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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. we are also praying for the recovery of vicki gardner. >> records show that flanagan had to be literally lifted out of his chair when he was fired from that station. his outburst caught o video by that very cameraman adam ward who he murdered yesterday morning. >>we're also hearing from the husband of the third shooting victim. tim gardner spoke to the "today" show from virginia. his wife vicki was being interviewed about the 50th anniversary of the local reservoir when the gunman opened fire. tim was watching the broadcast live. for 15 agonizing minutes he tried to call her. the two finally spoke briefly while she was on the way to the hospital. >> she explained what had happened to her and she didn't know how she survived, but she did, and that she loved me.
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>> gardner says today dock tors will do more repair work on her abdomen. she's listed in good condition. you can follow this story any time on air and online. logon to or download our new4 app. a man accused of driving drunk and killing his father and two young children appeared before a judge. the father, his 4-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son died when their car was rear-ended. now prosecutors have new video showing what theriver did moments after that crash. details. >> reporter: suffolk d.a. tom spota is briefing reporters as we speak just a short time after the judge. sharp pleaded not guilty to upgraded charges that include aggravated vehicular homicide, all in connection to that fiery
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crash on the southern state parkway last month that, as you say killed a queens dad and his two kids. e prosecutors believe sharp was drunk and speeding up to 130 miles an hour when he slammed into the back of the ostain family car. prosecutors say sharp and his crew then ignored the cries for help of the mom who survived the crash and fled the scene, but not before disposing of a bottle of tequila inside the car. prosecutors say they have that act caught on videotape. the whole crash was precipitate precipitated, the d.a. says, after sharp's car was passed by another speeding vehicle and he took off in pursuit of that vehicle. his lawyer told us a short te after the court appearance his client denies all the charges. >> mr. sharp was not intoxicated. mr. sharp wasn't driving recklessly and he didn't leave the scene of this accident with any ill intentions.
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our investigation has already revealed that contrary to the representations that were made, mr. sharp was actually rendering aid to other individuals in the accident. >> sharp's lawyer says s client is not a monster and he asked people to rerve judgment until all the fas of this case come out. three others were also arraigned on charges today including a friend of o'neill sharp who prosutors y held h flee the scene aer this fiery crash. greg cergol, "news 4 new york." also in long island, a police officer praised for stopping a burglar at an armored car company and sold nearly $2 million. these are the tools that three people used to break the vault in hicks ville last sunday. the fault held about $20 million. an officer on patrol noticed one man acting suspiciously and arrested him in the parking lot
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and found $1.8 million in the man's car. >> in nassau county, i don't recall a burglary of this size and magnitude. there's a large large burglary. we're talking a $1.8 million was removed in cash and $2 million in the safe on friday afternoon. >> e ard gar medina is in custody. the hunt is on for two thieves wanted for a string of break-ins in manhattan. they have strk3 tes since ma according to police. e targets are office building mostly in twnto area. news 4's katheri creag joins us on west 46th street with video police would like you to take a look at. >> reporter: pat, the most recent burglary happened in this office building. there are surveillance cameras inside, pretty extraordinary. they got crisp video images of the suspect you'll see in a moment. and there's something about
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midtown manhattan that they like. they get away with their crimes quite easily. 13 times these two suspects made their way into offices in midtown manhattan to steal laptops and other electronics. >> e're constany tlout. i work late. surprised we haven't heard anything. >> reporter: these two women work across the street from 45 west 34th street. a building maintenance worker told us surveillance video was turned over to the nypd. people who work in the area wonder how the suspects are getting into the buildings and stairwells. >> we have a back entrance, we have a back stairwell. the fact that we don't know it's goinon is a little scary. >> the burglaries began may 7th. anher fice that was hit loca inside 10 east 33rd street back in late july. the most recent burary happenedhis pt monday at 21 west 46th street. people we talk with who work in
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that buding, this is the first ey're heing about this. >> they shouldn't tell us. we shoul know that. >> we should know that. we have like a company party and we left our door open. >> reporter: the suspects strike at all hoursf the y, 1:00 in the afternoon, 4:00 p.m., 6:00 at night. they've gotten away with thousands of dollars in electronics. more than once people here in midtown wanted to know more about these break-ins, they information. it's on our website, 13 robberies, pat and david. back to u. >> very clear pictures, katherine, as you point out. thk you. coming up o "news 4 new york" at noon, ten years later we go back to new orleans a deca after hurricane katrina devastated that city. we'll take a look at how they're battling still to bring it back. de is heit the foreca. >>wo rars sweeping the area. we see nothing so far. looks like we're in dry wonderful shape for the next 48 hours. humidity is going the se.
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we'll see if we can stay days. tell you all about it next.
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plus, there are no networks, v needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. it is so hard to fathom, david, ten years ago hurricane katrina roared through the gulf coast leaving a path of death an destruction behind. >> new orleans was essentially left in ruins. in about an hour president obama will arrive there to mark the anniversary. nbc's jay gray is there to tell us more about it. >> reporter: david and pat, you're right. it's hard to believe it's been a decade since katrina made landfall, since the levees gave way unless, of course, you live here. every day since that disaster has been spent trying to bring that city back.
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>> we had about 12 foot of water. >> reporter: it took ten years, but joshua felix is finally coming home. >> is it home again? >> lord, have mercy, the lord blessed me. i'm telling you, it was a disaster. >> reporter: the most costly disaster and largest hurricane in u.s. history. katrina had sustained winds of up to 140 miles an hour and was more than 400 miles wide at landfall, ravaging the gulf coast and ripping through the levees surrounding new orleans. >> it changed us, and those who have endured such pain will tell you that when everything is slipping away, the natural instinct is to tighten your grip on that which used to be secure, struggling to hold on to just what was. >> a decade later, a sense of security and tens of thousands of evacuees have returned to the city. >> you have to make the best out of the cards that you've been dealt.
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you have to make the best out of your hand. i think that that's what a lot of people in new orleans have tried to do. >> reporter: an effort that continues in the french quarter and neighborhoods across the city ilungdi the lower ninth ward, the area hardest hit by the floodwaters. >> new orleans is on a role. like 78% of our residents, i am optimistic about our future. >> reporter: a future survivors will not allow be defined by the storm. evidence of that commitment, families continue to return ten years after katrina here at a rate that makes this the fastest growing city in america right now. that's the latest live in new orleans. i'm jay gray. pat, back to you. >> jay, thank you for that. another new york lawmaker is coming out condemning president obama's proposed nuclear deal with iran. congresswoman carolyn maloney says she'll vote to block the deal. it would significantly curb
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iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. maney says she's concerned that even if iran complies, the deal doesn't block iran from weapons. in today's money report, the markets looking good. let's check in with sue herera at cnbc's global headquarters. >> yes, it is a stronger day and a calmer day on wall street after yesterday's big rally. up better than 30 poi0s on the dow. the nasdaq also sharply higher. some of the support in the market coming in after china reportedly stepped in and bought stocks in its market overnight in a big way. there's a lot of speculation that china wants to stabilize its market by early september because that's when the country has huge military celebrations planned, and it certainly wouldn't look good if they were doing that and their markets were in disarray. so far here at home, the volume is up on the markets and the volatility is down today. but anything can happen.
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so we'll see if that holds. the finalour of trading in all these markets has really been very dicy. boeing has settled a long running lawsuit that accused the company of mishandling 401(k) plans. it was filed on behalf of more than 100,000 employees and retirees. get ready for christmas. yes, you heard me correctly. walmart is moving up its ch stmas layawaypr it's g t begin august 28th, several weeks earlier than last year. basically that's because the company is trying to kind of jump start their sales. but they alsoan w to be the first retaile to offer the new ar ws toy aadf t december release of that movie. walmart will have 500 new star wars products in its stores by september 4th. so get ready to do some chri mas shopping, guys. back to you.
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>> and may the force be with you. >> exactly, which you need when you go into the walmart store. >> sue, thank you. >> mr. price? >> hello sir. hello ma'am. you want to go outside? >> you tell me. >> let's go outside right now. not in reality, but throughur cameras. taking a look at times square, great news. it is beautiful outside yet again. let's put up the sky conditions, 78 degrees at this hour. sunny skies out there. that's what we like to see and that's what we've got plenty of. to the maps we go, headlines right now, amazing weather continues today into tomorrow, and i think we're going to stretch out some nice stuff for the weekend although warmer and more humid. it's going to turn hot. temperatures are going to go up and it's going to be little sticky saturday, especially sunday into the binning of next week. we're tracking erika through the weekend. let's see what's goingon. we've got heavy rains beginning to roll into some of the u.s. where is this goin the models are beginning to
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converge right about here. if this holds, and if this storm goes over the mountains in the dominican republic, we could see it break up and weaken significantly. the next concern is as it heads off the coast of florida and the u.s. coastline, we'll watch it. it's moving wes at 16 miles per hour, sustained winds of about 50. this is where the track takes it, florida still well withi the cone of uncertainty. we'll keep an eye on it for you. right now in our area, 78 in jersey city, 75 in madison, 80 in harrison. we'll take a look at other numbers in southampton, 78 degrees. 80 in greenwich and 74 in danbury. nice conditions along the jersey shore. as we head into places like parsippany. as we head this far north and west as we head into the overnight, you could see numbers getting into the 40s. sky conditions and storm tracker
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showing us exactly what we see with our own two eyes, it is beautiful out there. today, 82 should be the temperature. we'll see sunset at 7:37. more of the same, pretty uniform across the region. as we head down to 65 in the city, lower 50s and 40s depending on where you go. the north and west will be the cool area. look at that. rock hill, 48 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast, everybody. nice stuff. that's what we're seeing. we'll see thundershowers roll through as we begin next week. i think the weekend is dry, although on the humid side. that's a quick look at your forecast. back to you. new york live is coming up next at 12:30. >> pat says whenever sarah and jackie walk into the studio, we get our own fashion show. >> oh, that's nice. >> we wanted to share that with you. >> we feel the same about you two. you look lovely together. >> coming up, we'll show you how to step up your lunchtime game
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with some of the staysitiest new sandwiches in new york and the one borough where you can find thall. from his many hit shows to an unlikely friendship, we're catching upith w the hilarious j.b. smooth. plus puppies up for adoption. >> oh, wait till you see the puppies. >> i know, and food. still ahead on "news 4 new york" at noon, the warning about a certain reptile that showed up in a local stream. ooh, stay with us.
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the suffolk county spca is warning about the dangers of alligator snapping turtles. the organization trying to find out how this 25-pound turtle ended up in a streamn smith town. it was found over the weekend by a kayaker and his son. the spca is say it is reptile is
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powerful enough to bite off a toe or someone's foot. they say this is an example of people getting rid of reptiles they own illegally. we're getting an early look at patterson's great falls. the mary ellen cramer park opens tomorrow. breathtaking. this section has been closed for two years while they underwent those improvements. it costs $2 million with the state and the county footing the bill. that's one gorgeous place. it's one of the best kept secrets. >> let's spread the word. still ahead at "news 4 new york" at noon, neighbors sing the blues. one man's idea of artistic lighting has other residents complaining.
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by day this house in margate, new jersey, pretty unremarkable except for a few odd decorations on the front lawn, but at night a different story. >> that's what it turns into what neighbors call the blue house. city leaders say they can't do anything about it. they are going to look into maybe changing regulations. >>fe> coming up tonight on news 4 otat 5:00, a local woman gets a hear stopping call saying her grandson is in trouble but it's not what it seem how-to hacker videos teach ansone to take control of your webcam. tonight we find oit out who is
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ofiting from the invasion of privacy. >> for more logon to >> we can'speak any faster. "new ork live" is next.
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welcome to "new york live." thanks for spending time on this lovely thursday ternoon. a good week. >> a beautiful week weatherwise. >> perfect day to watch tv. wh>> go out after our show. we have a great show for you today. we say that every day, but today -- >> we mean it every day. >> we have three new brooklyn sandwich shops serve up unique food. a local man that holds a record every pizza lover loves to see. >> he's one of the funniest and
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most recognizable faces and ices in comedy. talking lour courses and more sband with jb smoove. that's all him. no stylist. >> couldn' believe it. >> mott to say you don't have style, you do. you wear- t well. from unlikely butg ighly intriguing collaborations to one seriously gorgeous reunion, it's a good day to be a powerful woman. >> yes, it is. here are a few stories that have erybod talking today. >> it is the ultimate collaboration of hollywood it girls. oscar winne jennifer lawrence and funny woman amy schumer are teaming up for what we can-only agine witl be one very funny e. lawrence confirmed the news to "the new york ti s" calling he writing proce shehe most fun experience of my li. >> the two became fastriends after meeting a couple months ago.
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