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tv   Today  NBC  August 29, 2015 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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helpless man. ems arrived on scene. unfortunately the deputy passed. no reason at all. the callus individual. >> reporter: police released this surveillance picture of the suspect and get away truck. the officer just completed an accident investigation, but not believed to be in pursuit of anyone. he was simply stopping for gas. >> it strikes us in the heart to be a target because you wear a badge. >> it is horrifying. brutality. >> deputy goforth was a ten-year veteran of the force. thanks, sheinelle. >> there is a preparation ahead for florida waiting tropical storm erika. in the meantime, the death toll from erika is rising.
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at least 20 people killed in dominica on thursday. right now the storm is dropping heavy rain on haiti. dylan? >> this storm is kind of falling apart. it doesn't mean it will not produce a lot of rain. the dominican republic reported 24 inches of rain. 9 inches of rain falling in just one hour. that leads to the mudslides and flash flooding. winds are not the issue with this storm. as it moves through the area and through cuba, there is a chance that it will rip it apart farther and erika could become a tropical depression. that being said, we still have some of the tropical storm force conditions expected in the bahamas and into cuba. we will see it perhaps weaken and most likely restrengthen into a tropical storm once it moves back into the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico. the track of this storm has been shifting farther and farther to the east with every single model run. look at this cone of uncertainty.
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there is still the possibility it could track along the west coast now of florida. for right now, the estimate is by wednesday at 2:00 a.m., it should have 45-mile-an-hour winds and producing a lot of rain, especially through the panhandle of florida where we could have 5 or 6 inches of rain. ed intoing and flooding and heavy rain. and it awaits erika, new orleans is remembering katrina. ten years ago today, the monster storm came ashore and much of the region has not been the same. on friday, president bush and his wife have visited. al roker joins us from new orleans this morning. al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. interestingly enough, within the next five minutes, this storm made landfall exactly ten years ago today. at 6:10 a.m. central time.
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hurricane katrina roared onshore as a category three storm. packing 125-mile-an-hour winds. at one point it was a category five storm. even as such as a category three, the devastation was complete. as we take a look at katrina by the numbers. this was the deadliest hurricane ever in the country's history. 1,833 people died. 40% of those people died by drowning. the homelessness, over a quarter of a million people in relief shelters. 143,000 houses damaged. the cost of the damage over $100 billion. the costliest hurricane and people had to relocate. if you look at the population numbers back in 2005, new orleans had about 1.39 million people. by 2006, it was down to a little more than 1 million.
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they bounced back. in 2014, 1.25 million people. the celebrations and the commemorations continued this week. on thursday, president obama was in town and while they were looking ahead at what needs to be done, they were also celebrating what has been done as well. and celebrations will continue all weekend long. we have been seeing what is going on. the celebrations, parades and commemorations. this forever changed this area. a lot of people said it has been for the better, but still areas that are lagging behind. the ninth ward still struggling. later on in the program, guys, we will look at that. for the most part, people see this as being a real celebration. one of the things you can judge about. pre-katrina, 800 restaurants in this town. today, there are more than 1,200. it's a great place to visit and great place to eat. guys. >> looking forward to seeing more later in the show. thanks, al.
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a former student at one of the fanciests prep schools is facing time behind bars. owen labrie was convicted on a number of other lesser charges. we will speak to the prosecutor in the case, but first, let's get to nbc's gabe gutierrez who is covering the trial. >> reporter: carson, good morning. nine men and three women took less than three hours to come up with the verdict and he will have to register as a sex offender. this morning, owen labrie is out on bail awaiting sentencing after the jury returned a split verdict. >> guilty or not guilty? >> reporter: the 19-year-old who planned to study at harvard cried. he was convicted of using a computer to seduce a minor and four misdemeanors. he was acquitted of the more serious felony sexual assault charges.
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>> the prosecutor struggled based on the alleged victim's testimony to prove beyond a doubt. the misdemeanors were largely dependent on the victim's age. >> do you swear. >> reporter: the trial filled with agonizing testimony lasted almost two weeks. we concealed the identity of the now 16-year-old girl. >> i was raped. i was violated in so many ways. of course i was traumatized. >> reporter: prosecutors allege labrie sexually an ssaulted her last year known as the senior salute. >> owen was devastated by the verdict. he hoped that the jury would acquit him. >> reporter: he said it was
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consensual and they kissed, but ver had intercourse. in a letter to the community, the senior salute was not a decades old tradition and that behavior was never condoned. the girl's family says the school has not done enough to address what they call a toxic culture. >> on behalf of the victim herself, she says she has left here with her head held high. it's a step in the right direction even if it is not complete justice for her. >> reporter: as the verdict was read, the young girl sat in the front row also in tears held tightly by her parents. this case drew national scrutiny of sexual assaults in high schools, but lives of two teenagers are now changed forever. carson. >> gabe gutierrez on the story. thanks. >> katharine prosecuted the case general against owen labrie. good morning. >> good morning.
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>> and as gabe pointed out, the case was not proven. one teenager was found guilty of having consensual sex with another teenager. that is how he classified that. i guess you would not agree with that statement? >> i do not agree with that. the jury did not have to find consent for the convictions of the sexual assaults. consent was not an element in those charges. >> as we look at sentencing, the judge has a wide discretion from prison. what do you believe is the proper sentence here? >> i think the most important component in the sentence is going to be rehabilitation. the judge has to consider factors of punishment, deterrence and rehabilitation. i think there will be some portion of each of those components. i think given owen's age in this case is rehabilitation so he can
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move forward in life and not continue to commit crimes of this nature will be important. >> in terms of moving forward for the victim, she leaves with her head held high. she feels this is a step in the right direction. her parents in releasing the statement said they essentially feel not just let down, but they felt betrayed by st. paul. saying it allowed and fostered a toxic culture that left our daughter and other students at risk. what role do you believe st. paul's played in this situation? >> i really can't speak to st. paul specifically. i think what is most important in this case is there has been attention to this issue in regard to college campuses and what this highlights the need for these conversations and issues to be addressed at the high school level and perhaps middle school level to educate students and parents in the community about the importance of this issue.
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>> catherine ruffle, thank you for your time. donald trump is setting his sights on hillary clinton. he took the aim at clinton's top aide and husband. we have katy tur with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is expected to be here in a few hours after a rowdy event and personal attack. this time aimed at hillary clinton's top adviser. >> we love you, donald. >> reporter: donald trump in boston friday night greeting more than 1,000 donors. >> i don't want your money. >> reporter: and insisting the event wasn't a fund-raiser despite the $100 admission and signs at the front to make checks payable to trump.
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trump has vowed to self fund the with this fund-raiser and donation button on his web site and a super pac to make america great again, some are questioning. >> donald trump is walking a fine line. he said i don't need money and won't take money. he is taking money and to some degree pursuing money. >> reporter: a worry not in the minds of those in boston who cheered as trump took pot shots at hillary clinton and her e-mail controversy by insulting her top aide and her husband, disgraced congress member anthony weiner. >> uma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner whose a perv. i have known anthony for a long time. i known him before they caught him with the bing, bing, bing. >> reporter: and sarah palin on one america news and referenced
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to a perceived got ya' question about trump's religion earlier this week. >> they are asking what is your favorite bible verse. i thought did they ask hillary that? >> that is a personal thing. i don't like giving that out to people you hardly know. >> reporter: despite what the organizers said and the sign on the door, trump is adamant that it was not a fund-raiser and even calling our producer saying the money went to food and drink. a fact he will reiterate today and as well as trying to bolster endorsement for him for the republican federation of assemblies here in nashville. >> katy tur, thank you. >> hillary clinton has yet to weigh in on the comments, but she is talking about the e-mail. nbc's kristen welker has more on that. >> reporter: erica, good morning. secretary clinton is off the
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campaign trail this weekend after a day of fireworks at the democratic national convention in minneapolis. on friday, clinton said despite the e-mail controversy, she is still the strongest candidate to lead the party to the white house in 2016. the campaign tried to quiet the talk about the possible bid by vice president joe biden. her campaign says it has commitments from more than 440 super delegates. and she was contrite when asked about her e-mails. a sign she is listening to some in the party who want her to take the issue seriously. >> i'm trying to do a better job of explaining to people what's going on so that there's not all of this, you know, concern and there's some sense made out of the confusion and answer people's questions. >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley made news on friday. accusing the democratic party of rigging the process by only having four debates before the
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early voting starts. those fiery comments earned him a chilly reception from the campaign. as for vice president joe biden. he was not there. he is still weighing his options. a decision expected next month. >> a decision many are anxiously awaiting. kristen, thank you. and firefighters battling the unrelenting wildfires out west. facing another obstacle. sheinelle has more. >> the wind storms may trigger extreme fire behavior. 14,000 homes are still in danger. the largest wildfire in washington state has grown by 22 square miles and the forest service is spending $10 million a day fighting the fires. the father of the virginia reporter gunned down on live tv by a former coworker says he will make it his mission to try
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to change gun laws. andy parker spoke to reporters outside his daughter's television station friday putting pressure on lawmakers and says he will have to take matters in his own hands. >> i don't own a gun. we don't have a gun in our family. i'll probably have to get one. >> alison parker and adam ward were fatally shot on wednesday before the gunman, vester flanagan killed himself. an air show in new york will go on as planned this weekend despite a deadly accident cause on tape. the pilot of a stunt plane was killed friday after he crashed practicing some of his tricks. witnesses say it appeared the dive. the ntsb is investigating. this morning, an egyptian court sentenced three al jazeera english journalists to three years in prison. they were arrested in december broadcasting false reports and
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the muslim brotherhood. human rights attorney says this sends a message that the journalists be locked up for just doing their jobs. wildlife officials in connecticut are searching for black bear whose had a close close encounter with a hiker. a woman captured it on camera friday. you can see the bear rush toward the woman and put its mouth on her leg. wildlife officials tagged the bear and say it is a male and it is 150 pounds. the hiking trials are closed. >> they are matching tags. that is nice. >> a nibble on the ankle. frightening. >> there you go. >> thanks for that. dylan is back with a quick check of the country's forecast. >> good morning. we are already seeing rain in florida although it has nothing to do with erika.
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it is the stalled front producing scattered showers and storms. in the northwest, a storm system making its way onshore, but it has a lot of wind with it. for eastern parts of washington and oregon, you get the wind without the rain. that's the thanks dylan, lots of sunshine. no rain for us. beautiful day. hot with a high of 85 degrees. humidity not too bad today. that's going to change tomorrow. stickiness back tomorrow. definitely enjoy some time outside. starting to feel a milder, muggy trend. tomorrow near 90 degrees. hot and humid for the second half of the weekend. dry tomorrow as well. next week. forecast. >> dylan, thanks. still to come on "today," a look back on the week's biggest stories.
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but first this is "today" on nbc.
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back now on a saturday morning with "the download." our look at the stories grabbing headlines. >> we begin with a gunman opening fire in the middle of the live tv interview. >> horror on live tv. a reporter and her cameraman gunned down during an interview. >> flanagan, a former station colleague, opened fire and killing them both and wounding their guest vicky i gardner. he started live tweeting as flanagan approached and killed his victims. >> she loved her family so much. she loved everyone. overseas, the three americans who foiled a terrorist
7:21 am
attack received france's highest honor. >> president francois hollande called them heroes. one was missing. a french-american injured in the attack. back home, a roller coaster week on wall street. >> the dow falling by more than 1,000 points at the opening bell. >> these are enormous moves. >> by the mid week, the stock market val rallied. >> the third biggest point gain ever. the racing world mourned the death of one of the most beloved. indycar driver justin wilson. >> during sunday's race, another driver lost control of his car and slammed into the wall. the heavy piece of debris struck unconscious. everyone. and a museum trip to remember or maybe forget.
7:22 am
>> watch as the 12-year-old kid in the t-shirt and shorts stumbles and puts his hand through the painting in the taiwan museum. the 350-year-old oil on canvas is worth $350 million. tough love. a dad gave his son a terrible birthday gift. >> thanks. >> the father wanted to teach his son the importance of being grateful at all times. the boy passed with flying colors. at the line, usain bolt again. >> and bolt from the blue. a cameraman on a segway takes out the world's fastest man. >> he was focused more on me than riding the segway. i don't think dad was expecting to give the kid an avocado. a teachable moment. he said thanks.
7:23 am
like me, he sees avocados and he sees live, this is news 4 new york now. >> good morning. 26 minutes after 7:00. 67 degrees. it's a cool saturday morning this august 29th. i'm pat battle. an nypd officer shot a suspect
7:24 am
and innocent bystander during an undercover operation in mt. vernon. one of them pulled the gun and tried to rob an under cover officer. a 63-year-old man was seriously wounded. the suspect also wounded taken into custody and a second suspect still at large this morning. raphael here with a look at the forecast. >> things are getting hot and humid as we head throughout the weekend. 85 for your high and lots of sunshine. beautiful august day. last weekend of august, can you believe it? tomorrow near 90. spotty storms possible. it's going to be mainly dry for all of us. humidity makes a come back tomorrow. look at the stretch coming your way starting monday. 90s right through the end of next week. that's 90s plus muggy. not going to be a comfortable week ahead. >> especially for september. >> should not be this hot. oh well.
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>> i thank you, i think. don't forget we're on early today. we'll see you at 8:30. produce pete will be here today. back to the today show.
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. good morning. breaking news. hurricane katrina has come ashore. the monster storm is battering louisiana and still posing a major threat to new orleans today, monday, august 29th, 2005. >> that is a look how our show started on this day ten years hu landfall. no one knew how monstrous and disastrous this storm would be. coming up, al roker has a look at the surrounding regions. we are back on this saturday morning, august 29th, 2015. enjoying the last saturday of august. how did we get here? hard to believe summer is nearly over. i'm holding on. coming up this half hour, we take you to the middle of the
7:28 am
desert in nevada where a huge makeshift city is set up for the annual festival burning man. it attracts tens and thousands of people including the rich and famous. and a little later, we will answer a few mysteries of the next story. one man told his girlfriend he would like to dress as ninja turtle for their wedding. he will dress as a teenage mutant ninja turtle. he and his lucky bride-to-be will join us. before we get to that, let's check in with dylan out on the plaza with a look at the forecast. >> hey, we are celebrating a tenth birthday here today. do you feel different? of course you do. we are talking about how gorgeous it is here. you think it is humid. >> it is. >> it's not. who thinks it's beautiful? a beautiful morning here. sorry. here in new york city.
7:29 am
it is going to get more humid as we go into the afternoon. we are looking at a chance of temperatures to get up near 90 degrees. in the northwest, the storm making its way onshore. winds up to 70 miles per hour. it does come with rain. much-needed rain across washington state. that will extend into the western part of oregon. the eastern thanks dylan. good morning everyone. lots of sunshine on this saturday morning. picture. that means another beautiful weekend ahead. time to head outside. temperatures in the 50s now. comfortably coolish and temperatures back to the 80s later on today. loads of sunshine and comfortable humidity. gets sticky tomorrow with a high temperature here. low 90s through much of next week.
7:30 am
forecast. erica and carson. >> dylan, thanks. big crowds and names headed to the middle of nowhere in the desert for the burning man man festival. it started in the '80s. we have nbc's gadi schwartz with the story. >> reporter: a post apocalyptic city rises from the desert with massive monuments of art. this is burning man's black rock city and starting tomorrow until labor day more than 60,000 people will make it the sixth largest city in nevada. >> it is nice to get out there and get weird. >> reporter: jake is packing. he works on tech start ups by day, but this weekend, he will be wearing fur. >> a break from the e-mails and break from the conference calls. >> reporter: his essentials,
7:31 am
boots, goggles and ninja turtle pajamas. over the years, burners have seen black rock city evolve. an airport and people getting married and a black rock department of mutant vehicles. like this one, it is seeing gentrification. >> it is going through an enormous problem. >> reporter: this tech reporter sees burning man complete with a billionaires row. >> you cannot force someone to make a private camp with chandeliers and private body guard. >> reporter: some hate the idea and others like elon musk says burning man is silicon valley. it is a place loose on rules and heavy on creative experiments. >> drones were first started there. >> reporter: designed to connect with all kinds of people like facebook's mark zuckerberg and
7:32 am
rapper sean diddy combs among the crowds. sharing the idea of burning the man on a clean desert slate and creating a fertile ground for art and innovation. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> we are dissecting everything we know about burning man. >> i have never been. >> i have friends who go. it is fascinating. it really is. still to come, how new orleans has come back ten years after hurricane katrina.
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7:36 am
>> many people have come back and made lives for themselves. we have al rock ker with more. al, good morning. >> however, when the levees breached, more than 80% of the city flooded. it changed it forever. while the recovery has been nothing short of remarkable in some places, other places to this day are still struggling. katrina slammed into the coast. new orleans taking a battering few had seen before. the crown jewel of the south was broken. in the ten years since, the city and its inhabitants have worked hard to come back. the lower ninth ward, still hasn't bounced back. >> sometimes you build a building. >>.
7:37 am
>> reporter: pastor charles duplesses holds church services in his home. money for the community ran out. >> we wanted to expand to make it more community friendly. give away clothing. things like that. >> repor r: did you have any redoubt you would rebuild? >> not at all. never. that's why we are still at it right now. after ten years. >> reporter: his neighborhood shows scattered signs of progress. a new school here. a new fire station there. and more than 100 homes built by brad pitt's foundation. fiola garrett moved into one. >> that is a wonderful and positive experience for me personally. if it had not been for the make it right foundation, i don't believe i would be home today. >> reporter: why do you think it has taken so long? >> i believe the program that the state of louisiana set up called the road home didn't exactly help the homeowners in this area the way it should have because they did not have enough.
7:38 am
ai get back home. >> a lot of the area. >> reporter: across town, billy returned. >> i used to say they have the dirt on their feet in plaquemans parish. >> he is starting to protect himself. >> reporter: andlother parts of the city are thriving. before katrina, there were 800 restaurants in new orleans. now more than 1,000. >> this is good. >> reporter: this family has been making sauce sage in this council since the 1800s. he was not prepared. >> the largest maggots i have seen and all of that meat was gone. >> reporter: he says he wasn't
7:39 am
operly insured. he feared the family business was finished. >> it wasn't until people found me on facebook. people saying i'm looking and if we are back. can we get sausage in california or virginia or florida. >> reporter: inspired, he managed to rebuild. business now booming. throughout new orleans, it is a familiar story. a strengthened spirit. a fierce determine to recover a in a city that doesn't give up. >> that is the resill ience y resiliency. it is america. we have the long storied history of finding a way when we have to make one out of one that's not there. >> reporter: and not only is the food industry which led the rebirth here, but tech start ups co had a big impact here in new orleans and the gulf coast as well.
7:40 am
whkeat you hear over and over again, hope and perseverence. people loveibet . they refuse to give up. everybody has been so welcoming and excited to let people know what has been happening here. >> nice to pinpoint the positive changes and success they have al, thanks. >> still a lot of work to do. thank you. three wed. why one man may say that to his bride on his wedding day. (woman) you want to eat... want to eat, who wants to eat... (dog) do i want to eat? yes, i want to eat. (woman) do you want to eat? (dr.og) do i want to eat, yes. that's like nine times you've asked...yes. i mean it's beneful. i can actually see the meaty chunks and carrots right there...look at it. it's beautiful. mmmmmmm, thank you so much... but you know tomorrow night... 'bout we just assume i do want to eat... know speed things up a little. (vo) beneful chopped blends, a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. made with real beef. plus carrots and barley that you fi n see.
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enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. there we go. a childhood dream could be coming true for one groom on his wedding day. he has twitter and an understanding girlfriend for that.
7:45 am
>> spots cowabunga, dudes. you know it is from the cartoon. this is nick vargus. t gets 100,000 retweets, she will let me dress as a ninja turtle on our wedding day. lebrities got in on the tion in. seth rogen ret eted. nic and his girlfriend are joining us. what a good-looking couple. congratulations. >> thank you. >> i guess i should ask the biggest question first. why, nic, would you want to do this? you love the ninja turtles? >> yeah. i really truly do love the ninja turtles. always have ever since i was a kid. >> why not? did you ever think you would get 100,000 retweets?
7:46 am
>> absolutely not. this is craz about this? >> they think it is hysterical. i don't think they quite understand what twitter is yet. they are slowly wrapping their minds around it. >> they are today. nic, you have not actually gotten on your knee and given her the ring yet? >> not yet. now we just have the support from the establishment. >> which means you have to do it. >> you know, i guess you are telling me. >> so really quickly, how will this work? will you be in the beautiful white dress and he is in the front like a turtle or wait for the reception? how are you going to do this? we haven't figured out details yet. we will figure it out. >> i would say keep us posted but 100,000 other people would li ke to stay up to date.
7:47 am
i'm sure i'll be talking to you again. congratulations. who is your favorite ninja turtle? >> ralphael. >> which one is that? yellow? red? thank you, guys. talk to you again. is there a yellow? >> i yo don't think so. >> it's red, orange, blue and purple. >> michaelangelo. they love pizza. pizza at the wedding reception. that will be great. that will g save money. >> we look forward to the invitation and the pizza. just ahead, hugh jackman's special surprise for a little boy who loved "wolverine." that story coming up in pop start. but first this is "today" on
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come on, let's see you dance. that little girl dancing there. still to come on "today" american pharoah goes for glory
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7:53 am
as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. live, this is news 4 new york now. >> it is 7:56. saturday morning, 29th of august. i'm pat battle. some new jersey neighbors may be in for a noisy wake up call.
7:54 am
the count down is on for a big implosion. demolition workers are in place. crews are going to implode part of the montgomery gardens public houses. they're going to make way for a knew community. thtiree empty buildings set to come down at 9:00 a.m. neighbors have been invited to come and look forou distance. they've been told to come and look. we'll bring you live reports starting at 8:30. raphi is here with a look at the weather forecast. >> we want to get out there. the low humidity makes it comfortable. tomorrow you'll notice the stickiness is back for sunday. humidity on the rise for the weekend. especially in the afternoon. we'll see a few pop up storms north and west of new york city. tomorrow's high near 90 degrees. look at the heat coming our way next week. 92 monday. high humidity and high heat as we say good-bye to august and welcome in september. >> it's more like welcoming in july.
7:55 am
by the way, we're coming back as you earlier. we're on at 8:30. produce pete is going to join us andrea identify yell has trivia.
7:56 am
7:57 am
good morning. it's 8:00. here are the stories we are watching. in cold blood. an investigation underway after a sheriff's deputy is shot and killed while pumping gas. taking aim. a tropical storm erika is making its way to florida. a state of emergency as residents prepare for the storm that could bring massive rain and flooding. dylan is here tracking it all. and going for glory. american pharoah set to race again today in a race that could cement his place in the history books. the triple crown winner taking on the sport's toughest races. we will see what his chances are "today" saturday, august 29th,
7:58 am
2015. and a big hearty good morning to you. welcome back to "today" on this beautiful saturday morning. the crowd here from all over. family. wedding anniversaries. the whole thing. i'm carson daly alongside erica hill. >> we have a lady here with us. her third year in a row with us. she knows all about katrina. she was in mississippi. we have a lot to get to this morning. we start off with dylan tracking tropical storm erika's path. good morning. >> good morning, erica. the storm is weakening. it will downgrade to a tropical storm, but don't let that change the fact that we are still looking at a lot of rain associated with the system. here it is very ragged looking right now. in the dominican republic, it produced about 24 inches of rain.
7:59 am
8 of those falling in one hour alone. this has 40-mile-an-hour winds right now and moving west/northwest at 20 miles per hour. we do still have the threat of tropical storm-like conditions in cuba and bahamas and eventually in and around the west coast now of florida. the path of this storm continues to shift farther and farther to the west. now it is most likely going to weaken into an area of low pressure, a tropical depression as it moves over cuba. as it moves into the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico, a lot of models are restrengthening it into a tropical storm. either way, it doesn't matter if it is a depression or storm or a name or not, it will produce a lot of rain and gusty winds. as much as 5 inches of rain in the panhandle of florida. watch. a lot can happen in the warm waters of the gulf. the track if it shifts to the
8:00 am
if it goes east, we will have avy rain in central florida. we need to watch out for the potential of flooding as we go into monday and cues >> thank you. we will have more on the full forecast in a moment. first, inside to sheinelle with more on the investigation into the deadly shooting overnight of a sheriff's deputy >> good morning. authorities are questioning a person of interest in connection with the shooting overnight. affiliate. 47-year-old deputy darren goforth, a father of two, gunned down at a gas station in what appears to be an unprovoked execution-style killing. the officer was not believed to be in pursuit of anyone at the time of the ambush. a former ad executive for subway says he was not aware of pitch man's jared fogle's interest in minors. he said he was shocked to lauren of learn of the allegations this
8:01 am
summer. fogle has greed to plead guilty that he paid for sex with girls as young as 16 and received child pornography. prosecutors in north carolina will not retry the white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man. a judge last week declared a deadlocked. the officer was charged in the 2003 death of a former college football player. after talking to jurors, they don't think a retrial would result in a conviction. in a rare statement, the united nations secretary-general is speaking out of the migrant crisis in europe. he is horrified by the latest deaths. nbc's ron allen has more. >> reporter: overnight, hundreds gathered in hungary to more than the loss of 71 migrants, four children. they were found suffocated in the truck and focused the attention of the plight of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty into europe.
8:02 am
across the continent, authorities trying to round up human traffickers who would give anything for safety and hope in europe. 21 suspects in custody in this operation. >> we must understand why people are risking their lives. they are fleeing war, political instability, to seek a better future. >> reporter: every day, bodies wash up along the shore. at least 2,500 victims this year. some fleeing call it the route of death. across t sea. more than 300,000 this year. this is the grim aftermath of the rescue effort. several hundred saved, but passengers suffocated packed below deck on the wooded ship. they keep coming. languishing anywhere they can find shelter. across a crisis with no end in sight. for "today," ron allen, nbc
8:03 am
news, calais, france. and video of an 8-year-old who went on a 20 mile ride in minnesota. the boy is seen pulling into the driveway before reversing into the police car. you see the boy in his pajamas who gets out with his siblings. look at these kids. this happened, police say, it happened earlier this year. the little ones. >> it looks all too normal. >> now time to go back inside. >> like he had done that before. >> how is your oldest? >> he is almost 9. >> can you imagine? >> no. how can he reach the pedals? >> he picked up his sisters at school and picked up the laundry on the way back. crazy. >> everybody get in the car. we will stop for ice cream. >> wait, i need to get my backpack. >> running errands for the family. >> they are too young. okay. sheinelle, thanks. >> let's check in with dylan. she is back here with the country's forecast.
8:04 am
>> did you notice he had a bag, too? he was running errands. getting the grocery shopping done. let's look at the weather across the country. a stalled front producing rain in florida. tropical storm erika. it is still heavy at this time. any additional rain from erika will cause flooding concerns for florida. in the northeast, a beautiful day. in the middle of the country, beautiful. out west, a big storm system making its way onshore. winds up near 70 miles per hour. the rain along the coast. not on the eastern part of washington and oregon where we need it. we will see the wind. the southwest, a bit of monsoonal . >> thanks dylan. good morning everyone. taking a look at storm tracker right now, nice, quiet picture. waking up. it's going to be a hot day. hotter than yesterday.
8:05 am
the humidity not too bad. temperatures comfortable right now. 67 degrees, up to 81 by lunchtime. today's high 85 degrees and the humidity comes back tomorrow sunday. still dry with a high near 90 feeling steamy. hazy, hot and humid through the end of next week. and that's your latest forecast. carson. >> dylan, thanks so much. triple crown winner american pharoah has a big day ahead when he races in the traverse stakes in saratoga springs. if he wins, he heads into the history books again. him. here is nbc's kristen dahlgren with more. >> reporter: if this is american pharoah's warm up at saratoga. >> i have never ever seen anything like that. >> reporter: just imagine the excitement by race time this afternoon. >> it is beautiful. spectacular. the energy is unbelievable. >> reporter: 15,000 people on hand to watch the triple crown winner get his first practice lap.
8:06 am
a track where he could soon cement his place as one of the greatest racers of all time. >> american pharoah is finally the one. >> reporter: in june, american pharoah became the first triple crown winner in 37 years. only one other horse has won the triple crown and saratoga's traverse stakes. that was in 1941. saratoga is known as the graveyard of champions where the favorites fall. >> many good horses, secretariat and man o'war has fallen. >> reporter: it has been a whirlwind week for american pharoah. then there is the attention and expectation. the racing rock star has won eight straight. today, he will face a talented field in the $1.6 million stakes. none seems to faze the colt.
8:07 am
>> what a great opportunity to be in the moment in time of history. >> reporter: american pharoah has already made history. today, we find out if can he do it again. for "today, kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york." >> a lot of people watching that. let's send it to dylan in the orange room with today's life hacks. >> it is all about back to school. we have kate and alexander here from virginia. it is your tenth birthday, you have to go back to school next week. >> yes. >> the first hack is making lunch. if you were to make lunch, you put it in here and it is warm and soggy by lunch. you can take a sponge with water and put it in a plastic bag and
8:08 am
put in the freezer. put it in your bag and your lunch is cold. and then the next is the clips and strings to cables. we have so many chargers and gadgets. if you take a book clip here. slide this in on the big end and it can clip it to the back of the desk and your work space so everything is nice and organized. are you an organized person? i'm not either. if you are an organized person, that is the way to do it. we are all ready to go back to school. take us to break. >> still to come on "today," the moment justin bieber's fans have been introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support your energy, immunity and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. you can help children
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8:12 am
we are back on a saturday morning with a look at what's trending today. the stories everyone is talking about online and talking about through the weekend. today, first up, the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. lots of folks sharing stories and memories and pictures from after the storm. one set of photos that caught our attention came from photographer carlos baria. in 2005, he was on the ground to document the destruction. a decade later, he returned to the same location to see the progress of the city as it is still working to recover. it is really striking images of the before and after.
8:13 am
>> right back to the same places. >> you see how the picture lines up. >> that is cool. >> a cool way to display it. here is a story that brings up the age old question should you always leave a tip no matter what the service? a new jersey waitress took care of a table of eight. instead of a tip, they left this message. one hour for food and they put lol where the tip amount should go. the picture of the receipt went viral. is it okay to skip out on a tip if you feel the service was poor or do you tip regardless? >> i always tip 20. if it is good and i'm having a good time, i'll go over 20%. >> what if service is bad? >> i worked in restaurants forever. my standard is 20. if the service is bad, i tip 15. i was a waitress making barely $3 an hour at one point. >> you have to tip. you know what i do in that situation?
8:14 am
112 -- 11. i would have left like $40. i'll kill it with kindness. you have to. you have to take care of it. >> that means they had a lot of food. >> plus i'm famous. if i don't. >> then that mean carson daly. he is cheap. >> no, you have to do what you can. and that was rude writing lol.fine einstein ine ally finally, if you ever wonder what it is like to be attacked by a grizzly bear? brad joseph had a gopro on a trip to alaska. the grizzly bear is not in the mood for a selfie. here we go. do we have it? brad was not hurt. i don't think we can say the same about the camera.
8:15 am
>> i hope it wasn't a gopro on a helmet. >> wow. that's terrifying. good footage. >> it is. yeah. it has been a big week for music fans. sheinelle got that and more in pop start. >> it sure was. first -- i thought we had music. the long awaited single -- here we go. all right. first the long awaited single from malcolm moore and ryan lewis release the song "downtown." some fans say this is the strangest and most anticipated song. it marks the official return of the duo who have been out of the spotlight following the success of the 2012 album. belieber's come back. the album has come out. the new singles from the upcoming albums.
8:16 am
you can catchorustin bieber performing right here on the "today" show plaza on september 10th. who says 50 can't be fabulous? the latest pictures of sarah jessica parker will have you running to the gym. she was photographed vacationing on friday. she looks amazing. we all love her. finally, a story that will melt your heart. make-a-wish foundation helped a 9-year-old boy cystic fibrosis patient with a surprise from hugh jackman. >> what's your favorite "wolverine" action poster? >> i have a cool way to show you. >> oh, my god, he's here. >> oh, you're so sweet. >> you didn't expect that? >> no. >> how fantastic is that? he is one of my favorite people.
8:17 am
>> he's good. >> what a nice guy to do that. >> very cool. sheinelle, thanks. we will be right back with more, but first this is "today" on
8:18 am
8:19 am
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coming up next on today in new york. what led to gun fire. >> reporter: i'm sheldon dutez live. 18 stories above, a planned implosion site. i'll tell you what's going to
8:24 am
happen to these buildings after they come down. >> plus tragedy ahead of a new york air show. deadly accident in the air. >> and we're turning up the heat and the humidity. 80s and 90s around the corner. how long will this latest heat wave last? >> good morning. i'm gus rosen dale. >> today in new york saturday edition coming your way next.
8:25 am
live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is today in new york. >> we're live in jersey city this morning getting ready for one of those building you see there to come tumbling down. a planned implosion. we'll tell you what's going and coming to town. >> plus a stunt pilot loses his life while training for a weekend air show. we'll have the late es on the crash investigation.
8:26 am
>> and an undercover gun bust goes bad and leaves a bystander in the hospital and a neighborhood on lock down. welcome back to today in new york on this saturday morning. >> i'm pat battle. i echo that. thank you for joining us. it's going to be a warmer day than we have seen in the last few. >> this is just the beginning of a warming trend we're going to be dealing with into next week. we are heating up today back to the 80s. tomorrow we add in the mugginess. we have a hot stretch coming away. you may have thought summer was winding down. not so on the weather front. here's a look at storm tracker. if you're lucky to be at the beaches it's going to be a great weekend for you. 69 degrees outside. it's comfortable and stays come if i throughout the day. temperatures back to the mid-80s. above average yes. humidity not too bad on this saturday. this changes tomorrow and beyond. taking a look at the 7-day
8:27 am
forecast and how long the heat sticks around. >> thank you, raphael. happening now, street closures and advisories in place as crews get ready to bring a new jersey housing complex down. >> an implosion schedule in the hour is going to demolish buildings. >> today in new york sheldon dutez has a preview for us. sheldon. >> reporter: pat and gus, i'm standing 18 stories above montgomery gardens this morning and i want to show you the buildings you want to be coming down. buildings three, five and six will all be coming down in this morning's implosion. people who live in the neighborhood can expect to hear the loud boom within the next 30 minutes or so. the three buildings are coming down to make way for more affordable housing. there will also be a small amount of units available. they will be at market rate and there will also be senior housing as well.
8:28 am
i've been in touch with city officials throughout the morning and they told me they're taking precautions to keep everyone safe. >> we work with the community ahead of time and started working two weeks ago to make everybody aware this is happening. we closed off the roads inside an enclosure zone. we're measuring the air quality before and after the demolition to make sure that it's safe to go back into. we're preparing to close the roads off until noon. if the air quality allows, we'll start opening the roads earlier. >> reporter: and here's a look at all the streets that are effected by this implosion this morning. you can see they're all in the area around montgomery gardens and as the city mentioned they will be closed until noon. it's possible they could open earlier depending on how things go with the implosion. you can see them prepping and the hoses and everything going right now at the implosion site of the buildings. the public is invited to watch.
8:29 am
they can watch at fremont and bright streets within a half hour or so and right now, the mayor has shown up and getting ready to deliver remarks about the new affordable units coming after the implosion happens. for now, we're live, sheldon dutez, news 4 new york. >> heck of a vantage point. want to give you breaking news out of houston. a terrible story. a sheriff's deputy was gunned down down. deputy darren doforth was pumping gas in his cruiser when the suspect walked up behind him and opened fire and continued to open fire after he was gunned down. a person was taken into custody without incident. story will continue to follow.
8:30 am
the man taken to custody's name


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