern dominican republic and then into the turks and caicos. and then when it gets to south florida, the tracks sort of go in a lot of different directions. south florida has to be wary and to start to prepare, because it
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could be a category 1 storm. meanwhile, southern bahamas, turks and caicos, northeastern dominican republic coastline from puerto rico toward guadeloupe. hurricane watches and warnings in effect. the storm is still churning about. going to bring a lot of heavy rain there. it's a beauty, though, for us this evening and for tomorrow, as well. we're back up to around 80, 82 degrees in midtown. a mix of sun and clouds. nice on friday, as well. and then it starts to heat up. and the humidity returns this weekend. but it looks pretty dry and nice for your outdoor plans. >> thanks, janice. bruce beck straight ahead. >> chuck, oc calls it quits in a place where he wreaked havoc for ten years. coming up in sports, one of the best pass rushers in giants' history retires in front of family friends and teammates. we'll hear from oc u umenyiora. and after being she would lled at the stadium, the yankees try to regroup against the astros in a matinee at the stadium. it's all just ahead on news 4 new york at 6:00.
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. osi umenyiora's brilliant nfl career came to a close today. the all-pro defensive end signed a one-day contract with the giants and officially retired from the nfl. umenyiora was big blue's second round draft pick back in 2003 out of little-known troy university. he went on to record 75 sacks with big blue. the fourth-most in franchise history. in ten years with the giants, osi was a quarterback's worst nightmare. he helped the g-men win two super bowl titles. and after spending the last two seasons with the falcons, osi was thrilled to come home and hang up the cleats.
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>> you miss everything, man. new york giant. and i wish some of the players that. because, you know, it's easy to think one thing, but once you get the chance to go somewhere else and experience something else, you truly realize what family is. and new york is home for me. i think anybody who has been around here and who has won here would tell you that there's really absolutely nothing like winning here in new york. there's nothing like losing here, too. that's horrible. but winning here is truly an amazing experience. >> nice job today, osi. and his old team is back in action this saturday night right here on nbc 4 new york. it's the giants and jets in the metlife bowl. local bragging rights on the line. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. in baseball tonight, the rampaging mets look for their sixth straight win in philadelphia. the this afternoon, the yankees and astros played the rubber game of their series at the
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stadium. michael pineda made his first start since july 24th and didn't fair well. evan gatos takes him deep to right for a solo homer. pineda gave up five runs in six hits in just four and a third. the bombers trailed 5-0 in the seventh when degree gore i can't say blasts a two-run shot into the second deck and right, and just like that, it was a ball game. but in the top of the eighth, evan gatos absolutely crushes his third homer of the series. the astros win 6-2. the yankees fall one-and-a-half behind toronto in the a.l. east. >> well, i mean, i think our guys are grinding it out and trying to get through it, and, you know, they're working. it's just we're not really having a whole lot of success right now. and the only thing you can do is keep working at it. >> definitely frustrating. we still have five weeks of baseball left. 35, 40 games. and hopefully, you know, start playing a little better.
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>> on to the road. hopefully they'll play better. >> thank you. "nbc nightly news" is straight ahead. >> we'll see you right back here at 11:00. have a good night, everybody. tonight, the horror on live tv. a reporter and photographer gunned down with viewers watching from home. and shock waves as the killer while on the run posts videos of the moment he pulled the trigger. tonight the young victims, the survivor, and the shooter's turbulent history. millions trying to come to grips with what they saw. also, surging back. one of the biggest gains ever on wall street as this roller coaster ride snaps in a positive direction. the confrontation. donald trump's new fight as a high-profile anchor is tossed out of his event while trying to challenge him. also tonight, hillary clinton weighs in on a possible challenge from vice president biden. and the gathering storm barreling across the caribbean, forecast to become a
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hurricane with florida maybe in its sights. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." good evening. we have reported so many senseless acts of violence but never have we seen it unfold on live television as it did in roanoke, virginia this morning. two young journalists murdered and a woman they were interviewing injured in a hail of bullets by a man with a gun in one hand and in the other. anyone who saw it live or later on the internet has been left shaken to the core. and yes, it hits close to home. we're going to be very careful about what images we show you tonight as we take you through what happened, describe the killer's twisted social media postings and tell you about the lives he took or left shattered. let's begin with nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: a live television interview that started like any other ended in horror
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at 6:43 this morning. gunshots, screams, then silence. the broadcast quickly cutting to a stunned anchor. >> okay. not sure what happened there. we will of course let you know as soon as we find out what those sounds were from. >> reporter: hurt in the shooting, vicki gardner. she survived. 24-year-old alison parker, the reporter, and her photographer, 27-year-old adam ward, did not. >> we're all in a state of shock here. you can hear people behind us in the newsroom crying. >> reporter: ward's camera capturing this final image of the shooter, gun in hand. >> my fellow employees said jeff, that's it. that's vester. >> reporter: vester flanagan, a former reporter at the tv station, wdbj 7, known on air as bryce williams. >> suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous. use caution. >> reporter: in the hours that followed a chaotic manhunt to find flanagan. police first tracking his ford mustang to the roanoke regional airport, then using a license plate tracker spotting him in a chevy sonic in northern virginia. as officers pursue flanagan he appears to
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