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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 28, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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and i alsn remember covering this storm. so, how much healing has taken place over this last decade? >> reporter: a lot, though there is a lot more need here and it's something that is a focus here 10 years after the storm. ininhe early morning hours 10 years ago, there was already chaos here, if you will on the eve of land fall, a lot of concern and fear as well as no mandatory evacuation in place and no clue about the devastation that would follow. 10 years ago today there was confusion and the beginnings of what would be chaos. as katrina crashed the shore lines, cu much of the gulf was left in ruins. >> help us, what else can you do or say. >> reporter: with 10s of
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thousands looking for anyway out, he realized it was time to come home. he had left with plans to open a bar in new york. with help, he bought an old firehouse in the crime riddled fre freret neighborhood. and thought he could be part of the cure and that's what it is called, cure. something they've been working on for nearly a decade. hope that can be seen in the resurgence of this city. neighborhoods restored. it's hope that can be seen in the volunteers that continue to rebuild the areas still tatered and torn apart. >> we're going to bring everybody back and make the silty we always should have been. >> reporter: a goal that might seem out of reach, until you realize just how much has been
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done in the last 10 years here. and you know as the recovery continues here, there's renewed focus on the hardest hit neighborhoods, like the lower 9th ward, new orleans east and there's still a need for as many as 60,000 homes to be rebuild or rerepaired. and back to you, betty. >> thank you for that report. and we're getting a clearer picture of the killer behind this week's shooting on live television. exclusive new video shows the inside of is vester flanagan's one-bedroom apartment, and neatly arranged with pictures of him on the fridge and cups in the sink. and this morning they're coming together to honor the victims. >> reporter: as the memorial grows outside roanoke's wbdj tv. >> i don't think there's anyone
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in the community where this is not personal anymore. >> my grief, which is still parent and will be for that a while it has turned to anger. >> reporter: the father of alison parker still grieving but gearing up with american's access to guns. >> i'm relentless. >> reporter: alison and cameraman ward were in a middle of a live shot when vester flanagan opeeed fire. he was hired after getting positive references and fired for performance ance ance issues. >> he hand adwooden cross to the news director who was at that time dan dennison and he said you'll need this. >> they found he had two glock glock glock
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glock .9 millimeter pistols. >> and it's so easy when you look at the statistics to lose scythe sight that these are real people. >> reporter: and the team at wbdj continues to cover a crime that has effected them in a very personal and public way. a grim discovery to tell you about on the out skirts of austria. decomposing bodies were found in an abandoned truck. it's the latest evidence of the worst migration crisis since world war ii. they're among hundreds of thousands to arrive in europe this year alone and most fleeing war torn syria, afghanistan and iraq. >> they have fled trauma, have
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fled war and are dying on the highways of central europe. there's something fundamentally wrong with this. mean while, off the coast of libya, hundreds fear dead after boats carrying 500 migrants capsized capsized. and the democratic national committee summer meeting and all of this as speculation builds about vice president joe biden running for the race. and these were at the check out counter where the meeting is taking place. so what can we expect from this meeting today? >> reporter: the big question around the meeting will he or won't he? there's growing pressure for vice president joe biden to join the race. he says he will not make a decision until the owned of the summer. and supporters of biden at the
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national democratic convention sent around emails asking delegates to keep an open mind about biden running for president and no decision has been made from the vice esident and hillary clinton's ail controversy and they fr.l it will be behind hillary clinton my next year and for the republicans on the other side, the big news is donald trump's hair. >> i don't wear a tupay. it's my hair, i swear. >> reporter: and trump asked a woman from the audience to get up and actually inspect his hair. she did say that the hair was real. donald trump always making headlis wherener he goes. >> headlines, get rt. five people are back on solid ground this morning after
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being swallowed up by a sink hole and it was caught on camera. you can see one woman clinging to pipes as the hole opens up. four other people sustained minor injuries. investigators trying to figure out what caused the collapse. that is frightening, you're just walking down the street and boom. >> how did she g- b the pipe so quickly? >> good reflex, i guess. it's a warm to hot weekend for so many people. and 92 in montana, 83 in new rk, hundreds down in san antonio and that continues even into saturday. y have showers round chicago and we're l ving the wet weather that's coming to the northwest. we desperately need that in some of the areas where the fires are still burning. and of course, on sunday, especially late in the day is
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inwhen we'll start to watch the erika. now a closer look at the day ahead. once again, squally type weather in florida. not associated with erika. we're still going to see an isolated shower from wichita up to iowa. and adv e everyone in the southeast ti keep an eye on erika. i'm sure they will. still details ahead of a deadly shooting as a college campus is put on lock down. flow in hawaii, we'll if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. side effect that bothers you
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(music plays) people are both soft and strong, which is why our products are too. and we believe in value, we give you 60% more sheets than cha in ultra strong. angel soft. be soft. be strong. d an . all right, brarking news overnight to tell you about, the campus of savannah state university was put on lock down after a shooting in theyoschaol's cafeteria.
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they say a junior cas shot and so far, no arrests have been made. president obama was in louisiana for the anniversary of katrina. he said to not hold the economy hostage and to pass the fiscal budget before the september adline. >> to my message to e'ngress is pass a budget, prevent a shut down, don't we a to the last minute. and frank peterson flew more than 350 combattle mis fonm in korea and vietnam and h became the first african american to hold the rank. he was 83. and check out this new footage of lava on the big island of hawaii. it has moved half a mile in lesa an 24 hours and as of right
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now, that lava is not a threat to any homes, thank goodness. stocks sored on news of upbeat economic data in the u.s. it added to a two-day rally that wiped out steep losses from earlier in the week. oil prices roads more than 10 their biggest percentage gain in six years. and a billion people log on to facebook on monday. that is a record number for a single day. let's put this in perspective. that is one in seven people world wide or nearly 4% of wow. allright, so just ahead, the unusual play that helped the mets race a five-run deficit and if you're following an all time pleaie s,t ppa very special guest. ppcome on out, flo! rr [house band playing]
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this morning on "today," if you haven't already received a credit card with one of those embedded cimputer chips, you probably will. in sports now, mets are taking on the phillies. carlos tor ezwith a pitch and he
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hits a line drive and rolls off of tores's foot. and they come back from a 5-0 deficit to win a 9-5. a former girlfriend of derrisk rose claims he and other mena raped her. they say the complaint is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shut down a highly successful athlete. and lcaendary dunker drafted fifth overall in the 1975 draft by the 76ers dawkins was the first high school player to be taken in the first round. hehe earned the nickname chocolate thunder from grammy award winner, stevie wonder for his back board shattering dunk. impressive. a parade of transportation race cars crossed the golden
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gate bridge in surmoan ceremonial formation to honor wilstn who died in race. and boy,rthey both go down, n't they and he was knocked wn when a cameraman lost control his segway and fortunately, he only suffered a few scratches. he just rolled over and went on with it. you by. just ahead, jerry seinfeld's that mig have a good story line on his show. .
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people are both soft and strong, why our products are too. and we believe in value, so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong. angel soft. be soft. be strong. all right. it's friday. let's get to entertainment news. there's a teaser for the new "star wars" film and a blue light saber. so yahoo showed fast bender who will play calm lynch, based on the popular video game series. and adele coming out with a new
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album, a follow up to her last album, it will be her first project since having vocal cord surgery in 2012. i want to say congratulations to actress lucy lieu who welcomes her new son. with the help of a surrogate. she tells a repthat the baby is happy and healthy. jerry seinfeld's kids had their lemonade stand shut down last week. they were raising money for families in need. reporting that the neighbor actually called the cops because of too many cars parked on the block. the lemonade stand was closed because the town does not allow any form of peddling. come on, guys. i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear
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all right, here's a story for anyone who has ever wanted to walk in their ancestor's shoes. and introducing us to man with an extraordinary project, using his camera as a time machine. >> reporter: with each click of his camera, he's connecting his family's past to his present. his grandfather was an avid amateur photographer, taking pictures at each one of the couple's stops along the way. christian's idea to set out on his own road trip, standing in the very same places his grandparents stood. he's replicated dozens of
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pictures from oregon coast to mississippi using clues from his 101-year-old grandmother's detailed travel journal complete with weather reports. >> up at 6:30, sunshines bright already. >> reporter: an added bonus, meeting some of the same people his grandfather encountered. like this man who still worked at the famous fisherman's warf. >> it brought back great memories. >> reporter: his travels are now posted online for all to see and perhaps be inspired. >> they remember how america used to be or causes them to remember loved ones. it was a way to honor my grandfather by show casing his >> reporter: proving that
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picture can really be worth more than a thousand words. pennsylvania. >> i love that project. this was certainly an engagement to remember for one couple in north carolina. this groom to be had planned a romantic proposal. he knelt down to propose and the ring went in the water before he could do and patrons saw it happen and they literally jumped in to help find that ring and after over an hour searching with goggles, flashlights, even the fiance to be was in the water searching too, they found the ring. can you believe it? >> that's lucky. >> there's the picture, they're all in the water. it's not crystal clear. the groom was able to properly propose and we're happy to say that she of course said yes. and celebrating a birthday
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today, lean rhymes, 33, suniau . right now, tropical storm erika continuing to tear through the caribbean. we'll look at the damage and where she's headed next. a woman run down during a police chase. what witnesses say about those terrifying moments.
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police make an arrest in a brutal rape in brooklyn. good morning everyone. 4:30 a.m. on this friday, august 28th. last friday of august. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm pat battle. last friday in august i'll be sitting in this chair. darlene will be back on monday morning. happy to have her back, i'm sure. it's been great being here with you, michael and chris as well >> nice to see you this morning. on the cool side this morning. between 50 and 55 this morning for a good part of the hudson valley. 48 in morristown at this hour. a chilly start in the suburbs. city comfortable at 66 degrees. another day filled with sunshine. it's the end of august. humidity stays down as well. that may change by the weekend. we'll get to that in a bit. emily west is here to check out the commute.
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>> delays on 35 southbound before 440. that. also dealing with roadwork. staten island expressway. we saw it yesterday. we've seen it every day. couple lanes blocked eastbound between richmond avenue to clove road. again, expect a slow ride if you >> more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. an arrest in the attack of a woman, bedford-stuyvesant. katherine creag is in downtown now. kat? >> reporter: michael, this was a crime that horrified residents in that bed-stuy community in brooklyn. now we'll see the suspect. he's expected to be here at this courthouse later on. that suspect has been caught. this rape happened august 17th. early in the morning. police say that the suspect, a man arrested kareem david, a 28-year-old homeless man charged with rape and assault. he victimized a 52-year-old woman and threatened her with a
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gun, raped her. the suspect struck her and she lost two teeth in the attack. she spent some time in the hospital. this happened august 17th. also, michael, there were thousands of dollars, $4,000 worth of reward money raised by community residents and we're waiting to find out if anyone will be receiving that reward money. again, the arraignment for the suspect, expected to happen later this morning in brooklyn. back to you, michael. >> kat, thank you very much. tropical storm erika is bearing down on puerto rico this morning with heavy rains and strong winds. erika has already caused deadly mudslides on domenica. at least four people are dead after 15 inches of rain fell. more than 20 people are missing. erika is expected to strengthen into a hurricane as it churns towards florida early next week. time for a check of weather and traffic. chris, i guess we're going to


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