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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  August 29, 2015 8:30am-9:30am EDT

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the man taken to custody's name has not been released. >> an innocent man hospitalized after an undercover gun bust took a violent turn. that incident put a quiet neighborhood on lock down for hours. what led up to the chaos. >> looking for clues under a blanket of darkness but hours earlier before sun set, chaos erupted on the quiet suburban street. >> there was four shots again. >> that's when i came and saw the police car coming up the street. running in different direction. >> when the bullets stopped whizzing through this mt. vernon neighborhood two people were shot including an innocent hospital. >> i was very nervous. >> police say this is part of a long term n.y.p.d. long term investigation. here's how it went down. an order was placed and the
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undercover officer picks up the broker and told the driver to mt. vernon for the guns and has cash and ready to by. they pull up and suddenly another suspect puts a gun to the officer's head. it's a set up but the suspects don't know they're ripping off police. the u.c. gives a distress signal and his back up team races in and opens fire and hits one suspect whose in stable man. >> during the shooting a bystander, a 63-year-old man who is standing behind the suspect was also struck by at least two rounds. >> the other suspect, the man who arranged the gun deal got away. as police search for clues dangers. two n.y.p.d. detectives were kim killed during a similar deal. >> our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family.
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orange county this morning to investigate a crash that killed a stunt pilot. it happened at the airport during a practice run. news 4 has exclusive video of the unfolding disaster. >> set against a picturesque midday sky a stunt plane performing dives and turns on the new windsor crowd. soon after the prop plane began to pull out of a steep dive putting stress on the airplane, the tail snapped sending the plane out of control. this time it was no trick. >> it just kept coming down and never came back up. it took me about 30 seconds to
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realize that it truly did crash. >> amateur photographer kevin kelly's camera captured these final moments of the practice run. >> it is a tragic accident. nobody expects it but it can happen. >> the pilot, the only one on board was killed in the crash. new york state police say he was going to take part in this weekend's air show at stewart international airport. >> it looks like something happened to the rear end of the aircraft. >> a close were look r look at the plane shows the tail beginning to separate. in another shot it's gone. debris seen falling from the sky in the crash. >> it went down in an area where fortunately, no pedestrians or structures were. >> the whole thing has left kelly shaken. his plans to attend the air show now scrapped. >> i recommend other people to do it. just me personally, i just don't want to watch it after what i just witnessed. >> the air show expected to go
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on as planned this weekend. previous new york air shows have drawn hundreds of thousands of spectators. the pilots name not yet released. in new windsor, becky checkford, today in new york. >> yesterday's crash was the fourth air show disaster in a week. the worst was this one in southern england. a jet slammed into a busy highway last saturday and at least 11 were killed. an accident in russia killed seven and an accident in switzerland killed a pilot. >> nearly two months later police found him dead. authorities believe gary russo took his own life. a passer by discovered his body yesterday in a park in queens. the 54-year-old gained national attention four years ago because he was serenade new yorkers on
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their breaks. divers finally succeeded in recoverying a body from a sunken fishing boat. they went down on tuesday and was found at the bottom of the sandy hook channel on wednesday by police divers using sonar. investigators say the body is that of a missing boat owner tom anderson. they have not yet positively identified. it was recovered by private divers. they hired a private accompany as well to recover the boat. >> new this morning, a man facing charges after a series of robberies in midtown. police say they arrested 27-year-old tracey. police say they broke into 13 midtown offices since may. they steal laptops and other electronics. police are still searching for that second suspect. also new this morning, police out of new jersey say an amnesty program is working. since tuesday they have received
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20 out of 37 missing street signs. september 15 signs ni without being prosecuted. after that, thieves will face charges. it's not the first time they dealt with the problem. 75 street signs were taken. >> a connecticut hiking area remains closed to the public this morning after enclosures with a hiker and black bear. is>> unlike anything i've experienced before. i didn't know how to react or respond. i kind of stayed as calm as i could and it seemed to work. i got out alive. >> that's stephanie who spotted the bear. you can see the bear just walks nearby and gets pretty dangerously close a few times. looks like a young bear. at one point another bear approaches. thankfully, ripkens was not hurt. wildlife officials plans to
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capture the bear. >> we see more and more stories where they're interacting. coming up on today in new york, an airport pat down goes too far. what the tsa says about the arrest of one of their own. >> this house has neighbors feeling blue. why there maysbe no way to get this home's owner to take down those bright lights in the little city. raphael joins us with trivia. >> that's right, pat. be o youtsnow which city is the most visited destination in the u.s.? there's a hint. if you do, you're ready for today's trivia. log on now. theme park trivia is coming up.
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brooklyn is my home and why there's no place like it, when summertime comes i want to hit the rad. luckily, the tri-state area has
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lots of options and i'm about to share my favorites with you. i'm headed out for old school charm in new jersey. getting out of a tight parking spot is easy with ford fusions tracking. the town of montclair was signed for shoppers. while strolling down the streets you cannot miss the victorian mansions. once a private residence of a family that moved here from brooklyn. it's one of the town's best kept secrets. artalovers will enjoy walking through the art museum with fasclnating array of ex >>bits. >> for more information abo hidden treasures around t i-state area log on toj live look at the brooklyn
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bridge. relatively early still. tit is saturday and 8:42. an ay, it's nice out. 69 degrees. tropical storm erika has weanakened as it passes by cuba. people in florida are not taking any chanors. >> they know the drill, right. yesterday governor rick scott declared a state of emergency there. neighbors have been stocking up for five inches of rain in the panhandle. the storm is tracking west into the gulf of mexico. clean up undeinay in several parts of the caribbean. especially in the tiny island of dominica. 12 people kill and 20 missing after a foot of rain was triggered. you can hear people screaming in the background in the video. roads were turned into rivers and several structures destroyed. in puerto rico gusting winds down, trees and power lines cutting off electricity to many, many people there. >> unbelievable.
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>> it is slowing down a bit. >> it is weakening. yeah. lots of land interaction which is what the storms don't like the maintain to strength. it's been a tricky storm. hasn't followed any forecasted tracks. it's keeping ut on our toes for sure. it's very weak. barely a tropical storm erika, that is, and looks like it's heading into the gulf of mexico. we don't need to worry about erika around here. it's a problem for the southeast, not for us. we have a nice, quiet weekend to enjoy. 69 i degrees outside right now. autiful start to your weekend. loods of sunshine on the gwb. let's look at the stats of erika. located on the north coast of cuba. it has shifted again. trying to identify the center of circulation. it's going to take a jer o across cuba. it's expected to weaken more. tomorrow morning it emerges into
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the gulf of mexico and you ca wh se strengthening here. erika regains tropical storm strength early next week. we see the shift here. east coast of florida and miami. now it's a west coast problem and it looks like heavy rain wi omll be the big threat. some of the rain is welcome across the southeast. it looks like the moisture will not make it up here. we need it too. here's a look at storm tracker and clear. sunshine right down to new jersey. temperatures are warming up already in the 50s now in places like jackson. 56 pleasant. temperatures approachiit 70 in some spots. 69 degrees and in the 50s in hudson valley. leeet's break it down day by day here. today is warm and sunshine. delightful and 85 degrees. great day to be outside. tomorrow we're adding in a sticky factor for sunday. turning up the heat near 90 degrees. very slight chance for a pop up storm west of town.
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most of this is a dry weekend for everybody to enjoy outside. baseball is a great idea. braves taking on the mets. 84 degrees first pitch. bring your shades and you'll be fine enjoying the low humidity. here's a look at your day. 6:00 p.m. this evening mostly clear skies. into tomorrow we go. sunday at 10:00 a.m. storms north and west of new york city. tomorrow ot a wash out. keep all your outdoor plans in full effect. keep your ac humming. you need to use it next week. 7-day forecast, heat extending. temperatures in the low to mid-90s. heat shows no signs of relenting. 90s right through friday. you want to stay up toidate with the news 4 app.
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tap the news 4 logo. learn how to submit your own weather radio. the app s available in the app store now. >> thank you. one band's idea of art has a few of his neighbors feeling blue. the blue lights are making it hard to sleep and attracting a lot of unwanted attention. why the city can't do anything about it. >> when the sun goes down. >> it looks like a night club. >> the lights come on. this elaborately decorated home known locally as the blueuhouse. >> some of the other neighbors can see the lights shining into their homes. >> hastoome people seeing red. >> i just think it's over the top. >> it's been attracting a islot of p people. >> including an up tick in traffic caused by folks stopping to see the light, some of which ashed along with art work and unique presidential statues.
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>> it does create an intrusion into the neighborhood. >> they should thank me. >> jack owns the house and has added to the display over the past few years. >> it's something i have to do. but the home was recently thrust into the spotlight after some neighbors voiced their displeasure t cewy leaders. one says he's been unable to sale his house because of the sptrectacle. >> the lights don go anywhere. they're on my house. ifst you look out yourt indow you'll see them. they go till 1:30. >> reporter: there's not much the city can do about the home's display. at the moment, they have no laws regulating this kind of residential lighting. >> we're studying other ordnances in other communities at might have been faced with this same scenario to see what the proper thing to do is to help the neighborhood out. >> i get so many complements. >> he says lots of people tell him they like what he's done.
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clearly, not everyone here is blowing about his surging creativity. te dd greenburg news 4 new york. >> i wonder what they'll do for christmas. >> through a few more on there. >> s ll ahead on this saturday morning, the world remembers hurricane katrina. a look at the gulf coast recovery 10 years later. >> and it is time to ask produce pete. hey, pete. >> hey, good morning. as americans we're always taught bigger is better. here's an exception to the rule. these sweet baby doll seedless grap are terrific. here comes our weekend today in new york. sweet baby doll right here. you want to taste it? it's t mo sweetest grape you've ever tasted. really, really good.
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yeah, we know that feeling. yoteu're so bloagad you've started wearing sweatpants ...everywhere. when it finally happens, it's always the worst possible time. and when you're finished, you realize you've been in there for a very, very long time.
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being irregular is the worst. get more fiber with chocolatey, chewy fiber one ba brs. feeling good can taste great. it is time to ask produce pete. today we're talking about california baby grapes. these aren't just any grapes. thrrese are special. >> it's a little different. when i was younger this is what we bought as seedless grapes. >> it just means it's going to look good. when it comes to fruits and vegetables, i don't care what it looks like, i care about the
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taste. i'm a seeded guy. these grapes are what we call baby seedless grapes. how they get these grapes, they're all natural. instead of thinning out the grapes to get them bigger they let them grow natural. that's what they do with raisins. they leave the grapes natural. wherat happens is they don't thin them out. they make the grapes bigge and bigger. that's what happens. think grew the grapes for the raisin market. the farmer in california decided that we have some of these
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grapes and i added a little extra. they put them in the box and gave them to the kids. listen. believe me when i tell you as consumers you drive what the farm farmers dprou and what everybody brings in. what happens is he got more and more request. so what happened was they started to bring them to the marketplace. these grapes are only in the marketplace at the end of the season. really, the end of august, september and into october. if you look at these grapes, you see a golden look to the grapes. that's because a grape is left on the vine a long time. the sugar comes into them. anything that's got a lot of sugar into them, what happens is it will tend to go bad faster. they use to release these grapes into the marketplace in bulk and now they started to put them in
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the containers the last three or four years for supermarkets. what happens is when i had my stores and all, these grapes, when you pick them up, it's what we call shatter. because the grapes are so ripe they'll come right off the stem. when buying them the same way you buy regular grapes, you want to look for a nice, green stem. you want that dusty color and dusty bloom. now, they're starting to grow them in the variety. anything that was a red grape had a seed in it. when they started to grow the flame variety or red seedless. they're out there and going to see them in all the super markets out there. they're available. by the way, two weeks ago i took a ride up to donald son's farm. she watches the show and so i went up there. i'm glad to tell everybody in america and especially everybody in new jersey and new york that
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farming is alive in new jersey. it n's absolutely, what a beautiful fall. i'm hoping to get up there. i'm telling you katy, absolutely terrific. >> are they more expensive? >> probably $2.99, $3.99. you bring them home and when the kids eat them, they're too small. >> pat and pete, thank you very much. a lot more ahead on today in new york including our top story. >> reporter: out with the old and in with the new, you're taking a live look at the final preparations for this morning's implosion in jersey city.
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we are live on location. coming ue, what's going to happen to these buildings after the demolition.
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skycam 4 with a live look at lower manhattan. a very sunny start to the week nld weekened.
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it's been a great summer and not done with us yet. >> still comfortable outside today. temperatures in the 80s. another great beach day. fantastic weekends. this one is no exception. here's a look at storm tracker. beautiful sunshine and across the hamptons. 83 long beach island. winds light out of the south. 5-10 miles an hour. 2-3 feet on the ocean. water temperature 72-78 degrees. this is the warmest time of year. you want to enjoy that today. if you're headed into the water, watch out for rip currents. water don't forget your sunscreen today. the u.v. index up there.
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you can burn. make sure you have sunscreen. we'll take a look at the 7-day forecast in a bit. pat, over to you. >> thank you. we have breaking news on this saturday morning. a police shooting in mt. vernon. that second suspect we've been telling you about has been taken into custody. sadly, though, an innocent bystander wounded in the gun fire exchange yesterday has died. an undercover officer was trying to buy weapons from an illegal gun dealer and one of the suspects pulled a gun and tried to rob the officer and a 61-year-old man in the neighborhood was wounded and that man has died. one suspect wounded and taken into custody yesterday and the second suspect captured overnight. >> also happening, crews preparing to bring a new jersey housing complex down. >> an implosion scheduled any building now will demolish three
8:59 am
buildings and sheldon is in jersey city and has a preview for us. >> reporter: yes, the implosion expected any moment now. city officials wrapping up their remarks about montgomery gardens. i'm 18 stories above the buildings buildings. they're making way for more affordable housing. there will also be a small number of apartments at the old site of the montgomery apartments complex. the implosion is expected to happen as we mentioned any moment now and i've been talking to city officials and they told me they've taken aultd ll the steps to make sure residents are safe. >> we worked with the community ahead of time and started working two weeks ago. we closed off all the roads inside an enclosure zone.
9:00 am
to make sure that it's safe to go back into. we're preparing to close the roads off till noon but if the air quality allows we'll open roads earlier. >> reporter: here's a look at some of the roads closed through noon. you can see they're mostly concentrated in the area around montgomery gardens. i want to show you what's happening now. you can see the crowds of people gathered here not too far away from that site of where the implosion is going to happen. crowds of people there. the implosion expected to happen any minute now at the old apartment complex. shortly. crews are prepping. you can see the hoses they got ready for that implosion. happen. we'll show it to you guys coming up. for now we're live. sheldon dutez, today in new york. >> all right. thanks.
9:01 am
we're standing by. we don't need to tell you security at an airport is taken very seriously. one screener went way too far convincing a passenger to take screening. >> after a 13-year career as a tsa supervisor, max no longer has a job. that's despite him saying he did not inappropriately touch a flier during a private screener. a tsa screener approached a 21-year-old korean flier who spoke minimal english and told her quote hey ma'am i need to scan your body and luggage. he brought her to a bathroom where he lifted up her shirt, unzipped her pants and touched her inappropriately. the victim identified her as the man who touched her in two separate line ups.
9:02 am
in court his lawyer argued he has no complaints and in the last 13 years and has a wife and two daughters. a judge set bail at $3,000 which he could not make. today in new york. >> new this morning, we're tracking the latest on a dispute over a subway cease. led to an attack in the bronx man. king and a 24-year-old woman got in an argument over a seat. when they got off the train he pushed them to the ground, hit him with a cane and stepped on her hand. if you have any information please call police. >> we're getting a clearer picture this morning of the man who shot and killed the two
9:03 am
journalist in virginia this week. they senched his apartment and nbc obtained this video. the families of the victims still, of course, trying to come to grips with this horrible loss. >> i met the people she worked with and the people that really loved her and it was profoundly difficult for me. >> back at the scene of that crime, the community is trying to move forward. they've replaced the planks that have been covered in blood. the lives will never be forgotten. a makeshift memorial continuing to grow outside the station where the two young dedicated journalist had worked. >> the time is 9:06 and today marks the 10 year anniversary of the most devastating natural disaster in u.s. history.
9:04 am
hurricane katrina roored and made land fall in 2005. the images of that flooded city and people crying for help are unforgettable. more than 1800 people died. today, a decade after the storm, apparent. the french quarter revitalized and many neighborhoods are flourishing again. harder hit areas like the ninth ward are not rebounding as wick quickly. recovery teams say there's still at least 60,000 homes that need to be rebuilt or repaired. many of those in the lower ninth ward and despite the work that still needs done, new orleans is now the fastest growing city in the u.s. >> there's still much more ahead on today in new york on this saturday morning. storm team 4 will be back too with a check on today's forecast.
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happening here on today in new york. you're looking at three buildings of the montgomery housing project in jersey city. all morning we've been getting ready for the implosion. three buildings brought down. everything went as scheduled. the dust and debris still clearing there. itself. we're in the process of getting
9:08 am
that ready for you. do stay with us. we'll have that video for you in a moment. right now, not a lot of wind pushing that way. >> it looks like fog or clouds there. it is not. temporary and sunny for jersey city. another beach weekend. we're tracking the week that's slowly building. the rock. you can see the visibility of the air. still relatively fresh. no mugginess until tomorrow. more hazy sunday morning. back 73 degrees and temperatures rising around the tri-state. now. you can see sunny and fairfield county looking great. sunshine extending back towards pennsylvania and just a few high clouds passing through. that's our only problem today. if you can call it a problem.
9:09 am
even 50s left over in the hudson valley. those 40s warming up as well. you've jumped almost 20 degrees. temperatures are cooking in long island as well back to the mid- mid-70s already. here's a look at your planner heading down the jersey shore. 80 degrees for your high. mid-80s and a little bit of mugginess for your sunday. great beach weather again tomorrow. mid-80s and mostly sunny skies. north and west of town looks gr beeat. today's comfortable and great with a high of 84. tomorrow near 90. muggy and sticky and a chance of a few storms popping up later in the day. it's not the type of storm activity where you need to cancel your plans.
9:10 am
here's a look at future tracker heading into the afternoon. 2:00 p.m. with lots of sunshine back to the 80s. comfortable heat. the mugginess isn't there yet. it's coming. 7:00 this evening looking good. go for it. tomorrow morning go for it. lots of sunshine feeling like mugginess. you start to see a few storms popping up ahead of a front. most of us staying dry. it's not the type of rain where you cancel any of your plans. tonight a mild night. 70 degrees for your low. mostly clear skies. not time to put away your a.c. yet. temperatures heading back into the 907 s. low to mid-90s. we're going to be feeling it. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app of course. tap the news 4 logo and scroll down and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast,
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interactive radar and how to submit your own weather radio. it's available in the app store right now. while you're online you want to play our trivia game. how much do you know about orlando, florida? it's the theme park capitol of the world and we want to test your knowledge straight ahead. get ready and log on. trivia is next. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we
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we are back and it's time to play this morning's interactive trivia game. today we're headed to orlando, florida. >> first we want to congratulate last week's winners from long beach. they play each week. this is their first wins and now they're the ones to beat. >> congratulations. it is trivia time. today's topic is sponsored by visit orlando. we're going to test your knowledge about the theme park capitol of the world. for those of you joining for the
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first time here's how you play. play on any smart phone, tablet or computer. hit refresh because your web browser must be up to date. questions will pop up on your tv screen and you'll have 12 full seconds. they always have a great lively conversation going. let's get the count down lock going. over 1,700 people there already. today's trivia sponsored by visitorlando visitorlando. orlando is a destination where children and grown ups can enjoy once in a lifetime experiences exploring those legendary theme parks, aquatic parks,. everybody getting ready to do orlando trivia.
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three, two, how many theme parks are located in orlando? sit seven, two or five? we all spend weeks. how many theme parks are there? the answer is number one. it's seven. magic kingdom, epp cot, hollywood studios, animal kingdom, islands of adventure and sea world. off to a good start. question number two. how many people visited orlando in 2014. was it 10 million, 62 million or 1 million? how many visitors. did you know orlando was the most visited destination in u.s.? the answer is number two. 62 million. that's a record by the way. by comparison, only 56 million people visited new york city in 2014. they're a little bit ahead of the game here. question number three, how many ways is butter beer served at universal's wizarding world of harry potter? is it one, eight or three? in case you don't know what
9:16 am
butter beer is, t it's a popular beverage for wizards and witches. it's served cold, frozen and hot. number three, they say butter beer tastes like butter scotch. >> i've had all three and they're all good! how many halloween events does orlando offer? we have the village halloween parade but nothing compared to orlando. the answer is number two. over 80 events for halloween. it's larger than life events there. question number five, who knew? time to book the trip in october for orlando. how many animals has sea world rescued? over one million, 26,000? it's more than exciting family attractions. also a world class rescue organization saving more than 26,000. answer number two, sea world works with local and federal agencies to assist animals
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orphan orphaned, ill or injured. epp cot international food and wine festival celebrates which anniversary this year? the annual event that walt disney world resort kicks off the food festivities on september 25th. how many years has it been running? number one, 20th anniversary. you can dine in all these during the mouth watering international festival. all right. question number seven. what is the name of ar lan doe's nba basketball team? the devils, magic or mickeys? nba greats have all played for the team. some say they were wizards on the court so what's the team's name? magic. the team was founded in 1989 as expansion franchise. question number eight, 1970 singing group tony orlando and
9:18 am
don scored a mega hit with this song. produce pete is weighing in. you may have to breakout your bell bottoms for this one. they topped the charts. 1973, tie a yellow ribbon. national assembly in 1980 when americans put them on the trees iran. orlando. was it the back street boys, one direction or nsync? of course, the boy band craze was in the 90s. which band did not go there? nsync and number two, one direction. that band is british. nsync and the back street boys both got their start in orlando. last one, guys. question number ten, which celebrity stars in the pirates of caribbean movies? orlando jones, orlando hernandez or orlando bloom? the actor plays turner. will turner.
9:19 am
a black smith turned captain of the flying dutchman. number three. of course, he's not an actor but a performer, major league player for the yankees and the mets. great game everyone. let's check out today's winner. 83 congratulations. top 10 scores ranging from the 7800s to the 8800s. nice job everyone. for all you players even if you didn't make the top ten.
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9:21 am
you hear the initial rumble there as the implosion begins and there she goes. one two and three. this is part of the montgomery gardens public housing complex that came tumbling down. this video just in our news room. the jersey city site is clear to make way. a lot of work and logistics all coming to a very precise, what's that about? 12 seconds. >> barely. dramatic to see that sort of thing unfold. >> oh yeah. you know what's been really dramatic, the mets. hello. >> an implosion. >> exactly. doing just the opposite. the mets exploding. great play earlier this week.
9:22 am
hope reget to see that again. the red sox visited the mets for the first time since 2001. >> here's john chandler. >> good morning, everybody. it's august 29th and the mets have a six and a half game lead. we've gone from saying in april can you imagine if the mets won the division could to you imagine if the mets don't. they gave up two hits and struck out eight. 102 pitches he argued if he made an inning too soon. this monster shot from jackie bradley junior puts boston on top. if it were the playoffs, they would have. tied at three in the tenth. blake crushes one to center. juan gets all kinds of turn around here and hits off the wall. nowhere to be found. racing all the way around for an inside the park home run. replay shows it probably would
9:23 am
have been a home run out of the park. mets get one back and loads the bases in the bottom of the tenth. flies out to center to end the ball game and 6-4 your final. fortunately, for the mets washington lost. yankees offense finally came alive in atlanta with five runs in the first inning followed by this three one shot. dee dee had six rbi on the night. two runs in the bottom of the first and almost more here. watch him get a track on this ball and make a great catch to end the inning. i guess the hip is feeling better. brian mccan first game back in atlanta capping with a three run homer to make it 12-3. picked up his tenth win 15-4 is the final. keeping pace a game and a half
9:24 am
back. congrats to the new york liberty that clinch a birth with an 86-1 victory over minnesota. busy day today. triple crown winner races in sar toeg ga at 4:00 and tonight we got jets and giants. our conch verage begins at 7:00. >> talking football. >> football already. still, summer not done with us yet. >> no. starting this weekend, temperatures gradually bumping up day by day. another beach weekend. i think we had a string of beach weekends all summer long. tomorrow. sticky with the high near 90. hazy hazy, hot and humid. overnight low temperatures in >> all right. thank you so much. thank youg for spending your saturday morning with us. >> we're back here at 6:00
9:25 am
tomorrow morning. thank you for having us.
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this is "open house." this week, we're heading to the hamptons to see what designer living on the east end is all about. we're taking you inside the hampton designer showhouse where nearly two dozen interior designers have transformed a southampton estate. we're also stopping by serene yet modern waterfront homes in quoge in sagaponack. but first, an historic home in sag harbor, which dates back to the early 1800s. ah. is just so beautiful out here. [music playing] welcome to "open house." right now, i'm coming to you from a spectacular duplex penthouse in soho. this modern take on a traditional loft features state-of-the-art living. you'll find walls of glass, a stunning chef's kitchen, and an expansive, private, wrap-around terrace with southern, eastern, and western views. this more than 2,500
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square foot space includes three bedrooms and four baths. now, let's get started sag harbor at a greek revival mansion built in, get this, 1835. this historic home was built by a whaling merchant and has plenty of original details. this home is cozy. it's charming. and as you'll see, it is truly one of a kind. take a look. [music playing] hi. i'm joy lewis. welcome to my greek revival house in sag harbor. come on in. the house was built in about 1835, which was the whaling and china trade period. my husband and i were ardent preservationists, so we were thrilled to find this house in which everything was still intact, the original front door with its deep paneling and the architectural
9:29 am
panels under the windows, 14-inch baseboards. when guests would arrive for dinner, they would be greeted here in the entrance and then proceed to the parlors. [music playing] i think i like these rooms best when they're filled with people on new year's day. the 9 and 1/2-foot ceilings and the scale of the rooms makes it feel grand, even when it's filled with people. the double parlor is one big space when you want it to be. or you can close these original sliding doors. the greek revival house gave us neoclassical excuse to collect a few pieces of period neoclassical furniture and some local portraits. [music playing] so here we are, 10 or 12 people ready for a beautiful dinner in the presence of the old squire lamadu. and hanging above


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